Chronicles of Awesomeness

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Chronicles of Awesomeness

Writers Block, I suffer from it dayly. Whether it's just that no ideas are coming forth into my head, or no words are spilling onto the random peices of paper that cover my room. The only one gaining anything good from my suffering is my cat, Chocolate Mix. She much rather perfers a peice of paper to poke holes into than a catnip mouse or a string.

I have had my cat for almost four years now, ever since my grandfather found out one of his many cats [and the barn on his farm used to consist of more than forty cats] had had kittens. Due to the many tame, and wild, cats he wasn't going to have any more willingly. My sister and I got to pick two cats to take home, I chose my cat because of it's unique coloring. My sister chose the cat's sister because of it's unique coloring. I would like to think that they were the only ones of that litter with that coloring, and almost the only cats in the barn with the coloring.

At that time, my cat was thought to be a male. You can hardly tell when they are young their gender and my cat made it harder to see because she, or he at the time, squirmed so much. Her sister was considerably gentler.

My cat has grown fatter since then, since I love to spoil her with treats and stuff, and her markings have grown darker. Her fur has many different colors consising of a dark brown, caramel color, and white. Her name was meant to be Snickers, or Caramel, but I chose Chocolate Mix.

I guess I have rid a little of my Writer's Block by talking about my cat. I'm weird, huh?

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