Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Rogue.Ember.Shadow on Mon Apr 18, 2011 4:00 pm

So this was Zied Gray, the Black Dragon. He was hurt from childhood and raised by the man he needed to kill above all else. It made sense to a lot of things. It also proved that he trusted her enough to share this deeply personal story with her. They were both baring old scars that very few lived to see, and she felt kinda of light from it all. All the things he had seen, it didn't mean he done them all. She could ask him about anything right now, and he might just answer her.

Fight him.

The adreneline was already pumping through her veins. Her eyes were wider, brighter and 'happier' looking as she stared at the man across from her. It couldn't hurt, could it?

They were almost friends now. They didn't say it out loud, probably could not bare to think it but it was a possiblity. Not to mention hearing the name Seiryu again, it made her question his past all the more. It seemed behind a man, there was always a woman in his story. She felt like she was being teased, with only half of the story revealed. Even her's wasn't all out on the table yet, and he wanted to rest. He had to learn that there were times when she didn't know when she was tired. After all, her body was built to keep going and going until she felt ripe exhaustion.


The old urges were nearly numb now, but that one thought has been in her mind since she met him. Zied was strong, very strong and knew how to do things. One little spar couldn't hurt, could it?

"She was calling your name.....Save me! Zied! But you never came...."

That was a low blow Croix pulled on her partner. Whenever this woman was brought up, he about fell apart. That needed to be changed, she needed him focused in battle. Did she have what it took to cure that of him when Seiryu was a deep wound in his heart?

"Don't try to tame him..."

She wasn't good at taming men, just killing them. Animals were another story, and that is what Zied was. A dangerous beast in mourning.

Tyth would not call for him anymore. A woman's voice screaming his name sounds cruel to her now.It was foolish of her to keep asking of him when she had no real right, despite how decent of a man he was inside. She saw the brief moments of compassion, of softness, of kindness.

"A man such as you does not deserve happiness!"

A woman like her did not deserve it either. If completely abandoned by those who cared for her, she could very well become mindless once again. With only one thought in mind: kill.

"My first mission came as a shock but the thrill I felt when I completed one job after the other kept me on edge. Killing was the closest thing I could get to regaining the lost strength I once had... that strength to take him on and kill him, that murderer."

In a sick way, she almost missed that thrill of killing. Back then, she would be considered a psychopath from how she was raised to want to kill, decimate and eradicate. They were almost kindred spirits but it was foolish to believe so. They are different levels of murderers.


"Zied," she murmured as her sword was suddenly buried into the tree next to his head where she threw it. Her head was bowed to hide her eyes but when she raised her head, they were gleaming, "I'm not tired yet. Exhaust me."

Tyth didn't slow down for his sake as she appeared at his side and slammed her palm against the edge of her sword's hilt. Splintering the side of the tree apart to free it, she swung around and dig the blade into the empty space where he was sitting breaths before. He moved and his sword was already drawn, just as she knew it would be.

" me the man who hungers for your vengence..."she murmured to the air and used her speed to move closer to Zied and swung. Their blades actually vibrated from the force of her slashes. He kept up, she knew he would. The muscles in her wrists almost sang at being used again. Both her whole arms did.

He surely was caught off guard by her attacking him. Wondering probably if she was betraying him by wanting his life, but that wasn't it. Tyth would put her life on the line to see it out of Zied's system of becoming over with emotion over the woman's name. She lived by emotion yes, but too much would only get you killed. Anger, love, hate, all could get you killed.

Meeting his eyes when their blades met at a stalemate between their struggling arms, she smirked a little, "You feel apart because of a woman. Don't let Croix get to you next time, or I will lose respect for you."

Raising her leg, she kicked them both apart and skidded backwards with her white blade flashing in the dim light, her black eyes looking almost unholy in the darkness. Her intent was not filled with the desire to kill, but the desire of pure force. She wanted to fight him, get it out of her system.

Her blade whirled around her as she took a stance with most of her weight on her back foot, raising the blade diagonally across her sight.

Do it.

"The first mistake you said was that I was like her. Big mistake," she growled and ran at him then before even meeting him weapon for weapon, she ducked down and skidded in a circle, kicking up dust.

"You insult any woman by comparing her to another."

Surely he was angry by now. When he began hitting back hard and harder, she used the weight of his sword to thrust both their weapons downward and the tips dug into the soft, damp earth. It had stopped drizzling a while ago. Tyth suddenly leaned forward heaving for breath and then pressed her lips hard against his mouth.

She was being selfish since it was a chaste kiss anyway with closed lips. He is angry for sure at her. Especially after bringing up Seiryu and attacking him out of the blue. Jerking her mouth away from his, she winked at him to show she was teasing and reached down to pull her blade from the ground.

"Don't ever lose focus again. Or I'll make good my promises to hurt you," Sorry couldn't be said right yet.

She licked her bottom lip and waited for his next move. Whether it was another attack or pure fury, she would take it. She started this foolishness, she would finish it. If they both lived, then maybe she would tell him what she thought of his story. Right now she just wanted to fight him, after ignoring the desire for so long.

In a messed up way, she was flirting too. If only Jaavi were here, she would be cracking up so hard her baby would have been born.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Ethereal on Mon Apr 18, 2011 8:48 pm

She was asking for a fight and started out by attacking him head on. What she was thinking was a thought not important to Zied. She said she wasn't tired and she needed him to exhaust her. That much was enough reason for Zied to spar with her if that was her way of getting exhausted. He was tired, both physically and mentally but she pressed on hard at him.

Her blows, more than devastating, her grace in battle, mesmerizing and yet her lips were as soft as he had imagined it would be. She kissed him, haphazardly and out of the blue but she did it. Zied understood what she wanted him to do. She needed him focused and loosing himself like what just happened could be a fatal mistake for both of them in this partnership.

She was strong, very strong but not enough to compare to him at full strength. It was her murderer side that was unimaginably strong, perhaps that side of her is worth killing. She however, despised that side and would do anything to stay away from it.

"You insult any woman by comparing her to another."

Is that what this is about? Zied began to raise questions to Tyth's true motive behind all this. Does she even know what the two of them had in common?
Zied cracked a laugh. He meant no disrespect and most definitely meant no insult. If only she knew who Seiryu was, she might even be proud... no, not a chance.

"Indeed. I apologize for the comparison. She's stronger than you."

Zied slowly sheathed his sword and pulled out his katars instead. This was a fighting style he inherited from her and the very same style that granted him the title Black Dragon. Zied would show Tyth how mistaken he was by comparing Seiryu to Tythlany. He would mimic Seiryu as best as he could to give Tyth a glimpse of the woman he treasured once.

"Come, attack me like you want to kill me, however, I cannot guarantee you'll come out alive."

That was a straight out insult but he was not joking. If neither of them are in their prime, dark pasts put on play, Zied and Tyth, none of them would survive a fight with Seiryu. True enough, Tyth did not need to be insulted to attack, she was the one who started this after all.

Her large sword came down at him with enough force to send his footing sinking into where he stood when he blocked the blow with one katar.


As soon as her sword landed on his katar, an opening followed and Zied pointed it out by thrusting his other katar and stopping only when his blade was about to barely touch her abdomen. She stepped back and attacked again, from a different angle, Zied this time fluidly parried her blow.


His other katar was now poised behind her neck, had he truly desired it, that would be the end for her. Again, given her stubborn attitude, she tried once more. No doubt Tyth would not let Zied best her at what she does for a living. But Tyth was not fighting Zied, this is Seiryu.

The third attack was a more complex move from Tyth, a corkscrew slice using a large sword. Not only was that nearly impossible to do, it requires immense strength and skill. However, Zied ducked low, timed the spin right and charged in directly to Tyth's blow kicking where she held the large sword. The result was a quick stop to the blow and a disarm.

Immediately, Zied lunged at her, losing both katars before he caught both her hands. Their bodies landed exactly the same time as her large sword hit the ground, Zied on top of her.

"Three." he muttered.

He stared into her eyes with an indifferent gaze, his usual expression. Tyth's eyes were beautiful up close and everytime he had been this close to her, it was always somewhat a shame he had to move away. Not this time...

"You're better than Seiryu... I have just proven it."

He sealed her lips with his own, gently. Zied did not care if she would stab his back with a dagger. He was at her mercy.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Rogue.Ember.Shadow on Tue Apr 19, 2011 1:34 am

He would always surprise her. When Tyth started the fight, she was half expecting to fight for her very life. What she pulled on him was what she had in mind to get him to let loose. But instead of his usual style of going in full force, he used this complete different style that took her off guard completely. Whenever she moved to attack, he fluidly moved to intercept her or strike back with twice as much force. Those damned katars of his were moving in patterns she couldn't keep track of. Every time he beat her, she got up again just to see if she could get through that intricate pattern. And it was damned hard!

Whoever Seiryu had been, Tyth wished she had known her or seen her fight. These moves were complicated and she was impressed by how they flowed together. Deep down, she also was irked that they were kicking her ass.

But what overwhelmed her the most was Zied's gentle kiss. This was the man who responded with her lectures and mere words with cutting responses. The same man who challenged her time and time again. This kiss was the complete opposite of the man giving it. It was just....wierd.

You're better than Seiryu... I have just proven it."

Did she want to be better? Would it be worth it?

His lips were soft and his response was even softer. Closing her eyes, she just gave in to feeling for th next few moments. What was being selfish a little longer? Not many men ever tried to do this to her, and her kiss earlier was just one out of pure and utter curiosity. She simply wanted to know what he could feel like since he was indeed very good looking and could fight like a savage beast, which impressed her too.

But was it right to really do this? She wanted it to last longer but the other part of her knew this was probably just plain....curious attraction. In the end, they would end of hurting or killing each other. They were strong killers in their own right. Happiness never happened to them. It just dangled for the taking, only to be ripped away once they had just one taste.

This was surely a tragedy barely written, and she didn't want to be hurt again. Hell, Zied shouldn't even be kissing her! She should not have even started this kind of tease. Did he not a few minutes ago go into a fury over some woman from his past? Did she not know that?

Blinking her eyes open after responding rather eagerly for the past minute, Tyth tore her mouth away a second time and then covered her mouth with a hand. Looking away she couldn't do since she didn't regret what just happened, either time but...

"I'm sorry," Tyth said as she focused on breathing normally, "Just...I'm sorry. I only meant to make Croix's teasing easier.....cause you....I wanted...."

He was above her and breathing hard too. This whole thing was complicated, and different and just sudden. What the hell were they doing? She should kill herself, Brant would surely try to kill him if he found out. One of his rules he warned her about....was that with her 'condition' she might not be able to have a normal relationship.

She couldn't keep Zied even if she wanted to. His idea of a normal life clashed with hers. She was just getting the urges of hurting things out of her system. After abstaining from old habits after three whole years was sure to drag anyone down to itching. It made sense for someone like her to need to let it out every couple years. But to get involved with someone while doing so? That only happened in fables, not to them.

So why did she want to kiss him again?

Licking her lips to rid the taste of him, Tyth moved to get up and glanced at his hands holding down hers. "Forgive me. We both can agree we were curious as to what it would be like. I'm too tired to want to think now, so we should turn in for the night."

She pushed him back enough to let her up and her hair was a tangled mess once again. Covered in sweat, twigs and dirt, her blue highlights glowed despite the dirty debris in the dark night and she turns away from him, walking back to her bag where her long coat was stashed. Her white sword lay across the clearing where it fell when she was disarmed moments earlier.

"I hope this doesn't make things too awkward. I like to feel things if I'm comfortable enough and I just had to know. Scyth is used to it so I didn't really think."

Remembering her friend, she felt for the necklace at her nape and the second, faint heartbeat. He felt safe. Tyth's want of feelings was the reason the red haired mercenary went through such lengths to get the expensive piece of stone.

Tangling some fingers into her hair and then getting them stuck, she worked at untangling them while waiting for his response. Her back was till to him, but she trusted him enough to not run her through. Strangers just didn't kiss each other out of the blue. Not the brief fights they went through.

"I'm a psychopath....sort of. It depends really nowa days. Thanks to the drugs I was forced to take, certain emotions are numb to me. Or I have to get really excited or worked up to feel others. Hence why earlier when I was happy to enjoy the short rain, I was more comfortable to attack you because I have always wanted to."

Looking up from working at one last finger from her hair, Tyth titled her head to the side with a faint smile.

"Now I know better. I just hope you forgive me, since I normally have more restraint than this. Truce?"

Her question was followed by a somewhat wide eyed, hopeful look while her hands were shaking slightly while struggling to free themselves from her hair.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Ethereal on Fri Apr 22, 2011 12:13 am

He had felt this once and never looked forward to feeling it again. He was denied, rejected and left to bathe in his own feelings. He was shot down faster than he anticipated, just when everything else in this rotten world felt so right a few minutes ago. It would seem Croix was right, he was a man who does not deserve happiness.

His hands, now free from Tyth's own, grasped the dirt in an attempt to ease his personal disgust of himself. If he was a better man, could things possibly turn out to be different with him and her? If the circumstances were favorable, could both of them still be locked in that moment of genuine peace? Those were questions which can no longer be answered... Zied knew that much, and that is what makes it much more painful.

"Apology accepted..." he mumbled.

Zied's inner feelings was telling him to go after her, but his body stood still, comfortable at the distance they now have between them. He watched her try to fix her tangled hair with eyes neither hurtful nor vengeful. It was his usual stare with that pair of mismatched hues. He had his guard down, even if it was just for a brief moment, he had lowered his guard for her.

Responding to her words and actions, Zied turned around and went back to the same spot where Tyth attacked him earlier. He has chosen to widen the distance even more between them, both literally and emotionally. What they have was a partnership to begin with. It was never meant to change.

"Truce. But I don't regret it one bit... kissing you that is. Good night Nightfox."

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Rogue.Ember.Shadow on Fri Apr 22, 2011 1:48 am

"Truce. But I don't regret it one bit... kissing you that is. Good night Nightfox."

Her fingers were free from her now untangled hair but she thumped her forehead against the heel of her hand. Tyth knew she was not going to get much sleep this night. Especially after his parting words.

"Night," she murmured, turning her back to him with a frown. After all that has happened, and the kiss was the least of her worries. Realizing she left her sword over where their skirmish happened, Tyth jogged back to retrieve it, all the while hoping he didn't lecture her in being unarmed.

When she heard nothing, Tyth gathered what possessions she had in her meager bag. When she was distracted, she started tinkering. Other women rambled on or bumped into things but not her. She inspected her weapons over and over again, she exercised or did katas, or hummed the rowdy drinking songs she learned while traveling around with Brant. Since most of the lyrics were obscene at best, she usually hummed the words.

Getting ready for bed after inspecting the , she let her hair down and ignored the faint ghost like pressure on her lips that weren't there anymore. Growing frustrated, she jerked her sword down to her side a little harder than normal and jabbed herself in the ribs with the hilt. Wincing at the blow, she laid down on the ground, patted her sword to know it was near her and stared up at the night sky.

Today was weighing on her nerves. Scyth appears and brings up the Anniversary, then Sinners attack which means Gravon is aware of her status as a mercenary again and Zied turns out to have had a painful past and involved with a woman somewhere in the East. It was too much to take in all at once.

Not to mention there was Croix and the other goons to worry about. Even now they were not really safe out in the open with only trees as company. They needed a safe place to rethink their next move, and she had only one place in mind. The one place she left eight years ago and avoided ever since then. It held such painful memories for her, despite the joyful ones it created as well.

Going back to the guild was out of the question. No one was their friend there, not when either of their enemies could infiltrate the guild ranks to assassinate or monitor them. So many things can go wrong. She knew they could because long ago she was trained to carry out those wrongful events.

Brant's farm was their only option she could think of. Sure Zied probably had another location in mind, but after really thinking hard about it, she should go to the Anniversary. If they were now being hunted, it might be her last chance. Also she could reunite with some old friends that she left behind, wanting to know who forgave her and who hated her still breathing body.

Closing her eyes to the night, she reached up and clutched at her necklace in hopes of drinking up its strength the heartbeat gave her. This was for the good of her new life. She was going to protect lives this time, not destroy them.

Jaavi surely would agree.

It was early morning and despite her few cat naps, Tyth got very little sleep. Over and over in her head she kept thinking of how to track down or lure Gravon into her clutches. Not to mention there was so much about Krauss, Croix and Granz concerning Zied that she didn't know enough to factor into her thoughts.

They had to keep moving though, and already her gaze was staring straight northwest. In that direction lay Brant's home.

Her bag was already packed and her dirt smeared jacket was thrown over her shoulders to keep out the cold, chilly air. Mornings in the forest were in no way ever warm. Walking over to where Zied lay, she stopped two feet away and scuffed her feet to alert him of her presence.

"I've been thinking, and I think it would be our best plan for now. My old mentor, Brant, owns a large piece of land north of here. It will take at least two days to get to if we run a decent pace, but it will give us shelter, protection and time to gather our options. Most of which we can't get out here in the open."

Surely she was talking sense. Readjusting her sword sheath that was strapped around her waist, Tyth clenched one hand then unclenched it.

"It would also mean bathing opportunities. Not to be rude, but after a few hard battles yesterday, we both stink."

The longer she was awake, the longer she was determined to keep her mind focused on the matter at hand. Getting them to Brant's, if Zied was game for the idea.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Ethereal on Fri Apr 22, 2011 2:44 am

His eyes may still be closed but he was already wide awake an hour ago. He listened to her get ready, she was in a mess and he, along with that little gesture of his may be somewhere behind the reasons for it. Regardless, she had a plan which she voiced out rather tensely.

Opening one eye, his blue one, Zied looked at her standing form. He was quiet in nature but not this quiet. Normally, he would have spoken a few words of his own to either approve or reject the idea. This time though, he only scoffed and picked up his weapons. He wouldn't look at her straight in the eye, it was far too confusing to do so.

A farm to the north. He wasn't fond of being in one and it would prove to be quite the endeavor to actually accompany her to that place. Two days if they ran at a decent pace? That was just something he did not expect. He thought about suggesting this place he knew but decided against it. Her mind is already made up and something inside tells Zied that being there would give him an opportunity to learn more about her.

"Fine, we head north."

Zied picked up his coat from the branch where he left it, donned the garment in one swift motion and strapped his sword at his back. He remembered tossing his katars somewhere and looked around to find the weapons. After picking them up he stood behind a tree and surveyed the road ahead. There were no signs of patrols from Eindir and only a few travelers heading into town was in sight.

"I'm not going to run at a decent pace and waste two days. I'll keep up with you whatever pace you want to run, we still have six targets to deal with after all."

He turned around and looked at the general direction of his partner. Stretching out one hand in a gesture for her to lead the way, Zied lightly stomped his feet to the ground. He was a fast runner and it has been quite a long time since he would have to use his legs to get somewhere.

"I say we get there in a day, if you slow down one bit, I will drag you by the neck."


Somewhere far to the west, an old palace that looked as if it was about to crumble stood eerily in the middle of a thick forest. Thick mist surrounded the moat and there was hardly any sign of life surrounding the palace.

"Well well... what have we here? Is this the fabled White Sinner?"

The question echoed throughout the large hall. In the center was a screen playing back footage from a small device inserted in some sort of console. There was hardly any soul inside the hall save for two men. Krauss and a well armored one who sat at what would be best described as a sick idea for a throne. It was made with bones, the skulls at the end of each hand-rest serving as the chair's defining aspect.

The man was old, possibly in his late fifties. He had a long white beard falling down the length of his chest, gray eyes that looked as if they were filled with cataract, pale skin and long white hair.

"Sire, it is unfortunate that we were not able to gather much information to update you with the Black Dragon..." Krauss informed with his head bowed low.

The thick mist outside the palace made its way into the hall and seemed like it was being controlled as it began to swirl beneath the feet of the old man.

"So it would seem Krauss... However, this is a fine subject you have encountered. I've heard rumors about drug enhanced fighters but this by far is the most interesting one I have seen. It would seem that Gravon has long succeeded in creating the perfect mix. It is rather saddening that only a few people can truly survive the potency of his brew."

Krauss smiled upon hearing the words. It appeared as if he knew what the old man was thinking.

"You said that this woman is traveling with the Black Dragon did you not?" the old man asked. Krauss replied with a nod. "Find them and bring them to me unharmed. Long have I searched this world for unique fighters such as yourself. With these two under my command, our empire would surely be one step closer to regaining its lost glory!"

A sickening laughter echoed throughout the hall as Krauss began to make preparations to depart. Male and female warriors began to appear from the mist, all of them covered by a gray cloak with a raven logo.

From the darkness across the hall, a cloaked figure stood by itself, watching the events unfold before its eyes. Croix made his way towards the figure with an intimidating smile playing on his lips.

"Are you not excited? This is what you have been longing for right? Don't worry my sweet, it's only a matter of time before you get to see him again. Until then, you have to do as we say. After all, your life belongs to us... right Seiryu?"

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Rogue.Ember.Shadow on Fri Apr 22, 2011 4:26 am

Tyth frowned as she stared at Zied. Was that playful banter she just heard? It has been a few weeks since they first met in the bar and she was throwing serving trays at his head...

Still, could he be that comfortable in throwing her threats back at her? She had kept sending empty promises to hurt him if he did not do as she said.

Teasing was a way of lifting spirits and easing tension, and she honestly needed it. Raising one brow at him, Tyth placed her hands on her hips and widened her stance. Her smirk almost split her face with the excited gleam in her dark, black eyes.

"We shall see who does the dragging, Gray for brains. I advise you at least stretch. Don't want you limping half of the way and me have to carry your sorry ass."

She also knew some men liked strutting their endurance in front of women. Seida and her old friend Hilde always turned into ruffled chickens when some shirtless men pranced around breaking bricks or bending metal with their bare hands. She had yet such ideas or feats even remotely impressive.

After stretching her legs and rechecking her bag to make sure everything was tied so nothing fell out, Tyth suddenly kicked for the bend of Zied's legs. She aimed for both with one leg but only collapsed one, the other only half bent from her kick. Knowing that was the best she was going to get, she took off in the northwest direction. Tyth knew her kick would have unbalanced him at best.

"How bout I race you there?!" she yelled over her shoulder mockingly and then didn't look back. He would figure out where to run from the directions she gave earlier.
She didn't care if she attracted anyone's attention as she laughed aloud but unless someone was going at the speed she was, they would only hear a eerie howl of a laugh.

He said one day and that would require them both going at breakneck speed. She bolted in a direct beeline through the trees, hauling her body over fallen tree trunks and sprinting over grassy hills. They were lucky the direction they were going happened to be mostly flat land with two or three rivers in between their destination.

Tyth also was having the time of her life since she loved running, ever since she was little. She envied birds and their gift of flight so she would run as hard as she could until she felt as if she were flying over the land herself. However, with the many trees surrounding her, it would be in her best interest not to spread her arms like she did as a child. She might lose an arm.

Zied was sure to be behind her, or eating up the distance between them that she made. Whatever she threw at him, he is sure to overcome.

Brant was enjoying his sister's special brew of tea on the front porch of his house. The tea was always made differently so it tasted different every time, and he was lucky enough that this batch was made to not taste bitter like last year.

Looking up through the gentle breeze that blew past, Brant took in the grassy landscape towards the far off edge of trees when he noticed a figure slowly ambling their way toward him. At his side with her legs propped against the armrest of her rocking chair, Fury sat with another long cigarette in hand.

Adjusting his glasses, Brant lowered his cup and stood up to further take in the figure. Seeing her brother move, Fury sat up and immediently followed her brother's sight.

"Ah, its Vayneglory," she said in a happy voice then slouched right back into her chair. Blinking, Brant turned to his sister with a surprised look on his face.

"How can you see that far?"

Rolling her eyes while inhaling a long drag, Fury smirked, "Unlike you, I don't
bother reading manuscripts day in and day out as a job. I actually work for a living."

Ignoring his sister's slight, Brant called for Soiya. She was one of the girl's he adopted and allowed to live here. Many of the young folk around this farm he considered his own children. Instructing her to make fresh ice for a large pitcher of water and two pints of liquer, the young man waited for his old friend to reach them.

Vayneglory was huffing a little and sweating when he finally reached the Olisiuer estate. His flowing, gray hair and light amber eyes gave him a sophisticated look for this late forty's. Clasping Brant's arm in greeting, he kissed Fury's hand and slumping into a freshly cushioned chair with great relief.

"Don't ask me why I walked here and left my horse in the forest," the old man grumbled as Soiya poured him a fresh glass of water.

"Why have you come to visit, old friend?" Brant asked while leaning back into his chair with a gentle smile. The day was starting out so nice and fine, making him feel so comfortable. And these days were few and far between for a busy man like him.

"I came here to spread some gossip in this frontier house. Sounds like the Generals meeting is being pushed to an earlier date this summer, along with the Meisters of every guild calling in more and more of their members for more jobs."

Brant sat up again, his content face gone and replaced with a glaring, serious one. He didn't like this news since he just got home and his wife's Anniversary of her death was nearing. Brant wanted to be here to mourn her in earnest and if the meeting got in the way...

"Anything else?"

Vayneglory downed another glass of water, flicked an expensive cigarette to Fury who caught it in mid hair over her head then turned to his friend.

"Yeah. Sounds like your girl Tythlany has been very busy since she went back to active status. Her and that young buck she paired up with shook thing up in Einder, last I heard. She even pulled the 'Saints' card on a bartender, if my contact was correct."

Smirking, Brant sipped his now mixed drink of brandy and lemonade. His group of old students called the 'Saints of Xerxes' used to be an official team especially financed by Forsaken Wolves. However, due to several members, including Tyth, having been trialed for suspicious or violent actions, the group was disbanded. However, back when they were active, they would give a team from Ironflames a run for their money, and Ironflames was guild best know for their use in armors.

"She must have gotten impatient if she used that old coin," Brant murmured and set down his glass.

"Sinners have also appeared in several regions to the north, Brant."

The glass he set down suddenly shattered from his sudden jerk to his feet. His reddish purple eyes were wide with restrained fury as his sister sat up and was clenching her cigarette in one hand.

"What did you say?"

The old man sighed and rested his tortured back against the well padded cushions, "You two heard me. Sinners were reported to have been seen. Chances are high that Tyth has seen this for herself, if Einder was her last known location."

Fury growled low in her throat as she glared darkly into the horizon, "Those bastards actually created more tortured souls. I thought the Anoushka genus plants were wiped out, Brant!"

Ignoring his sister, Brant began pacing. "Don't yell at me, Fury. I'm thinking."

Sneering, the older woman threw her chair back to skidd across the porch and marched back inside the house. Several minutes later, she was yelling orders for the boys working in the back fields to work harder or do their sections over again.

"What are you going to do?" Vayne murmured as he picked a piece of ice out of his glass and popped it into his mouth.

"I won't be going to the stupid meeting, that is for sure. I have a good feeling she will be on her way here."

"But after what happened here, how do you know she won't avoid coming this year?"

Staring at the retired General, Brant gave the old man a grin that was more intimidating that the killing intent suddenly surrounding him.

"I know because for three years, my girl has been a waitress and avoiding her urges to kill or take up a weapon. If I knew the people responsible for torturing me were still at large, I would kill them with the very weapon they made me dependent on."

Pausing to take another drink, Vayne's eyes widened a fraction.

"That infernal thing is still here? I thought she would have it destroyed."

Shaking his head as his now piercing eyes looked up into the sky, Brant licked his dry lips, "No, its very much intact. But if I'm right and Tyth is aware of the sinners, than she is bound to come by here and pick it up. I know my girl."

Vayne sighed and massaged the wrinkles around his nose.

"What about the boy she is with? I seen him around the guild the past couple years and he is in no way a third rank. A C1 at best and commanders are General material."

"Scyth is surely researching about Zied Gray at this moment, although I faintly remember hearing the name a few years back. Whatever he digs up is sure to jog my memory."

Returning to refill their cups and reset Fury's chair, Soiya paused in mopping up the spilled water and broken glass, "Sir, why would Scyth be researching? Shouldn't he be by Tyth's side?

Looking over his shoulder, Brant gave the young girl a gentle smile. Gone was his scary presence and death glare, "For the sake of the one he loves, Scyth has his own way of doing things. And running in blind is not one of them."

In the town of Senecio, a young man with long, blond braid down to his knees and stern features walked along the dirt streets. A heavy coat was draped around his muscular form, and his twin sickles were strapped to his broad back. Pure white irises stared straight forward as he entered a government library building affiliated with his guild, Shadow Dragons. Inside he was greeted by a small, skinny man with a nervous smile on his face.

"General Zephyr, we are pleased to be of service."

"Where is he?" was the gruff and demanding question as a reply.

Bowing shakily at the man's demanding presence, the librarian skittered up a flight of stairs to show him to a private reading room. Opening the door, he bowed as the general strode in and slammed the door behind him.

"Don't be such an asshole, Zephyros, " said Scyth as he continued to read through the several accounts he had spread on the table in front of him.

"Don't tell me what to do," the blonde man replied as he sat down across from his friend, "I'm not the one trying to find dirt on the Black Dragon."

Head snapping up, Scyth glared at the other man. "What do you know?"

Zephyros smirked and leaned back, "Enough to make you, little brother, want to kill me."

"Don't tempt me, Zeph. It wasn't long ago that we left Brant's to head to separate guilds. Tell me what you know."


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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Ethereal on Fri Apr 22, 2011 5:48 am

Interesting at best that she would pull off a kick like that in an attempt to slow him down. He took her kick well but was not worried in the least. Half-hearted attacks are the worst attack a fighter could ever give. It would have been a guarantee that she would win had she chose to cut off his legs instead, but that would be problematic for both of them.

Shrugging his shoulders as he regained his temporarily shattered balance, Zied watched Tyth speed off through thick flora. Shaking his head sideways, he walked down the open road and faced north. A few minutes of head-start wouldn't hurt him in the least. Tyth was a fast runner which momentarily surprised him but just as well raise his competitive spirit.

"Why run through a forest when there's a road, obstacle free to travel on?" he questioned the air with a crooked smile. Tyth was competitive in nature, he has proven that much during the times they butted heads on arguments.

Lowering his stance a bit and making sure his weapons were in check, Zied bolted off northbound. He could feel the wind pick up on his face as he sped through the open road while keeping his black eye out on the forest side for Tyth. Not wanting to hinder his vision, Zied pulled out a pair of dark shaded eyewear and put them on while running.

Now shielded from both the sun's rays and the wind, Zied further increased his speed. Soon he caught Tyth's form snaking through the forest. He was not going to be forgiving, she cheated and deserved to lose. Readjusting his form into that which is more suited to running at high speeds, Zied kicked the ground hard. Given that he has no flora to deal with in his path, he took the lead with ease.

It was going to be a long day but Zied was determined to come out on top. If they happen to arrive at the same time, he would smack her one for kicking him earlier.


On their way out of the thick forest, Coix and a small group of warriors tread the forest in a slow pace.

"Long have we waited for this day my brethren. Soon the Black Dragon shall be joining our ranks and we shall become a force to be reckoned with!" Croix said, unable to contain his excitement.

Back then in the Eastern Lands, there existed warriors of legend, certain people who have broken through the boundaries of the ordinary. They were dubbed, The Five Dragons of the East and were now following Croix's command.

Kaze the Diamond Dragon. Best known for his mastery of the defensive arts. It is said that he could defend from any type of attack and come out unharmed. Resilient in nature and extremely hard to kill, this man has been rumored to be immortal. He wields a plain-looking, self crafted long sword for both offense and defense nothing more, though his mastery of the weapon allowed him to truly exceed any limitations the weapon has in both categories.

Shiyo the Flash Dragon. Claimed to be the fastest in the Eastern Lands, she is best known for her swift and accurate strikes. Although lacking in the power department, she has been able to overcome this by using speed. Speed kills, or so she claims which she has proven time and again through combat. She wields twin curved daggers with dragon hilts. In the hands of a master, even daggers can become as deadly as a large axe.

Croix the Crimson Dragon. Feared in the Eastern Lands as the most ruthless mercenary to have ever walked their land, he was the best there is until the Black Dragon was born. Known for his cunning and otherworldly use of throwing knives, he is one deadly opponent. Lacking in neither aspect of power and speed, he is the shining example of balance at its best. Rumored to have taken out a brigade of elite knights alone, he is one man that many do not dream of fighting.

Seiryu the Azure Dragon. The God of Flow as others have dubbed her. Seiryu is known for her mastery of counterattacks. Her fighting style is something to be seen according to many. Mesmerizing in its own way yet very deadly. She wields katars on both hands and has kept the record of ending a fight as soon as the first blow has been delivered. Rumored to have never lost a battle.

They have been sought out and offered promises of riches they couldn't even begin to fathom except for Seiryu. Croix eyed her as they neared the forest exit.

"Remeber, we are to bring them here unharmed. The Black Dragon is not to be harmed and definitely not to be underestimated. He is after all, a dear friend of our Seiryu here." Croix instructed followed by a twisted laugh.

Zied Gray the Black Dragon. Also dubbed by the people as the Death God, he has struck fear into the hearts of many. He has been known for not having any weakness by the people... or so they thought. Able to slash both rider and steed into two with his oriental sword, defeat any foe he crosses swords with, he has demonstrated immense strength to be feared. Able to swiftly move around in the field of combat, he has been rumored to rival the Flash Dragon's speed. Coming out even against the Azure Dragon, his skill has been proven to be extraordinary. Finally, being able to win against the Crimson Dragon, he has proven his ferocious nature.

"Once we have him and the White Sinner on our side, this land will be ours for the taking."

Croix looked into the open field upon exit. They have a long way ahead of them and it would take them at least a week's worth of travel to get into the nearest town.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Rogue.Ember.Shadow on Fri Apr 22, 2011 7:05 am

She ran, even after the excitement left her in the early part of the night. So what if she was running the hard and long way? It built up muscle she lost just walking around, it made her feel free and gave her a reason to let loose without it costing other people's lives. Tyth only slowed down at all to drink what water she had from her water bottle in her bag. At her last break, she saw Zied's form zip past her towards the large, silhouette of a house among the large grassy valley they were currently running in.

Tyth wanted to win, she didn't want to be beat again by him, but she was. Despite the several armed forms that appeared in the high grassy stalks around the field they sprinted through, Tyth reached the porch only seconds after Zied did. As they slumped onto the steps heaving for breath, Tyth watched as the lamps illuminated the bottom half of the house and footsteps pounded in their direction.

Not bothering to look up as she gulped down large mouthfuls of breath into her burning lungs, Tyth glared lightly at her partner.

"That is the second time you've beaten me. I really need to settle the score with you one day," she hissed, swatting at his knee since that was all the energy she had left at the moment.

"What the hell are you doing, Tythlany Nightfox?" growled a low, husky voice belonging to none other than Fury Olisiuer standing in all her nightgown glory.

Wincing at the intimidating presence the woman gave off as the two mercenaries were surrounded by armed men and woman, most of them coming from the house were in their night clothes. Tyth began to laugh nervously, showing a new and almost childish emotion for the first time. It had been years since she had been here, and this was a place that brought out a more.....youthful side to her.

"Morning, Miss Fury. Did we wake you?"

One of the men who were on guard duty in the field growled out his anger, "Dammit Nightfox! It is just like you to pull a stupid stunt like this in mid morning of all times!"

His partner nodded his head in angry agreement, "Leave it to the druggee to scare the living daylights out of me. I'm still shaking when I saw that dude zip through my sector!"

Brant, who was rubbing sleep from his eyes while tugging his robe closed with the other hand, blinked at his two new guests on his porch. Immediately he was awake and was softly, but firmly issuing orders.

"Fury, go back to bed. Boys, back to your posts. Everyone else, get back to bed. We have a large quota to fill tomorrow and the grass is already growing back as we speak."

Narrowing his eyes at Tyth and the white haired man beside her, he gestured them inside and then pointed towards the kitchen.

"Get some water, something to eat and then I'll show you to your rooms for the night."

Reaching forward to clasp Tyth's chin and make her meet his eyes, Brant stared into her face for a long second and then smirked weakly, "Welcome home, girl."

Tyth smiled weakly back and was gently released, Turning over towards the fridge where she knew leftovers were usually stored, Tyth grabbed two wrapped sandwich halves and gave Zied one of them.

"Brant, don't punish Ezikiel or Rowish. I don't care what they call me, and they-"

"We will talk later, Tyth," the tired General said after sizing up the white haired man who was standing in his kitchen. Even though he looked winded, he still gave off the feeling of danger. Interesting.


Smirking, the purple haired man pointed towards the steps, "To bed, the both of you. Introductions and whatever else can wait. It isn't every day you come back and bring a guy home in the same day, Tyth."

Sighing in defeat at Brant's teases, Tyth handed her partner a water bottle and gestured to her old teacher on their way up the stairs, "The General Olisiuer, Zied. Quake in your boots!"

She meant it to be for fun but honestly, she wasn't sure Brant's impression of her partner or how much he knew. She herself was just learning about his nickname 'Black Dragon' and whatever past he had hidden.

Brant pointed in the first room they came to and gestured for Zied to go in, "This is your room. Breakfast is at 11 sharp."

Tyth heard the faint giggling the next flight of stairs up where her room was near and smiled. The girls sounded so mature now. Last she saw them, they were in their late preteens. Before stepping into her room as Brant yawned on his way back to his, Tyth glanced over at Zied's room where the door just shut. Her lips seemed to burn again and she glared into the air, then closed the door behind her.

'If I had known that stupid kiss was going to bother me this long, I never would have done it!' she thought vehemently to herself as she shook off her boots.

Now that she was fully exhausted from her silly race to get here in twenty four hours, Tyth fell onto her mattress and was out as soon as her cheek hit the covers.

Scyth was staring at the blond haired man across from him in utter disbelief.

"Are you shitting me?!" he almost screamed while jumping to his feet and slamming his fists onto the table.

"I would never want to have the honor, but yes I'm telling the truth. All the statistics I numbered off are only what was apparently 1/eighteenth of the accounts on someone going by the name 'Black Dragon' in the Eastern continent. And most of those numbers are the casualties he caused."

Scyth's hands shook as he sat himself back down, and then gazed blankly at the papers in front of him. Again, Zephyr beat him to what he needed, especially if it concerned Tyth.

"We still do not know if there are any surviving personal records on him, this Zied Gray. He could have had a completely different name to the one he uses now. The investigation concerning this man is inconclusive, although most of the evidence found says this man is one and the same to the one reported in these records."

The young but stern looking General tapped a thick folder he had pulled out of his jacket and had thrown on the table moments earlier.

"It doesn't add up though," Scyth murmured as he pushed all the papers haphazardly into the box he pulled them out of. It wasn't his job to organize everything.

"What doesn't?" Zephyr said as he picked up some of the papers he had the red haired man look through as a sample of the folders.

"Why does such a highly criminal even the right word?...killer masquerade as some low life Third Class of a high rated mercenary guild? Why make such a decision? It doesn't fit with this profile. The two 'Black Dragons' from the past and the present don't relate at all."

Shaking his head, causing his long thick plait to sway behind him, Zephyr stood up the same time his friend did and they exited the room.

"Whether he does or not, the pictures you captured during your investigation in Eindir match the few surviving ones in this file. They are the same man, and if the descriptive accounts on his fighting style in these old reward forms are accurate, I can fight him and prove it to you."

Scyth didn't reply to that last statement since he knew between the two of them, Zephyr was the stronger one. He wasn't considered Brant's successor for nothing. Tyth would have had the title had it not been for the meddling Merchants council.

"I don't need you to prove anything to me, Zephyros. Just take my thanks,"he said, not adding the 'and shove it where the sun don't shine' part.

Glaring at his old friend who he saw as a brother when they were young, Zephyr stopped him with the hand holding the bulky folder.

"Now listen Scyth, I know what's going through your head and I can tell you now you will die."

Pushing the arm away, the red haired swordsman didn't reply as he made his way out of the library with the blonde general on his heels.

"Fine, if you won't listen to me, then I'm coming with you."

"Like hell you are."

Smirking, Zephyr looped a muscled arm around Scyth's smaller shoulders and leaned close to his ear, "Aww c'mon! Are you still pissed at me because I was the one that stole Tyth's first kiss? We aren't boys anymore!"

Growling to control his rising temper, Scyth struggled to not elbow the taller and more built man in the groin. He hated Zephyr for claiming the one thing he wanted, and lost the chance to impress his feelings on a woman he cared about for years. Thanks to the jerk around his shoulders, his chance for letting his feelings show the right way had been ruined.

"Yeah, and thanks to you, she kisses just about everyone out of curiosity. All because you said that's what they were for!"

Rolling his eyes, Zephyr pulled away from his friend and pulled up his hood as they strode out into the rain.

"Whatever, Scyth. I didn't know how impressionable she can be and I've said sorry for stealing your thunder more than ten times. She had the mindset of a child at the time but the body of teen. What more do you want me to say?"

"That you should commit suicide for being a pervert?"

Smirking as they reached their respective horses, the General mounted his and stuffed the folder he collected into his back satchel. He loved teasing his old friend about Tythlany, the girl whom many of them back then thought was Brant's favorite. Turns out she was that, and more if Javvi's death had anything to prove.

As much as Scyth yelled at him to leave, or tried to shake him off his tail through the back trails of the forest they were trotting through, Zephyr stayed right with him. He wanted to be there when Scyth saw her again, he wanted to see Tyth again, he wanted to fight her again, and this time he was going to take her life for sure.

Zephyr Aston is a General under orders to carry out his mission: kill the White Sinner.

He was going to kill his old friend, Tythlany Nightfox.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Ethereal on Fri Apr 22, 2011 8:29 am

A smile of contentment briefly escaped his lips as he listened to the woman admit her defeat. Although his lungs were burning for air, his leg muscles screaming for rest, the taste of victory, although in the form of a friendly competition was just as sweet.

They have arrived at what seemed to be, a lively household with lots of people. Those standing on guard duty were small fry. Zied did not think it would be that easy to penetrate the defenses of the famous Brant Olisiuer. Scoffing at the remarks of those rattled people, Zied wanted to smack each of them for calling Tyth names. They had no idea what it felt like to have lived a past like hers and yet they joke lightly about it.

If only it wasn't for that woman who was named Fury, those men would have been on the ground taking a beating from Zied. Stopping for a moment after calming his breath, Zied thought to himself, was he going soft? Why was he becoming protective all of a sudden? Images of that scene in the forest flashed inside his head. He was just about to look at Tyth when this man, with an aura fit for the title General, made his appearance.

He had seen him only a few times for the duration of his stay in Forsaken Wolves. Rumors about him is that he is the best there is. Zied did not want to accept it but the facts he had seen about the man spoke for itself. Tyth had to drag him to the kitchen where she handed him a sandwich and bottled water. Even with his eyes turned away from the general, he knew that the man was sizing him up. He gets that everywhere he goes and has become second nature to him.

"The General Olisiuer, Zied. Quake in your boots!"

Tythlany was indeed very proud of the man. Her words and actions tells Zied that much even though he was not asking. Quake in his boots? Hardly. Zied was used to overwhelming pressure and has become at ease around even the most intimidating of characters. This Brant may easily fall into the category but Zied cared little. His swordarm is on standby and he would not hesitate to draw his sword should the need arise.

He was shown his room and was treated as a guest. Zied would not complain but he was never used to being bossed around. The last man who tried to lost his life.

"This is your room. Breakfast is at 11 sharp."

"Whatever..." Zied replied before shutting the door close. Breakfast was the last thing on his mind right now. He was tired and would give anything to get his legs stretched and his feet out of his boots.


It has only been a few hours of sleep and Zied was wide awake. It was neither the place that has a problem, nor is the bed. He himself was just not used to staying in someone else's home. It makes him remember what was taken away from him.

Zied sat up and got dressed. Sleeping outside seemed to be more inviting than sleeping in a warm and cozy bed. Not wanting to wake up the people who were still in deep slumber, Zied opened the window of his room and jumped out.

The air was cool and sun was just about to shine. The farm had huge plots and had that feel of life all around. He did not hate it though, it just made him uncomfortable, he is after all a man of violence. Peace like this was not meant for him.

"What was I thinking coming to this place?" he questioned himself as he walked around the farm. He passed the crop fields and came into an open area that looked and felt more like home. It was a training area which seemed to have been put to good use.

Having not much to do, Zied decided it wouldn't hurt to exercise a little bit. Hand-to-hand combat was the first thing he ever learned about fighting. Although he was not that fond of using such a fighting style, Zied could easily best an expert in the field. He was never taught to slack off as a fighter and he definitely had the drive to learn and learn more.

The training dummies were made out of the hardest wood. He could tell that much with just one punch landing. The way he felt the wood absorb his blow, and the sound it made upon impact. Surely the reason for the general to use such a material for training was simple, to strengthen the body.

"Not bad..."

Zied looked around and noticed one more thing. The different positions the dummies were placed was an attempt to mimic being surrounded by enemies. The reason for this was easy to understand, this is to strengthen the mind. Pressure can easily kill an opponent. Put too much of it and you have broken their calm. An easy win and certain death for your opponent will follow if you have managed that.

"Not bad at all..."

Impressed by what he has seen so far, Zied soon found himself immersed in his own training regimen. He danced around the dummies launching a series of his own combos, all aimed at the vitals and was soon working up a good sweat. It has been a long time since he last trained and he was feeling good before the old memories in him resurfaced.

Suddenly frustrated, Zied forgot his own strength and delivered a full powered blow on one of the training dummies. The dummy, although made from the hardest wood shattered into wood powder and a hundred little pieces as his fist punched through. The impact carried a sound loud enough to cause the birds resting in the nearby tree to fly away into the horizon.

His breath instantly became ragged, his eyes fierce like how it used to be. Of all the things Zied could think about, why was 'his' memory the one that resurfaced? Was it because of the general's image that he was reminded of his foster father? Regardless, Zied did not like it and just got it out of his system by smashing a training dummy. He would have to apologize to Tyth and the general for this one later.

It was quiet, more than enough to drown someone in silence. This was not his scene and figured that he would never get used to this life. Zied sat down and closed his eyes. He needed to focus and thinking of random thoughts was not helping him in the least. Zied was just about to calm down when his sharp hearing heard the footsteps of horses, two of them. Looking back into the distance where the sound came from, Zied soon had visual of two men coming to the general's place.

One of them he already knew, the other was someone he had only seen once. It was the same man who saved that sorry excuse for a mercenary from the Shadow Dragons who tried to kill Zied back then. Frowning, Zied grabbed his weapons. He already knew that something was off.

That man, although very faint and hardly noticeable, was hiding his intent to kill. He had never been wrong before and this time would be no different. If the intent was directed at him, he would have stood up and gladly greet him with his sword. However, it was not for him so he decided to sit and wait.

"Great... now I have to stick around with that redhead dick. Tyth... you sure know how to piss me off."

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Rogue.Ember.Shadow on Fri Apr 22, 2011 4:30 pm

Brant woke up at the crack of dawn, dressed in a fresh pair of clothes and walked out onto the back porch just in time to see the sun rise. Some hollow thuds were heard and he glanced over to see this mysterious 'Black Dragon' practice on his pearl wood dummies. Brant noted the style he used and smirked at how impressive it looked.

'Only Tyth would bring back someone like him here,' he thought with amusement. He was just about to head back inside to badger his sister about his breakfast when he sensed a flare of presence moments before a large crack sounded through the air.

Already, the new guard his sister switched out that morning from the one after Tyth appeared appeared around Zied with their weapons drawn, instant killing intent shining brightly around them. The only reason he had Fury change the patrol to meager students earlier this week was because it was Tyth, and he didn't want her to accidentally hurt someone. Turns out he was right, if this morning was anything to consider. Had his more experienced and deadlier students been on guard, people were sure to have gotten hurt.

Looking over at the practice clearing the white haired man was being stared down by blank, emotionless faces of his students, Brant shook his head at their actions and released two, high toned whistles into the air. As one body, they all suddenly disappeared from their tight circle around the white haired young man, and returned back to their posts in the fields. Their presences faded completely from their senses unless you had intimate knowledge of the acres long of fields like Brant did.

Meeting the irritated gaze of his guest, Brant inclined his head to him as a sign of acknowledgement and then turned to head back into the house. He had already spotted the approaching forms of his old students, Brant and Zephyros.

Fury was going to need to be forewarned of extra places at the table, and to stay away from her utensils. His sister was deadly with a simple sharpened spoon, and he didn't want the next poor soul to have their eyes gouged out by a simple scooping motion of hers.

Tyth slept like a baby, and woke up feeling very refreshed. She was always partial to mattresses to the hard ground. Anything better than the many circumstances she lived with as a Sinner, Brant made possible. That wonderful man gave her a second chance, even to this day when she was still convinced she didn't deserve it.

Feeling grubby all over, Tyth claimed one of the many bathing stalls in the girl's bathing area on the opposite side of the house from the men's. It had only been a couple days since her last bath and it felt like a year.

When she returned to her room, a fresh pair of clothes had been left on the bed. Fury must of instructed one of the girls to put them there. Not bothering to look at what they were, she put the clothes on while she thought briefly of what Zied was doing. Knowing him, he would never allow himself to sleep in. Not for anything...

Already her thoughts carried the time away and blinking back to reality, Tyth realized she was halfway down the second floor stairway heading down to the first floor wearing a ruffled short skirt, a matching purple tank top and knee high, three inch heel boots. She dressed into them without really thinking, and Fury knew when she got all her sleep that she was absent minded.

Fury also knew she hated wearing anything entirely feminine! It drew way too much attention, was a bitch to fight in and made her feel too exposed! It also made her feel like she was in her old sinner shirt again. Fury was always trying to dress her up despite these facts, but it just irritated Tyth.

"DAMMIT IT ALL!" she screamed with all her might and as an answer, a husky laugh echoed from the kitchen. Marching with angry clicking heels on the red wood to throw the door open to the kitchen and dining area both rooms shared. Leaning against the island counter with a smug smirk while licking some sticky batter off a wooden spoon was Fury.

"I want new clothes!" Tyth demanded as her cheeks turned red from restrained anger. Already the door she had thrown open cracked from its impact against the brick wall. She also ignored the loud horse whistles some of the boys at the dining table gave off with roguish, happy smiles.

"Oh Tythlany, calm down. The girls have been wanting to dress you up for years now! Humor them?"

Tyth wanted to say 'hell no' but she always wanted to the make the girls happy. Already, many thundering footsteps were coming down the stairs towards her and she was suddenly surrounding by gushing teenagers. Hilde, Soiya, Georgiana, Olith, Cacshi, Ravyn...they were all here. Just older and it made her feel somewhat old to know that fact.

It made her feel like she missed out on their lives growing up. She smiled gently at them and gave each girl a hug, answering their curious questions and letting random hands adjust her hair or pat at her cheeks. Tyth was happy to see everyone, despite the few glaring glances she got from the boys who knew her better. They were the ones who refused to forgive her, but didn't attack her out of fear of Brant's anger. All of them had been thrashed by the General at least three times, and every time hurt like hell.

Pushing his way past the gaggle of girls that barred the doorway, a young man with light brown eyes and black hair headed over to Fury's side. Taking the glass of water she handed him, the young man frowned at the giggling mass of girl then looked over at the table full of young men who were finishing their plates full of meet and potatoes.

"Scyth and Zpehyros are here-" was as far as he got before Tyth ducked down into the group surrounding her and then the whole group as a whole parades out of the room with high pitched squeals. Fury and the young man frowned at Tyth who crossed her arms and gave a smug smile when two loud male voices yelled at the same time after two loud thuds were heard.

"TYTHLANY!" yelled Zephyr and Scyth at the same time from underneath all the girls who tackled them to the porch floor.

Her smile grew into an evil smirk at their distress then shrugged when Brant entered the room with a raised eyebrow.

"He deserved it, Brant. Now where's my food? I'm hungry." she demanded and sat herself at the island counter with an eager face. Brant's place always brought out a more immature side to her character. Surely Zied was wondering if she smacked her head and lost some brains from their race earlier. She wasn't going to elaborate on 'who' she meant.

Speaking of her partner, she caught Brant's sleeve as he was turning to walk out of the room.


Knowing what she was going to ask, Brant turned and lightly patted her head holding his sleeve. She always turned a little childish when she came home, "He is outside last I knew. He was also the cause of that loud crack earlier."

She knew the sound since it was the reason she woke up. Shaking her head as she released Brant to be on his way, she looked out the back window wondering if she would see him. 'Leave it to Zied,' she though wryly.

Zephyr wanted to shove the girls off him, but since they were like daughters to Fury and sisters to him, he couldn't. But they were doing the will of the white haired woman he came to kill and that irked him. At his side, Scyth also gave off the feeling of irritation. Once they were finally let up after being tackled and smothered with random kisses on their face, Zephyros stood up just in time to see a white haired man he was inspecting in photos the night before.

It was the Black Dragon.

Scyth also seemed to sense the man's presence but simply ignored him while calling for Zephyr to head inside and see Brant. But Zephyr wasn't listening. On their ride over here, the red haired man had voiced his reservations about Zied Gray and how he resisted the urge to fight him.

Zephyros had no such restraints. Using only a fraction of his true speed, the General appeared at the white haired man's left side and backhanded him to the ground. Watching the skidding form slide away from him several feet, Zephyr ignored Scyth's voice yelling for him to knock it off.

Walking slowly over to the man's fallen form as he spit of blood from his spit lip, Zephyr gave the downed man a mocking smile.

"Whoops. Sorry about that. I thought you were some one else."

Not bothering to help the man up while glancing over at his katars on the ground at his side, Zephyr turned around on his heel only to meet two angry black eyes of none other than the woman who's life he came form.

"Ah, if it isn't my favorite woman!" Zephyr said with a suddenly happy face, reached for her face to caress a pale smooth cheek but her hand gripped his wrist, stopping the movement. Suddenly, they both jerked each other around in a wide circle just as Zied Gray's one katar sliced the air between their faces. Zephyr didn't bat an eye at how close the blade was to his throat, but decided to react when he was shoved backwards by the woman gripping forearms.

"Hey!" he yelled out, pretending to fumble for his sword as all three of them moved to attack one of the other.

Before any three of them could really land a blow, three butter knives grazed their person in a warning throw. Tyth and Zephyr froze in place, knowing what the butter knife meant. Zied just paused, looking up at the irritated scowl Fury was giving them from the front porch with an pissed off look of his own. In one hand, she held a hand full of butter knives.

"Put your blades away, and get your asses inside. NOW."

Behind his sister, Brant was hiding an amused smile as Zephyr and Tyth grudgingly did as told. Tyth glared darkly at the blond haired man who simply smiled as if she didn't save his life just a second ago. She had seen Zied move to strike back and Zephyr's muscles in his shoulders clench to know he was inspecting it. Knowing she couldn't stop Zied weaponless, she spun both her and Zephyr around to make Zied's miss his target by seconds, and also restrained the blonde man's arms to stop any counter attack.

Brant couldn't help but feel proud at his girl for thinking quickly to diffuse the situation, but at the same time he wondered if she was protecting her friend.

Whatever it was, Fury was going to get to the bottom of it and he wasn't going to get his coffee any time soon.

At Forsaken Wolves guild, Meister Draken Vistaxene neatly stacked his daily amount of paperwork for his secretary to pick up. His next couple hours were filled with meetings with various representatives from other guilds and country factions concerning security and political reasons.

"Sir? A message was left for you," said his buxom secretary, Lilith as she set down a slim piece of paper on his desk. Knowing her contract rules, he was sure to never would risk looking at messages for him.

Once she left, the old man opened the piece of paper and a dark, smile split his face.

Good, Zephyr was given his orders by Shadow Dragons to go after Brant Olisuer's beloved Sinner. He had been looking for any kind of loophole that would warrant him a reason to go after the girl, but thanks to Brant's precautions concerning the girl, it was almost near impossible to charge her with anything.

Now they had a reason to arrest and put the girl on trial. After she walked away unscathed five years ago from not being charged with those people's death thanks to Brant's interference, he became determined to see the girl put to justice.

Throwing the message away, he began to write a response.

'I approve of the charges against Tythlany Nightfox. The criminal is to be brought in under the regular stands, but should she resist or she dies, her body is to be brought in for testing.'

He was determined to be the strongest guild master in this continent, and Nightfox's body held the key to that vision.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Ethereal on Fri Apr 22, 2011 5:21 pm

"Hey blond head!"

Though the people thought they had the situation under control, Zied called for his attention. He may have landed a free hit but Zied was not as much of a clown as him. He wanted to make sure he had the blond hair's attention when he strikes him down.

Angry but at the same time extremely focused, Zied rushed as fast as he could, pushing Tyth down to the ground along the way just in case she would decide to stop him in his tracks. With one powerful kick to the ground, Zied increased his velocity even more. It was just in time as the blond haired man turned around to look at him. Zied saw the man reflexively cover his face barely in time before his roaring knee landed squarely on his guard.

It was a strong blow, enough to put a dent on his arm guard and cause a nosebleed. Zied watched him kick up dirt and grass as he skidded from the force of the impact. He took the blow well but could not diffuse all the damage even with his guard. Zied chuckled, all his weapons were sheathed and his killing intent was tightly controlled as he landed back on hard ground. On his lips played a confident and yet annoying smile.

"I held back because you looked like you were about to die a second ago." he scoffed and turned to the woman who grazed him with a butter knife. "I won't hold a grudge for the wound since you were trying to keep order. I apologize."

Having said that, Zied turned around and went back to help Tyth back to her feet. "Sorry... just didn't want you getting in my way." he whispered. When she was back up at her feet, Zied leaned closer to her ear and whispered again. "That man's life is forfeit. If you have any good reason for him to keep his life, now is a good time to let me know."

With his black eye, Zied glared at the blond head and watched him rub the pain off his wrist that took his blow. He's surely going to need a lot of ice on that one. Zied knew he was strong but also felt that he was no threat. Given the situation at hand, Zied figured that this was not his scene anymore and made up his mind. He was going out to find an inn where he could have some peace. Hopefully, the blond head was stupid enough to chase him. If he did, Zied would kill him the first chance he gets.

"I'll be in the nearest inn. There's too much flies and pests in this farm it's annoying."

Stopping to pick up his coat on the ground, Zied had one more thing to say.

"Zephyros of the Shadow Dragons, I remember now... you are the general of the losers who tried to kill me right? Sorry, but you won't be able to do what they couldn't even if you lost your life in the process. You have my mark and I will kill you the next time we meet. Enjoy your breakfast for it may very well be your last..."

Zied was dead serious and he knew Tyth would know when he was joking and when he was not. It has been a while since he really wanted to kill without good reason. With the urge to kill getting harder and harder to contain, Zied walked on.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Rogue.Ember.Shadow on Fri Apr 22, 2011 6:46 pm

A complete and utter disaster, just like the last time she was here. The only difference was that no one died. Tyth should have been happy by all this, but she wasn't. Coming here was suppose to be so they could relax and make plans, but not if everyone was going to keep attacking Zied. Her partner needed to rest, and no one was allowing him that!

Shaking away the effect of having her partner closer to her again, Tyth growled and shoved at Zephyr's chest, pushing him back a few inches.

"What the hell is wrong with you?!" she yelled as her skirt swayed around her hips.

Zephyr just smirked while rubbing his wrist, looking to be not bothered by the attack at all. The turd was good at absorbing attacks like that.

"Aww c'mon, Tyth! We all know who he is and you are an idiot to have brought him here."

Glaring as she slapped him hard, Tyth resisted the urge to grin as he spit blood from his now split lip. An eye for an eye.

"I don't know what I saw in you to ever agree to that shotgun wedding all those years ago!"

"It was annulled not long after, hot cakes. We ain't married anymore."

Scyth seemed to wince from those words and looked away as he made his way inside the house. Zephyr just laughed and entered the house with Brant shaking his head tiredly.

Fuming as Fury began yelling at Scyth and Zephyr every step of the way, Tyth marched up to her mentor. Glancing worriedly over her shoulder to Zied's back, she clenched her hands.

"You know who he is, Brant. if he can't stay here, neither can I. I was hoping but its impossible now. I need my old weapon."

Nodding as Vayneglory yawned while asking what all the racket was, Brant instructed Hilde who was following him to get Tyth's traveling kit together in the next ten minutes. The girl took off with a worried look on her face.

Meeting the older man's gaze, Tyth clenched her eyes shut and bowed her head to hide her face.

"I'm sorry I won't be here for her Anniversary...again. My offer still stands, Brant."

Looking up with tear smeared eyes, Tyth let down her guard and ignored Vayne as he looked anxiously between the two.

"You will always be free to take my life. I took your wife and unborn child's lives from you and will only die by your hand."

Smiling painfully, Brant stepped away so Hilde could hand over a long six foot fabric covered weapon, a traveling bag and Tyth's long coat that was washed earlier that morning.

Ignoring her pleading face, Brant shooed her off his porch, "Just come back when you can. I'm not going to kill you, Tyth."

She knew it wasn't that he won't but that he couldn't. Brant loved her as his own daughter, just as Jaavi did. He tried to kill her, to end her life by his own hands and they both broke down crying from the lose of a woman they both loved.

Tyth didn't think about Brant, Scyth or even Zephyr as she ran after Zied. It seemed she was cursed to push away all the men in her life, including her partner. That jerk, Zephyros just had to ruin her day. Just bringing up their brief marriage brought back the old taste of him and she spit a few times as rid herself of the memory. During her long strides, she restraped her sword around her waist with only one hand.

She caught up to Zied and reached for his arm but then paused. Sorry didn't seem to even cover what happened back there. She wasn't even angry that he pushed her to the ground just to attack once more. Back then, she wouldn't have stopped him since Zephyr deserved it.

Sighing aloud, Tyth glanced down at her new long weapon with a haunted gaze, then shook it away. Her wrists felt like they were humming from the familiar weight, which made her sick to her stomach yet happy at the same time. It was her conditioned brain that felt happy to have her old friend near, but her rational brain knew it was wrong.

This weapon was not her friend, despite her warring thoughts saying it was. With this weapon, she had killed Jaavi. The seven month unborn child....

Shaking her head to try and rid herself of the thoughts, Tyth glanced at her partner and decided she could touch him. Reaching with her free hand to graze his black dragon tattoo which was connected to his namesake, Tyth gently pulled him to a stop. Her fingers shook a little against his skin, from all the mix of emotions she felt.

"Just know I'm sorry. About all of that."

Looking up into his mismatched eyes, she debated kissing his nose then blinked at the sudden thought. What was going on with her? This attraction was turning into a distraction she really didn't need. The last time she bothered with his bothersome feeling was with Zephyr and that was a mistake from beginning to end. But Zied wasn't, she needed to stop thinking right now.

Tugging her fingers away from his arm, Tyth gave her partner a weak smile.

"We still have some targets left. Whoever is after us can come to us for a fight, since it seems we are doing this alone."

She didn't want to ask anyone at Brant's for help. It wasn't their fight and only 7% would be willing to fight at her back, which was not a whole lot.
She wasn't going to ask the Black Dragon if he had any friends since she was going to assume any that he had are buried in coffins somewhere.

Walking a few steps ahead of Zied as they walked through the grassy field with stalks taller than they were, Tyth is a little relieved she is walking in heels. Since she left without changing, she was stuck in a mini skirt for the majority of the journey. At least they dug easily into the diry so she didn't fall over.

Brant knew Tyth's words sang true but he ignored the pain her words gave him. He knew past the dark urge within himself to strangle the life from her that it was not her fault. She was tricked that day, but still blames herself and wants to die by his hand.

Watching her jog off in heels after the Black Dragon, Brant closed his eyes and let the wind around him. He wasn't weak, he was strong even as a few tears crawled down his cheeks.

"Believe in her, Olisiuer," Vayneglory murmured from his seat in a rocking chair.

As they were yelled at by Fury who was waving her deadly utensils around, Zephyr kept rubbing his wrist and looked out the window after Tyth and the Black Dragon. His ex wife had strange tastes in men, that he was sure of.

Knowing Scyth would hear, Zephyr smirked as Fury stomped back towards the kitchen cursing men, "Damn, just watching her walk makes me regret not kissing her goodbye."

The red head clenched his fists but didn't react, as he was hoping he would. Getting hit that hard made Zephyr want to vent on somebody, but his old friend wasn't rising to the bait. Oh well.

He would have another chance at Tyth since he let them leave this place in one piece, although Tyth being in that guy's presence made it a little hard to get her alone. Looks like he would have to use those plants after all.

Today he measured both their strengths and he liked what he felt. The Black Dragon was strong, as the records said. After he took care of Tyth, he would take care of the Black Dragon as well.

Looking up as Brant entered the room with an annoyed face, Zephyr stood up.

"We need to talk."

Fury began chopping various amounts of vegetables with...a fury. The day started so nice only to be messed up by scwabling young brats. It made her happy she didn't have kids of her own. That in and of itself was a thought that made her brother turn green from even thinking.

Glancing into the hallway just in time to see Brant head up to his office with Zephyr on his heels, she rolled her eyes.

At least she left a letter in Tyth's bag when she intercepted Hilde before taking the supplies out to the white haired girl. Fury noticed the look the Black Dragon gave Tyth before he walked off and she was happy she wrote the letter concerning the man last night.

'Jaavi, you would have done the same thing wouldn't you?' she thought to the empty air.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Ethereal on Fri Apr 22, 2011 8:37 pm

"Just know I'm sorry. About all of that."

Zied stopped but refrained from looking over his shoulder. Her soft hand on his still tense muscles was indeed a welcome feeling. She was troubled and was forced to choose between him and that twisted family she had.

"Sorry doesn't cut it but it's not your fault to begin with..." he trailed off.

As soon as she let go of his arm, Zied turned around to look at her. He was suddenly feeling tired... no, he thought wrong, he was sick of this life! Anywhere he went there would be a soul out for his blood. He knew he should have voiced his opinion about being against going to Brant's place. But everything has already played out and there was little to be done to remedy the damage.

With a free hand, Zied rubbed his cheek where he got hit earlier. He was hurt by the blow but would not show it to Tyth. That bastard will die by his hand. Though that blond haired man made it look like a case of mistaken identity, Zied knew that they were able to dig up something about him. Scyth for one was reeking with killing intent even though he was yelling for Zephyr to stop. Only people who had knowledge of him would dare try to take him head on.

"We still have some targets left. Whoever is after us can come to us for a fight, since it seems we are doing this alone."

She was back to her mercenary mode but Zied could sense that her heart is elsewhere. His mismatched eyes that were fierce earlier slowly reverted to their indifferent gaze. Reaching out ever so slowly, Zied placed his hand on her cheek and gently pinched.

"It's rare for you to be dressed like that... it looks good on you."

It was his attempt to ease his sour mood and her apologetic demeanor. He was never good at these things and would rather get them over with than to let it drag on for days.

"Listen... I appreciate your concern Tyth, but don't worry about me and go back to the general's. You should take a break whenever you can and from what I've gathered, the general would have really wanted you to be there for this... anniversary."

With his right hand still on her left cheek, Zied gently lifted her face up to meet her eyes. He was not taking no for an answer and he would either drag her back to the farm or wait for her on the very spot where he stood until the event in the Olisiuers was over. With little effort, he returned her smile with his own.

"There's a nearby town where I could find lodging... and to be honest, there are a few things I need to do and a favor to ask of you. It was originally my intention to get information regarding the Mist Ravens from Brant but I can't do that now, you're the only one who can."

Zied pulled his hand back and looked at the way they came from. It's only a short distance from the Olisiuer farm to the nearby town, they wouldn't really be that far from each other.

"If you agree to this, I would have to warn you about that man. Earlier today when they arrived, I sensed killing intent from him. He was hiding it but it was there... and it was meant for you. Surely he would talk to Brant about something and I need you to find out what that is. I don't want to walk into another mess like when we were in Eindir."

Zied took a deep breath. Information is also one way of winning battles. Although he was not fond of such meticulous tactics, deep down Zied knew that things were starting to stir for the worse. Going in blind is now out of the question.

"I think it would be wise to return when Zephyros has left. And while you're trying to find out what you can, I will be visiting old contacts to gather information regarding our second target. With these many people after our necks, it is only prudent that we spend our time wisely. If we both want to survive, we really need to start working together. Now what will it be?"

Zied wanted to say that he trusted her enough to suggest working apart from time to time but he could not find the words on how to say it. In reality, Zied was against having Tyth return to the Olisiuer's but he trusted that Brant can keep her safe. After all, the man gave off an aura that garnered Zied's respect a little.

"I would rather have you by my side at all times but... we don't have that luxury anymore." he mumbled to himself.

It was hard to describe the emotions welling up inside his chest right now. Sure, he was worried for Tyth and as her partner, it's only natural that he was. But somewhere in his heart tells him that he is starting to care for her past that of a mere partner. Shrugging the thoughts away, he waited for her to speak.


Four cloaked figures zipped past the vast plains beneath the high sun. They have kept on going day and night, stopping only for brief moments to take a breather and eat their meals. Croix was in a hurry and if all goes well, they would reach the nearest town in a day more.

All of them popping stamina pills on the go, they began their entry into a thick forest at high speeds. With capable fighters under his command, Croix was eager to meet Zied once more only to get a picture of what he thought as 'one priceless moment'.

"Hey Kaze, what do you think drives the Black Dragon? If he is like us, shouldn't he be on our side now with all that promise of riches?" Shiyo asked.

Kaze glanced at the running form of the Flash Dragon. His eyes indicated that he was clueless as to the reason behind the Black Dragon's actions. In his mind, he would like to find out himself, what motivates Zied to continue fighting? Not getting an acceptable answer from the Diamond Dragon, Shiyo turned her head to the left where Seiryu's running form was.

"Hey, I heard you were pretty tight with the Black Dragon back then. What's he like?" Shiyo questioned.

Seiryu refrained from giving out any information. The least she could do for Zied is to hide what she knows about him from the enemy.

"Quite the impatient one I see... don't worry Flash Dragon, you'll find out for yourself soon enough." Croix butted in.

"Geez, the least you could do is to tell us more about him right? I mean, we're on his trail and who knows if he's hard to deal with?"

Unable to stop herself from commenting, Seiryu glared at Shiyo.

"I do. It would be wise for you to stay on your guard before his presence, otherwise you would be killed in an instant." she informed in a manner of a threat.

Croix listened to Seiryu's words and laughed out loud as he ran. Her heart still beats for him and he could tell she was longing for him. But can the same be said of the Black Dragon after what Croix did to Seiryu?

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Rogue.Ember.Shadow on Fri Apr 22, 2011 9:58 pm

"I think its official, today I am cursed to deal with assholes." Tyth growled at Zied as he voiced his plan. Could he have said this before she decided to get ready and running after him? Now she felt like a complete and utter fool.

It was almost sweet that he considered the Anniversary as a reason for her to return or commented on her stupid outfit, but Tyth didn't do sweet. Hearing her ex husbands mentioned and Zied's warning, Tyth scoffed and placed her hands on her hips that was a clear sign she didn't want to move.

"Ah, you mean my ex husband? I can handle him. if he's planning something, I'm sure I can deal with it."

She didn't want to deal with the fact that Zied was leaving on his own again. This time, she was sorely tempted to simply flick his nose and walk on as if she didn't hear him, but his words were sound. The weapon she was holding needed to be used a few times before she went into battle with it, and it had been nearly a decade since she wielded the powerful weapon. Asking Brant for help was out of the question, but maybe Scyth could help her.

Already she was planning for when Zied would return, as if she already agreed. With how frustrated she was, Tyth felt it would be best if she just left him now. He would come back. She trusted him.

Sighing in defeat, Tyth nodded and turned back towards the farm.

"Fine, I will agree this once. But if I hear one word, one mutter that you are over your head I am going to kick their ass, then I'm going to kick yours. Don't think I'm giving up on trouncing you. I will win one day."

She didn't turn back around to see him walk off. Now that she had more time to train, a certain General was going to get hell from her. As if mother Fate agreed with her, Zephyros was walking down the stairs just as she walked through the door. Dropping her bag and weapon, she lunged forward and tackled him agains the wall across from the doorway. The wall gave with from the force she used and they both went tumbling into the next room. Several voices yelled out in furstration.


Ignoring them, the white haired woman sat on her ex husbands chest and pressed one knuckle against his throat to cut off his air flow. Coughing, Zephyr blinked up at her then grinned a wide grin.

"Well it if isn't my wonderful ol lady."

Glaring down at the blonde haired man, Tyth pulled her hand away since his throat was like steel.

"I should have let Zied run you though."

"On first name basis with him already? You move fast, love..."

"Oh shut up Zephyrose," Fury said from the kitchen's doorway and motioned for Tyth to follow her outside.

"Let's go for a walk, little girl."

Deciding Zephyr could live a few hours longer, and got off him to follow the older woman. Having picked up her fallen weapon, Tyth took it from Fury and they headed out towards the back frields, but not in the direction she knew where Jaavi's grave was.

"You killed her! YOU KILLED JAAVI!"

"TYTH, RUN!!!"

"Marry me? I'll take care of you..."

"You are a failure. Die."

As they walked, Tyth looked around the fields where certain battles from her past were fought. They walked for what seemed like an hour before Fury finally had them stop at where a certain type of very tall tree were growing. Point at the trees, Fury met Tyth's eyes and nodded.

"You look very frustrated and bothered, hun. Cut to your hearts content. We can afford to plant more."

Tyth knew they could since these sixty foot tall trees were not in any way cheap. But the woman was also playing a big risk by being present as she untied the fabric from her old weapon to practice with. Jerking the flimsy covering from the collapsed weapon, she reattached the blade and got into her usual staring position. There would be trees left in the next half hour if she had any talent left with this weapon.

Brant was staring hard at the wall across from him from where he sat at his desk.

Zephyros had left him minutes earlier only to hear a loud crash from another of his walls being demolished thanks to Tyhtlany. She was one of the reasons he took on the rank of General. When thinks broke, they needed to be replaced, and when she was younger she broke almost anything frequently.

"She's going unstable again, tie her down!"

"Fowly is dead. So are thirty others and their bodies have don't want to know."


"Jaavi, I have to inject her again. She nearly killed Christopher."

"What a poor soul you have this done to you......"

He lowered his forehead against his threaded fingers and clenched his teeth from the memories. If Zephyr was right, then a fight between his best student and the Black Dragon was the least of his problems.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Ethereal on Sat Apr 23, 2011 5:08 am

Wincing as if he was in pain after listening to Tyth's footsteps grow distant, Zied closed his eyes for a mere second. It was true what he felt. He has grown fond of her in such a short amount of time. Excited he was yes, but also afraid at the same time. She was not entirely a normal woman and the circumstances that surround her are the least bit normal. There's a lot he would give to keep her out of harm's way and this time was no different. Having walked quite a ways off from the farm, Zied stopped and dropped his cloak. Glancing over his left shoulder, Zied's eyes stared into the bushes on the side road.

"Come out. You've done well hiding your presence but I know you're there."

The bushes rustled, as if telling Zied that it was an animal and not someone else however, Granz knew it wouldn't work on him. The large man pushed the bushes aside and stepped into the road. He kept a safe distance away from Zied who was already holding his sword's hilt, ready to draw.

"Very preceptive Black Dragon. Was it the reason you decided to head out on your own? To meet me in battle?" Granz asked.

He was in the middle of flexing his muscles and cracking his neck bones when Zied turned around. No, the man was wrong. This was an unexpected encounter for Zied and he knew that Granz's business is not with him. He could feel that much from his intent. But Zied decided to play along. The last thing the Olisiuers needed right now is a man wreaking havoc on their already ruckus filled home.

"Yeah... I've been looking for a worthy opponent to vent out my frustrations with..." Zied trailed off and tossed his coat to the side.

"Ahh! Then you've found him. Although I could use some venting of my own... I won't be holding back."

"Neither will I."

After finishing his sentence, Zied immediately drew his sword and took his stance. Granz was no ordinary enemy. He was anything else but small fry. Cautiously, Zied carefully shifted his stance. Normally, he would have taken the fight to Granz but something tells him to play it safe. The man seemed like he did not need to draw his weapon to take him on, That much is a scary factor.

"You don't want to attack first? Then allow me!"

Despite his large body mass, Granz moved like the wind. He already closed the distance between him and Zied and his fist was the next thing coming down on the white haired man. Shifting almost simultaneously to a defensive stance, Zied used his sword to block the smashing blow from Granz. His eyes widened as soon as he felt the force of the blow collide with his guard.


Zied was overwhelmed by the force and caused him to drop one knee to the ground. A small crater began to form as the ground beneath Zied crumbled from the impact. Granz is dangerous and had Zied been any weaker, surviving from a blow like that would be impossible. Forcing Granz's large fist to the right, Zied immediately jumped back but still landed on one knee. His body could still feel the vibrations from the blow and his arms and hands still numb from being on the receiving end.

"Surprised? I must say you took that well. Truly, you are the man of legend I have heard so much about."

Granz was not going to give Zied any quarter. He was already preparing for his next attack and Zied was still trying to figure out if he should counter or defend.

"Give up. You don't stand a chance against me with your current state Black Dragon. You will be just like the others soon, dragged into the mist and made a puppet under our lord's command. Accept your fate..."

Granz closed the distance between him and Zied once more, unleashing another roaring fist that was meant to take his life. The killing intent Granz had suppressed Zied's and changed it into survival instinct. If he took that blow, he would die. Reflexes kicking into high gear, Zied dodged to the left and immediately brought up his sword to defend from any follow-ups. As if sensing Zied's intimidation, Granz stopped and stared at him.

"How long are you planning on dodging? Attack! Show me what you're made of!" he taunted.

It was true what Granz said earlier. As he was now, there's no chance of him winning. Zied needed that man from his past, the bloodthirsty killer in him to even fight on par with Granz. Landing on both feet, Zied lowered his sword and planted his feet to the ground. His mismatched eyes were replaced with blue hues as a wicked smile softly parted his lips.

"Are you sure you're up for this?" Zied asked and moved at high speed to stand before Granz, barely inches away from him. He stared up at the large man, killing intent mixing with Granz's own creating an atmosphere where any normal human would find it hard to breathe.

"Yes... that's it Black Dragon. Remember who you are and never forget that."

A bead of sweat trickled down from the side of Granz's brow. The pressure coming from Zied was immense and he was not expecting it to be this heavy. It was the very same feeling he had of being at his mercy that caused Granz to back away from the white haired man. He had gotten Zied's attention and he would be fighting him with all that he had. He would stake his honor and pride on the line if it meant taking down the Black Dragon. Carefully drawing his large axe, Granz never blinked, not even once. A mistake like that would cost him his life and he knew that.

"Come on, attack again. Let's see who remains standing shall we?" Zied taunted.

Granz grumbled in silence. It was not an empty boast and he knew full well what could happen to him had he taken the bait. But Zied was not forgiving, moving faster than the eye could follow, Zied penetrated Granz's defenses from his right blind side. With a single swift slash of his sword, a loud clash of metal resounded in the air. Granz skidded a few feet away from Zied with his arm guard up covering his neck. Seconds later, his arm guard began to crumble and his neck began to bleed in a line. It was not severe, but Zied's killing intent is what made the wound manifest in his body. 'Truly a frightening opponent,' Granz thought.

In the midst of their battle, four figures made their appearance nearby. Croix stepped forward and greeted Granz with a salute.

"Hey there, having fun?" he asked.

"Back off Croix, this is between me and him! Get lost!" Granz scowled.

Shaking his head to the side, the other three stepped forward and made themselves visible to Granz. Croix fixed his hair and crossed his arms before his chest.

"You don't seem to understand Granz, we're here under orders. You should be the one to back off."

Contemplating on the words Croix just said, Granz looked at Zied one more time before sighing in defeat. He was not his mark originally and he still has Brant to deal with. Backing off now was one way to ensure that he would be getting away with his life intact.

Zied remained quiet as he watched Granz withdraw. He took in the four figures that made their entrance to the scene and shifted his gaze to Croix.

"Are you here to die?" Zied asked.

Croix let out a smug smile. "You don't seem to understand either Zied. We're here to take you back with us..." Croix trailed off and walked over to where Seiryu stood. With one swift motion, Croix pulled Seiryu's cloak away revealing her form to Zied. Her eyes were staring on the ground, she could not bear to look him in the eyes after all this time.

"Seiryu..." Zied whispered softly.

"Right on Zied! I see that you still remember her. She's been longing for you."

Seiryu's eyes turned to the side. She wanted to shrink where she was standing right now and disappear from Zied's empty stare. When all that he ever wanted was to make and keep her happy, she still betrayed him. She had one chance to save Zied from misery and she let it slip, plunging the man deeper into the abyss with her betrayal.

"And what makes you think I would come quietly?" Zied asked, gripping his sword tighter.

"Oh! I never factored into the equation that you were going to come quietly!" Signaling his comrades to begin, the other two took off their coats and began to encircle Zied. "Now, now Zied, I'm sure you remember them back from the East, Kaze and Shiyo."

Without warning, Zied attacked Kaze first. Swinging his sword aimed at the neck, Zied's blue eyes caught the silhouette of Shiyo appearing from his left in the middle of his attack. Using the momentum of his slash to spin his body mid-air, Zied managed to flawlessly avoid being slashed by daggers. It's two against one, the odds were looking bleak for Zied.

Landing on both feet, Zied did not waste any time and lunged forward. He was aiming for Shiyo this time but as he swung his sword around, a metallic clash resounded as Kaze's long sword stopped Zied's weapon mid slash. Trapped in a deadlock, Zied could only raise his free hand to block an incoming kick from Shiyo. The force of the kick sent Zied flying a few feet back. Pushing his free arm down to the ground, Zied regained his balance before landing. He could feel the sting of the kick in his arm but was not given a moment's rest. Kaze and Shiyo were already closing in with their weapons.

The long sword was pretty easy to parry but combined with the swift attacks from twin daggers, it was hard for Zied to come out unharmed. After the series of metal clashing against metal, Zied was the one to come out bleeding. Gasping for air as he plunged his sword down to the ground, Zied got back up to his feet with the help of his sword.

"Oh man you are one tough cookie!" Shiyo commented, readying herself for another attack of her own.

With a couple wounds sustained, Zied's blood trickled down his skin from his free arm, legs and back. Pulling out one katar and wielding his oriental sword with the other, Zied steeled himself for another round. Showing no quarter, Kaze lunged first, swinging his long sword horizontally trying to cut off Zied's neck. Zied in turn reacted by leaning back but was taken by surprise when a new weapon came down at him just after Kaze's sword slipped above him. It was a katar. Immediately pulling his hand with his own katar, Zied blocked the incoming weapon in a deadlock, only to feel a powerful blow land on his abdomen. Shiyo stomped Zied to the ground while he held Seiryu's katar at bay.

Spitting out blood as his back hit the ground, Zied powered his way through the deadlock and spun his feet and sword around hitting nothing but air. Seiryu, Kaze and Shiyo all jumped back together to avoid his reprisal. His breathing becoming more ragged as he quickly spent energy fighting three at once, Zied gasped for huge amounts of air. His eyes still as murderous as ever, he stood back up on shaky footing. His vision was starting to blur and he could feel his movements becoming sluggish.

"Zied... give up! We were ordered to bring you back but you know me, I don't really follow orders." Coix said as he took of his cloak and pulled out his throwing knives. It was four against one now and Zied knew that this was the end road. There's just no way he's going to come out alive and he has made up his mind to take down two or maybe three with him.

His eyes were flaring with killing intent and the wind seemed to react to it as it blew harshly in their field of combat.

"Wow! That's some intense aura! Now I'm pumped!" Shiyo cried out, unable to hide her excitement.

All four launched their combined attack against Zied with Shiyo leading the attack. Zied barely managed to knock her daggers aside but was unable to defend from her kicks. A hard blow to the stomach sent Zied reeling forward in pain but was forced to suck it up when Seiryu's katars tried to slash him clean coming from below. Jerking his body upward, he barely managed to evade Seiryu's attack leaving a clean wound starting from his lower eye up to his forehead. Had he pulled himself a little too late, Zied would have lost an eye to the tip of Seiryu's katar, but the attack doesn't stop there. A boot landing squarely on his face muffled Zied's grunt as Kaze kicked him hard followed by a downward slash mid-air. Had Zied not intentionally stepped back, he would have been cut into two by the sword. Instead, he received a deep gash stretching down the length of his upper chest and abdomen.

His upper clothes were ripped apart piece by piece and his sturdy inner armor began to break when Croix unleashed a flurry of his throwing knives. Staggering back as he parried only the knives aimed at his vitals, Zied grunted and stayed on his toes after the onslaught. A couple knives hit his legs and some parts of his sword arm. Zied wanted to counter however, there was nothing more he could do. Zied was dizzy and is loosing a good amount of blood. One more kick from Shiyo was enough to send him flat on his back down to the ground. To keep him pinned down, Croix leaped into the air and stuck two knives in both Zied's arms, barely avoiding cutting his bones through. Zied screamed in pain as his mismatched eyes returned to their original blue and black hue.

"Game over Black Dragon, you lose... Any last words?"

Croix had no intention of bringing him back with them. He was going to repay the debt twice over, and there was nothing that could stop him from doing so.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Rogue.Ember.Shadow on Sun Apr 24, 2011 2:42 pm

It was a deadly kind of beauty, Fury is certain. After that display just now, Fury was certain that this woman is indeed the White Sinner who caused the massacre of 300,00 in one night eight years ago. But back then, Tyth wasn’t the only Sinner alive. Her brother was laying waste to them left and right with how mindless and gone their minds were when they fought tooth and nail just to take a life…

But this Fury shivered from what she just saw. Sure they were just trees, however the older woman understood why her brother was talking about now when he said he couldn’t just leave Tyth there to die.

Standing in the middle of a bunch of thick, quarter pieces of tree trunks was Tyth but the rising noon sun beamed down on her sweating form. Her dark purple tank top stuck close to her heaving chest as she just stood there with her legs braced apart. The knee high boots she wore were covered in dirt, wood chips and scratched apart along the length of her calves. Her ruffled skirt was torn along one side of her thigh where a long, thin cut traveled downward to the end of her shin. White blond hair was tangled once more, the long length of it flowing around her rising and lowering shoulders. She was facing to her right so Fury could just barely make out the profile of her face and blinked several times at what she saw there, in the girl’s eyes.

Anger, pain, grief and plain wretched self loathing all rolled into one, simple mournful gaze. Fury was convinced despite those years taking care of Tyth, that she had grown some those few years away from home. The white haired girl would never admit it, but they were as close to a family she had, which is what Brant intended ever since he dragged her small delusional body here.

Fury couldn’t move, everything happened so fast when she snapped her fingers to give Tyth a starting time not ten minutes earlier. It wasn’t the usual time limit Brant had said was her best, but it was close.

There was hope yet.

The feelings were not going away, as she wanted them to. It was one of the fall backs of not being her old self, back when she could not feel a thing. Just cutting these trees were not enough to satisfy her want of blood, of death of a certain group of men and the one man leading them who destroyed her mind, her body and took her from everything when she was just a measly four years old.

But Brant had given her feelings, and in return she took the two most precious people from him. In all respect she should be dead, but she wasn’t which baffled her. Hell, she was even holding the very weapon she killed everyone in her lifetime with.

Starting down at the long, slim steel staff in left hand, the long, curved blade at the end seemed to mock her. This bleached Dragonscythe was stained with so many peoples lives, her stomach swirled at the thought of just the number. But she had a reason to hold it now, unlike eight years ago. Or four years ago for the matter. Just anytime before now. It didn’t feel like an old friend like she was brainwashed to believe, it didn’t give her any satisfaction like a warm, human could. It was an object, a tool that she could use, but this time for a different purpose.

‘Do you see me, Jaavi? Give me the strength to do this…’

Before when she left after widowing Brant Olisiuer, she was heartbroken, depressed and suicidal. She wanted anyone to kill her since at the time, Brant had failed her the one time out of every other time he succeeded. Nothing went the way she wanted it to, not with how simple she wanted to die. But Brant kept her alive, defending her from the Council, from anyone who tried to harm her in any way. She still thought Brant was punishing her by keeping her alive with this heavy, weighing guilt. Then the short years in that bar passed and fate caught up with her.

Meeting Zied opened up her eyes. Out of all the horrible men in her life, that rough and powerful mercenary who was in no way some Third Class crossed her path. Already her lips were twitching into a smile.

Brant saved her life. Jaavi taught her how to feel, and Zied taught her how to live. In a roundabout rude way, but still…

The muscles in her wrists and forearms felt relaxed after swinging the long scythe around. It couldn’t be helped, but the happiness that was suppose to appear after cutting with it wasn’t as strong. If anything, she could say it was muted. Why?

Asking Fury who stood a ways behind her, she clenched the staff tighter.

“It could be because you found something else that makes you happy. Killing doesn’t cut it for you anymore, as Jaavi hoped it would.”

Yeah, she knew Jaavi always looked forward to the day when she would become truly and unconditionally happy. Healed. It was her will to Tyth who thought it would never come to pass, since she was cursed to forever be unhappy. But now-

Already, two mismatched eyes flashed across her memory, then her chest felt tighter as she was already feeling the flesh of her lips.

No, it couldn’t be.

“He’s a complete asshole, there is no way he makes me happy,” she muttered in bland disbelief. Fury smirked behind her, flicking the bud of her long cigarette away.

“But he does, right? Your emotions don’t lie, especially in your case.”

“NO! He kicks my ass. What self respecting woman wants that???”

Silence. Frowning at the lack of response, Tyth turned around to see Zephyros on one knee holding Fury’s now unconscious body. How could she not have sensed him appear?

“So you like him, huh?” came her ex’s low, gravely voice that once upon a time made her anxious to run to his side. Long ago, she almost worshiped him, but not any more.

Watching as he lowered the woman to the ground then stood up to his full height, Zephyros faced his old flame. The intent around him was starting the flare with a murderous air that threatened to choke the very life from her, but she stood her ground. Fingers clenched around her scythe’s metal handle, Tyth moved a step forward to make it easier for her to pull the long blade from the ground.

“You want to kill me, don’t you?”

Striding in a semicircle around her guard, Zephyros winked at her but the killing intent around him never wavered. It only got stronger and the hairs along Tyth’s arms were beginning to stand.

“No. In a way, I think your life is solely is mine to do with what I want. I can also take Brant’s revenge in his place for Jaavi too. What a deal.”

Her scythe was free and propped in the eighth starting position, one of the fastest she knew to wield. Since Zephyros was the heir of Brant’s sword style, she needed all the speed she could muster.

“I don’t belong to you. Brant is the only man who will take my life.”

“But you belong to Zied, is that what you’re saying?” He moved and crossed the space between them in one breath that it took her to block his twin sickles at the same time with the scythe’s blunt side of its blade. It was too close.

“I don’t have time for your petty jealousy,” Tyth snarled as she pushed him back a few inches.

Their deadly dance began, and it was in no way a practice bout. True to being Brant’s star pupil, the thrusts of his large sickles held heavy force behind them. The scythe’s blade sang as she parried each of his slashes that were aimed at her throat and heart. This fight felt so familiar, sometimes instead of Zephyr’s face she saw Brant’s.

However, she was at a disadvantage with having been so out of practice with this scythe that she wasn’t at her usual speed to keep up. Her guard was penetrated and her arms, face and legs were littered with shallow gashes that were covering her skin in thin, ribbons of streaming red. If she kept this up, she’d really die and her life was not forfeit yet. Not when Gravon was still alive to hurt someone else!

The corkscrew move she pulled on Zied with her sword flowed better with the scythe in her hands. Most of the moves she used with this scythe were circle or thrusting motions. Just cutting was not the only form she was limited to. Zephyr actually spit up blood when the risky move connected, but his returning parry cracked her scythe’s handle belong the blade where it was held. Shit! This weapon needed to be in tact to take Gravon’s life, not shattered by her ex husband in petty revenge. He was not using a weapon that the style was originally made for, but it still held the crushing power that was making her go on the defensive.

Both of them sensed the new presence at the same time but Tyth knew Scyth’s intent to kill was not for her. Appearing behind her with a hand around her waist was Scyth, his long broad sword drawn while in his other hand held the sheath to her white moon blade. His breath puffed against her ear as he nudged the sheath into her now free left hand since the other was holding her scythe in a downward position, the long blade curing around both of them.

“Sorry I’m late. The necklace was sending me mixed feelings,” he murmured into her ear while keeping his narrowed gaze on the man in front of them.

Resting her back against his chest, she tilted her head closer to his as Zephyr wiped blood away from his mouth, “Third form?”

“Third form,” he agreed and they moved as one towards Zephyros who crossed the sickles in front of his like an X to meet them. Tyth threw her scythe to the ground then rushed to draw her moon blade in the next second. Scyth kept his hand on her waist to twirl her around his right side so she could gather momentum in her next strike as he thrust forward with his sword. Zephyr caught his old friend’s blade in his crossed sickles only to jerk them apart to parry Tyth’s stinging slash at his hip.

Like two whirlwinds that were really one cyclone, Tyth and Zied took on Zephyros with a damnable fury. Tyth kept on the balls of her feet to center her swirling swings while Scyth kept his feet parted while cutting at their opponent’s crisscrossed defense. Scyth and her had not fought together like this since the Saint’s were disbanded.

Clasping opposite hands while twirling away from each other, Tyth lowered them both down so Zephyr could cut at the air hairs away from their semi outstretched arms. Sctyth then lurched them forward into a bowing position and then dropped their hands as the general joined the two blades as one and cut downward between them. As the sickles were cutting down to the ground, Scyth and Tyth were both aiming at his respective arms but Zephyr somehow caught himself on one foot, separated his sickles again and parried. Thrusting both his arms out to push his two opponents skidding backwards away from each other, Zephyr drew the twin blades and re-crossed his sickles again.

All three of them were slightly winded, but kept their guard up. Tyth stepped to her left at the same time Scyth did and Zephyros moved. She was in mid swing when she sensed it, another killing intent, only it was farther way. More faint. As if the taste in her mouth brought back his face to memory, she knew it was Zied. He was being attacked and that thought was enough to distract her from holding her blade in the right position. Her wrist faltered and the sickle came through her defense to dig into her shoulder. Scyth yelled out her name while Zephyr smiled above her sinking form. Pain blossomed at her shoulder where the tip of the sickle was digging, and the she was flung side ways as the other curved blade cut more at her right side. As she fell, grunting from the pain, all she could think of was Zied.

Was he okay? What was wrong? Why the hell did she listen to him?! Scyth struggled to fight to her side buy Zephyr seemed to parry his attacks easily, and then before her eyes he cut the red head down too. More importantly, why did she feel so heavy?

Kneeling down to her prone body, Zephyr reached out to trace her blood smeared cheek and she felt helpless that she couldn‘t flinch away, “I can see you are finally noticing it. My sickles are coated with a serum that was especially made for your body that is resistant to many plant toxins.”

Her eyes dropped as she fought to stay awake. She had been careless to let those blades cut her skin. The more times she did, the more times she was going to get drowsy and unfocused. Zied would surely skin her for this. She needed to know if he was okay…

“I’m sure you are wondering why I’m doing this. Its simple really, love,” Zephyr said as he picked her limp body up and propped her head up so he could kiss her thoroughly.

Pulling away slightly, he brushed his lips against hers one more time and said, “Some very nice men are paying big dollars to bring you in alive.”

‘Zephyr you rotten bastard’ was all Tyth could think as emptiness claimed her mind and she fell unconscious.

Brant was deeply disturbed. The Anniversary of his wife’s death is in two days, and everyone was fighting. This is not how it was suppose to be, and he was going to end it.

His fists were shaking as he fought to stay his thoughts from turning back around to sprint through the fields to Tyth. As if it was stronger that any other time in his life, he wanted to kill Tyth. But he promised himself and his wife’s memory that he would never do so. It wasn’t Tyth’s fault that his wife died. He knew that, so why did he hunger for her death?

The great General always had control over his emotions. This was alien to him and felt so wrong, so he knew there was something suspicious going on. It had to have something to do with the sip on wine he shared with Zephyros.

He was heading into the forest, in the direction where Zied had wandered off to. Brant needed to rid himself of his awful feeling, and surely the Black Dragon could deliver?

Zephyros smiled at the limp woman in his arms. He was walking back towards the house which was eerily silent, but he knew why. As he strode into the living room where a bunch of unconscious bodies were littered, he smirked at how fast the powder bomb he released before setting out after Tyth worked. The men behind these concoctions were dangerous geniuses.

“Don’t get up on my account,” he said to the sleeping group of students. His brothers and sisters in arms whom he had left behind.

Lying his ex wife down on a cushy couch, Zephyr walked over to one of the girls bodies and hit a pressure point against the nape of a black haired girl’s neck. Twitching, the body moved on its own and pushed herself up onto her hands and knees.

“It’s your time to shine,” Zephyr said as the girl pulled at her hair, ripping a few strands from her white hair as she jerked the black wig from her head. The skin at her temples were red from the glue removal. Feeling at her eyes, she pulled the contacts from her irises to reveal dark, black eyes instead of dark brown ones. Zephyr could even make out the blue highlights in her hair and when he leaned forward to sniff at the silky strands, he smirked. She even smelled the same!

When he kissed her, she even tasted the same. This clone was perfect, right down the very single cell of original Tythlany. Soiya had transformed into the very White Sinner herself, she was even clothed the same as the real woman on the couch behind him. The Black Dragon would not know the difference.

Chucking the clone gently under her chin, Zephyr tilted his head towards the door.

“You know your duty. Make sure the Black Dragon suffers.”

Nodding with a blank face, Soiya/Tythlany took the moon blade from him and walked confidently out the front door and stepped onto the path that led into the woods.

Turning back around, Zephyr picked up the real Tyth and strode out the back door where a woman was walking a black horse up to the back porch.

The light blonde haired woman with a long ponytail offered the reigns to him and took Tyth’s unconscious body as he mounted the large saddle. Taking the woman from his partner’s arms once again, he smirked at the golden bow strapped to her back. It was the same Starbow Tyth used to use. Her stern, emotionless features were his face with a feminine bone structure. His clone was just as powerful as he was, with the grace of a woman’s body. Perfect if not creepy to look at.

“Follow the clone, and back her up should she need it. If her secret is revealed, kill her and any witnesses,” Zephyr ordered as he held Tyth’s body close to his as he urged his mount into an instant gallop. His clone nodded, drew the bow and jogged through the house, out the front door and onto the path after the first clone.

Soiya walked easily in her high heel boots, rubbing her thumb along the detail of the moon blade’s sheath.

All she could see was a white haired man with mismatched eyes, scowling and wielding his katars. All ready, a tightness in her chest was making her want to see him all the sooner. Just ahead of her, she saw a blue haired head disappear into the dense wood.

It was Brant, and a clash of metal echoed back to her ears.

Her mouth parted as she began to run towards the woods where the man she wanted disappeared to an hour earlier.

“Zied. Zied!” she chanted, rolling the name across her tongue.

It wasn’t enough. Soiya began to smile as she looked forward to being by his side again. She was Tythlany. She had all the woman’s emotions, all her recent experiences, and all her basic abilities but not all of them.

Tyth wanted to see Zied. She needed to see him!

“ZIED! WHERE ARE YOU?!” she screamed out into the air, with the same voice as the real Tythlany.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Ethereal on Sun Apr 24, 2011 6:26 pm

"No last words? Hardly what I expected Zied... but this is goodby--"


Just as Croix was about to plunge his knife between Zied's eyes, the tip of Seiryu's katar stopped him and his final blow. She had moved so fast none of the others were able to sense it, even the Flash Dragon's speed was hardly a match for how she moved. Surprised greatly, Croix licked his lips and slowly looked up to the woman who had her weapon aimed at him. He smiled...

"Well now, what have we here? You're really going to give your life for this man? The very same man who never came when you called out for him? Put that weapon away! You should know who your enemies are woman."

But the blade inched closer, almost grazing Croix's cheek. Seiryu was serious. Once she had the chance to save Zied, but she let it slip. She was not going to commit the same mistake twice.

"Back off Croix! Kaze, Shiyo, if you want to keep your lives, stay where you are."

Her tone was deadly serious. Inside her was a feeling that ripped her apart when she fought with Zied. Now that she was fighting for him, it all went away and she understood why.

"Seiryu... why...?" Zied questioned weakly.

"Because! Because... I... want to..." she answered.

Standing up slowly, Croix let go of his knife to let Seiryu know that he was going to be obedient to some point. He could have killed Zied in that situation if it wasn't Seiryu standing before him. Shielding Zied with her body and soul, Seiryu pulled out the knives that pinned down Zied. She never took her eyes off the three, not a single moment.

"And what makes you so sure you're going to get away with deadweight on your shoulders Seiryu?" Croix asked mockingly.

"What makes you so sure you're not going to die trying to stop me?" Seiryu asked back with a confident smile.

Croix knew a bluff when he sees one. This time though, he was not quite sure how to answer Seiryu's question. If there's anyone out there he wouldn't wish to fight, that would be Seiryu. He watched the woman pick up his arch nemesis, his hands rolling into tight fists. His chance was yet again taken away from him.

"You're going to save the man you once betrayed? This is one thing I will never understand about women. After what we shared that tender night, you still cling to him?! YOU asked for MY help! YOU said you wanted to forget HIM! YOU gave yourself to ME in order to do so! Why Seiryu?!" Croix questioned, his voice rising three notches from his usual mild mannered tone.

Sighing as she readied to leave at breakneck speed, Seiryu met Croix's emerald green eyes and smiled softly.

"Unlike you Croix, who only brought more sorrow into my life, he makes me happy."

"You will regret this Seiryu!"

"Oh dear... I'm sure I won't. If any of you follows us, I will hunt you down to the depths of hell and kill you."

Not wasting any more time, Seiryu took off with Zied into the forest. Minimizing her presence to avoid being tracked, she traversed the forest with speed she never knew she had. There's one place in her mind where she knew they would be safe for the time being, her old mentor's house.

"Hang on Zied! Don't go dying on me now!"

As she leaped branch after branch, somewhere along the way she heard a woman's voice calling Zied's name and felt another terrifying presence on its way to where they were only minutes ago. With her highly trained eye, Seiryu was able to locate the white haired woman despite the compressed trees of the forest. Judging that curiosity isn't her priority right now, she moved farther away from the white haired lady and that terrifying presence. Right now, this man needs to be left alone. Whoever those people were and what they meant to Zied, she can find out later.


Several days have passed and she was nearing their destination. Tired and exhausted from staying hidden and moving fast, Seiryu gently laid Zied to rest his back on a tree. Although she managed to apply first-aid on his wounds, Seiryu could only do so much. He has lost a lot of blood and is greatly weakened. If he doesn't get any help soon, then it will be too late to even hope for a full recovery.

Gulping down fresh water from a small stream in the forest, Seiryu's amethyst eyes gazed at Zied. Exhaustion serving only as a small hindrance to her determination to save his life, she was more than willing to go the extra mile for the man she truly treasured. She had to go on, even if she was on the verge of collapse. This man was far too important to her to give up now. Shrugging the unnecessary thoughts and feelings aside, Seiryu washed her face in an attempt to douse the weakness she was feeling. Walking over to Zied, she hoisted his weight back onto her slender shoulders and began to run.

"Just a little longer Zied. Hang in there!"


Gallahad came out of the room where he treated Zied with a dire look on his face. His light footsteps echoed through the wooden floor as he made his way to the living room where someone very dear to him waited. In his remaining days, he never dreamed of seeing Zied, and most especially, Seiryu his precious disciple again. But as if fate still had something in store for him, here they are, right in front of him. He had more than a thousand questions to ask Seiryu but no words came out. He was just overcome with the emotions upon seeing her again.

"It's good to see you too sir. How is he?" Seiryu asked, not wasting any moment.

The dire look on Gallahad's face didn't disappear. He sat down on his rocking chair and shook his head sideways.

"He's lost a lot of blood, sustained grave injuries and failed to get medical attention immediately, how do you think he is now?" Gallahad sarcastically answered but sighed. "He's in a coma. It will take him quite some time before he can make a full recovery but he's out of danger right now. It's best we let him rest."

"I see... thank you."

An eerie silence befell both mentor and disciple. Deep in their hearts they know what they wanted to talk about. It's just that both of them didn't know where to start. Only the sounds of dancing fire and the forest at night could be heard until Gallahad decided to break the barrier.

"When you left was the time I met Zied. Oh he was one unruly rascal! Causing trouble here and there, breaking things, stealing stuff - you couldn't even begin to imagine how much trouble I had dealing with the lad - he was so full of energy!" Gallahad paused and chuckled. "Those were the days... but he reminded me so much of you, that's why I took him in and raised him - taught him the way of the sword! Not that he was a rookie, I was surprised to see that he already had a lot of knowledge and incredible potential in the art when I started teaching him. It made me wonder, what could be in store for this child when he grows up?"

"Don't go soft on me now sir." Seiryu commented.

Gallahad let out another hearty chuckle. "Who's going soft on who? Let's face it, I'm not going to be here for long. This moment was only just a dream until now! I have been granted my dying wish - to see my students once more before I leave this world! Tell me, how can I not go soft?"

Seiryu replied with a gentle smile. She knew the old man's point and understood it. "You're right, I'm sorry, I'm just not used to seeing and hearing you like this. You were always so fierce like a dragon it's hard for me to imagine you laying low."

"Is that so my dear? Well, this dragon has already lost its flame, I hardly even have any more bite in me! But tell me, how did you know I was here?"

There was silence for a while but after Seiryu took a deep breath, she looked at the room where Zied was and started speaking.

"Back when we were still in the Eastern Lands, I met Zied and fought with him. He was sloppy, reckless, powerful but a complete idiot. But somehow after our blades crossed, I knew you taught him as well. You could say, it's a master and disciple kind of relationship that allowed me to sense that. In the end, I couldn't find it in myself to strike him down because he reminded me of you. I lost our fight but his pride wouldn't allow him to accept victory. He said, 'you lost on purpose you bitch!' and that's when I realized that I actually did."

"He may have chosen to walk the path of a heartless killer but his true nature wouldn't allow him to completely succumb to the darkness he follows." Gallahad commented.

"Yes, the poor soul. In the following years we stayed with each other. I trained him since I could tell that you haven't taught him everything you knew. I tried to save him from his path to destruction but in the end, he was the one who saved me. My heart that I thought died a long time ago was revived by him. I... I was able to love again... and it was him."

"Ironic isn't it dear? That me who knew much more about you and taught you everything I knew was unable to save you, but an incomplete man did. He's special, I knew that since the day I first laid eyes on him. I was unable to teach him everything because he left me as well saying, 'a master who abandons his disciple that easy does not deserve another chance' it was harsh, but he was right."

"What's even more ironic is that he kills for a living and yet he can save people's lives without trying too hard, like he was always meant to do so from the start. If only someone could show him the light..." Seiryu trailed off.

Gallahad stood up and sat beside Seiryu. He held her hand and had eyes filled with concern meet her own.

"Well, isn't that what you're supposed to do?"

"No. Because I was scared of losing myself if I gave in to my feelings, I betrayed him. He would never forgive and and will definitely not trust me again... not ever."

"How can you be so sure? It's not an issue of him forgiving and trusting you my dear, it's the reverse. You should forgive and trust yourself so that he can too. Stop beating yourself up over it. Maybe all you need to do is admit your mistake."

"Such wisdom never fails to enlighten me... I hope you're right sir... I hope you're right."


Somewhere in the north, Croix sat alone on a cliff overlooking a small village. Moments later, two figures appeared behind him. Turning his head to face his companions, Croix took a deep breath.

"So, have you found any leads regarding their whereabouts?" Croix asked.

"Gone without a trace. They can be anywhere Croix." Kaze informed.

"Yeah, we've been searching for them non-stop but we can't find any good leads. Shouldn't we be worrying about the White Sinner now that the Black Dragon is nowhere to be found? Krauss is getting impatient and is demanding that we turn in our report."

Slamming his fist hard on the rock cliff, Croix screamed at the top of his lungs.

"We'll find the Black Dragon, and when we do... I will slowly rip the life out of him with my bare hands! Keep searching!"

The two figures bowed in acknowledgment and once again disappeared into the shadows of the night.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Rogue.Ember.Shadow on Sun Apr 24, 2011 11:25 pm

The sun was setting again. Brant stirred in a few drops of some hard whiskey into his tea. His head hurt, his heart was angry and his body restless as he sat on his front porch.

The ‘Black Dragon’ Zied disappeared before him or Tyth arrived in the woods that day. Dentations and lines in the dirt spoke of a struggle, and there was blood spray in a few places too. Whoever the boy had fought, had outnumbered him and forced him into a corner. Now the body was not even found and he had no idea what could have happened to it.

His girl, Tythlany kept screaming Zied’s name over and over again, frantic and out of control. The last time he saw her like that was after Jaavi passed away, and she refused to accept that the woman whose like a mother to her was dead until she saw what was left of the body. It only proved his suspicions of her having some amount of feelings or attachment to Gray. Once she had calmed down in his arms, he carried her on his back to the house. What greeted them was a groggy mass of students and a pissed off Fury, who yelled at Tyth for leaving her unconscious and Scyth injured.

Tyth wasn’t sure what caused Fury to fall unconscious or her best friend injured, and they figured she must have blacked out from using the scythe too soon. Scyth was breathing, but his depth of sleep was worrisome to Fury. She always had one of the girls monitor his breathing and pulse to make sure he didn’t die while sleeping or infection due to the large gash along his front from his left clavicle to his the bottom of his left hip. If Fury had not acted sooner, he would have bled to death or simply from exposure.

Now, a week and a half later and Tyth was sitting resolutely on the front steps of his front porch. Around her shoulders was draped a fluffy, green blanket and in her hands she held an untouched cup of cold tea. Every day, for twenty hours she would sit there, staring out to the woods with a determined but searching gaze. He knew she was expecting him to return, untouched and unscathed. He didn’t want to cause another emotional episode should he bring up the possibility that Zied’s dead. His daughter, his student had suffered enough from heartbreak and loss.

Brant watched her for a while and closed his eyes. It didn’t add up that Zephyros disappeared without letting him know either. When he had tried asking his sister if she saw him off, she said she couldn’t remember. Whatever Tyth did, it was not making things easy for him to piece together what happened. Their only hope was that when Scyth woke up, that he could shed some light on the situation.

The first thing that came to Tyth’s mind when her brain finally woke up was that her cheek was damp. Opening her dark eyes, she blinked against the bright light burning her retinas. Hissing and groaning from her eyes radiating pain, she turned her head away. Voices started to grow louder and closer which caused her to freeze and stop moving.

She was in an unknown place, with nothing to defend herself with. All she possessed were the clothes on her back, except for some reason her boots were missing since her toes were wet and cold.

“Ah, its awake. Aston, came deal with it.”

Aston. Zephyros Aston.

Anger ripped through Tyth and it gave her the energy to kick his legs out from under him once he got close enough. Her want for his blood filled the room as her wrists pressed against the metal cuffs that were restraining her arms to the wall. Zephyr rolled away from her as she aimed for his groin while straining against the cuffs, screaming out his name in potent fury.

“I’ll kill you!”

Pressing his back against the metal bars behind him, Zephyr gave her a smirk that made her want to eat his heart, “Aaaw, don’t be like that, baby! I was just sweeping you off your feet.”

“Where the hell am I?” she growled through clenched teeth and breathing heavily through her nose. The metal actually groaned from how hard she was pulling but it did not give.

Behind Zephyr on the other side of the iron bars was a group of cloaked people with paper and pen in hand, jotting down every once in a while. their heads bobbing from Tyth’s direction to paper as they hastily made random what she could assume were notes.

“Aww Tythalyna, you just had to leave the protection of Brant’s inner circle, didn’t you? All for some white haired jack ass?”

“I said I don’t have time for your petty jealousy, Zephyros. I don’t owe you answers, you owe me!”

She didn’t like the ‘cat ate the canary’ smile stretching his full lips. Something wasn’t right, he was hiding something important from her. She licked her lips, wishing she could taste Zied again but he was long gone from her senses. The last she saw of him was when he was staring at her as she turned away from him.

‘I never should have left. That is the last fricken time I ever do what he says!’

“Where is Zied? I want to see him.”

Zephyros’ face turned rather dark as he signaled over his shoulder to the group behind him, “Leave us, or die.”

Once they were alone, her ex husband stood up from his seat on the cold ground and rubbed at his bruised wrist.

“Stop saying his name Tyth, it annoys the hell out of me.”

“Then tell me where he is and I’ll shut up.”

“I don’t know. Last I knew he was being surrounded by fluctuating amounts of auras, then his presence weakened.”

Her eyes widened and she stopped pulling on the chains when her wrists began to bleed from being rubbed raw. If she kept it up, she wouldn’t have hands. It was unheard of though. Could Zied have been beaten? Just what was going on?

“Why are you doing this?” she demanded, huddling her back against the corner of her side of the room so she at least had her front to protect.

“To protect you. Brant has his hands tied, if I’m correct about the Meister. But my duty is to take care of you, love. You‘ll stop hating me…..eventually.”

“You make it sound like we are still married. But that ended years ago.”

If she had known he was going to be this messed up about her leaving him, she never would have bothered. There were so many decisions about the men in her life that screwed her over that she desperately wanted to take back.

Giving her an expecting look, Zephyros flashed a pair of rings that was on a chain around his neck. Their wedding rings, she would know them anywhere.

“No,” she whispered, shaking her head as he smiled down at the two, white and silver bands, “That can’t be right. The annulment made it void!”

“It would have, had my paperwork been legitimate. You filed for annulment, but it was never processed. Since I was the husband and you were taking my name, I got notified first. I just intercepted your notification letter.”

As if to twist the knife in her heart more, he wagged his fake annulment form that was rumpled and was clearly full of mistakes. It was not the legitimate form like the one she signed. Zephyros was telling the truth.

Her eyes were wide with shock and anger, “You sneaky, messed up bastard.”

“Happy Anniversary, Tythlany Nightfox-Aston! We’re still married!”

Closing her eyes, Tyth focused on her breathing to calm herself down. Already the veins around her wrists and arms were bulging but it wasn‘t enough to break her restraints.

“Fine. That still doesn’t explain why I’m here.”

Knowing she would not let him get near her for now, Zephyros walked out of the cell and relocked it, “Your name along with the Black Dragon’s and a few other notorious criminal titles came up in a meeting I was in several years back. Baby, you don’t know how much people will pay to get a piece of you, and I don’t mean a one night stand.”

Glaring murderously at him through the bars, she bared her teeth as he propped himself against the metal gate.

“We’re in this till we die, Tyth. And for the record, it aint going to be me.”

“I’m still breathing, don’t forget.”

“You killed Jaavi, Tyth. Unlike Brant, I won’t forgive you.”

Pressing her head against her clasped hands, Tyth bit back the brief sting of hopelessness. No, she wouldn’t give up. She owed it to Zied to complete taking down their targets. It was what got them to meet. Every sin, every karma she committed was coming back to haunt her, grating her skin like cheese.

“It was an accident. I was. tricked. You aren‘t the only one who wants me to suffer.”

“I’m sure Gravon would testify to that, and now that you are out of guild jurisdiction, you are fair game. For anyone, including me.”

A cruel and pained smile lit her face as she glanced up at her husband. He was still not telling her everything. “Do what you want, I’ll just kill myself to spite you.”

Turning away from her, Zephyros burst out laughing, cruelly and mockingly.

“I seriously doubt that, hunny. I know you want to see him again, and it is in your nature to stay alive to see something all the way through.”

Damn it. He knew her too well. She did want to see Zied, but she was in a box without a key and no net to catch her if she fell. Looking to the side with a dark, nauseating feeling of betrayal, Tyth felt a few tears slip from her eyes.

“You said there was a baby. Hence the shotgun wedding.”

Pausing from leaving, Zephyros inhaled a large gulp of air and began to laugh hysterically. After he was done, he wiped a tear away and left.

She knew he was laughing because he lied about her being pregnant all those years ago. He probably lied about loving her too, about everything that spilled from his lips to her ears was a complete lie. She was stupid to have believed it, but with how young she was then, it did not surprised her. Because she did.

Her mind was still recovering from her relapse of getting all the toxins in her bloodstream pumped out of her system when Zephyros first met her, and practically seduced her. In that condition, she would have just about done anything and believed anyone. With how she was abused and raised during her childhood and preteens, her mind was muted to proper development and was not using even 30% of her total brain capacity. It was easier for Gravon and his pack to control their subjects easier that way. Why should a tool have the ability to think when it just needed to follow orders?

Huddling into the corner as far as she could fit, Tyth lowered her head and closed her eyes, fighting the despair and loneliness. No one knew where she was. Zied was gone. Tyth didn’t even know if he was even still alive. Whatever she was needed for, she would use the time she had to plan her escape.

And when she had her scythe back, she is going to hunt down every man who caused her pain. Starting with her husband.

The group of robes from before filed back in, but instead of clipboards and pens, they held large needles and metal instruments that made her start breathing heavily. Gravon was sure to be behind their supply of those instruments! It was the only explanation!

“Hold her down and tap her full of the activation serum. We need what strains we can obtain from her blood. There has to be some strains left.”

She knew they were talking about the drug combinations Gravon had tied to her DNA. Tyth struggled when they came into her cell, brandishing the needles like weapons. She bit, she kicked, she growled but it was no use.

Her suffering screams echoed into the night she fell unconscious from the pain itself.

Zephyros strode up the long flight of stairs. Her screams didn’t start until he was just closing the door and he faulted for just a brief second. Then he slammed the door closed and yelled for one of the messengers he was assigned.

“Alert Gravon Creed we have his White Sinner in custody, but he will only receive her if he pays up first.”

He was all about money, and in order to get what he wanted, he needed lots of money. Good thing his wife was worth thousands.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Ethereal on Mon Apr 25, 2011 6:07 am

Gasping for air as he suddenly woke up, Zied reached out as if grabbing for something, only to find that he was dreaming. Sudden pain shot through his body which caused him to grimace as he grabbed the front of his chest. It took him a while to realize that he was wrapped in bandages. Dazed and still weak, he slowly got up from bed and listened to his surroundings.

He was in the forest, where the man who made his katars live. Dressed in a white tunic and black pants, Zied struggled to walk out of the room.

"Ahh! You're awake! Well well, you were always the strong one and frankly, I didn't think you'd be back on your feet so soon." Gallahad greeted as he saw Zied come out of the room.

"I can hardly stand old man..."

Hurrying to Zied's side, Gallahad helped him to the living room and made him comfortable in front of the fireplace. He had a set of fresh bandages and some wierd looking beverage in hand afterward. He handed Zied the glass of liquid that glowed a mild blue and proceeded to change his bandages.

"They're almost completely healed - your wounds. I was always astonished at your rate of recovery Zied. Seiryu told me everything she knew, you don't have to worry about explaining."

Drinking the liquid slowly, Zied's face clearly showed that he was irked by the taste. However, there could be nothing better than this old man's medicine brew so he chugged the liquid down in one go.

"How long was I out and where is she?" Zied asked.

"It has been nearly a month now Zied..."

"Damn! I'm on a job! I can't be wasting anymore time here!"

Zied tried to get up but fall right back down as another round of pain shot through his nerves.

"Now now, your wounds may have closed but you are still far from fighting or even walking around. Focus on resting up and getting your strength back. Seiryu found your job details and went out to finish it. She has been doing so for the last few weeks. And knowing her, she's probably almost done with it."

Just as they were talking about Zied's job, Seiryu barged in through the front door. Her eyes gleamed as she saw Zied back up to his feet. Her mouth parted like she had something to say but no words came out. Instead, she strode, elegantly like she always does toward Zied. Her long purple hair was untied and swayed freely on her back as she neared him, her amethyst hues never straying their gaze from Zied's mismatched ones.

He had forgotten how lovely she was and still couldn't believe that Seiryu was the one who saved him from death's clutches... the very same woman who betrayed him.

"Zied... it's been a while." she greeted nearly hesitantly.

He missed her, missed her so damn much after all those years he was led to believe that she died. And now here she is, rising from the grave and standing in front of him. He was at a loss for words.

"Yeah..." he answered.

"That's it? Yeah? Is that all you have to say? Aren't you going to yell at me or want to kill me for betraying you?!" she hissed.

"Seiryu... you know damn well that I can't. Please... just... let it go. I've forgiven you a long time ago..." he muttered.

The atmosphere suddenly became brighter in the living room. Gallahad silently slipped into the kitchen to make food, leaving Zied and Seiryu alone. She sat down beside Zied, soft hands touching his cheek. She was finally free of her guilt. He may have not said it the more romantic way like she would have wanted but she knew that Zied had really forgiven her.

"I... I missed you so much Zied!" she mumbled, hugging Zied gently.

He was surprised. He had never expected to be able to feel her again like this. He wanted to hug her back but his arms wouldn't move. He felt like it was wrong for him to do so but... why? An image of Tyth and that night they were in the forest flashed inside his head. It was true that he longed for Seiryu back then but things were different now. All he ever wanted was to let Seiryu know that he had forgiven her. And now that he has, he felt like he could finally take a step forward for the first time after a long, long while.

"Seiryu... I missed you too... but that feeling... died along with you a few years ago."

She fell silent. Seiryu slowly released Zied from her embrace and quickly wiped a stray tear away from her eyes. She was forgiven but he also stabbed her heart in the process. All those years she longed for him, and now that they were together again, she finds out that he had already moved on. But she knew he had every right in the world to do so. She deserved it. Putting up a strong front, she smiled as she looked away from his eyes.

"Is it because of her? The White Sinner?" she asked, her voice nearly breaking up as she did.

Zied couldn't answer. He himself was unsure if it really was because of Tyth that he was able to get on with his life and break free from the time that seemed to have stopped for him. He looked away, into the fires that danced around their confined space in the fireplace. The old flame he had for Seiryu was long gone. He searched his heart and deep within himself to find it... but he couldn't.

She knew it was wrong for her to expect him to return her feelings once more. After what she did to him, and given how he lived his life, she knew she couldn't stop him even if she tried her hardest. He had forgiven her but he wouldn't see her the same way he saw her back then, that much she understood.

"It's okay. I understand Zied..."

Her words broke the silence. He could feel her silent sobs emanating from her but she knew how to put up that strong front. She may be a woman, but she's a very strong one at that. Apologizing to her would only hurt her pride if he did so. Seiryu smiled at him. He may not love her anymore but she would be there for him until the end. She owes him that much at least.

"Get some rest Zied. You're going to need a lot of strength and even more if you want her back." Seiryu stated and placed three large bags of money on the table. "Your reward for the job you took. It's more than enough to make anybody live the life of luxury." she finished and headed for the door. Before she stepped out, she looked at him one last time. "Black eyes are better than blue..." she mumbled and stepped out.


Two more weeks passed and Zied was already capable of wielding his weapons again. Although he may be a bit sluggish, he was now able to slowly get back into shape. Outside the practice yard that the old man had, he and Seiryu crossed blades in training. Zied's back was on the ground and Seiryu's weapon pointed at him for the umpteenth time.

"You're still sloppy and reckless Zied. You have to do better than that if you want her back!" She hissed. Seiryu knew that she couldn't win his heart back, but the least she can do is help him win 'hers'.

Zied got back up to his feet and poised himself for another round. Seiryu has always been the better one between them but he wouldn't accept it. He needed to surpass her if he wanted to survive and make certain people pay their dues. Their training went on day in and night out, with Zied having won none of their matches. It was time for a break and Zied was enjoying the forest air outside with a few things in mind.

"You're strong Zied, but do you know why you can't win?" Seiryu's voice asked from behind him.

She stepped out the door with two cups of tea and handed Zied the other one.

"Because you're stronger." Zied answered.


Seiryu sat down beside the man and looked up into the night sky.

"Because you fight separately. You have a case of id, split personality if you may. In some rare cases, the manifestation is visible like yours," she trailed off while pointing to Zied's eyes. "That killer in you is very strong," she continued and pointed to Zied's blue eye. "his strength is what you need the most but you also need the control your other half has, the real you." she finished and pointed to Zied's black eye.

"I don't understand Seiryu..." Zied said, clearly confused.

"I'm telling you to fight as a whole. Accept that killer in you but don't lose to him, control him and make him yours. The reason we were able to beat you back then was because your other half was holding back your killer half."

Zied took in a deep breath. He knows what Seiryu was talking about. Whenever he reaches a state of mind that is too frightening for him to deal with, it's like someone else takes over him and handles it for him. So far, that someone was able to take him this far, until he was beaten badly.

"Look Zied, if you are able to control him and fight as a whole, then you can step onto a whole new level. Nothing can stop you from accomplishing what you want... even me wouldn't stand a chance."

"Now you're giving me too much credit Seiryu. I can never beat you."

Seiryu let out a sigh. "Are you really this hopeless? Zied, as you are now, you're highly skilled and very strong, but if you manage to do what I'm telling you, you can be so much stronger. Come on, why do you think I'm sticking around here for? I'll help you do it. Now get some rest, we start out early tomorrow."


Two more weeks passed. Killing intent filled the practice yard of Gallahad as two warriors engaged in deadly combat. Seiryu and Zied took their training to a whole new level. They were now fighting for their lives and Seiryu was attacking Zied relentlessly.

"Come on! How long do you think you can keep up if you hesitate like that? Bring him out and control him! Otherwise I'll end up killing you!" Seiryu yelled.

The God of Flow, surely the title fit her best. Her attacks just kept on flowing like an endless stream of water. Fluid, graceful and deadly. It's a miracle that Zied was able to defend from such relentless attacks. He was covered in gashes all over his body. Seiryu could have turned any of the gashes into a serious wound if she wanted to. She probably killed Zied a hundred times over by now as another hit of her katar grazed his skin.

Back flipping and skidding to a distance from Seiryu, Zied brought up his oriental sword in defense. He was heaving breaths and bleeding all over. At this rate, he knew he would die and accomplish nothing. In the middle of his thoughts, Sieryu attacked again from his blind side. Zied calculated the time it would take him to parry and knew that it was too late. He was going to die for real this time...

A loud clash of metal resounded in the air as Zied managed to stop Seiryu's katar with the hilt of his sword. Blue eyes met Seiryu's amethyst hues soon after.

"That all you got?" Zied asked and powered his way out of the deadlock.

Shocked, Seiryu stepped back and stood on the defensive. He watched Zied slowly rise up from his kneeling position and stand on ready.

"Come on lady, die!" he taunted with a wicked smile.

"I'm not here to fight you. Where's Zied?" she asked.

The white haired man with blue eyes skillfully played with his sword, swinging it around before looking at Seiryu, still with that wicked smile.

"Have you lost your wits with fear lady? I am Zied, I am the Black Dragon. If you're asking me about that sorry excuse for a weakling, he's... cowering in a dark corner. You scared him, that's why he asked me to take over."

"Damn it!" Seiryu hissed.

"I remember you. It has been a long time since we fought right? Time to settle that score! If you lose on purpose again you bitch, I will still take your life."

The atmosphere changed in an instant. Zied's killing intent filled the air overpowering Seiryu's intent to bring Zied back. The next few moves would mean the end for one of them. Just as a falling leaf made its way between them, Zied attacked. Seiryu reacted just in time but was easily overpowered by Zied's flurry. With just five swings of his sword, he was able to land three on Seiryu despite her best effort to parry. But Zied was not going to stop there. He attacked again while his opponent lost her balance.

A loud female scream echoed as blood painted the forest floor. Wincing in pain, Seiryu staggered backwards while holding her left arm that was now rendered useless.

"I could expect nothing less from the woman who never lost a fight. I meant to cut off that arm yet you skillfully avoided that scenario. Well played, but you wouldn't be so lucky next time." Zied commented and prepared to attack once more.

"ZIED! Don't lose to him!" she yelled just before Zied launched another attack.

Her vision was hazy due to blood loss and she knew it was impossible for her to survive the next blow. She could see the tip of Zied's sword ready to pierce her neck. If it meant dying in his hands to help him become a better man, then she has no regrets. In the few seconds that she knew she had remaining, she wanted to keep her eyes open and burn the last image of Zied she would ever had into her mind, but this was not the man she wanted to see.

Closing her eyes as she prepared to meet her end, Seiryu dropped her weapons and stood still. The roar of a man echoed in the forest disturbing the birds that rested on the trees. There was silence until the voice of a man spoke gently.

"I heard you Seiryu..."

Just in the nick of time, Zied was able to shift the direction of his sword. Although the blunt side of the blade pressed on the skin of Seiryu's neck, she was unharmed. Opening her tear filled eyes, Seiryu's amethyst hues met Zied's pair of black ones.

"You did it..." She said, smiling and crying at the same time before falling unconscious to the forest floor.

Immediately, Zied applied first aid to her slashed left arm. After stopping the bleeding, he scooped Seiryu up from the ground and headed back to Gallahad's hut. He was ready, all thanks to Seiryu and he will forever be grateful.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Rogue.Ember.Shadow on Mon Apr 25, 2011 6:37 pm

“Tythlany, you need to eat something,” Fury urged as she pushed the bowl of soup closer to the white haired girl. She simply dipped a finger into the soup, licked it clean and then continued looking out the window with an unfocused gaze. It hurt her to see the girl look so broken and lost. Ever since the Black Dragon disappeared, it was as if Tyth lost a piece of herself.

Even when Scyth happened to awaken from his dangerous coma, she only kissed the boy on the head and then walked back out of the room. Walking around the house or tailing a finger along the wall, Tyth kept mouthing her partner’s name and reaching a hand towards the path that led into the forest, which then led into the small village on the far side. It took three of them just to hold her back from running into the forest for two weeks. Now she just walked the grounds like a wraith, or a ghost with no real reason to live.

When Fury tried to get the girl to eat again, black eyes widened and a hand lashed out to knock the bowl against a wall, breaking it upon impact. Her long sleeve shirt, which was the only type of clothes she decided to wear now, was soaked in wasted soup. Blinking once, Tyth then seemed to cave in on herself and avoided eye contact, mouthing a name again.

Sighing in defeat, the red haired woman picked up a tray of soup and ale and headed up to her brother’s office. Serving her brother his food, Fury noticed a piece of paper with a list of names and read it quickly.

Rubbing his face as if to banish the fatigue from his skin, Brant glanced at the paper as well, “Zephyros wasn’t present at the meeting. Scyth’s account of the events from what he remembers seems to be true. Zephyros was the one who drugged us all.”

Gesturing for her to close the door, he glared at his desk as his sister did so with a bothered frown. Walking over to rest her shoulder against her brother’s after leaning down to rest her forehead against his.

“Why would he do that, though? Just arrive, only to drug us all then disappear?”

Meeting her eyes, he leaned back to align his mouth with her ear, “Because from what Scyth said through code three days ago, the Tyth downstairs isn’t the real one.”

Light brown eyes widened in shock before a loud crash sounded in somewhere in the first floor below them. Narrowing his eyes, Brant stood up from his chair while pushing his sister firmly into the far corner of the room. As he slowly moved back, he felt along the wall until his searching fingers four the sword stand where his personal blades were stored. His fingers crawled further up until his entire hand wrapped around a sheath covered in black fabric, and where the cloth was cutout revealed red and gold wood swirled together.

Knowing what his actions meant, Fury urged her brother silently to hand her a blade as well. He picked the next sword down, which was had a jade carved handle and blue and white sheath covered in vines.

Both Olisiuer siblings flinched at the same time when a painful scream echoed up through the floorboards to their ears. Then a few more crashes followed, by a few more other yells and then a low groan.

Tugging on her brother’s shoulder, Fury rested her forehead against his back as she began to shake.

“We need to get to Scyth. He is vulnerable and without any protection.”

“It is a good thing I evacuated everyone but that fake down there under the pretense of a vacation,” he murmured back as he nodded his agreement to sneak over to his only student’s room.

Brant had them move as one on silent feet towards the door. Suddenly a faint whistling was heard and Brant jumped back, bumping his sister back against the wall as two long, clear arrows dug into the wood where they were.

Cursing harshly under his breath, Brant crouched down to crawl over to the window and tug the curtains closed over the window on the right side of this room. Hearing the whistling again, he tugged his arm down just a fraction as an arrow pierced through the fabric, missing his arm and joined the two first arrows into his floorboard.

Patting her brother’s shoulder from behind, Fury pointed towards his chair which was made from the hardest wood out there. It could take several arrows for sure before shattering. He nodded his agreement and she passed it over for him to throw in front of the window at the same time he threw them both against the door.

So many arrows were cast through the window, his chair looked like a clear quill covered porcupine. It was also clear to their attacker that they missed Brant and Fury.

Pressing her ear lightly against the door, she heard slow footsteps coming up the stairs along a familiar voice giggling.


Meeting her brother’s gaze, Fury pressed her hand against his cheek.

“You hold her off, I will get to Scyth,” she whispered.

Leaning his cheek against her hand a little harder, Brant nodded then moved back as he held his sword in a releasing position. In one motion, he cut the door into four pieces with an X slice, then was a blur as he entered the hallway and met the fake Tyth sword for sword. Sprinting into the hallway in the opposite direction, Fury ran for Scyth’s room. Behind her, over Brant’s head through the window that was again on the right side of the house, several arrows tracked every step Fury took before grazing her ankle as she skidded into Scyth’s room.

The red haired boy who was mistaken for son way to many times was already standing up, clutching his bed for support. His eyes were wide and alert as he reached out and took her hand. She gathered him into her arms while pulling them both to the floor, out of range of the windows. Fury wasn’t sure how many archers there could be in the fields, but she wasn’t taking any chances.

A loud clang along with a loud crash was heard in the hallway, along with a pained, female cry. Scyth sneered as he reached under his bed where his sword and daggers were stored.

“Sounds like they decided to make their move,” he snarled and strapped his daggers to the lower part of his legs.

“We need to get outside. Brant is too restricted by the walls to use his blade fully and I’m not fast enough to avoid those arrows to fence her off.”

Glancing over at the matches by his beside table, Scyth raised a brow, “I guess some much needed cover is in order.”

In the hallway, Brant was moving side to side to avoid arrows and parry the fake’s reckless slashes at him with her short sword she stole from his living room cabinet. The walls were restricting his wide movements and he felt like a drunken dancer with how many times he was doing the two step. The fake Tyth kept saying the Black Dragon’s name over and over. Who or whatever she is, she wasn’t his girl and she wasn’t all coherent in the head either which made him wonder if she was an incomplete clone.

“Brant!” yelled his sister before he smelled the smoke. A soft hand pressed against his back to let him know it was his sister, who then threw two flaming blankets over their heads onto the clone. Already the hallway was filling with smoke and he coughed a bit as he moved further back when two arrows pierced the wood several inches from his boots.

The hand on his back started tugging harder then a warm breath against his nape, “Use the pinweel move!”

Brant understood what his sister was planning, despite her rush to not voice the move in its true name and shifted the grip on his blade before jumping up in the air, and starting a mid flip in the air. Only he completed more than one rotation in the air, his blade like a spinning claw as he hit the floor again and sent the air he gathered in his momentum towards the fake Tyth with a downward slice of his blade. He didn’t hold back at all.

The force of the compressed air he gathered flung the clone against the wall, then ripped the wall completely away and was followed by a sonic boom that shattered the stairs, part of the floor where the blow connected and parts of the room. In other words, Brant made a thirty foot hole starting from the hallway. The fast moving air he caused also fanned the flaming blankets to flare and burst into flame, along with spreading the thick smoke into the new hole he made.

They ran down the other end of the hallway and Brant tugged Scyth onto his back before jumping through a window, two stories down. A second later, Fury followed with a muted grunt as she landed crouched beside him after he moved out of her way.

Looking up he noticed the fields face north were also in flames and were quickly spreading all around the south side of the house, thanks to the wind. It was also where the archer was sure to be firing from, but now they had a whole house between them.

Scyth was hissing through his teeth as he clutched at his stomach, where he was starting to bleed through a little from his injury.

“I’m going to kill that damned Zeph when I see him.”

Hushing him while throwing the last of her lit matches into the fields, Fury tugged his arm over her shoulders and helped him stand.

“We’ll have to run for it. Brant, fan the flames and we’ll use what smoke cover we can to hightail it to the woods.”

“If the fire doesn’t cut us off first,” Brant said as he removed his glasses from his face and tucked him into his back pocket, “Start running, I’ll be right behind you.”

Fury was already moving, with Scyth moving his legs as fast as he could. Raising his blade so it was exactly 30 degrees from his body and it arm was horizontal, Brant adjusted his footing and swung his balde sideways. A large wave of air blew from the force of his swing and the smoke swallowed up his form.

Hours turned into days. Days turned into weeks. Tyth did not know what day it was or what hour of day it could be close to. Her body felt numb, and it was a sickening, familiar type of numb. Ever since the cloaked ghosts poked, prodded, took blood samples and random stands of her hair, Tyth wondered if they ever knew what they were doing. At the state she was in, her body wasn’t even close to what her drugged state was if her trigger in the back parts of her brain wasn’t tapped. It made her wonder if Gravon was even part of his group.

But then she kept blacking out from being low on blood, and several times she had to be revived from her heart stopping and from overdoses of nerve stimulants. All the while, Zephyros stood back and watched it all. His face was covered in shadow so any time she saw his face through the bright lamps they shoved in her face, she couldn’t tell what expression he was wearing. Whenever she got her voice back, she cursed him through the pain of the drugs that flooded into her system, causing her muscles to clench abnormally or her head to send her the feeling of pain whenever her heart beat.

So when she was finally left alone to actually sleep and recover, a hand on her cheek was the last thing she was expecting to feel. Her skin was too sensitive to anything that just lying down felt new and painful. When the dry skin felt at her throat for a pulse, she struggled to open her eyes. Then her face was wet and when it leaked in through her cracked lips, she tasted salt.

“I’m so sorry Tythlany,” a broken voice said above her head as skin brushed her face. She wished she could move away from the feelings but was powerless to. Trough the long minutes of listening to the sobbing voice to she finally register in her brain that was Zephyr’s voice.

Why was he crying? Shouldn’t he be getting a high from seeing her used like a lab rat?

“You’ll never forgive me but I can live with that.”

Why would you do that? You were the one who brought me here. Tyth couldn’t speak but just breath, and even that felt like a marathon and back. Everything took all her strength just to use.

“I’ll explain myself one day, if we both live through this.”

Tyth tried and tried to open her eyes but she could only cry inside her head when he started to move her body, picking it up and cover it with some long piece of cloth. Probably a blanket or a cloak. She knew it was worn and scratchy from the rough surface scraping against her skin.

Then she felt the gentle pricking of her skin at her neck and knew it was a long needle piercing her flesh. He pressed his head against hers and kissed her hair, “This should counter most of the stuff in your blood.”

“What are you doing?” said a voice somewhere behind them. Tyth never head the voice before but whoever it was, knew Zephyr.

“Damn, you followed me. I’m not surprised you didn’t trust me though.”

“I am your clone. I came from your flesh but I know you.”

Scoff. “You don’t know anything about me, or how to think for yourself. You just know how to follow orders.”

A scream followed along with a loud sound of tearing flesh and then she was being jerked up and down, like they were moving really fast. Above her, she could hear her husband huffing long and hard. They must be running somewhere. Her eyelids didn’t feel as heavy this time and she tried to move her fingers. Still nothing.

“Zephyr!” a loud whisper sounded like a echo and water dripped around them. A cave?

“Here,” Zephyr’s voice said as he handed her over to another pair of arms, and she whimpered, or tried to. It came from her throat like a hissing rush of air.

“Get her to a medical facility. Keep her out of guild governed states. I’ll-”


If she could shiver, she would. Tyth knew that voice and the faint curling her stomach said her body wanted to vomit if it was able. Gravon as near.

“She’s-hold her this way so she doesn’t choke!”


“Shit! He’s getting closer. Take her and get out.”

Why was Zephyr helping her? Why did he sound different than all the times before? Her fingers was starting to get feeling back a little, as her hands scraped against something metal. Light began to peek through her heavy eyelids and she struggled to open them. Her mouth felt sticky and something wiped against her lips.

More rushing winds hit her skin and then she was held against something warm.

“Martyr first, forever last, love.”

Tyth’s eyes snapped open at those words. They were the same words he said when he was leaving her after their supposed annulment. Then something metal was hung around her neck and she moved her neck to see him running away from her. Then a pair of arms tugged her back and air rushed painfully into lungs.

Zephyr! He was drawing his largest pair of sickles and clashed with a bulky group of something she couldn’t make out. As if knowing she was going to scream his name, the person holding her covered her mouth and then they were falling upwards. Cut levels of earth rushed by and she realized they were climing up some dirt shaft. She struggled hard as feeling began to come back into her muscles and nerves that were her own. It was painful but at least she was starting to move how she wanted.

Cursing, a pair of lips shakily met her ear and she flinched away, “Stop moving or we’ll hit the sides and then it’ll be over! I’m a friend!”

Suddenly, they were moving faster, if that were eve possible. Then the sky met her gaze and clean air filled her lungs. Then they were falling back down as tears filled her eyes at feeling free from the dark hell she had been in, then her head hit something hard and she was out once more.

A young man, probably 15 years old at best, was adjusting his main parachute as him and his charge sailed through the low clouds that gathered around them.

Zephyros was a crazy bastard. Lucas could never pull off what they guy just did. Looking down at his charge, he noted the blood on her temple and winced. She must of hit her head on the coal cart the were riding up the mining shaft.

Adjusting the angle they were falling at, Lucas made notes of where they were in Northern Zartex and chewed his lip.

There were no guild precincts or governed territories out in this frontier, but he wasn’t sure where to find a doctor of any profession. If he didn’t find one soon, who knows what condition his savior’s friend would find herself in this time.

They finally touched down in a open, grassy tundra. He had to pull the larger, female into his arms to cover her head before they landed to protect from further trauma, and all he was given for her health were anti toxin shots that he hoped didn’t crack in the landing. They had to keep moving however since there was a good chance they were being tracked. Whoever this white haired woman he was given to care for, she was vary much wanted and Zephyros’ wife.

Lucas had his instructions and he would stick to them. But there was no clear lodging anywhere. What was he going to do?

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Ethereal on Tue Apr 26, 2011 12:06 am

"Zied where are you going?" Seiryu asked.

He was dressed in new clothes, well equipped and was packing a small bag with supplies. Donning his coat lastly, Zied was ready to leave. His eyes shifted over to where Seiryu stood and stared at her wounded arm. His black eyes met hers, silently saying that she knew what he was going to do.

"I told you, it won't be easy to find their hideout in Northern Zartex. It's not a guild governed territory and information is scarce. Towns are spread out and people fear outsiders."

"I will hunt down every last one of the Mist Ravens. If everything you told me was true about them, we cannot let them continue gaining warriors, unless you want them to rule over every guild that existed now."

"Zied, I'm not saying we should leave them be. I'm just telling you that you'll need a guide there. I'm coming with you, give me fifteen to get ready."

"You're wounded. I can't take you with me Seir--"

"You think I'll slow you down? Who do you think you're talking to? One arm is enough. Besides, what can one man do against an empire?"

"Hey... who do you think YOU'RE talking to? I crushed kingdoms for a living back in the days."

Light laughter filled the living room where both warriors were in. They knew what each one meant behind the words. They were in this together and that's not going to change so easily. Zied's black eyes met Seiryu's and smiled faintly.

"Just like the old days huh?"

"Yep. Just like the old days. I know a short route which would save us a lot of travel time. It's the same route we used to get to you. Be right with you in ten."

Just as the two were about to leave, Gallahad stopped them in the doorstep. He was holding satin cloth that covered yet again his finest work. One of them looked to be a sword and when he handed it to Zied, he was astonished at the craftsmanship. It was a new oriental sword for him, one made of unknown metal that only Gallahad would know how to process. It had an intricate dragon carving, roaring on red blade and the hilt was customized for better grip. The sheath also had a dragon design that twisted along its length. The red blade seemed to emanate heat just by swinging the sword.

"My final gift to you. I call this blade Shinigami. I'm sure you'll find its capabilities well suited for you Zied. Take care, and do what you think is right. When you're done with the blade, I want you to hide it where nobody can find it."

Zied nodded in thanks and accepted the gift. Then Gallahad turned to Seiryu and handed her a pair of new katars. The weapons shared the same craftsmanship but the katars' blades were shimmering blue.

"A gift fitting for the one they hailed Azure Dragon. Be careful with it now, these weapons are devastating in the hands of an expert. Likewise my dear pupil, hide the weapons when you're done with them. Go and shape your futures."

Seiryu accepted the gift for her and hugged the old man with her good arm. He was never good with saying goodbyes and he knew that this would really be the last time he would ever see them again. Not wanting to delay his students any more than he already had, Gallahad shut the door closed behind the two.

Bowing in respect until Gallahad was no longer in sight, the two started their journey to Northern Zartex where the Mist Ravens were.


Four days and they were already near the border of Northern Zartex. The land was indeed ungoverned just by the mere sight of less civilized lifestyle. It was undeveloped and was no doubt the perfect staging point for a rising empire. Zied stopped in his tracks as he took in Northern Zartex's air. It wasn't to his liking.

"We'll head to the nearest town about 40 miles to the north of our current position. We'll rest there and head out to Death Valley. It's going to be rough from here on out."

"I know..." Zied said and unsheathed his sword.

Just as fast as he pulled out his blade, he threw it to the direction of a lone tree that was near the border path. Soon, a body fell lifeless down the ground with Zied's sword pierced through the chest. When the two came for a closer look, they found out that the dead man bore the Raven Crest, the mark of the Mist Ravens on the back of his neck.

"A spy from the recon unit." Seiryu said and searched the body for anything useful.

Zied pulled out his sword from the body and swung it sideways twice to rid the blade of blood and sheathed it. Meanwhile, Seiryu managed to find a map of Northern Zartex. The Mist Raven's cartographer had done a fine job of detailing the land's areas in his map. She wiggled the piece of cloth to Zied with a smile.

"This is exactly what we need. Come on, we don't want to start a commotion here do we?"

"Heh! I know I would..." Zied mumbled.

Zied took a quick peek at the map and walked on with Seiryu. They had a long way to go and fighting can wait for later.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Rogue.Ember.Shadow on Tue Apr 26, 2011 2:26 am

Fingers were prodding at her throat, and Tyth reacted without thinking. She lunged forward, pinned the person beneath her and aimed for his throat if he didn't shove two rings her in face and scream Zephros' name like a desperate prayer. Then everything came flooding back and the world began to swirl into different colors.

"I feel sick..."she groaned as she fell on her side while clutching her head. The young man she attacked earlier rested a cold, waterskin full of ice against her forehead. As took it, bony hands tucked a makeshift thin piece of material around her body.

"You had a concussion a couple days ago. Since I didn't trust the little village enough to treat you with one short, tyrant with lots of money running the place, I found this dug out and nursed you hear."

Clutching the water skin to her skull, Tyth opened her eyes and winced at moving her eyelids.

"Your name?"

"Lucas. I'm a friend of sorts with Zephyr and helped rescue you from where you being held captive."

Lifting a cup of water to her lips, he gave her a sheepish smile, "You look a helluva lot better than when we first got here. I clutched your wrist like a lifeline in case your heart stopped or something."

Smiling despite the head ache she had, Tyth fumbled over until she grabbed his ankle, "Thanks Lucas. I owe you. Report would you?"

Knowing what she meant since Zephyros asked the same thing, Lucas sat a little straighter, even when she passed the water back and nuzzled the ice filled bag on her face.

"We're currently in the northern region of Zartex. near some village called Killovan. You were kept in an underground hideout of sorts. Zephyros said it was in my best interest if I didn't know all the details."

The waterskin nodded slightly and he continued, "I was snuck inside after Zephyros distracted them, then he gave you over to me while fighting off the guards down there. They were twisted beasts of some sort."

Tyth moved the now melted bag from her face and pushed herself onto her elbows, "Chimeras. Anything else?"

"You went into a coma for twenty hours, then came out of it and was sleeping ever since yesterday. I don't think I've been so scared in my entire life."

Her head snapped over to him and he flinched. If he was scared the whole time, he could have been tracked or monitored the whole time. As if reading her thoughts, he reached into his back pocket and pulled out a red and blue pill. Her eyes widened a little in recognition. That was a nerve pill and she knew what it was because one of the products that were a result from the many tests she underwent under Gravon's care. It could hide person's very presence for 48 hours maximum. Zephyros most of expected how disturbed this boy would be with this task and planned ahead of time.

Suddenly thinking of her husband, she reached down into the valley of her chest where the twin rings hung. Lifting them up into the light, Tyth gazed at them for a few minutes and then lifted her lip in an angry snarl.

"That bastard has quite the nerve."

Lucas was sipping some water from the water skin bottle and looked at her with a look that he was completely lost.

"He was never the enemy, he just pretended to be. All to infiltrate that place and get closer to Gravon. He even lied about the damn annulment!"

She remembered that he was taking on a group of Chimeras when they were escaping, and she clenched the rings tighter. It seems all the important men in her life loved to die on her. For all she knew, Zied was dead too. She didn't want to doubt his ability so quickly, but it was all she could think of as a result.

Dropping the rings, Tyth pushed herself into a sitting position and pressed the heel of her hand against her left temple.

"Easy, I'm not sure you should be moving so fast."

"I've been resting enough. Now that I'm awake, we have to keep moving. I don't have complete control over my aura so it could be a beacon if we aren't careful."

Nodding, Lucas packed up what little they had and helped her out of the mini dug out. A large, windy tundra met them and Tyth shivered. She wouldn't be any use if she fell ill after just recovering from a malnourished coma. They needed some new supplies but the village they were near wasn't safe if the head of affairs was corrupt.

Taking the pack from him, she noticed it was held together by some rough stitching and raised a brow at the boy.

Blushing, he rubbed the back of his neck, "The parachute I used got ripped to pieces when the wind picked up not long after we landed. I saved what I could and kinda sewed the bag together. Same with the scraps of a blanket there too."

Smiling at him, she held it to her chest to block some of the wind from diving down her ripped shirt and chilling her moor. Her skirt was nearly nonexistent and her feet were bare. She needed new clothes.

"Impressive kid, but I'm going to give you a mission. Think you could snitch a few things from the village while I head south?"

He nodded and listened to her instructions to the letter, then they separated under the cover of darkness.

Following silently behind Lucas, Tyth found the village was very small and somehow was nestled into a rocky hillside. The moon was a thin silver in the sky and there was no cover from trees or tall shrubs. Glancing up at the at the naked stars to get her directional bearings, Tyth carefully made her way down the rocky incline. Since her hair was so brightly colored, she had pulled the makeshift blanket from the small bag and draped it over her shoulders and hair in a improvised hoodie.

Once she found the jagged twisted rock she pointed out to the boy earlier as a meeting point, Tyth huddled down and waited. It felt like another day went by before soft crunching stones sounded and she tensed up. But Lucas returned with a larger bag full of stolen supplies and handed her an apple.

Mismatched eyes of blue and white flashed through her head and she winced from the tension it caused in her temples. Taking the apple she bit into it as she got to her feet for them to keep moving. Lucas stuck to her side while sipping from a newly refilled waterskin.

While crawling down the rocky hill side to the dense foorest down below where a rushing river pulsed, Tyth took another bite of the apple and winced.

Zied. She wondered if he was still alive. Wondered who attacked him and wondered so many things at the same time. It had been days since she saw him and regretted not going with him into town from Brant's. She seemed to walking in almost a daze as they finally reached the woods and almost got spooked by two owls.

Like a little child, Lucas clutched at her tattered shirt and she patted his hand distractingly.

"The river isn't far off," she whispered since if they spoke too loud, their voices could carry over the wall of rocks easily.

"We will rest there?"Lucas whispered back hopefully? She nodded and urged him to keep moving, despite how sleepily the young boy moved. Once they reached the river, it sounded so loud from its fast path through its boulder filled bed that she wasn't sure if she could sleep. Her hears were still kinda of sensitive that loud sounds seemed even louder.

Lucas slumped against the base of a large tree, buried himself into his stolen jacket and was out. Tyth smiled as she placed their bag near his feet, then crawled over to the river side. Where they were resting it was slightly calmer and she dipped her hand in to spread water across her tired face.

Lucas had explained earlier that it was best if they stayed away from guild governed areas. It made sense if there was a watch out for her to be dragged back into whoever's clutches. But it also limited her on places to stay. She wasn't even sure if Brant's was safe right now, or if there was a safe way to contact him. She was limited in a few options and it was making her angry.

She had not been made a fugitive in years, and back then she was hunted down by far more guilds. Staring at her reflection in the small pond of water that collected in a cut off from the river, Tyth sighed at her rumpled appearance.

Moving away from the water, Tyth crawled over to Lucas' side and laid down to share his body heat. The makeshift blanket was tucked around her feet and in her hand was clutched a dagger that Lucas stole. He couldn't find any swords in the shed he broke into but it was the best they could do for now.

Tyth stared up at the stars and wished for sleep, but it do not come.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Ethereal on Tue Apr 26, 2011 4:14 am

Moonlight shone brightly under the night sky as figures cloaked in gray traversed the rock ledges above the valley. Down below was a sea of trees that swayed with the night winds. Fifteen in total moved as one unit. They all bore the Raven Crest and was hot on the trail of their prey, the White Sinner. These men belong to the reconnaissance unit but are highly combat capable as well. Handpicked by Krauss himself, received special training under Coix, and lastly received combat stimulants, these men are highly capable killers.

They received information not a few days ago that contained very interesting facts. The White Sinner has been spotted in Northern Zartex and was in a weakened state. Krauss didn't waste time and mobilized a team to subdue their target. The White SInner will soon be under their command and will make an excellent addition to their elite warriors.

Capable of tracking even a single ada coin that fell somewhere as long as it is in Zartex, these men were on the right track. They had sensed her presence and was closing in fast. Steel net guns, mist bombs, on ready as well as tranquilizer darts, the figures descended into the gorge without a sound.

"Why did you come here Zied? We've strayed quite a ways off from our course." Seiryu asked as she stared at the man beside him.

High up on a rock ledge, Zied had his gaze fixed down below. The two figures bathed in moonlight as a cold harsh breeze blew across them. Seiryu's purple hair swayed freely as if dancing with the wind.

"I don't know yet... I just felt something very familiar here in this area." Zied replied after a while.

Seiryu sighed in defeat and turned around. "Well I'm tired anyway so come on Zied, let's make camp."

Zied heard her but did not move a muscle. His eyes were still fixated on the river waters that reflected the moonlight. He could also see the trees swaying but other than that, the darkness owned the ground. Somewhere deep inside him, there was an urge to go down and investigate. Whatever he sensed earlier was awfully familiar and very weak. What's more troublesome is that it was fluctuating, here now and gone a few seconds after. Turning around to look at Seiryu, Zied called for her and gestured that he will be back before jumping down the cliff. He caught a glimpse of Seiryu's pissed off look which made him smile as he felt the air shoot up beneath him.

Skillfully picking stable rocks to serve as his footing, Zied continued downward, landing on one rock and jumping to the other until he was back on solid ground. He was swallowed by the trees from Seiryu's sight as she stood there and watched Zied disappear into the forest.

There she was, laying with a boy and appeared to be asleep. The leader of the reconnaissance unit gave the order for his men to subdue her and they did as they were told. Firing the net gun first, they were sure she was theirs until the net gun caught only the boy and the White Sinner nowhere in sight. She had moved and they were proven wrong that she would be easy prey.

Sensing that matters could instantly turn for the worst, the leader gave the order for an all out attack. She may be the White Sinner but in her current state, barely able to stay up on her feet after moving only this much, she was sure to fall prey to them. The crude dagger that she held for a weapon wouldn't do her any good from defending against fifteen men who works as a unit.

Giving the order to use the mist bombs, the men did as told and threw the bombs hard to the ground. Instantly, thick mist covered the area engulfing Tyth in the center of it. The gray cloaks of the men serving as the perfect camouflage, they swarmed her and surrounded her in a circle.

Hearing explosions just a few seconds ago and sensing the killing intent flaring nearby, Zied picked up speed. He zipped through the forest ducking and jumping over branch and bush when needed until he made it to the clearing. He was on the other side of the river but what he saw before him proved that he was right. Something was going down and that familiar thing he sensed earlier was in the middle of the thick mist.

"Three, five, ten, fifteen... seventeen total." he counted.

He could feel them even though his vision was greatly hindered. Sixteen of them had killing intent and one was cowering with fear. Wasting no more time, Zied kicked the ground hard and leaped to the other side of the river, plunging himself into the mist with his sword drawn. As soon as he landed on his feet, he dashed towards the nearest presence he felt and slashed. Soon, a silhouette of white, black and red zipped around the mist followed by death screams whenever he stops.

The one in the center was a presence he had not felt for quite some time. What normally would take him around five minutes to finish, he accomplished in less than one. Given that it was a disadvantageous situation, he pulled through with ease. He had not tested himself in combat until now and has proven for himself that Seiryu was right. He was much stronger than he was before. Taking the last man down and sensing the last of them that had killing intent behind him, Zied spun around with force enough to blow away most of the mist.

He has made himself visible to the presence he left standing but his back was turned. His lips played a smile as he sheathed his sword and glanced over his left shoulder to look. There she was, in tattered clothing holding a crudely made dagger. Her stance was weak and yet her eyes held that same fierceness it had when they first met in the guild bar. It was Tyth!

"You look like hell... Nightfox." he greeted with a faint smile.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Rogue.Ember.Shadow on Tue Apr 26, 2011 5:49 am

“This should counter most of the stuff in your blood.”

Clearly her husband had thought ahead, but there were some impurities in her blood that was still present. She wasn’t tired either, but alert and distracted. Time flittered past and the stars were slowly crawling across the night sky. Tyth was just reaching up to fiddle with the rings when she sensed a disturbance through the loose ground underneath her. If she could even pick up these vibrations, she wasn’t out of being clean from the left over drugs either. Which ones she wasn’t sure of, but these would hinder her or help her.

Hooking her ankle under the loop of their bag and inching her arm underneath Lucas’ back all while lying down, Tyth listened intently for any loud sounds. Sure enough, a click sounded off in the distance and she moved with all the left over energy she had. The net bullet captured the base of the tree and she sighed with relief. She missed the larger bush she was aiming for when she lunged them both towards the direction of their attackers, but the middle sized bush would have to do. Since the boy was out cold, his presence was muted and she would flare hers to keep their attention on her. They were probably here for her anyway, but how this boy was able to go undetected was beyond her right now.

Wielding only a dagger as a weapon, Tyth ran away from Lucas’ position and back out into the clearing. She made it as far as fifty feet before explosions sounded around her, and mist filled her vision. Trademark signatures of the Mist Raven members, which made her clutch her dagger harder. As if being a lab rat for days wasn’t enough, she had to deal with being hunted again.

At least last time she had a partner to help her out. Her senses picked up her enemies closing in and she crouched down low, ready to spring. She was angry, frustrated but also weakened and tired.

They had used a net to capture her so they wanted her alive for now. She just escaped from one hellish prison, she was not going back to another one. But their teamwork would be an instant win with just against her alone.

Barely making out the bulky figures in the mist, Tyth was ready to take on all of them when something zipped around and began cutting them all down. She wasn’t sure if it was friend or foe, but she was still ready to kill something if it turned on her. Desperation and adrenaline pumped through her veins, despite her legs ready to collapse from her bust of speed earlier.

Then the newcomer killed off the last of her ambushers then whirled around to face her, and her arms began to shake. Both from pushing her still healing muscles and nerve to their limits and seeing those mismatched eyes again.

It felt like hours that she last saw him, but knew rationally it was more like weeks. To think they would meet up randomly like this…and so soon. Part of her wanted to tackle him and kiss him, but the rings felt like heavy weights around her neck. Another part of her wanted to hurt him, for ordering her to leave him the first time which started this entire separation.

“You look like hell….Nightfox.”


So what if she did? Parading around half naked was the new fashion in woods, didn’t he know that?

Despite her worries over him, Tyth felt angry. She wanted to give into the feelings she had for him, but turns out she was a married woman all these years. She could have an affair of sorts, but Tyth had other shit to deal with before she dealt with him. It didn’t make her stop from taking her frustrations out on him. He always got back up anyway.

Glaring at him and not fully lowering her guard, Tyth threw the dagger straight at the point between his eyes but he moved, and it missed. Even worse was that he plucked it from the air by his ear. She had ran after her dagger’s trail after it left her fingers to throw a punch at his face, but he caught her wrist and held it from connecting. She didn’t bother using her other hand since his reflexes blurred in her vision which meant she was close to collapsing, and that his speed was far to fast to even track in her naked vision. He didn’t look different but he was. She just didn’t know how, and honestly it was the least thing she had to think about now.

“I am never listening to you again,” she snarled at him and jerked her hand from his grip. Already the muscles in her thighs were twitching, which meant she was at her limit.

“I’ve been through hell and back again.”

Walking past him, she headed over to the brush where she laid Lucas’ body and pulled him out from under the thick branches. He only sniffed once and went back to snoring, which made her glare at him. Leave it to Zied to make her madder than ever, but she needed to calm down. There could be a backup squad somewhere around here and she just wanted to find someplace to sleep and sleep some more. Dying actually sounded kind of tempting too.

But she had this boy to take care of, even though it was vice versa not long ago. Surely Lucas was at his wits end before she woke up, but forced himself to watch over her anyway. Now she had to take care of him, despite how much her vision blurred.

Looking over her shoulder, she met Zied’s eyes and let him see how vulnerable she was. Tyth doesn’t know why he was there, but was glad of it.

“Make sure the kid is warm,” was all she managed to mumble before Tyth slumped over unconscious again.

Lucas yawned, rolled over and snuggled into his hands in the cold, night air.

The first squad had failed. Typical that someone always interfered when it came to the woman. She was a failure and although Gravon wanted her brought back alive for his own sadistic amusement, he didn’t share that vision.

He didn’t seen any progress from attaining her again. All she could offer was reminders of past mistakes and failures in the company’s experiments. He was the final product of years in trail and error, experiments, thousands of tests and formulas.

Mist Raven would no doubt want more of their genetically enhanced specimens and their stimulant serums. That was their mistake to think more in numbers would get the job done. But he wasn’t going to stop them from financing their black market company.

Lowering his binoculars, the Black Sinner tossed them to his underling and turned away. Monitoring his failed predecessor was a pain. He was convinced just killing her by himself would end all the fuss over the stupid woman.

Out of all the three hundred bodies put through the process, hers and three others in the whole world were living. Him included.

But if he did kill her, his amusement would be erased. It seemed when she was paired with the so called ‘Black Dragon of the West’, she was even harder to kill.

He would let her breath just a little longer. Deep down he was waiting for her to join his level of madness again, so he could take her life when she was at her best.

Mounting his horse, he readjusted his blood stained scythe that is strapped to saddle with an almost tender gesture and galloped off into the night.

Rain began to pour, covering and smearing his tracks.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Ethereal on Tue Apr 26, 2011 8:49 am

He felt like laughing. She was mad after seeing him again and her actions were more than crystal clear that she was also thankful. Her eyes wouldn't lie, he could see it. He watched her drop unconscious to the ground with a boy unknown to him. Make sure the kid is warm? What is he a butler? This woman still knew how to piss him off. Shrugging his shoulders, Zied tossed the dagger he caught mid-air into the river. Nobody needs cheap weapons like that.

"It's good to see you too Tyth." he mumbled into the air as he approached the two.

Taking off his coat, he wrapped Tyth's body with it and looked at the boy who is shivering in his sleep. He was disgusted at how sound he was sleeping even after all that commotion earlier. He has no hope for survival if he continues like this and it would be a pain to watch over two people until Tyth recovers.

"If you're a man, you should keep a woman safe dumb ass."

Leaping from the other side of the river, purple streak of hair swayed in the air as she soared across the river. Landing at both feet quietly, her eyes scanned the area if there were any surviving enemies. Satisfied that none were left alive, Seiryu immediately shifted her gaze at Zied's back. A swift death was what came into Seiryu's mind when she noted the dead bodies of Mist Ravens operatives on the ground. One clean cut ended it for every one of them. Curious as to what was Zied doing knelt on the ground by the bushes, she approached the man only to find two people, one sleeping kid and an unconscious woman. Her eyes widened a bit after realizing who the woman was.

"What in heavens is she doing here Zied?" she asked, baffled by the circumstance.

"Last I saw her, she was with the Forsaken Wolves general, Brant Olisiuer. I have no idea how she ended up here."

Seiryu knelt down beside Tyth and began examining her body. There were marks all over her, similar to that of someone being tortured but the needle marks on her arm indicated otherwise. Falling into silence, she ran a hand across her white hair. It made Seiryu smile when she saw the expression Tyth had. Even though she was unconscious, she had a relaxed expression. Could it be because of Zied? Seiryu wouldn't know. The man beside him had a different expression altogether which made it hard for her to come to a conclusion.

"What's wrong?" She asked again.

"You came here to tell me something right? If I'm not mistaken, we'll be in trouble soon."

Surprised at Zied's words, Seiryu nodded. The only way she could explain how Zied knew was that his senses were on a different level than it used to be. The unit that she saw moving through the plains toward where they were belonged to the Mist Ravens. It would seem one of the men Zied killed had managed to alert a different unit of trouble. They were still far away, an hour at best, but Zied could already feel them closing in. Remarkable yet frightening at the same time. Zied has changed so much with just becoming a whole.

"Not only that, someone I don't know has been watching us from afar." Zied added and scooped up Tyth into his arms.

"Take the kid Seiryu, we're leaving this place as soon as possible."

Keeping their presence hidden, Zied and Seiryu traversed the woods looking for a suitable place to stay. They had been going non stop for hours and it was only until they spotted an abandoned cottage in the woods that they decided to make camp. They were safe for now, probably a few days but after that, they would have to move again. Starting a fire, Seiryu made sure that the two were comfortable. The kid was exhausted and was still asleep, the woman still unconscious.

"I'm going to look for food." Zied said after making sure that they were indeed far from being detected.

Seiryu nodded and watched Zied disappear into the forest. Knowing him, he would be back with meat and fruits so she started to prepare what was needed to cook it, they had two to take care of after all. When she finished gathering what she needed to cook, Seiryu looked at the white haired woman, then to her katars. She remembered what the Mist Ravens wanted her for, she recalled the file about the White Sinner that she read when she was still with the organization. It was somewhat hard for her to believe that this woman was the very same one that caused so much pain and anguish to countless people. Her knight's pride was telling her to kill her in her sleep, and that their world would be better off without her. But the peaceful look that she had on her face, and Zied's attachment to her made it impossible for Seiryu to come to a decision. If she killed her now, she might as well kill Zied too. After all, they share and walk the same path, they caused pain to a great many.

"What am I thinking...? I left the knighthood long ago. I shouldn't be having these thoughts." she said to herself and cracked a smile.

Moments later, Zied arrived with fresh deer meat and some nutritious fruit. He also had water for them to drink. After an hour of preparation, Zied and Seiryu sat down to enjoy a meal together.

"How in the world did you end up partnered with the White Sinner Zied?" Seiryu asked while nibbling on one of the fruits Zied picked.

Stuffing his mouth with meat and swallowing after barely chewing, Zied looked at his female companion and shrugged his shoulders.

"I guess I picked the wrong person to choose as a partner. You see, the job that you finished for us had a tight schedule so I needed a partner."

"You're right, I thought I won't be able to complete it myself. Tell me Zied, what is she like?"

Raising a brow at the question, Zied gulped a few mouthfuls of water before speaking again. This time, his eyes were fixed on Tyth.

"If you must know, I don't even know how I can put up with her. She pisses me off, argues a lot, tries to hit me because she wants to, gets in my way sometimes but... there's a kind soul behind that dark past. And she's the only one who ever tried to understand me after... you." he finished and met Seiryu's eyes.

"Did you call her a bitch as well?" Seiryu asked and giggled.

"Wha-? No! Of course not! I was myself when we met."

"Now now, no need to be so defensive, I was just teasing Zied."

He was laughing once more. When was the last time that he had a hearty laugh like this? With everything that happened to them, those chances came by rarely. Zied looked around when the laughter subsided. He wouldn't want to wake up the resting people they were with. And then came a long silence. Seiryu's eyes reflected the dancing fire as she had her gaze fixated at their campfire. She was in deep thinking, or so Zied thought, just as he is.

The Mist Ravens are seeking warriors that would herald their empire's resurrection. After that, they would seize control of the guilds one by one then take over the continent. United under one rule, that was their motto. While Zied and Seiryu sat in the forest, the Mist Ravens are expanding their influence by the day. They had been searching for warriors with unique abilities for a long time. They would even go as far as alchemy if it would serve their purpose well. The Mist Ravens know no boundaries and will stop at nothing to get what they want. It's a miracle how they were able to hide their existence to this extent when they are already a massive organization to begin with. Croix and the others that they met so far are no doubt only the vanguard - the tip of the iceberg. Something tells Zied that more lies in wait for them in their journey to put an end to the Mist Ravens for good.

"I'm going to wake them up Zied, they need to get their strength back. We can't stay here too long."

Zied nodded to Seiryu and prepared food for the two who were asleep. Best way to recover from exhaustion is a good meal and peaceful rest. Zied then thought about Gallahad. Perhaps the old man's medicine would help perk them up. He added a few drops of the concentrated brew into the glasses that were meant for the boy and Tyth.

"Tythlany Nightfox, can you hear me? You need to eat." Seiryu said to her while gently nudging her cheek.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Rogue.Ember.Shadow on Tue Apr 26, 2011 2:22 pm

Distant voices were echoing in her head. The only explanation is that she fell unconscious again. As her brain was slowly becoming more awake, she slowly tried to move her fingers and legs. Was she still in the dark? Why was her back warm? Where was she?

The voices became louder and Tyth frowned in her sleep. Then something pressed against the flesh of her cheek along with a presence near to her. Some voice she didn’t recognize was speaking her name. Were they wanting to test her blood again? Make her eat some gross mix of herbs that would make her stomach cave in or try to digest itself?

Like hell! Black, furious eyes snapped open to glare into narrowed, but beautiful purple eyes. She grabbed the hand near her face and pushed the appendage away while scooting back as far as she could. Her dagger was no where in sight and the woman was readjusting the glass in her hand to keep it from spilling. She bared her teeth with a growl and was ready to attack when she saw Lucas’ prone body behind the woman, and then the other occupant in the apparent cottage. Zied.

He was giving her that look like she was doing something stupid again. Just seeing him relaxed her a little but not all the way. The rings around her throat jangled together on their chair and it woke her up further. Everything from before came back. Zephyrose, the ambush in the mist, Zied appearing out of nowhere and now this.

The woman’s presence was intimidating, but not blood thirsty. Since they were most likely under surveillance or being tracked, she needed to calm down. If everything changed so drastically like location and time, then they most have moved. But who was the woman? And was Lucas still breathing? Surviving on barely anything for almost a week was sure to take a toll on the teen.

The purple haired woman offered the glass again, reassuring her with a miffed face that it would bring back her energy. Already she felt queasy from having to drink something again, but this wasn’t going to hurt her. At least she assumed it wouldn’t.
Gulping down the entire thing, Tyth pushed past the woman and stumbled over to the boy’s side. He was breathing and didn’t look sick at all.

When she asked aloud if he was asleep this whole time, the woman answered and said yes. Lucas must of spent too much time around Zephyr if he was this lazy.

“Too long,” she growled and grabbed the boy’s ear, pulled him up to a sitting posting and then tugged the blanket off his body.

He yelped and started flailing but she let go already. “Wake up, you sleep too long.”

Rubbing at his ear, he apologized and jumped when he saw the two others in the cottage. Ignoring his wide eyed look, the purple haired woman passed him a glass to drink and assured him it would help him wake up.

She wasn’t sure why she avoided looking at Zied when she sat down by Lucas, but she did. Instead, she noticed that her clothes were changed. Instead of the scraps of fabric she last remembered wearing in the misty forest, she instead was wearing a large while shirt and baggy pants. Glancing over at the cot she was lying in before, a pair of hiking boots were set nearly by the legs. Tyth was positive she didn’t want to know who decided to changer her unconscious body.

The woman picked up two plates with cooked meat and fruit then handed her and Lucas each one. The blue haired boy with grey eyes dug into his plate with a reckless thanks, much to the returning frown of both Zied and the woman. Tyth slowly at hers and swallowed, then began to eat in earnest. She was so hungry!

As she ate, Tyth asked who the woman was and when she introduced herself as Seiryu, Tyth dropped her plate. It broke, scattering the food much to Seiryu’s displeasure as she cursed at the waste, but Tyth wasn’t listening. She was staring wide eyed at the ghost of a woman, who sounded like she was supposed to be dead from Croix’s words. But she looked very real and very comfortable sitting over by Zied.

Picking up the shattered glass, Tyth threw the food into the fire in the center of the cottage, put on her boots and headed for the door. If she didn’t get out of here, and away from the woman to recover from this new revelation, Tyth would give into her urge to attack her.

“Sorry, I’m just a little shaky. I’m going to go wash up….or something.”

She was still angry. She always seemed to feel angry every time she woke up. And it was all because of men!

Marching with a little more energy then a few minutes ago, Tyth found a little stream just twenty feet from the cottage. Harshly dipping her hands in, she splashed water on her face and then glared furiously at her reflection as the water’s surface settled.

Katas wouldn’t help calm her down either. She wanted to hurt Seiryu but there was a good chance Zied would defend her. She wanted to hurt Zied, but remembering how fast and effortless his reflexes were the last time she woke up, that wouldn’t go anywhere but getting her butt handed to her again. Tyth felt so weak since she couldn’t do anything for herself. Everyone lately has been doing it for her, and she wanted desperately for it to stop!

In the end, her shoulders slumped from her inner defeat and she closed her eyes. Jaavi’s voice came to her mind and her heart ached to just remember how it used to sound.

Whatever you do Tythlany, don’t you ever give in to despair. It will lead to your ruin. Always stand up and move forward. Make do with what you have.”

Make do with what she had.

Wiping the water from her face, Tyth shook the droplets from her tangled bangs. The day was still young and she felt grubby. Already she smelled like potent body order, and dipped her hands more easily into the water this time. Splashing what showing skin she could rub at, Tyth began to wipe away what grime she could from her skin.

Once she felt clean, the itching to hit something still wouldn’t leave her body. So she kicked harshly one time at a very thick tree. To her simmering displeasure, the bark only cracked two inches. She was still weak, despite her body saying it had energy. must have been the drink Seiryu gave her.

Just remembering the woman made her punch the tree savagely this tiem, but still no dent.

“I swear if Zied comes out here and comments on this….”she grumbled to herself, pulling her knuckles away from the bark with a frown. She punched again, this time harder then the first time, and the bark gave way a little more.

It was progress.

Inside the cottage, Lucas was mowing through his second plate. Once he was done, he thanked the lady named Seiryu for the meal but was looking at the white haired man with a curious gaze.

“You’re Gray, right? Zied Gray? A friend told me about you.”

Lucas noticed from Tyth’s behavior that she was angry, but she wasn’t acting on guard around these two so he assumed they were trustworthy. And the Zied character was someone Zephyr told him to catch up the events on Tyth with. Why? He didn’t know the General’s reasons, but the boy had his instructions.

Summing up how he found her, their escape and nursing her back to health, Lucas asked them if he could have another helping and to what their plan was for now. They probably could use the information since he didn’t know what to do with it. He was just a thief most days.

The Black Sinner reared his horse in front of the next squad of Mist Raven’s. Croix was determined, but also distracted in his thirst for revenge.

“Hold off your attack for two days.”

The leader stared with a detached gaze at the black robed rider, “We-”

“I don’t care. I have the ability to kill you all here, and your leader takes orders from me. Camp. Here.”

The warrior glared at him but finally gave in, ordering his troops that was larger than before to stand down.

Glancing behind him down the large mountainside where their apparent target was ten miles away, the Black Sinner smirked.

She was growing to be more of an disappointment, the more he learned about her from Zephyros. He would give them all a chance to recover though.

He didn’t mind looking forward to a battle with the Black Dragon or the Azure Dragon. They were more a challenge than his pathetic predecessor.

They were only alive now because he allowed it. He would join this squad in two days to dispatch the white haired one, and gauge the strength of the legendary Dragons of the West.

However, at the end of the attack, they would all be dead and he could go find someone else strong to fight.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Ethereal on Tue Apr 26, 2011 5:29 pm

Zied listened intently as the boy retold their story. Tyth got kidnapped, had stuff done to her, escaped with the help of that blond haired jerk and this boy. Zied felt like he had shaved ten years off his life just by listening to things go downhill. Some other organization, maybe more, are also in play. There are too many after their necks and Zied knew that sooner or later, they would be running out of places to hide. As the boy finished telling their story, Zied handed him another serving of food then turned to Seiryu who was busy cleaning her wounded arm.

"Our plans won't be concerning you kid. We'll drop you off somewhere safe so you can get on with your life. But if you want to tag along, feel free to do so. Just don't count on us for your safety." Zied said and shifted his gaze over to Seiryu.

"What do you think about all this Seiryu?" Zied asked as he approached her with bandages in hand.

"I think we're going to find out soon enough. Those people who kidnapped your friend, I've only heard of them on several occasions back when I was still in Mist Ravens." the woman answered and slowly removed the old bandage from her wounded arm.

Zied gently brushed aside Seiryu's right arm and took charge of changing her bandage. He was the one who wounded her after all and he figured it was only appropriate that he be the one to treat her. There was silence between them for a moment until Seiryu spoke about Tyth.

"I don't think your friend likes me Zied."

Stopping for a moment, Zied met Seiryu's eyes with a faint smile on his lips then continued what he was doing.

"She's messed up. I can understand why she would be like that. Give her a break, you heard what they've been through."

"Yeah but... I can't help but feel like she's... jealous or something."

Zied chuckled. "What in the world makes you say that?"

Seiryu smiled faintly at Zied. "Call it women's intuition. You should check up on her, I can feel her rage from here."

"Don't worry about her, that woman is as tough as nails. I'm pretty sure that she would be back to her old self after beating up some trees or something. Let her do what she wants. If I check on her now, I might end up smacking her one for attacking me. By the way, how's your arm?"

Seiryu tried moving her left arm but was only rewarded by a sharp pain. "Still useless... if moving my fingers counts as something then it should be healing. That's all I can do with it. Zied, go and check on her for me, we don't want to get tracked down because of her now do we? I can finish this on my own." Seiryu implied and took over what Zied was doing.

Sighing in defeat, Zied shook his head sideways as he stepped out of the cottage. There was ample rage in the air coming from about twenty feet from where he stood. Zied quietly walked to where the source was and hid his presence well. He wouldn't want to disturb her. All he would do is take a look at what she's doing and head back to get some sleep.

The sound of fists hitting wood became louder. One more step and he would be visible to Tyth, which was clearly not in his plan. Resting his back against a tree, Zied listened to the beat of her punches but was surprised at himself for being able to hear her heartbeat too. He closed his eyes and had his arms crossed before his chest, his silver cross pendant dangling just a few inches above his arms.

Every sound that she makes, from her unstable punches, to her erratic heart beat and her inconsistent breathing annoyed him. She was troubled but was being stubborn about asking for help. Although Zied knew that it was in Tyth's nature to be stubborn, he also knew for a fact that one person can only take so much. Thinking deep, Zied wanted to know if there was anything he could do for her at all. Plus the greatest mystery has not yet been solved. Why did Zephyr choose him to watch over her? They can still be considered strangers to one another despite having fought alongside each other. Zied never really knew her that well so why was he chosen by that bastard?

Gritting his teeth as a sign that he can't take it anymore, Zied used his speed to get behind Tyth and stop her soaring fist from hitting the tree bark. His grip was stronger than he intended, a non-verbal action saying that she's pissing him off again. His mismatched eyes gazed at her own, his facial expression clearly depicting his frustration.

"If I knew you were going to be like this... then I wouldn't have bothered saving you. Tythlany Nightfox, I need you to pull yourself together and grow up. Shit happened I get that much, but what are you going to do about it? How are you going to deal with it huh?! Don't tell me this is your plan of action - beating up a tree? How's this going to help you, us, or that boy you dragged along with you?!"

Letting go of her wrist, Zied stepped back two paces away from her.

"Get real Tyth! We're not here on vacation! The Mist Ravens own this territory and there are other people I don't know watching us from afar! Hell, for all I know, we only have a day or two at best! And here you are leaving your emotions unchecked and putting us all at risk! We don't have the time OR the luxury to be moping around! If you want to get something off your chest then I'm right here! If beating up someone is your way to get back into the game then fine! Lay it on me and I will take it! Just stop acting like a damn child!"

His hand curled into fists and his breathing quickened by his emotions that slipped out of control for a moment. Zied paused and shifted his gaze elsewhere, anywhere but her eyes.

"Damn it Tyth... you should know better." he said and turned around heading back to the cottage.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Rogue.Ember.Shadow on Tue Apr 26, 2011 7:12 pm

What. The . Hell?!

Zied, in true form, was being rude as always. Tyth was so caught up in taking her pent up anger out on the tree that having her arm held back threw her off. She didn’t ask him to help her, she didn’t ask him to save her, but he did and she was being a textbook bitch.

But ever since they got separated, their strengths went on opposite sides of the spectrum. He got stronger, while she got weaker. She hated feeling weak, abused and taken advantage of. Especially in front of him, who was always, always telling her what she was doing wrong. This time was no different!

There’s painful truth to his words. She was risking them all like a bright lamp in the night to their enemies. Like a true female, she got so caught up in her emotions that she lost all rational thought. Again, Jaavi’s words back she she was recovering came back to her mind.

“You’re going to feel helpless at times, like there is nothing you can do. You’ll blame others and want to hurt them just to feel better. But just know you are being stupid, need to suck it up and admit you were wrong. Understand, dear?”

Then Zied’s words echoed back into her head like a broken record.

“If you want to get something off your chest then I'm right here! If beating up someone is your way to get back into the game then fine! Lay it on me and I will take it! Just stop acting like a damn child!"

She was being stupid. Immature and jealous, like Hilde got when the last piece of chocolate was eaten or when Seida saw a married man she wished she had.

Most of all, she was being selfish when she couldn’t afford it. Déjà vu filled her chest with how backwards this situation was. Did she not say some similar words to him when she got fed up with his attitude?

Now he was demanding she wake up, and probably cheer up from being so angry.

Like a cleansing wave flowing through her, her angry dissipated and only loneliness remained. She might as well admit it. Tyth missed her partner. She had longed to see him again. When she didn’t have the voice to scream anymore after being tortured, she cried inside from all her regrets to Brant and Zied. Jaavi’s Anniversary had passed and gone, she had missed it the one time she went back of her own free will.

And when he asked her to back to Brant’s, deep down she didn’t want to leave. She wanted to fight to go with him because she couldn’t stand not being there to lecture him, to fight by him.

Tears poured down her cheeks as she blearily ran after him and grabbed the back of his shirt to tug him back to her.

“FINE! I’m sorry! I’m a bitch! I’m angry at you! I loathe them!”

She pulled and pushed on the back of his shirt instead of hurting him since she was too busy sobbing everything she felt.

“I hate feeling this weak! I would have escaped on my own if they didn’t keep me so drained of everything I had! You didn’t have to save me! I didn‘t ask you to!”

Her grip on him was the only thing keeping her on her feet.

“You’re always saving me. It bugs me that I have to be in your debt all the time, but I am!”

She wasn’t as angry but was irritated that after all this time, they still had the energy to argue. And was in the right!

“I don’t care if I’m a child! I’m immature, deal with it cause I am now!“

Swinging her hand back, she hit his cheek with an open hand so his head snapped to the side from her desperate frustration.

“THAT was for leaving on your own!”

Another slap.

“THAT was for leaving me behind!”

Another slap, weaker than the first.

“That is for kicking my ass!”

She fell against his chest, and weakly hit a clenched fist against his chest.

“That was for making me worry for nothing!”

Tyth beat against his chest again, more tears soaking her cheeks as she started to slowly stop crying.

“That was for missing you!”

The rings around her neck bit against her skin but she ignored them. For all she knew, Zepyr could have lied about them too. But he wasn’t the one she wanted anymore. Zied was.

With a last effort at riding out her rant, Tyth tugged Zied’s head down and desperately kissed him. She had wanted to do this ever since she saw him yesterday. She didn’t care if she really was a married woman. She didn’t care if Seiryu saw. She just wanted no more regrets.

Tyth then pecked his lips, and pressed her head against his neck, “And that’s my thanks for waking me up. I’m fine now.”

Her excuse of kissing out of curiosity would not work this time. Pulling away so they weren’t touching anymore, she smiled weakly and rubbed her arm.

“Again, I’m sorry.”

Clenching her fist in front of her nose and then opening it again, she smiled in earnest this time. She was happy to get it all off her chest now, and she felt almost like herself again.

“That drink Seiryu made is pretty good,” she said happily and lowered her hand.

Leaning through the doorway, she gave the woman a wide eyed gaze. Surely they knew who each other is, so there was no real introductions. “Can I have another glass? I want to recover as fast as I can if I don’t want to be dead weight.”

Pointing a finger behind her, she mock glared over her shoulder, “Otherwise I’ll only hear it from him.”

A wry smirk from the other woman said that she knew exactly what she meant.

Lucas sipped some water while nibbling on a piece of fruit. He listened to the argument outside the cottage and couldn’t help smiling.

They sounded funny together.

Leaning over to the small spread of food, he filled another plate full of meat and fruits. Tyth was sure to be hungry after beating up a tree and the Black Dragon in one day.

Zephyr stared up at the sky, unable to move where his beaten, torn body was left to die in the trash heaps outside the mine‘s location

He had been tortured over and over again, only to be healed to repeat the process. It was worth it though. He got the information he needed to report back to the one man who was sure to have enough man power to subdue all this anarchy.

The Emperor of Falice. But it was going to be a few months before he would be able to move and his mole inside the Azazel Organization helped him get out of here.

Zephyr would prefer it if he was gone before the scrapers decided his body was ripe for harvesting.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Ethereal on Wed Apr 27, 2011 3:29 am

"You sure have a lot to put up with..." Seiryu whispered to Zied and went on to lie down the makeshift bed she created.

"Yeah tell me about it." Zied answered and sighed as he gazed at the two sleeping forms of the boy and Tyth.

Hours have passed after their little scene but his lips could still feel her and even taste her. He was still a little bit pissed off but he couldn't deny that he was happy to bring her back to her senses. Standing guard was on him tonight. Although Seiryu can hold her own, she is wounded and Zied wouldn't take chances. Tyth is in no condition to fight yet, probably for the rest of the night, Gallahad's medicine brew is very potent after all and she downed that stuff three or five times this night. The boy... well, he's useless in combat.

After checking his weapons, Zied took off his coat and used it as a blanket to keep Tyth warm for the night. Seiryu shifted in her bed after watching Zied's little gesture, it stung her heart. Back then when they would camp outside, she would be the one who gets to wear his coat for the night. This time was no different but that's just her being wishful. Zied had his eyes for another and despite him not showing it openly, Seiryu knew that she and him, they were over.

The night was quiet, something he was thankful for. Zied stood outside of the cottage with his eyes closed. He was in deep concentration, sensing the presence that were watching them from afar and the other detachment heading their way. The farther one was a large force but was stopped for reasons unknown to him, the detachment however felt very familiar. He didn't want to admit it but Zied was worried about that scale of manpower. If they were after them too, then things would get a little more difficult for him and the others just moving around.

"Croix..." he mumbled then opened his eyes.

He was coming. Even in the middle of a thousand men, he would not mistake Croix's killing intent for another. It was unique in its own way, hell bent on killing him. Drawing his red sword, Zied swung it around and felt the heat of the blade with every swing. He was still getting used to the weapon and whatever Gallahad meant by its capabilities suiting him the most, he did not have the slightest idea.

Daybreak. It was early morning but the sun was nowhere to be found. Rain clouds filled the sky and cold winds blew harshly across the land. Zied still stood there before the cottage with his sword drawn. His eyes were closed as if he was asleep, but that was not the case. He had already steeled himself for combat and waited patiently for the men of the smaller force to come. They were already in the woods and probably just a few more minutes away.

Suddenly opening her eyes, Seiryu already had a fierce look so early in the morning. She sensed Zied's calm aura brushing against her own, as if waking her up from sleep. He was successful and she already knew what he wanted to tell her. Grabbing one katar, she stood up and approached the white haired woman. She wanted to kick her to wake her up but that would be asking for a fight amongst themselves. Instead, Seiryu gently nudged her leg.

"Nightfox, they're here. I hope you know how to use one of these," she said and dropped Gallahad's katar meant for her left arm. "use it well White Sinner."

Grabbing the other katar, Seiryu stepped out of the cottage. The atmosphere has changed and was already reeking with killing intent. Walking up to Zied and turning around so that her back rested on his, Seiryu readied her right arm.

"Good morning Zied, not the kind of mornings we would have wanted right?" she jested lightheartedly.

"It's Croix. He's out for blood."

"Ugh! That sorry bastard... I'll be sure to carve him a new one when he shows up."

"What about Tyth, she awake yet?"

"I think so, she moved in her sleep so I guess she heard me. I don't care though, this is our problem."

"You jealous?" Zied asked.

"Hah! Hardly."

Minutes later, Croix finally showed himself along with Kaze and Shiyo. They also had roughly twenty men with them as backup. They had their weapons drawn underneath their gray cloak and surrounded the cottage. They were ready to die, Zied could tell that much just by looking. Croix was heaving deep breaths as he walked forward while looking up at the dark clouds.

"A fitting scenario for your deaths. How long I have waited to finally track you down. Who would have thought that you would be stupid enough to come here Black Dragon! Welcome to Zartex, our kingdom!"

He was trying to intimidate but Zied would not bite. Croix looked so small and petty than the last time he remembered. Back then, just standing before this man would make Zied uncomfortable and threatened but this time was different. He felt nothing from Coix, like he was just another face in the crowd.

Rain suddenly started pouring hard followed by a flash of lightning and a roar of thunder. It only took a minute to drench the people outside who were playing stand-off.

"Nothing to say Zied? Last time you got lucky because of that bitch behind you. But this time... this time will be different!" he yelled and threw a knife with all the power he had in his right arm.

It was so slow. Zied could see the knife soaring to pierce between his eyes. Cocking his head to the right, Zied caught the knife with two fingers in mid-air and had a feeling of Déjà vu.

"Just how many people are out there who wants to stick a knife between my eyes? Damn it's so annoying!" Zied hissed and threw the knife back with double the power it was first thrown at him. Had Croix blinked once, he would have been killed by his own knife.

Shocked, Croix put up a brave front and ordered his men to begin.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

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