Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Rogue.Ember.Shadow on Thu Mar 07, 2013 3:47 am

The odds in this battle are rapidly rising against them, Brant noted with silent distaste. But if the arrival of this new White Armor meant anything, the driving force behind these Seraphs is raising the bar in terms of their true objective, whatever it is. Brant decides he will keep an eye on this new suit when it isn’t trying to kill him, to determine why now of all times it was sent here.

Cracking his sore and purple knuckles, Brant knelt down to the ground with one hand-facing palm down in the dirt. He hissed in several gurgling words, and the shadows underneath the White Seraph shook and then stilled. The upper body of the armor can now move, but its feet looked as if its legs are truly made of stone, but could move in tiny increments. The other Seraphs are not affected, swarming around the white one towards them. Panting slightly at the mass use of his demonic minions biting at his power as the price, the older man stood back onto his feet.

“I slowed him down, but it won’t last long. We have around eight minutes to think of a way to defeat him while we simply defend ourselves again,” he murmured to Zied as he took up his place at the white haired man’s back. Already just fighting with his fists is taking a toll on his stamina and the thin skin above his knuckles had long ago been cut open and bleeding.

“Why couldn’t you do that trick in the first place?” Zied demanded while cutting through two more armors with a little more effort than when they first started.

“Then I wouldn’t have been able to do it now. Just because I can control some demons doesn’t mean I can do the unthinkable. Even those creatures have limits, and sadly they didn’t grant me their full power as a major ‘fuck you’ to me for things done in the past,” he grumbled back while kicking one suit’s leg to the right so its stance was more spread out. Digging his heel into its knee joint, he watched is it bent backwards and became useless. Spinning around on the same foot, he kicked the Seraph further onto its damaged leg and into another oncoming suit.

They toppled over, tripping the next oncoming Seraph, but Brant felt no triumph. It was an onslaught, en masse of enemies and that was how they were able to overcome entire countries. By numbers and strategically, that wore down anyone’s stamina. Running through what little he knew about these suits through many battles, they did not have teamwork. They are individual and stiff in their movements, saying little conscience in their actions. They had no feelings so emotions like intimidation and fear do not affect them. This however is a battleground Brant is very familiar with. This way he did not have to hold back, or feel regret of ending a life.

Barely able to duck a swipe at his throat showed how worn down he already getting, and felt the blood in his nose trickle down over his upper lip, knowing it meant his powers had reached a limit with the demons, and the White One was about to go free. He needed his swords, but sadly, he left them in his lair after losing his fight with Scyth possessed by a demon. Just thinking about Beezalar made him want to grit his teeth. Jaavi’s demonic family held grudges longer and in more ridiculous of terms than women in general did. It was why he hated dealing with his immediate in-laws. They hated him for her actions and the he hated them because the reminded him of her death.

Wiping the fresh blood away from his nose and blinking away the blurriness from his vision, Brant clenched his jaw and summoned the shadows at his feet. They swept up his body and gathered around his fists, creating cloudy looking gloves around his fingers. His hands couldn’t take much more abuse without breaking bones and making them useless. The pained demonic voices rang in his ears, since he had gathered their essence to coat his hands and protect him. In their language, they cursed him as their ethereal bodies were summoned to the physical realm and abused. He did not care though. Demons in his mind are expendable. Not one of them understood Jaavi and why she betrayed them then, and only lived in their hate for her actions. They could all be extinct and he still wouldn’t care. He refused to.

As he lifted his arms up to punch again, time itself slowed down until it completely stopped. Brant knew what this meant since he is the only one left unaffected, and lowered his arms with a harsh snarl. That thing never knew when to not be dramatic, and everything about him irked Brant to no end. Standing amidst the now time frozen chaos is a long robed man with intense, narrow silver green eyes, and long, transparent blonde hair. His narrow jaw seemed to flex as he took measured steps towards Brant, who was glancing over his shoulder at the now frozen Zied who stood in a battle stance, mid slash for a Seraph. Brant was amazed and impressed that he could still fight, and noted the frozen suits coming for them.

“Why are you taking so long?” demanded the newcomer as he stopped three steps away from Brant with his arms crossed over his thin looking chest. Brant clenched his jaw to keep from gritting his teeth as anger and hatred turned his vision red. He hated this man’s voice, his presence, everything.

“Do I look like a God? I am human and I have to do things the long and hard way,” Brant snapped at him while keeping his back to Zied. It was better than having this thing behind him, who made him even angrier.

“Why must you be so difficult? I did everything within my limits to help you, and it is never enough,” The man huffed and gestured to the current situation, “I gave you a Blessing. Use it.”

Brant curled his lip and struggled to not lash out at this being that was more powerful than him, “You lie when you say your ‘limits’. You are always holding back, and only help me when it suits you! Uel, if I ever learn how to slay a God, I am coming after you!”

Uel rolled his eyes and poked at a frozen Seraph, “Always yelling at me too. Ignoring what I say. Scorning my gifts and help. What does it take to get through to you demanding, little things?”

“Jaavi didn’t use it, so neither will I.”

“That’s foolish,” Uel murmured as he looked over his shoulder to Brant with a disappointed scowl. “It will only waste time. You are lucky I cannot revoke a Blessing. I feel it is wasted.”

“She had a reason, just like everything else. It is her will that I do her work when you let her die,” Brant growled as he refused to nurse his sore and bleeding knuckles in front of Uel. He hated showing any kind of weakness to him. Not like when they first met, and he hated that memory.

Anger spiked in the god’s eyes, “She chose her death. You both sealed your fate when you messed with things forbidden. You and that woman are responsible for the state of this world. It is your duty to fix it.”

“Oh don’t even go there. She tried asking for your help, doing everything the right way even when it almost killed her. But none of you bastards listened! This could’ve been avoided had you just-“

Uel had appeared in front of Brant and was clutching his throat so hard, Brant was seeing starts instantly from the lack of oxygen and pain.

“We are done placing the blame, human. No one was suppose to harness the power of souls again, until you two screwed it all up. You inspired others, revived others without even knowing it. So shut up and do what you are suppose to as punishment. Isn’t it enough she can’t even rest in peace because you dawdle?”

Hissing in anger, Uel let him go and Brant went slamming to the ground coughing for breath. As he rubbed at his throat, he began to laugh.

“You touched me for the first time. I guess that means you guys are getting scared. I find that thought comforting.”

Uel twitched but did not approach him again, “To think you put all your faith in that little girl. She cannot do this.”

Brant struggled to his feet and swayed from his brain feeling fuzzy, “Tyth can do this. We made her into what she is. She is still useful.”

Smirking at him, Brant gestured with his hand, “Now if you please, my weapons. Unless you want me to die right here, I could use a little more help.”

Instantly, his four blades appeared at his feet and Brant made a mocking gesture as thanks.
Uel huffed again, his hair shimmered to reflect his annoyance.

“Stay away from Lanrael. Despite your powers over the demons, he can still alter your progress with his powers should he get the chance.”

After picking up two of his swords, he sheathed the other two onto his back. They he would never use, but ones he intended to carry with him until it was time to say goodbye. He ignored the fact Uel knew their sentimental value. He owed the God much, but he chose to ignore those facts immensely.

“Can he control all Fate?”

“He would like to think that, but all of us have limits. Rules we have to follow. My influence over fate is much weaker than his, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know certain things. As if to prove my point…”he murmured as their surroundings flickered white. “My presence here is weakening.”

Pinning Brant with a glower as his green eyes flashed white, Uel turned his back on him, “Just do your job. And to correct you earlier, I did not let her die.”

Looking over his shoulder, he smirked mockingly, “You did.”

He disappeared in a flash of yellowish light just as Brant’s anger hit the roof because they both knew it is the truth. He dove forward his swords in hand as time slowly started forward again, missing the spot Uel stood by mere seconds. Already his brain was battle ready, and he looked for his next target. Since time wasn’t back to its regular flow yet, he used it to its advantage and attacked the Seraphs surrounding him and Zied’s frozen form with killer strikes to immobilize them. His anger resonated in every attack, as the slashes in the armor are savage looking and deep. He was just ten feet away from the White Serpah when time zapped back into place, and he knew his chance was almost gone!

Lunging forward, Brant angled the sharp tip of his two blades toward the White colored armor’s knee joints. If they didn’t try to immobilize this one, it would continue to be too fast for them to fight. He would thank Uel with curses for giving him this impossible chance. Both swords went into a knee each, and he harshly twisted to the right so that the joints was completely turned sideways. Being this close put Brant at the disadvantage of having his upper body so close to the Serpah’s free hands. He let go of the handles just as the armor jerked sideways with his attack, then punched at his throat rapidly. He turned with the blows, the force throwing him rolling backwards all the way back to where Zied stood.

Coughing from the kicked up dirt as he rolled to a stop, Brant gritted his teeth at the emptiness of his hands and he clenched them closed. He would not reach for the ones on his back.

“I know what just happened doesn’t make sense, but I think, “Brant said, only to blink at the White Seraph. It reached down towards its knees and picked his swords out like nothing. It took a wobbly step forward, then another as his shadows broke its grip on it. It started for them and Brant felt somewhat at a loss. His work of mowing down the Seraphs between them and the White One only made it all the easier to close the distance.

“I just discovered it is tougher in material than the others. If we can somehow get it to attack itself and tear itself apart, we might hve a chance. Besides that, I have no idea how to stop that thing, “he growled in frustration as he leaned down to crouch to the ground, catching his breath. Looking up through sweat soaked bangs, he saw the White armor reach them halfway and winced. What use was Uel if he couldn’t at least take this blasted suit with him?

The White Serpah was almost on them and was about ready to attack them with his own swords with triple the force, when a loud voice yelled out behind them. Then he saw a flash of blue and a beautiful voice sing out and he whirled around to see Tythlany, and she was falling from the air right towards him!

Falkor ran with adrenaline fueling his body. Just thinking about being overrun by Seraphs made him want to vomit. Despite Cain being their guardian, he is currently out of commission. To think it had to be now that they would be attacked, and it was this woman’s fault from the freak event she caused by shooting a hole in the damn cavern’s ceiling! It was a tempting thought to simply drop her, but given her condition and the people she is tried to, he knew not to dare.

As if to remind him how worse off they are, he struggled to run through groups of panicking people who had witnessed Tyth’s attack decimate the ceiling. Their screams of fear and horror echoed the fact their paradise is now shattered.

Weaving his weathered body through frantic people running in every direction, he refused to give into his own crippling fears. He had to drop off these two and direct everyone to safety. Skidding to a stop in front of the white hut that is the main healer’s tent, he rushed inside and lay his two charges onto a cot each. Sitting on a bench in the far side of the room is Serenata, her husband and their daughter cradled between them. As soon as she saw her sister, Renata jumped to her feet and rushed over.

Seeing her approach, Falkor bowed his head quick in respect. Ever since she appeared with Brant and displayed her awesome powers, he knew to always treat her as if she were a queen.

“Songstress, please escape while you can.” He ordered and then whirled back around to throw himself into the fray. Already his voice could be heard screaming for others to direct themselves to the hidden escape tunnels, asking for the remaining Sinners to help.

Holding back her own sobs of despair, Serenata leaned over her younger sister to wipe away the tears running down her crying face. Tyth was clutching at her stomach while crying and for a moment, Renata was afraid her body might have killed the baby. But as she pressed a hand lightly over her sister’s shaking ones, she could faintly feel a powerful presence. The baby is alive. So why is Tyth so distraught?

Coming up behind her, Ciro gently touched her elbow, “We need to leave.”

“I am not leaving her! Get used to her being tied to us and just take care our daughter,” she snapped irritably at him, the hormones from her own pregnancy still lingering. Scowling, Ciro turned away to try and coax their whimpering baby to sleep, despite the chaos sounding outside the thin tent.

Renata gently held her sister’s face and hushed her cries, “Tyth, you are safe. Calm down please.”
Opening red strained eyes, Tyth looked up at her with a wet relieved face as she rubbed at her stomach.

“I am just so relieved. I thought the baby died.”

Nodding, Renata leaned closer and held her hand. “What happened?”

“I don’t know. I was trying to stop Zied from getting hurt, then I think I blacked out. Then somehow, Brant appeared, and I was just so happy I was in my body. My baby is safe.”

Confused at her sister’s words, Renata paused to think and Tyth used that moment to struggle to sit up. Helping her, Renata pulled at a stray blanket on the cot to dab at her sister’s eyes. “Easy. The ceiling has been broken through and everyone is trying to escape. We should too. I am sure Zied can take care of whatever is happening.”

Glancing over at Cain’s groaning body, Tyth’s eyes narrowed angrily, “Not with the number of Serpahs probably coming through he won’t. I need to get back.”

At a loss of trying to stop her, Serenata wondered what to do. Then she noticed the flickering light around her sister’s body and almost stamped her foot in frustration. Reaching over, she tugged Tyth back to the cot and she fell back into it weakly.

“That man of yours obviously did not take my advice. He was supposed to bond with the child and ease its powers to stop attacking your inner body.” Gesturing to the faint flickering glow around Tyth and her hand rubbing at her skin trying to ease the ache, Renata made her point.

“You can’t go marching back there when you can barely hold yourself together. That child is a blessing, but right now its powers are a major hindrance to you. You need to do something about it.”

Biting her lip as she tugged at her hair, Tyth groaned aloud in frustration. “I don’t know how! I don’t have powers, I only know people who use them. I was just an experiment given a second chance. If you have any advice, share it!”

Ciro growled at her on his fourth circle around the tent,” You take that tone out of your voice when you talk to her.”

Pushing him back, Serenata gave him a warning look and then turned back to her sister. “I do have some advice. Meditate and bond with the child. If you can do that, they will listen to you.”
“I don’t have that kind of time!”

“And how do you know that will even work?” demanded Ciro as he patted Jaavilyn’s back to sooth her.

“Motherly instinct,” she said archly while giving him a meaningful glance. They had argued about this already. Renata is determined to help her sister now that she has the chance. She will not leave her behind like she did when they were children. Despite his urge to run and drag her along with him, Ciro knew he could not leave her. But that didn’t mean he liked his sister in law any less for putting his wife in danger.

Looking to Tyth, she smiled and gently urged her to sit up again, “Not to rush you, but we are going to need to be fast if you want to rejoin your loved one. Since the child is so young, they should be more outgoing now than any other moment of their lives. So they will accept you, but you need to reach out to them. Now close your eyes, and let’s ease your breathing…”

Tyth still is doubtful at what meditating can do at a time like this. She wants so badly to rejoin Zied and watch his back. For the past couple years they fought the Seraphs and looking for any clue on Seiryuu, she had gotten so used to being near him. It scared her to know just him and Brant were the only thing standing between them and anything about to jump down through that hole. She could feel his Ki fluctuating back at Falkor’s hut, and wanted desperately to push everyone aside to return to him.
But this woman, this Serenata, is probably one of the most stubborn woman she had ever met. Even when Tyth demanded it of her, Tyth did not get her way. Jerking her chin over to Cain, she shook her head.

“After all this, I don’t trust him enough to close my eyes while in the same room with him.”

“Then I will watch him,” said Lucrezia as she walked into the tent, her hair everywhere and her hands filled with axes. It was a battle out there but she is ready to take on the world. “I never trusted him anyway.”

Glaring over at Cain, the ex Sinner planted herself between him and the others, her stance saying there will be hell to pay should he even try to attack.

Nodding, Serenata met Tyth’s eyes, asking silently and she relented. She had a point that her child needed to be calmed down. Everything up until now has only soothed them temporarily, and she has been able to do very little since then. It is time that changed.

Breathing deeply and counting with Renata, Tyth slowly felt the sounds outside the tent melt away to silence. Even everyone’s presence and the sounds of their breathing disappeared, except Renata’s gentle, lilting voice.

“Now….do you feel very light but in control?” her voice asked. Tyth felt her neck flex from the nod, but she could barely feel it.

“Good. Now, reach down deep toward your belly where the child is. Try and search out for their warmth.”

Was not hard since the kid was always screaming its presence ever since it was conceived. She reached for it with her mind, trying to hold onto the light in which it surrounded itself. Is that the barrier it kept up to protect itself? If she tried to go further, would she break it and accidentally kill her child? She hesitated, gently probing at the light that she could not see but feel. As if responding, the light flickered right after she touched it.

Was the child trying to say it was okay? If only there was a way to know. She surrounded the light but did not touch it, trying to figure out how to contain the erratic feeling coming from the child. Ever since Zied had told them to calm down, they have to a degree but it still didn’t do the trick.

“I…think I found them,” Tyth says hesitantly, wishing someone knew what to do and told her. This is scary stuff.

“Very good. Now you need to let them know you are here to make everything okay. You need to let them know-“

It hit her, what she needs to do. How could it be so simple and yet so complicated? Reaching for the light again, Tyth surrounded it and closed in as if hugging it close.

I love you.

It was as if a dam had burst. The light engulfed her and she opened her arms, embracing everything. It was then she realized just how much she loves this child. How much she is willing to go to protect its life. This is what it feels like to be a mother. Zied no less felt the same. It was why he is laying his life down for them both.

Her body is suddenly surrounded by crackling, pure white energy and the others gasped, stepping away a safe distance. Ciro joined his wife, handing their daughter to her while gently pushing her behind him. Renata herself smiled as she watched her sister fall into meditation. Whatever happens, occurs between mother and child. Now all that is left now is to wait.


Tyth’s entire body flinched at the sudden voice in her head, knowing if she opened her eyes the bond could be severed. This bond felt mental, as if their thoughts themselves are talking to one another. The voice she is hearing had no gender, which is strange. It is a whisper, but is heard very clearly.

‘I love you.’ She answered the presence, trying to hug it closer. ‘But baby, you need to calm down.’

“I just want to protect you. I can help you and dad.”

“That is sweet, but you are too young for this, and you are holding me back. I can’t fight if you are hurting me.”

“I am sorry. But this power is alive. It wants to live.”

Tyth frowned when she realized that the child is speaking in full sentences. As if hearing her thought, the child chuckled.

“I don’t know either, but the more I am growing the more this awareness is slowing going away.”

She nodded in understanding. It seems the power advanced its thoughts but it is only temporary. By the time child came full term, it will learn everything over again and probably not remember this encounter. This proved the power it inherited from its father is very potent. Tyth knew she had to ease the burden.

“Can you give some of that power for me to use? Will that help?”

“I think so. I can try…”

She felt the power surrounding her get stronger and hum across her skin in waves.

“There, I gave as much as I could since your body is already holding something else inside.”

That made her almost open her eyes in shock.

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t know, but it feels like it’s alive inside you like I am. But it won’t let me close. It must be whatever it was that helped you come back when you disappeared.”

“I disappeared?”

“Yes, your presence was gone, but I was still here and couldn’t feel you. I got scared, then Dad got angry and I was just about to get angry when you came back again, and I was so happy. And the whole time, that other living power was pouring from you.”

The little one must be referring to her black out with Cain. Whatever happened while she was talking to Brant is beyond her.

“I will worry about that other thing later. Right now I just want you to concentrate on protecting yourself, understand?”

“Mama I can help-“

“You have done enough. I need to concentrate on helping your father and protecting you. We are your parents, and that is what we do. We love you. Now do as I say.”

“Okay, but just know my control will weaken the more my awareness does. By the time I am ready to join you….”

She understood. Around the time she will give birth, this child’s power and her body will be at full war and it will take everything she has just to give birth.

“I will worry about that. Now tighten that barrier up and go to sleep.”

“Okay, but just know I don’t like others trying to push me away. Dad and that weird lady made me grumpy when they put me to sleep when I didn’t want to.”

Tyth tried not to keep from crying, since this could be the only time she is able to converse with her child. As for the weird lady, her baby must be referring to Jaavi’s ghost she saw after Zied left to help Seiryuu.

“Okay, but just relax and no more panicking.”

She could sense the presence of her child already falling asleep after strengthening the barrier.

“Loaf you Mama…”

Tyth opened her eyes and all her senses came roaring back. Her child’s bond severed itsef and the presence in her belly easy off to a dull flicker. Looking straight at Renata, she jumped to her feet and lifted a fist. White energy crackled around it as her fingers flexed. The power itself is raw and at times, it felt too warm as it zipped around her.

“I am heading back.” She said as she cracked her knuckles and headed for the door. The screaming had lessened a fraction and she could faintly here earth resonating crashes that were most likely Brant and Zied fighting. Cutting her off from the door, Renata slowly reached for Tyth’s hands and held them gently.

“Not alone,” she murmured, ignoring her husband’s scoff at her words. Nodding at her, Tyth ran out of the door without warning and sprinted around the corner, keeping to the edges of the building away from the panicking mob. Only seconds must of passed by since her conversation with her child, and now she has the strength to help. Since this experience is new, Tyth assumes it temporary which means she needs to act very fast.

Falkor's hut came into view and it looked like the battle expanded past the large house's walls. As she grew closer, she felt a slight fissure vibrate through the air, and it had nothing to do with the cold aura emanating from Brant as he savagely sliced through suits in seconds. As she quickly scaled a building up to the roof, she noted the White armor's presence and how casually it flicked Brant backwards. As it advanced, she clenched her fists closed and jumped. The power the child gave her added to the strength in her legs, letting her gain height.

Somewhere behind her, she heard Serenata singing and Tyth felt her body falling back to the earth where Brant and Zied stood. Her foster father just had barely enough time to flinch backwards as agled her body downward to face the armor and she slammed her fist into the suit of armor as it came upon the two most important men in her life. The energy around her gathered at her fist, crackled and then the armor was thrust backwards. The air around them seemed to vibrate as Serenata's singing grew stronger, and the woman lifted her arms to further push the armor back. Tyth knew she had to take another swing if that thing is as strong as it looks.

She would have lunged forward after touching the ground had Brant not grabbed her elbow and yanked her back. From the angry look in his eyes, she knew she is in trouble. Serenata skidded to a stop not far away, her arms falling to her sides as she coughed to get her wind back. The White Seraph slammed into the far wall of the cavern, but even from that distance they could see it was still struggling to get back up.

"Brant, lecture me later. I talked to my child so they are not holding me back now. I am more than willing to fight, even if you boys think I shouldn't. Now that this place is discovered, no place above or below is safe. It is best we stay together. Even if it means the front lines."

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Ethereal on Tue Mar 12, 2013 10:31 pm

Tyth joined the fray. She had within her a fierce determination to fight, unlike when she was nearly killed by Lanrael inside Falkor's hut which left her broken. Brant now had swords, four of them to be exact and earlier he used a nifty little trick with his demon followers to slow down the white armor. How the old man managed to find his weapons remained a mystery to Zied, perhaps they were just lying around somewhere and he picked them up during the fight, he doesn't know or care. The important thing is, they now have an even better chance to stop the onslaught or at least level the playing field.

"I can't really say I'm glad you're here Tyth, but I am grateful all the same. At least I can keep an eye on you both."

Zied had worries, plenty enough for him to double the effort. His child and Tyth, whether they want it or not need protection. He already bit off more than he could chew by taking the rear guard position and yet what choice did he have? It was his duty, his responsibility as a father to protect them. He was nearing his limit, they had been fighting an endless onslaught of armors that kept pouring in from the hole and he was giving it all that he had and more with each swing of his red oriental sword. It was times like this when he wanted the power of the killer inside him. The other side of him that cared little for anybody and just simply enjoyed annihilating anyone who stands in his way. He had conquered and made peace with that part of himself long ago and promised himself not to use it ever again but as things stand, now was a good time as any to let the other him out.

But would that be the right choice? He would most likely endanger Tyth and Brant should he tap into that power again. Hesitating for a moment, one armor took the opportunity to strike at him. Barely able to react in time, Zied pulled his sword close and was able to block the axe that was meant to cut him in half. He could feel the muscles in his sword arm vibrating from the force of the blow and he nearly lost his footing had he not jumped back after parrying the axe.

"Damn it!"

Channeling some Ki into his blade to an extent, Zied slashed down immediately after regaining his footing. The force of his swing, powered by the Ki he stored in the blade generated a shockwave that ripped the ground apart as it traveled towards the Seraphs moving in on him. The axe wielding one who struck at him earlier was the first one to get hit. Arm and leg parts of the armor shattered upon impact but the shockwave still went through damaging other Seraphs unlucky enough to be caught in its path. Panting after his attack, Zied stuck the tip of his sword to the ground to stay up. His knees started wobbling and he soon realized he had been using Ki strikes for a prolonged period of time. His own Ki reserves may very well be running on fumes.

"Damn... no wonder... I feel heavy..."

Brant was still faring well against the Seraphs coming after him but he was also in no position to say he's not exhausted. His staggered movements and slow response are already showing his fatigue. The old man was also pushing himself probably way over his limit now. Tyth on the other hand was still fresh, she was decimating Seraphs left and right with her seemingly new found power. Zied smiled to himself, it had been quite a while since he last watched her fight. There was conviction in her blows and he could sense it, she also had worries of her own and it would not be good for her to see him weakening. Pulling his sword out as soon as he noticed the white armor coming again, Zied calmly walked forward.

"This thing doesn't know when to quit does it? Okay... Let's see how strong you really are! Come on you piece of junk!"

Zied could feel the fire in his spirit burning, his desire to protect them overwhelming his fatigue. There was no turning back now. These Seraphs need to be put in their place, and that was not in this existence. Ducking low to avoid several weapons aimed at his head, Zied countered with a Ki powered moon slash from below. Five Seraphs immediately faded into white ash and the shockwave from the slash disable a few more within his proximity. The man continued to walk forward to greet the white armor in a duel. His determination soaring to new heights, Zied gripped the hilt of his sword tighter when the white armor closed into his striking range.

The white armor stood in place for a few seconds as if measuring Zied before him. The man took the time to take a deep breath and figured he should make the first move. Zied's killing intent flared around nearly the entirety of the cavern and as fast as his sword arm would allow it, he slashed down at the white armor from above. A booming noise followed when his slash was greeted by a fist from the white armor's right arm and soon, they were in a deadlock. Grunting while trying to power his way through the deadlock, Zied found himself surprised when the white armor pulled its fist back nearly causing him to loose balance. It followed up with another attack using its left this time and Zied was forced to sway to the left, sacrificing his footing just to clear away from the attack. He felt the wind force behind the blow and was thankful he did not get hit.

Furious, Zied began a rapid all out attack, each of his swings infused with his Ki. Consecutive booming noises echoed within the cavern when slash after slash was blocked by the armor effortlessly. He was not even denting the armor's fist and all he could achieve was a chipped blade after their nearly blinding fast exchange. Zied was the first to back down from the duel and jumped back to gain distance but the armor would not allow it. This time it used its feet to attack, a roundhouse kick perfectly timed when Zied was still in range and his feet off the ground. Left with no choice but to block, Zied pulled his sword to a defensive position to his right where the attack is coming from. Reinforcing his guard with his free arm, Zied breathed in and waited for the hit to connect.


A disgruntled moan escaped his lips after receiving the kick from the armor. Even with his guard up and reinforced, pain still shot through his shoulders after taking such a heavy blow. Though it was not as strong or as fast as the ones he received from Eletos, surely the force behind the white armor's kick was one of those ranking with incredibly strong. Zied flew to the side but not wanting to give the armor any more advantage, he used his free arm to hit the ground and push himself back up to his footing. His pain tolerance is extremely high but Zied found himself clutching his right shoulder. The only thing that came into mind to explain the amount of pain he felt was that the armor could also use Ki infused attacks.

"You leave me no choice... Prepare to die!"

Just as Zied was preparing to tap into his forbidden self, a flash of purple caught his attention. It was coming rapidly from behind Brant and Tyth. Turning his head lightly to get a better look, Zied could only make out a blur but the purple haze slipped past the two, came into his range but went straight towards the white armor. Moments later, a deafening noise that sounded like metal breaking apart filled their battleground. It happened too fast and when Zied made sense of it, the armor was already sent flying back into where the hole was and another woman took its place, she was still in a kicking pose but the purple hair, grimy or otherwise that swayed along said it all... Seiryuu.


Kicking three more Seraphs that came too close to oblivion, Seiryuu spun around on her heel to face Zied, the white dust from the armors she just decimated with kicks falling down behind her. She smiled...

"Don't... call me that."

He was surprised. Surprised enough to make him forget that he was exhausted beyond normal limits. Zied couldn't believe that Seiryuu had gotten so strong.

"H-How did you--"

"Get so strong? That's a story for another time. It looks like you're losing your touch Zied. A thing of that caliber should not bother you much."

"Yeah right... It's on a whole new level! I can take it out had I not wasted energy with these small fries."

Seiryuu looked behind to see how the others were faring. The woman she hated was still in excellent fighting condition, Tyth probably noticed her already but the woman was too busy holding the line from Seraphs. Seiryuu noted that Tyth was now wielding a power akin to what she and Zied both shared. Scoffing at her discovery, the purple haired woman looked to the other side. The old man she did not know on the other hand was also spent like Zied. He would be the owner of the other large Ki presence she felt earlier along with Zied's while she was down fighting the dragon guardian.

Spinning to the right to deliver a well timed backfist counter to devastate a Seraph that dared to strike her from the side, Seiryuu followed up with a leg sweep to the one quickly approaching from behind her. When it lost balance, Seiryuu back-flipped and used her right knee to deliver a crushing blow that turned the armor to white dust. The cavern floors rumbled upon her knee's impact to the armor. Zied was in awe...

"You're not even using your katars anymore..."

"It's just that I don't need them for the likes of these. Pull back Zied, take those two with you and get to the top. Save your strength for the people will need your help. I can sense Seraphs closing in on them as we speak. Don't worry, I'll take it from here and seal off that hole."

"No! There's too many of them here! And there's--"

When Zied turned his head to point at the white armor, he was even more shocked to find that a single kick from Seiryuu was enough to cause severe damage to the white armor. It was able to stand back up after a long downtime but it lost its right arm and nearly half its chest. Sighing in disbelief, Zied gave in to her demands. He looked back at Seiryuu only to find that there were now multiple images of her attacking Seraphs left and right, even those that were engaged to Brant and Tyth. She was using extreme speed, enough to fool the eyes that she multiplied into many. When she was done, it was a rain of white ash and she was back where she previously stood.

"I won't say it again Zied... Go!"

Nodding in gratitude, Zied called for Tyth and Brant instructing them of Seiryuu's plan and telling them of the imminent danger the people evacuating were in.

"Let's go! There's plenty more fighting up top for us. Seiryuu can handle things here."

Letting out a battle cry followed by a maximum surge of her killing intent that spread outward from Seiryuu, she knocked back all Seraphs trying to close in on her with just pure pressure coming from her. She took one last look at the back of Zied before diving into the fray once more.

"Alright you abominations, lets get this over with!"

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Rogue.Ember.Shadow on Mon Aug 19, 2013 5:07 am

Uel wants so very much to continue being angry with Brant. To be justified in the fact that he is tied and indebted to a human who is responsible for dooming the world and saving it, but he cannot hold onto the fury for long. It leaves his body in a sigh of regret so deep it would have made the listener cry, had they understood the reasons behind it.

Appearing in his realm, Uel walks towards the girl who stares blankly at nothing for the past seven years. What he found shocking is the other beautiful woman kneeling in front of her.

Golden eyes the shade of the brightest sunset and long, wavy hair the result of midnight dancing with moonlight itself giving off the darkest shade of black he ever saw since their start of immortality, Uel inclined his head to her in a sign of respect and acknowledgement when he stops just a step away. It was the closest he could ever really come to showing he is glad to see her. Never again could he afford to tackle her to the ground and tickle her mercilessly like when they were children. Myrna could have had a happy human life, had she not been chosen for the hell they are living.

Her pale, slim hand cups the specter’s translucent cheek with a wistful and lost face. It kicked his thousand ton in weight of guilt to sink harder onto his heart at seeing her face look like that. Had he known he would be cursed to be useless in comforting the woman he loves, Uel would have told their Guardians to go fuck themselves. Clearing his throat, Uel knelt down beside her.

“Myrna, what are you doing here?”he asks gently, watching her face for every kind of movement.

She tilts her head to the left and traces her fingers down the woman’s neck to rest over her non-beating heart, “Thinking in awe how similar their story is to ours. All they sacrificed in the name of their loved ones. To protect them at all costs.”

He nods, not wanting to look away. A millennia had taught him when something bad is going to happen, and it is starting right now.
Turning towards him with glassy, unfocused bright eyes, Myrna curls her fingers angrily over the woman’s chest. Uel ignored the agitated vein twitching at his love’s throat. If he moves too fast, she could interpret it the wrong way and lash out at him suddenly.

“Is Brant still ignoring you?” she asks, pouting up at him. He lookes away while gritting his teeth as a new wave of frustration at the man’s name.

“Don’t worry, Myrna. It is my job to deal with him.”

Her glassy eyes blinked once. “You have been saying that for the last decade. Are you lying to me?"

Standing up abruptly at the same time she does, Brant reaches forward in a calming motion. They are forbidden to touch each other, but when she is getting upset he can do nothing to remind her of this fact. She grabs for his shirt and jerks it to the side angrily, and he feels the painful shock run through his body. Years of dealing with it have trained him in keeping his groans of pain to a minimum.

“Do I have to do everything myself?!” she screams in his face, clutching at his hair and jerking it hard. Uel ignores the pain as he tries to meet her eyes, but they remain unfocused.

“Myr, please-“

“You can’t get anything done anymore. Looks like I will have to do it myself!”

Uel’s eyes widened in horror. She could not descend, she couldn’t! If she went down there to Brant and unleashed her powers, it would mean torture for both of them! He moved to grab at her hands to still her, but her glassy eyes flashed a golden yellow and he was on his knees, the sudden weight of gravity keeping him there. When the day ended, she is the more powerful one.

Myrna stood over him angrily, the beat at her throat thumping irregularly. “Stay there until I return, Uellion. Again I will have to clean up your mess. CAI!!!!!”

Her scream echoes through the plane, and then a  cloaked figure appeared. Kneeling down with their head bowed, the newcomer focused on Myrna. Uel could not see their face since he is almost facing the floor and their back is facing him.

“My Goddess?”  Cai asked in a quiet, but clear feminine voice.

“Descend with me,” is her curt order, and Uel watches helplessly from the floor as they disappear together. Inside his heart breaks again at his inability to do nothing to stop them.

They are running through the darkness of the tunnels leading to the surface. Tyth can still not believe that they are leaving Seiryuu behind to fight on her own. But the people up above needed their help, with that little strength they had left. Tyth prayed hard that the other woman will survive.

Brant instructed them to take on a defensive formation before they broke through to the surface. There is a high chance it will be chaos up there, and so they needed to be ready for it. Brant will be in the lead, with Zied to his right and Ciro to his left. Each would have three Sinners behind them, creating a wall of offense. In the middle will be Tyth, Renata, her child and any injured. They are to keep moving at all times, looking for survivors to add to their formation.

It did not prepare them for the sight as soon as they broke free from the shadows into the light of the dim outside air. Earlier when the Seraph suits first invaded underground, there was panic and chaos, but now there is just silence that filled Tyth’s stomach with dread. They couldn’t be dead. Please don’t let them be dead…

A scuffling sound can be heard off to the north, and they all watched as Seraph shadows moved through the late evening mist, gathering bodies and piling them to one spot. Tyth’s hands clenched at the back of Zied’s back, shaking from the urge to vomit. Tears pricked her eyes as she saw more bodies being dragged. If there was so much as a peep or moan of pain, the Seraph simply punched them into silence. Her eyes scanned around them to find a survivor, but it seems they are too late. They had left Seiryuu behind for nothing, and now they are out in the open exposed to any attack.

“Do you see anyone?” whispered Serenata, her voice on the edge of crying. She is holding her child against her chest, making sure the little babe’s mouth is pressed against the skin at her throat to stifle any sudden noise.

Brant shook his head, looking around them to see any stray Seraphs, and his grip on his sword shook slightly, “I don’t see anyone. We are too-there!”

A hand is waving to them from some rubble and overturned earth near their right. The hand is small and Tyth wanted to cry since they knew it could only be a child. Ciro glanced around quickly and then rushed over to the child, gently moving the earth so he could pull the little boy free. He was shaking and was about to burst into loud cries had Ciro not clamped his hand hard over the boy’s mouth. Looking over towards the north again, he checked to make sure the boy was mobile before carrying him over their group and giving him to his wife.

Kneeling down to face the boy, Brant grasped him firmly on the shoulder and asked him if there were any others. The boy said like himself, some buried themselves underneath earth or tried to outrun the waiting suits of armor that were about to ambush the fleeing people. Most were cut down and dragged off to the north where they were preparing to take the bodies away. But the weirdest thing he noticed was that the suits of armor used the person’s blood to draw some strange symbol on their own arm. What it meant he did not know. Brant nodded and then met Zied’s grim gaze.

“They were ambushed. We’ll have to-“

A bright flash of light was seen and then a dark haired woman with a hooded figure kneeling behind her suddenly appears. If Brant looked irritated before, he is more than furious now. Myrna, the woman he hates in all the world. A Goddess he wants to kill more than Uel himself, with good reason. She is the reason he is stuck as a pawn for their kind’s orders.
Her unfocused, golden eyes narrows on Brant’s face and storms over in his direction. “Why haven’t you completed your duty yet? Why must you take so long?!”

Brant grits his teeth to keep from slashing savagely at her throat, knowing he could not kill her with normal weapons. It did not matter if his blades were enchanted with demon blood. To kill a god, it took something greater, but it is out of his hands.

“Myrna, what a pleasure. I just saw Uel so if you are here, you must be very angry,” Brant forced himself to speak with the most sarcastic tone he can muster.

Reaching him, the woman grabbed his throat, lifted him up and squeezed, her teeth gnashing in white flashes through her snarling lips. “Just die already. It is what will happen when you complete your promise.”

Tyth and the others moved forward, but Brant forced himself to wave them back. If they engaged her, they would die no doubt about it. He could not let that happen. All that he sacrificed for and lost would not be wiped out by this woman. So long as he still breathed, she could not really kill him. Not unless she wanted to be punished by his death. It looks like he would have to play one of his trump cards. It felt too soon though. He didn’t want to bring death another step closer, just to prove this crazy goddess wrong…

Luckily, Myrna seemed to remember she couldn’t kill him because he fell to his knees gasping for air, again. Why did these upper beings like suffocating him?

Sneering down at him, the woman crossed her arms over her chest. “It seems you need to be reminded again why you answer to me. Why I can end you and make you suffer. Cai!”

The hooded person had not moved since appearing stood up slowly and walked towards them. An arm pulled itself from under the cloak and they all could see long gleaming claws connected to a slim bronze colored wrist.

“My Goddess, the Seraphs are coming this way,” Cai warned, flexing her hand until the bones cracked from little use. Rolling her eyes, Myrna snapped her fingers and the suits froze in time. Smirking she beamed at the hooded figure. “That should bug their puppeteer, ha ha!”

As soon as the smile came, it disappeared into grim satisfaction. “Now for you Brant. Cai, erase their memories!”

That clawed hand raised and pointed towards Brant and his group. He cringed as he felt his mind being invaded, and that is always is painful. He clutched at his temple with one hand, knowing Cai is trying to keep him distracted while she erases everyone else’s memories of him . He felt panic rising in his chest. Tyth would forget him, she wouldn’t know him or remember their life up until now. She would never know Zied again, never to know a love so lucky to have been found in this messed up existence they all live.


He stumbled backwards as the others clutched at their heads. Reaching blindly behind him, he reached for Tyth, desperately trying to reach any open part of her skin. When his fingers grappled a hold of her shoulder, he turned around to meet confusion and pain in her light green hazel eyes. She is used to physical pain, but she is more concerned for the life inside her. He knows the love of a mother through Jaavi, and again that will have to be brought forth. Sliding his hand down until it presses against the flesh over her heart, he gave her the most apologetic look he could muster and then flared his inner power into her heart. She choked and wheezed from the sudden shock into her body. Clutching at her chest, she fell against Brant and began shaking.

“What are you….doing?” she whispers through her pain, tears falling down her face at the man she considers family.
Up in the astral plane, Uel notices the specter flinch violently one time.
Pressing his forehead against the woman he loves as his own blood, Brant coos her gently as he feels another surge of power from Tyth’s heart flare up to meet his, swirling and resonating around them as if calling out to something.

Myrna’s eyes widen in shock, realizing what is happening. “Brant, what have you done?!”
In complete and utter shock, the god watches as the specter slowly raises her head and then meet his eyes just before it is sucked downward towards earth.
Smirking triumphantly as Cai’s release over him is now severed from the power swirling around him and Tyth, Brant looks at the goddess and her minion over his shoulder. “Not me. Her.”

A cloud like flash suddenly struck down from above and entered Tyth’s body. The force threw Brant and everything else away from her. Myrna digs her nails into the earth to avoid being pushed back too far, fury lacing her face.

“This is forbidden, Brant,” she snarled at him as she pushes herself to her feet, suddenly appearing standing over Tyth’s kneeling body with a glowing hand raised. “It is time I end this!”

Her head bowed down so her hair hides her face, Tyth’s lips curve up into a sadistic smile. Lunging up to her feet, she punches the Goddess under her chin in a vicious upper cut. Mryna flies away with a loud grunt of pain.

“Oh no bitch! This is payback!” Tythlany yells out in a loud, brash tone. Brant smiles but Renata, after making sure her daughter survived the tumble, frowned in confusion. It is not like Tyth to sound…loud and obnoxious to such an almost immature degree. What is going on?

Mryna stands back up and a large mass of golden light swirls around her and concentrates at her hands. Throwing her arms forward with a furious cry, she sends her celestial energy in Tyth’s direction with deadly accuracy. The light zips forward but Tyth raises one hand, collects her own golden energy in a shield and Mryna’s attack reflects off it. The bolts of light scatter to her left and blast into the earth, ending the attack. Not missing a beat, Tyth flexes her hands and the two swords on Brant’s back come free and fly into his daughter’s grasp. Cocking her head to the side, she gathers her powers around her swords, causing the gray cracked blade in her left hand to turn a dark, shiny black as if coming back to life. Sending another wave of attacks, Myrna screams her fury at the large dust cloud she made. No one can see anything until they all spotted something rise from the top of the clouds too late.
Throwing the blade in her right hand, Tyth watches in glee as Mryna is thrown off her feet from the blade plunging into her chest and pinning her to the ground. Landing down softly next to her, Tyth smiles wide as she wiggles the sword, causing Mryna to scream in pain. “I’ve always wanted to pin such an ugly butterfly. But this one I will butcher.”

She just pulled the sword free when Cai suddenly lunges at her, claws open to tear her skin apart. Brant lunges forward at the same time, having just gotten to his feet but knows there is not enough time to draw his other sword. Skidding to a stop in front of Tyth, he grabs onto Cai’s wrists and deflects her attack by throwing her to his right. She rolls away, hissing at being thwarted but does not attack again.

“That’s enough, Jaavi.” He says, turning towards Tyth with a loving smile, “I know you are angry at her but you can’t kill her. ”

Everyone is shocked but Tyth’s body simply thrusts her sword’s tip into the ground and braces her feet apart in an attacking stance. Upon looking closer, the others can see her eyes are no longer hazel but a deeper shade of green and instead of her hair being white, it has turned a lighter shade of golden blonde. Other than that, Tyth’s body is unchanged.

Jaavi snarls at her husband and tries to push past him. “Move, Brant! She deserves to be ripped apart for what she did to us. To our children!”

The man simply rests his hand against her cheek, making her look at him. “And she will, but not by your hands. We already arranged for Tyth to justify our sins. Don’t forget this isn’t your body either.”

Sighing sadly, Jaavi rubs lovingly at her stomach. “I want to cry at how ironic it is that she is pregnant now of all times. Don’t you?”

Brant nods as he glances over at Serenata, Zied and the others, watching them with confusion. Noticing Zied’s concern, Jaavi smiles and taps at her heart. “She is still here, I am just borrowing her body for a few minutes. Its good to finally meet you, Grey. Thank you for loving Tythlany ”

Mryna stands up, shaking with anger. “You two plotted this the whole time? Bringing back Jaavi from the dead?!”

Jaavi just rolled her eyes and growled right back, “Wrong you moron. Bran summoned my soul here because when I “died” that day, I separated my soul into three pieces, shattering my own body and tied me and Tyth’s life-forces together because if I truly died, passing on our Blessings to Tyth would never happen. To think you killed me all because I was getting too close to harnessing soul energy.”

Myrna raised a hand to blast them away, but Jaavi just cracked her neck and raised her swords. The black one began to glow in golden light, causing the blade to hum as it surrounded in its own black mist. “I will kill you this time. Immortal be damned.”

That warning did not stop Mryna. Brant put himself in front of Tyth's possessed body, joined by Zied while the others braced themselves for the impact that never came.

Flashing in to the fray, Uel appears right behind Myrna and gripped her wrist to restrain her from attacking successfully. Arriving next to him is none other than Seida. Brant about fell over from his own shock at seeing the barmaid dressed in a flowing black robe and barefoot. Not to mention alive!

“Seida,” he gasps, “You’re a goddess?!”

She winks at him and gives a sheepish shrug of her shoulders. “Guilty. Just be lucky I took a liking to you, or no one would be able to stop Myr from killing you all. She’s just insane with destructive powers is all.”

He had no response for that while the small woman looks over at the possessed Tyth. “You have about ten minutes left before your possession is up.”

Looking over to Zied and Brant, she wags her finger at them both, “You are going to need to find Cain, get him to talk more about his brother and the Seraphs. If you don’t, you will not get an upper hand in this war.”

Seida then walks back to where Mryna, Uel and Cai are standing. Mryna has been knocked out and being held up by Uel who looks very sad. Cai is holding her arm as if injured. “Good luck everyone! I am rootin’ for ya!”

Jaavi steps forward, her black sword glowing gold again. Noticing the weapon, Seida frowns and lowers her arm slightly from just getting ready to leave.

“I want a full fucking guarantee you won’t screw over Tyth or her party like you did me and Brant. Or I will make sure every person who threatens you will know what these two energies combined can do.”

Seida’s happy demeanor dampens at the threat. “You have my word, Jaavi.”

With a wave of Seida’s hand, the immortals disappear and with their departure, the time freeze on the Seraphs is broken. They had just noticed Zied and the others and a few are walking in their direction. The young boy starts crying, his panic overwhelming his state of shock.

Realizing her time is almost up, Jaavi whirls around to Brant and holds his face between her hands. Tears gather in both their eyes as they hold onto each other. “You have to tell her the truth. No more stalling, understand? Explain everything.”

He nods and clenches his eyes closed, not bearing to see her leave him again. “I’ll make sure the Blessings are passed on. I promise.”

She moves to kiss him but he turns his face away. “This is Tyth’s body. Just know I still love you Jaavi.”

The swirling energy stars to leak out from her heart. Smiling sadly at him, she reaches up to peck his nose instead. “I love you too.”

The whirling power bursts forth and Brant lunges forward to catch Tyth’s falling body as the first piece of Jaavi’s soul ascends back up into the heavens. The second piece enters back into Brant’s heart and Tyth’s piece slowly fades away into her chest. Sighing heavily, the older man rests his head against Tyth’s for a brief moment while the sword which Jaavi had used fades back into its cracked grayish color on the ground beside them.

Ciro couldn’t help tearing his gaze away from the approaching Serpahs to stare down at Brant with wide eyes. “That was one hell of a wife you had.”

The man moved away from Tyth as she began to awaken.  “What she just did here is not even 10% of her real strength when she was alive.”

Ciro and his wife could only gape at that response. Tyth frantically was patting at her stomach to sense the baby, and when she felt it flicker with life she sagged against her father with relief. Then she realized what just happened and pushed him away.

“How dare you!” she screamed, slapping his face angrily to the side. “How could you two do this to me?!”

Wincing at the more pain added to his old body, Brant simply turned away from his daughter so Zied can comfort her. So much is happening and he needs rest. They all do, but not when constantly being hunted by Seraphs. Gathering Jaavi’s blades while keeping an eye on the nearing Seraphs, he grits his teeth at his last option. His own powers had lain dormant since he received them, but after seeing his wife wield hers gave him hope.

Walking towards the imposing suits of armor, he untied his second sword and held both to his right, gathering his celestial energy from deep inside himself. Tapping into this power made his entire body glow gold. His black sword, like Jaavi’s hummed in dark energy.

“Everyone brace yourselves. I am going to try and destroy all these Seraphs.”

It was big talk from someone who looked beaten, exhausted and in all honesty half dead. But he had to do something to give them time. He would never be as strong as his wife, but he would damn as well try.

He swung his swords fast in a long arc in front of his body, throwing two powerful waves toward the suits of armor, pouring as much celestial and dark energy as he could into one attack. The arcs of dark and white light were thrown towards the Seraphs and exploded, kicking up earth and hopefully their enemies into pieces. His arms sagging from the effort, Brant fell to his knees as he fought to catch his breath since the attack took all the strength he had left.

Despite her anger at him, Tyth looked curiously north along with the others to see if his attack worked.

Down below in the abandoned colony sat Lucrezia, her narrowed eyes zeroed on the doorway of the medical building she is hiding in. Ever since she volunteered to watch Cain, she had made the decision to literally stay at his side until her comrades were clear. But once Ciro had left the tent, she was just about to run after them when several suits started marching in her direction from the opposite street. She hung back inside the building, her weapons ready just in case they started routing through homes. All thought she prepared to fight tooth and nail for her life, no armor stepped foot inside the building. They simply marched through the streets looking for more prey. It was as if they could not sense her.

Earlier she noticed a purple haired woman had started tearing through suits of armor, but Lucrezia did not go to her aid. She held back, and asked herself why.

It was because of curiosity. She wanted to know more about Cain. It was not attraction, but mere…curiosity. Looking over at his lying form, walked over to him and reached for his face to check his eyes, see if they are coherent yet.

“Just who are you?” she asks quietly, tilting her head to the side as she stares down at him.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Ethereal on Wed Aug 21, 2013 11:44 am

What the hell just happened? Zied had seen far too much pain, death, suffering and a hell of a lot more confusion. Things just started happening all too fast for him to keep up in his fatigued state. He was expecting a battle right up when they get topside but there was only silence and the foul stench of death in the air. They were too late, far too late to save anyone else but a wounded kid. The Seraphs have begun piling up bodies of the slain, like trophies from a successful hunt. The man suddenly remembered why they were doing so.

The Seraphs will be harnessing the souls of the dead to create more of themselves to strengthen their military might. Just the thought of it was enough to sicken Zied and send shivers down his spine, even for a veteran fighter such as him. Just as rage was about to take him over, a being appeared out of thin air and suddenly made her way to their group, like she had known they were there all along. What's even more surprising is that she stopped the Seraphs on a whim to tackle her business with... Brant.

He couldn't make out much of what they were talking about but whatever it was, it sure sounded like Brant had quite a debt to pay to that woman. When things got out of hand, that was when it happened, Tyth was taken over by someone else. Her Ki just disappeared from the air and even though Zied knew that her body was still there fighting the woman, the one who owns it was not the one he loved.

It's good to finally meet you, Grey. Thank you for loving Tythlany.

Whoever that was knew him and what was going on between him and Tythlany. The confusion just kept on piling up even more, but looking for an answer that cannot be found was not going to help. The woman who came out of nowhere was incredibly strong. Her attacks involved an energy that Zied felt for the first time. It was strangely calm yet incredibly destructive.

Heal yourself as much as you can now! Had you been paying attention to the Ki flow in there, you should be able to tell what and how dangerous they are!

"Seiryuu? How--"

Just do it! You will not last a second against them in your current condition Zied! I'm almost done here and I'm coming up to help! Hang in there!

It was not as if he did not want to believe Seiryuu but seeing the body of Tythlany or Jaavi wipe the ground with that woman, it was hard to believe that she is that dangerous. Still, it wouldn't hurt to be cautious. Zied took heed of Seiryuu's advice and started to channel his Ki to heal his wounds, while withstanding the blasts of power that came their way consistently from the woman's attacks. The man began to focus on the energy of the woman, trying to identify what she was and thanks to the Dragon's Blood running in his veins, the answer became clear, the woman was a Celestial, a high ranking one at that.

Beads of sweat began to form around his neck. Zied felt a cold chill run down his spine as he watched the battle before him progress. A Celestial here? Now? And it was fighting their group! Just when things have gotten a little too serious, Zied immediately jumped in front of Tyth's body to shield her and his child from the incoming attack from the Celestial... but it never came. More of them had come down and a woman named Seida, restrained the woman called Myr from attacking any further.

An exchange of words followed between Brant and Jaavi. Zied tried to make sense of everything but it was beyond him. Whatever it is between Brant, Jaavi and the Celestials was something that happened long ago, before their paths even crossed each other. Zied watched in silence as the two old lovers gave their farewells but kept a wary eye towards the approaching Seraphs who have now begun to move. He was feeling so much confusion right now that he wanted to relieve some of the stress by swing his sword around at full strength.

He was already resuming healing himself when Jaavi finally gave up Tyth's body. He quickly rushed to Brant's side with great concern for his better half. When she woke up, she slapped Brant and demanded answers. Zied could only hold her close and calm her down. Emotions at this time should not be allowed to run free, they were not out of the frying pan yet and as it stands, there's still an issue with the Seraphs to deal with.

Brant volunteered to take care of the Seraphs on his own despite his greatly weakened state. To Zied's surprise, Brant channeled the same energy Jaavi wielded earlier, a mix of Demon and Celestial energy. He watched the old man launch his attack and shielded Tyth from debris and smoke coming from the blast when the attack landed. When the smoke cleared, white ash began to fall and nothing remained of the Seraphs. They were in the clear for now...

Out of the many that made it topside first, they were only able to save one kid in the end. After making sure that Tyth can hold her own again, Zied stood up in silence and looked around. There was just too much death in the air it was sickening him to the core. Brant's words rang inside his head. It was his decision to evacuate the people and this was the result of his action, death for the many that followed him. Zied felt his strength leave him instantly at the sight of the massive piled bodies the Seraphs did. His red sword fell to the ground as he took one step forward towards the pile.

He was gritting his teeth so hard he began to taste blood in his mouth as he dragged himself towards the dead. In the end, he was powerless to stop this from happening, there was nothing he could do to save these people who desperately clung to life. And he was planning to start a war against these Seraphs? What was he thinking?! Standing right before the pile of bodies, Zied couldn't help but notice the expressions on the faces of the dead, men, women and children alike. They were filled with fear, and agony. As he looked more, Zied noticed a stabbed woman holding her child close in a protective manner. Hope immediately filled Zied as he turned the woman over only to find that she was pierced through as well as the little child she so desperately tried to protect.

The sight of it was too much to bear. Zied could only scream out at the top of his lungs in great anger. His killing intent rose to new heights and responded to his anger with an enormous blast of pure Ki violently coming out of him as the center.


Seiryuu had just finished sealing the hole with her new found earth power from the scroll. She was able to fortify the ground itself and made the necessary changes in the earth's property to be as hard as steel. She had eliminated every single Seraph inside the cavern and there was nothing but silence in the air. Still, she could feel two individuals in hiding, one was a Sinner and the other was a demon, Cain.

She made her way cautiously towards where the two were hiding. She remembered how terrifying Cain was but now was a different story. She had obtained the Dragon Scroll and if Cain should decide to pick a fight, Seiryuu was pretty confident that she would come out on top. It was a tent, used for medical purposes by the people of the caverns. Her eyes locked onto one of them and she immediately sensed the agitation from the Sinner. Seiryuu refrained from drawing her weapons and continued to approach the tent cautiously.

Inside the tent, Cain's eyes flicked open and he immediately sat up with a serious look on his face.

"And so they decided to make their move..."

A startled Lucrezia in response trained her weapon at the young boy but he paid no mind to it. He was lost in thought and remained silent, not even looking at the Sinner who was with him. Cain felt the exchange of Celestial energy outside and even though with great difficulty, he managed to get his consciousness back. After a few more seconds of silence, Cain noticed a heavy presence approaching their tent. It was hard to recognize at first but a smile played on his lips shortly when he was able to discern who owned the presence.

"You there... we have a guest. Do not attack if you wish to live." Cain said to Lucrezia.

Shortly after, the tent's entrance parted and Seiryuu made her way inside. She ignored the Sinner at the side and stared down at Cain who was still sitting on the bed and greeted her with a faint smile.

"It is nice to see you again dragon kin. It seems you have made it through your ordeal. I am--"

"Shut up Cain! I have questions and you will answer me." Seiryuu replied fiercely.

The boy chuckled. "Grab a seat then and make yourself at home."

Irritated at Cain's demeanor, Seiryuu immediately drew her Katars and pointed each one to both of them. "Sinner, I hate your kind. Make one false move and your head rolls on the floor. Cain, do not test me. I am not here to play games."

"So am I young one." Cain replied and his expression changed from smiling to fierce.

"Are you going to keep pointing your weapon at me or are we going to talk? You felt it didn't you? Beings that are not from this world making their entrance? I'm sure you did with that new power of yours."

Seiryuu lowered her weapons. She grabbed a chair and sat on it facing Cain. She crossed her legs and her arms before her chest and closed her eyes. "What are they planning to do?" she asked.

Cain shrugged his shoulders. "I do not know. But their presence here means it is something big. They never meddle with the affairs of this land unless absolutely necessary. I heard it is one of their customs to let things play out and not to intervene unless ordered to."

"Why do you know so much about them Cain? Who are you?"

"Isn't it obvious Dragon Kin? I am the demon of fate. My real name is Lanrael, one of the strongest demon lords of the Astral Plane. I have crossed blades with them countless times in the endless battle of good and evil... or so as this world believes."

"Strongest you say? Astral Plane? Battle of good and evil? Hmph! Fine, if you say so. Who is Eletos and what is his true intention?"

Lanrael fell silent and Seiryuu did not appreciate the gesture. The boy's face turned softer and his eyes dropped their gaze to the floor. As it stands, Eletos is a touchy subject around The Demon of Fate. But Seiryuu is determined to find the truth.

"I will not ask again. Who is he and what is it that he truly wants?"

Lanrael took a deep breath and faced Seiryuu again. "Eletos is a human. He is a brother to this boy Cain who summoned me. That man is obsessed with gaining divinity, he wants to become the God of One. In the Old legend, it states that Celestia, the Astral Plane and your world used to be one and we have coexisted with each other in a single world under the rule of the God of One. However, due to our nature, the Celestials despised us and wanted to eradicate our kind. War broke out and you were the perfect pawns to use to aid us against them. Gifts, Artifacts, Blessings, superhuman abilities, these were bestowed upon your kind from both Celestia and the Astral Plane to fight our war for us. But the war did not last long for it angered the God of One. He divided his creation and separated Celestia, your world and ours into three interconnected dimensions. By doing so, The God of One was able to re-establish peace among the three races for a long time. Until we and the Celestials have learned how to cross dimensions into your world."

Seiryuu paused for a moment. What she was hearing now was quite hard to swallow but she continued to press on. "God of One huh? Is that why the Celestials are making their move? If they wish to stop Eletos then why are they fighting us instead of directly confronting Eletos himself? And what about your kind? Why are they staying idle like you?"

"It is not easy for the Celestials to do so. Celestial Energy is limited in this world. They cannot simply go down here and fight it out or else they would consume all the Celestial Energy and will ruin the very fabric of this world and drive it to destruction. If that happens, then they will have shattered the very foundation of the three dimensions. If your world perishes, so does their own and ours as well. As for my kind, we hate them. By helping Eletos, most of my kin thinks they would find a place with Eletos once he accomplishes his goal."

"I don't quite understand what Eletos is thinking. If he is aiming to be the God of One, what does that have to do with purifying this world if he can get help from your kind?"

"Hahahaha! Dragon Kin, your simplistic way of thinking and lack of understanding is amusing at best but I will tell you so listen carefully. You humans cannot set foot in Celestia unless you are in soul form. We demons who thrive in Dark Energy are banned from setting foot there as well. Why do you think Eletos is killing your kind and gathering your souls? The answer should be obvious. But that's not all that he is doing. Human souls are not enough to stand against a Celetial in their homeworld. Seeing as you can defeat his Seraphs with ease, do you think he would go to war with that kind of caliber for his soldiers?"

Seiryuu's expression darkened. "I didn't think so. What is he planning Lanrael?"

"It is simple. Brant, the man who is hell bent on killing a God continued his wife Jaavi's research of Soul Energy. Eletos heard of this research and did everything he could to get the basics of the research and start his own. He succeeded with help from my kind and a Celestial. He has perfected it even."

"Just what is this Soul Energy? Is this the same as Ki?"

Lanrael grew tired of sitting. He got up from bed and walked towards Lucrezia. He smiled at her and then turned his head back to look at Seiryuu.

"Take a good look at this specimen here. This is a failed example of a human experiment on Soul Energy. I assume by the way you hate these things, you know what they are capable of correct?"

Seiryuu nodded in agreement.

"Then you know how destructive these things are, considering they are a failed result. What if you fought a perfected one? How do you think you would fare against it? The way you are now of course."

"I would beat the crap out of them for sure."

Lanrael chuckled. He then turned around and walked back to the bed and sat once more.

"That's a bold claim Dragon Kin. How about if I ask you how you would fare against a Celestial? What would be your answer?"

"The same." Seiryuu replied with confidence in her abilities now.

"Hahahahaha! Your foolishness is also amusing. As you are now against a Celestial, you would be on even grounds if you fought here where Celestial Energy is limited. That is simply because their full force is sealed and lowered to a level where it would not require them too much Celestial Energy should they make a visit to your world. Still, they are quite formidable as you may have sensed earlier. But if you fought in their homeworld... you would surely die. They are Gods after all."

"Do not underestimate me Lanrael! I could definitely kill you right now if I want to!" Seiryuu hissed.

"And you should not overestimate yourself Dragon Kin just because you have gained half of the True Dragon Scroll. Yes you may have the ability to kill me but it will not be as easy as you think. I am still one of the strongest demon lords in the Astral Plane. Fighting me would be much harder than fighting a Celestial here in your world, that I can assure you since I don't depend on Celestial Energy. If you have the time to bear a grudge against me, you should best save your strength for your real enemy and for what is sure to come."

"Then tell me Lanrael, what is this Soul Energy that you speak of?"

Lanrael smiled and crossed his hands over his chest.

"Most of your kind believes that the body is the vessel for the human soul, but they are wrong. It is the other way around. The body serves as a shield for the true vessel, your soul. It is like an empty flask waiting to be filled. If the soul absorbs too much Dark Energy, the human becomes corrupted, and thus evil is born. If the soul absorbs too much Celestial Energy, good is born. That is how the soul works. Soul Energy is a careful fusion between Dark and Celestial energies giving birth to a new type of power that only a human soul can contain. That is Soul Energy, and it is strong enough to kill a Celestial in their homeworld. A Godslayer if you need an alternative term."

The news came as a shock to Seiryuu. She had learned so much from Lanrael who refused to be cooperative at first but now flaps his lips as much as he wants to. This rouses suspicion within the purple haired woman. Surely this demon has his own goals but she would leave it at that for now since he gave her valuable information. Just as Seiryuu was about to ask another question, the earth rumbled and she immediately felt Zied's killing intent filling up the tent in an abnormally strong downpour.

"What in the world is going on up there? I thought they were done fighting!"

Lanrael closed his eyes and smiled as he bathed in Zied's killing intent. It was as if he was taking pleasure in the emotions that came along with the burst.

"That man now understands his predicament. He is pained and yet he knows he is one of the few who can make a difference. He wants to give up and yet he knows he cannot do so for the sake of those he loves. He wants to take action and yet he knows just how powerless he is against fate. Ahhh such helplessness! Hahahahaha!"

Seiryuu began to wonder how Lanrael could even decipher so much with just feeling Zied's killing intent when all that she was able to sense was incredible anger from the man. Pissed off at the demon, she walked out of the tent in a hurry to go topside and check on Zied.

Alone in the tent with Cain once more, Lucrezia slowly approached the boy.

"Why can't the Celestials stop this Eletos?" Lucrezia asked.

"I have no interest in talking to a puppet. But if you must know, Eletos is no longer a human. Not even a Celestial or myself can compare to him now. Eletos... He is something more... divine."


Inside his crystal tower, Eletos sat gracefully in his crystalline chair. He was deep in thought when a sudden gust of wind made its way inside the tower and brushed against his face. The man closed his eyes and savored the breeze he felt and a smile slowly formed on his lips.

"So he survived after all... interesting. hahah... hahahahah! Ahahahahahahahahaha!"

His laughter echoed throughout the tower as the Seraphs continue bringing in bodies from all over the place for soul harvesting. On the same floor, an elegant red armor made its way to Eletos' chamber.

My lord... please forgive my intrusion. But I have to report that They have made their appearance and that taking over the Caverns was a failure.

"I already know that they won. Mika... you are my finest creation yet. You should not worry, I also know that they confronted that old man. If They have begun to move then so shall we... soon."

Yes my lord. Then I shall take my leave and continue the mission you gave me.

"Take them with you just in case... I'm pretty sure all of you want to meet her again. That woman with purple hair. Remember, you are to simply test your own capabilities against them. They are not your true enemies my Godslayers."

Yes lord Eletos.

The armor bowed in respect and began to walk away from the chamber. The smile on Eletos' lips still lingers as he watched the moon slowly rise in the darkness of the sky.


Seiryuu walked past the remaining survivors holed up in the tunnel that leads outside. They were all exhausted, the expressions on their faces grim. It was more than enough to tell her that everything went sour topside. Just as she reached the end of the tunnel, she recognized familiar faces at the tunnel's end. The old man, Tyth, the woman named Serenata and her husband Ciro, but Zied was nowhere to be found. All of them were looking at one direction and they all seem to have failed to notice her arrival.

"Where's Zied?" She asked.

Nobody seemed to want to answer so she turned her gaze to the direction they were looking at. There in the far side of the field, she saw him alone, digging graves for the pile of bodies that the Seraphs have killed.

"What is he doing? Why aren't you helping him?!"

Brant scoffed and turned around. The sight was already too much to see and the exhaustion was already taking its toll on his old body. "Because he refused to be helped. He feels responsible for the deaths of the innocent people he is burying right now... that is all that I can say."

"What about you huh?!" Seiryuu hissed at Tythlany who looked like she had just finished crying her eyes out. "You're just going to sit here and watch him suffer this burden? When you are also equally responsible? What kind of a woman are you huh?! You should--"

"Woah! Woah! Easy there warrior princess." Ciro butted in. "The Black Dragon even refused Tythlany's company. He made it quite clear that he intends to be left alone from that overwhelming killing intent earlier. So I would say leave him be. He will come to his senses on his own."

"You idiot! All of you think you understand what he feels but none of you really do! Grow a pair and stop telling me what I should and should not do!"

It began to rain hard when Seiryuu refused to be stopped and stepped out onto the field. She walked towards Zied with tears in her eyes hidden by the rain. Perhaps it was her emotions affecting the surrounding this time. When she neared the man, Seiryuu stopped and drew her Katars.

"Draw your sword Black Dragon!"

"Leave me alone... Kaede."

Irritated, Seiryuu rushed in with incredible speed and delivered a roundhouse kick hitting Zied squarely in the jaw. The man did not dodge nor raise his guard to defend. He took the blow that caused him to lay flat on his back, jaw hurting and vision spinning around. The rain continued to pour harder as he felt each drop hit his face.

"I said draw your sword. The next attack will kill you if you don't."

"Do it Kaede... I should be dead with these people."

Zied's remark irritated Seiryuu even more. She leaped high into the air and pulled her left hand back, her Katar trained at Zied's throat. Still, she was not able to get any defensive reaction from the man. She landed on top of him and thrust her Katar's blade forward but stopped when the tip lightly pierced the skin on Zied's neck. It caused a trickle of blood from the wound that was easily washed away by the rain. The anger at seeing the man she admired weakened to this state was beyond Seiryuu's understanding. Zied was never one to give up so easily. Even in the face of the greatest danger, he would throw himself forward and give everything he has to win. That was the kind of Zied Grey she held in mind. Seeing him like this simply crushed her more than when he chose Tythlany over her.

"You... stupid... idiot..." she said in sobs and dropped both her katars. There was no response from Zied, not even a slight sound of disgust or a wisecrack from him. He was devastated and it was enough to tell Seiryuu that there is nothing more that she could do for him but one thing. Struggling to regain her composure, she muffled the sobs and looked at Zied's eyes who stared back at her deep purple ones.

"Don't... make her... cry..."

Seiryuu stood up, wiped the tears and rain away from her eyes and walked away leaving Zied lying on the ground under the rain. Ciro who had been watching all the time turned to Tythlany.

"Hey... go to him. This is one of the times where he needs you the most. Right now, you're the only one who can help him snap out of it."

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

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Her anger towards Brant and Jaavi threatened to consume Tyth, but when Ciro spoke it was like icy water was splashed into her face. Like someone took a large slab of ice and just slapped her with it.Brant was not the issue right now. Zied is, and she pushed herself to her feet. Her questions and stings of betrayal can wait.

The rain poured down around them in a heavy sheet of water. Tyth can make out Seiryuu walking away from Zied, rejected and in pain but she knew the proud warrior would never accept help from the likes of her. They have come as far as they can, with only the man they both love to link them. Reaching Zied who still lay in the muddy earth near the graves he was digging, she falls to her knees beside him. His eyes look so lost, so full of failure and pain. It was all she could not to cry for him.

Reaching down to pull his head into her lap, she leaned over him to shield his face from the rain. Caressing his cold,damp cheek, she tries to smile but cannot find the strength. Even saying 'sorry' feels needles to utter right then. So she does the next best thing. Tyth speaks from her heart.

"You have a kind heart Zied. I know this because I have seen it. I have felt it. You failed on such a level, you cannot find the strength to live with yourself. So mourn then. Cry if need be. Let your soul sing for theirs because it was the fact you cared that means so much right now."

Further behind them, Serenata seemed to understand the situation without hearing them and also stood to her feet. Letting go of her husband's hand as he cradled their surviving daughter, she straightened her shoulders. It was time she really helped her sister. Humming low in her throat, she walks out into the rain spreads her hands up to the skies as if welcoming the descending droplets  to the earth. Raising her voice, she begins to sing in a low and haunting song that seems to resonate through the rain into the air around her. Throwing her head back, soaked and heavy with rain, she throws water around her as she extends her arms viciously around her body to the tune she is singing. It rises in rhythm, it slows in tone and resonates with meaning of sadness and loss.  As she continues to sing her requiem of the dead and dancing in circles through the mud and rain, it happens.

Lights at first begin to faintly flicker upon the ground above the many dead bodies. As Serenata sings and dances, they grow stronger in their opacity until they are fully light filled orbs rising from the ground. The souls of the dead that were not taken from their bodies have been raised by this woman's one voice. As the height of her voice reaches almost screeching highs in the power of her throat she is using, the souls are raised up into the sky.

Tyth watches along with everyone else in awe. Songstresses are singers for the dead, letting their souls find peace after their death. To actually witness a aria or requiem performed at such a scale of death is rare indeed.  They are the reapers of tragedy.

Looking down at her man, Tyth wonders if this touches him at all."See Zied? They are at peace. No one can hurt them now."

As Serenata nears the end of her performance, feet sliding in the mud as her arms start twitching from exhaustion, Tyth holds onto Zied's hair tighter. He wasn't moving or responding at all. His body had not moved since she can see the reflections of the last of the souls rising upwards with no problem. Why is he being so unresponsive? Why does he have to look so defeated? Just what did these people take from Zied that she had to fight so hard to bring back? It is too much for her to bear to see him like this.It was almost as if he is already dead....

Her patience snapped. She may be more patient and mature than when they first met, but there were just some things she cannot stand and he always brought out the shortest fuse in her.

"Are you going to keep lying here? Wallowing in your failure? In your regrets and self loathing? You are not the only one living this life Zied.We all failed today. We all tried and lost in this battle. But that is just what this is. A battle. The war has always been raging it seems.We just didn't know were in the battlefield as pawns."

Tyth moved her lap out from underneath his head, watching him fall with a loud wet sound as his head splattered into the fresh mud.

"If you lay there any longer, it will mean you are giving up on everything you hold dear and see is right. You are giving up on me and this child, and that Zied is weakness. When did you become so weak that you had to give up so easil-"

A soft hand gripped Tyth shoulder, and she almost wrenched it away in anger had she not seen it was Renata and the pain filled gaze she wore. The woman pointed towards the dead mother and her child that had died together and how they were drug from the others, the first to be buried. Tyth blinked slowly then rested a hand on her stomach. The gesture was almost instinctive since they found out she was expecting.

"That will not be me," she vows savagely to Zied and the other woman."I lived this long, finally made a place for myself and my family. I will not see it ruined before it has time to begin! You taught me that Zied!"

She stomps her foot in a childish gesture and seconds later, a loud rumble echos through the the wet ground. It is so unbalancing that Serenata slips onto her behind and Tyth tries to stay on her feet by falling to her hands and knees up in mud. They both look at each other with concern then at Zied who still had not moved.

"What was that?" Serenata asks as she hand signaled her husband near the cave entrance that they were fine. One of the perks of being a former military captain's wife.

Tyth frowns as she looks around,waiting for an aftershock but there is none."I have no idea but I think that just means we need to get a move on. We have been in one place for too long. We will gather what supplies we can salvage from the village below and head out tomorrow morning."

Looking at Renata, she starts to say more when she notices the look on her face. It is one of shock and dread, looking up to the sky. Faintly she can make out orange streaks in the reflections of her eyes and Tyth whirls around to follow her line of sight. Her mouth falls open as she begins to see cracks of light streak across the sky while tiny asteroids began to fall from the sky, heading straight for them.

As if to mock them, she can hear Myrna's ethereal voice chuckling in the air around her. Blinking, she whirls around to see for a spit second the Cai person standing off in the distance. Then the figure is gone when she blinks again and Tyth throws herself to her feet, breathing hard as the mist and rain around them slowly begins to turn orange and red.

"Ah shit."

He forces the human known as Scythe to use Beezaleel's powers to transport them into Eletos' lair. Now is the time to offer a deal to the man who had what he needed to accomplish his goal.

Stepping from the shadows, Scythe walks through the large building only to freeze moments too late. Someone is there and it is the person Beezeleel wants.The man wasted no time revealing himself to them, his gaze blank but the demon can feel the boredom in those eyes.

Not wasting a moment, Beeze forced his voice through the human to Eletos. "I have a deal for you, human. One in which I will only offer once. I have knowledge of the future that can benefit both of us. We can turn the tide to where we are the ones truly victorious. You will need a girl and her child to accomplish this. No matter what, they are powerful but certain events need to be changed. They need to be isolated in order to destroy their foretold destiny. Killing them will only weaken us further. In exchange, I want some of your suits of armor to use to free my kin. We are of no threat to you, only to those who banished us thus. Also once I am back in this world physically, I can help you with your brother concerning Lanreal. Demons should deal with just demons."

He forced the human's hand forward slowly with his palm up. Scythe blinked once, as if he is dreaming but Beeze stretched his lips in a sort of creepy smile. "Do we have a deal?"

"You should not have done that, Myr," says Seida sadly as she watches the meteors descend to earth in the area of Tyth and her party. The goddess had the attack ready once they appeared back in their respective realm. It was as if she knew what was going to happen which meant only one thing and she can already feel it. The flow of time is slowly altering. Whatever is happening, someone has come from the past or the future to change these events. Seida had little experience with this sort of thing since it is forbidden. Whatever drove Myrna to this had to be extreme indeed.

"Why?" the restrained goddess demanded gleefully from her place at Seida's feet. Once they appeared, Uel summoned a net that restrains their kind until they are taken off by the person who cast it. The goddess looked happy to have caused such pain and chaos, and they all knew her being just a smidgin on the side of insane was not helping matters at all.

Seida crouched down to be eye level with her. "You hate them for things I have done. It does not make sense."

The woman grinned wide with teeth flashing."That is because you do not know what I do."

Narrowing her eyes, Seida reached forward to pull the insane woman towards her until their foreheads are pressed together. "What have you done?"

"What I had to. Everything Jaavi loved, everything she worked so hard for will be destroyed."

Uel sighs heavily from behind them both. He had heard this rant one too many times. "Jaavi was just trying to live as a human, Myrna."

The goddess shook her head and started laughing. "No she was trying to break free of nature, and I will forever hate her for it because she was able to do it, and I cannot."

Uel looked at Seida who stood back to her feet and frowned as he noticed what was happening to her body. The blonde woman was shaking as realization hit her. "You messed with Time. You brought someone here. You cannot do that, Myrna! The counter ripples affects all of us!"

Myrna merely shugged and almost seemed to cuddle further in her restraints. "Then I guess you all are going to hell with me. I will happily go if it means I am free from this existence."

Seida staggered back while Uel seemed to turn even paler at the horror of it all. Myrna was willing to destroy every single person in this universe if it meant it would free herself. They all are going to die, and had no idea how to stop it or when.

It is very annoying to be belittled and ordered around like some idiot, but Lucrezia knew she is very much out of her element with these two. The woman she noticed has a formidable hatred against anything to do with Sinners. The boy she never trusted, and now with how they treated her she just wanted to push him into a fire pit or something. Talk about rude.

"If you will not listen to a puppet, maybe you will at least acknowledge this."

Digging the edge of her battle axe into the dirt floor, Lucrezia carved lines until it created the same symbol now marking the back of Brant's hands. Four linear boxes placed diagonally from each other with a smaller circle in the middle to connect them all. It is a demon clan insignia of the Nishantos demons who specialize in shadows and making most of the nightly hours.

Then drawing underneath the clan symbol, Lucrezia writes out a name in demonic letters that Brant specifically taught her for this moment.The letters spell the name BEREZI. It is Jaavi's true demon name, since the name she died with is merely her human name.

Looking over at Cain, she smirks lightly. It must be a slap in the face to be reminded of one of the other strongest demon families in the Astral plane. Jaavi's father and his children were powerful in their own right to have almost become King of the demon world..

"You know who this is and the sins she committed to all demonkind. She is the reason you can never go back to your original body since the Astral plane has been severed from this world."

Leaving the writing on the floor to mock the demon, Lucrezia heads towards the door then stops right in front of the boy possessed. Right now she is feeling courageous and brave to be talking so rudely to a demon lord of Fate, but she does not care. He needed to be reminded that he does not control her. Glaring at him with anger making her eyes glitter brilliantly with emotion, Lucrezia whips a hand out and slaps him hard on the face as he was too distracted by looking at the writing on the floor.

"We may be pawns to you, but at least we are born in the middle of your worlds to have a choice in picking sides. You don't."

Walking away, she jogs a couple houses away before she sags against the side of the building. If she stayed back there any longer, she would have been overcome by the presence of the demon and the fact he could killed her if he really wanted to. But she wanted so much to just defend herself against someone who makes her sound so small and insignificant.

Shaking it off, Lucrezia makes her way up to the surface to find herself standing at Brant's back of all people. It is raining outside the tunnel's opening and she wraps her arms around herself to keep what little warmth she has left.

When she walks up to his shoulder and whispered what she witnessed with Lanrael, she waits patently waits for his orders.

Brant just sighs and covers his eyes with one hand."To think I fooled myself into thinking I would have more time."

"What do you mean?"

Looking straight at her, Brant smiles sadly and pats her shoulder. "It means I am going to have to-"

A loud explosion of mud, fire and rocks explode just a few feet from the cave. Steaming mud and rocks spray everyone,others being knocked off their feet at the collision. Looking around, Lucrezia notices that it is raining fire and another one is about to come down on them. Not knowing what else to do, she covers her head and prays.

It is as if a hand is pressing against the middle of her back, urging her forward. Tyth frowns, looking over her shoulder to see no one but then a faint voice is in her ear. At the edge of her senses is Jaavi, whispering something.

Save them. You can do it.

Even now, the woman is wanting to help her. Tyth wants to summon her anger back when she feels a warm sensation in her right hand's fingers, then Jaavi's sword zips into her grasp. Once her skin makes contact with the metal, the weapon begins to glow and hum in her hand like it did before.

"You want me to use this?" she's growls to no one, since Serenata was already slipping in the mud trying to scramble to her husband and daughter. The fright in her eyes seems to numb Tyth in place as she realizes that a deadly meteor shower is coming right for them and she has no idea how to even begin to defend herself.

As if in annoyance, the presence in the back of her mind flashed a replay of when Jaavi pinned the goddess to the ground effortlessly, how Jaavi had swung the blade.

Tyth looked down at Zied and gripped the sword tighter. She will not give up on him. He is worth it, even if his spirit is broken. Now is the time for her to be a pillar of strength for them both. Lunging forward, she pulls Renata back. Throwing her into the mud by Zied, Tyth jumps up and swings the glowing sword and bisects the meteor in two. The halves fall away, landing on either side of Zied and Renata by just a few feet.

"Stay here with him!" she yells at the woman as the others start running towards them. If they stayed in or near the caves, they will be crushed by debris. Another meteor is falling towards the cave where Brant is still standing and Tyth jumps up again, swings. The arc of light thrown from her blade cuts the meteor in pieces, showering the cave with flaming bits of smaller fiery rock. She looked through the dust to see Brant had tackled Lucrezia back into the cave and they were already forcing themselves back to their feet.

"Everyone, stay in the middle where I can circle you. I'll keep the meteors at bay!" she yells to the others as Ciro, the Sinners and the boy run to her side. It had stopped raining but the clouds above had not dissipated. More lighting streaked across the sky as meteors continued to fall. She wondered if it would ever stop.

Jumping and swinging, she continues to destroy as many meteors as she can.

"Zied!" she yells out as she runs about to aim for the next closest falling meteor. Several others that had fallen further away had burned into the ceiling of the tunnels below and broken through. Brant had tried to help her but is still too spent and exhausted to call on any of his powers.

"You taught me to face the ugliest parts of myself. You showed me what it is like to be loved. Unless you want to lose what we have now and joins those villagers who just died in the afterlife, I suggest you get your ass up!"

Brant had signaled her to use his sword. Tyth nods, digs her plain sword into the ground at the same time he throws her his blade. Once she catches it, his blade glows as well and she slices twice as much into the meteors.

"I really don't want to face these Gods all by myself! Don't you dare let this child face this world alone like we had to!"

Her left boot hits a watery bit of mud and she sinks to her knee. A meteor is falling too close and she screams out Myrna's name while attacking it twice from her position. The attacks don't shatter it but has just enough to  push it off its descent on her friends. Brant and Serenata watch worridely from the group, knowing she can't do this by herself forever. They look down at Zied who is still lying at their feet, not having moved. What will convince him to snap out of it?

"Now is really not the time to be reckless," says a miffed feminine voice above his head in the standard tongue. Hazael blinks his eyes open into the bright light of the sun as his older sister Jada leans over him. Her hands are propped on her hips which always meant she is angry at him for something. Her wavy and long tresses of deep blue hair flow over her shoulders as her bright blue eyes snap with a fire of zeal and life. He has the same coloring, but his skin is paler to her more tanned hue. A white horse with a pale blonde mane nuzzles at her cloaked shoulder, looking for attention.

Yawning from his place on the ground, he stretches and attempts to get up but she puts her boot on his chest to press him back down.

"I was lucky to get here before the rest did. Are you out of your mind?!" she demands while crouching down to face him, reaching forward to the blood covered scratch on his cheek.

"It seemed like the best idea at the time. At least this way they will be more interested in these suits than us. I am tired of them watching us like we are the enemy when its the other way around," he grumbles while spitting some blood to the side.

"I don't like faking this if it wasn't for a good cause which is why we are here. I won't mess this up."

She nods just as a the thunder of many hooves grows closer. Jumping over the rise into the sun is a masked man with a long red haired braid riding his horse hard to get to them. He is followed by leagues and leagues of mounted soldiers in black cloaks hemmed with silver. They circle Hazael and Jada, their leader breaking the whirl of animals to pull up in front of them. General Akris is anything if not authoritative.

"Did you do this?" he asks while Jada helps her brother to his feet, propping his body against her shoulder.

Cupping his ribs, Haz valiantly fought against the urge to roll his eyes. "No. I was thrown into the ground when all of them suddenly vanished. I am lucky to be alive."

Thanks for asking, you jackass.

"Hmph, get on your horse. We are going to keep going until night falls." With that, the iron faced General turned towards the now still surrounding mass of his soldiers like a curtain in the wind.

Haz bit his cheek to keep from saying something rude while his sister pulls his horse over that is tethered along with hers. He shakes his head and nods his head towards her. She remounts and pulls him up behind her. Akris' second in command Taris stares at them then joins his commander.

Switching to their mother's language Fartharnian that no one in this company speaks except these siblings, Hazael grits his teeth against his sister's ear.

"I really hate this."

Jada just snorts and pats his hands that are wrapped around her middle. "Just sleep. It must have taken too much out of you to restraint all the power."

She takes once last look at the large crater in which she pulled him out of and the faint burnt marks on the ground where the many Seraph suits used to be. The earthquake she felt an hour earlier had told her he had accidentally let some of his power out during his skirmish with the suits. But the lie he told earlier covered that fact he had destroyed the suits on his own.

Gripping his hands tighter as she guided them after Akris and his army, Jada looked up to the sky miles  and miles away. All the clouds are dark and a faint streak of lightning can be seen where currently above this is sunny and bright.

Continuing in their second language, she straightens her shoulders as her brother rests against her back, "Please don't do that again. The Gods cannot know we are here or our chance will be lost."

He just mumbles against her back and sags into slumber.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Ethereal on Mon Oct 14, 2013 12:59 pm

"I was wondering when you'd show up. I was beginning to think you got lost in my sanctuary." Eletos greeted while sipping wine from a crystal cup.

His eyes flicked to the left to gaze upon the figure that made its way to his chamber. A man, probably the same age as Zied walked into the moonlight and stopped a good distance away from his throne. Eletos simply smirked and returned his gaze to the crystal cup and its crimson red contents.

"I have a deal for you, human. One in which I will only offer once. I have knowledge of the future that can benefit both of us. We can turn the tide to where we are the ones truly victorious. You will need a girl and her child to accomplish this. No matter what, they are powerful but certain events need to be changed. They need to be isolated in order to destroy their foretold destiny. Killing them will only weaken us further. In exchange, I want some of your suits of armor to use to free my kin. We are of no threat to you, only to those who banished us thus. Also once I am back in this world physically, I can help you with your brother concerning Lanreal. Demons should deal with just demons."

Eletos listened to the voice and the words it spoke, his eyes retaining that blank stare into his cup. Yes, it was the voice of a human speaking to him now, and yet he felt disgusted at the words it spoke. Before him lies another human who attempted to evolve on their own and took the wrong path... to rely on demons for evolution, to allow themselves to be used to their petty purpose. He could not stand it.

"You. Is it fun to be bound by them so much?" he asked not the other presence but the man who owned the body. Even though he knew that the man will not be able to respond until the demon loosened its grip on him.

Eletos stood up and walked a few steps away from his crystal throne. He stared far away into the distance ignoring the other half of the man that wanted to talk to him. He just simply felt he had nothing to say to that creature. He did not wish to hear its voice once more but it spoke again, still with that same tone as if it thought both of them existed on the same plane.

"Do we have a deal?" it asked.

What did it say earlier? It had knowledge of the future that would be very beneficial for both of them? Eletos heard what it said perfectly clear but knew otherwise. There is no absolute future! This demon dare take him for a fool just because he used to be human. It almost made him laugh so hard.

"You think you can waltz into my chamber like that because of this man's power is it not demon? Let me tell you this then... I allowed both of you to come here because you have something of value that I might be able to use. You were not able to come here on your own as you so foolishly believe."

Eletos turned to look at the man in his chamber. The boredom in his eyes now gone, replaced by hatred. His piercing gaze was enough to put the demon controlling the man on edge, it was evident in its body language. It fears him. Eletos took one step forward. The tension between them immediately rising as he did so.

"You talk of what I need yet you have no understanding of what I am trying to accomplish. What my true goal is. You came to me in hopes of seeking salvation from your cursed fate and rule the middle world. Your kind is disgusting!"

Eletos heard what closely resembled a hiss from the throat of the man standing before him after his remark. It made him smile. "I have no need of your help nor am I interested in lending you my power to further your petty cause. Your brethren are of little import to me or my goal."

Perhaps he had said too much. The demon broke out in anger using the man's voice to retort. "You dare think you are above us you filthy human! You would never be able to stand where you are right now if it wasn't for our help in the past!"

"A shame indeed that I had to seek help from your kind back then. But yes demon. It is exactly because I am human that I am above you and the rest of your kind. Here... let me show you what a human can do!"

With a simple kick to the floor, Eletos closed the distance between him and the man in just a split second. He delivered a powerful blow to the man's stomach and watched him slowly fall to his knees. Towering before the man, Eletos' eyes filled with disgust stared at the pitiful form cowering in pain.

"If you think you are strong enough to deal with Lanrael once you get your physical form back, then you are sorely mistaken my demon friend... but it should be, at the very least, entertaining."

One hit and Eletos was able to realize the potential of the man this demon brought him. Although his soul is far corrupted by dark energy, it was not irreparable. He hit the man with a fist full of Celestial Energy in it's purest form. Had he been wrong about the man's potential, it would have been a fatal blow. That attack slowly began to sever the ties that bind the man to the demon.

"Beeze was it? In exchange for this fine specimen you brought me... I will grant you temporary command of one of my Godslayers. I will have Jin sent to the Astral plane to meet you. IF you ever try to cross me, Jin will kill you and your entire kind. If you also think my masterpiece cannot do it, I dare you to try. Now begone you pest!"

No longer feeling the dark energy from the man, Eletos knelt before him and watched the man's pained expression.

"Would you like to attain a power you never thought possible for you?" he asked with a faint smile. "I see in your eyes a thirst like no other. What is your name?"


Berezi... How long has it been since he last heard that name? Far too long. The Sinner made him realize something important with these writings. Though not as important as what the events occurring now would be, in the future, the fate of this land is at stake. The wheel that has long been set in motion, among the shadows lies another threat.

"You know who this is and the sins she committed to all demonkind. She is the reason you can never go back to your original body since the Astral plane has been severed from this world."

"We may be pawns to you, but at least we are born in the middle of your worlds to have a choice in picking sides. You don't."

He never thought he would be schooled by a failed experiment, but her words rang true. Berezi was the one who collapsed their means of traversing the dimensions. Why she did so remained a mystery to many but Lanrael knew that it was for a measly emotion called love. Berezi was also the very reason the demons that were summoned before she sealed the Astral Plane got stuck in the middle world, and those that have been confined in their world, clawing for a way out. Now the seal is weakening, close to being broken. Among the clan names that Lucrezia wrote, one stood out the most, the Nishantos Demons.

"I must have been stuck in this world far too long to forget the demonic seal. Surely Brant taught this puppet to write this seal knew something... but what? Is Nishantos on the move already? I assumed it would be a hundred years further but could it be due to Eletos that they..."

Lanrael finally realized it. It was the man Scythe that worked with Brant before who weakened the middle world seals that directly affected Berezi's own seal in the astral plane. It had been too long since he felt this worked up over something he deemed trivial before but now was not the time to dawdle, it was a time to act. Biting the tip of his index finger and using the blood from the wound, Lanrael drew a small seal on the ground and stepped on it. After chanting a few words, he teleported out of the tent into one of the five middle world seals Jaavi and Brant created.

He watched the cracked obelisk glow ominously dim. Doing the same seal and chant four more times, Lanrael visited the other seals and saw the same thing.

"Now this could be a problem... Perhaps it's time to seek out the other humans who also thrive in the sidelines for help."


Now the skies turned dark and along with the lightning and thunder came meteors. Although they were not big enough to decimate much of the land, they were plenty enough to kill the remaining survivors from the cavern. Seiryuu sensed them coming and hurried back out of the cavern. She was just about ready to resign herself to sulking but the sound of fighting was hard to turn a blind eye on.

When she got outside, it was utter chaos. Survivors, what was left of them were being protected by those who can, and those doing the protecting are in turn, burning their own lives in the process. Tythlany was among them, wielding two blades that shot out enormous energy against the meteors. She was expending too much force in protecting a wide area but it can't be helped, from water to burning rocks it was raining.

Focusing her Ki in both katars, Seiryuu joined the fray, she took charge of watching the rear to keep it safe from the hail of fiery rocks while deflecting and destroying most that came their way. In the corner of her eyes, she noticed him, back laying flat on the muddy ground still... motionless. Getting angry at him for being useless in a critical moment, now is not the time. Seiryuu instead focused on keeping those in the middle of the circle safe.

He may be pitiful now, but she still believed in him. She believed that he will do the right thing when it counts. She just hoped it wouldn't be too late when he realizes it.

"It can't be helped now... We're all these people got!" she yelled and delivered a roundhouse kick to one of the meteors that came directly at her.

Even with her new found strength, the level of magic used to summon the meteors was still formidable, hitting them felt like her body would give out with each blow. But she pushed on, slicing kicking and using all of what she has to save what she could. On the other hand, Tythlany who seemed to be faring well earlier now found herself in a pinch. Brant was near exhausted, Ciro even with his demon contract in full blast was also at a disadvantage. When Seiryuu saw Tythlany lose balance and fall to one knee, dread enveloped her in an instant. She felt little love for the woman but seeing her in danger together with Zied and the others was not something she would ignore.

But there was hardly any more she could do. Just saving these remaining survivors and maintaining a safe zone for them was more than enough on her plate. Then at that moment when a large meteor was dead on for Tythlany and the others, she saw him move...


Who am I kidding?

What am I idling here for?

That's right... I was beaten. So what?

That doesn't mean I can't win next time!

If it's a fight they want, they will get it!

I wont lose... I WON'T LOSE!!

His long white hair dripped with mud and water as he got back up to his feet. A quick look around to assess the situation, and he immediately knew what to do. Looking up at the skies, the meteors were lessening in number but the rocks were increasing in size. Surely for the finale as those beings intended, it would be one big rock to obliterate everything. That was the one headed straight for them now with Tythlany in front of it.

It wasn't a technique he had perfected yet but it was the only thing he could think of without his sword. With the words of the woman he loved still ringing in his head, there wasn't any hesitation anymore. He must do all he could as long as he draws breath. As the meteor drew ever closer, Zied channeled every bit of Ki he could muster into his right hand. The intensity of the Ki that swirled violently ripped the sleeve right off his arm where he channeled it. The black dragon tattoo he had was now exposed and with the position of his arm, it seemed like the dragon was looking directly at the meteor.

"Nobody dies. I've seen enough death for one day."

Those were his words before leaping head on for the meteor. If there should be a time for him to defy fate, this is that time and he is surely glad to be doing it with his own two hands. The pain in his right arm for having held on to such powerful Ki flow is an indication that he is overdoing it, but he needed to hit the meteor at the right spot. Zied felt the scorching heat of the rock as he closed in but kept his eyes focused on that single point where he could hit it with everything he's got.

"This is my answer!" He roared and pulled back his right fist the moment he came in range. With a flash of bright light forming at the tip of his fist, Zied struck the meteor with everything he had. All the pain he felt, all the deaths he saw, every soul that rests on his fist, every ounce of energy he was able to muster, that one punch had it all.

The meteor was pulverized into a million little pieces the size of a pebble. The white haired man had a fierce look in his eyes staring at the skies as his body descended back into hard ground. It was his declaration of war against those who were deemed almighty beings... the ones who would bring harm to those he held dear. Landing right next to Tyth, Zied without looking at her, stretched out his left arm to help her up.

No words need to be said, it was clear what they had to do. Zied looked at Brant with a serious expression on his face. The answers are with that man and it was time he revealed everything for them to be able to plan ahead and keep on surviving. The Seraphs, those mysterious beings, the demons, Eletos... it all felt like a plot slowly twisting together for a sinister outcome. That was what his dragon eye is telling him. He was back in the game, and he was not about to falter midway. He needed to see this through.

"I suggest we gather supplies while we can. We should be on the move soon. We'll leave after I bury all the remaining bodies here."

Despite all that struggle with the meteors, it came as a surprise that not a single grave he dug was decimated. Zied could only look at Tythlany and Seiryuu, both who tried so hard to not only protect the living but those who were at peace as well. Although it was just a little, Zied's lips played a soft smile. He was lucky enough to have these two by his side, and forever grateful that he was in love with a woman like Tyth.

"I'll do what I can... not just for their sake." He mumbled as he stared at the bodies he still had to bury.

When the others agreed to his plan, they began to move back into the caverns to gather what supplies they could for travel. None of them knew exactly where to go but it was clear that they need to get out of there. When everyone else had taken to the task, Zied walked over to the remaining pile of bodies and as soon as he picked up the shovel, he felt a sharp sting course through his right arm. The pain caused him to pause for a second. Seiryuu noticed it and walked over to Zied.

"What do you want Kaede?"

"Well Zied, first I'm glad you're back to your senses. Second, you used too much Ki earlier, much more than what your body is used to controlling. Do you have any idea how dangerous that is?"

Zied stopped and looked at Seiryuu. "I reacted alright? I didn't have my sword and time wasn't exactly what we had back then."

"Fine. Zied, if you're going to fight, do it wisely. Do not destroy yourself in the process."

"I don't need to be reminded of that Kaede. I know what must be done."

"Really? But you do know what you're facing right? Are you sure you can do it in your current state?"

"Your point being?"

Seiryuu turned around and began to walk away. She stopped after a few steps and looked back at Zied. "If you can't learn how to control at least that much Ki and use it freely without hurting yourself, you do not stand a chance against them. As we stand now, in this group, the only ones who can fight on par with a celestial is Brant and me... Tyth if she can master that soul energy technique she uses with those swords. You on the other hand... will die if you fight them as you are. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying you're weak, just... just not strong enough."

Zied did not argue. After all, he saw first hand just how strong Seiryuu had become. Speaking of which, he was meaning to ask how she did that in such a short time. When his eyes met Seiryuu's, he was stopped by her voice speaking again.

"The True Dragon Scroll. I found the first half of it down in the Caverns." she said as if she was able to read Zied's mind. "Of course, I have no idea where the other half is but one thing is for certain... it is in this land. The Guardian Dragon I fought down below to attain this strength said that another power capable of granting one's desire is here. I'm sure that would be the other half. We should find it."

Seiryuu continued to walk away but stopped again after a few steps. "One more thing, have your arm looked at. I'm pretty sure you sustained some form of damage from that last attack you did. Knowing where you stand now, we can't have you at any less than a hundred percent."

"It's fine. My dragon healing will take care of it. Seiryuu... thanks."

"Don't mention it."


Nightfall. It took longer than expected but Zied was finally able to finish burying all the remaining bodies of people killed in the last Seraph attack. No further incident occurred which was a welcomed change after the meteors but nobody really know how long it would last like that. The people have taken the time to rest and prepare for the journey ahead, the others included. As Zied walked back into the cavern entrance, he saw familiar faces doing stuff on their own. Seiryuu was busy sharpening her katars, Ciro was looking after Serenata and Lucrezia was alone by herself. Brant and Falkor on the other hand dabbled with notes from record books Falkor probably brought to him.

Tythlany on the other hand was further in from the entrance. She had started a small fire to keep her warm and was eating a meal of stew and some bread. He noticed a bowl filled with stew and a pair of bread right beside Tyth and he immediately knew it was for him. Walking over towards her, he smiled at the woman before sitting right beside her. Zied carefully lifted the bowl which was still hot with stew and slowly began to eat. He wanted to talk to her but there seemed to be a shortage for words in his head. It was a fact that things are going to get harder from here on out and as much as he wanted to tell her that everything will be okay, he knew deep down that until they finish this, nothing will ever be okay.

"You know..." he finally mumbled. "If you hadn't said those words to me earlier... I never would have moved from that spot. I was on the verge of giving up but you pulled me back up to my feet. For that, thank you my love." He finished the stew and bread then snuggled Tyth close to him. It felt like ages since he last held her like this and it was a warm fuzzy feeling he would never grow tired of.

"I'll protect you, no matter what."

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Rogue.Ember.Shadow on Wed Nov 20, 2013 9:33 pm

Twilight is coming. Brant knows this because he has stayed up all night watching the stars creep along the sky. It also means he is going to keep his promise to Jaavi. No better time he thinks will fit than a glorious sunrise and with how clear the sky is looking, it will be a great one.

Sitting up from the rocky earth of the cave where they all laid down for the night, Brant shook the pebbles from his graying hair. Getting to his feet, he cracks his back and then on quiet feet, walks on over to where his daughter and her man lay. Kneeling beside them, he reaches for Tyth's wrist and draws a demon circle with his other hand. Zied only had to open his eyes to meet Brant's smiling face.

"I'm going to borrow her for a few minutes," he whispers then transports them both about fifty feet from the cave. Helping a sleepy and grumpy Tyth to her feet, Brant slowly tugs her towards the lightening horizon.

"I should kill you for this,"she growls while trying to shake off his hold on her arm. Brant looks up to the Heavens for strength and tugs her closer to him. His message is clear that he is not letting go any time soon.

"I know you are angry, but you never really told me why. What did I do?" he asks gently, leaning against her shoulder. She looks down at her feet and closes her eyes.

"I know I'm being an idiot, but it looked so real. When Jaavi was using my body, I was looking through a fog. I saw Jaavi during my time being experimented on. She walked right past my tank where I was healing from my last test. Just the thought that she could have rescued me but instead she wanted to use us, I snapped. I want to hate both of you so bad, at the same time I want to know why!"

As she ranted, Brant simply nodded from listening. "Oh is that all?"

Tyth glares at him and he can't help but laugh very hard at her expression. She turns to leave but he simply twirls her back into his arms. "I'm sorry, its just I know whats going on. You remember all she said to Seida before? Good. It's very true. There are many things you think happened that are not what you think. Your memories have been messed with and she's just trying to help you. Also she's been trying to show you her memories to share her past. To show what kind of person she was before."

"And just who was she?"

Brant looks up the the twilight lit sky, seeing the white light streak across the sky and blotching out the stars. Morning is almost upon them. "She was a heroine and a villain. It would take me forever to tell you all of it, which is why I will give you my amulet. Inside my memories will explain everything."

"I don't want it. What do you mean it isn't what I think?" Tyth demands,pulling him to a stop from their walk heading towards the horizon. Her father sighs and turns to her, curling their fingers together as their palms start to glow but she does not notice. He looks at her with such a resigned smile she has to blink. Just why does he look sad and happy at the same time?

"Why don't you just ask her?" he says, pointing to his left. Without thinking, she follows his gesture to see Jaavi in all her transparent glory with the beginning of the sunrise shining through her back. Tyth jumps back in surprise, almost tugging Brant off his feet who is fighting very hard to nonchalantly keep their palms touching.

Looking up at his wife whose third piece of her soul that had shot up in the heavens yesterday lingered in the clouds for this moment. Brant gave her a sheepish smile. "You need to show her what happened that night, love. She still thinks you killed her, and has been punishing herself all this time."

Rolling her eyes at him, Jaavi walks over to her shocked daughter and cups her face into her hands. Staring hard in her eyes, the older woman rests her forehead against Tyth's and they both share a memory Brant knows is the most painful of all three of them. While they are busy, Brant looks down at their joined hands and waits until his Blessing his finished transferring form his heart to Tyth's. As the last of the power enters her heart, Brant lets go and tries to keep himself from crying. It hurts so much that he is finally owning up to his fate, to his deal with the devil that is Myrna.

Taking off his amulet that was originally charmed by demon blood to help him use his voice again, Brant winds the thin rope around Tyth's left wrist and kisses her knuckles gently. Then he steps away a few times and lies down on the ground. Closing his eyes, he smiles up at the golden painted sky and closes his eyes, tears having filled his vision to the point of blurring his sight. The tears stream down his cheeks as he breathes in deeply, then out again...

Everything is happening so fast Tyth does not know how to feel. But the one woman who had the greatest impact in her life is before her again. She can't smell her windy scent or the feel of her skin, but Tyth cannot help feeling sad. The last couple times she has dreamed of and been possessed by this woman, Tyth can't stop wanting to swallow the guilt and simply be happy to see the woman she killed. To feel the love Jaavi deserves but its all too painful.

As soon as their foreheads "touch", Tyth is thrown back to the day she regrets more than anything. Jaavi's death. But as she watches her own body being unstrapped by two men she remembers as the ones who performed the procedure to remove the poisons from her blood, Tyth realizes she is watching from the ceiling as if she is a ghost. They give her a glass of water just the back door to the barn bursts open and Narcyz strides in, blood covered scythe at the ready...

Narcyz swings his scythe at the two men who come at him with a desperate yell. Their heads and limbs are sliced off and he steps over their bodes, his black gaze on the trembling teenage Tyth who is scrambling to find something sharp enough to defend herself..

"Gravon wants you back, Sedrsennar. Together we will be the Yin and Yang of death."

The younger Tyth screams while clutching at her head, and Narcyz is almost upon her when a sword buries itself into the ground where he is about to step. Both Tyth and Narcyz look up to see a very pregnant, barefoot Jaavi standing in the main entrance of the barn. Behind her, Fury's voice can be heard screaming for the students to head to the main house or their cabins immediately.

"Back off!" she yells, throwing another sword at the large man covered in black armor from the many swords holsters she is wearing on her back. Narcyz raises an arm to deflect the blade away from him. During this time, Tyth tries to crawl on all fours to Jaavi but her attacker is already moving to grab at one of her feet. Snarling, Jaavi runs forward with a new sword in her hand to intervene. She skids in a cloud of dirt in front of Tyth and slashes savagely at Narcyz who twirls his scythe to deflect her blows.

"She isn't going back to that life. She is meant for so much more!"

Despite being pregnant, Jaavi keeps up with Narcyz' blows with two swords in hand using a defensive whirl of circling slashes. He notices her eyes flash an eerie red and smirks.

"So you truly are part demon. You must not care for your offspring at all to bring them forward so unprotected."

Before she can react, he slashes at her stomach with a backhand twist of his weapon, nearly bisecting her in half. The pain is incomprehensible. From the loss of her children, to the feel of her muscles of insides having been torn apart. She falls to her knees, clutching at her stomach just as a savage cry shocks them both. Tyth wiped a black smear from the edge of her mouth. Having found one of the vials of confiscated Anoushka toxin, Jaavi realized with horror she had drank the poison to give her a boost in strength.


But it was too late, The girl rushed at the Black Sinner, kicking out with a barefoot and pushing him back several feet. She screams in anguish, punching at his armor and denting it with her blows. He trips her by rolling with one of her punches and grabs her by the neck. Eyes widening at the dooming situation, Jaavi throws her blood covered hands up and summons the power settled in her heart. It flashes out and throws Narcyz back into the door frame he walked through. Having been jerked from his hand, Tyth falls to the ground unconscious. Her head smacks the ground, causing blood to leak from her right temple.

Jaavi falls to ground diagonally from Tyth, crying and digging her nails into the dirt of the barn's ground to crawl to her. She is losing blood fast and Narcyz is climbing to his feet. Then she feels Brant's power flare off in the distance. The Black Sinner senses him, glares at the two females then runs off into the night.Jaavi continues to crawl to Tyth, using all her remaining strength to claw at her body, trying to touch any part of her skin. She screams and with one more inch, the tip of her middle finger brushes against the top of the girl's right breast. She thrusts one third of her soul into the girl's heart, thus locking her Blessing into a frozen stasis. Her hand falls against the ground, crying in pain while Fury continues to yell for the perimeter around the main house to hold.

A younger Brant skids through the door, yelling out his wife's name and then chokes in horror at the scene. He jumps from the door to her side and leans over her, crying and shaking from shock and grief. Cupping her face, he kisses her and presses their foreheads together.

"No. Come on love, please don't die. Don't leave me! Please please please PLEASE!"

Smiling painfully, she forces her hand to press against his heart. "I will use the Will of Thirds to sustain my Blessing until you give it her. My time is up Brant. We are cursed to die. Looks like you will be making up my sins alone."

He sobs, trying to pull her hand from his chest desperately. "No! You can use it heal yourself. Th- the children...they're-"

She shakes her head tiredly and he clutches the remains of her against his chest. "She is our true Repentance. Our Savior....."

Her head falls slack against his hand as soon as her soul is delivered and Brant screams his heart out. His new powers flare from his emotions and shoot out from his body, shattering glass and throwing every object away from him. He sobs and shakes his wife's body, shaking his head in denial and agony.


Tyth can't breath. This isn't how she remembered it. She was the one who had killed Jaavi....right?

"Wrong," says the spectral Jaavi as she appears next to her. Pointing down towards Brant, they watch as a transparent Myrna walks from the shadows. She is invisible to Brant as she stops by the younger Tyth's body and presses a few fingers against her forehead. A brief flash of light flickers and then the Celelstial chuckles evilly.

"She envied that I changed my fate from the life of a Nishantos Demon to a human with a second chance. I didn't learn she manipulated your memories of this day until I connected with the Astral Plane and looked back through history. From then on, I tried to help Brant and protect you as much as possible. Every time you had a Sinner blackout, I was there to help you protect yourself."

They turn towards each other as the memory fades away and Tyth begins to cry, clutching at her cheeks. "I tried to protect you. You died to save me!"

"Yes. I may not have been your mother but I do love you. Those visions you saw of me before I possessed you was just your guilt at my death you never caused. That is why Brant never killed you when you asked for it. He knew you didn't hurt me."

Coming out of the memory, they leaned away from each other and Tyth squinted from the sunlight of the sunrise. She wipes away her tears of relief and happiness while hearing Brant chuckle.

"Quit glaring, Jaav. I accomplished our deal, didn't I?"

"You took too damn long!" Jaavi screamed while punching his arm. Tyth laughs through her tears then notices the amulet wound around her wrist. She steps towards with a huff to have Brant take it off when she realizes she can see through him. His hair isn't grey anymore, but a vibrant blue like when he was younger and in his prime. Gone are the sad lines around his eyes, instead his face is brimming with happiness and contentment.

He is a specter like Jaavi.

Looking down she see's his physical body lying peacefully on the ground. Her hands fall to her sides as the horror of reality hits her.

"No....."she whispers, falling to her knees at his body's side. Brant kneels down beside her and gives her a sad smile again.

"This is one of the reasons I took so long. It meant hurting you on a level I never wanted."

She whirls towards him, wishing she can touch him to hurt him. Or hug him. "Why are you dead too?!"

He gazes into her eyes steadily, trying to comfort her sobs as she clutches at his body's clothes. "It was the deal we with struck with Myrna. We inspired Eletos to cause this damage to the world. Celestials are guardians of the world's balance, and we broke many rules to be together. Myrna cursed us to die once we repented for our Sins. By giving you the power to save the world."

Tyth tries to breath from the fact Brant is now dead, and she can feel the new power coursing through her veins. It is way stronger than the power she received from her child before.

"I don't want it! Father, mother please!"

It was the first time she really called them what they always meant to her. Her parents who took her in, nursed her back to health and died for her sake.

Brant shakes his head, walks towards Jaavi and they lace their hands together. "What's done is done Tythlany. Look to Zied and use the amulet. I left some last instructions for you."

Tyth shrieks out hysterically, reaching for them as they wave sadly at her then walk towards the sunrise. A flash of golden light flickers from the sun and they are gone.

Her eyes widen and Tyth collapses against Brant's body, screaming and crying for him to come back. A golden light flares around her body and bursts out, causing a earthquake from the force of her powers. Tyth's grief resonates into the sky, letting all know her pain.


For a while, she just cries and cries. Zied and the others arrived, she knew not when. Tyth just clutches at Brant's dead body, sobbing hysterically. The pain is raw and her powers continue to fluctuate around her. Serenata tries to pull her away from the body but she pushes the woman off her. All she can allow is Zied's comfort and his arms are around her, crushing her to him.

When she finally has breath to stop crying, she looks up into Zied's eyes with a serious resolve. In a dark and angry voice, she clutches his arms hard. "I want Mryna's head. She will pay for hurting me for the last time."

Brant and Jaavi walk through the light and step into Celestia. Jaavi smirks smugly at Myrna and her restrained state. "I just haaad to come see you before we cross over. It was too sweet to pass up."

Her husband laughs beside her. "Agreed. The look on her face is priceless."

Seida, although looking stressed, smiles at them. "You have finally achieved your goal. But to have made a Sentinella? Can she really uphold such a duty?" A Sentinella is a female Sentinel, a powerful human who has not been seen for eons.

Both Jaavi and Brant smile as they walk, arm in arm, towards the gateway that will take them to the afterlife. "Yes. She can give anyone a run for their money in power now. Our Blessings have given her that power by our wish to empower her to protect those she loves And guess who she is going to come after first?"

Myrna turns a pale white and the couple laugh as they walk into the gateway. Brant inhales deeply as he feels his soul come to rest. Looking at his wife. he clutches her hand tightly.

"Are they really here?" he asks, his voice shaking with emotion of joy and anticipation. Jaavi smiles and suddenly looks forward in shock. She cries out and jerks Brant forward, sprinting for a little boy off in the distance. Brant runs for the little girl, picking her up and whirling over his head with a cry of joy. As the door closes behind them, Brant and Jaavi hug each other with their children between them. Finally their family is reunited!

They never hear Myrna's scream of fury.

The heavy aura from the demon Beezaleel is gone. Scyth falls to his feet from exhaustion and fatigue, almost dead on his feet. The demon had abused his body to the point of death. For a while, all he wanted was to die and yet his body kept fighting to stay alive. He didn't understand why. There is no reason to stay in this world.

Looking up at the hand offered in front of him, Scyth wonders if this man can take all the pain away. He is so tired of hurting all the time. Yet, there is a buzzing at the back of his mind. As if he has forgotten something. Maybe......just maybe this man's power can help him.

Reaching out, he coughs up blood as he takes Eletos' hand, meets his eyes seriously and nods once.

Just as he received his new powers, a man walks out from the behind a pillar behind Eletos. His arms are crossed and he watches with a bored expression. His translucent hair is braided in one queue that is hanging over his left shoulder across his front. His narrow grey eyes are intense with a darkness that belies his nonchalant appearance. Leaning against the pillar, he yawns and tosses his four foot long braid over his shoulder.

"Looks like you found the boy. I almost went back to his timeline to look for him again," he murmurs as Eletos looks over his shoulder at him. The Celestial smirks mockingly at him and knows he can get away with it. Without him, Eletos would not have gotten as far as he has. No Celestial would help Eletos, but him.

"Shut up, Uel."


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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Ethereal on Mon Dec 09, 2013 3:09 am

Brant had passed away. It had already been a few days since they laid the old bones to rest peacefully. The devastation caused to Tyth by his untimely passing still lingers in her. Time and again she would stare off into the distance in silence. Neither a word nor a call from other people would break her solemn state. It was painful for Zied to watch her lose to the emotion but both of them knew that the time to grieve is not now, and the time to act draws near. Both of them have been trying their hardest to support each other in more ways than one. They were after all, the only people with the power to put an end to the conspiracy that had long since started.

Often times when she would feel like breaking down, Zied would be there by her side, wrapping her in the gentle warmth of a hug. More often than not, words would not be spoken but both of them understood what the other meant to say, 'Be strong, I'm here for you'. It is in these meager actions that the two warriors have found strength in each other. In this twisted world that had been corrupted by those who had power, the only thing most surviving people had left was their humanity, and they would not throw it away that easily, even in the face of what seemed like hopelessness.

On the third day that dawn have broken the darkness of the night, Zied was up and about watching the sun glitter far into the horizon. Sleep had mostly eluded him after their group talked about their plan of action. During the uneventful days they spent in mourning, all of them, even the people that were lucky to survive had steeled their resolve, they will fight. Zied clenched his fist as he watched the sun slowly rise. Today they will move out and start a journey to the depths of hell, only to challenge the heavens afterwards. The future is right before them and all they needed to do was change it and grasp it, not just for themselves but for everyone else.

Zied closed his eyes for a few moments to enjoy what he had almost forgotten. The tranquil ambiance around him simply felt too good to be true. The sound of waves crashing into the shores not far in the distance, the gentle cool breeze that brushed his being and rustled the leaves of trees, the warmth of the sunlight that bathed him, all of it was something he almost never had the chance to enjoy. His eyes remained closed even after feeling a pair of arms enveloping him from behind. Her touch was all too familiar for him to be startled, even though she successfully crept up behind him without him noticing. His woman, his love, the mother of his child, Tythlany.

"You did not sleep. Is something on your mind?" she asked.

A lot. There's so much on his mind he did not even knew where to begin. The man chuckled, "It seems that my body had finally found a way to resist your poison kisses..." he trailed off and held her arms wrapped around him gently. She pressed her body closer to his back and tightened her hug on him. He could hear her moan softly in comfort, almost at the same time he felt the same comfort she was giving him. "I don't want this feeling to end," Zied continued but paused midway into his words. He was a master of swords and combat not a romantic, but even he had a soft spot in him. Right now, he was thinking of the future they would shape. It doesn't matter how hard it would be, as long as they would be able to do it... for their child. Zied gently loosened her hug and turned around to face Tyth. He cupped her cheeks with both hands and looked straight into her pretty eyes. "Whatever happens, promise me we'll both survive."


Not far from where Zied and Tyth are, Seiryuu watched the two share their moment while sharpening her katars. She too could not sleep well. The heat of the coming battle already building up inside her she could hardly sit still. Though she had a faint smile on her lips as she eyed the two from a distance, her heart still felt somewhat heavy every time she sees them so close to each other. She had resigned to her loss and yet a small part of her still could not accept it. She was startled when she heard a rustle from behind and almost instinctively jumped away had she not recognized the outfit Serenata wore.

"It's just you. Don't startle me like that, you might get hurt."

Serenata giggled and muttered a quick apology. This would be her first time conversing with the purple haired warrior yet the first thing she saw from her was a feminine side, easily startled. Serenata had always pictured Seiryuu as a battle hardened maiden, that is why being startled by a mere rustle was not something she expected to see, it was almost funny. As soon as the moment passed, Serenata made herself comfortable atop a large rock near Seiryuu. Though they were both in conversational distance from each other, there was an obvious shortage of words between them. As the sound of the grinding stone scraping Seiryuu's katars grew unbearable, the purple haired woman decided to speak.

"Shouldn't you be with your children?" Seiryuu inquired in an attempt to strike a conversation.

Serenata turned her gaze towards Seiryuu and noticed that she wasn't even looking her way when she spoke. "My dear, even mothers have the right to rest. Do not worry, my children are fast asleep with their father." she paused and began musing over what Sieryuu was doing. "How about you? What are you doing out here so early in the morning?" she asked with a smile.

Seiryuu's busy hands paused for a moment and she slowly turned her head to meet Serenata's eyes. It only took her a moment to notice the resemblance Serenata had to Tythlany. She held the stare for a few seconds and then went back to sharpening her katars. "I'm getting ready for the coming battle..." she responded while keeping her skillful use of the sharpening stone at a rhythmic pace.

Serenata's eyes turned towards what the warrior was doing. She had a quizzical look while trying to understand the importance of having sharp weapons against opponents who could be deemed Gods of this world. Alas the answer eluded her, "You're going to be fighting gods. You saw what they could do first hand, forgive me but I don't think sharp weapons are enough against them." she speculated. Seiryuu strengthened her stroke with the sharpening stone even further, the sound almost hurtful to the ears. "You can never be too careful. One rule in combat is to always keep your guard up, because the moment you lower it, defeat is inevitable." she countered with fierce determination in her tone. Sighing lightly, Serenata knew that the field of combat was not her specialization. The warrior spoke from experience and she knew that nothing teaches better than experience itself.

"If you say so..." she agreed followed by another sigh.

Serenata is no fool, she could tell from Seiryuu's expression that what she was doing right now was nothing more but a mere diversion, something to keep her mind and body working to avoid thinking of something. What a strong front this woman surely put up. Whatever she was harboring, it was strong enough to bother her to this extent. Treading carefully, Serenata looked over to where her sister was with Zied before climbing down the large rock and sat herself right beside Seiryuu. The other inched away to give her more space as Serenata made herself comfortable. From where she sat, Serenata still had a good view of the two in the distance. It was then and there that she finally pieced together the puzzle of the purple haired woman.

"Quite the couple aren't they?" Serenata asked, a question she ever so carefully picked.

Again Seiryuu's hands stopped moving, her lips curling just enough to confirm Serenata's suspicion. Realizing she gave herself away to the other woman, Seiryuu dropped the sharpening stone and flicked a fierce gaze towards the other who in return simply giggled. "As I thought..." Serenata trailed off, recalling the first time she met the man they called Black Dragon. "He's quite the character isn't he?" she asked yet again, another carefully picked question with a smile playing on her lips. Seiryuu couldn't find the words to say or the strength to retort. This woman was no warrior! Seiryuu knew that she could easily slit this woman's throat but she couldn't deny that Serenata was definitely skilled enough to corner even the Azure Dragon in a battle of wit.

"Come now, stop looking at me like that. It's obvious you're head over heels for that guy. I mean, why else would you pick a spot here to sharpen your weapons when--"

"Enough!" Seiryuu nearly yelled. Taken by surprise at the sudden outburst, Serenata backed away a little but she knew she was still in control. She had touched a sensitive subject for the warrior and there was no backing out from this one. "Look, there's no shame in loving someone like Zied. I've seen how he treats my sister, and I could tell that he is a good man."

As if the pain of losing the man she loved to Tythlany was not enough! Now she is being lectured by that woman's sister! The gods truly have no mercy and definitely needed some good old fashioned smack in the head. Seiryuu turned her gaze away and lowered her head, her eyes fixed on her katars. "Yes, he is truly something else..." she mumbled, her tone softening into nearly a whisper. Serenata's facial expression softened after seeing how the proud warrior wallowed in pain. Even she could tell how much Zied meant to Seiryuu. "You know, those two are all they have. You on the other hand still have your freedom. If you continue to carry these emotions into battle, I am sure that it would only serve to hinder you even if you think otherwise."

There was wisdom in the woman's words. Seiryuu knew that all along but how can she possibly forget if their fates are so closely knitted to each other? How could she possibly move on when there was nothing to stop her from seeing Tythlany smile when he holds her close? "I know Rena... and yet..." she trailed off, a stray tear falling from her right eye. "It's hard isn't it? But it's even harder if you shut yourself away from the world. Gods or not, I believe that everything happens for a reason, and that is why we keep on living, to find those reasons. Yours is still out there, I am sure of it."

Seiryuu smiled faintly. Somehow, this woman was not antagonizing or bullying her but consoling her, and strange as it may seem, her words reached Seiryuu's heart. Their unlikely conversation lead to the warrior finding new meaning and strength to look forward. Seiryuu raised her head and looked at the two who were enjoying the sunrise. "You're right... you're absolutely right."

Serenata proudly puffed her chest and smiled at Seiryuu. "Of course! I speak from experience. How could I be wrong?" she boasted and burst into giggles.

Seiryuu shook her head sideways and mixed Serenata's giggles with her own. It will not be long before this moment of peace would be replaced by fighting. The warriors all knew, with the hardship they now face, that this could be the last chance they would get to enjoy peace. Each of them knew in their hearts that spending it to kindle the bonds one has is the best way to go about it. As the sun rose high from the horizon, the time to make their move came ever so closer.


A surge of power exploded from the top floor of Eletos' crystal tower pushing out thick white smoke from the windows. Two men stood apart from each other, Eletos standing proudly before an exhausted Scythe. They had been trading blows for days on end as soon as Scythe made full recovery. The man who gave him new power was adamant on training him personally with the use of that power. Scythe was not given any quarter and each time they traded blows, he would be the one to take the painful end of the bargain. His knees buckled but Scythe immediately forced his legs steady.

Displeased at the sight of Scythe's pitiful state, Eletos roared in anger. "Again!"

The man was brutal. This was a training session isn't it? Why does he insist that Scythe come at him with all of his strength? No matter, there was no time to think. Scythe could feel Eletos' power starting to violently swirl inside the chamber. The words that man told him before they began rang inside his head endlessly. If I do not see progress, I will personally put an end to you. That's right, he needed to show Eletos that he deserved this power! Scythe needed to make that man think twice about him. Taking his battle stance, Scythe roared in tune with his newly acquired power as it began to soar to new heights.

A smile played on Eletos' lips as he felt the rage mixing in with Scythe's power. "Yes, yes! Just like that, you need not show mercy to your opponent! That power is hard to control and using it is an entirely different matter from controlling it. One small mistake and it will be the end of you. Now, come!"

Again another explosion surged outward from the chamber. This time, more smoke and huge broken crystal pieces flew out of the windows, and in the middle of the chamber where Eletos stood lies a large crater from what used to be a smooth crystal floor. Yet Eletos stood there unharmed, still with that dominating presence filling the air around him. Scythe's vision began to blur, he could take no more and his knees cried out for rest. Right now, just keeping himself standing is a grueling endeavor for the man. Scythe knew that he had reached his limit and pushed even further beyond it. He had done all he could to prove himself. If that man is still displeased, then it could not be helped.

Scythe's knees could hold out no longer. He lost his balance and fell forward, the side of his face hitting the floor squarely with a dull thud. His mind was disoriented, his vision blurry and everything felt like they were spinning. In his current state, the thoughts Scythe repressed so hard began to resurface. Why did he agree to this man? What was it that he needed more power for? At that moment, his hazy vision was struck by sunlight that crept in from the chamber's windows. He was momentarily blinded but in the light he saw a woman smiling and laughing cheerfully as if beckoning him to come after her. Yes, he wanted more power for her...

"Tyth...lany..." he mumbled weakly before losing consciousness.

From the shadows of the chamber walked a cloaked figure. He had been observing the training session for as long as he could remember.

"Some prodigy you picked there Eletos." he stated and made himself comfortable under the sunlight.

Eletos turned his head to the side and scoffed. "Uel. You're coming here more often. Tired of Mirna's endless psychotic episodes?"

The celestial glared at Eletos. "Hardly." he responded and continued to gaze at the man passed out on the crystal floor. "What do you plan to do with him?"

If Uel could call this man a prodigy, then Eletos knew that he was not wrong about choosing to take this man in. The crystals his tower was made of cannot be broken easily. They absorb and reflect energy no matter the form or nature of it. That's right, the crystals were hardened soul energy. Yet this man, in such a short time, had already grown accustomed to his new power that he was able to even push it beyond the limit, enough to overcome soul energy. Eletos had yet created something that defied all known logic. Pleased with himself, Eletos walked over to where Scythe is and used a little of his own power to take away some of Scythe's fatigue. He then ordered one of his Seraphs to take the man away.

Uel turned around and walked to Eletos' throne and sat on it. "It seems you haven't decided on his role yet. Time is ticking away Eletos. You do not have forever to keep us waiting. When will you make your move?"

If there was anything Eletos hated the most, it was pressure. The celestials are no longer keeping quiet. Eletos chuckled and faced Uel. "Are things up there that bad that you need us to start the revolution? Remember this Uel, I am to become the God of One. Are you so eager to serve me that you continue to pressure me into acting ahead of time?"

"Do not test my patience Eletos. You owe me."

The words struck a nerve in Eletos. "You are worried that Mirna might find out about this are you not?" he asked. Silence was the only reply he got from the celestial. "Do not worry Uel, Mirna has something else coming to her. I believe you call it Sentinella." Eletos said and watched Uel's eyes widen in surprise. Surely the celestial did not expect him to know such details and yet here he was, telling the celestial something about their dirty little secret. "She would not bother looking your way for a little longer. You will get your revolution, it has been written." Eletos reaffirmed.

"For your sake Eletos, I suggest you keep your word." Uel retorted and vanished from the throne. When Eletos could no longer feel the Celestial's presence, he smirked and walked towards one of the windows in his chamber.

"And for your sake Uel, I could only hope I don't see you on the battlefield when we come."

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Rogue.Ember.Shadow on Tue Jan 28, 2014 6:51 am

Climbing up the rocky hill with Zied as her anchor for balance, Tyth reaches the rise and held a hand up to shield her eyes from the blinding sun. Stretching for tens of miles is a rocky, hot desert that is the homeland of an old desert people whom have since thought to have died off. Behind them the rest of their group work their way up the narrow path leading from the mountains they scaled to get to this place.

Down below stands a modest looking temple of dark blue, large bricks in the middle of a large oasis. If not an illusion, Tyth would have though it paradise in a seeming barren wasteland. Leaning against her lover's side, the woman reached for the gourd of water tied to her waist for a much needed drink.

"So this is the Temple of the Gods?" she asks over her shoulder to the woman coming up behind her. Serenata is breathing heavily while still adjusting to the change of elevation, her child tied to her back in a makeshift scarf.

"Yes. There you will find answers, and progress."

Meeting Zied's determined gaze, she nods and they head back down the slope towards the temple. It is time the prophecy she is most concerned about is explained. What better place to discuss it than the source it came from?

A week ago...
Her anger is blinding, her muscles bulging, clenching from the murderous adrenaline coursing through every cell of her body. Her father is dead, and the woman responsible is out of her reach. Still she wants the Goddess' blood running through her hands. No other justice would be sweeter.

Zied's face crumples in pity and hesitation. It hurts him to see her like this, so overcome. Why shouldn't she be? A loved one of hers has died. She would look the same if not worse if he dropped dead at her feet. Vengeance sings though her body, begging for satisfaction. Tyth longs to give it, to bath in it, to bring war upon all WHO-


A burning sting hisses through the skin of her face, and Tyth whirls to the enemy, lunging. The blue haired one catches her wrist then somehow grasps her face and brings their heads close together.

"Enough! You should be ashamed. I know it hurts but Brant gave you this life to savor it, not to throw it away over his circumstances. He did what he had to. Now you have responsibilities not to him, but to your child. To your man. To yourself! So don't you dare give in to anger when that is not what you need right now!"

Serenata shook her so hard, Tyth's eyes swam with colors. The pain in her temples lightened and the red in her vision subsided. It hurt. It hurt so much. Tears blurred her vision, and then she was in Zied's arms. HIs soft voice in her ear, soothing and loving. Clutching him to her, she cried and mourned for two people who gave her everything.'

It took her two days worth of sleep and water to really snap her out of her mourning. Zied never leaves her side, and Tyth is grateful for the support. The remaining Sinners have found food, fruits and nuts still unscathed from the raid days earlier from the remaining huts below. Supplies, clothing, medical items and lots of water. Serenata turned into the defacto leader since she and Falkor had some last remaining instructions from Brant once Tyth was ready to control her new powers.

It still baffles her with how much Brant knew was going to happen. He never seemed to show such things when she was growing up. When she asked Rena about it, the woman said once they are fully packed, they are going to go to the next place she is needed to get answers. The Temple of the Gods.

The name rang a bell because of the note she found concerning a prophecy and her child. When she finally revealed such a thing to Zied, he himself was not sure what to think of it, why the Gods were concerned and how that involved demons themselves. All he could say that too many parties were involved to be no mere accident, and that something big is brewing. No matter what, he will protect her.

Once everyone bathed, had a new change of clothes and ate enough meat to get fat from, Serenata marched them from the hole that so much happened to the Lands of the North. Despite their invitations, Falkor declined to follow saying he had a duty to find any survivors of his people. What they didn't know was that the man was suffering from a fatal wave of depression from his failures and the pain of losing so many he cared for. Once a day had passed, he asked Lucrezia who he had asked to stay behind to mercifully kill him to end his pain. No one deserved to be led by him, a man who sinned too much to be of use to anyone. If there were survivors, they did not deserve his leadership. Lucrezia understood, and made it quick.

She looked after the direction everyone had went, but did not follow. Brant's daughter had enough people to protect her. Lucrezia decided her duty is done. For some reason, something calls her to the west. It is dangerous to travel alone, but Lu feels she is needed elsewhere. Gathering what supplies she needs from the remnants of Falkor's people, Lucrezia heads west.

"What else do you know?" Tyth asked while matching pace with Rena on the trek to the temple. It had a large, rectangle strong gate just a few feet from the entrance. She had since handed over her daughter to Ciro for a much needed rest of carrying her. Little Jaavi remained quiet through most of the trip, unless fussing for water or food. She has won almost everyone over, except two sinners with her wide eyed cuteness.

"Brant asked that I escort you here. Whatever information you find will be inside. That is all."

Narrowing her hazel eyes with suspicion, Tyth bit her lip to keep from lashing out in frustration. The woman was not very good at hiding information, but stubborn in keeping it. Looking behind them, she noticed Seiryuu pick up the rear, scanning for any targets and her hand constantly near one of her weapons. A prime warrior.....and still refused to talk with her. Despite her decision to leave it be, Tyth still felt some regret. She felt maybe she always will.

"Then why-"

Rena held up a hand for silence, and everyone stopped around her. She is looking up at the gate they had neared and at the top they can make out a big mass of white clothing and orange hair?

"Is that a person?" Ciro asked behind his wife. Zied moved to investigate, but Rena shook her head. A heartbeat later, they heard a loud and wet snore.

"Leave him be, whoever he is." she murmured and ushered her sister forward towards the temple. Turning to the others as Seiryuu is the last the cross the gate, she sets her hands on her hips.

"Tyth, Zied, myself, and Seiryuu will enter the temple. Everyone else may sit here and rest. These lands are sacred and there is a barrier protecting this place starting from that gate. We shall be back soon."

Bidding farewell to her daughter and husband, Rena led the group of four into the Temple of the Gods. She had never been here before, only reciting the instructions Brant had made her memorize.

Travel to the Temple. Check.

Ensure all have crossed the gate. Check.

Help Tyth control powers...In Progress

Declare War on Myrna...Upcoming

They descended a long row of stairs leading into a wide antechamber surrounding a stone fireplace. On the upper dais sat an old couple, slumped over and snoring. Tyth frowned as they stopped a few paces away. What was it with this place and sleeping?

Clearing her throat, Rena stepped forward. "Gods of time and place, please awaken. I have brought the Fourth Sentry as was foretold."

Immediately two sets of eyes snapped open. They are clear irises, misty orbs moving and yet...unseeing. As one, the two old ones raised their right hands and pointed to Tyth.

"Come Forth, Nasrin Vanrios."

Everyone looked confused, most of all Tyth as she took a hesitant step forward. "Why do you call me that?"

Behind her, Serenata turned completely white. It is out of her hands if they want to reveal the past.

"It is the name you were born with, but have not lived by." The two gods said as one, each taking one of Tyth's hands and pulling her down to kneel before them.

"You have a question." The female god leaned a little closer, clenching the hand she held tighter

Narrowing her eyes in a threat, Tyth raised her chin proudly. Like hell she is going to be cowed by Gods anymore. "Yes. What of the prophecy concerning my child as the Savior? The one Brant found in the Saint’s Temple."

“Your child will be powerful, but depending on how you fight the One will they be Good or Evil.”

Tyth pulled a face as Zied moved restlessly back and forth from down below. That answer made him uneasy, as did the air. It felt wrong and something was putting him on edge. He is sure Seiryuu felt it as well. Why did this place fell wrong all of a sudden? He needed to search, prowl and secure this area soon. Making sure his love is safe is top priority.

The old couple dropped Tyth’s hands and shooed her from their side, their faces never breaking its blank expression.

“We have answered your question but no more. Darkness bears over us, we are forbidden to answer more than one. Leave.”

Tyth whirled to her feet, her mouth an angry line ready to lash them with heated words. “Now look here, I did not travel all this way to be made a fool of. I want answers dammit!”

Seiryuu scoffed at her temper and Renata wanted to hide her face from embarrassment. This was getting them nowhere. “Tyth, meeting them is more of a formality. The real reason I brought you here is to meet her!”

Pointing to a newly arrived woman who is donned in a golden and pale red white gown of billowing silk, her dark ocean blue hair flowed in long, luscious waves behind her as she ran towards them. Worried blue eyes flew over all of them as she jogged closer, her gait straight for Serenata. Zied, Seiryuu and Tyth had went for their weapons upon hearing her first step towards them, but Renata ran forward to put herself between them.

“She’s a friend. We can trust her.” She said gently, flapping her hands to get them to lower their weapons. “She’s another Goddess named Fatharni who can help…”turning to the woman who came up behind her with a hand on her shoulder, she smiled weakly, “I hope?”

“I can but Rena you took so long to get her here!” the Goddess chided in a worried, lilting tone as Tyth walked down the steps to join them with a cautious face. The two older gods above had already fallen back asleep.

“Brant is the one that took forever. Its not like I am cruel enough to say ‘Hey would you please die already? The world is depending on you!’ now could I?”

Tyth and the others moved closer and the Goddess looked critically at all of them, her eyes darting to the entrance they came through anxiously. Her worried behavior put the two dragons on edge and Tyth could smell the air grow damp. Was it raining outside?

Fatharni wrung her hands nervously and kept staring at Tyth but spoke directly to her sister. “How much does she know?”

“She has her powers, but not of Nasrin.”


“Now is not the time. Her powers come first!” Serenata responded heatedly, already turned away to make her way back outside in a whirl of blue and grey. Seiryuu took that as a cue to follow, but only after giving the Goddess a warning look before giving her back. The Goddess looked stressed but gestured them to hurry along back outside.

She walked beside Tyth and Zied, biting one of her forefinger knuckles as she thought frantically for some reason.

“Tyth, I don’t have to explain everything but I will give you the short version of the basic things you need to know. You now have the powers of the Sentry, a powerful human who was tasked a millennia ago to wrangle with the Gods and keep them in check to not bully the humans. Traditionally there are four, and you are the last to arrive. A female Sentry is called a Sentinella. A male one a Sentinel. I cannot fully activate your powers however, that is for another Sentry to do.”
They were walking fast now, and were almost to the door that led outside. Zied held her hand, keeping quiet but being a pillar of strength in her fraying nerves. She was just relieved to be given answers.

“Where can I find another sentry?” Tyth demanded, gripping the Goddess’ arm and pulling her back before she could walk into the pelting rain outside. The rest of their group had taken shelter near the side of the temple under the low roof.
The Goddess gently pulled her arm away to point at the top of the main gate they entered the sacred grounds through. For a second, they all watched as the mass of white and orange moved and then flickered from sight. Then with a hiss, a tall man suddenly appeared before them. His wild mane of curly, orange wet hair tumbled around his tan shoulders and further down his back in a knotted mess. His white shirt is drenched to the point of translucence, adhering to his muscles and showing just how lithe and muscular he really is. His wild hair covered the right side of his face so just one pale purple eye glared down at them. His height was a good head and a half taller than Zied, making him a good head and a half taller than Ciro.

Suddenly smirking at them, he turned to Fatharni and jerked his chin to Tyth. “That her?” he asked in a gruff, low grumble that sounded like a liquid earthquake.

“Yes. Activate it and fast. Time is not on our side.” The Goddess murmured while looking out in the lands. What is the celestial being so afraid of?

Shrugging, the man leaned down to Tyth and gripped her chin firmly to make her look up at him properly. Beside her, Zied snarled, ready to defend his love when Fatharni flicked her fingers at him. He suddenly was moving very very slow, and as an extra precaution she included the purple haired dragon maiden. They did not need to interfere. She simply slowed down their conception of time for a few seconds.

It was all the large man needed to lean down and press his lips to Tyth’s shocked and wet ones, and a burst of light flickered between them and then flowed with a loud crack into Tyth’s chest. The man pulled away to wipe away at his mouth and Tyth wiped at hers as well, putting a hand to Zied’s chest when he returned to normal to press her mouth against his jaw. She is reassuring him that all is well, and he settled down grudgingly. His blue eyes still glared at the man, but he did not attack.

“Did it have to be a kiss?” Fatharni snapped at the man, who smirked and licked his lips to further mock the Black Dragon.

“No, but its more entertaining this way.” He said and then looked interestingly to the purple haired woman behind them, the new Sentinella forgotten. Grinning so wide his fanged teeth peeked out, he licked his lips again as he ran his gaze up and down her body.

“I like her,” he said, and suddenly appeared behind Seiryuu, picking up a lock of hair from behind her left ear and brought it to his lips. She stiffed as he leaned a little closer and tugged the lock gently.

“My name is Drakeer, milady. Yours?”

The woman didn’t reply, she acted. Meeting the man’s eyes, she shifted her hair to the side over her right shoulder so it fell in a wave of silky purple. His eyes followed it and then his head snapped up and backwards with a sickening crack as Seiryuu’s elbow arched up from below after jumping up and dug into his chin. Not missing a beat, she lifted a leg and aimed for his nether regions, but he jumped back before she could connect.

Cracking his neck back into place, he rubbed at his now bleeding chin with a incorrigible smile. “Feisty and beautiful. Is it too early for me to say I have fallen in love? You are taken right? If so I’m flexibl-”

“Enough Drakeer before you give the poor man a epilepsy! He cannot kill you at his currently level but she can try, and you are giving them more than enough reasons to! So much for wanting them to trust you. Now they will think you are one big pervert.”

The big giant of a man rolled his eyes but joined the Goddess side, leaving Seiryuu alone. “Whatever. The girl has her powers. Are we done?”

The Goddess glared at him, but knew she could not raise a hand to him for fear he will retaliate. His powers were on par with hers and many others.

“No, you are going to reinforce the shield around this place. Make sure no one can get in.”

Tyth is getting fed up with being ignored, and had stopped rubbing at her mouth to keep Zied from going attacking or saying anything.

“This is getting us no where,” he growled in her ear, clenched his fists against her waist where she held them firmly. “I am about ready to have us just leave them behind.”

He is by no means much a jealous man but he is simmering in anger no less. She will have to smooth that over later. Tyth kissed his cheek reassuringly once more, then stepped away from his him.

“What is going on here?” she asks the two bickering ones, glaring angrily. “Just what do you want of me here? ANSWER ME!”

Her emotions flared her powers and the air all around them crackled and zipped with charged energy, mini lightning sparks lunging and flickering at Drakeer and Fatharni.

The power seemed to shut then up for a second, then they shared a look and nodded in some silent agreement. Drakeer winked at Seiryuu one more time before stepped back out into the rain toward the gate, his hair darkening from the onslaught of water.

“Tyth, you have thought of a name for your child already, haven’t you?”

Rolling her eyes at the useless sounding question, Tyth braced her feet apart in stubbornness. “Yeah, but its more of a sound I kind of remember. Ehthwee. Something to do with the wind. What of it?”

The Goddess sighed heavily as Renata joined her side, resting a reassuring hand on the celestial’s arm in a show of comfort.

“Tyth, the reason is because you are Fatharnian like Serenata here. Your hair was naturally blue like mine until it turned white, explaining the highlights. Due to the dessert of those lands, you were used to extreme temperature changes. You were born to my people over 25 years ago under the name Nasrin. That word nagging at the back of your mind is in your native language your parents spoke. Free as the wind, you want to say right? In Fatharnian, that is pronounced Aethwyn.”

Something akin to fear zipped up her spine at the name. Only one other person she knew had that name, and he disappeared a few weeks ago. He had tried to pull her into a portal. It was merely coincidence.

“What are you getting at?” she asked, her voice shaking slightly and only Zied’s warm hand on her shoulder kept her steady. He seemed to be thinking along her same train of thought too.

The Goddess looked sadly at her then reached a hand out to the rain, and everyone noticed how the droplets had frozen in motion. Zied had pulled out his sword, and Seiryuu fingered her blades as the feeling grew worse. A presence is near, and it felt dangerous.

“Because I had a dream, and that name was in it.”

Tyth followed the direction of the woman’s arm as she pointed off toward the gate again, Instead of Drakeer, who was lying atop the gate once more, standing there, drenched from head to toe stood a bloody and bruised looking Scythe.

“So was he.”

Tyth couldn’t breath as she watched the man reach a heavily bruised hand up, then hit something invisible. The Goddess had mentioned a barrier. Steadying her breathing, Tyth ran out toward her old friend and the frozen water in time bounced off her. Zied followed, but Fatharni put up a hand to signal the others not to join them. When Seiryuu demanded why, the Goddess watched the couple with a pained face.

“Because it was foretold.” Only later would they realize she was holding them in place with her own power.

Tyth kept running until she came up against the barrier, and then punched it once with frustration. She couldn’t pass through and help her friend.

“Scythe! Can you hear me? Are you alright?!” she yelled, Zied coming up beside her and he too could not pass through the barrier.

“Hey man, snap out of it.” The Black dragon urged, more concerned with the fact the dangerous presence disappeared once they realized Scyth was there. He did not want to relate the two facts, but he was possessed last time he showed up. Zied is not taking any chances with his family’s safety a second time.

The man just stood there, his matted bangs shading the top part of his dirty face. Then he raised his head an inch and tried to reach for them, but again his hand was rebuffed by the barrier.

“Tyth? Is that you?” he asked, his voice scratchy and hoarse.

“Yes, its me. Is the demon gone?”

“Yeah, has been for a while.”

“What happened to you?” Zied asked, narrowing his eyes as the man fell to his knees and being held up against the barrier. The man had appeared out of no where, and he couldn’t sense him arrive either. Just what happened to this guy?

Scyth leaned his cheek against the barrier and then smiled weakly, but it looked painful. “I got my ass kicked by this Eletos guy. He is so powerful. No matter how hard I try to kill him, he thwarts me. I lay defeated on his floor, so spent from my anger that I wonder why I’m lying there to begin with. Then I remembered you, Tyth.”

The woman leaned down to crouch down to his eye level, Zied doing the same. Scythe’s eyes glazed over at the memory, his lip twitching from the use of trying to smile.

“You were laughing and I was running after you. I felt…happy. Once I finally reached you, I hugged you so hard I never wanted to let go. You patted my hair, and said you were proud of me. That you loved me. I felt so happy, I could have burst. Then I did burst, and a light seemed to engulf me.”

Tyth bit her lip to keep from crying, clutching Zied’s hand with her own as she reached out with the other to press her hand against the barrier keeping them apart.

“Oh Scythe…”

He seemed to flinch at the name and the glaze fell from his eyes. They slowly started to darken and Zied’s back stood a little straighter as he sensed something…familiar.

Looking up at them and clawing at the barrier to try and stand up, Scythe stared at them, his eyes almost in shock.

“Then I remembered everything, and it was like my heart was torn apart all over again. It made sense then, why I loved you as soon as I met you. Why I tried staying by your side no matter how much your Sinner side kept pushing me away.”

His red eyes darkened in anger as he looked up at Zied, who was slowly gripping Tyth’s elbows as if ready to pull them away. “Why….I was so angry and jealous when I met him for the first time. Those memories, it all makes sense now. What happened then, how I knew. Who would of thought I would be so lucky to actually grow up with you? You, Tyth? Of all people!”

He was gaining strength now, but a dark energy was swirling out from the open wounds on his body. His voice grew louder as he braced himself against the barrier, and the frozen droplets flickered in movement. Zied’s eyes widened in realization. The time freeze, it was Scythe?!

“But what’s worse is I remember what you did to me and my baby brother. Me and Soren! How dare you take away my brother from me!”

The barrier flickered and seemed to whine in the strain of Scythe’s power. Zied felt the need to move, but Tyth wouldn’t be budged. She was looking at her friend with a face of pity and awe.

“Scythe, I never knew you had a brother. This Eletos guy must have done something to you…..please….”

Scythe snarled feral like and punched the barrier. A loud crack echoed through the air and he screamed in fury.

“You don’t get it because we haven’t been born yet! Then you will die, he will abandon me and Soren will be lost to me forever! You will ruin my life, all so I can grow up to watch you have a second chance like it never happened!”

Tyth jumped to her feet as the cracks in the barrier grew larger, and Scyth’s eyes swirled with fury and pain.

“I would never hurt you! Please, let me help Scythe!”

He only screamed and punched the barrier again, the cracks fracturing to the point of breaking.

“Oh you will help Tythlany,” he murmured in a low, ominous growl as his body began to glow with a new power not like the dark one leaking from the wounds on his body. Zied suddenly gasped and clutched at his chest, blood leaking from his right eye as a strange pain seized his head. Tyth whirled around to catch him from falling, and glared at Scythe.

“Stop it, you’re hurting him!”

Smirking gleefully, Scythe leaned against the barrier and it shattered into a million pieces at his finger tips. He limped towards the two and leaned down to meet Tyth face to face.

“He’s only in pain because I’m telling his power to so he won’t stop me. We share the same power of the Dragon after all.”

Zied began to cough up blood while screaming in pain, and Tyth clutched him on his side so he wouldn’t choke on any blood pooling up to his mouth. Hissing angrily, her power built up into her temples and she willed it to her hand as she lashed out at Scythe’s smirk that made her angrier. He held up a bruised hand to catch her fist and just like that, her power was whisked away. He snorted in disappointment.

“You don’t even know how to use your new powers. How lame!”

She tried to pull her hand away but he refused to let go. At her feet, Zied coughed up more blood but he gripped her ankle in an attempt to pull her back. The action brought more tears to her eyes.

“Why?!” she screamed in Scythe’s face as he pulled her close all the while she struggled to get away, to scratch his eyes out in retaliation. “WHY?!”

He pressed their foreheads together and the loving gaze he gave made her stiffen, but the words he said next about took the breath from her lungs as he pressed a hand against her slightly rounded belly.

“Surprise mother, its me.”

Tyth’s eyes widened to the point of hysteria as Scyth pressed a kiss to her forehead, and then with a flare of power his red hair melted away to reveal white snowy tresses just like the suffering man at her feet. His skin turned a slight darker hue of bronze and his red eyes shifted into a deeper hue of a hazel she knew all to well…her own.

“I’m Aethwyn. Your son from the future.”

Uel is a patient being, and calculative to a fault. What he wanted however was someone to talk to, but he couldn’t afford that without Eletos suspecting him of something too early. Despite what Eletos threatens, he cannot act on them until he becomes the One God. Only then would he be powerful enough to ultimately cross Uel. The fact is, Uel is not from this time, but from an alternate time to this one. Similar events with these same people occurred in his lateral timeline but it has been 700 years later that he finally decided to cross the time flow. It took many lives to build up enough energy to get him here and manipulate these events. If only to grant him his one wish.

The Uel of this present time did not yet know the pain of losing the woman he loves, but he will. Myrna never survives the ultimate battle. It also helped that using his other self’s powers doubled his own, making him currently on par with Eletos. Sooner or later that would change, if he played his cards right.

He had felt the instant the seal broke and Scythe suddenly teleported to where his parents were, finally remembering his original memories. He knew Eletos was the one to beat Scythe’s powerful body hard enough that the seal his powers created as a safety precaution would ultimately break. Uel knew the boy would be a good equalizer for his parents once the time came to defeat them. It would also kill Scythe once his future self was obliterated. That family is too powerful to let live, and they get it the way if left unchecked.

Yawning, Uel felt it was time for a nap, and he leaned against a tree somewhere in the southern continent. Plotting took so much effort. Waving a hand in front of his face, a window appeared before him showing Scythe hugging his shocked mother. Noting the bleeding Grey on the ground near them, he whistled in appreciation. The anger Eletos nursed is already so potent, proving even more how powerful this boy can still become.

It was then he noticed the orange haired Sentinel, and cursed. In his time, the Four Sentries never were gathered in time to help save the world. He can see two, and frowned at the fact the Fatharnian is also a sentry. The Demon and her Lover must been tortured with the Sight for too long to see so much of the future. Bekeri and her ilk were supposed to be destroyed. A bond with a human should never have been possible, thus leading to their Savior in the form of the fourth and final Sentry.

He watched as the orange haired one suddenly used his power to perform a powerful kick that ripped Scythe away from Tyth, and send him flying several yards away. He started yelling in a rough accent that no one messes with his barriers, even lazy ones. Was the guy stupid? His accent belonged to the native Greshaana of the northern continent. They had several long royal lines before they died off if he remembered right. This one was of royal blood, but seemed to dress as a commoner.

Scythe tried to get up and fight but Uel knew too well he could ruin things if he went any farther. Appearing in the astral plane behind Scythe, the misplaced god reached out with one arm allowed to be visible and pulled the boy into the plane with him. As soon as the boy was removed from the scene, the rain continued falling again and the Black Dragon stopped being attacked by his own power. A little bloodthirsty, but no less admirable for such hatred Uel thinks.
The Goddess Fatherni cast her own protection on the Temple and knew the boy could not break this celestial power in his current state. He watched for a few seconds more as the group ran over to the bleeding man and the crying woman, and Fatharni kneeling down to help heal the Dragon. The Azure Dragon was furious that the Goddess let this happen, but she just argued they all would have gotten hurt. Turning away, he brought them to the room Scythe was supposed to be brought to.

Fully unconscious and to the brink of dying, Uel lay the young man onto the bed and jump started his powers in healing his broken body. The Sentinel was clearly not holding back. Eletos would want him in somewhat one piece before trying another training session no doubt. Watching Scythe hiss and flinch in pain, Uel sighed and left the room.
He needed to find a tree again to relax. Yet even as he searched, he couldn’t stop hearing Tythlany’s cries of desperate denial or the silent resonance of her lover’s disbelief and misery.

“Father, they are almost ready,” said Beezaleel in a reverent and obedient tone as he knelt before the massive base form of his father, the High Lord of Demons.

The massive beast snarled as a whispered language drifted through the air between them.

“Yes, the other families are almost prepared as well. On your word, we will strike.”

The hiss in reply from the black and scaly creature was a sound of evil bliss.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Ethereal on Tue Jan 28, 2014 5:27 pm

Several hours passed after the events transpired. Seiryuu stood watch at the top of the temple wall facing south, the direction with the best vantage point. Everything else had quieted down, even the rain that poured hard earlier. In the silence of the surroundings, Seiryuu tried to sort out the events she witnessed, the things she had heard, the things she learned and tried placing a finger on them... to no avail. There was far too much revealed that their party had been left unaware of to make any sense. If anything, everything became a bloody mess. Who would have thought that dancing with the gods would be this confusing? She never would have known. She looked down to her right side and gazed at Zied who was sitting quietly on the wall with her.

"Zied... You sure got yourself involved in something you were not prepared for didn't you?"

There was no reply. The man had not spoken any word since after receiving healing from the gods that dwell in this temple. Seiryuu could not blame him. Even Tythlany's company was refused by him in the numerous attempts she tried to stay by his side. The other people in their party insisted that they get a move on and leave the place but Seiryuu knew that in Zied's current state, there was hardly anything he could or would do should they get attacked along the way. Despite the urging of Serenata for them to leave and the despicable looks Seiryuu gets from that Drakeer character, she made it clear that she intended to give the man time and stay in the temple. It took extreme methods to persuade the others to concede.

She rarely loses her composure but that time was different. Seeing Zied nearly choking in his own blood unable to fight back while still trying to protect Tyth, and the fact that the woman beside him couldn't do anything made Seiryuu snap. It was not as if Seiryuu was sure she could have done something for Zied if she were the one with him but she knew that she would damn well try. Seiryuu could still hear the words she yelled earlier in her frustration ringing clearly in her head...

I don't care if you're gods! I don't care if this world burns! You can all burn with it! You toy with us like we are your pawns! You say batshit insane things like fate has been foretold! Well I don't believe in this crap! If anyone tries to hurt him more than he is hurt now, I will make you regret it!

And the words she yelled at her...

And you! So what if you learned of your true origins?! So what if you met your future son!? None of those matters because you live in the here and now! How weak is your resolve that it gets shattered by trivial things huh?! The man who loves you was dying at your feet while still trying to protect you and you crumble like a fragile glass unable to do anything?! How the hell do you expect to save this world if you can't even save yourself or the man you love?! Please don't make me laugh! If only I knew sooner that you were this kind of woman, I never would have given him up to you! You should be ashamed of yourself!

Perhaps she had gone too far, perhaps she shouldn't have said those things given that she knew so little about Tyth, but Seiryuu couldn't help but express her true sentiments. Who was crazy enough to take on gods, much more a mission to save the world only to get shattered by revelations that hardly even mattered? In her eyes, it doesn't change the fact that they had to fight, no matter the circumstance. Sure, it would be confusing but gaining powers in the process, she should be thankful she has something new to use and help them on their quest, but to get lost in the process? It was laughable and a pitiful excuse for someone who claims to be a warrior.

"Zied, I know you don't want to hear this from me but I don't think she's cut out for the job of... world saving. If anything, I only think of her as a hindrance. What good is she to us if she can't understand what it is that she should really do? If she can't choose between acceptance or denial? If her resolve is something so fragile? Let me tell you Zied, it's nothing. If anything, she will only get you and everyone around her killed if she doesn't pull her act together."

A harsh and chilling wind blew across the two on top of the wall but what was more concerning were the words Seiryuu heard from Zied in a long while...

"Maybe... Maybe you're right Kaede..."

Those words... they were said so casually, and yet they lack any emotion at all. The man himself was distraught, if he continues to stay like this, then the battle is already lost even before it was fought. Seiryuu seated herself beside Zied and tried to look for his eyes. She had difficulty spotting them due to his white hair dangling and covering most of his eyes but when she caught a glimpse of them, her heart seemed to skip a beat in surprise. She had seen his eyes in the heat of battle, she had seen his eyes in sorrow, she had seen his eyes reflect fear and compassion, if anything she had thought she already knew the different looks in his eyes inside and out... but the look he had now was new to Seiryuu.

The look he had was indifferent yet brimming with resolve, calm yet his gaze was oddly fierce. It felt like Zied had gained a deeper understanding of something. His eyes had that look exactly the same as the dragon guardian she had fought to gain half of the true dragon scroll. Seiryuu smiled...

"Well... at least your eyes aren't dead. What do you intend to do now Zied? I may not fully understand how it happened but if that man who claims to be your son from the future is truly who he claims to be, could you point your sword at him?"

Zied did not flinch at Seiryuu's question. "I only have one child and that child is yet to be born. Like you said Kaede, we live in the here and now. The future is how we make it. These gods need to know and understand that they cannot simply bend us to their will."

"I like your spunk Zied, it's good to know that I'm talking to the man I once knew. But aren't you forgetting something? I know you're strong but you nearly got killed by that man claiming to be your son. He turned the power in our blood against you and almost destroyed you. Do you think he will not do it again?"

Zied remained silent for a few minutes. The gods here in this temple couldn't do anything about Aethwyn either except cower behind their barrier. Drakeer may have gotten a hit in but that could be dumb luck due to Aethwyn being already battered as he is when he came here.

"To be honest, after I was attacked by Scythe.. no.. Aethwyn, the power in my blood has been stirring for quite some time now I don't know how to contain it. It seems like it's apologizing to me in some way and at the same time wanting to make a pact with me... like it's trying to tell me something."

Seiryuu listened intently. This feeling Zied was telling her about was exactly the same one she had when she inherited the other half of the true dragon scroll. "Zied, could it be that you have the other half all along? Because I felt the same way when I gained the strength I have now."

"I don't know... I've been trying to communicate with my power through the Dragon's Eye but I can't seem to understand what its trying to say... But I'll keep trying."

There was a quiet moment between the two for a good long while. Each of them contemplating on their thoughts with all the recent addition to consider. It was Seiryuu who broke the silence between them.

"Hey Zied, I'm sorry..."

"For what Kaede?"

"Well, about a lot of things. For one, I... I know I have said a lot of things I shouldn't have... to her. I knew I was stepping well off my boundaries with what I said bu--"

"No. You were right to say those words. What good would it do us all if somewhere down our hearts we have doubts lingering? We will be fighting gods after all, a moment's hesitation could be fatal. She needed to hear that... and I never could have said those words to her myself... rather, I wouldn't be able to bring myself to. Given how attached I am to her, I'll just end up wanting to shoulder all if not half of the burden she carries..."

"Zied..." Seiryuu whispered quietly.

"You know... ever since Tyth and I have been together, I couldn't help but stop to think that I have been getting soft... and knowing what we'll be going up against, I can't help but feel like a dull blade, unable to protect those that matter most to me. Just the thought of losing her scares me Kaede... the way I am now, I don't think I can protect her."

"Zied, wanting to protect her is a good thing, but overprotecting her is another. She needs to learn to deal with some things on her own - to stand on her own two feet. Sure, it's not bad to rely on others but if you can't rely on yourself to begin with... that's an entirely different matter. Not only will one not have the strength to protect someone, they wouldn't even have the strength to protect themselves. Isn't that why you refused to be with her right now? For her to understand what she lacks and what she needs to do?"

The man had fallen silent. As painful as it is for Tyth to be shaken to the core with issues about her identity, the more painful it is for Zied to take the sideline and do nothing but watch. However, there was hardly any choice for him in the matter because of these... gods that decided one day that it was alright to meddle with the fates of people like them, and lead them in a preordained destiny. As much as he wanted to have a say in the matter, it was entirely up to Tyth if she would choose to remain as Tythlany Nightfox, the woman he had fallen in love with or become Nasrin Vanrios, the savior. It was in times like these where Zied could not help but admire how level-headed Seiryuu can be, to the point where he almost envied her.

"Zied, I ask you again, what do you intend to do?"

The Black Dragon clenched his fists, "Sorry Kaede, but could you give me some time alone to think? I'll come down soon, you should rejoin the others."

Seiryuu quietly nodded but stopped just before jumping down the wall. "Don't take too long. I'm getting sick of him checking me out."

"Yeah... I know..."

Leaving Zied on his own, Seiryuu was not too keen on rejoining the others. She was still infuriated at what happened and being in their company was the last thing she would have wanted to do if it wasn't for Zied. Walking back towards where their group waited, the purple haired warrior glared at the man who hounded her with his eyes the entire time, as well as to the gods who were watching from afar. In her mind, she did not want to have anything to do with these cowards who spouted nothing but their self-righteous demands for them to take responsibility for a fault she was sure they started long before humanity ever came to be.

Upon reaching the group, she was met with inquiring eyes that she intentionally ignored. Just as she picked a solitary spot and walked her way to it, Serenata stepped before her to stop her in her tracks.

"How is he? We do not have much time, we need to move now more than ever. This world is coming to an end, and you people are the only hope we have left."

Seiryuu felt a nerve swell in her. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes and looked down, then back to Serenata. "Didn't I already say it earlier? I don't care anymore if this world burns. You gods are full of it. You bicker and wage wars then expect us to fight it for you? Get real lady, I will take no more orders from you or anyone else in this group. If you want to leave then leave, go save the world yourself if you can." she hissed and shoved Serenata aside.

Ciro reacted defensively but was stopped when Seiryuu drew her katar which he suddenly found pointed at his throat. "Right now, you don't want to step on my bad side."

It was Serenata who insistently motioned for Ciro to back down and let Seiryuu through. She was not trying to antagonize anyone of them, it's just how she felt with how things turned out. Something about all this felt wrong and it was eating away at her. Walking past Tyth, she only glanced at her for a few seconds and scoffed before slumping her back on the wall a few yards away from the group.

"This is pathetic...what did I get myself into?" she sighed in question.


Several hours more had passed and Zied still has not come down from the wall. He was still sitting there like an immovable object, bathing in the sun's gentle light as it prepares to set itself far into the horizon. His blue eyes stared far into the distance but at nothing in particular. He could hear the whispers of the wind as it caressed his entire being while still trying to communicate with the power in his blood. He had been using the Dragon's Eye non stop, peering into his own being and yet all he could see was a heavily clouded vision. Just as he was about to give up, somewhere in the cloudy haze he saw a figure forming right before him... the same dragon he met in his dreams.

Young dragon, we meet again.

The voice rumbled in his thoughts like thunder in the clouds. Zied could picture himself standing right before the silhouette of the creature of legend behind the swirling dark clouds...

"I need to ask you something."

Speak freely young dragon.

"What are you? What am I? For what purpose did you bestow us your power?"

Young dragon, you are troubled by mundane things. You ask questions you already know the answer to. I am the black dragon, leader and the oldest of the six dragons that govern the middle world, though you should already know this for my blood courses through your veins. All you need to do is remember the oath your ancestors have sworn to us.

"Oath? What oath? My memories only span the length of my life from when I started to understand. I know nothing of this ancestral oath you speak of."

It is not in the memories of the mind young one, but in the memories of your blood, your heritage. I am well aware of the predicament you are facing young dragon, for we are very much the same as the beings you have vowed to fight. However, we are the gods of this middle world.

"I... I don't understand. Gods of the middle world? What does that make us, the ones who inherited your power?"

The silhouette of the majestic creature shifted behind the clouds. The smooth cycle of the dark clouds was disturbed when the creature peered through it to show its face to Zied.

Shouldn't the answer be obvious young one? Long ago, when the God of One created the three worlds, he had designated rulers to watch over his creation. Just as he ruled the celestial plane along with the lesser gods, and just as the demons have gained the right to rule the astral plane, we the six dragons were given the mortal plane, the middle world to watch over.

"What happened?"

Jealousy among the gods. The three worlds are very much different from one another. There are a lot of things one cannot obtain in their respective worlds, just as the demons cannot find beauty in theirs, and in turn the celestials lacking happiness in theirs, the two worlds were devoid with a great many other things... things that can be found in the middle world... your world.

"Let me guess, that is when the war between the worlds broke out."

A pity but it is the truth. Those who dwell in the middle world can get the best out of the other two worlds. You were given everything by the God of One... you lived in paradise, a fact they envied greatly. When the God of One went to slumber due to being greatly weakened after creating the worlds, those who envied took action against him and instigated war in the pretense of eradicating the demons because of their vile nature... and your world was the battlefield.

"Then... if you were the gods of this world, you got involved in the war too?"

Naturally. The six dragons have sworn to the God of One that we would protect the world given to us. We did our duty and fought both sides not letting either of them win. A deterrent if you may but alas, the long and grueling battle against both sides eventually cost us our physical bodies, that is why we sought the help of the one true god as a last resort, and at a great cost. Severely weakened, the angered God of One, with the last of his power, severed any and all connections between the worlds before falling into eternal slumber and thus, there was peace. This is the truth of the oath.

"Then why is this happening? Why are the celestials and demons meddling with this world again?"

Young one, we knew that one day they would eventually find a way to come back to the paradise they coveted so much. That is why we bestowed our blood to your ancestors as a gift, and also a precaution that will carry on our legacy of being the guardians of the middle world. Just as the God of One created his Sentinels and Sentinellas for the same purpose, we gave birth to the Dragon Kin.

"Are you trying to tell me that I too am a god? Are you telling me that the life I have now, the life I lived, was all destined to travel down this path?"

Young dragon, you are both a god of the middle world just as much as you are human. Unlike celestials or demons, you have the right to choose that which you want to be the most. You have been given freedom. It was your own choices that led you to walk this path now and not by our interference nor our guidance.

"Is that so? How can I be sure that you are not playing me like the other gods in this temple?"

The gods in this temple are not your enemies young one, but neither are they your allies. They are nothing more but victims to circumstance that want nothing but for things to return to the way they were before... to the time of peace. Young one, do you wish to remember the truth of your oath? But be forewarned, there is no going back once you choose to remember. Think and decide carefully.

After saying those words, the black dragon pulled his head back into the cover of the swirling dark clouds, patiently waiting for Zied's reply. The man in turn contemplated on the action he should take. What repercussions lie in wait should he choose to remember? Would he change? Will he become someone else? It doesn't seem like the dragon would answer any more questions even if he asked. However, there was no use in thinking about it. Zied knew exactly what he wanted to do long before he started asking himself...

"I... I choose to remember the oath."

The black dragon once again peered through the dark clouds and stared into Zied's eyes.

Very well young one. Use your Dragon's Eye and look into mine. I will share with you, the oath your ancestors took, as well as all the knowledge I possess. I will also impart you with the other half of the true dragon scroll as my gift to you. Young one, after this, you and I will truly become one. What you choose to do after this is entirely up to you.

Just then, a flash of light streamed into Zied's eyes. Memories not of his own suddenly became clear in his mind as if they were. From ancient times, he had watched how the worlds came to be, how the war was fought and won, how it was like during the time of peace and a great many others both significant and non consequential. When the ordeal was over, Zied found himself once again sitting on the wall with the moon already high above the skies. He wondered how long he had stayed that way.

Jumping down from the wall, Zied realized that he felt the same and yet entirely different all together. The haze in his mind was gone, the worries he had seemed like they were never there in the first place, he felt good... really good. Walking back to where his group waited, Zied saw that most of them had already made themselves comfortable in the night. Two of them however stayed up. One was Tyth and the other was Seiryuu. The first thing he noticed was the considerable distance between the two. As he approached them, he had caught the attention of Tyth who seemed like ready to jump at him from where she sat but the look he gave her stopped her in place.

"Get ready to leave. Tell the others."

Those were the only words he could afford to say to her before completely walking past her towards Seiryuu. The reason was not because he did not want to talk to her nor was he mad at her. It was simply because when he laid eyes on her, he could immediately tell that she was still lost in her own crisis. Right now he would not play the part of being a pillar of strength, nor will he lend her a shoulder to cry on even if she asked. He would instead give her time to sort things out by herself and realize what it was that she was being forced to understand. She had enough problems of her own and the last thing she needed was someone treating her like a baby. It pains him but he knew it was the right thing to do.

When Zied approached Seiryuu, he noticed how the purple haired woman had to look at him twice before calling out his name in a manner of a question.

"Sorry it took me a while. What is it?" he asked.

"N-no uh... your hair... aside from getting longer, it's now black... and your dragon tattoo... it's gone. There's also something different about the air around you, I don't quite know how to put it but my blood can tell, you have changed not only in appearance. What happened to you?"

Zied sat beside Seiryuu. "My eyes have been opened... I know the truth of the past, I remembered the Dragon Kin's Oath... I also know what Tyth has become and her role in all this. But more importantly, I know how difficult the path we chose to walk on is going to be..."

"Then if you know that much... shouldn't you be with her instead of sitting here beside me?"

Zied shook his head. "No it's okay. The one she needs right now is not me but trust in her own heart and a choice between two halves of herself, a mother or the duties of a Sentinella. I don't want to influence her decision, I want her to make it on her own. The sooner she is able to make a choice, the better it is for her. What about you? Did the azure dragon in tell you anything?"

"About what? The truth? The Dragon Kin's Oath? I have spoken to her as well and yes, she gave me a choice to remember and I did. However, the important thing is that my actions now will always be that of my own... but Zied, are you sure it's okay to leave her alone? What if she still can't make a choice when our enemies have already made their move? What then?"

"All the more reason for her to choose before that happens. She knows that and I'm sure she will try her best not to be a burden for anyone. But for now, I will watch her from the sidelines... and Kaede, we're leaving soon so you should get ready."

Seiryuu watched Zied get up and walk back to where they entered the temple from. It was an awkward feeling to have but she was somewhat happy that Zied completely ignored Tyth on his way out. Not wanting to stay in the company of people she could barely trust, Seiryuu immediately followed after Zied.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

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She is miserable and disgusted with herself. After all this time, everything they have been through and the emotional ride she has been put through, Tyth can still not shake the claws of depression. Sure she will put on a brave face and fight with the savagery she has always known, but deep inside she is weak to a pathetic fault.

Zied has made it known he will keep his distance, for whatever reason. If he simply told her, she might be able to handle the rejection better. Just seeing Seiryuu at his side made her want to call upon the powers she is given to prove she is not weak enough to not fight for him, but the powers would not obey her call. It added to her frustration and stress that hunger panged at her gut everyday and Scythe could very well be her son, the very one in her womb now.

As they trekked through the grasping sand, Tyth kept her place vigilantly at the back of the group. Should Zied or Renata look back at her or come near, she simply turned her face away in avoidance. Already she can hear Seiryuu yelling at her for being pathetic, for giving up and acting like a child. Deep down her pain is on the verge of anger, an anger she knew all too well. It is like the haze she lived in as a teenage Sinner. What disturbed her about feeling so pent up is that she could very well lash out at Seiryuu and hurt them both. She really hoped the woman sensed that and kept her mouth shut. The more frustrated she got, the smaller her patience for anyone became.

Zied had to feel her pain, her being so miserable. She is at a loss how to react, how to come to terms with everything that is happening. How can she find out if Scythe is telling the truth? What way is there to control these powers? Can she really do nothing?

"Tyth, can you hear me?"
came a farmiliar deep, lilting baritone she has no chance of forgetting soon ring through her temples. So he is capable of telepathy.

"What?" she snapped back, irritated that he can bug her at such a moody time. Not that she has anything else to do.

"Ah, I can still feel bits and pieces of your emotions. Mostly rejection and suffering. Something go down with Mr. White and Glare All the Time?" he replied back, a chuckle in his mocking tone.

So he can sense her emotions. Did he have the power solely or was it linked to being a fellow Sentry? As if sensing her thoughts, Drakeer laughed aloud.

"Your lover had you depart all of sudden that I had no time to offer you a chance to meet the other two Sentries. Now I have to communicate like this, through our partial bond. The further you are from me, the harder it will be to sense you and vice versa."

Thing is she couldn't sense him at all, nor taste him since she rubbed his kiss away till there was nothing left. "What do you want?"

He replied instantly, as if her question was not bothersome at all. "To help you. I can tell you are overcome with the redhead's appearance and now you are miserable. All I offer is a chance for you to take a break and Synch with the rest of us. If you activate your power of the Phoenix, you can control it instantly."

"Synch?"she asked aloud, forgetting about the telepathy. Serenata turned around to look at her curiously, and Tyth was at a loss of how to explain she is talking to someone through her head. After shaking her head at the woman, Renata caressed her daughter and continued walking beside Ciro.

"We cannot Sych without all four current generation of Sentries present. Its a fail safe to bond us together and activate our powers at the same time so we may protect each other. Honestly, we weren't sure we would get the chance in this lifetime. But now that you are the Fourth, we can finally help protect this world."

She almost tripped over a rock that was hidden in the sand until her toe found it. Cursing under her breath while fumbling in her snack pouch for a piece of bread, Tyth tore a piece and chewed. Looking at Zied's back, she already felt guilty at the thought of just up and leaving. Seiryuu would rub it in like always. What she didn't want to deal with is if he didn't do anything like last time.

"If I go with you, am I assured answers?" she asked, pausing to stare at her hand with the bread in it.

"Maybe you can find out if that man really is your son. Bottom line: we need you Tyth."

Isn't that what she wants? To be needed? Here in this group, she can't do anything the way she is now. And a break from Zied would be a good idea. It has not skipped her mind that her stress and eating habits will affect the baby. Whatever he decided that made him so distant and focused, he made sure not to include her.

"Alright." she answered, then resumed walking only this time she is making a beeline for Zied. The others had finally realized she had not been following and were now heading back in her direction. Serenata started to ask what was wrong, but Tyth waved her off. She only had words for Zied.

Standing in front of Zied, she almost let the guilt of leaving him right now eat at her resolve. Almost. In all the time since they have become involved, she has clung to him. Now, she needs time away to find answers he can't seem to give her. There is also something different about him, something he isn't telling her and she isn't sure if it is good or bad.

"Zied, I'm leaving but I will be back. I'm a Sentry and I have to know what the means."

His eyes seemed to narrow in distaste, but she stood her ground. Behind them, Serenata handed her daughter over to Ciro so she can put her hands on her hips.

"You can't go anywhere in your condition!"

Ciro rolled his eyes as he wiped some drool from his napping daughter's face, swallowed up in a bright sheet. "Like tromping around the desert is any better."

"Just how are you leaving anyway?! Sprout wings?" Renata demanded, fanning her face as the heat got to her. She had avoided the desert since her childhood with very good reasons. Blood ran freely then, too much for two young girls to be safe.

Behind Ciro, Tyth noticed Drakeer had appeared and was walking towards them in a bright, blue overcoat and tan colored boots up to his knees. Around his neck is wrapped a pure white scarf that he wore to most likely deflect the sun. His orange mass of tangled hair swung behind him as he stopped behind Ciro.

"She's coming with me. We are fellow Sentry after all."

It was if a switch had been turned on for Renata, for she looked at him and bit her lip. "Is this Fatharni's wish?"

The giant of a man shrugged as he walked past her to hold a hand out to Tyth, a rogue smile on his lips. The entire time he did not look at Seiryuu once, as if they had never met. "Who knows what that old hag is thinking. I'm just here for her."

Serenta looked offended, but watched reluctantly as her sister took a step toward the man, a hand outreaching to take his own until only an inch separated their fingers.

She stared at his hand, the reality of leaving coming to the forefront. Already Tyth missed the man behind her, wanting to touch him, to kiss him, to never leave his side. But he is focused on something and now she had a calling of her own to deal with. Hopefully he will miss her as much as she will him. Still she hesitated and she blamed it on her weakness of being such a clingy, selfish person.

Noticing her unease, Drakeer took her hand slowly in his and gave her a gentle smile. He honestly had little to smile about these days, besides hanging out at an almost abandoned shrine for several weeks. The other Sentries he had only met briefly, and even that wasn't enough to make them friends. But this girl reminded him of his sister, as painful a memory of her it felt to recall. He felt a need to guide her since she looked so hurt and lost, just like the kids of the Greshanna streets where he grew up.

"I'll be here for you, Tyth. For better or worse,"he murmured, repeating himself as he gripped her hand tighter. Looking over her shoulder at Zied, she tried to smile but it still would not come. Turning back to Drakeer, she took a step closer and they were moving, their desert melting away in a stream of color. Faintly, she could hear Renata yell "Wait!" but already they had stopped moving and Tyth blinked at the brightness. Before it had been cloudy, now they were clouds all around them on a floating mass island up in the skies. Walking near an edge, she saw the earth below them, moving father fast below.

Opening his arms wide, Drakeer gave a flourishing bow so fast his hair whipped through the air, "Welcome my dear, to Oilean, home of the Sentry!"

"It's a floating island? We're so close to the ground," she observed, the slow wind causing her hair to almost float around her shoulders.

Motioning her away from the edge, Drakeer took her hand and tucked it in his arm. "It's an illusion. The view of the earth is magnified so that we can keep an eye on other humans. We are actually near the oxygen barrier, we are so high up. Only Sentries may reside here, and this island is older than a good millennium."

Amused, Tyth looked at the circle of stones that seemed to be a shrine or garden of some kind they are approaching. Standing in the middle in a conversation stood two people. The thirty or so year old woman's stance reminded Tyth instantly of Seiryuu. She looked strict and proud, her deep brown eyes narrowed to a hardened point. Her dark black hair is pulled into two low ponytails at the bast of her neck that reached just to her shoulder blades. A large, deadly looking halberd two feet taller than her five foot eight had an intimidating feel to it stood propped on a large boulder behind her, in easy reach.

The man is bald, with bright grey eyes that remind Tyth of incense smoke. She can almost smell the color in his eyes. He looked to be just a young man but held the height of a grown man, coming up to Drakeer's collarbone. A long, triangular earring hung from his left ear, and a few piercings graced his brow that matched his rainbow looking robes and sandals.

"Tyth, may I present Gavrel the Second Sentinel, and the fierce but beautiful Lachina the First Sentinella."

Lachina did not waste any time. She thrust out her hands, gesturing for them all to hold each other's hands. "Shall we get this over with?"

Not sure what else to do, Tyth took Drakeer's and then Gavrel's. The young man bowed politely to her while hesitantly taking Lachina's. It seemed the young man is intimidated by the woman, as he should be. Already she felt like its Seiryuu all over again, with her stern disapproving gaze. The blue and white haired woman just hoped this woman is going to be a bit nicer.

As soon as all their hands are held, they closed their eyes. Tyth deperatly searched for the power inside her besides the power of her child. A small hum filled the air as the three across from her began to summon their auras. From behind her eyelids she felt the pang of power as they melded and then reached for her, only there is nothing to reach. Her power had failed again to reveal itself. Did she even have it? Brant and Jaavi could not have made a mistake.

Opening her eyes, she saw Lachina looking at her with shock all over her face. "It didn't work."

Concerned, Tyth turned on Drakeer who is frowning as well. "You kissed me. Wasn't that suppose to do something? You said-"

He waved her ire down and let go of Lachina's bruising grip, "I said that to pacify the Goddess. Things like Synch are kept from Celestial knowledge so they cannot take advantage, like everything else they do. No, there is an error somewhere and we need to find out what."

Lachina growled in irritation, whirling away to grab her weapon and stalk off. Scratching at the skin over his ear, the young man fumbled with his earring. "Maybe you brought the wrong person?"

He shook his head, "No, she is the one. That kiss was meant to mask that I was checking to see if she is the real deal. Her Phoenix responded to my spirit, the Black Turtle but very weakly. I thought the Synchronization would refresh them, so to speak." He looked over at Tyth who is staring off to the side, looking more hopeless than ever. There went his efforts to put a look of relief on her face.

"Gavrel, you read those diaries the previous ones left us. Is there anything to explain this?"

The young man looked nervously over at Luchina, who is hacking viciously at the rocks on the other side of the island. From where they stood, they can hear her furious curses easily.

"Well I felt the Phoenix faintly too so I believe she is the Fourth. But as for this situation, it only means there is a Fifth Sentry."

Tyth looked up from rubbing her belly, whistling softly to her stomach. It has already been three weeks and she has a good bump going. "Is that possible?"

The young man nodded. "Yes but it is rare and from what I can remember, very forbidden. It did not explain any other details. Whoever is the Fifth is keeping their presence hidden and we have no way to find them."

Uel returned to Scythe's chambers to turn his white hair back to red. He had forgotten to return the boy's fake appearance back, since it is best Eletos did not learn this fact. It is enough the man is using this boy for his own schemes. Uel had his own agenda, and both men knew they other is using the other for their own schedules. It is just when the time comes to choose sides will they be drawing weapons.

Wincing at the slight pain in his chest, he rubbed at the spot on his sternum and waiting for the ache to subside. It came and went but the fatigue he is willing to suffer if it means his powers are being put to good use. Already his urge to distract himself has left him, instead longing to find the one comfort he hadn't known in centuries: Myrna's presence.

In his time, she dies thanks to her martyr way of thinking by letting herself be slain by another God to escape immortality. She hated being a Goddess after learning anyone she starts to care about dies but herself will live forever. In their humans lives, their village tried save themselves from the Gods wrath by sacrifcing Myrna, the village idiot's daughter. Not wanting her to die alone by being her only friend, Uel had joined her at the age of seventeen. At the time, they did not know two Gods of crucial value had been slain so instead of being killed, they were made Immortal into the old Gods positions. Thus a new life was born of powers and immortality. But for Myrna, it soon became a cursed way of life and she kept looking for a way out but the Gods would not let them go. Once it was found out they loved each other, the head God Rollanz cursed them to be in pain should they even touch each other. This only fueled Myrna's suffering more.

The loss of her is still fresh and always will be. At least in this time, she is alive and he can be near her. Appearing in Celestia since technically he is Uel, he prowls to the cells of the captured. Finding the cell she is in, Uel sits down in front of the door and rests his back against it. The walls are made of clear energy that is meant to leave everything inside, and everything out. He cannot open it without Rollanz' permission and it would be suspicious if they found it there are two Uel's in one timeline.

"Uel, is that you?" came her tired voice from inside the cell. She crawls over slowly to the door and rests on the floor in front of it. She had been interrogated by the Higher Gods about her tinkering with Time, but she had not given in. It hurt for her to move around but for him, she would.

"I'm sorry, Myr. I wish I can take away your pain," he said and meant it with everything he has. He looks over her shoulder to see her staring up at him from the floor.

"All of it. I wish we were never Gods to begin with. We should have just died back then." he murmured, keeping her gaze with his own. She nodded slowly and gave him a shaky smile smeared with blood.

"I know. Maybe they can kill me for what I have done. I can't live like this anymore Uel," her voice broke as a tear trailed down her cheek, making Uel's fist clench hard since he could not wipe it away.

"At least," she murmured, letting the exhaustion from her injuries tug her down to sleep, "my dream will be realized. Then you and I will be free...."

Turning away to press his head against the invisible wall separating them, Uel gritted his teeth in self loathing because he is the one who sent her that dream. He is the reason she suffers and he hates himself all the more for everything he is doing in this timeline.

Whispering a prayer of sleep in their old dead language, Uel stood up and teleported back to Eletos' castle. His other self might visit Myrna same as he and he cannot afford to meet his other self no matter what the cost.

"The Crown Prince is arriving! Prince Aksel is arriving!"

Looking up from tightening the cinches on his sister's saddle, Haz looked up to see a solider galloping along the length of the group to relay the message. They are resting from half a days ride to water the mounts and eat while waiting for the rendezvous party. His sister came up to his shoulder, leaning down to help while hiding the fact she used it as a cover to talk to him.

"They are keeping us in the middle of the marching ranks on purpose. Haz, they have to be onto us."

He nods and tightened one last buckle, "I know we are running out of time. Just let me handle it."

A loud sizzling crackle is heard and the blue haired woman looked up in time to see four large holes rip open in the air some several feet away from the camped army. Through these holes marched a shinier and larger mass of mounted and foot soliders. In a black and silver armor with a long blue cape draped over one arm rode in the middle of the pack flanked by two similar dressed men.

Hissing in anger, Jada digs her fingers into her brother's arm where she held him. "If the crown prince is here, we will never be able to leave!"

"Will you quit freaking out? I got this!"

"But he is a Sancti of Rollanz. We can't possibly challenge one who is blessed by the most powerful!"

Growing frustrated, Hazael tugged her to the horse and thrust the reins into her hands. "Just be ready to run when I give you a chance."

She kissed his cheek peevishly and put one foot in the stirrup while the other soldiers gathered ahead of them to bow a greeting to the prince. Haz jogged forward to push his way to the front but instead of bowing at the waist, he lowered himself to one knee and pressed his right hand to his heart.

The newly arrived prince had lowered the cloak covered the lower part of his face and stopped his horse in front of Hazael. Raising a hand, he snapped his fingers and the portals in which he arrived through snapped closed.

"Boy, you know how to respect royalty," he murmured, dismounting while pulling off thick leaver gloves.

"I was taught well by a good friend, your Highness."

The prince raised a curious brow while General Akris joined them, frowning at the conversation. "Do I know this person?"

"No. He is a shadow no one would remember." Haz replied, keeping his head bowed. The prince looked down at the boy then his half brother in charge of this company.

"Are you certain of what you said in your last letter? I hate wasting my time with needless chases, Akris."

The gruff man nodded then raised a hand to Hazael, a cruel gleam in his eyes. "I believe this may be who you are looking for. They were found in the area you mentioned."

Hazael stood up without being told to and placed a hand on the sword at his side. The around him jumped to grab at their swords, and the Prince merely smirked.

"Since you two know who I am then you know why I am here," Hazael drawled in a bored tone. Spreading his feet wide, he met the amused gaze of the prince with a cocky smirk.

Aksel only smiled harder, his canines making him look even more smug, "Just surrender. It will be less painful for you and the girl. I'm sure my Master, the God Rollanz will be most kind."

From beside her horse where she is held by two soldiers in place, Jada glared over at the three men. "I'm a woman, you flea bitten jackass!"

Ignoring his sister, Hazael swung his sword around in a circle nonchalantly and just a little the sword started smoking at the tip. It wasn't even a hint of his power, but might just be enough for to use as a distraction. He need to be able to use enough without making it blare his presence to the world. The Gods still cannot know where he or his sister are.

"Nah I'd rather fight the royal insect. Let's go!"

He rushed at the prince who already had drawn his sword and is swinging towards his neck. Their blades met in a spray of orange sparks. Haz' sword smoked a bit more but did not burst into flame. Good, the limiter is still working. They exchanged blows until Akris joined in and Haz found himself fending off two very good swordsman. Around him he heard the rumble of the two armies as he and the princes circled each other.

After three breathes, the brothers dived forward at the same time. Diving to the ground, Haz slashed at the General's ankle while hooking his foot around the Prince's freshly polished boot. Both went down with a yell of anger, but already Haz is rolling away. He jumped up on a horse to locate Jada and found her where he left her.She had somehow mounted her horse but was fighting to defend herself from being dragged right back off again. In both her hands she held small very curved daggers no bigger than size of her own hands. She sliced and diced while urging her horse to back up in a circle to keep herself a moving target.

Flipping off the horse as two blades sliced through the air to try an sever his legs, he rolled to his feet and face a feral looking Taris sitting on an even meaner looking bay horse. The short man thrust his blade forward in a savage attempt to run him through. Hazael tilted his body to his right as the blade came forward to aim for his heart. The tip of the long blade sliced through the air where he had stood mere milliseconds ago. Digging his heels into the dirt to keep his balance as he retreated, the young man shook loose the long length of tightly woven rope around his left wrist free. Ducking forward to dodge the vertical swing meant to bisect him, Hazael swung the weighted end of the rope around the wrist of the man. His long cleaving blade sank into the soft damp earth from having missed him. His rope came around to wind itself about the man's wrist and pulled as he ran to the side. The rope pulles taunt from his improvised anchor and his lifts his feet to throw his weight forward, defying gravity for a few seconds. It was all he needed to swing horizontally to the other side of the battlefield where his sister is. As his rope unwinds from its anchor and he comes skidding to the feet of her skittish tan mount, he grins at her through sweaty blue bangs. She just rolls her blue eyes and tugs her horse away from a pair of fighting men versus armor.


He noticed a forthcoming break in the fighting mass around them. Raising his bare hand, he looked up to meet her wide eyes.

"Then enjoy the show from outside!"

The slap of flesh was swallowed up in the clashing sounds of metal in battle. The tan gelding bolted forward into the break in ranks leading to the clearing outside of the circular formed battlefield. All the way her long blue tresses rippled behind her from the sudden burst of speed and her outraged voice he barely caught.


Once he knew she was free of the masses, he turned to find the Prince marching towards him with glee on his face. Haz isn't bothered by his facial expressions as he is by the bright golden glow engulfing the man. It looks like his time is up in staying here any longer. He cannot tangle with a blessed human of God without using hispowers. Thrusting the tip of his sword into the earth before him, he released the energy he had stored in his hand and used the sword as a amplifier to inject into the ground. The earth shook beneath him and cracks began to split like hungry webs towards the army. The minor earthquake brought most of them to their knees while the Prince crouched down to weather it. The horses in fear ran en mass like a stampede away from Hazael as if knowing he is the source. Many soldiers caught hooves in their attempt to flee the stampede of their very own mounts.

Having caught one of the horses before it could flee, Haz swung up into the saddle and reared it up on its hind legs to wrestle it into a calm state. Looking over at the miffed Prince Aksel, Haz merely saluted the royal pain, and rode away in a different direction from his sister. They both knew after they left this rabble that they would be separating to find the people they were sent to help. Jada had her person, he had his. He only hoped they get to them in time, or the whole point of getting here will have been for nothing and he might as well weight for the end to come.

Slapping the reings hard against the flanks of his stolen horse, Hazael prayed the beat will last another night of hard riding. He had to make up the time.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

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Their journey continued. Even after Tythlany had left with that Drakeer character for her own reasons, Zied did not hesitate to press forward. He did not even bother to say anything to anyone despite their rousing suspicion that something is going on between the two of them. Only Seiryuu, who was trailing right behind him did not question his resolve or ask for his reasons. The desert was merciless during the day but Zied and his party endured it, taking only short breaks every time they come across a rare shade. Most of their traveling is done by night where it was easier on the body.

When nightfall came, Zied and the others found themselves making camp. The trek earlier in the day had nearly consumed all of the strength their other companions had and they were already suffering from a shortage of food. There was not much to eat in the desert to begin with and the Seraph plague made it all the worse. The best they could hope for is get out of the desert as soon as they could and find a town. Seiryuu stepped out of the tent they set up for the night and walked over to Zied who was watching their camp fire.

"How are they?" he asked when Seiryuu sat beside him.

"They're exhausted. They also said that we 'reptiles' should learn how to take a break. They've been trying to keep up with our pace after all." she said and chuckled.

"Reptiles? Heh... I guess that's one way to call us isn't it? Anyway, have they been asking any questions? They haven't really spoken to me directly. It would seem they are quite intimidated with the way I am now."

Seiryuu tossed a few more twigs into their campfire to keep the meager flame alive. "It's your new hair color, they still haven't gotten used to it. Even I am still feeling a bit uneasy with it, but yeah, they want to know where exactly are we going."

"Did you tell them?" Zied asked while taking out the last piece of bread he had in his own pack.

"I doubt they would understand why but I told them what they need to know about us, and our reason for this side journey."

Zied broke the bread in half and handed the other to Seiryuu who took it and bit off a small chunk. "I guess it's only natural that the people today have mostly, if not completely forgotten about the middle gods of this realm since their influence had been overshadowed by the demons of old and the celestials who toyed with humans for so long."

"It's kind of sad to know that the middle gods sacrificed themselves for these people, only to be forgotten, and somewhat ironic that we their second incarnation, the ones who inherited their will is about to do the same for them."

"Is that hesitation I sense in you Kaede? We cannot ignore what is going on anymore. We were not told the Truth and given power by the Dragons to watch from the sidelines."

"That may be true but this power can also be interpreted in a different way don't you think Zied? It could be that we inherited this to restore balance in the three worlds after the chaos is over."

"I doubt that. When the chaos is over, there would simply be nothing left to restore. Those with power should do everything they can to stop a catastrophe from happening. At least that is what I believe... and I will stake my life for this cause."

A mellow silence followed by a cool desert breeze put their conversation to a brief stop. Seiryuu watched the flames dance, while contemplating on the words she just heard from Zied. She broke their silence with a chuckle.

"Did I say something funny?" the man asked.

"No. The Azure Dragon inside me just said she expected no less from the man who inherited the greatest power of all the middle gods. Do what you have to Zied, and know that I will be right here by your side. Just remember that we are still humans as much as we are also the gods of this realm." she said and stood up to get ready to retire for the night.

"One more thing though..." Seiryuu stopped and turned to face Zied once more, "Was it alright for you to just let her go like that? You hardly said anything when she talked to you, let alone when she departed with that irksome giant."

Zied was taken by surprise at the question he did not see coming. While it was true that he had shown distaste for the decision that Tyth made, that was just him being a father to their child. No father would entrust the safety of his family to that of a stranger, a shady one at that. But truth of the matter was that he was somewhat happy that she was taking the first step into conquering the emotions that held her back for so long. But why does he feel so conflicted? Deep inside his heart, there lingers a feeling of uncertainty with Tyth's own decision. Could it be an omen? A sign of things to come?

"I don't know Kaede... but for now she is walking the path she thinks is for the best, but if her reasons behind her decision is just to show that she can hold her own, then Tyth will never conquer that which binds her to her old self. Even if she were able to control the power of a Sentry, if her reasons for choosing so is flawed, she will never attain true strength."

"You make it sound like you don't trust her Zied."

"It pains me to say this but yes, the way she is now, I cannot trust her to keep our child safe. This coming battle is filled with uncertainty. I do not know if we can win it, let alone survive. If what Scythe said is true, if he really is my son from the future, I'm sure he turned out to be like that because we died in his timeline, leaving him to fend for himself and to become the man he is now. I don't want that to happen, I want to be able to give everything I got without any worries holding me back. I want to be able to trust her with the future of our child, that no matter what happens to me, she has the strength and will to keep moving forward."

"Now you make it sound like something is going to happen to you." Sieryuu said and crossed her arms before her chest.

"That I cannot say for sure. Anything could happen to either of us. Whichever the case, I want to be assured that both of us have what it takes to keep that child from going astray."

"Then why didn't you tell her this yourself? Why choose to remain quiet?"

"It would simply do her no good. She acts on impulse before she acts on thought, by doing this, I am forcing her to act on thought before impulse. As much as I would love to shoulder everything for her, this time is different, we cannot afford to be careless."

"I see. So you're giving her time to grow on her own. For what its worth, I hope she does. She cannot continue annoying the hell out of me anymore. I can barely hold my temper with her childish episodes."

"Sorry about that, but I think that you being hard on her actually helps. For that, thank you Kaede."

Seiryuu simply scoffed. "It's not like I'm doing this because we share the same point of view. I just really hated her for stealing you from me."


"Hmph! Not that it matters anymore. What I hate about her now is the fact that I lost to her pathetic self. How could a woman like that tame you? If she continues like that any longer, she would completely lose my respect for her. What we need is a reliable Tythlany, not a snot-nosed brat."

"Yeah... you're right Kaede."

Zied was relieved to know that despite how she treats Tyth, Seiryuu doesn't harbor any ill will against her. Although she might have phrased it differently, Zied and Seiryuu knew that they believed in Tythlany and her power. Both of them could just hope that she could grow to be suitable to wield that kind power and strong enough to bear the responsibility that comes hand in hand with it.

Just as the purple haired warrior was about to call it a night, she stopped on her way back to her tent, the air around her tingling with intensity. She looked back at Zied only to notice that he was already standing with his sword drawn and facing the direction of the presences she suddenly felt. She jogged to his side and drew her own weapons now that the malice they felt was drawing closer from the darkness of the horizon.

"Whatever this is, they have considerable power. It's not your run-of-the-mill Seraphs we're used to dealing with." said the woman.

"I know. I doubt they're after Serenata or Ciro. We should move elsewhere before they come." Zied suggested.

Seiryuu agreed and both of them dashed off moving far away from their camp site. Zied's hunch was correct, the presences shifted and were now hot on their trail. Stopping a good distance away from the camp, Zied and Seiryuu both turned around and finally laid eyes upon their pursuers. Three menacing armors were now floating in the air by means of their glowing wings of light. They slowly landed on the fine sand with only the moonlight illuminating their soon to be battlefield. The two Dragon kin were surprised when they heard one of the armors speak.

Found you.

It was the first time they ever heard an armor talk. The usual bunch of Seraphs just mindlessly attacked and gathered corpses of those they killed, these however felt entirely different and put the two warriors on edge. Zied had already taken his stance and was simply waiting for an opening that Seiryuu was also looking for.

"So you can talk. If you're looking for a fight, you picked the wrong people." Seiryuu said while shifting to her own stance.


"How goes the soul transfer with the new method?" Eletos asked one of the armors working on creating more Seraphs for him.

There was no words said but Eletos clearly understood what the armor was telling him. He paced around the soul chamber while overseeing the creation of a new batch of Seraphs. These ones are the result of dabbling with the energies of both demons and what little celestial energies they could gather. While proving to be a little hard to control, these new Seraphs easily fall on par with the Celestial Demi-Gods that served as the front line up there. Even with his recent achievements in expanding his army, Eletos still felt that he was lacking power.

"This is not nearly enough... I need more power under my command. Even with my Godslayers, my plan to conquer the Celestial World and ascend to the God of One's throne is still far from achievable..."

Turning to one of the armors that followed him around all day, Eletos barked a few orders and the armor turned to relay it to the others. Looking outside one of the windows of the soul chamber, Eletos could see multiple carriages that contained dead bodies still coming in. Satisfied, Eletos walked outside of the soul chamber only to be stopped in the dark hallways of his crystal tower when he sensed a presence in the shadows.

"What can I do for the Advocate of War?" he asked.

From the shadows came out a figure of a woman, cloaked in the blackest robes. Her face was covered by the shadows of her hood and only her lips could be seen from it. She stopped a good distance away from Eletos and smiled.

"How goes your preparation?" she asked with an icy chill in her tone.

"I need more Celestial Energy. Though I am grateful for the bodies of celestials that you secretly bring in, I am afraid that the energy harnessed from their souls is simply not enough to create a massive army of significant quality overnight."

The woman paced around in the shadows, contemplating on the words Eletos just said. "I see. What you require from me is quite difficult to procure. Killing a celestial in our world is not as easy as you think. There are... repercussions... that I must avoid."

"Hmph. Killing is the same be it in any world. You take another life with your own hands, whatever the means. You are a celestial are you not? Since when did your kind bother with repercussions? These repercussions you speak of mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. If you want results, you need to put in more effort."

"Well said human. I will see to it that you get the celestial energy you need. In turn, I want you to keep your word about our prior... arrangement. Oh and by the way, are you still meeting with 'him'? You know he's trying to play you into his hands do you not?"

"Him?" Eletos paused for a second. "You mean that celestial? Not to worry, I am well aware of Uel's deception. That celestial has his own goal, though I am uncertain about his true agenda, that will not stop me from accomplishing what I must. You would also do well to keep these meetings to a bare minimum. We cannot have 'him' or them finding out that you are scheming behind their backs and helping a human conquer your own world."

The cloaked one stopped pacing and turned to face Eletos once more. "Your concern is misplaced human. While I live only for chaos, it is not in my nature to be so careless. Your goal is beneficial to mine, I am merely ensuring that you succeed for my own benefit."

"As you benefit me in many ways, such is the meaning of mutual gain. Do not worry my Advocate of War, you will have what you desire soon."

"Then I will hold you to your words. Until then... human."

The presence of the cloaked woman vanished as if she was never there to begin with. It was a feeling Eletos would never get used to in the many times he had met that celestial woman. The cogs of war are turning faster than he expected and he is still in no shape to fight it despite the considerable strength he already possessed. Eletos continued walking the halls toward his chamber only to be stopped again, this time by one of his Godslayers.

"What is it?" he asked.

They have been found my lord.

"Is that so? Very well, proceed as planned. If they are indeed the cause of the change that I felt some time ago, then we absolutely cannot allow them to run free."

As you wish my lord.

When his Godslayer left, Eletos mused with his own thoughts, seeking answers from the little knowledge he knew about the Dragons and their time. With each step he took back to his chamber, the deeper he sunk within his own thoughts about the gods of the middle world. If they truly played a huge part in separating the three worlds, then it would surely be wise not to underestimate those who share their bloodline. Now Eletos thought if it was wise to have antagonized two of them who possessed such power. However, he couldn't help but smile with excitement. After all, he had in his possession a fine specimen. He could only hope that Uel brought him back in one piece. It did not take a genius to know that the man who came to him was taken outside of his sanctuary.

It was shortly after entering his chamber that Eletos felt a presence come to his crystal tower. Uel had returned, it was fortunate that the Advocate of War had made herself scarce before then. Otherwise, things might get a little complicated. As far as this celestial man knew, Eletos was only receiving help from him alone. It would be best to keep it that way until he has learned more about this celestial and his schemes.

Though he had wished to continue training Scythe, Eletos could feel that the man's presence and life force is stable but greatly weakened, like he had fought something of great strength. Leaving the thought of training alone, Eletos decided to let Scythe have a day to recuperate. For now, he would meditate and further improve his mastery of soul energy.


For what reason did he come to these lands? The very same lands that was teeming with the power of Rollanz, the one celestial who claimed to be the second strongest of them all. It was simple, these lands were not easily subdued by the Seraphs and the people who dwell here were more accustomed to the arts of ancient fighting. Lanrael needed people that had the strength and courage to fight when the time comes, all for the sake of having this world's existence continue. However, accomplishing his goal is no easy task, Rollanz had chosen a champion to represent him in these lands and keep the peace and order, and he picked no one better than that man, the Crown Prince Aksel.

He had kept his presence hidden as best as he could. After all, a demon lord such as him would not be welcomed in the holy land of Rollanz. During his travels within the land, Lanrael had seen units of the Prince's knighthood skirmishing against some Seraphs here and there. Truly it was almost frightening that mere humans could stand on par against the Seraphs with just training and sheer grit. They were the perfect example of a combative civilization that would certainly be an asset to the upcoming fight. But now the problem remains, how would he get these people to turn against the gods he would have them fight, let alone the one they worshiped? A conundrum he had no answer for as of yet.

However, there was hope. In the skirmishes he had witnessed, two stars had shown great promise. A young man named Haz, and his sister. Whatever their reasons may be, it would seem they had agitated the champion of Rollanz and were now treated as enemies of their holy god. Between those two, Lanrael had taken an interest in the boy named Haz after seeing him showcase his rough yet effective combat style. It was nowhere near the level of the dragon kin he knew, nor was it on par with the sinner he knew but it was clear that for some reason, the boy was holding his power back with great difficulty. It would be interesting to know his reasons for himself, or so Lanrael thought, but he knew that he could not take chances that easily.

Despite being on foot, Lanrael easily kept up with the speed the boy is pushing his steed in a mad attempt for escape, all the while keeping his presence well hidden. Already he was working on how to meet up with the boy and learn of his intentions, to prove if he will be a useable asset or a liability. Perhaps helping him a little would aid his cause. Silently harnessing his dark energy, Lanrael directed it to those who were hot on the boy's trail. It gave the young boy time to gain some distance. Now that he was riding alone, Lanrael pulled on ahead and waited for the boy to come to him. Slumping himself on the trail, Lanrael patiently listened to the steed's mighty trots on the ground. Should the boy choose to stop to his aid, he will then ascertain his goals and determine if he can be used, should he ignore him, Lanrael would then go after the other who rode in the opposite direction.

"Now then... let's see what you really are boy."


The armor in the middle attacked without warning, unleashing a furious combination of attacks against Seiryuu. The speed in which the armor closed the distance between them is nearly blinding, causing Seiryuu to end up on the defensive. Sparks and sand flew around as the sound of metal clashing against metal echoed in the desert night. Her katars gracefully parried every and all strikes from the armor's long eastern sword. Although she could deal with the attacks easily, there was hardly any time to launch a counter of her own. The flow of the attacks from the armor was so refined that it felt like she was fighting against the flow of a river, with the soft footing in the sand not helping her keep her balance at best.

What is with this Seraph? It's far more formidable than any of the ones we ever faced before! she thought to herself while preoccupied with parrying and dodging fatal sword swings directed at her.

Despite wanting to rush in to Seiryuu's aid, Zied could not afford to look away from the two that remained still. They haven't spoken a word and yet somehow, Zied felt like they only had interest in Seiryuu. Quickly analyzing the situation, Zied knew that it would be bad if another one of the armors decided to attack his companion, thus leaving him with the decision to attack first. Zied dug his footing hard into the soft sand to make sure he would get the strongest boost possible when he lunges forward. He then lowered his red blade with the goal of attacking from below first. The armors noticed the slightest motion from Zied and preempted his move by going in first.

The blue armor wielded a staff, while bronze one had twin blades. Zied suddenly found himself having to deal with a cooperative attack from both above and below. Given his opponent's speed, he only had a split second to shift from offense to defense. From his sword's currently lowered position, and considering the difference in reach between both weapons, Zied chose to parry the staff first with an upward slash, he then twisted his sword making the flat side hug the staff and powered it all the way down just in time to block the twin blades next. Using his gained momentum, Zied vaulted from his footing over the interlocked weapons and landed two kicks against his attackers. The sheer force of the hits was enough to send both armors skidding backwards in the sand.

Meanwhile, Zied's successful attack against the armors gave Seiryuu the opening she needed for a counter. The green armor was momentarily distracted allowing Seiryuu to spin out of their deadlock and land a clean blow to the armor's midsection with her left knee. She was able to send the green one skidding back as well to its companions allowing her to rejoin with Zied.

"Nice work. I have to say, their fighting style reminds me of..." Seiryuu trailed off and suddenly remembered.

"No way... it can't be!" She nearly yelled in disbelief.

The two watched the armors slowly stand back up to their feet, sand falling freely from their metal bodies. This time however, instead of attacking first, the three armors walked cautiously towards the two who immediately readied themselves.

So nice of you to remember us... leader. the green armor spoke.

It was with these words that it all came back to her. The armors they were fighting now were the very same people she came with from the Eastern lands. These were her subordinates who willingly gave their lives to ensure that she and Mika could escape the clutches of the Seraphs. But why?! Why does she have to fight them now?! What have they done wrong to deserve such a fate? As her resolve began to shake, the blue armor decided to speak.

I gave my life for you once, it's time for you to pay back that debt... leader.

"If you can remember me, then why are you doing this?!" she yelled at them.

The brown armor chuckled. We have been reborn anew thanks to lord Eletos's eternal graciousness. As his Godslayers, it is by his will that we were ordered take your life and anyone else who would stand against his greatness.

Zied's expression suddenly became fiercer at the mention of Godslayers. If Eletos was able to create armors that had incredible fighting capabilities such as these ones, then he is already one step closer to invading the Celestial World. But for him to unleash three of his Godslayers against them meant something else entirely. They have become a threat to his plans and he is not willing to risk having them do as they please. It also meant that he is aware of the fact that once again, there exists the gods of the middle world.

He is a better leader than you ever was, therefore we have decided to completely submit to his will. It's too bad that Mika and Jin are not here right now, it would have been a nice reunion don't you think? the blue one asked.

Seiryuu's arms began to lightly shake. She could feel rage building up inside her for what Eletos had done to her former subordinates. Toying with their souls and turning them into Godslayers, corrupting their ideals only to be used as pawns in his plan of conquering the Celestial World... it was utterly unforgivable. The moment her anger reached its peak, the sands around them were blasted away with her Ki surging forth in response. It was as if a tornado had engulfed their battlefield with the way her Ki surged with sheer violence. When Zied looked to his side, Seiryuu's eyes were closed but he could visibly see a thin, purple smoke-like aura emanating from the entirety of Seiryuu's body. It was more than enough to tell him that the Azure Dragon was really, really angry. When she opened her eyes, Zied was also surprised that they too were glowing purple.

"Zied... I don't know if I will be able to control my power... what that man had done to them... is unforgivable! I will crush him with everything that I have!"

While Zied trusted Seiryuu to not make errors in combat, the way she is now however could prove to be a fatal mistake in the long run. His Dragon Eyes have told him that if he allowed Seiryuu to go all out, chances are, Eletos would be able to devise a countermeasure against them. He had to calm her down somehow.

"Save your breath and keep your emotions in check Kaede, now is not the time. We must defeat them without revealing too much of our hand." he calmly said.

On the other hand, Seiryuu refused to listen. "They were my closest friends! How do you expect me to take this lightly?!"

"Then you leave me no choice..." Zied trailed off and stood in front of Seiryuu. With a swift motion of his free arm, he punched Seiryuu's midsection strong enough to knock the wind out of her and render her unconscious. "Forgive me Kaede, but I cannot have you move so carelessly." he said after catching Seiryuu with one arm.

He gently laid her down on the sands and stood up to face the three armors who were kind enough to wait. As he took steps forward, Zied cracked his neck twice and tightened the grip on his sword. "Now then... Godslayers you say? Should we put your name to the test? I'll take you all on."

You must be the Black Dragon we heard so much about. But even so, I think it is incredibly stupid that you knocked your ally out to fight us alone. We were created to battle gods, you don't stand a chance! the green armor roared.

Just as the armor's words came to an end, all three of them suddenly found Zied right before them and in the instant that they were about to react, three simultaneous attacks from the man had already sent all three of them flying back. Behind his cool mask of calmness, Zied had decided to carry on Seiryuu's anger, it was evident in his eyes. He will show them no quarter without giving them anything in return.

"You'll have to do better than that before telling me I don't stand a chance. Now come, fight me seriously!"

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Rogue.Ember.Shadow on Sat Mar 22, 2014 4:50 am

The horse is not going to last much longer after its break neck bolt earlier. It had not gotten much of a rest to being with and she feared it is going to collapse any second. But she had to get her destination. Too much is at stake for them getting this far only for human favorite of Rollanz to show up. Jada about had a heart attack. Nothing of the Gods are to be near them for too long, it was a rule they were given by their benefactor. 

She wanted to bash Haz so badly when he took on the prince all by himself, but she knew he only did that to give her a chance to get away unharmed. Since she has medical training, when she arrives at the rendezvous point she will become the best asset once a battle happens. She can heal others or at least to the best of her ability. Her mentor never trained her enough to be the level of a doctor, and she knew it is because she is a woman. Her father always threatened to simply rough her mentor up until they gave in, but Jada forbade it. She wanted to work hard at her goal herself, no matter what anyone thought.

Checking the compass and watch she was given by their benefactor, she gasped. The long hand of the clock almost hit the four. That is their limit. If they do not reach their assigned places in time, they will have failed. Jada cannot accept failure. As a fail safe, they were also given a vial that will open up a transportation gate to the place they imagine they want to be most of all. The vials came at a great price from their benefactor, and they both swore to only use them as a last resort if they could not beat the clock. She gritted her teeth as she put the compass away but kept the vial in hand.
Her horse is already tugging at the reins, wanting to rest. Its breathing so hard she can feel the expanse of its lungs against her things. Jada did not want to be thrown to the ground underneath a thousand pound animal with the risk of the vial breaking or her legs being stuck.

Pulling the horse to a stop, she dismounted and jogged a distance away from the animal. The long hand is almost upon the four. It is time.

"Hazael, you better get there in time."

Throwing the vial down at her feet, a portal similar to the one Prince Askel used opened up before her. Closing her eyes, she envisioned the person she needed to find and jumped through. She felt like she had been tossed by a giant as hard as it could. The blood in her body felt like everything had been shoved to one side of her veins.  To say she was disorientated when she was transported to where she wanted was an understatement. Falling to her knees, she shook her head to get the feeling of throwing up away. The sounds of a battle reached her ears and she looked up and about felt lightheaded again at what she saw about 70 feet away.

A black haired man fighting a wicked looking armored opponent. She has heard of this man and knows of his power, but to see him in action takes her breath away. To think she will actually get to meet him!

So this is the Black Dragon Zied Grey....holy shit!

Jada would have gawked longer but her eyes noticed movement in the area. The shadows themselves seemed to move closer to two figures further back from the battlefield. A flash of blue was all she needed to know. Jada started running toward them, seeing the hulking figures of black scales, a long whipping tail and a shiny metallic surface. Amor? Are these the demon-Seraph hybrids she had been warned about? 

Five of them were stalking the two adults from behind until the woman screamed, and the man wielding a spear shoved her behind him and lunged at the hybrid beast. Jada saw red when the screams of a child met her ears. She ran harding while activating the spell of the Gatosfyli and felt her torso stretching longer, her arms elongated and fur rapidly growing all over her body. The feeling of a long tail growing from the base of her spine let her know the transformation is complete, and that Jada is now a three meter tall, long furred feline. She ran straight for the nearest creature, the muscles in her arms screaming. Her long fangs sank into the tail and she ripped the animal right off its legs. Using its airborne velocity, she pulled it around in a circle to sweep its other members off their feet by the long tail. Letting go she watched four of them thrown several feet away. One of them had a sense to duck.

The demon thing bared its teeth and she growled low, lowered herself to her haunches. Rolling her shoulders, she stretched her claws into the sand and then jumped up. The demon did likewise, meeting her in the air and they went down biting and clawing. Several times her claws met the armor and the demon tried to sink its fangs into the tender part of her throat. Jada thrashed when it pinned her by her neck, then the creature screamed out in pain. She looked over its shoulder to see the man with the spear had weaved the blade somehow between the armored plates and sank it into flesh. Using her tail, she wrapped it around his ankle and pulled him out of the way of the creature when it lunged forward to snap at his neck.

Rolling to her four paws, Jada lunged at the creature with her head, butting it away from the couple and their child. It sank its teeth into her scruff, pulling her down a dune and into the waiting jaws of its mates. She went down snarling, landed with a thud on her back only to jump back to her feet. Moving in a circle, she bared her fangs viciously and they came at her. She screamed out in feline pain when several pairs of teeth sank into parts of  her body. Jada kicked and swatted at the creatures but her claws just glanced off armor. Snarling, she bit at the armor and yanked, pulling a creature off its feet and felt some teeth come loose from her fur. Angry and a bit in fear that she might die, Jada bit down on the creature in her mouth. One fang punctured through the armor and the soul power leaked free.

Good, this she can work with! The power of a Gatosfyli is to be a feline bridge between the Dead and the Living. The creature already struggled from her clutches after puncturing its armor, so she worked on the others. They began to back off once they realized she figured out their handicap. Snarling, Jada ran them off from the area until they jumped into some shadows and escaped. Sniffing the air, she did not catch their scent so she is confident the demons have left.

Whatever they came here for, they did not get. Eyes fluttering, Jada fell onto her side boneless. Sand lept up into the air from her dead weight. Already she is bleeding out from her wounds, and the Black Dragon must have finished his battle by now. She wondered if the woman with the baby is alright. The child had stopped crying. 
Black clouded her vision as she closed her eyes to rest. There is no magic to help her this time.


He was not going to make it in time. Haz already checked his compass and found the longhand almost at the four. The time to use the vial is almost upon him. Already butterflies are in his stomach for the fated meeting. He honestly couldn't wait. When was the last time he saw her? Looking back, he could barely remember. She had died so long ago that he could barely put together her face. So much had happened since then.

As he rode, he noticed someone hunched over on the side of the rode.

Honestly he did not have time for beggars or thieves or anyone else. The only one important right now is her. Them.

Pulling his horse to a stop after passing the hunched over person, he jumped off and threw the vial down. As the portal opened, he looked over his shoulder and his hair blew past to reveal more of his face.

"I don't have time for you," he said to the person casually, envisioned his face and jumped through. He hoped he made it in time!

They are a very mismatched group, but it is clear that Lachina is the leader. Must be because she is the "First" Sentinella. After the Synch proved to be a failure due to a missing 5th unknown Sentry, Tyth decided she will sit on the edge of the Oilear and watch the world go by. Already she wanted to run back to Zied, but knew he will not welcome her with open arms. 

Sighing heavily, she closed her hazel eyes and enjoyed the wind passing through the island then sensed a presence to her left. Looking over, she noticed Drakeer now sitting beside her with an annoyed frown.

"What's the matter with you?" she asked, looking behind them at the other two. Lachina is pointing to a book, while Gavrel is motioning to the other one in his hands, both looking very angry.

"They are arguing on which text to look at for any information on an extra Sentry or the Synch. If I had known this wouldn't work, I would not have brought you here." he murmured while propping his elbow up on a bent knee, his long hair swirling with the wind. She watched as he gazed out into the sky, same as she had.

"I think it is good you brought me here. A break is nice, even if I'm not doing anything. Seiryuu might mean well but her presence was getting suffocating and I'm sure if she saw me now, she would be yelling at me on my laziness. There is no pleasing that woman!"

He chuckled and looked over at her, "I was right about her then. Big chip on the shoulder, bossy, and just all out rough on the system."

Tyth looked over at him with wide eyes, "Yeah! How can you be in love with someone like her?"

This time, Drakeer threw back his head and laughed heavily. After he calmed down, he wiped away some tears from his eyes, he had laughed so hard. "Ah you mean before? Aye, I admit Seiryuu is beautiful and part of all that attention is lustful, but even I can see she still loves that man of yours. To try and turn her head would be too great a feat for me to do. She would fight me every inch of the way."

Pouting, Tyth hugged her legs to her chest, "Damn. I was hoping she'd get interested in you so I can be around Zied without feeling so awkward..."

"Sorry, hun. Tough women like her have standards, and to her no one can be as good as that Zied guy. If I had not vowed to never love anyone again, I might fight him for her attention but I can't. To lose someone I love again is too painful and to fall in love with someone who could not return my feelings is just asking for misery. I pity Seiryuu because she can't seem to let him go, even if you are there."

Looking at him, Tyth smirked, "I dare you to say that to her face!"

"I'll be honest to fight her would be a blast but I don't think it would be safe for either of us. With my size and her power, we would have too much fun and for her to smile, I might become slain."

She chuckled with him this time, and watched the clouds stream by, "I'll avenge you, don't worry."

Looking down to the earth, Drakeer pointed. "There's the Seraph castle. " It was quite the distance away from Zied's currant location, so she couldn't return and tell him where it is.

"Really? Why don't you tell the Gods?"

He folded his arms and glared at the castle, "Thing is there is a bit of prejudice between Gods and Sentries. Since our purpose is to maintain the balance of the world, that also means to wrangle the Gods. Remind them to stay in line. Gavrel says in the texts he's read that the first Sentries were humans who wished so much for the Gods to be reminded of morality that they were blessed by the spirits of their sacred animals. I guess to be reminded of that we are to yank their chain and swat them on their nose if they misbehave. The Gods consider themselves with no mother figure outside the One God, so they pretty much hate Sentries for having to listen to them. To go to them as we are now is just asking for our asses to be handed to us. We don't have the power activated and for us, that is a weakness."

Drakeer pulled a straight face, "We are half baked Sentries."

Tyth couldn't help it. She burst out laughing. She rolled to the left then the right and slapped the island on which she sat. "Oh boy, that was funny! Thank you. I haven't felt that good in a while."

"Good. You are even prettier when you smile. As for why the Gods haven't done anything yet, I have no idea. Guess we'll find out when we get our powers."

Tyth frowned as she stared down at the castle. Could Scythe be there? He had last been with Eletos and she bet her life that man knows where her friend is. Glancing over at the man at her side out of the corner of her eye, Tyth wondered how she can try and knock him out without him realizing it.

Getting up to her feet, Tyth stretched her legs and then rubbed at her belly. Drakeer kept watching the clouds as they started to pass over the castle. If she doesn't knock him out soon, she will lose her chance.

"I'm going to get some water. Be right back!" she said, and turned away. Adjusting her stance, she calculating how much weight to put on her foot if she did a back pivot kick when a crack sounded through the air around them.

She watched in shock as a portal opened up in the middle of the island, cracking and whizzing with energy. Landing outside of it is a young man with messy blue hair and narrow blue eyes. He is dressed in a long dark brown cloak, knee high boots and desert clothing. He seemed very focused as he jumped up to his feet and threw out a hand with a single finger pointing out. Directing it at her he took a step forward but his eyes turned unfocused and he wobbled.

"Dont...don't you dare leave this island Tythlany!" he yelled out unsteadily, now pointing at Drakeer who put himself in front of her. A second later Lachina arrived with her vicious weapon aimed at the newcomers throat and Gavrel running to join them.

"What's going on?" Tyth demanded, trying to look around Drakeer's massive arms. The more she tried, the more they got in the way.

"Talk, vermin. How did you get here? Only sentries are allowed on this island. Everyone else is strictly kept out on pain of death!" Lachina demanded, pressing the sharp edge against the tender skin of his throat. Gavrel skidded to a stop to try and pull her away.

"Stop! He could be the 5th! Why else would the island not attack him?!"

The newcomer shook his head as if to clear it, not aware his life is at stake. Looking around, he looked forward to the giant of a man, and then the woman behind him. She pushed the giant out of her way and walked hesitantly toward him. All he can do is stare at her. It is too good to be true. She's here. She's really here! That shade of hair, it had to be!

Tyth looked down at the boy, clearly confused. He is staring at her in awe, as if she is the richest woman in all the world. He had shouted her name, saying not to do what she clearly was trying to do. How did he know?

Before she or anything else could say anything, the young man smiled brightly and reached for her around the halberd propped in front of him.

"I love you!"

Beezaleel watched as the first group came back, all beaten up and half dead. The combination they tried was unknown, and he had hoped they would return with the Tyth bitch.

Clearly they came back empty handed. He will have to kill them.

"Master," one of them hissed, crawling to his feet. Beez curled a lip in disgust, kicking it away.

"You have failed me."

"Please master," it continued, "There was a blue cat, at least eight feet or so tall. It bit into our armor. We lost strength so fast. We were no match."

Strange. He knew of no such animal of that color or size. He will have to investigate while looking for the bitch. He would so love to take the unborn child from her and raise it as a demon to kill its on father. What a glorious dramatic death that will be!

"You still failed me. Kill them and take their armor."

Turning away from their desperate pleas, Beez walked back to his father's antechamber where he usually sat.

"Father, we will need more time."

The King of Demons sighed heavily, clearly not impressed. Beez knows he will be tortured for it later.

"Fine, but solve it soon. I don't want another failure of a child. Bekeri's betrayal I swear is the start of is all."

Bowing to his father until his cheek pressed against the floor, Beez shuddered from fear. He knows he will be tortured for this failure.

"I promise father, I will restore the gates and bring our brethren back to the Middle World. I swear it!"

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Ethereal on Sun Mar 23, 2014 3:50 pm

Ciro and Serenata had been watching Zied battle the armors for quite some time with worried looks on their faces. They had absolutely no idea why Seiryuu was lying motionless in the sand but the most baffling thing about the battle was that Ciro could tell the Black Dragon is holding back not by a mere tenfold the effort but by a lot. Not much of the veteran fighter, Serenata had trouble keeping up with the pace of the battle and had to rely on Ciro's veteran eyes for details.

"Shouldn't you go help him? He's outnumbered and Seiryuu is down." Serenata whispered.

Ciro however, already took in the details of the combat from the first time they laid eyes on the field. Seiryuu was unharmed, not a single wound on her which led the man to believe that Zied knocked her out. On the other hand, even his trained eyes had difficulty following every movement Zied and the armors made on the sandy terrain. It was like watching a high speed dance to the death. However, the longer he watched, the more he understood about the real situation of that battle.

"Ciro! Dear, help him!" Serenata begged, almost yelling.

Ciro simply placed a finger on her lips to silence her and looked at his wife with eyes filled with seriousness. "Even if I were to help him, I would only be a burden to him." he whispered back.

"B-but, he's being pressured by those things!" the woman exclaimed.

Ciro shook his head. "In combat, while it is true that with numbers on your side, you immediately assume that you have the upper hand and that the pressure is on your opponent, but that's not always the case..." he trailed off and made Serenata to look at the battle once more with a nod of his head to that direction. "Can you see his face? There's no trace of pressure in there. It's easy to say that the ones being pressured are the armors he's fighting."

A puzzled Serenata raised her brow, somewhat relieved to know that Zied was not having a difficult time. "If what you say is true, then does that mean he's far stronger than his opponents?" she asked.

Ciro nodded to affirm his wife's statement. "It's not as if the ones he's fighting are really weak, if you try to actually feel the power of those things, it's enough to tell that they are on a whole different level, probably on par with the celestials who attacked us back then. Killing a man like me who has a demon partner in an instant, would be an easy feat for one of those things. Zied's just stronger by a great deal it's almost scary. He's probably having more trouble holding back that power than fending off his attackers if you ask me. Look..." he said and pointed to the next place he predicted the fight will go to.

When Serenata turned her head towards the direction, she managed to see Zied land a deadly counter effortlessly to one of the armors and simultaneously deflected the other two incoming attacks with ease before moving onwards around their field, sparks flying and all. Amazed, Serenata could almost feel a faint smile forming on her own lips. Just a while ago, she couldn't even begin to count on Zied to even fight on par with a celestial but seeing him now gave her some hope.

"It's only a matter of time before this battle is over. We should--- Rena watch out!!!"


"Unngghh..." Seiryuu groaned.

She had an awful lot of sand in her face and hair that she immediately felt irritated, but she also immediately sparked furious upon realizing what had happened to her. Searching the field left and right for Zied, she caught a glimpse of the man several hundred yards away from her already sheathing his sword, bathing in white smoke, a trademark of a dead Seraph. Slightly confused, Seiryuu immediately scanned the area for the armors but she couldn't see or feel anything aside from another battle taking place somewhere near. She was about to spring into action but the battle elsewhere had already come to a conclusion before she could even get up. It was enough to be able to feel Ciro and Serenata's presences to tell that their side won.

Pushing herself back up to her feet, she began walking towards Zied, still a little wobbly from the blow she received from him earlier. The man seemed to have noticed her and met her halfway with an apologetic smile on his lips.

"Damn you!" She yelled and curled her right hand to a fist and threw a punch without warning. Zied however, simply swayed his head to the right, cleanly avoiding the blow. Pissed, Seiryuu threw another punch, then another until she found herself unleashing a furious combo with none of them hitting their mark.

"H-hey! Come on! Knock it off already Kaede! I only did it for your sake! You would have gone all out and probably desolate this desert more than it already is!" Zied yelled after avoiding a few more kicks and punches.

When Seiryuu finally stopped, she looked at Zied with anger still in her eyes and asked. "Where are they?"

Zied only shook his head sideways. "Don't worry, they're at peace now. I made sure it was quick."

Seiryuu was silent for a while, her gaze fixated on the lumps of white dust that were slowly blown away by the desert wind. Her angry eyes had already softened and was replaced by the ones she usually had when she's... emotional.

"Zied..." she called out softly.

The man however had already turned his back on her and began walking to the direction where he also felt the other battle took place. "Take your time Kaede. I'll go check on them." he said, leaving Seiryuu to her own thoughts.

The purple-haired warrior watched the man walk away and when she was sure he couldn't hear her anymore whispered, "Thank you..."


As he neared the sand dune where Ciro and Serenata were, Zied began to hear one of Serenata's mellow hymns. Walking closer to the two, he saw another injured person lying on the sand. Ciro was still applying first aid and Serenata was probably singing her hymn to soothe away the pain of the other person. It was only when he was close enough that Zied figured that the person was a woman, young and most likely still in the middle of her teenage years. He knelt in the sand between the other two and gazed at the young woman.

"What do we got here? Who's the guest?" he asked.

Ciro continued to wrap the young woman's wounds in bandages while applying just enough pressure to stop the bleeding. "Beats me, she just came out of nowhere, turned all beastly on us but saved us from what looked like a fusion of demons and seraphs."

Zied contemplated on what he heard and immediately used his Dragon Eyes to peer into the girl's soul. It was a hazy journey inside and he could only gather a few facts before the young woman forcefully shut him out of her being. "From the way she's dressed, she's clearly not a native of this area. There's no way she could have caught up to us by mere chance too, she got here through other means." Zied paused and looked at the area where he felt some form of faint energy fading away. "You did say she also turned to a beast? To the best of the knowledge of the dragon in me, that in itself is a rare ancient ability. Someone who can use beastcraft comes from a very special bloodline."

"Honestly, I couldn't care less where she's from or what she is, I'm just glad she came when she did. I could hardly put a dent in one of those things she drove away." Ciro commented to himself after applying bandage to the last of the young woman's visible wounds.

She was wincing in pain throughout Ciro's rough first aid but Serenata's hymn seemed to have taken effect and made her endure the pain and stabilize. Ciro wiped away some of his sweat and sighed. "That's about all I can do for her given our shortage of supplies. The rest of her recovery will be up to her. Serenata's hymns don't actually heal someone instantaneously. Now I'm wondering who she is..." he trailed off.

Zied in turn borrowed one of Ciro's knives. "I'm not sure this will work but..." he paused and hovered his index finger just above the young woman's lips and gently cut it with Ciro's knife. A drop of Zied's blood trickled inside the young woman's mouth and Zied pulled his hand back. "Through my blood, maybe my dragon healing can help her recover faster."

I hope she does, I don't really plan on sticking around after fighting Seraphs and what-not in the area.

"Seiryuu, when did you get here?!" Ciro asked in surprise. He was completely oblivious to her presence until a few seconds ago.

"She was there for a couple minutes now watching us." Zied said without looking at either of them. His mind was occupied by the young woman's motives for showing up in this place at this time. His thoughts however were interrupted when Serenata stopped singing her hymn after the young woman flinched.

Seiryuu made herself comfortable beside Ciro with a mystified look in her eyes. "I don't believe it Zied, it's working! Your dragon healing is taking effect on her. At this rate, she should regain consciousness at least."

"The sooner the better because like you said, we cannot stay here anymore. Get ready to leave, I'll carry her until she wakes up." Zied said scooping the young woman into his arms and getting ready to move.


A little irritated that he was ignored, Lanrael picked himself up from the ground and stared at the portal the boy just jumped into. There was no mistaking it, that portal was made from dark energy and materials only found in the Astral Plane. With him being ignored, Lanrael could only surmise two things, it was either the boy was acting on his own or under orders from his own kind if he was not mistaken. He was willing to bet it on the latter. Dusting his clothes off, Lanrael quickly jogged over to where the boy threw the vial. He placed a hand on the ground and closed his eyes, trying to feel the essence in the concoction that was rapidly fading away.

"Damn it!" he cursed out loud after the essence completely faded away. Frustrated that he did not get enough time to analyze the substance to get more information, Lanrael began to dig into the long demon history that he had. Surely among the clans in the astral plane, only one is actually smart enough and capable of coming up with a potion such as this, and they have not made any move for very long periods of time... until now.

"Hmm... if my hunch is right, clearly there's something going on in the Astral Plane that I am not aware of, and whatever it is, not just one party is involved."

Lanrael stood up and paced around a little bit. Already he was deep into speculating and playing out multiple scenarios and analyzing what could be several hundred possibilities for the meaning of what just happened here. Again, two things were the likeliest of possibilities to occur. Given the current situation of the middle world into thought, the demons of old probably thought that this would be the perfect time to come back to this realm. However, not the entire Astral Plane stands united. There are still some with either an agenda of their own or seeking to prevent the demons of old from coming back to this world. Or it could be just another celestial ploy to give those in the Celestial World more sense of control into how the cogs of war are turning. Either way, Lanrael did not like any of the likely scenarios he thought of.

"If it was the former, then I have to be worried about the World Seals... they are already greatly weakened as it is and given my current level of power, I can only reinforce the seal's strength to gain time... but even with that, it's not going to be very long before they are broken." he thought out loud to himself as he continued to pace. "If it was the latter, then we can only hope that the lights of hope this world has left will not be extinguished..." he trailed off.

A third scenario came to mind that it could have been a possible ploy by Eletos, but Lanrael couldn't even begin to imagine where it would lead should that be the case. Eletos had always been one for mystery and his actions are never really easy to understand. For now, Lanrael would go back to the World Seals and strengthen it to the best of his ability.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Rogue.Ember.Shadow on Wed Mar 26, 2014 4:32 am

A meeting. Of all things, a meeting. Uel sighed as he waited in line at his expected place in the hierarchy of the grand amphitheater that Rollanz had summoned them all to. He hated these gatherings, as few they came because he did not belong. Uel had no real sway in this room at all, so why did he bother showing his face? Because if he didn't, Myrna suffered his disobedience.

Their case is different as Gods. In rare cases, humans are granted to become a Celestial but the Gods made a mistake. Uel was a simple farmer and Myrna was considered crazed by the age of fourteen. Long story short, they are looked down upon and were granted certain liberties of being ignored by most. That meant he had a good chance of sneaking away. Maybe he can find something to nurse the throb in his temples from this week's amount of stress.

One of the Gods stepped forward on the high dais at the center stage of the theater trying to catch everyone's attention. It is Hevrios, a black haired second in command next to Rollanz, and on the side in his spare time is the God of War.

"Everyone, quiet! Your reason for being summoned is for your Asteri. Someone has tampered with the time flow and your Asteri are to be asked to help in the search for the sources or products of these anomalies."

Uel bit his lip to keep from groaning in frustration. The Asteri are the humans Gods have blessed to use their powers to Judge and guard the God's assigned domain. Brant and Jaavi was his last known Asteri, his chosen knight or champion to lend his powers to. He had no desire to burden another human with the responsibility in keeping up their influence as Gods.

Several others elbowed him to the side or just shoved him out of the completely but he let them. This way he is put out of the way with a chance to escape. Once free of the gathered others, Uel turned away to go home. Myrna he could not visit without making it look like favoritism and he wanted her to no suffer because of his hidden selfishness.

Asteri. From what he could gather, they were originally just representatives of the Gods who were chosen by to influence the people to worship that God. By using a portion of their God's powers, the Asteri could settle wars and bring about peace.

No one else's peace mind mattered unless Myrna is set free to assure his, but Rollanz orders are absolute. Uel had not way of setting them both free. Humans cannot one up a God. It just isn't done but to have at least one but three maximum Asteri is required. To go without one for too long looks suspicious and investigation will be called for.

So when he returned to his little part of Celestia he considers 'his', he lounges down on a pile of cushions, leans his head back tiredly and sighs. Whoever thought heaven is paradise was wrongfully misinformed. He had first had experience in what a hellish place Celestia can be.

Thinking on the Asteri, the blessings he bestowed on Brant and Jaavi never returned to him. Surely after Brant's passing they would have rejoined his powers, but they had not. He had assumed they were put in a vessel or something for some reason and he just had not bothered to summon them once more.

Waving a hand lazily in front of him, he called the portion of his powers back. What he got instead was a shocking surprise indeed.

"What just happened?" asked a voice he did not recognize at all.

Jerking himself to a sitting position, Uel stared at the white and blue haired woman standing in the middle of his sitting room. How is that possible? He had an Asteri still? How in all of the Astral had Brant managed that?!

His shock numbing his brain, Uel leaned forward warily, "Who the hell are you???"

"Is that really necessary?" Gavrel asked uncertainly, watching the scene before them worriedly.

Tyth, standing beside him, could only stare. She had no idea how to respond at the moment.

Drakeer just laughed his ass off, pounding his stomach while tears leaked from his eyes because standing at the edge of the Oilear is Lachina, holding a scared looking young man by the collar of his shirt dangeroulsy over the edge, with only the heels of his boots to keep him from falling. After his sudden proclamation of love, Lachina had growled impatiently, punched the man in the stomach to immobilize him and then quickly dragged him over to the side of the island while aiming her halberd at the man's nose the entire time.

"Last chance. Why are you here?" she demanded slowly, her tone lowering to a scary level that brought a look of uncertain terror to the young man's face. Tyth felt sorry for him but she is in no position to threaten the person herself, much less convince Lachina otherwise.

The young man pleaded, with a hint of desperation in his voice, "Please believe me. I'm the 5th Sentry and I came here to-"

The dark haired woman gave him one hard shake then leaned him a few inches further back, "How does one become the 5th? If I like your answer, you may live."

"The 5th sentry is brought through time from either the previous generation or the next generation of Sentinels to aid the current generation for a certain period of time. It is a very rare occurrence and is forbidden to perform unless desperately needed. You have to believe me Lachina!"

She shook him again, this time harder that he is sure to have whiplash. "So you know my name but we have never met.You are either from the past or the future. Which is it?"

At this question, Hazael looked to the side hesitantly. "The......the future. I am actually from an alternate timeline to this one."

He cannot tell her that is he really from this time's future. Not yet until the Synch has happened, and he is losing ground with Lachina very fast. The version he knew was feisty yes, but respectful to him. This one doesn't know him and has no problems letting him fall from an island thousands of miles in the air.

She glared at him and pulled him up until their noses were nearly pressing together. Her intimidation moves are working and Hazael is sure that she will drop him if he doesn't make his case soon.

"Lachina, you were a respected member of the Vazonians, a powerful clan of strictly women until you were torn away from them by the all male rival clan, the Romiens. You escaped but it was already too late. Your home and sisters were gone. You never found them until the dragon spirit came to you and said-"

He did not get to continue because he went flying to the ground of the island, skidding away from Lachina as she stared at him with wide eyes.

"How did you know that? I have told no one!"

Hazael picked himself up from the ground, spitting dirt from his mouth. "I'm here to help. My memories will be open to you, if the fact the Synch working isn't proof enough."

The halberd gleamed as she stalks back towards him, "Your cheeky tone is not amusing."

She would have reached him had not Drakeer stepped into her way and with his foot, pushed her weapon tip first into the dirt. "Let's give it a try. I want to know what the future holds, don't you?"

Gavrel appeared on her other side, "If it fails like before, you may do what you want. But I have a feeling he is telling the truth."

Drakeer looked over his shoulder at Tyth who is looking at the newcomer with a serious gaze. He looked back at her with a pleading look but did not move from where he was thrown. "Tyth?"

"Let's try. What could it hurt?"

Hissing through her teeth, Lachina joined the others as they formed a circle around the young man. Drakeer pulled him to his feet by an arm, and then laced their fingers together. As soon as all their hands came into contact, it was like being punched in the middle of the chest where the lungs are located, Hazael could not breathe. All ready all their lives flashed past his eyes, their emotions overriding his nerves with numerous feelings. Lachina's past with her many sisters, blood related and not, and fierce childhood made his lips twitch in amusement. This woman is always going to formidable when fighting for justice.

Gavrel left his monk training to travel the world and simply learn about other cultures. Not long after coming to this continent, he was chosen by the Sentinel tiger spirit and has searched for the others until meeting Drakeer.

Tyth was kidnapped as a child to be used as a subject of combining soul energy and powerful plant based drugs to make a super soldier. Already tears are flowing down his cheeks at her suffering and angry that she was used so ruthlessly. Just seeing her cut down innocent lives in her tender teen years made him want to scream for revenge.

But Drakeer, the memories tore his heart into pieces and once the Synchronization ended, Hazael was sobbing. The others feel to their knees as he did, crying. Through the blur of salty tears in his eyes, Haz saw the orange haired man shakily get to his feet and turn away from them. Wiping the water away, he jumped to his feet while Tyth dry heaved near his feet.

"My gods," she gasped out, clinging to the ground. "Who does that to their own family?!"

Gavrel couldn't speak, numbly staring at the air in front of him, but Lachina watched Drakeer wrap his arms around himself defensively as if trying to protect himself from the world.

"Those men weren't his brothers, they were monsters who turned their back on anything good."

Hazael narrowed his eyes on the older man as he turned slightly to meet his gaze, "You didn't say it would share are own memories. I should kill you for lying about that."

"You would not have cooperated if I did. Your other self warned me of this, but in order to finish my mission I have to get the Sentinels together."

The giant of a man lowered his arms that were clenched fists, the air around him turning cold and angry. Already Tyth is putting herself between them, throwing out her arms protective to cover Hazael. He moved forward to try and pull her out of the way but she would not budge. Already his breath shortened in panic, scared at seeing her protect him. She couldn't protect him again!

"Drakeer I know you are furious that your past was shown to us, but it had to be done! You saw his memories! That is how the Synch works. It bonds us all through our pasts and he risked his life to come here to help us."

The tall man's hair started crackling from the energy, his fury so tangible. "He had no right!"

"We won't judge you! If you had not burned down the kingdom of Greshaana, I would go there now to do it myself! Any one of us would! You are just afraid we will condemn you for it like the survivors did! Like you said, for better or worse we are in this together!"

She took a step forward and Hazael about had a heart attack, he wanted to stop her but knew what she is saying is what the man needed to hear. Having seen his only sister butchered right in front of him just because she loved him the most, their older brothers held down Drakeer to watch as she died. As if that wasn't any worse, they gave him a lethal dose of some lethargic drug and sold him to slavers to be humiliated publicly to the kingdom. Humiliated him they did and already he wanted to throw up at what they did to him. Now he understood why Drakeer had a phobia of relationships. Who would want to go through that kind of torture by someone you thought cared about you, only to be jealous of you since you were born?

It took a bit but Drakeer started to calm down, their bond already showering him with their comfort. Hazael closed his eyes, breathing a sigh of relief. He had gotten the four Sentinels together. Now came the real hard part.

Walking over to Tyth, he stood right in front of her and met her tear filled eyes. She brought up her hands to cup his face and the tears started falling again. He could not bring himself to touch her, it had been too long. All he can bring himself to do is memorize every line of her face. She looks so forlorn compared to what little memories he had of her as a child. She is so beautiful....and pregnant.

"Mother," he gasped out, falling to his knees in front of her and hugged her slightly rounded belly against him. She bent over him, clutching him to her.

"I can't believe its you Soren. You really traveled from the future to come back and save me, your father and your brother."

"I had to. I was given a chance and I took it. You did not deserve to die like that and I had to find out what happened to Wyn. Oh mother..."

He just breathed in her scent, letting it wash over him. She saw from his memories that two years from now, she would give birth to him. Then five years later, she would die to protect him and his brother from an ambush. Then father would be ripped away from him and he was put in the care of his aunt Serenata. The memories of his involvement with his benefactor was heavily shielded to prevent any harming paradox. They could not know his identity until the mission was at its final stage.

"You should not have come here," she murmured against his hair, threading her fingers in it, "I'm not sure what I am more shocked about. You, Scythe or Serenata."

He pulled away, got to his feet and wiped away tears, "Looks like you didn't use Brant's bracelet. He explains quite a few things. Aunt Nata had her reasons for not telling you so I hope you aren't too angry with her."

She smiled up at him but he did not return the gesture. "What is it?"

"I came here to prevent you from confronting Eletos on your own. Mother you have to promise me you will never try that again. Please leave Wyn to me, now that I know where he ended up. I had no idea he was taken from us only to be thrust into the past. Whoever dared do that will pay, but not by your hand."

Already he knew the moment when she became angry. It started with the dangerous frown along with her feet spreading and her arms crossing in front of her. This is the hard part.

"Mother, please let me be the Fourth Sentinel in your place."


Lachima came forward, placing her hand on Hazael's shoulder gently. He about sagged with relief. This is the lady he knew and respected. "Tyth, no matter what your pregnancy has become a handicap. The boy is trying to protect you."

The expecting mother tried to retort but was cut off by the glowing light of the guardian spirits appearing. The all turned to watch as the first one took form. A long furred white and gold tiger appeared in front of Gavrel. It is a large feline, at least six feet at the shoulder. Man and beast took one step toward the other and pressed their foreheads together. A light shone between the contact and then the bald man is surrounded by white streams of wind, his clothing turning white and gold. The Second Sentinel is awakened.

A massive black turtle appeared in front of Drakeer and both pressed their foreheads against the other.  Drak's clothing changed into a flowing robe of back and silver with a tortoise shell pattern lining the entire thing. His pants are kept white while his boots are turned completely black, his torso left bare. The third is awakened.

Lachina reached up to cup the long muzzle of a shimmering blue and green dragon. Its wings curl around them as their foreheads press together and her clothes change as the light shines between them. Her outfit hugs her figure tight in swirling scaley colors of deep blue and green. Her haldberd, which is collapsed at her hip, turns into a shimmering blade of sharp dragon scales in the deep sea shade of green.

Hazael smiled and looked up at the great phoenix hovering in front of him and his mother. It touched down and gazed at them both. He looked at his mother and reached for her hand. "There can only be one person to a guardian. Please...."

She glared up at the phoenix but gripped his hand harder. "Fine."

Her tone hurt him but he is glad she willingly let him be chosen. Stepping towards the giant bird after releasing her hand, he reached up and its head leaned down to lower its beak. Pressing his head against the hard surface, he felt warmth gather around his body.

"I have chosen thee, Soren Grey. My name is Ignis."

He smiled and nodded, feeling the guardian's power of fire fuel his veins. Thank you. After the Fourth has been awakened, the guadians dissapeared since their power has been given.

His mother stared at the four of them sadly but when he came back to her again, she wrapped him in her arms.

"I have seen that look on your father's face. You are about to go somewhere."

Nodding, Soren pulled out the compass and frowned. "Yes. I have to see if my sister achieved her goal."

Tyth's face turned white but he only laughed. "No, she's not your daughter. She is actually your niece. It must be weird for her to see the baby version of herself is all I can say."

Drakeer joined them, shaking his fingers as if trying to get rid of the sensation running all over his body. "You mean the woman who looks like Tyth?"

"Yes, that is my aunt. Now I have to go re meet my father, even he doesn't know who I am. I think it is an advantage because I am sure there are somethings he will refuse to tell me."

Joining them, Gavrel rubbed at the back of his neck. "Why shouldn't your father know who you are?"

"Because from mother's memories, he isn't ready to believe that Scythe can possibly be his son. I have to make him believe eventually, just not now. I just want to be by his side. My thoughts will be barred from him until the seal is undone at its appropriate time."

Looking at Drakeer and Lachina, Soren smirked. "You two are coming with me."

"Sure, but why do you look so smug?" the orange haired man asked curiously.

"Let's just say I know something you don't, and you can't look in my memories to figure out what it is or who our benefactor is. I'm enjoying this!"

Rolling her eyes, Lachina cracked her neck, "I will go if it means I can give that Seiryuu a piece of my mind."

Tyth shook her head at the woman, "I know what you are thinking and its not worth it. She hasn't treated me that bad."

"But she still hurt your feelings and I want to know how strong she is. It is natural for me to test others if they are weak are strong. Men just are emotionally weak by average."

Soren laughed and sensed his father's presence, pinpointing it. Before they left, he looked over his shoulder. "You promised, mother."

Tyth nodded and threw out her hands. "I'll be here waiting. I won't look for Scythe on my own."

Nodding to her, the three of them teleported back to earth near Zied Grey and his group. Seeing his aunt holding an infant baby Jaavilyn was almost too much for him, but Soren kept his eyes on his father and the young woman he carried. HOlding a hand up as a signal for them all to halt, he bowed to Zied and smiled gently. Drakeer took flank on his left while Lachina took his left, glaring at Seiryuu while thumbing the blade of her halberd.

"Hello. My name is Hazael and I believe you found my cat."

His aunt, who had no idea who he really is, came forward concerned. "Where is Tyth?"

Drakeer crossed his arms with an amused grin, in on the joke of Haz being from the future. "He took her place because of her condition. She is up on Oilear, the Sentinel Island, to be kept safe."

Taking the older Jaavilyn from his father's hands, Soren could not help but stare at him. They looked so much alike that he is surprised no one made the connection sooner if it wasn't for his hair. Due to his cover, Soren's hair color was changed to hide who his real parents were. But looking at his father that he barely knew, he couldn't help but feel in awe at the raw powering coming off the man. Already he wanted to shout who he was, but due to the mission he could not.

Kneeling down into the sand, Haz noticed some bruises and cuts on his older cousin's face. It had only been an hour since the first deadline and her fresh wounds were already healing. Someone in this group must have helped her. Her eyes fluttered open to smile at him slowly. "Did you...?"

Soren nodded and kissed her forehead. "Yeah."

She sagged against him, relieved. "Good. I was worried."

Smiling down at her, Soren looked up at his father. "Thank you for taking care of her. I am in your debt."

She is alone. Tyth refused to feel whiplash from the situation and all the new knowledge she has in her head. About the future, about being a Sentinel. But because her son now has the powers of the Fourth, she is the odd sentry out. The feeling of helplessness comes over her again. She cannot do anything, much less leave this island on her own. She has no powers.

Standing near her, Gavrel cleared his throat. "I hate to leave you alone, but I can now visit the Gods temples to research more on anything that can be related to Eletos."

Tyth smiles and waves him away, "I shall manage here somehow. Go on. How can I possibly leave?"

"Agreed. I shall be back as soon as I can."

After he flashed away, Tyth sat down on a rock. What could she possibly do up here to help the others without powers?

For a while, she decided to nap until food cravings woke up her. Searching the island for something to eat, Tyth suddenly felt a pull of some powerful force encircling around her neck. In the blink of an eye, she stood in a white walled room of shiny white stone and crystal. Pillars and circular bricks of perfection lined everything. Looking around, she wondered if she unintentionally opened a door in the island.

"What just happened?"she wondered aloud.

A flurry of movement behind her made her turn around to face a man sitting among large pillows and cushions. His translucent hair and light eyes contrasted against his brown and gold trimmed clothing. He stared at her in disbelief before coming to his feet.

"Who the hell are you?"

That is the wrong tone to be addressing her with but she had to figure what just happened. "Is this a room in Oilear?"

"No, this is Celestia."

This couldn't get any worse. How did she suddenly appear in the realm of the Gods?! Looking at this man, she felt like he looked familiar but could not place his face.

"Can you cloak my presence from outsiders of this place?"

The man frowned at her, "I can but why? Who are you running from?"

"Do it! Please!"

As he wove threads of light around her in a spell, Tyth bit her lip. She fought down the panic in her stomach valiantly. If Soren or Zied sensed she is up here, they will grow concerned that she might have been kidnapped or worse. They cannot get distracted now. She had no powers of her own to get her back to Oilear and she wasn't sure she can trust this person yet, so for now she is stuck.

"Alright, the spell is active. No one can sense you outside of Celestia, but in here you are fair game."

"How did I get here?"

The man seemed reluctant to tell her but did anyway. "Because whether we like it or not, Brant made sure you are my Asteri. Welcome to Celestia, miss."

Uel from the future felt a headache coming on and collapsed into the bed in a small room connected to the dungeon of this place.

They are becoming more and more frequent, but he could not show weakness in front of Eletos. If he did, the man would surely monopolize on it. He only returned a few minutes ago and already he had an urge to check on Scythe. The boy had used his powers on his own father, and that was sure to hurt them both. The boy is surely not able to control it yet.

He also had to make sure that Eletos never realized who Scythe really is, who his family is. Eletos had too much power already. Faintly he can sense the demons moving on the other side of the veil between worlds. They had gotten more active lately, and it concerned him.

The higher presence of Asteri and Gods have appeared on earth too, making him wonder why the sudden flux in activity.

A hard pang vibrated in his temples and he pressed his fingers against the area. Too much to think about, too much.

Somewhere else on the Continent, several Gods and their Asteri's appeared. Hevios scanned the area and then turned to the others.

"Fan out and search your assigned areas. Time travelers are easy to spot if their flow in time is not cloaked. Find anyone suspicious and turn them into Rollanz. Dismissed!"

The Gods and their Asteri flashed out at the command. His own Asteri, a bronze skinned man with earrings and many dreadlocks named Xella bowed to him.

"Master, shall we?"

He nodded and they began sending out searching waves through the air. They needed to find the time travelers. To mess with the flow of time is forbidden and punished by death. But they had to figure out why they came here and by who. Paradox are grievous indeed, more trouble than they are worth. Hevious hated clean up.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Ethereal on Wed Mar 26, 2014 12:18 pm

Whether by instinct or reflex, Zied's Dragon Eyes flared on upon the appearance of three individuals near their current location. It made him feel uneasy that they had gotten so much visitors in such a short amount of time. Surely there's something going on that caused a lot of activity from all the entities dwelling in the three worlds. From Seraphs to Demons, and now the Sentries have taken the spotlight, somewhere in the back of his mind, it was only a matter of time before the Celestials show up.

The three who stopped their journey was led by a young boy named Haz, though Zied was surprised to see Drakeer and another woman he knows nothing about among them. Adding more to his concern was the fact that Drakeer and the other woman poised themselves in their group's flanks while the boy greeted him head on. It was clear they intended to stop them in their tracks but the reason as to why eluded Zied.

The boy mumbled something about finding and taking care of his 'cat' which did not sit well with Zied. As far as he is concerned, the young woman he had in his arms fought bravely and saved his companions. To him, the young woman  was a genuine person. Zied glared at the boy when he made a move to take the young woman off his arms but he still handed her over, the young woman seemed to know the kid personally or so it seemed.

Despite the tension, Zied was still relieved to learn that Tyth was safe in a place the Sentries called Oilear, but what gave him another concern is that this boy before him was said to have taken Tyth's place as a Sentry. What could have possibly happened up there? The Black Dragon could only speculate. He looked at Drakeer wanting to ask a question but decided otherwise. Instead, he shifted his gaze over to the other woman who was tingling with a little hostility towards Seiryuu.

"I don't know what your intentions are but if that woman is looking for a fight, she's looking for it in the wrong group..." he trailed off and met the woman's eyes. "There's plenty of Seraphs roaming around as well as unruly gods and demon-seraph fusions lurking about. I suggest you take it out on them." he finished and crossed his arms before his chest. Zied then looked at the boy. "I'm not too keen on having my time wasted kid. If you want something, now is the best time to come out with it. I have somewhere I need to be and you sentries taking up my time is not helping."

With his gaze locked on the boy, Zied tried to use his Dragon Eyes to peer into the boy's soul. However, his vision was snapped back to reality before he could even see anything. Confused, Zied tried his Dragon Eyes on the other two Sentries though looking for nothing specific from them. To his surprise, he was able to easily see bits and pieces of them without much difficulty. Still unsatisfied, he tried it on the young woman again now that she was conscious only to get the same reaction he did from the young boy named Haz.

Interesting... he thought to himself.

Seiryuu however was starting to feel agitated by the glare she's getting from that woman. Though she could control her temper quite well, it simply does not feel right that she was being glared upon. Swaying her loose purple hair back, Seiryuu placed both hands on her hips and looked at the woman.

"I don't like your stare. If you want to say something, say it. Unless of course you want to get wrinkles, that's absolutely none of my business."

Zied felt a nerve bulge upon hearing Seiryuu's snappy retort. "Kaede! Please... The last thi--"

"That's it! You're going to get it lady!" Seiryuu yelled.

The next thing Zied saw was a purple flash dashing over to where the woman stood and unleashed a beautiful and swift double circular slash that was parried by the woman with excellent timing using her halberd. Zied could only sink his face into his right palm while shaking his head sideways as the sound of metal clashing against metal soon filled their little desert spot. In turn, Zied was already thinking of ways to stop the other two from fighting. While doing so, he looked at the boy again but this time, his gaze was serious it was almost piercing, backed up with his slowly rising Ki levels.

"This your idea of a joke? If it is, I'm not laughing. Must be nice for you Sentries to have time goofing off like this while the rest of the middle world is turning to a bloody battlefield. Last chance kid, talk before I change my mind." he finished and placed a hand on the hilt of his sword.


Inside a dark, hidden cave in the amber coral reef shores, Lanrael chanted an ancient spell of opening to gain passage to one of the middle world seals. The dim bluish glow of the world seal reflected off the spots of amber growing on the cave walls, providing the hollow part of the cave an eerie lighting. Lanrael pressed forward, his eyes trained on the middle world seal that seemed like it was threatening to break with every step he took. The weakening is progressing faster than he had actually anticipated and it placed great concern upon his shoulders.

"Whoever is weakening the middle world seals must be really powerful... to think they could weaken it to this extent from there... it's hard to believe..."

Standing before the world seal, Lanrael planted both feet on the ground and began mustering celestial and dark energies in both hands. Soon, the seal itself lifted from the stone and hovered before Lanrael. The demon studied the seal carefully, noting down the cracks and breaks in the enchantment that was slowly consuming the seal. With a few incantations in demonic and celestial language, Lanrael began kneading both energies carefully to rebuild the cracks and reinforce the seal.


A few hours had already passed but Lanrael was still carefully kneading the combined energies in hopes of reinforcing the world seal. He was already sweating and he could feel his life force slowly being drained by the seal as he continued to reinforce it.

"Ugh... I didn't want to do this but it would seem I have no other choice. Maintaining Cain's appearance while doing something so taxing like this is impossible..."

Releasing the spell that maintained the young boy's appearance, Lanrael's true form slowly emerged inside the cave. The sheer size of his body nearly consumed the entire space of the cave, giving him just enough room to maneuver his scaly fingers to knead the energies unto the seal. By his calculations, it would probably take him two days at the fastest to complete reinforcing one world seal alone. Regardless, the demon knew that he could not afford to waste any more time. A broken seal simply meant a full scale invasion from his kind in the Astral Planes... he could not allow that to happen.


My lord, I bring terrible news...

The eyes of Eletos snapped open upon hearing the voice of one of his Godslayers echo inside his chamber. He already knew the fate of the three he sent after the Dragons, and was already in the process of revising his plans of invading the Celestial World. Still, the man could hardly believe that his masterpieces were easily defeated by Zied, the very same man he nearly killed a while back, and to think he did it without the help of the other Dragon... he was baffled.

"I already know what happened to your brethren. I hate to say it but those Dragons have already become a nuisance. How they grew so much in such a short time is truly terrifying. To think that this world holds a power on par with even Soul Energy... their potential simply amazes me."

My lord, forgive me for saying this but... now is not the time to be admiring potential threats to your plans. We must get rid of them at once!

Eletos rose from his seat and walked towards a window. "Do not worry, they will come to me in time. I am willing to allow them to continue walking this world for longer... if only for the sake of finding out if the power they poses could rival mine."

A-as you say my lord... also, the Sentries have awakened. The sudden rise of spiritual essences in this world confirms it.

Eletos' eyes suddenly darkened. He had felt the disturbance in the spiritual essence as well and as much as he did not want to worry about it, the Sentries is not a laughing matter. Things have started to stray from his scenario and the events that are transpiring now were testament to the fact that some other player was involved. With the extensive research that he did, Eletos was led to believe that the Sentries should not have been able to awaken their powers yet, but the fact that they did, contrary to his prediction, only served to strengthen his suspicions.

"An invisible hand has decided to lay their cards out. I don't want to make a hasty move until I am sure of this but it would seem like we are running out of time..." he trailed off and shifted his gaze into the horizon where he felt high traces of celestial energies lurking about. "It would seem Celestia has sent their agents to the middle world. Find out what it is that they are after. You are not to engage them in combat, I merely want to get data." he commanded.

By your will my lord... the Godslayer said and left the chamber

Raising his left hand and stretching it out of the window, Eletos timed the incoming surge of celestial energy towards his tower and with a simple push in the air, neutralized the wave before it could even hit.

"Tch... I see the gods are cocky as always, not caring about making their entire presences felt with child's play spells like these..." he mumbled and went back to his meditation only to be disturbed by a woman's voice in his head.

Listen and listen well human, Celestia is in an uproar about people who are not from this time. In a meeting held by Rollanz himself, they have decided to make a move to hunt them down. I do not have much time to spare, heed my only warning human, one of the gods and his Asteri sent down there is bound to search your area. You would do well to cloak your entire operations until their search passes. Until then human, you are to lay low and not engage them in combat.

While he was already able to grasp the power of the gods sent to the middle world, Eletos knew that what the Advocate of War advised him to do would be the best course of action to take. As much as he would have loved to grab the opportunity to go toe-to-toe against a god, Eletos would have to control the urge to avoid risking long years of preparation. He however became interested in one mention by the Advocate, the 'people not from this time' part.

"Didn't see that one coming... people not from this time that is. Now I wonder... how will this play out?" he asked nobody in particular but himself.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Rogue.Ember.Shadow on Tue Apr 08, 2014 10:21 pm

Red eyes fluttering open, Scythe yawned massively before rubbing at his eyes. He knew not how long he had been out, but the last thing he remembered is a white haired pair of people, one with eyes the darkest of blue that made him angry just thinking about them. He knew not who they are, only that they make him feel so furious that his soul calls for their blood.

Who are you? What did you do to me?

Shaking his head to rid the remnants of his dream, Scythe got out of bed and summoned his weapon. The heavy, familiar weight comforted him. He needs to find Eletos and continue his training. He wants to become stronger, and this man will ensure that end. Leaving his room, he passes a mirror on the wall but doesn't stop to notice his appearance. His clothes are all bloody and messed up, but skin is perfectly healed.
Weaving his way through the long hallways until he reaches the chamber where Eletos had been testing him, he see's the man and makes his way over to him.

"Shall we continue where we left off?" he asked, standing a few feet away from the man. His red eyes are angry and determined, wanting to rid himself of the memory of the white and blue haired woman's tear filled eyes. Like it was his fault she cried. He had better things to worry about.

Lachina is glad the other woman attacked first, at least Zied Grey will not blame her for it. Twirling her halberd expertly around her fingers, the black haired woman matched Seiryuu blow for blow. They twirled around in the sand, their weapons trying to so hard to cut the other. It is a very dangerous dance of warriors, one Lachina knows all too well. Had she really wanted Seiryuu's blood, the other woman would have sensed it and responded in kind. Lachina just wants to test her strength and she is very impressed, but disappointed in how rash this woman is. Twisting her halberd's blade so it caught her dominant hand's weapon, she shoved it into the sand and using her weapon as a lever, she kicked Seiryuu square in the breastbone with the heel of her shoe.

As they skidded away from each other from the blow she used, she sensed Celestial energy some miles away from their position. She had faintly noticed one earlier after they had bonded, but now there is more than before in her assigned hemisphere of the East. It needed to be investigated, and her fight with this woman will have to be continued some other time.

"You keep acting like how you have been, you are going to die," Lachina murmured as she met the woman's attack once more. "Learn some control so I won't feel so disappointed as I fight you."

Feeling her guardian dragon stir in the air around her, Lachina smirked. "Are you satisfied, Cyaneus?"

"Yes, I know the dragon's power she is using. I have not felt it in a long time. Thank you for letting me see my friend once more, even if I am a traitor."

Dodging one of Seiryuu's blows by an inch that cut her cheek open from the air it cut through, Lachina felt her dragon leave her again. Cyaneus used to be a dragon who upheld the Oath like the others, until he decided things needed to change. He abandoned his brethren to teach the humans another way, and joined the other Spirit animals who would create the first Sentinels.

As she fought Seiryuu, she reached out to Drakeer and established a telepathic link, "Drakeer, you deal with her. I am going to investigate what the Celestials are up to."

"You sensed them too, huh? Now wait a minute, I am not babysitting that-"

"Just do it. Soren can't leave and I can't risk her coming after me."

Separating her and Seiryuu once more by pushing her away via their weapons, Lachina waited until Drakeer appeared between them that she chose to teleport to the nearest Celestial. As she appeared behind them by twenty feet, she collapsed her halberd and took in the two standing before her. The taller man just sent off a wave of energy before turning to her with a glare. The smaller of the two has a hair full of dreadlocks and earrings sparkling in the harsh sun.

Crossing her arms, she approached them slowly while wiping the blood away from her cut cheek then flicked the droplets to the ground. "You know what I am. Now care to tell me what you are doing? That is all I want to know."

"A Sentry this early? You are not wasting any time, are you?" the God asked, clearly annoyed at her appearance but despite his hostility chose not to attack.

"Answer the question. What are a bunch of Celestials doing in the Middle World? If you don't tell me, I can just go up and crash whatever is happening up on Celestia. I have no problems causing a ruckus."

"Rollanz would rather not have to smell the likes of you. We are looking for Time Travelers. We have reason to believe two of them are here to alter time somehow."

Lachina just tapped her fingers on her arm. So they are looking for Soren and his cousin, Jaavilyn. Even more reason to keep them away from Soren's location. He needs time to protect his father.

"Is that so? Then I will help you search. Call it a truce of sorts." This way she can keep an eye on their movements and protect Soren.

The God looked ill at her offer but bowed his head slightly at her. A sign of his agreement. She smiled and walked past him and pointed in the opposite direction from Soren's location. "Let's try in that direction. I thought I saw someone suspicious from my island earlier..."

Drakeer cannot believe that damned Lachina did this to him. He has been trying to avoid this woman ever since he met her. Despite what he told Tyth, all of it is very true. Thanks to the Synch, he is bonded to Tyth and Lachina in a very deep way that is too intimate to put into words. They are family and more. He will be damned if he cares for one more woman. His heart died with his sister and he vowed it will stay that way.

Having appeared in front of Seiryuu as she is setting up a horizontal slash with her weapon, he reached out with one hand and caught her wrist, stopping the attack. He is not going to fight her. Unlike Lachina who is proud of being a powerful female and acknowledges other through battle, he needs to be extremely pissed off to be serious in a fight. Seiryuu is too pretty to be covered in blood and dirt in his honest hated opinion.

Ducking down, he caught her by the legs and tossed her over his shoulder, weapons and all. Running back over to Soren, Zied and the others, he deposited the woman none to gently at her black haired friend's feet.

Stepping back, he scratched at his neck with annoyance as he stared down at her sprawled form. "Don't do that again. You are wasting all of our time with your rash antics. Yeesh."

Soren cannot believe that just happened. He wanted to give his father a good impression of him, but instead thanks to Lachina and Drakeer he looks like an idiot. He wanted to mirror his father's gesture by putting his face into his hand at their antics.

Jumping forward to push Drakeer back, Soren pulled up his hands in surrender at his father. "I am soooo sorry about all of this! I just came to thank for you for taking care of my sister and all of this blew out of proportion."

Glaring at Drakeer, Soren bowed hastily to Zied and Seiryuu. "Please, forgive them. I had hoped I could join your party and help you out in any way I can to show my gratitude, and as a favor to Tyth. She wants me to help you since she cannot do so at this time. I am soo sorry."

Jaavilyn had been staring at the baby version of herself with quick glances at her parents, completely ignoring the events happening. She is used to chaos happening around her younger cousin. The past version of herself is so tiny, and already she wants to hold....herself? It is a strange feeling but one that won't happen if she doesn't convince her uncle Zied to let them stay. He won't realize just how much he will need them until later.

Stepping forward towards her cousin, she meets Zied's eyes with a apologetic smile and then smacked her cousin hard on the back of the head. "You idiot! You can't even manage to screw something as this up!"

Sighing, she walked towards Zied and gave him a friendly smile. "As you can see, my brother is a bit of an idiot."

Bowing to him, she clasped her hands in front of herself. "I never introduced myself. My name is Jada and I personally thank you for helping me earlier. I saw your party about to be attacked on my way through the area and acted on instinct. Children are a bit of a soft spot for me considering I am a doctor. By the way, I have no idea how exactly you healed me. Would you care to explain?"

All she remembered is falling to the sand, bleeding harshly at about an oz of blood by the minute. There is no logical way she could have healed herself so either Zied or Seiryuu did something. She knew first hand her mother is powerful, but her father doesn't have the abilities to heal others. She hopes her uncle realizes that a doctor would be a very good person to keep around, and let them stay. If he doesn't, they will lose their chance to help him. Then they would have to backtrack and bringing aunt Tyth to the forefront of the events is a very bad idea.

If anything happened to Tyth and her child, then the Aethwyn she knows will die before she gets a chance to save him. And if Aethwyn is never born, neither is Soren. Coming here is the biggest risk to her baby cousin considering he could very well cease to exist, and yet he chose to come back and save his parents anyway. Parents he barely knew.

"What's an Asteri? What did Brant have to do with it?" Tyth asks, hands on her hips as she advances on this man with hair so strange. Its translucent and yet somehow holds a tangible shape that she can tell its long and braided all the way down his back.

Holding up a hand to stop her questions, the man went back to his pile of cushions and sat back on them. Resting his head, he closed his eyes and inhaled slowly. "When Brant helped the demon Bekeri become human, he showed her a way for the Demons to escape their weakness to light through human hosts by accident. But Rollanz found out what happened and sent Myrna to curse them for their actions. Bekeri was tortured with multiple visions of the future from her actions, and it caused her to be morally balanced. Needless to say Myrna is only sane enough to cast her powers, so they sent me to babysit them by making Brant my Asteri to make sure they made up their sins before their deaths. But Bekeri somehow used the visions she saw to prepare for the future, and thus you were brought into the mix. They were holding the Phoenix spirit without anyone knowing and gave it to you to bring about the Sentinels. Rollanz is still pissed about it."

Tyth sat onto her knees beside him, listening. "So I'm your servant, basically."

"In technical terms yes but I honestly don't care what you do. I won't hound you like I did Brant. I only did that for Myrna's sake. It wasn't her fault she hurt your loved ones, it was Rollanz. The last One God left him in charge and his word is Law. The only problem I have is having an Asteri puts me back into active status. After Brant died, I thought I was free from being an underling but now I must do my duty in adhering to Celestial Law. I must act like a God once more."

Tyth looked at the man among the pillows, one arm thrown forlornly over his eyes. "If what you say is true, then I want to see Rollanz."

"Forget it. Getting revenge against him will get you killed. He may have gotten to be more of a douche over the years but he still has some pride. To take responsibility over something he knows is not his fault will only piss him off."

Shaking her head, Tyth pulled his arm off his face. "That's not it. I am searching for someone. A friend. If Rollanz is the chief around here, then he can tell me what I need to know on where to find him. Take me to him. Also, is there a way I can talk to Fatharni? I know she is a Goddess."

"She pulled a lot of strings to allow her temple to be allowed in the middle world. Only time she is actually in Celestia is if she is summoned by Rollanz or Hevios. Good luck getting them to do as you ask."

Tyth would have replied had a knock at the main door of these chambers not interrupted them. Glaring at the door, Uel stood up, walked over and opened it. Outside stood an Asteri of Hevios.

"There will be another meeting in two hours. Every able bodied Celestial who has not been dispatched is to attend. No exceptions."

Snarling, Uel slammed the door in his face. "Fine!"

Tyth stood up and crossed her arms stubbornly. "I am going with you. Can you change my hair color?"

Sighing, he waved his hand at her and her hair turned completely dark purple. Screeching, Tyth grabbed a vase from a nearby table and flung it at him. "Not purple! Keep the blue and change the white parts green!"

Dodging the vase, he did so and frowned. "Strange combination, but fetching. Why are you changing your appearance?"

"I can't be recognized by anyone at the moment." Glancing into a large mirror on the other side of the room, she looked closer at herself and nodded. Unsheathing one of her swords she inherited from Jaavi, Tyth gathered her hair into one hand and pulled the blade across the length of it. Uel watched as long blue and green lengths of hair fell to his floor. Looking at her back, he noticed the new length comes to just an inch past her shoulders. Pulling a cord of string from one of her boots, she ties some of her hair back so that most of it still falls against her neck but keeps it out of her eyes. Turning back towards him, she smiles lightly.

"I am going to that meeting and you can't stop me."

Sighing, Uel leaned against the wall and let his head slump against the hard surface. "I suppose not. Let me guess, you have a plan on how to get your information?" If she gets out of line, as his Asteri he will have to take responsibility. The sooner he got her out of Celestia, the better for him.


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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Ethereal on Wed Apr 09, 2014 6:50 am

With their fight interrupted, Seiryuu found herself sprawled near Zied's feet. How it happened eluded her. She was so pissed she did not notice that the woman had already gone away and that the giant was now standing before her. She was about to go on attack once more but Zied's sheath kept her down firmly.

"That's enough! Kaede, was I wrong to admire your calm demeanor? It would seem to me that you have lost it in the sands, go find it." Zied said, his eyes holding a piercing gaze at the purple haired warrior.

"I know that look. Fine, fine, I get it. I'll walk it off." Seiryuu hissed back, shoving Zied's sheath away from her as she got back to her feet.

Walking away from the others with a pissed stride, Seiryuu kicked the sands in frustration, wanting to yell at the other woman for saying that fighting her is a disappointment. How could she let a petty emotion get the best of her? Control? She always did have control now did she? Seiryuu didn't know. The Dragon inside her doesn't even want to speak to her, as if saying what she did is a real disgrace.

"Alright, now that the other kid is out of the way, I'm listening." Zied said, lowering his weapon as well as his Ki into a calm stir.

He watched the young boy jump between them and apologize in behalf of the other Sentries. The young boy had his hands up in the air and it would seem the apologies would just keep coming. Zied sighed. "The fault is not yours alone kid. I let my guard down. Besides, it was my friend who attacked first."

Enter the other kid, the young woman. She smacked the young sentry vigorously and squarely in the back of his head. She at least seemed to display a level of maturity that was clearly lacking in the other two. For a moment, Zied looked at Drakeer, a sheepish smile nearly escaping his lips. It was no wonder Drakeer looked so displeased being left alone.

"Must be tough for you, babysitting that is." he said to him and turned back to the young woman.

"A doctor you say? Hmm... I don't mind having you tagging along..." he trailed off and patted the girl in the head. Somehow, he was becoming attached to her. Could it be because she felt faintly familiar? Or was it because the other two who were with them on this journey would need a doctor?

"But as for you kid," he said looking at Hazael. "No thanks. I don't have the time nor the desire to babysit you. To me as it stands, Jada here would be far more useful to us than you. I know you're a Sentry and all and I can feel your power, I just can't see why I would need it. Tell me something kid, are you taking the duties of a Sentry lightly? What is the real reason you are insisting on accompanying me? I know it's not in the nature of Sentries to 'meddle' with humans or Middle World affairs if you know what I mean." he said and looked at Drakeer who seemed to lightly scoff.

"My journey is to find the Black Dragon's Orb, an artifact that would prove to be useful in the upcoming battle. It was one of the gifts bestowed to the Dragons of the Middle World by the God of One, to be used only in time of great need. It is not a task difficult to accomplish. Besides, several gods have descended earlier, shouldn't you be more focused on them than me?" he asked the boy. "You have said your thanks, that's enough for me. You don't have to go out of your way to accompany me to repay anything. I helped Jada because she helped us. We're even."

Zied knew he was making a valid point. To the Black Dragon's knowledge about the past Sentries, they were a stuck up bunch who only cared about keeping the balance of the three worlds, while mostly focusing on Celestial activities. For them to break tradition like what the young Hazael is trying to do now is suspicious in the least. He knew there has to be a motive for their actions now, and whatever it was completely eluded him. Unless of course, this boy decides to come clean. Drakeer for one doesn't look like he's about to talk.

"Hazael, you claim you're doing this as a favor to Tyth and that she asked you to come in her stead. If what you say is true, it would seem you don't know her as well as you would like to think. If she really thinks I needed help, the Tyth I know would be the one to come running. She wouldn't send a kid like you to me. I would say you forced her to what you're trying to achieve, and whatever it is, I know you don't want to tell me. Don't bother lying to me too, I would know." Zied said and turned his back on the Sentries. "If you don't have anything else to say, we're done here. I've already wasted more time than I could spare. Piece of advice kid, devote yourself to your duties as a Sentry, find out what the Celestials really want. Don't waste time trying to fool anyone." he finished and looked at Jada. "Come on follow me, we're leaving." Zied said, and walked to where Ciro and Serenata were.

Upon reaching the two, Serenata rushed over to Zied with a worried look. "Shouldn't we just let him come with us? Wouldn't your journey be much more easier to complete with his help?" she asked.

Zied shook his head lightly. "The difficulty of my journey does not require the strength of a sentry. I can very well complete it on my own without breaking a sweat. My blood is the key to obtaining the Black Dragon Orb, nothing more. The reason I agreed for Jada here to tag along is because of your child. There are some things that even I cannot do for you three. Having her with us is mostly for your family. She says she's a doctor." Zied said.

Serenata cocked her head to the side in confusion. "Then wouldn't he be at least useful in some way?"

Zied walked closer to Serenata. He leaned forward until his mouth was several inches away from her ear and whispered. "I doubt it. Traveling with a Sentry is different. In the Middle World, their energy is like a beacon for the gods. Plus it doesn't take a genius to figure it out. That boy and this girl are hiding something. I don't know what that is but I intend to find out through her." he said and looked at Jada. "Rena, Ciro, could you give the two of us a minute alone?" he asked.

The other two nodded and walked on ahead to catch up to Seiryuu.

Zied looked at the young woman and smiled faintly. "You asked how we helped you heal earlier. Don't be surprised with the method I used for it defies medical knowledge." he trailed off and held his index finger before Jada's eyes. "I made you swallow a drop of my blood. It's a technique I call Dragon Healing. By infusing my blood with intense levels of my Ki, it allows for wounds to quickly heal and for fatigue to moderately recover. While I don't mostly use it the way I did with you, I didn't have any other choice at that moment. Frankly, I wasn't even sure it would work but I'm glad it did." he said and put his hand down. Jada held both hands to cover her mouth. Whether she was embarassed or disgusted eluded Zied. However, the look in her eyes still says that she was thankful.

"Listen Jada, I also have another ability bestowed upon me by the Black Dragon. It's called Dragon's Eye. It allows me to peer into the souls of anyone I use it on or help me look for something. I can also look into the not so distant past and future too if I use it differently. I'm telling you this because I trust your judgement more than his." he said and quickly glanced at Hazael in the distance. "I know he means well in trying to help, but I can't afford to place my trust in someone I just met and know nothing about." he sighed, the faint smile fading from his lips.

"You on the other hand earned my trust. You nearly died protecting Ciro, Rena and the little one over there, so... thank you. However, your brother as you said, is a bit of an idiot. He has yet to earn my trust. He doesn't even understand what it means to be a Sentry and the first thing he tells me is he wants to accompany me as a show of gratitude..." Zied trailed off. "No offense meant but Jada, I'm not so powerless to need the help of their kind to complete a mundane task."

"I think you know where I'm getting at. I used my Dragon's Eye on both of you. To be honest, I'm barely able to see anything at all. Do you understand what that means? It's either you don't exist or you're not from here. What are you not telling me?" he asked as calmly as he could to not frighten Jada.


"You're a mess." Eletos said without looking at Scythe who just entered his chamber. "I trust your little skirmish is over? Where have you been?" he asked.

"No matter. You say you want to continue where we left off? I'm afraid I'm not in the mood to train you. Instead, I have a task for you..." Eletos trailed off and got up from his seat. He then walked over towards the single window in his chamber.

"A god is coming to this area. This god is not that strong, you should be able to take him the way you are now. It would be a good test of what you have learned don't you think?" Eletos smirked. "Deal with him and return to me once it is done. Should you fail, you will only prove me right that you are not worthy of this power. Should you succeed, then I will teach you the next level of mastering your new power. Now go, I want you to stop them before reaching our territory. We cannot have them discovering this area just yet."

With a wave of his hand to the crystal floor, several runic symbols formed in a circle. "This will take you to where you can intercept that god. Don't take too long."


This is harder than it looks, Lanrael thought to himself as he continued channeling his dark energy into the seal. It's weakening even while being reinforced, he grunted, his right arm falling limp out of fatigue.

"This is impossible..." he huffed. "I should at least be able to stop the seal from degrading but at this rate, I'm only wasting energy."

Lanrael slumped back, his form slowly changing back to that of Cain. He assessed the situation and weighed pros and cons inhumanly fast inside his head. He then came to a decision. "I need to break this seal and create a new one... that is all that's left for me to do. Even if the four seals break, if I create a new one, I can prevent the rift from fully opening, it should last for at least a hundred years, that should at least keep the demon lords from coming out..." he trailed off, thinking about the consequence of what he was about to do.

"Though their minions and lesser demons will make it through, as long as the other lords are locked down there, one hundred years should be enough time for someone to re-seal the rift..." he said and took a deep breath.

He channeled the dark energies once more and went back to his demonic form, this time he was clad in demonic armor and also summoned the Spear of Fate, his trusty weapon. Using the tip of the spear, Lanrael broke the seal completely and a surge of demonic energies filled the cave. Soon, shadows started coming out of a small rift that now danced on where the seal previously was.

The shadows slowly took form, their shapes all too familiar in Lanrael's eyes...

"Ahhh Lanrael, the traitorous demon. I never dreamed I would see you here. Are you ready to die?" one of the demons asked.

Lanrael's laughter echoed inside the cave. "Die you say? Have you forgotten who I am?"

Cries bellowed from deep within the cave as the fighting began between brethren. Lanrael needed to keep the demons at bay while creating a new seal for the rift. It would have been easy had Eletos been by his side like the old days.


Scythe had gone through the portal that Eletos created. The man had a crooked smile playing on his lips. Men that seek power will do anything to get it, these types were all too easy to manipulate. Just as Eletos poured himself a glass of wine, a distrubance in the air's energies caught his attention.

"One of the seals have been broken?! It cannot be! The time is not right!" he growled.

Eletos immediately formed another portal, this time beneath his feet. The runic symbols different from the last one he used. With a flash of bright light that momentarily engulfed his chamber, Eletos teleported out of the tower and ended up in front of a seaside cave. Bursts of demonic energies assaulted him in waves, causing his hair to dance with the disturbance in the atmosphere. There was heavy fighting inside the cave, Eletos sensed them to be nothing but demons. However, there was a familiar energy amongst them all.

"Cain?! What is he doing?!" he yelled and quickly ran inside the cave.

It was a bloody mess inside. Disembodied parts scattered around, the cave walls stained black with demon blood, and the cries of the dying echoed within. As Eletos walked further into the cave, he saw a lone figure clad in broken armor, barely able to keep standing had it not been for the support his spear gave. Drawing closer, he slowly recognized the demonic form that towered over the dead bodies of his brethren. It was Lanrael, Cain's demon.

"So you've come." the demon said, gurgling in his own blood in the process.

"What have you done?!" Eletos yelled at him.

Lanrael laughed even with great difficulty. "Eletos, do you remember the day when you sealed me in your brother's body? You were teaching him the dark arts and when he tried summoning for the first time, it was me he was able to call upon, The Demon Lord of Fate. Fearing he would not be able to control me, you panicked and sealed me in him, thus damning your brother to a fate you could not even begin to comprehend..." Lanrael said, trailing into coughs.

"On that day, your fate was also sealed. Did you not know? Your brother Cain, died shortly after the process. He was much too young to contain a Demon Lord within him."

Eletos' eyes widened in shock. This was news to him. All this time he thought his brother overpowered the demon and survived.

"Had it not been for me taking a liking to him, I simply would have let him die and break free from your seal. However, I allowed him to keep his existence in me. I even promised him I would let him watch as you begin your ascent to the God of One's throne. No matter how twisted you are, he admired you greatly, and loved you blindly. A notion I would never understand between brothers. As you can see... mine are dead beneath my feet." he chuckled. "However... the moment you attacked my caverns, I have lost my home. Cain's meager existence that dwells in me began to fade. My one solace in this foreign world. Your actions shattered his remaining hope for you and killed him again. I just thought that you should know."

"Why tell me this now?! What difference do you think it would make?" Eletos asked.

"Absolutely nothing. You are as twisted as they come. Cain however, loved this world. Unlike you, he does not wish to see it burn, the same way he has taught and made me see it. That is why I am here, stopping my brothers from gaining passage to this world. If you have a shred of humanity or love for Cain left in you, help me seal the rift..."

"Tch!" Eletos scorned.

He stood there for a while, watching the struggling demon form a new seal for the rift. It has not even been several minutes yet and a new wave of demons now threaten to come crawling out of the rift once more. Battered and half dead, Lanrael raised his spear once more and planted his footing, ready to intercept. As soon as the first demon popped his ugly head out of the rift, just before Lanrael could react, Eletos rushed forward and punched the demon to oblivion, sending a ridiculous amount of pure celestial energy into the rift along with it.

"That should buy me enough time to seal this rift. I'm not doing this for you or for Cain. I'm simply doing this because having demons running amok would impede my plans."

Lanrael chuckled. "So you say..."

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Rogue.Ember.Shadow on Mon Apr 28, 2014 10:50 pm

The nice guy routine isn't working and in a way, Soren is relieved. Mostly for his cousin's sake has he been on his best behavior and after seeing his mother again, he had hopes the mission would go a little more smoothly. But his father rubbed something in him wrong. It made his anger from his childhood settle and fester in his chest all over again.

He cannot blame Zied for his pains no matter how much he wants to. The man doesn't know who he is. Coming here to the past is the biggest risk to himself than anything but Soren came anyway. Maybe this distrust is a sign for him to leave and continue the back up plan on his own. At least his cousin will be safe with her parents and uncle.

Walking up behind Jaavilyn, he places a hand on her shoulder and squeezes gently. She turns to him, her bottom lip caught between her teeth as a sign of how reluctant she is to tell her uncle anything. So badly she wants to and he decides then and there to release her from their vow of silence.

"This farce isn't working, Lyn. It will be better if the truth comes from you."

Her blue eyes narrow suspiciously on his face and she reaches for his shirt front, clenching tightly. Now that he has the power to leave when he wants, she will not let him leave her so easily. He has behaved well so far, she does not want him to revert back to his cold, nomadic self. She rarely got to see him more than five times a year after his training was completed nine years ago!

"You cannot leave me to deal with this alone. I know you are hurting inside because he doesn't know you but you cannot give up! He'll believe you, I'm sure of it!"

His dark blue eyes, so wide and mischievous before, are losing more and more of their happy luster. He is reverting back to the emotionless boy who hid everything from the world, even the breaking of his heart every time he woke up screaming from the nightmare of watching his mother die in front of him. Of his entire family being ripped away in just one moment, leaving him alone and traumatized. Jaavilyn wants to hug him and never let him go, but knows he will not let her now. Her baby cousin is hurting and will reject any sort of comfort, distancing himself from everyone to suffer alone.

He stared at her blankly, his smile gone now. "Enough. I'm going to get our gear. You tell them."

Walking briskly past her, Jaavilyn clenches her jaw to keep from screaming curses at his back in frustration. When he isn't busy trying to be mute unless her mother demanded chores, Soren would be off traveling, getting into fights, giving the Gods many reasons to send Asteri after Asteri after him, only for him to come home all scratched for up for her to put him back together.

Putting her fists on her hips, she glared as he walked off towards the location where their benefactor said he left their gear for the trip they needed. "I'll make sure to tell them all your embarrassing moments too!"

He just raised a hand and waved it once, not bothering to reply. Turning back to her uncle, she huffed in aggravation. "Seriously must run in the family, being so damn stubborn!"

Looking up at her uncle, she sighed and inhaled to calm her nerves. "Alright, I'm going to give it to you straight. Try your best to believe me, okay?"

Throwing out her hands dramatically to her sides, she gave Zied a wide smile. "I'm your niece, Jaavilyn! As in, that little baby behind me is my past self."

She glanced over her shoulder at her parents and bit her lip once more. Her father, Ciro, blinked once then twice. Her mother had stopped patting the baby version of herself to stare hopelessly at her. She hoped she didn't break their minds or anything. Paradoxes are unpredictable in their nature when it comes to time travel.

As if realizing something, Ciro hit a first into his other palm. "That's why she looks so familiar!" Turning to his wife, he smirks at her face. "When she gets pissed off, she looks just like you! Don't look at me like you want to smack me. I memorized all your angry faces if it means I can get out area all the faster."

"Do not!" Renata huffed, looking just like Jaavilyn did when her cousin walked off. Drakeer and Ciro just grinned as she proved him right. Jaavilyn is happy for small favors. Already she wants to hug her papa but that will have to wait.

"I know it is hard to believe but I am Jaavilyn Laryee Sanctus. I arrived in this time two months ago in the kingdom of Algiren, the northern most Kingdom still in tact in the Northern Continent. My cousin and I managed to escape their clutches while traveling to you with little rest. To say we pissed off the Royal Family is an understatement..."

She looks back over to her cousin who is now half a quarter of a mile away, crouching down in the sand and brush to dig for something. He must have found her and his gear.

"Uncle Zied," she started toward him and then paused midstep to wipe away a tear. She had wanted to say that in person for so long, but in their time she is denied such a thing. "Soren he....never was the same after that day she died protecting him and his brother from an ambush attack. You and Aethwyn disappeared after some sort of explosion happened, leaving him alone. Somehow Drakeer of our time found him half starved on the way to us and brought him to my mother but the damage had been done. He was traumatized. While we grew up, he always had to know where all of us were. He would wake up screaming, thinking he was left alone again. That we too were dead."

As her cousin walked back towards them with two large packs and a smaller one slung over his shoulders, Jaavilyn jumped slightly as her father came to her side and patted her hair lightly. He is willing to believe her if seeing her with tears streaming down her face kicks him in the gut so much. She looks too much like her mother when she cries and he cannot stand seeing his wife sad or in pain.

"He has gotten better at sleeping alone, but it is always lightly. Seeing him after I woke up when you helped me was the happiest I have ever seen him. He won't admit it but he is happy to see his parents. Now he has come here to make sure nothing ever happens to you...even if-"

Suddenly her cousin is there, pressing a hand over her mouth. Their eyes meet and Soren shakes his head once.  She nods reluctantly and he lets go. Handing over the smaller pack and one of the larger ones, he shoulders the larger pack. He looks around at the others gathered as she shoulders the smaller bag that has all her medical tools and herbs in it. The larger packs are food, water, sharpening tools for maintaining the weapons and survival items such as a tent and an extra pair of clothing.

"What's everyone staring at?" Soren asks with annoyance as he notices everyone is looking at him. He hates being the center of attention unless he is misdirecting someone's attention during an attack or he is protecting someone.

Sobbing once, Serenata quickly hands over her daughter to her husband and then launches herself at Soren. He had to adjust the weight of his bag before he caught his aunt but that wasn't what made him want to clutch her to him. She is making his shirt went from her crying and he rocked her from side to side while trying hard to keep from crying himself.

"You could die!" she screamed into his chest, beating at his arms and he let her. She knows the way of the Gods and has come to realize the price of his deal with Uel. He can never deny his aunt anything, even if she wants to beat him for his apparent idiocy. "Time travel is only allowed by the Gods. By coming here before you are even born means you can cease to exist! How could you do that!!!"

He smiled painfully against her head and held her to him. Looking over at his father, he met the man's eyes with his own determined, stubborn gaze. So black. Faintly he can remember this stare but it was softer. "I will do anything for my family. Just like my old man, even if means my life I am willing to risk my entire existence to protect you."

Sighing, Soren pulled his aunt away from him gently. He doesn't have time to idle. Jaavilyn is already glaring at him, knowing he is about ready to leave but knows she won't be fast enough or strong enough to stop him should he use his powers.

"It is what it is. I have made my choice. Maybe it was the reason I was born. To save my family from the fate of being torn apart." I'm a sacrifice, even if my parents did not intend for me to be that way...

Jaavilyn did not believe that reason for a second. There was something he has been holding inside himself for years and coming to this time has given him the chance to do something about it. He just will not will tell her what it is. Most likely so she cannot stop him because the only reason he protects her is so she will never be hurt.

Scythe did not think twice as he stepped into the portal. He did not want to show the confusion on his face after he was transported to the outskirts of Eletos's territory.

"I trust your little skirmish is over? Where have you been?"

What did that mean? Did he do something he does not remember? A flash of memory concerning the blue and white haired woman screaming desperately as she clutched a man to her came back to him, making his temples throb. Does it have something to do with the woman? Why can't he remember?

It did not take long to find the God. He had been sniffing about just closer to the border and Scythe readied his sword. Time to see if his brief matches with Eletos are worth it. Maybe then he can chase the image of the woman and the man from his mind.

They are too annoying and now the dull throb is starting to piss him off. He is growing angry.

Scythe jumps into the air, aiming his blade for the God's heart. He manages to stumble away and Scythe readies his next thrust after catching his footing from sliding through the dirt, intent on not missing a second time.

Her eyes are the color of earth and grass, with sprinkles of sunlight. And they are staring at him as if he has wounded her. Clutching the handle of his weapon, he tightens his grip and lunges forth again.

He digs his blade savagely into the God's leg, pinning him to the ground. Pulling two shorter blades from his leg holsters, he does a perfect crisscross slash, and the blood begins to run from the now headless corpse. An echo of power and a flicker of light escapes the body before fading into the air. So that is how a God dies.

Standing back to his feet, Scythe shakes the blood from his weapons and scans the area. Are there any others or is there just the one?

As if to answer his questions, two Celestials appear behind him and a black haired woman dressed in scales the color of the sea.

The taller one took one look at the corpse and lifted his lip with a snarl. "You are going to die for this."

Lifting his main blade up in an attack stance, Scythe just stares blankly at his opponents. "No, you will for appearing before me."

She is beginning to think watching over the God isn't really necessary. From what he has begrudgingly told her, Hevios (he introduced himself bitterly, as if she is the spawn of some poisonous snake witch) is intent on capturing two time travelers whose very existence can change the course of time itself. Certain events must be unaltered, such as the birth of the next One God.

Lachina does not find it interesting in the least. At least she knows who the time travelers are and is very dedicated to keeping them out of Celestia. She has almost decided that babysitting time is over.

They had just finished searching another area of a seven mile radius when a brief fissure of power rippled once through the air. Hevios paused in sending out a wave of energy that is almost like echolocation, once the power comes in contact with living organisms, the wave will return with a different tone.

His Asteri noticed his master still his movements, and proceeded to sniff the air. "Someone has died, sir."

Hevios just started to teleport to his fallen comrade's location, his servant not far behind.

"Hey!" Lachina yelled just as the dragon's presence within her awakened at the back of her mind.

"Follow, little one. Sentinels were suppose to have similar powers to Gods to match them."

She flashed off as well, just barely able to keep track of the God's movements through the air. His ethereal trail of celestial matter scattered as soon as it passed through the air five times the speed of light.

All three of them appeared at the place of death. A freshly beheaded body of a Celestial lay at the feet of a red haired man. She knows that man from a certain pregnant woman's memories. This is who Tyth's unborn child will become? A God killer?

Threats were made and then the two men met in the split of a second, random painful sounds of loud cracks as the sound barrier was broken again and again from their clashes. Hevios yelled out in fury as Scythe parried his attacks just as angrily. The man looked unhinged about something.

Lachina thought over her options. She could stay and help Hevios or leave to inform Soren about his brother's current location.

Hevios skidded out of range after blocking a powerful attack that shredded the clothing from his arms, only for his Asteri to take a turn in attacking the man. It is obvious that Scythe is clearly the more powerful as his slashes aimed for every fatal part of the body.

"We need to leave. He is too dangerous."

She nodded at him just as the Asteri was run through with the sword starting to be stained with blood. The man stepped over the body nonchalantly, his red gaze focused with deadly intent on them. That gaze made the hair on her arms stand up. There is no doubt he wants to kill them, mercilessly. Is that why Soren traveled back in time? To stop his brother.

Scythe lunged at them, his sword hungry for their blood and she imminently flashed herself to Oilean. A frantic gasp sounded from her side and Lachina swung her halberd viciously until she realized it is Gavrel. She stopped her weapon just in time from nicking his neck.

"What the hell are you doing?!" she demanded, pulling her weapon back to her side. The jitters from nearly fighting Scythe had yet to wear off.

"I'm so sorry, Lachina! So sorry!" said the young man over and over from his kneeling position on the ground of the island. He is clutching at his head, face covered with tangible panic. Horror. Frowning, she walked over to him and grasped his shoulders with her hands.

"Sorry I yelled at you. What's wrong?"

The young man seemed to shrink smaller under her touch. "I was only suppose to be gone for fifteen minutes. I wanted to read a few books at a temple I thought could shed more light on our powers. When I came back....oh Gods.......Soren will kill me!"

It was then she noticed that the only two people on the island are herself and Gavrel. Tythlany is no where to be found. She used her powers to search the inner parts of the island that had four grand bedchambers, a library, a small kitchen and a large antechamber or meeting room.

Her hands, clutching onto Gavrel's shoulders rather painfully, let him go and she stood up to her feet.

"What will we tell him?" the young man asked nervously. Soren had just found his mother. For her to disappear now of all times would simply crush him. He had mentioned Tyth "dying" mostly likely in the future, so he had come back to change that. To lose his mother now.....Gavrel couldn't finish the thought.

"The better question is where the freak is Tythlany?" And how can we not sense her in this world? Lachina did not want to think that somehow she had been killed on the island or kidnapped. Anything that even comes close to the island, any four of the Sentinels can sense. The island is also alive and protected by a million spells due to blood dies by the First Generation. There is no way Tyth could have left or returned without them knowing.

Cracking her knuckles, Lachina turned to the Sentinel of the West. "Get up."

"Where are we going? To tell Soren?"

"No, to visit a certain Goddess. If the Celestials have Tyth, she will know."

"And if they don't?"

"Then we find a demon and ask him, very nicely. If they don't have her, I will knock on Eletos' own damn door if it means dragging her ass back here safe and sound."

Gavrel looked uneasily at his partner, knowing that her version of nice is by no means safe. Woe to anyone who got in Lachina's way.

"Are you ready yet?" Uel demanded from the front door of his room. He had left to find some food for her after her stomach rumbled rather loudly, only to return to see her staring at her bracelet.

Tyth had finally brought herself to activate the last keepsake from her father and master. Tyth couldn't bring herself to use it before because she didn't want to know why or how Brant and Jaavi did what they did. At the time, the grief and pain from their loss was still raw, but now...

Inside the bracelet were memories from her two beloved masters. How they met as enemies, manipulated by the Gods to be lovers, only to be turned into tools to protect humans from harnessing the power of the dead. But despite everything, Jaavi and Brant decided to save the world their own way: by bringing the Sentinels together. Nothing like rubbing Free Will in the Celetial's faces.

Jaavi had been tortured with multiple visions of the future concerning what the effects her actions concerning turning human from a demon will have on the world. Most of it concerned millions of people's deaths thanks to many corrupt beings utilizing soul energy and manipulation, over death itself. The Gods were unforgiving to her. Whenever someone died in her vision, she experienced their pain and suffering. The result drove Jaavi mad with self loathing and sick from depression and she only had Brant at her side, the man who allowed it all to happen.

Their past was complicated and Tyth had expected things she could not understand or that could make her sick, but understanding their past was only the icing on the cake. After Myrna cursed them to do the Gods bidding of cleaning up their mess of using soul energy, they used visions Jaavi experienced to prepare for the future: the Sentinals. The Gods are going to enter a struggle with outside forces that could change the world for the worst, but who the person is remains unknown.

If there is a chance Tyth cannot become a Sentinella, such as the power of the Pheonix guardian being taken from her, there is a back up that Jaavi spent the rest of her life formulating. Tyth never expected it to involve Brant's and Jaavi's main swords. So that is what the black and white powers surrounding those weapons mean....the woman was a genius.

It made her look at the swords at her feet in a whole new light. Jaavi never intended her foster daughter and hope of the future to fight with her bare hands. Soul energy wasn't the only thing she happened upon. Tyth only had the basics of this new power down and wasn't sure she can use it in a real battle. Jaavi did not know Tyth would be pregnant when all this was going to happen. Tyth will have to figure it out herself how to safely use it.

But there is one warning through the message Brant left that made her swallow hesitantly. Despite her body having a stronger foundation and biology than a regular human's, it isn't perfect. Should she carry too much power than she can handle, it will eat away at her life force and she will die. Soren had taken the Sentinel power she was entrusted with, but the little Aethwyn in her womb still has his fledgling powers, thren there is Uel's protection spell and now these two swords. If she had kept the Sentinel powers....

Closing her eyes as she lowered the bracelet to her lap, Uel chose that moment to set down a small tray of fruit at her side. She owes Soren so much. He had saved her life. Despite Jaavi's good intentions, the Sentinel powers and the baby's powers would have made her body reach its limit. If she tried using the swords with those sources in her, chances are she would have just been killing herself slowly and painfully within a years time.

"You have five minutes to eat. Then we need to head for the main hall for the meeting."

Grabbing an yellow and purple circular looking fruit, Tyth bit into it and chewed slowly. She needs to keep herself calm. "Can I trust you?"

He knows she meant about her plan to gaining access to the Main Archives for information on Eletos. He had convinced her that trying to talk to Rollanz would be counterproductive. The "leader" would have simply killed her on the spot for Jaavi's crimes and not blink an eye if a child's life was impacted.  At least by her looking through a few old records, besides Rollanz, would keep him off the radar of having to be involved too much.

"I gave you my word, Nightfox."

Pulling the two blades up so that she can put them in their own holsters that will hang off each hip, Tyth decided to wear a long gown like coat that will hide them from view. Earlier after looking into the bracelet, she had tried activating the power of Jaavi's blade and accidentally scorched Uel's carpet from some random blast of the black power escaping her control. Since then she hasn't bothered.

"Let's go," she said and stood up, rubbing her belly where the baby sat. Smiling gently, she followed Uel out the door and down the hallway. He took up her elbow and drew her slightly behind him to publicly display her status as his Asteri and servant. Other Gods, servants and Celestials filled the hallway and she ignored their curious gazes. Once the meeting was over, she will head for the Archives to weasel some sort of information about Eletos that could be helpful to Zied and Soren. Its the least she can do while she is here.

Soon everyone starting lining up single file behind the other to enter the main hall in an organized fashion. Just as they walked through the archway, Tyth was approached by a familiar face and bountiful waves of blue, shimmering hair. After talking with Uel, Tyth accepted the fact that summoning Fatharni to his chambers right before the meeting would raise suspicion.

The Goddess' eyes widened at seeing her but Tyth simply shook her head once then bowed to her. As if realizing the ruse that they did not know each other, Fatharni approached Uel with a frown on her face.

"Everyone has noticed your new servant, Uel. Care you explain why you are recruiting pregnant woman now?"

He rose a brow but decided to play along with their act. If anything it looked normal. "I'm not selling her services if that is what you are worried about, being the Goddess of Fertility and War. How you managed to combine the two is beyond me."

Fatharni gave him a sultry smile that oozed lust and desire in just one quirk of her lips. Uel simply rolled his eyes at her and turned his face away grumpily. "It has its perks, dear."

"Like the whole destroying Greshaana fiasco?"

"That was justice and you know it!" she huffed, then turned back to the disguised Tyth but honestly the Goddess isn't impressed with Uel's handiwork of her attire. He honestly knows nothing of women.

"I'm sure your pet will agree." Uel relied dryly, looking towards the front of the room, at the empty throne where the last One God had sat.

"Leave my pet out of this!" Fatharni said in a vicious whisper and turned back to Tyth again, her hair coming around to smack Uel in the face. At times she can be so childish.

"My darling Asteri, if there is anything I can do-"

Tyth waved a dismissive hand, trying hard to keep her face serene instead of bursting out laughing at the weirdness of their act. "I thank you for your concern, my Goddess, but I am here to protect my family."

"If there was a way to let them know I am alive and well," Tyth said meaningfully, her smile feeling heavy as lead, "than I would be more at ease. But I am here and will do my best for their sake."

"I see. Do they know of your honor as an Asteri? Only so many can be graced with a Celestial's presence."

Tyth shook her head and turned to the front as well. "No they do not, but I will tell them myself one day." She had to make it clear that Fatharni wasn't to tell Zied she is currently in Celestia.

The Goddess smirked at the other woman, then raised a hand to snap her fingers. "Good answer."

Tyth looked down to see her outfit had completely changed, and she wasn't sure how she felt about it. Instead of a standard Asteri white collum gown, she now is dressed in a pale green, sleevless sheath dress that hugged her expecting figure so tightly, it left little to the imagination. The bodice is cut so low and framing around her chest it is a wonder they stayed in place. The flowing gown fell all the way to her ankles, and was slit on both sides, flashing her legs all way from the hips down to her now well gripable ankle high boots. The fabric is light that Tyth almost felt like she is wearing barely anything at all, it is so light to move in. Her cloak is still around her shoulders but left open to show off her very revealing front, keeping her blades well concealed. Looking at the Goddess, she was about to ask why when a gong was sounded at the front.

A tall man with cropped black hair and mean looking brown eyes stood ram rod straight on the dias in front of the throne. He is dressed sharply and cleanly, as if in the military. That must be Rollanz.

"Everyone, I originally called you here to change the verdict about the time travelers but a more pressing issue has arisen. One of our own has been slain. We are to mobilize at once. As for the time travelers, a smaller separate team will be dispatched to eradicate the threat. The balance of the time line is just as important. I want everyone geared up by tomorrow morning. If you bring me the heads of the time travelers, that will make my week. Dismissed."

Tyth couldn't move on her own so Uel had to pull her forcefully with the crowd to leave the room. They want to kill her son and niece!

Uel maneuvered them towards the hallway that led to the Archives, blending in with the thick crowd mulling about to their destinations.

"Stick the plan," he hissed in her ear but she felt too troubled to here him. They walked a while longer when someone stepped into their path. A man with shoulder length black hair with red tips stood before them, his hands clasped behind his back. Over his left eye is a scar that runs straight over over the lid and toward the crest of his cheek bone, as if someone had tried to claw out his left eye. Tyth blinked at his narrowed, golden gaze on her before he turned to Uel.

"Cute Asteri, Uel." said the man, taking a step forward to reach for her chin but Uel pulled her out of his reach.

"Not for sale, Genesis. I don't have time for you."

As they walked around him, the Celestial reached out to fiddle with Tyth's mismatched hair, watching the chopped lengths trail through his fingers. She clenched her fists to keep herself from punching him in the face or cutting his arm off. She needed little attention to herself as possible.

"Pity. I was hoping to get to know the expecting mother."

Uel glared at him over his shoulder. "Tch. She is not your type, trust me."

As they walked off, Genesis smiled with the hint of sinister tracing his lips. "Well if you ever change your mind Asteri, I'll be in the Northern gardens!"

Tyth closed her eyes to rid his words from her ears, and Uel just gripped her arm harder to keep her closer to his side until they got to archives. She wondered if Zied is alright, if Soren got to meet his father yet. How she wished she could see it for herself. Being with them sounded better than here.

Uel from the future bolted to a sitting position in his bed. He raised a shaking hand to wipe away the sweat from his brow.

Already he can feel the limiter spells he placed on Jaavilyn and Soren waning. After they broke, they were to reach the next check point. He is stretching his powers too thin, but he has no choice.

Grabbing the revitalization potion at his beside, Uel gulped down the slimy concoction and stumbled to his feet.

Damn you, Genesis...

He had just received memories from his past self, ushering Tythlany Nightfox to the Celesital Archives. Chances are she is going to look up information to report back to her family. A good plan but very risky. If Rollanz finds out, she will be severely punished.

But what really shook him was the brief passing with Genesis. He never got along with that sneaky bastard. He wouldn't be too worried if it weren't for the fact that the Genesis they had met is the Genesis from his time, the future. The past version of Genesis did not have a scar over his eye, not until the Final Battle that assured the next One God. No, this Genesis is from the future and Uel dreaded the reason why.

"...I'll be in the Northern Gardens!" Clever. He had intentionally said his location to the past Uel so he can unknowingly deliver it to the future Uel.

Grinding his teeth together, Uel flashed himself to Celestia's Northern Gardens. Genesis stood alone, looking over a lake with a couple swans swimming about.

"You rotten bastard. Leave Tythlany Nightfox alone. Now that she isn't a Sentinel, she is no threat to you."

Genesis smirked as he turned around to face him. "No, but her children are. Eletos is training him up nicely. Stroke of genius, pulling that boy through time to be raised to end his family."

Uel circled to the left as Genesis matched him step for step to the right. "Soren hungers for your blood ever since you sent those Chimeras to kill his mother. And I'll make sure to get a front row seat when the God System is destroyed and you don't have the source of Celestia to protect you any longer."

"Listen to you talk. The world needs us, but not to share it with humans or demons. I'll make this world better by returning it back to when Gods ruled all. I'm trying to fix this place, Uel."

He narrowed his eyes at the darker haired man. "What happened to Zied Grey that day? If Aethwyn was brought here..."

Genesis laughed very hard, "That bomb I dropped? It was to separate the boy from his father. I took the boy. If Zied Grey is dead, than he is dead. I got what I wanted."

Looking up, Genesis noticed someone coming and walked past Uel. "It was so good to see you again. Hope Myrna doesn't suffer too much when she dies this time."

Flashing back to Eletos' castle, Uel clenched his teeth in anger. It wasn't time yet for him to lash out. He still puts all his faith in Soren. That he will win.

Walking towards the main chamber where Eletos' throne usually is, Uel wipes all emotion from his face. He needs to stay calm. Keeping an eye on Eletos comes first. There is always a possibility that Eletos can become the One God, not Genesis. Either one did not sound appealing.

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