Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Rogue.Ember.Shadow on Thu Apr 28, 2011 2:13 am

She smelled Zied’s scent, and knew it was coming from whatever was draped over her. She would have given into her desire to nuzzle her nose against the sleek material if a familiar, large aura didn’t register on her senses right then. Tearing the blanket and coat off her form, Tyth threw her pillow at the sleeping boy while at the same time grabbing the blue katar. Lucas stumbled from his bed with a yelp.

Remembering what he was told, the boy grabbed his bag and moved to the corner farthest from the door. Once he got the chance, he was to run away as fast as he could. But this was a precaution since he was convinced the three people he was with were strong enough to win.

Gripping the blue katar since it was the only weapon she had, Tyth ran out of the cottage at a full run. She extended her arm and the katar’s blade caught the long curved edge of a black colored scythe that was poised for the other woman’s back. Readjusting her footing, Tyth pushed back the large, cloaked man’s weapon back, but the blades were not separation. He had height on her, but that was where Brant’s training came in.

Seiryu had already moved away from her back, so she was free to let the scythe push her down to the ground. But before she hit the dirt, she titled the katar sideways and the scythe’s blade slid past, digging into the ground. Classic.

Dim, golden eyes met hers across as she recovered her center of gravity while keeping her foot on the stuck weapon.

“You’re still breathing,” he said as he changed his grip to pull his weapon forcefully from the ground. Tyth jumped up, joining the freed weapon as they both defied gravity. Now in the air, she aimed for the man’s neck with a savage but determined look on her face. With a speed that she knew could only come from the condensed oil of the Anoushka, the katar was blocked and she was pushed back, meeting the ground with skidding boots.

“You just have to appear now of all times,” Tyth murmured, striking at him with her renewed muscles. Their moves blurred as she kept up a rhythm, remembering the gruesome training of the scythe he wields. How they were beaten if they didn’t have it in their hands at all times, or weren’t using it to take so many lives a day.

But it wasn’t the weapon that bothered her, it was the person using it. She would never, ever forget his mere face since he was the one that made her commit her biggest regret of her life: killing Jaavi Olisiuer.

It was four years ago, when she was nineteen years old. She had lived with Jaavi and Brant for three years. Ranked Captain at the time, Brant had forced her into a state of withdrawal from the Anoushka after sparing her life when they met. Once she was relatively clean, she was trained by Brant to wield the weakest weapon for a scythe user, daggers. Her wrist strength was above normal, but were also at their strongest when she was waving a heavy weapon from side to side. Axes, halberds, lances or even swords were deadly in her hands. When she wielded daggers or short swords however, she didn’t have to depend on her wrists nearly as much. It was painful, but she got used to it when she went out on specifically issued jobs from guilds that were commissioned to the Saints of Xerxes.

Back then, she was happy. Especially when Jaavi was expecting her first pair of twins. Amazed at the concept of life growing in another person, she would never leave the woman’s side. Whenever she wasn’t sleeping or eating, the beautiful light blond woman talked with Tyth and taught her so many things. Seven months had passed and Tyth was snuggled up to Jaavi’s expanded belly when horrified screams woke both women up. She saw the blade at the last second and let it slide through her arm as she threw herself in front of Jaavi.

A black haired man with cropped hair and dark amber eyes glared at her, white teeth bared as he tossed her against a wall.

“Pathetic. Suffer before you die.”

Something sank into her neck, and to this day Tyth could never remember what happened except faint screams of Jaavi’s voice begging to her come back to her senses. Only Scyth and Fury were eyewitnesses to the event since Brant was off on a job at the time.

It wasn’t until later that it was revealed she was overdosed with raw Anoushka poison that they usually were only fed in moderation. In her black out, Tyth had killed Jaavi because her brain was being overloaded with signals of immense pressure from the nerves surrounding her brain, causing insurmountable pain. In order to relieve the pressure, she destressify her body by working up endorphins and sweat that will release the altered poison from her system, only it is never released fast enough. Which results in an immense high from aggression and her brain automatically is reduced to minimum function, except to try and detoxify her system as fast as it can.

Jaavi and her two children had been cleaved to pieces.

When Tyth came to her senses, the man was pulling a counter drug from her arm and left her lying there in her friend’s blood, screaming for the woman to answer. She would think it was him that killed her, only to be told that it really was her.

Now he had no black hair, but just bare skin. He had grown careless or experienced to where he didn’t have to worry about his targets every touching him. They would most likely be dead before they ever had a chance.

“Failure,” he grumbled as their weapons met again, and Tyth struggled to fully wield the katar. It was shorter than a normal sword and only guarded her front and side thanks to being used with one hand. Her free hand was only used for balance but otherwise useless. If she had her scythe, she could meet him on equal footing with a weapon that was familiar. This katar was difficult, period.

Glancing over the Black Dragon who was easily making his way through the troops, he gave a bland smile, “Shall I make you suffer again?”

Flashes of blood and Brant’s horrified eyes came to her mind and Tyth gritted her teeth hard.

“No, your life is mine. For her.”

She repeated the steps of using his force against him, but he went along with the motion and cleaved for her throat. Tyth just barely blocked before she was forced down to the ground by the blunt side of the scythe, her throat pinned.

He reached into his cloak to pull out a sickly, grey looking vial where the liquid inside looked even worse. Popping it open, he dumped it on her face then used his foot to nudge her mouth open for it to reach her throat. Knowing what he was trying to do, she struggled to throw it back up but he dug his heel into her stomach.

Coughing, she swallowed the liquid in order to breath and the scythe was removed from her.

“You’ll always be a failure. Let it course through you and kill the one important to you again.”

His scythe came down but Tyth glanced up through her bangs and smirked.

The katar met the scythe effortlessly and Tyth was already pushing her way to her feet, a gleam in her eyes that made her face look almost demonic. Wiping a drop away from the edge of her mouth, Tyth licked her fingertips clean and then licked her bottom lips.

“I was hoping you would do that,” she said in a low, guttural whisper before disappearing from sight, only to appear behind him. The katar was spinning around, drilling forward as she spun in instead of piercing it forward, blade first. The Black Sinner spun around raised the bar of his scythe to catch the katar. Only this time, she bent backwards and angled the katar diagonally to the horizontal staff, and their weapons glanced off each other.

Tyth laughed aloud as she met his stomach with the heel of her boot and kicked him backwards ten feet.

“I remember your name now. Narxyz. The Black Sinner, my suppose opposite.”

Her swings seemed to have gained speed as the veins in her arms began to turn purple instead of a healthy blue. The scythe spun and she met it, causing them to struggle in a stalemate.

Narcyz frowned down at her, “You aren’t showing the signs.”

Tyth knew what he meant. She wasn’t howling from the pain at her temples, or coming at him like an rabid animal. If anything, she looked normal.

“Its because of the Anoushka. I’ve been taking it in minimum amounts until my body was completely immune to it. I don’t get a high, I don’t lose control, and I especially don’t black out.”

She was pushed back again, but she ducked the scythe as it slashed at her. Spinning around on one foot, she gathered momentum and let the katar carry her. For a while, she was wondering why the weapon felt so heavy and lagging whenever she pulled it through the air. It was in the middle of their fight that she realized that there wasn’t anything wrong with the weapon, but how she was using it. She was trying to wield it like a sword of a scythe, when that wasn’t how the blade it was connected to was designed for. She was suppose to simply guide it as it cut through anything it touched.

This katar was made so sharp, if swung in just the right angle, it actually cut through the very air. Making it move faster, and she when she was swinging it earlier, it wasn’t because she was swinging it slow, but that it was actually pulling her arm after it. In other words, whenever she was swung or thrust, it was pulling her after it. And despite her recovering body, she couldn’t keep up with how it was moving. So she let the Black Sinner pin her down and supposedly defeated. It was risky to think he would really repeat his actions from years ago, but he did. He actually strengthened her. When she was captured, they were using a different set of a genus of plant that was different than the Anoushka genus family to test on her for a toxin. With the toxin, she was able get a boost in muscle and speed for a short time, only the time limit got short and short each time she took a fatal dose.

It was a mistake that would cost Narcyz his life. She was stronger, faster and deadlier and the woman was going to make these ticking seconds count.

Using all the speed she had, Tyth ran for him. Narcyz sensed that the next attack was a fatal and final blow and let loose his full killing aura, engulfing them both as they met once again. She could already see him angling the scythe’s blade in the ultimate killing blow that had a 90% chance of cleaving off the head.

But she suddenly dug her left foot into the ground, then spun around in a large circle, completing the first rotation in two second. The second rotation in one. As she spun faster and faster, she was angling the katar just right as the blood in her veins was pushed to one side of her streams. Their weapons hit, and the first six inches of the scythe dug into her arm while the katar cut halfway through the scythe’s staff. They were clean cuts so they both separated from their targets, but as Narcyz moved forward a step pierce through her defense to her heart, when he found himself behind drawn forward into her range, too close for him to make a worthwhile cut.

Tyth was already 358 degrees around when his eyes widened as she met them head on. He saw his death in her eyes just as the katar cut through his scythe first, shattering the blade and then through his neck like butter. She slowed her speed down, just as her muscles began to twitch and shiver from being overused once again. The toxins were already being absorbed and released through her pores rapidly, as was her body was designed to do.

Huffing for breath, Tyth looked down at the dead, headless body at her feet, and then moved her eyes sideways to see one of the Mist Ravens run for her. Effortlessly, she glanced his sword off her katar then cut him down, already feeling the crash of energy from the toxins. As the nearest Mist Ravan kept his distance from her, she threw her head back and let out a scream of pure, raw victory.

Jaavi’s death was avenged.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Ethereal on Thu Apr 28, 2011 6:58 am

Tythlany came storming out of the cottage with Seiryu's other katar. She took the fight to the man who wore black cloak and wielded a scythe as a weapon. He was no Mist Raven, that much Zied could tell just by sensing his aura. Whatever his affiliation was, he was somehow connected to Tyth.

Ducking as a razor sharp blade tried to cut off his head, Zied picked the right moment to strike at the cloaked man's sword arm. With a single upward motion of his fist, he broke the man's arm with a punch to the elbow and slashed him across the chest. That was the tenth one who tried to take him out. Looking over his right shoulder, Seiryu had taken out about seven of their attackers and was in the process of increasing her kill count.

Heavy rain poured on. Croix had ordered his men to die in an attempt to tire them out before dealing with them himself. Zied knew that the man was cunning and would do anything to achieve victory. That fact alone about Croix made Zied feel sick of him. He never stood a chance at victory this time around and the Black Dragon can guarantee that Croix will taste defeat.

With the rainwater washing away most of the blood on Zied's sword, he swished it once and turned his gaze to the remaining three, Croix and the other Dragons. He could feel no fear, no intimidation and no hesitation going up against all three of them at once, but Croix had his eyes on someone else. Telling Kaze and Shiyo to keep Zied busy, Croix went after Seiryu. Zied was just about to go after Croix but the Flash Dragon blocked his way.

"Not so fast!" she yelled followed by a kick which Zied easily deflected with his free arm.

Kaze wasted no time and surrounded Zied from behind in a pincer attack with Shiyo. Twisting his sword arm slightly, Zied brought up the red blade close to his eyes watching Kaze through the blade's mirror sheen.

"We'll be your playmates Black Dragon!"

Speed and tough defense, a troublesome combination but Zied was not worried about them. Seiryu in her wounded state going up against Croix was a bigger concern...

Slashing the last Mist Raven operative that tried to take her life, Seiryu spun in mid-air and landed back on the muddy forest floor. She was huffing breaths trying to get her wind back. The wounded left arm started bleeding once more through her bandages. Moving around so much in this terrain and having to fend off multiple attackers with just one arm was a little bit too much for her.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire. Seiryu sensed an intense killing intent coming from her wounded side. Turning her head as fast as she could, her amethyst eyes saw a sparkle coming from the tip of Croix's throwing knife. Reflexively, she turned her head back but was grazed by the knife's blade on her left cheek. Cursing as she turned her body to face the other knives that are coming, Seiryu brandished her katar to parry the projectiles.

"What's wrong Seiryu?" Croix asked while pulling out another set of knives from his arsenal. "That wound of yours giving you a hard time?"

A smile played on Croix's lips as he watched Seiryu wipe the blood trickling down from her cheek using the back of her right hand.

"Beautiful... truly, a cornered animal like you is such a beautiful thing to see."

"Damn you Croix!"

Charging in with anger, Seiryu recalled the night she gave herself to this man. She was tricked into forgetting Zied and of the promises of a happy life. Croix lied about Zied seeing her as nothing but a toy to pass time. She was deceived and used by this man to topple the kingdom she served in; a diabolical plot and a crime she would never forgive.

Parrying a couple more knives as she closed the distance between her and Croix, Seiryu slashed upward upon nearing melee range but only hit air. Croix stepped back into a more open area and is in the middle of pulling out more knives. Gathering strength in her legs, Seiryu was about to lunge forward when a sudden numbness began to creep down from her cheek. The numbness started spreading faster and the moment she tried to move, it was already too late... she was paralyzed.

"Zi...ed..." she struggled to speak.

"What? You're calling out to him again? My knife is coated with a strong paralysis toxin. You're ability to move and speak will be greatly hindered for an hour." Croix said and walked over to Seiryu, circling around her like a hungry wolf.

"Just look at him! Can't you see how savage he is? He doesn't think of you, he doesn't care about you! Fighting is all that he cares about! Come to me, stay by my side, forget about the Black Dragon!"

"I'd... rather... die!"

Croix looked at the remaining people fighting it out. The White Sinner had successfully killed the black cloaked man and was laughing her heart out with the sweet taste of victory. Zied was overwhelming Kaze and Shiyo which he found impossible. His time is limited. If Seiryu won't come back to him, he would kill her where she stands. Croix's emerald green eyes stared blankly at Seiryu, an expression of loss engulfing his face as he raised his right arm to strike her down.

"Then so be it. This knife is poisoned, a wound from this knife and you only have half a minute to live. Farewell... Seiryu!"

Spinning in mid-air with his sword, Zied knocked away Kaze and Shiyo. He landed back on both feet and sensed a different aura filling the forest.


Turning his head back, he saw the Azure Dragon in the face of death. Croix had his arm raised and that twisted smile on his lips told Zied that the man was sure of his victory.


Quickly getting back to his feet, Zied rushed to where the purple haired lady was only to be blocked again by Kaze who had already recovered from his down time. Shiyo appeared behind him ready to slice his head off but Zied lowered his stance and readied his sword. As Shiyo's twin daggers zipped above him by a hair's breadth, Zied simultaneously performed a moon slash with his sword. The timing for a counter was perfect. Zied felt the heat of the blade slice through her armor and skin. The rain of blood that followed was his assurance that he got her.

Not wasting a second more, Zied from his lowered stance, used his legs to push himself forward. Using Kaze's longsword as a measuring tool, Zied pushed close to the Diamond Dragon's chest with incredible speed. There was hardly any time to react and the last thing that the Diamond Dragon saw before getting slashed was Zied's pair of black eyes. Zied had called forth his killer side... but he was in control. Nobody was going to die today except for the Mist Ravens... or so he wished.

Seconds ticked by like it was forever. Everything seemed to happen so slow. As he pushed away Kaze's body that blocked his path, Zied's heart pounded in his chest as he watched Croix's weapon begin to tear through Seiryu's clothes. He recognized that knife! Even with his speed, he wouldn't make it to Seiryu's side in time. 'This isn't happening!' was in his thoughts as he kicked the ground hard to dash. Seiryu's eyes were looking at him as he desperately searched for an option to get to her side.

Deep down, Zied wished for more power. Deep down he wanted to get there in an instant. His leg muscles throbbed, his voice muted and his eyes closed. He pictured himself holding Croix's arm just in time to stop the knife from wounding Seiryu. When he opened his eyes, there he was, holding Croix's wrist in a tight grip.

"Wha-- Impossible!"

Zied's black eyes met Croix's. He was not smiling, he was not mad, there were no traces of emotion. When Croix tried to move, Zied gripped his wrist tighter and slammed his right shoulder into Croix's chest. A scream of agony echoed in the woods as Croix's body flew far from where he was, one arm missing.

"Zi...ed..." Seiryu stuttered.

"It's alright. This won't take long..."

This was the last time he would ever tolerate Croix's existence. He took Seiryu away from him once, but not this time. With overwhelming pressure surrounding him, Zied walked over to the wounded man. Croix had his back rested on the cottage and his eyes were fiercely looking at Zied's form. He felt no pity, no remorse, no mercy. As he raised the red blade in the air, Lucas ran out of the cottage. Perhaps it was his pressure that alerted the kid, he didn't care. As long as he's out of the way it's fine. Zied was not planning on holding back.

"Zied... I curse you to the depths of--"

Not letting Croix finish his words, Zied struck down with his sword. The cottage blew into pieces just with the mere wind force and the ground shook as it absorbed the rest of the power behind Zied's slash. After he had delivered the final blow, Zied turned around and walked to Seiryu without looking back. He did not want to see what has become of Croix... or what was left of him after that attack.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Rogue.Ember.Shadow on Thu Apr 28, 2011 6:12 pm

It was done. Jaavi’s four year death was finally avenged. Surely Brant could make it official by ending her life, but the true strategos of the entire bad memory was Narcyz. She could vaguely remember Gravos’ plans to have them become the ultimate pair of Sinners, to compliment each other in battle like Yin and Yang. That was why they were called White and Black. But Narcyz was convinced he didn’t need anyone, and killed anyone who he decided wasn’t worth living their lives. He also always hated her, and she never could understand why. It didn’t matter anymore since he was now dead, by her hand just like the woman he tricked her into killing.

Tyth turned around just in time to see Zied’s worried face as he made his way through the other Mist Ravens to get to Seiryu’s side. She knew better than to feel petty, stupid jealousy but it picked at her heart just a little. It couldn’t be helped that he would go save her from being killed, since she wanted to be by his side again too.

Her thoughts were not helping her in the battle, and he was sure to yell at her for not helping more. It was Zied’s style to do so. She also got a more closer look at just how much more advanced in strength he had become. His killing aura was massive, but not fluctuating erratically like it was before. It was just cold and calculated.

This was a perfect killing warrior they were meant to become.

Deciding to make up for lost time, she appeared behind Kaze and cut him down, and made sure the rest were dead too. They didn’t need any more delays of recovering.

The cottage was completely totaled, and she couldn’t see Lucas anywhere. But his presence suddenly flared a little and he crawled out from the woods a few feet away. He gave he a shaky smile and tri really needed to get him out of here. He was becoming useless weight, and although Zephyr trusted a little theif to watch her, she didn’t share his idea.

Walking over to Seiryu, she kneeled down to her and carefully rested the katar beside them.

“Thanks for the weapon, Seiryu. I appreciate it. Now let me see your face

The woman was rather reluctant to do so, but Tyth wasn’t going to back down. Seiryu needed to recover for Zied’s sake if anything else. They both were important to him in some way, Tyth knew this, but she wasn’t going to be a bitch about the other woman either. Seiryu didn’t deserve that attitude from her, least of all sinc there wasn’t anything legitimate anyway. Tyth honestly didn’t want to think about relationships at all, her circumstances were too screwed up as it was.

Titling the woman’s face way from her, Tyth licked two fingers and began to message her saliva into the cut.

Ignoring the woman’s annoyed glare, she shrugged and repeated this three more times, “I know this is gross but bare with it. I’m immune to most of these toxins.”

Once she was done, Tyth stood back up and called Lucas over to her so they could salvage what they could from the cottage. They needed to keep moving, and find some place for them to recover. Even it was just for one night, they needed to recover. Zied would most likely want to hunt down the rest of the Mist Ravens to rid them from this earth once and for all, but she didn’t want him to do so alone. Seiryu was a strong asset, and she could also help her how to further wield this katar, or show her some moves while she considered other options of getting a new weapon..

Lucas reassured her that he could make do with out her, and she went back to Zied. In her arms was his torn jacket and she draped it over Seiryu’s shoulders. Then she smacked the woman’s head very lightly as a chastising gesture.

“I know you are strong, but don’t go in battle with a lame arm again.”

She was sure Zied would have the closest thing to a heart attack if she did something like that again. Wrapping her arms around herself in the cool air that felt wonderful on her sweat covered skin. Tyth walked over to Zied and met his eyes with a stern but tired one of her own.

“Seiryu is still injured, and thanks to your last attack, we have less than the supplies we originally started with.”

Poking a finger gently against his chest, Tyth stuck her face into his, “I personally want to see Seiryu at her best, not a second rate injured woman on the defensive all the time. Next time, she really could die. You may have all the energy in the world, but we are women and have needs. She would have defended herself easier if she had both katars, even with her injured arm too.”

Poking his chest one more time before pulling away, Tyth fluffed out her hair and then put it into a ponytail. “I need a weapon of my own but we also need to stop being attacked like this. If we can secure Seiryu with the boy somewhere so she was some time to recover, you and I can go after the rest of Mist Raven to get them off our tails for good. If Seiryu is able, she can join us once she feels up it.”

It was would also mean she could take out one of Azazel’s affiliates for their underground supplies. Tyth could also search around and see what happened to her supposed ‘husband’. Zephyros had some questions to answer, and she wasn’t going to let him off so easy.

Fiddling with the rings that survived through her fight, Tyth wondered if she should tell Zied but thought better of it. There was a good chance Zephyr was still lying. They should kill everyone who was hunting them down first. It was proven time and time again that Zied got distracted when it came to woman. If she gave him more to worry or think about, it would only hinder him more. And she didn’t want to see him hurt, ever.

She also wasn’t sure where the this new, mature attitude came from, but it fit with Jaavi’s words when she was young. How she would put others feelings and situations before her own, and learned to curb her temper.

“What say you, Zied? It is the best plan I got, and I dare you to top me.”

But despite her new found maturity, she couldn’t help challenging him just a little. He was one of the few who she knew who could give her a run for her money.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Ethereal on Thu Apr 28, 2011 11:43 pm

I personally want to see Seiryu at her best, not a second rate injured woman on the defensive all the time. Next time, she really could die. You may have all the energy in the world, but we are women and have needs. She would have defended herself easier if she had both katars, even with her injured arm too.

I need a weapon of my own but we also need to stop being attacked like this. If we can secure Seiryu with the boy somewhere so she was some time to recover, you and I can go after the rest of Mist Raven to get them off our tails for good. If Seiryu is able, she can join us once she feels up it.

What say you, Zied? It is the best plan I got, and I dare you to top me.

He wouldn't bite. Competition with her is the last thing on his mind right now. But she had points worth giving merit to. Supplies, they were low on supplies but they never really started out with much other than for two people. A weapon, it's true it would be good to have another sword but where in the world could they find quality in this land where everything seemed to reek of Mist Ravens? Zied's eyes were back to being mismatched and looked at Tyth. He was quiet for a while but was thankful that she treated Seiryu.

"Seiryu chose to come of her own accord. I did not force her to come with me, she forced me to take her with me. I don't think she would agree to being cast aside while we hunt down birds. You see," Zied paused and ruffled Tyth's hair which she just tied into a ponytail. "she's also stubborn in more ways than one."

Laughing as he turned around to check on Seiryu, Zied stopped and looked back at Tyth. "We'll look for a place where all of us can take a break. Splitting up in enemy territory with our current situation is like asking them to kill us. And as for your weapon, perhaps Lucas can do something about it. He's a local after all."

The rain still hasn't stopped pouring and the cold chill the air had isn't going to help the wounded. Kneeling beside Seiryu, Zied asked how she was doing. There was certain anger in her eyes, a childish one as she met Zied's mismatched hues.

"Zied, I'm going to kick her ass for rubbing saliva on my face." she whispered.

"But it helped your body neutralize the toxin didn't it?"

"Well y-yes b-but! Come on! Who does that?! Last I know, antitoxins were inside a vial!"

"Alright, alright Seiryu... you can thank her later." Zied sighed.

Scratching his head in defeat, he couldn't help but to just... smile. Relieved couldn't even begin to describe what he was feeling right now. He nearly lost her again to Croix but in the end, he couldn't have her either... and he knew why. Lending Seiryu his back and shoulders to climb on, when she did, Zied looked at Tyth and silently told her that it was time to go.

Their journey was slow but uneventful. The purple haired woman slept soundly on his back with her head resting peacefully on his right shoulder. She was exhausted and their supplies were nearly depleted. It didn't matter though, the nearest town was just a few kilometers from where they were. He had been awfully quiet most of the time. What just happened gave him a sense of hollow victory. Something in him tells him that this was far from over and the Mist Ravens might be brewing another plot to take them out. Plus, there was this black cloaked man who Tyth defeated that fanned the flames. Who was he? When Tyth fought and killed him, she bathed in victorious gesture like the man had done something horrible to her in the past. He meant to question Tyth but he had to pick the right time. Now was not the time.

Watching the sun set on the west, Zied spotted the first town they ever came across to. A part of him wanted to just run and find an inn so he could rest, or a restaurant so he could eat to his heart's content but, they had important things to deal with first. Sending Lucas to scout the town for cloaked men, Zied patiently waited by the woods with the purple and white haired women. The boy took his time but came back after nearly an hour saying that it was clear.

The boy also made reservations with an inn and as soon as they were up in a single room, Zied made sure that Seiryu was comfortable. After everything has been set, Zied ordered for food and asked Lucas to watch over Seiryu for the time being. Walking over to Tyth, Zied leaned forward and almost touched her ear with his lips as he whispered.

"We need to talk... alone."

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Rogue.Ember.Shadow on Fri Apr 29, 2011 1:11 am

His eyes. Tyth was so caught up scolding him that she just now realized that his eyes had been a different color before turning back to normal. They never did that before, she would have noticed. So why now?

Zied picked up Seiryu as she glanced over to Lucas, noting that the boy was standing away from them, ready to hit the road. Reaching down to the dirt, she picked up the both of the katars, pressed them together so she heard the click that they were connected, and followed after Zied.

Motioning for Lucas to follow, he stuck to her side while nervously looking at the surrounding trees every once in a while. She understood his uneasiness, since they had been attacked while he was sleeping. Who was to say they wouldn't while he was awake?

As they walked, she trusted Zied to know where they were going. Reaching up as Seiryu began to drift off from recovering from the toxin, she tugged the coat a little more snug around her shoulders. Tyth couldn't help wanting to help her out somehow since she was important to Zied.

The sunset was made up of colors that made Tyth suddenly wonder how Seida was doing. After an entire day of work at the bar, from early morning to mid evening, they would work on cleaning up, pick up any shattered glass from any drunken drops and restock the liquor for the next day. As Tyth was walking home, she would only see the remaining rays of sun before the sun completely set, and it wasn't as gorgeous as this sight was.

Lucas had gotten the most sleep out of all of them, so he had some left over energy to scope out the town they found before they entered with a wounded Seiryu. As they waited, Tyth leaned her back against a tree and took in ever second the sun slowly moved to hide behind the horizon. This could be her most favorite time of day. It was nice to relax just for a few minutes after a hard day of killing people.

That was just her thoughts on it, though.

She didn't know Lucas could be so resourceful and quick witted. Must of been one of the reasons Zephyr chose him, for whatever reason he did. That man's actions still confused her, and made her suspicious of his true motives of jerking her around. He even made reservations which made her impressed and thankful. As they settled into their rooms, she thanked the boy as he curled up on the couch with a relived face. He was happy to be somewhere safe.

She smiled and reached out to smooth his hair, "Thanks Lucas."

He nodded and leaned his head against the back of the couch as Zied asked him to watch over Seiryu. She was walked over to the window to glance out when Zied came up behind her to say they needed to talk.

To think several weeks ago, she would have just nodded and let him say whatever he wanted and follow without a word. But she could say she had grown up then. Back then, she was only quiet because she was insecure, and if something wasn't to her liking, she could simply turn her back on it and walk away.

It was never like that with Zied. He took things head on and always had a piece to say about something. Lately, he had been way too quiet, which made her a little worried.

So him say they needed to talk was probably...something. She honestly had no idea what to expect, but she would take it with stride.

Smiling she glanced over at Seiryu, she nodded and followed him, but this time walked by his side. Hopefully this would be a talk where they didn't argue. It was getting too late in the day for that, and she needed to remind herself not to start one. Zied to the full brunt of the last attack, which made her disappointed in herself that she had not acted sooner.

Suggesting they sneak up to the roof of the inn, she stepped out first and when they reached the cetner, she turned to face her partner.

"What is it? Is something bothering you?" she asked a little roughly, hoping to learn why he was so quiet. It was not like him.

"Seiryu is recovering fine, if that is what has you so concerned."

Was he concerned? She honestly couldn't tell lately what he was feeling, not that she ever could. Even his aura was sort of blank, although it flared every once in a while when his guard was up.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Ethereal on Fri Apr 29, 2011 1:51 am

Zied followed her to the inn's roof where it was quiet and only the night sky with a few specks of stars glittered. It was not one of those star-filled nights that most would want to stay under, but it was quite the sight for tired bodies nonetheless. Zied took in a deep breath and watched his partner walk to the center and face him.

"What is it? Is something bothering you?"

"Seiryu is recovering fine, if that is what has you so concerned.

She really had no idea, or was she just playing dumb with him? He felt a nerve swell but he did not want to pick a fight. He called her here to find out what was going on. Sliding his hands inside the pockets of his pants, Zied walked toward Tyth, passing where she stood so he was near the edge of the roof.

"I know Seiryu will be fine. I'm not worried about her."

Sighing as he gazed above, Zied recalled Tyth's fight with that black cloaked man and how she was after. Although he couldn't get to watch the whole fight as he was busy with his own, he saw things that bothered him. The black cloaked man pouring liquid into her mouth, Tyth becoming savagely strong afterwards... he did not know what to think anymore.

"Are you?" he asked and cleared his throat.

"I'm not trying to pick a fight Tyth, I'm..." he paused, seeming to struggle a bit but continued on. "I-I'm... worried about you." he continued and paused again. Looking down into the crowd that were still on the streets below, Zied sighed a long one. "You're strong, but that strength is fading rapidly. It's not because I have reached a new level or anything of the sort, I can just feel it fading away from you."

Turning around and walking back to Tyth, he gently cupped her chin and lifted her face up so he could look into her eyes.

"What was that liquid? Who was that man? What have they done to you? These are my questions that I have long wanted to ask you..." he trailed off.

Her eyes were beautiful as always and they never failed to drag him in every time he would stare into them directly. He would have kissed her as soon as he met her eyes but was stopped by the sight of two dangling rings around her neck. He was not stupid, he knew exactly what they were. Mixed emotions suddenly began to well up in his chest he did not have the words to describe it. Letting go of her chin and gaze, Zied turned around and decided business comes first.

"Seiryu told me about the Mist Ravens and their plans. We came here to put a stop to that. The world we live in is chaotic as it stands and the last thing we need is a dead kingdom taking over. They have been 'collecting' strong warriors to build up their army, I guess that's why they were after us too. When they have gathered enough forces, they would begin taking over the guilds by brute force or whatever it is they have up their sleeve."

The image of the rings kept playing inside his mind. Zied could not focus. He knew that there were things more important than his personal life but why was he unable to stop thinking about her? About those rings of marriage...

"I... guess you could say that things are not going to get easier for us and your current state worries me..."

He wanted to say he did not want to see her get hurt, he wanted to say so much but...

"I don't want you dragging us down..."

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Rogue.Ember.Shadow on Fri Apr 29, 2011 2:27 am

She was getting a little miffed at what he was getting at. Like she was getting weak all over again, but yelling at him would make him clam up and stop him from talking. And she needed to keep him talking, and to do that she needed to answer his questions.

Rolling her eyes tiredly she patted his arm and gave him a weak smile, "I'm not dying, yeesh! You really are worried, aren't you?"

Folding her arms in front of her, Tyth sat on the edge of the wall that surrounded the wall and looked down at the dwindling amounts of people below. They were heading home, to their families and loved ones.

"That liquid was a potent, poison serum made from Anoushka plants. The man who made me drink it was a fellow sinner of mine called the Black Sinner, but his real name was Narcyz. It was thanks to him that when I was younger and clean from the poison, that he forced him to overdose on the serum and kill Brant's wife in a fit of blood lust."

Her hands clenched as she turned back to Zied with a sad frown from remembering Jaavi's death, "I had to kill him, or he could of hurt someone else if he wasn't put down. Since now I am immune to poisons or anything made from Anoushka but he didn't know that, I let him get me to drink some. It gave me the energy I needed to overcome him and take his life."

Shaking her head as a wind blew by that was a little more forceful than usual, she jumped down from the wall and instead leaned against it.

"But since I'm immune to the poison, the effects of me being stronger and faster don't last as long as they used to. My body detoxifies it so fast, I can only use the serums for several minutes, and every time I do use them, the effect is shortened each time its digested. My limit could be ten minutes, then suddenly eight and so on."

"The poison can't kill me, it can't help me for very long but I do have a few minutes of exhaustion from my body to recover from working so hard to detoxify so fast."

Walking back up to him, she patted his cheek with a slight mocking grin since they both were too tired to really fight. "Its nice to know you got worried for me, but I will be fine. Really! I saw an opportunity and I took it. I was the real White Sinner, but only for a few minutes."

Pulling her hand back, she titled her head at him with a reassuring look, "I won't drag you down, but I understand you mean to say I could be a liability if I'm too weak, right? If its better for you, you can keep going ahead with Seiryu and I'll stay behind. Honestly, my muscles are still shaky. Its all I can do just to keep standing and talking to you,too. But keep talking."

She was not going to be the only on asking questions, despite how concerned he was. Tyth needed to change the subject, quickly.

"Speaking of questions, why do your eyes change color? They never did so before! And don't think I haven't noticed that the force behind your slashes have tripled in strength. I shouldn't be the only one explaining myself."

This was new, acting like an real, grown adult after all her years feeling like a belated teen. She could ignore her bitter feelings for the bigger picture. She needed to know what changed about Zied.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Ethereal on Fri Apr 29, 2011 3:00 am

She assured him many times over that there was nothing wrong. If that is how she felt, then he would take it at face value. But the idea of her staying behind didn't rest easy with him. If they leave one behind, that would be inviting the Mist Ravens for a hunt. It's not going to happen.

"I'm sorry... what I really wanted to say is that I don't want to see you get hurt."

He was honest. Rarely happens with him but he was able to say it out straight and it felt damn good. He was about to smile but Tyth popped him a question regarding his new found strength.

"Ahh so you noticed. That was a little something that I gained in preparation for this skirmish with the Mist Ravens. I never knew it until recently that I had a case of split personality. There's a killer inside me..." he said and paused, clenching his fists inside his pockets.

"A killer half as Seiryu pointed out. According to her, it takes over me when I am frightened or facing a situation I don't want to deal with. She said my blue eye represents that killer side, and my black eye is the real me. Hard to believe huh? I for one don't want to believe it myself but it seems she was right."

Pulling out his sword, Zied swung it around a few times before looking at Tyth to continue talking.

"I was taught to control my killer side and fight as a whole. The result is what you just saw earlier..."

An idea crossed his mind in the middle of his words.

"Would you like me to teach you?"

A smile played on his lips. He was unsure if it would work on Tyth or if she could even control her murderous side. She seemed to love letting loose every chance she gets but... Zied knew that they don't have many options. Sheathing his sword back, Zied rested his back on the wall. His body was already tired as hell and was screaming for sleep but he really wanted to be with Tyth alone.

"I'm not saying you have a case of split personality like me... The concept of training is the same, controlling your inner power. You may have learned a lot from that Brant guy but a master never teaches all of his tricks to his students. If you're up for it, I'll be glad to teach you and we'll see what comes out after training."

He may sound like he was relaxed but his eyes were still looking at the two pieces of round metal around Tyth's neck. He couldn't get it off his mind and it was starting to greatly frustrate him. His emotions getting the best of him, Zied was sure that Tyth could already sense his unstable aura. Unable to bear the emotions any longer, Zied pulled his hands out of his pockets and walked closer to Tyth until he was standing an inch away from her. His eyes never left hers until his right hand was already holding the rings.

"I never knew you were... married."

Just when he was starting to feel like opening up to her, just when he had his eyes for her, he finds out that Tythlany Nightfox belonged to someone else. Recalling every time he spent with the white haired woman, Zied's eyes twitched after remembering a few events, could it be him? No, she hated him like the man was a disease. It couldn't possibly be him... could it?

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Rogue.Ember.Shadow on Fri Apr 29, 2011 3:40 am

Split personality? She had never seen any proof of Zied acting like a completely different person, but it that was the explanation...

It was still hard to picture, since she had no idea what this other personality was originally like.

'Seiryu does...'

Then he was suddenly in front of her and holding the rings, saying the one word of her complicated situation. Her fingers flew up to grab at the chain and gently pull them away, but he was being stubborn and not letting go.

Of all the times to bring this up, but she was just as guilty for not saying it first.

Looking away, she gave up trying to pull the rings from him and covered half her face with one hand.

"Damn you, saying that out of the blue. Maybe you do have a split personality if you jump from one subject to another like that. Your eyes, your personality and then training offers now this..."

She wanted to lean as far from him as she could, feeling very uneasy, "Yes these are marriage rings, but for the longest time I thought it was annulled. Then Zephyros pops up again, saying he never let the annulment papers get processed. But I just don't know if that is true. He has lied to me before, why would he be so cruel to pull such a thing now?"

His eyes looked so bothered that she could feel it in the air around him. She did not like this.

Clenching her teeth, Tyth jerked the necklace suddenly from his hands and tucked it under her shirt, out of sight. Tyth couldn't bare looking at them now, yet they were still pressing her against her skin like a weight that won't go away.

A few stray drops hit the ground around them and she figured it would want to rain now. Especially with this mood that was forming.

"Sorry I didn't tell you, I just seem to be leading you on. I could be married and yet I've kissed you twice now."

Zephyr's mocking face as he waved the papers tauntingly above her head, and then hearing his voice for her to get to safety while leaving her in the hands of a boy younger than her came to mind. Zephyr never had dual personalities or anything unstable of the sort. It didn't make sense why his actions contradict themselves, and she needed to know why.

She needed to know where Zephyr was, if he was still alive even. If she was a widow, or actually a free woman to do what she wanted.

Shaking her head, Tyth wanted to reach over and pat him again, but now things felt too awkward after this subject was brought up. Plus, she still didn't know if there was anything between him and the woman he appeared with. Even if there was, at this point they couldn't do anything.

Yawning, she smiled and gestured for them to head back inside, "We're both tired. Don't try and act tough by denying it. Its late and I don't think I can-"

She was too late, her legs gave out from under her and she fell to the ground. Her head would have hit the hard roof's surface if Zied hadn't caught her head with one hand to cushion the fall. His speed would always be impressive.

"Aww shit..." she groaned and turned her head away from him to spit up a few drops of blood then clenched her teeth.

Pressing some fingers on his arm, she forced herself to sit up but then stand back to her feet, although she was wobbly. She ignored his moves to help her since she felt like the stubborn one now.

"I was hoping to hit the restroom before this happened. It isn't fatal, but it is a pain in the ass. Its just a side effect besides exhaustion when I drink Anoushka. You can already tell my presence is almost completely faded, if it isn't already. Another side effect. You could be miles away and not be able to sense me for a while."

Looking over her shoulder, she gave him a mocking grin while wiping the traces of blood with her hand, "I'm thinking leaving me behind is only going to be a better and better idea. If you can't sense me, than neither could they very easily."

She had finally reached the door and rested her hand against the door frame since she left it open when they came up, "I know you don't like it, but at this point, the Mist Ravens will want to get a piece of you, that they will forget about me for the time being. Gravon will probably be too devastated in losing Narcyz that none of the sinners will be moving for a while."

Meeting his eyes, she hoped he would listen to her. At this point, she really was dead weight. "You know I'm speaking the truth, Zied. Since I can't walk, you might as well carry me back down to the room."

She knew her tone was screaming 'I win' but it would only be official if Zied outright agreed. Not to mention, deep down she wanted to be carried by him too, since Seiryu got a chance.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Ethereal on Fri Apr 29, 2011 4:21 am

He held his words. Nothing he could say right now will make things go away or change for the better. It was painful, a different kind of pain to see the woman that he was starting to care for look so troubled. To make matters worse, she fell down, from exhaustion he first guessed but then came her words of side effects. If there were side effects, then nothing she said was close to the truth that she was fine. He was getting pissed at her again for toughing it out but he knew there would be no point in an argument.

"Fine, let's call it a day. But I'm not leaving you behind even if you kill me." he said and scooped her up from the legs.

She was lighter than he thought she would be which actually made him want to make fun of her. He held himself back though, because the air is already as awkward as it can get around them. Zied avoided her eyes while he made his way back to their room. Damn right he didn't like what she was suggesting earlier and he would not discuss the matter anymore. They were all in this together and nobody is going to stay behind.

Lucas was already passed out on the couch and Seiryu still fast asleep when they both got back. Shutting the door as quiet as he could possibly do, Zied went to carry Tyth to the bed next to Seiryu. The ladies would be sleeping comfortable while he would take the floor. Gently putting down Tyth on the bed, Zied kept his distance close to her and whispered to her ear...


He didn't wait for her reply though and suddenly pressed his lips against her soft ones. It was only for a brief moment but he wanted to let her know how he felt. Then without a word, Zied turned around and went to the corner of the room where he prepared a mat and laid down to rest. The moment his eyes closed, he felt his body succumb to the exhaustion that he felt. Eating was a tempting thing to do but he would save it for tomorrow. Right now, there was just a lot of things in his mind that was wearing him down both physically and mentally.

"Master Krauss, the Dragons of the East have been obliterated." one man spoke to a small device.

He was surveying the area where Zied and the others camped for the night. The battles were intense and the only dead ones remaining were their operatives.

"Curses! That damn Croix is only just as good as the words he can come up with! I never should have trusted him with hunting down the Black Dragon!"

The cloaked man examined the remains of Croix, Kaze and Shiyo then took a quick peek at the headless body of the black cloaked man.

"Master Krauss, there's one here that is not under our command. His head was cut off clean. What should I do?"

Krauss contemplated for a moment and then gave orders. The cloaked man then picked up the head and left the scene in a hurry.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Rogue.Ember.Shadow on Fri Apr 29, 2011 5:15 am

"Fine, let's call it a day. But I'm not leaving you behind even if you kill me."

Like she could bring herself to kill him, but that wasn't what was bothering her. One was the good night kiss he pecked her, then how he brushed off all her advice when it clear she was in the right! Tyth didn't care how strong he was, had gotten or anything like that. He couldn't protect all of them if they were on the verge of death and he was their last defense. Sadly, he couldn't do it all as much as he thought he did. Zied had limits to, and she about reached hers when it came to his stubborn, pigheadedness.

But now she had to play dirty. They were going to have to separate, and sadly she was going to have to be the one to cause it. Licking her lips, she retasted Zied and the blood she spit up. He was going to pissed for sure when he woke up.

The thing about one's body being able to absorbed something so fast, as that parts of it was that it absorbed into other things just as fast. It wasn't just coincidence that Seiryu practically passed out on their way here. Tyth's saliva was detoxifying her body, and eating at her energy. She would be normal by the time she woke up though, give or take a little wooziness when she first sat up.

And although it didn't go as she planned, she had hoped to brush Zied with her saliva or bodily fluid somehow, and she got her chance when he kissed her. Already, her blood was being absorbed through his lips, into his blood stream and making him sleep even deeper. Normally he would be taking a cat nap, but not this time.

She didn't have much time before her antitoxins wore off, and there was still a few miles between this town and the mines where she was held captive. In Lucas' bag, were stored one left over bottle of the energy liquid that Seiryu had given her. She would drink some once she reached the mountains and mining area beyond.

Looking over at Zied as she pulled his torn jacket over her shoulder, than the bag, she decided it couldn't hurt. She leaned over and pressed her mouth against his, just to make sure he was asleep as she knew he would be.

Lucas was till passed out so she wasn't worried about him stopping her.

'Sorry Zied, but one day you will learn to listen to me. Please don't be too angry when you realize what I did.' she thought as she carefully jogged out the door.

Tyth wasn't a professional actress, but apparently she had decent enough skills to trick even a observant friend like Zied. Still, she left a note in Lucas' hand so Zied could maybe come tearing after her, just eight hours later from the sleep she caused them.

As she ran towards the stables, she couldn't help thinking how majorly pissed off Zied was going to be. In a way, she did him a favor. At least he would get the best sleep of his life.

She mounted a tan and white gelding and tore out of the village. As she rode, she opened the bottle of energy water and gulped it down. It would hurt digesting on an empty stomach, but she didn't have time for food now. Gravos was surely weak at a time like this, and she needed to find out where Zephyros was.

Zied would be too intent on dealing with the the rest of the Mist Ravens anyway to know where she had gone. From the innocent questions she asked Lucas concerning the mines and applying the information to Zied's maps, she knew where Gravos' lair was. Or at least one of them, and it was the last place she saw her husband at. Not to mention, there was active chimeras, which she couldn't let them use out in public if they decided to add them to an invasion of the kingdoms.

She would only be seven miles away from the Mist Raven hide out, but by the time Zied woke up, hopefully she will have destroyed the mining place by then.

It was morning and Tyth woke up by her horse and bag. She had tore through the night on horseback, narrowly avoiding be detected by Mist Raven sentries. Had her presence not been completely gone, she would have been detected. The horse below her was fed a drop of her tear so his was lowered too, only it caused him to foam at the mouth from breathing so hard.

The one time she did get found out, she pulled out some daggers she had Lucas buy to dispatched the sentry. Running the horse through a stream and getting him to swim down a ways to cover their tracks, she then got them out and continued towards the mines.

After she found the mines, she leaned against a tree to catch a nap. It was only a half our nap, but it was enough.

Looking up at the sky as she got to her feet and readjusted Zied's jacket around her, she couldn't help twitching as smirk at how orange it was. Surely he was waking up by now. She was almost relieved she wasn't there to see what his reaction would be.

Making sure the horse was re hitched to the tree, she headed down the hill side and pulled the sword Lucas stole for her from a blacksmith's shop from its sheath. Tyth was death come a knocking, and her blood sang for Gravos' to be spilled.

You're not going to like where I've gone, but know I can't stay here with how things are. Nurse Seiryu and keep to your plan of going after the Mist Ravens. I'll come back when I'm done.

If you happen to find me before I'm finished, please don't kill me. I have reasons for this.


p.s. I'll pay Seiryu back for the energy drink.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Ethereal on Fri Apr 29, 2011 7:38 am

"What a troublesome woman." Seiryu mumbled after reading the letter that Lucas showed her.

Zied was out like a light and she was feeling like she ran a marathon non-stop. Seiryu was wide awake but greatly weakened. It almost felt like a foreign substance had been injected to her and she thought hard of other possible toxins she might have gotten from Croix. She checked her body thoroughly only to find that there were no other wounds that came from the paralysis knives that Croix threw at her.

"Good lord..." she mumbled as a thought crossed her mind.

"I passed out when she treated me." Seiryu concluded as she ran a finger along the length of her cheek wound.

Sighing as she stepped out of the bathroom, she tossed Lucas a small pouch filled with money and told the boy that this is where they go their separate ways. Lucas understood what the purple haired woman meant and plucked a few fruits and loaves of bread from the food basket in their room. When Lucas had finally left the room, Seiryu sat on the floor just beside where Zied was fast asleep.

"Zied... Zied... ZIED!"

There was no response. He was put to sleep the same way she was, that much Seiryu was sure of. But the thought of 'how' went wild in Seiryu's mind. Unable to control herself, she raised her right arm and smacked Zied's head hard. He did not move but Seiryu knew that he would feel that even in his deep slumber.

"Dammit! What the hell Seiryu?!"

"Don't you think that's a little too late for a reaction? I smacked your head ten minutes ago."


"That's right mister Black Dragon. YOU were out like a light with the butterflies and rainbows in your dreams!" she hissed, her tone sarcastic and frustrated.

Pulling himself up to sit, Zied felt different. It was close to how he felt like when Gallahad trained him so hard for a week straight. Looking around the room for the others, Zied suddenly had a question in his mind but was stopped from speaking when Seiryu showed the letter to his face.

"That white haired fox drugged us. My conclusion is that her saliva did the trick. You know me, I wouldn't pass out just like that because of a cheek wound. That leaves me to wonder... how did she put you to sleep Zied?"

Her eyes were flaring at him as she questioned him with a stare. She was demanding an answer but Zied felt like things between them would just become awkward if he told her how. 'I kissed her' was what he wanted to say but he needed to come up with something quick.

"Must have been that drink she gave me last night..." he mumbled and put on a serious look as he read the letter.

His answer was enough to satisfy Seiryu. As long as she has not approved of the white haired fox yet, she has no right to do things to 'her' Zied. Standing up and heading over to their packs, Seiryu scuffled through her belongings to look for a small vial of glowing blue liquid. She was somehow relieved that the woman haven't found Gallahad's special blend. Seiryu was in the process of mixing the liquid with two glasses of water when she suddenly felt Zied's aura spike through the roof.

"Uh-oh..." she said and turned around.

The Zied she saw caused her to drop the glasses of water she held in hand. He was already back up to his feet and his eyes were pulsating black and blue. The letter was crumpled in his fist and his breathing was unusually calm. His anger is being reflected through his aura which can be very dangerous to the people around them, not to mention he was becoming a shining beacon for the birds.

Rushing to the man's side, Seiryu held on to Zied's curled fist. Her eyes were serious and she spiked her own aura to get his attention.

"You're losing it Zied, the killer in you is trying to take over! Don't give him a chance! I'm right here, come back to me and we'll get Tyth back that's for sure! And don't lose sight of what we came here for in the first place!"

"U-Ughh! Aarghhh!" Zied groaned.

Soon the man was clutching his head as if he was in pain, and then the aura of anger subsided. He was on fours to the floor and was breathing heavily afterward. Seiryu let out a very long sigh of relief but felt pain in her heart as he watched Zied curse and slam his fist repeatedly on the wooden floor. She had just witnessed how important the white haired woman has become to Zied, and it pains her that he would not even look at her anymore for help. But she would suck it up for the man that she loves. Seiryu would endure the pain and be there for him should he call for her.

Hours later, Zied and Seiryu were back on the road. They had no idea where Tyth had gone to. Both of them just had too little information about what her goal is and what is driving her to such lengths. Zied only has a few leads to follow.

"Anoushka plants... Do you know anything about that Seiryu?"

Surprised to hear Zied's inquiry, Seiryu stopped walking and crossed her arms before her chest. She gave Zied an inquisitive look and then looked away. She had heard about the Anoushka Plants, it was forbidden in guild regulated areas all thanks to certain organizations exploiting the plant's ability to enhance despite it being a very potent poison.

"Why do you ask? Is your friend somehow involved with Anoushka plants? Because if she is... that would explain a great many Zied."

Stopping in his tracks as well, Zied looked over his shoulder.

"Tell me what you know Seiryu."

"I refuse."

"Are you trying to pick a fight Seiryu?"

"Where's your head Zied?! Don't think that you can carry other people's burden just because you got stronger! If she wanted your help, she would have asked for it and not put you to sleep! Don't you get it? She wants to do this alone! Let her!"

"She could die Seiryu..."

"Don't you think I know that Zied? But what can we do when we have NOTHING to go with huh?! It's all well and good that you are starting to think of others other than yourself Zied, but you should not forget to trust other people. The Black Dragon may be a legend you created but he is still ONE MAN!"

"Don't you get it Seiryu?! I CARE for her alright?!"

His words were like flaming swords piercing and burning her heart all at once. She knew it... she was not that stupid. A stray tear fell from her eye but Seiryu wiped it away immediately and walked up to Zied, slapping his face hard.

"I get it Zied! I get it so damn much it rips me apart! H-how stupid can you get?!" she yelled and bowed her head. Tears were now falling freely from her eyes.

"Seiryu I--"

"Forget it! If you want to go after her then fine! Do as you wish! I'm going to finish the Mist Ravens on my own!" she hissed and walked away from Zied.

The heat of the moment caused Seiryu to drop her guard. She was frustrated, hurt and confused to even notice an incoming spear from above. Zied however, was bathing in anger and frustration that his senses were heightened. He was looking for someone to trash and the spear was his wish being granted.

Deflecting the spear with his sword, Zied appeared before Seiryu in a defensive stance. The woman dropped her pack in surprise and pulled out her katar.


"Shh! We'll talk later. Come out you bastard!"

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Rogue.Ember.Shadow on Fri Apr 29, 2011 4:48 pm

The many, lion/wolf chimeras attacked first since they were the guard dogs of the place. It seemed Gravon had gotten creative in his madness of finding the perfect ‘creature’ to kill just how he wanted. There was spilt chemicals and drugs everywhere, making her wrinkle her nose at the foul smell the spoiled liquids made. Several times she felt like throwing up, but defending herself and getting to the center of this horrible place was her goal. Gravon needed to tell her what happened to Zephyros before she killed him, and took down these operations.

Sinners of every face she could possibly imagine took her on, but she fought hard to get through their erratic attacks and meager guard. Most of the time, she used Brant’s teachings to get through, using their force against them and manipulating mere gravity to her advantage. She didn’t know enough to be considered an heir to Brant’s legacy like Scyth or Zeph, but she knew enough to get her by.

Tyth made sure there was dynamite or any type of explosives around so she could use them on her way out. She also was moving fast, not using too much energy through these minor bothers since the main person she wanted didn’t how to fight at all, just torture people.

Running into the room one of the sinners she forced to reveal information said where Gravon’s main room was, she locked the gates behind her. No one was to bother them as she carried out justice.

But what she found when she reached the main chamber was not was she expected in all her years.

There lying on the ground with shocked face frozen in death, was Gravon’s body lying in his own pool of blood. His white lab cloak was in shreds around him and near one his hands was a blood covered syringe. Standing in a chair against the wall, reclining with his hands behind his back was Zephyros. His eyes were closed but a huge, content smile was on his face. At his side was a still wet sword propped against the wall.

He was alive, he had killed Gravon and was acting strange. There was a purple stain at the right side of his mouth which made her suspicious as to where it came from, especially in this place.

Cautiously stepping over the dead body of one the men she hated in this world, Tyth gripped her weapon tighter as she moved into the man’s half lidded sight. His grin grew larger and he looked up an inch.

“Ah……Tythlany, you finally made it. You knock so loud, you know?”

His teeth were purple too, which made her stop seven feet away. Something was wrong, it wasn’t right at all.

“Why are you here?” she asked, keeping her sword arm facing him in case he made a move towards her. She still had not forgiven him for the marriage bit. The rings seemed to burn against her skin now, making her grit her teeth.

“Why? To test myself, naturally…”

Test? She moved a step away as he stood up and plucked his sword up at the same time.

“To take you on, and be strong enough to take your life. Like how I‘ve wanted all these years to see your blood flow freely, just like this fool did.”

Something cold settled in her stomach as she continued moving back as he slowly loped forward. His eyes were hidden behind oily bangs but his grin never wavered once. She knew that kind of grin. It was one only wore when fully mad.

“Why did you save me, if you just want to kill me all this time?” she asked, keeping her guard up as she circled counterclockwise, vice versa to his clockwise.

“It wouldn’t be work killing you in your drug induced stupor, would it? I had to get you back to a hundred percent. I want to fight you before I kill you.”

She was right. Tyth had a feeling something was off. He drank the serum, and already his veins were red from the strain of simply digesting it. The stain at the edge of his mouth was from vomiting purple stomach acid.

“And Lucas?”

“Some thief I impressed to do what I said. Boys are such foolish idiots.”

She was now standing in front of his chair and he was scuffling to where Gravon’s dead body was.

“You were planning this from the beginning, weren’t you? Ever since I came back with Brant, you wanted me dead?”

He laughed and scraped his blade hard against the cement floor, making it squeal and scratch.

“There were whispers what you were as soon as you walked through the door. You killed some of my best friends just because they were sneaking out, wanting to play a prank on the girls. You killed Jaavi, you killed my brother who hated you as much as I did, but he died when he challenged you at Forsaken Wolves. It was like no one could touch you, and Brant was messed up for defending you.”

He licked his smiling lips and looked through his bangs at her through gleaming mad eyes, then coughed up a few drops of purple covered spit.

“You said Brant is the only one that can kill you. Why not me in Brant’s place as his heir?”

He moved so fast, the wall split several feet when he hit the cement as she moved to side to avoid him. His body was horizontal to the floor as his feet was at the center of the crater he created from his jump to reach her.

It made sense he brought up the fake marriage to confuse her, in his first couple weeks of taking the new toxin. It was also stupid of her not to have noticed the signs, but she was too caught up in keeping him from attacking her partner to really care. Or even nurse the mere idea of Zephyros falling so low.

Raising her sword so that it was diagonal to her face, she eased her feet apart and caught his sword easily.

“That style….you had to learn it, didn’t you? ARE YOU MOCKING ME?!”

Yes, she did. Since she couldn’t learn Brant’s style, why not Jaavi’s? They were made to compliment each other in battle anyway. Hence why her and Scyth fought together as a whole, it was because their sword styles were meant for the exact same thing.

The first six forms could be performed mostly by one’s self, but it was the other six that demanded more from the other partner.

Her sword was tilted until her eyes were reflected in the shining side, “Looks like I need to become a widow then.”

They slashed at each other and when their blades crisscrossed from a simultaneous parry, the room about split apart from the mere force of it.

Tyth was walking away from the mines, about a quarter of a mile away with her horse beisde her when it finally blew up behind her. All the evidence of the place would be burned to ashes in less than three hours.

She smiled at the large mass of flames then mounted her horse and headed back towards town. However, she jerked the gelding to a stop as she leaned over the side to coughed up an ounce of blood. Her shoulders started shaking as she clenched her eyes against the tremors. The new toxins were being detoxified but it hurt like no other. She wasn’t sure how long it would last for her to feel like this, but she wanted it to be very short.

Tyth wanted to see Zied, and tell him she was free. She wanted to see him again. It almost hurt how bad she wanted him.

And yet fate didn’t seem to share the same feelings. Her horse started getting ansty when several arrows dug into its flank, then a few daggers into the neck. She was pinned under the weight of it on her leg as it fell from the force of one of the Mist Raven’s kicking it over while slashing for her head with a curved sword.

Her sword was pinned along with her leg so she caught the blade with a bare hand, letting it cut through her skin. Then she tugged hard, further cutting her hand but also unbalancing her attacker. She cut several arrows from the air as she struggled to free her herself. There was more soldiers than before, which meant they must of started another wave of attacks. Tugging the daggers from her dead horses neck, she threw him through the trees where she senses several flickering bodies.

Her presence was starting to come back from her body bouncing back from the poisons, but it also meant she couldn’t control hiding it. She was a going to die after fighting so hard to achieve something she wanted so bad. Jaavi was right, she would defy death if it was a wish she wanted more than breathing!

They were only a meter away but she cut the saddle off the horse, tore it away and finally free her leg. It felt weird when she bended her knee but it couldn’t be helped. She must of drifted too close to Mist Raven’s head guild or headquarters if there was this many.

Wielding the daggers, she fought until she disarmed one of her attackers using a sword thanks to one of Zied’s moves. Catching the blade out of the air, she put most of her weight on her uninjured leg. It was pulsing less than before she pulled it out from under the horse.

She ran in the direction of town, but she still some miles away. Then, on her dull senses, she felt his aura flare. It was past the point of when he should have been waking up, so he must be fighting. It was probably best she didn’t find him right now. If he fought enough Mist Ravens, maybe he could take out most of his anger from her leaving so suddenly and she wouldn’t have to take the brunt of it.

Besides, she was a White Sinner once upon a time. Tyth could take on a mass of Mist Ravens no problem. As she continued to fight, she slowly made her way back towards town. As much as his justified anger at her was well deserved, she still wanted to see him.

“Cmon, I just killed my ex husband! I’ll take you all on!” she yelled into the air, and twirled her blade in once hand once before running forward to meet two swords at the same time. She ducked down and pushed them away, then cut at their sides and ran past them to meet the next one.

At the burning entrance of the mines, a pair of rings on a necklace were reflecting the flames that surrounded them, slowly softening from the harsh heat.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Ethereal on Fri Apr 29, 2011 11:18 pm

Zied evaded thrust after thrust from the spear that his opponent wielded. He was swaying left and right, ducking or leaning back depending on the speed of the thrust. It was no real challenge evading the blows nor pressing into his opponent's circle of life. He was not nearly skilled enough to make Zied break a sweat. The reason his spiky haired opponent is still breathing is because Zied was planning on getting information.

"What's the matter Black Dragon? My spear technique too much for you?"

Zied faked having a hard time avoiding the high-low spear attack. His opponent was already feeling victory when Zied felt a presence far away and fluctuating. Looking over to Seiryu who shared the similar thoughts, she gave him a nod as if telling him to clean up so they can move.

Finally taking the offensive for the first time since they started fighting, Zied showed no mercy. Just as fast as he breached the enemy's spear range, Zied spun his body to the left to gain momentum for a powerful slash. The man tried to retract his spear but Zied was already too close to him which rendered his weapon only as harmful as a stick.

It was a clean slice. One hit and the battle was over. Zied looked to the direction of where he sensed the presence earlier and it seems to be a little ways to the north just in the direction where he and Seiryu were originally headed. There was a battle, Zied was sure of it.

Zipping past him was Seiryu's running form. She is never the type to waste time and soon, Zied was running by her side.

"Seiryu I'm s--"

"Stop! If you apologize I'll kick your ass! Shut up and run!"

The more they neared the presence they felt, the harder the enemy resistance became. They were approaching Mist Raven territory and the waves of cloaked men that bore the crest just proved it.

Arrow after arrow, Seiryu danced and swayed as she weaved through the volley. Even with just her right arm, she wielded her katar like a river with deadly waters, flicking arrows away that occasionally flew a straight line towards her. There would be no stopping her and the bodies of Mist Raven operatives that tried to block her path were either mercilessly slashed or brutally pierced by her katar.

She was frustrated and angry too, and she never knew that getting it out of her chest could be so... destructive. With a battle cry, she pressed forward meeting blade for blade.

Zied was right behind her taking out those that were coming from their backs. He was acting as Seiryu's rear guard. His eyes were both black and his swings were filled with determination. When Mist Ravens attacking them from behind seem to converge, Zied would swing his sword with enough force to use the wind as a weapon to clear out the mob.

"Damn it! There's no end to them! Just how many of these petty warriors did the Mist Ravens gather?" Zied complained.

Seiryu slashed another man with her katar and looked back at Zied. "I lost count years ago. Just keep fighting and save the details for later!"

"Fine. I'll take the front, stay close to me."

She was right, there was no point in complaining in the middle of battle. Zied shifted his footing and took the front. He plowed through the horde of Mist Ravens with his red sword cutting down man and arrows who blocked their path. Seiryu trailed behind protecting Zied's back as they broke through.

"My lord, we have been attacked from the front and our troops are being devastated. Also, reports from a different team say that they are engaged in combat." Krauss reported with dire urgency in his tone.

"Who are they?"

"The Black Dragon, Seiryu and... the White Sinner my lord."

"Excellent. What are you so worried about Krauss? Isn't this what we wanted? Now that they are coming here of their own accord, why is there fear in your eyes?" the man sitting on the throne asked.

"But sire! The troops that we have gathered over the years, we need them for our plans! We--"

"Silence! Those men are nothing more than cannon fodder. Don't you understand, we only need true warriors, fighters with a caliber unmatched by any normal person. Those are who we need for our plans. Lower the draw bridge! Let them come!"

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Rogue.Ember.Shadow on Sat Apr 30, 2011 12:25 am

Mist Ravens were everywhere, and they wielded ever weapon imaginable. Instead of twin daggers, Tyth is now holding a sword in each hand. Both a different length but still long enough to each and cut how she swung them.

It was official that she had spent too much time in Zied’s company. Although he was calmer now, she seemed to pick up his rash ‘Come at me!’ attitude. Which made her smile since it also meant that those days were real. That it wasn’t a dream that they fought side by side, although he saved her more than once.

Now she was fighting to hopefully lessen the fighting force that was sure to attack Zied and Seiryu. Her shoulder still smarted from Narcyz’s attack and her palm had finally clotted enough to where she could grip her sword handle without worrying about it flying from her grasp like the last four times. Maybe her efforts were meaningless, but at least she was trying. At least she was helping.

Surely Zied was heading this way from how his aura was behaving and getting gradually closer. It was only natural he would be angry and worried at the same time. She would have to think of a way to make it up to him.

As she fought her way down the slop that opened up into a wide clearing, Tyth noticed the large building. Scratch that, not so much a building as it was a chateau. Complete with a draw bridge. She was only two miles away, but through the break in trees from the incline she was on, she could tell from this far that it was indeed a drawbridge. Classic, much?

The aftereffects were wearing off finally, and she had been fighting on her own since the mine’s demise for twenty minutes now. It was like they were hoping to win her accidental intrusion in their territory with mere numbers alone. Although she slaughtered defenseless people in massive villages, she also took on numerous ranks of guards.

Her arms were getting quite the workout as she ran two Mist Raven’s through with one sword, than kicked them off her blade and threw the blade off the blade as a way of cleaning it.

Why lower a draw bridge? Was something coming out or were they inviting her in? As if to answer her, a loud horn was blown from somewhere on the other side of the huge chateau’s walls. A ripple seemed to go through all the soldiers she saw near her that were still alive, and a few attacked her while the rest retreated back to the draw bridge. Withdrawing?

Cutting the two down that barred her way, Tyth ran out into the open clearing with the swords held at her sides.

Were they still thinking that drawing them into their most familiar battleground with numbers as a strong point would overcome them? That she would somehow be overwhelmed and suddenly defeated? Her husband couldn’t kill her, the man who was considered her equal couldn’t kill her as much as he tried. What made the Mist Ravens think they had what it took.

A chill went up her spine, tearing her attention away from the open draw bridge across the other side of the grass, wide field. He was near.

Turning around, she saw Zied was approaching from a quarter of a mile away, with Seiryu bring up the rear. Tyth could never mistake that woman’s hair color, even through this thick foliage.

Pressing her back tiredly against a tree, Tyth waited for them to reach her. When she turned her head to meet Zied’s eyes once he cleared the tree trunks after half an hour, she waved one sword at him and sheepishly smiled.


It wasn’t how she was wanting to reunite him, out here near the Mist Raven’s guild, but she had to face him sometime.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Ethereal on Sat Apr 30, 2011 2:20 am

The Mist Ravens began a sudden retreat. Just as fast as they multiplied in numbers, they vanished as easily. The pair was confused for a moment but decided to move forward only to find a castle with its drawbridge lowered. Quickly scanning the surrounding area, Zied also spotted a white haired woman with her back against a tree. Fearing for the worst, the two ran over to where she was only to be greeted casually.


Her demeanor greatly irritated Seiryu. "You stupid wom--"


"But Zied! Just look at he--"

"Seiryu!" Zied nearly yelled.

Grumbling with her own thoughts, Seiryu kept quiet and turned around. Zied in turn pulled back his fist and with just enough power, punched the tree just a few inches away from Tyth's face. The wood cracked behind the force of his blow but his black eyes just held Tyth's gaze, Zied leaned closer to her that their foreheads were touching.

"The next time you put me to sleep and do something like this, I WILL kick your ass."

She was badly hurt. If they kept going with her in this condition, things will certainly make a sudden turn for the worst. Brushing his own emotions aside, Zied turned to Seiryu. They were still in enemy territory after all and they had a chance to put a stop to them now. Pulling back would be the wisest move but Zied intended to finish what they started.

"Seiryu, get her out of here safely." Zied said.

Sieryu glared at the man and would have said 'I refuse' if it wasn't for his gaze that told her he was not playing around. She respected Zied, but to some point feared him too if he was this serious about something. There's just no telling what he's capable of doing. Seiryu decided for both Tythlany and her sake, she would agree to him despite her own objections.

"I understand. Any method is fine right?" She asked for confirmation.

Zied nodded in approval and watched Seiryu walk towards Tyth. He was also curious as to what she has in mind.

"Hey foxy, nice trick you have to put someone to sleep. I just happen to have a few of those too."

Without warning, Seiryu's right hand snaked around Tyth's neck. She twisted several pressure points and watched the woman slowly lose consciousness. Zied shook his head sideways.

"Is that really necessary?" he asked.

Seiryu glared daggers at the man as she hoisted Tyth's weight upon her slender shoulder. It's a good thing she was much more lighter than Zied.

"You want me to put her to sleep with my saliva too? Get real!"

"Alright, alright I get it! Take care of her please." Zied added and faced the lowered bridge.

"And what are you going to do Zied?"

Looking back over his shoulder, Zied had a smile on his lips while bouncing the blunt of his sword on his right shoulder.

"What I do best..."

Seiryu knew what he meant like it was second nature to her. There's only one thing in this world that Zied knows how to do best, and that would be killing. Turning halfway around, Seiryu looked at him one more time.

"Fine. Come back as soon as you're done. We just might kill each other." Seiryu said to him as a joke while looking at the unconscious body on her shoulder.

"Let's meet back at the inn. This will be over before we know it." Zied finished and walked on towards the bridge that beckoned him to cross.

"Welcome Black Dragon to my humble abode."

The old man seated on the bone throne greeted as Zied walked through the front door. He was alone, but Zied could feel the murderous intent of others surrounding the hall. Mist that was not there earlier seemed to have made its way inside the castle slightly hindering Zied's vision.

"This is a nice setup you have but don't you think you're lagging behind the times?" Zied mocked.

"Hardly. One's perception of the times differs from person to person. In my opinion, these are the times where kingdoms should rule and not petty guilds."

"Is that so? Are you the lord of this castle? What's your name?"

"Ahh forgive my rudeness Black Dragon. I am Sirius XIII, lord of the Mist Ravens."

Zied readied his sword as soon as he sensed slight movement from the old man. He was standing a fair distance away from the old man but he felt like he could touch him if he truly wanted. It was a fearsome aura that the old man was emanating, but he would not falter after coming this far.

"Join us and I will give you anything you ask for. That sounds like a fair deal doesn't it, mercenary?"

Zied smiled. It was tempting but he already had enough money to live the rest of his life in luxury thanks to Seiryu.

"Zied Gray," he said and took his stance. "I thought I should at least introduce myself properly before I kill you."

Laughter echoed within the halls. The old man seemed to have been amused and stood up from his seat. He turned around and went for a flight of stairs but stopped midway up.

"If you have what it takes to get to the top floor..." he trailed off and disappeared into the mist.

Zied was about to go after the old man but his path was blocked by the men who were trying to hide their presences earlier. It was not going to be easy, Zied knew that much and gritted his teeth. He might as well get it on with.

A couple hours later, Seiryu already reached the designated meeting place and had arranged lodging for the two of them. She had also requested for medical supplies but almost cut the head off the merchant due to high price. Regardless, she promised Zied that she would take care of Tyth and that was what she would do.

Several hours more passed and she was done treating her wounds. All is left to her recovery rate and stamina. Seiryu was chewing on some fruit when she turned her head to look at the sleeping white haired woman. She was bound to wake up any minute now and Zied was still nowhere to be found. She was getting worried and restless.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Rogue.Ember.Shadow on Sat Apr 30, 2011 3:29 am

Tyth didn't move at all when Zied punched the tree inches from her head. She had seen it coming, but knew from the angle that it wasn't meant to connect with any part of her body. The splintered wood sprayed wood chips into her hair and brushing her neck.

When he leaned his forehead against hers, and the serious look in his eyes, she knew deep down that she was forgiven. Seiryu wanted to tear into her, but Tyth wasn't listening. She closed her eyes, just flooding with relief and contentment. When Seirru moved closer, she let the woman wrap her hand around her neck, and succumb to easy blackness.

Blearily opening her black eyes, Tyth blinked away the blurriness that was attached to her foggy brain.

Just by breathing, she could feel the bandages from where her shoulder and hand was wrapped.

Turning over so she was facing the room and not the wall, she spotted Seiryu and winced.

"I deserved that," she murmured and pushed herself up to her elbows. Tyth wasn't going to say sorry since the woman was probably grumpy at her as it was.

"I know you're pissed, but thanks anyway."

She pushed herself up to sit and rubbed a her bandaged shoulder. Glancing around, she didn't see or feel Zied anywhere. Which was a little strange since the last place she remember them being at was the forest over by the chateau.

Don't tell me.....

Glaring out the window while pushing her legs over the side of the bed and then standing, Tyth growled low in her throat.

"He went off alone, didn't he?"

She was irritated that he would choose to do so alone, but she was dead weight as she was right now. Not to mention she was still mentally exhausted of all that recently happened. If Seiryu decides to scold her, she would listen, but only because she didn't have the strength at the moment to bring a fight if the woman asked for one. She had been curious as to who would come out on top if they both went all out...

Fury was learning against the stone wall near gold plated doors. To her left stood two guards who ignored her presence. She had been standing in that one spot, waiting for hours when the doors finally opened again.

In single file, a line of robed middle aged men walked out of the large conference room, followed by weapon clad men. One of them was her brother and Scyth, who walked over to her as she moved away from the wall.

"Did it work?" she asked as they all stared after the council members with varying frowns on their faces.

"They will go with the plan for the investigation," Brant replied and patted his student's shoulder.

"Good job, Mistgard," Fury smirked with a hard pat on the red hair's back. Scyth rolled his eyes at his real last name being said out in the open.

"Its only cause the chemical matches between Zephyr's blood from when Tyth and I fought him matched with one of the Sinner's cadaver blood sample." He had only connected the dots after catching him cough up blood on our way to Brant's. Purple colored blood, which reminded him of Tyth's back when she was going through a withdrawal of Anoushka.

It also meant that the Azazel Organization could have infiltrated more than one guild. Which is why they were currently in the capital, Imarna. Brant decided they were to start a full blown investigation of every guild to weed out anyone who has any toxic chemicals in their bloodstream.

As she patted Scyth's head and mocking him about being a good lapdog, they followed after Brant who was walking briskly ahead of them

None of them had really bothered to talk too much about the day the farm was burnt down. Her brother wasn't going to hold it against her, since it was her idea to light everything aflame. It save their lives and he was grateful.

They just had no idea what happened to Tyth. The clone, double or whatever had been left with them that day was only a glimpse of scientific experiments that were still going on underground.

Even Scyth had wished his necklace could guide him to her side. But now they had their hands full with cracking down on the Azazel Organization which experimented on Tyth.

Tracking down the girl would have to wait, despite their feelings otherwise.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Ethereal on Mon May 02, 2011 1:49 pm

Swords, knives, axes, sickles... Zied encountered wielders of almost any weapon type among the ranks of Mist Ravens and had to fight with everything he had to clear floor by floor. Things would have been so much easier if he had both Seiryu and Tyth fighting by his side but it was not an option. Those two, if they fought with their current condition, might not survive getting out alive. He himself was unsure if he would come out on top from this predicament. Zied forced his way a number of floors now and practically lost count of how far he has already reached. He was running low on stamina for fighting what seemed like hours now. The castle seemed so small from the outside but in reality, it was the mist that covered most of the castle top.

Clothes tattered, scratches on parts of his body and ragged breathing, Zied made it through another floor. Taking a moment's rest, he stuck his sword on the granite floor and knelt down on one knee to try and recover. It has only been a couple seconds of rest when Zied heard a battle cry from behind him. Looking back, he caught a glimpse of a broadsword coming down to slice him. Reflexes kicking into high gear, Zied rolled to the right only to take a hit from the kick that followed after the sword. Knocked away by the kick's force, Zied pushed his arm to the ground while in mid-air to regain his balance. Landing on both feet and putting up his guard, Zied was surprised to see only one man to stop him.

"You are one tough bastard you know that?" the man greeted while pulling his broadsword up from the small crater it created on the granite floor.

Limiting his breathing to a minimum to hide his exhaustion, Zied readied his sword. The man wore a black sleeveless shirt that tightly fit his body to show off his finely chiseled muscles. He had bracers on both arms which was about the only protection he was wearing for defense. His pants were white, slightly loose and had a tribal design on both sides running down from his waist to his feet. His dark hair was cropped back and he had an eye-patch covering his left eye. He had a confident expression and was even smiling at Zied as he let the large sword rest on his right shoulder.
He was the only man to appear on this floor, and it was the first time he ever saw him. That fact gave Zied the feeling of an ambush lying in wait for him.

"Who are you?" Zied asked.

The man's smile instantly faded and the atmosphere suddenly felt heavy with his killing intent just as fast. Zied knew that this was going to be a tough fight.

"The Black Dragon huh? You don't look that strong but with what you have done here, you have proven me wrong. 'They' call me Edge." the man answered.

"They? Are you with the Mist Ravens too?"

"Don't get me wrong, the ones I'm talking about aren't affiliated with these petty scum. I'm a mercenary like you, freelance."

"Does that mean you're here on a job?"

"That's right, and you just made it easier for me to finish what I'm asked to do."

In the middle of their conversation, mist began to fill the floor followed by that distinct laughter that annoyed Zied. It was that small man who sat with him and Tyth back in Eindir... Krauss. When the mist had completely hindered Zied's vision, he Suddenly sensed movement within the mist. He had just steeled himself for an attack when a crashing sound followed by a breaking wall resounded in the floor. The mist was blown away just after the sound and Zied's eyes saw the sword of the man called Edge stuck on the wall with a headless body beneath the blade... Krauss' head.

"I hate people with no manners... I'm not done talking you bastard!" Edge yelled at the head on the floor.

Astonished with the man's skill with the broadsword and combat prowess, Zied decided it would be best if he took extra caution before the man. Pulling out his bloodied sword from the wall, Edge swung it once and brought the large sword back to rest on his right shoulder.

"As I was saying Black Dragon, I'm here for Sirius. There's a large bounty on his head and I will be the one to claim it. The next floor is the last and only one of us will ascend."

"We both have the same objective, why not work together? I'm not after the bounty on his head." Zied suggested.

The man burst out laughing at Zied's words. He shook his head sideways and put on that serious look he had earlier followed by the floor being enveloped again with his killing intent.

"You don't seem to understand... you also have a hefty sum on your head. You are just a bonus for me."

Words suddenly became useless as the man closed the distance between him and Zied just after he had said his piece. It was once more an overhead slash of the large sword which Zied avoided by a simple shift of his body to the side. Zied knew broadswords packed a lot of power with little speed but this man has learned to eliminate the weapon's weaknesses. Ducking to avoid the following side slash, Zied retaliated with an attack of his own. Edge however, used his bracer well to block Zied's red blade to a deadlock. Overpowering Zied for a moment, Edge immediately swung his broadsword upward but Zied evaded with a backflip. The distance between them widened again since Edge did not follow up on his attack. Instead, he had his large broadsword resting on his shoulder again with a satisfied smile.

"You're pretty good Black Dragon. It's no wonder the rumors say you're hard to kill."

Huffing after spending more energy, Zied felt his knees slightly buckle. He was on the verge of collapsing from fatigue and had death knocking on his door with a broadsword.

"You don't look so good Black Dragon. Fatigued? It's only natural since you're stupid enough to take on a kingdom. But I gotta hand it to you," Edge paused and looked at the stairs leading below. "you sure have the devil's luck making it this far."

"Luck has nothing to do with it." Zied responded with confidence.

"Ahahahaha! I like you. Tell you what, I'll save killing you for another time. After all, it's not worth the effort if you can't put up a good fight. Run along back to your white haired girlfriend and rest up. I'll be coming for both of you soon..."

The man's killing intent vanished and he walked on heading to the last floor. Stopping at Zied's side, he glared at Zied with a nearly demonic smile on his lips.

"Oh! I almost forgot, the 'bounty hunters' are on the move. You and your white haired lady both have a good amount of republic dollars on your heads. I'm pretty sure they would be interested in that reward. But make no mistake, your heads are mine. Hahahaha!"

Zied watched the man's back disappear to the next floor. He wanted to follow but with his current condition, that's just not an option. Taking the opportunity to escape given to him, Zied sheathed his sword and made his way out of the castle. As if a stroke of devil's luck really follows him around, there was a horse by the gate. Figuring it belonged to Edge and thinking that it might be advantageous to rob him of his steed, Zied saddled up and rode back to the inn.

"It's just like him taking on everything by himself. Get used to it, Zied is never one to rely on others for help."

Sighing as she continued to stare out the window, Seiryu noticed that the sun was almost setting. She was worried but she also knew better. If there is anyone out there who was blessed by the god of luck, Zied would be one of them. The white haired fox's concern greatly irritates her, but she would keep her promise to Zied that she would take care of her in his absence. It was hard enough for Seiryu to have a decent conversation with this woman. In her eyes, Tyth was a spoiled little brat who likes to run around and pull off heroic deeds while making everyone around her worry. Such recklessness was hard for her to tolerate but for Zied, she would do so.

"You seem to be healing just fine that your recovery rate is almost irritating. Would you like something to eat?" Seiryu casually asked.

Not really waiting for an answer from the white haired woman, Seiryu stood up and was headed for the door. She just had a feeling that Zied would be back any minute now and thought that she should be the first one to meet up with him.

"I'm going to get something to eat. Please, don't even think about going off somewhere or else..." she reminded her with a sly smile then closed the door.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Rogue.Ember.Shadow on Mon May 02, 2011 4:45 pm

Or else?

Like Tyth was scared of Seiryu, despite Zied’s brief spar using the woman’s style with her saying otherwise. The woman didn’t like her, which was likewise for her too. But because of a certain man, they could not outright attack each other. Tyth could sense it from the woman’s reluctant aura that she didn’t want to be around her for very long, and was just bluntly annoyed with her.

She especially didn’t like how easy Seiryu talked about Zied, knowing his manners and personality so well. It made her frustrated and restless, since she was near that with him either. She didn’t even get a chance to tell him Zephyros was dead.

Speaking of her official ex husband, Tyth got up from the bed and opened a window that led into a back alley. The jump was only seven feet, easy.

Jumping through, she absorbed the fall easily on her legs since it was mainly her arms that were sore from fighting so long. Flexing her hands, she noticed the tissue under her bandages were alright lighter, only crusted with dried blood.

Good, her healing rate wasn’t effected by the toxins she was forced to take.

Blending into the crowd as best she could with a torn shirt, dust covered skirt and no boots with bandages all over her arms, Tyth made her way to the post office. Brant was going to need to knew that Zephyr was dead, and that a branch facility of the Azazel Organization was destroyed. She would be foolish to think that little underground hovel housed the main headquarters of the place where she was kidnapped to, nineteen years ago. All she knew, was that her instincts told her it wasn’t over for her fellow Sinners.

Her memories of the place she was brought as a scared little girl to was hard to piece together most nights, but she vaguely remembered the glowing, green windows and the smell of cold water. One of the reasons she loved hot water but never stayed in the shower for very long or went for swims.

Tyth couldn’t stand water, and she knew it was because of what she went through the process of being made into a Sinner.

Stepping into the post office, she ignored the surprised looks and marched right over to a teller. When the man said he wanted some identification for her request of an express letter, she almost slammed his head into the counter he stood behind. She couldn’t dawdle in a place for very long, not when she was had no weapon and Zied was still out there.

A tingle went up her spine at seeing this angry eyes glare down at her, and the first splinter the tree. Déjà vu….

After writing out her letter to Brant in as few words as possible summarizing what happened since she disappeared, Tyth made sure the letter was heading to Brant and jogged out of the post office.

Now that she also had a copy of her guild tags made, Tyth headed over to the nearest clothing store. She had already wasted ten minutes, and surely Seiryu was back at the room by now. Not that she cared, the woman didn’t want to take care of her at all.

In a boutique called Meuresailles, Tyth purchased a red and black shirt with long sleeves, under clothes, a black, ruffled skirt and a long, overcoat. Her feet were still bare so she jogged over to another store to buy another pair of stockings and boots, which she charged to her guild account at Forsaken Wolves.

Already it was twenty minutes she ran from the inn, and she needed to head back. Her stomach was hungry from being denied food and she really hoped Seiryu kept her word of getting her something to eat. Or maybe threw it out from anger of finding her gone. Tyth wouldn’t put it past the woman to act like that from frustration.

As she started pulling her hair up in a high ponytail with her new hair sash, Tyth counted the minutes and came up with twenty five minutes. Already she could feel him behind the door as she came up the steps. Glancing down at her skirt, she wondered if he would compliment her again. Normally she wouldn’t wear one of these infernal, feminine things but she found out they grant free movement in battle.

Opening the door, Tyth stepped through just in time to see Seiryui leaning over a battered Zied, telling him that the ‘white haired fox’ would be back soon and that he needed to rest.

Ignoring the urge to kick the woman through a window, Tyth closed the door with the heel of her boot and locked it. Walking over to the other bed, she sat down and crossed her legs while folding her arms in front of her chest. Ignoring both their glares, she smirked lightly. For some reason, she was feeling better already.

“You look like hell, Black Dragon,” Tyth said, happy to finally send some of his mocking words right back at him, especially at a time where he couldn’t really fight back in his condition. Now they were all in the same bout, injured one way or another. Childish in her case or not, he deserved some of her spite from leaving her behind like that.

It also concerned her a bit that he looked so torn up. And she was suppose to be the reckless one! But she was in no way a rookie, despite her feeling like one.

“Are they all dead?” she asked, reaching up the fiddle with her guild tags with an expectant look on her face. She was not going to apologize or seek forgiveness for going against their orders. Yes she was grateful for them taking care of her one time or another, but she was going to pull her own weight. Zied wasn’t the only one not liking to depend on others. Tyth had been on her own since she was four, basically.

Brant and his circle didn’t count.

Two cloaked figures leaned against the outer ledge of the roof they were perched on.

A pale, slim hand reached out from underneath their cloak to pull their hood lower over the face that would have been revealed in the gentle wind. Gleaming, pale red eyes underneath heavy, thick lashes stared after the white and blue haired woman. In her new clothes she jogged back towards the inn she exited from a while before.

A taller, cloaked figure at her side leaned his weight forward on a propped leg against the ledge. A few locks of white hair with green highlights peeked through his hood that was pulled low over his forehead. Bright, amber eyes narrowed after the girl’s figure but his mouth was pulled up into a leering grin. He definitely liked what he saw…

“Is that her?” the smaller cloaked one asked, her red eyes blinking innocently up at her brother. There was an eager, and childish tone to her voice.

Nodding, the older one moved away from the edge of the roof as the white haired woman disappeared into the building. Already they could sense the presence of the other two who were currently at her side.

“Yes, that is her. Our sister,” he murmured back softly, tracing a hand from underneath his cloak to graze her fingers.

“When can I meet her. I want to see sister!” the younger teen said, whipping her head around to look up at her brother. White hair with golden highlights flared out from underneath the hood and he smiled at the colors. She was so beautiful.

Reaching forward to pull her into his arms, the brother smiled against the sparkling fabric of their cloaks. They were made to make the invisible and unable to be detected. Also, their heart rate was low so their presences would consider them ‘dead’.

“We will be with her soon, but you must wait just a little longer. Promise?”

The sister nodded and pulled back to look over at the inn with gleaming eyes and a hyper giggle.

“I want to see you…..I want to see your blood run as I make you scream, sister,” she said in a husky and wanting whisper, licking at her lips hungrily.

Smiling at his little sister, the brother pulled back and gently tugged on his sister’s cloak to get her to follow him off the roof.

“Yes, that’s right. She will pay for abandoning us.”

Lying on his bed in a hotel room for Guild members only, Scyth stared hard the ceiling above him.

He wanted to know where Tyth was. The investigation could be done without him. Brant could more than likely oversee it on his own.

Reaching towards his neck, the red haired man pulled his moon necklace up so he could stare at it. It wasn’t giving off a heartbeat, or any warmth. It only could mean she was too far away to send anything. He didn’t want to think of any other possibilities, like her losing her necklace.

For years, he thought he was the luckiest man on earth for being the only one to feel her heartbeat. It lulled him to sleep, kept him going in a fight and reminded him of the woman he loved for so long.

During their youth, he had seen her carried in by Brant and back then, had been scared at the blank eyes staring back at him. Everyone but the adults had been banned from the barn house where heart wrenching screams could be heard and loud voices shouting.

It was when she was finally labeled ‘stable’ that Scyth able to meet the girl Brant brought back. He didn’t know her name so when he hesitantly asked Brant, the man said it was ‘Tythlany’ for a fairy who was left to die, but survived and shown brighter that any star.

‘Brighter than any star…’

The necklace was his way of giving her something to relate to her name, since there was nothing on this earth that could capture the radiance of a star.

Scyth wanted to see her. He needed to breath in her scent, hold her and make sure she was still breathing for himself. But had he had no idea where to start looking. They already alerted the guild to keep an eye out should she be spotted in any of their governed towns. It wasn’t enough to settle his restless nerves though.

Turning over to lie on his side, Scyth clenched the necklace and closed his eyes, wishing for the heartbeat to start again.

He almost fell into a nap like trance when his door was burst open. Jumping up, Scyth had already drawn his sword against Fury’s neck before realizing who it was.

“What it is?!” he demanded, pissed off that he was bothered from his thoughts and rest. He had been up for most of the week, helping Brant and training.

“Just look,” she ordered, thrusting a paper into his face. Taking it from her, he read the paper and then crushed it in his fist. Throwing the paper ball down to the floor, he pushed past the woman while sheathing his sword.

“Like hell! LET THOSE BASTARDS TRY!” he yelled harshly and ran out the door, leaving the older woman to reach down for the balled up piece of paper.

She couldn’t believe it either, but the paper was official. There was a reward out for Tyth’s head, along with Zied Gray’s and several other names unknown to her.
Fury knew Scyth was going to act angry, but also knew she couldn’t stop him.

The reward was high, too high. It wasn’t as big as an international criminal’s bounty, but it was almost close.

Tyth wasn’t a criminal, but whoever put this bounty reward out didn’t want Tyth out in the open anymore. She really hoped the girl was laying low, because the rain was going to start and not going to stop until Tyth and her partner somehow proved their innocence or end up dead.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Ethereal on Tue May 03, 2011 4:27 pm

Zied was in the process of patching himself up when Tyth entered the room and locked the door. He watched her sit on the other bed and listened to her comeback words. He scoffed and went back to treating himself. Earlier when they saved her from death's clutches, she wasn't looking as good but right now she seemed cheery and ready for a bout of argument or two. Zied wouldn't bite though, at least not with him feeling extremely exhausted and with her looking more ladylike. Instead, he eyed Tyth from head to toe and smiled faintly.

"And you look like you're finally taking a more feminine approach to being a mercenary. Good for you." he said and chuckled.

Seiryu was not there to listen to the two with their petty flirting but was more interested with what happened to the Mist Ravens. Placing the food she ordered by the table, she poured herself a glass of water and sat down by the table.

"Well, what happened Zied?" she second the earlier question.

Zied stopped bandaging his wounds and looked at the purple haired woman.

"I got most of them... but I was too exhausted to take on Krauss or Sirius, the one who claimed to be the Lord of the Mist Ravens. He ran to the top of the castle which forced me to fight my way through his army of well trained fighters. I encountered some which I will rank as leader class but when I was almost at the top, I didn't have enough stamina to even take the fight to Sirius." he answered and continued patching himself up.

"I planned to rest for a while since the floor was empty but a guy named Edge attacked me. He was not of the Mist Ravens though - a freelance mercenary who was hired to kill Sirius. At least, that's what he told me after I crossed swords with him. He was also the one who dispatched Krauss with incredible ease... that guy is strong."

Zied stood up and walked over to Seiryu who handed him a glass of water. Zied took it and grabbed a piece of meat from the food tray.

"He told me things which concerns me and Tyth. According to him, we have a large bounty on our heads and he will be the one to claim it. But that's not all, he also said that the bounty hunters are on the move and is interested in the bounty. Most likely, we are going to have trouble coming to us every now and then because from what I know, bounty hunters are everywhere."

Seiryu sighed and tied her hair to a ponytail. She then tried moving her left arm to see if it was healing well but no luck. A sharp pain was still there whenever she tried to move it. Letting out another sigh, she looked at Tyth and although she was up and about, her body is nowhere near close to fighting condition. Then lastly, she looked at Zied whom she knows is exhausted but capable to fight.

"Great... it looks like it's going to be you and me when they come looking for trouble." she said and took a deep breath.

Zied shook his head sideways in disagreement.

"I hate to say it but we need to work together. It's not like we're going to be left alone by these bounty hunters whether we are capable to fight or not. Also, Granz wasn't there. He didn't show his face at all. It's highly likely that he's still out there or something under orders from Sirius. I mean, the last time I saw him was back when I got nearly killed."

Seiryu fell silent for a moment in deep thought. She recalled that Granz was never really one to follow Sirius' orders down to the last detail. The time Seiryu spent with the Mist Ravens, she always felt like Granz had a different agenda for being there. Then she recalled one night when Granz was talking to a group of strangers outside the castle. She overheard him saying he had a grudge he wants to settle with one man.

"Brant... Brant Olisiuer is Granz's goal. I overheard him once saying that he would do anything it takes if it would get him Brant Olisiuer."

Zied stopped eating and looked at Tyth. He knew Brant Olisiuer was someone precious to her and that this knowledge might get her blood going to find Granz. If she did, he would do what it takes to stop her. They weren't in shallow waters anymore where they could just head back and be on the safe side, they were in too deep. Someone behind the scenes is plotting something, Zied could tell by the feeling he had in his guts.

"Well, for now I suggest we rest up and be on the move early tomorrow. I'm going to go look for a mouth here in town and get information."

Zied left the two in the inn and asked around town for a mouth. He was told that there is one but asks for a high price for his merchandise. Disregarding the price bit from the townsfolk, Zied headed to where this mouth was said to live and came to the outskirts of town where an apartment like structure stood. It looked like it was about to fall apart but Zied felt no immediate danger in the area. Pushing open one door, Zied came into a room dimly lit where one man sat in front of a gadget he had never seen before. His intrusion caught the man's attention.

"Zied, you came in the wrong door, the mouth is in the other room." the man said.

"What? Who are you? How do you know my name?"

"Hey, take it easy, my name is Ethereal and I'm telling you, the man you seek is in the other room. Now leave me be."

Heeding the man's advice, Zied closed the door and went to the other room. The door was open and when he came in, the scent of tobacco was thick in the air. An old man sat by a counter smoking the leaves he had with a pipe. He was wearing a single spectacle and looked like a businessman who had lost his fortune.

"Mathias?" Zied inquired.

The man glared at him and smiled showing his decaying teeth.

"If it's information you seek then you've come to the right place. Now, how can I be of service Black Dragon?"

Raising a brow at the man's knowledge, Zied cautiously approached and took a seat by the counter. When the man offered a smoke, Zied declined and placed a few republic dollar bills on the counter.

"I'm looking for information about a man named Edge. What can you tell me?"

The man's eyes nearly sparkled at the sight of crisp republic dollars and almost lost his mind when Zied wouldn't let him touch the bills. His facial expression turning all business, the man began to scuffle through a heap of files he had below the counter. It took him almost forever to find what he was looking for but came up with a piece of paper. He slammed it next to Zied's hand that held the bills with a sly smile.

"Edge, one of the top bounty hunters in the land. He belongs to a group dedicated only to bounties placed on high risk profiles. I believe they were called... uhhmm... yes, Devil's Circle."

Slightly satisfied with what he learned, ZIed placed the same amount of republic dollars on the counter.

"It's the first time I've heard of such a group. How do they operate and how large is this group?"

Grinning at the sight of more republic dollars, the old man scuffled through his files once more. This time, he placed a small book on the counter and flipped through the pages. Zied waited patiently for the man to find what he was looking for.

"Ahh here it is! Devil's Circle. They are not an official guild but rather a group formed by excellent fighters from famous guilds that decided it was boring to be in a guild, as for how large they are, I don't really know. They consider themselves mercenaries but work rather differently. They don't bother with petty requests found in most guild boards - they don't like that stuff, they only go after the Devil's Note. They identify themselves through coded words... but sorry, I forgot the phrases they use."

"It's fine. And what's a Devil's Note?"

"Heh! dealing with high risk profiles is a messy business. Basically, the Devil's Note is a bounty placed on the head of a person of high civil status, has high risk factor or has great influence. It's not published on the guild board but delivered via messengers through casual conversation. Just tell them the name and the bounty placed and that's it, no paperwork, no evidence. That's about all I know about it."

Zied stopped and thought for a moment. If the Devil's Note is delivered via a messenger, then that means that the Devil's Circle answers to someone or is being led by a person who does the staff work. Placing another of the same amount of money, Zied had one more question.

"Do they answer to someone in particular?"

"In a manner of speaking they do answer to someone but that would be the one who passed the Devil's Note to them. The Devil's Circle lends their services to anyone who needs someone of special status killed. You can say they are covert operations specialists open for everyone. Don't confuse the messenger for a lapdog who runs around spreading the Devil's Note, the messenger is actually the requester. If you want to avail their services, the first thing you should know are the phrases they use to identify them. Sadly I can't help you with that. You need to get if from one of the Devil's Circle members."

Paying his dues with the mouth, Zied was content to know something than being in the dark. Feeling his aching muscles getting the best of him, he decided to head back to the inn and rest up.

"So Nightfox, you do like to make people worry. But it's fine, I knew you wouldn't listen to me if I ask you to stay put. I don't care anyway."

Finishing up her meal, Seiryu turned in her seat to face Tyth.

"I hear that you are somehow tied to Anoushka Plants. Is that true?" Seiryu asked the woman.

She had heard about Sinners back when she was still with the Mist Ravens but had no real solid idea as to how they were made. Somehow, Seiryu wanted to know how this woman was immune to the poisonous Anoushka and it's side effects. She also wanted to know what made Zied like her. Was it her childish demeanor? Her monstrous strength with large weapons? Seiryu had no idea.

"I wonder... back when I was in the Mist Ravens, I saw for my own eyes what that plant can do when they tried their hands at fighter enhancement using Anoushka. I've seen what it does to a person and I know that the end result is not pretty. Still, I cannot believe that there are people such as you who can adapt to the poison."

Tying her hair to a ponytail and getting ready to replace the bandages on her left arm, Seiryu continued to speak.

"Other than being immune to most toxins, what else does it do to you? I know it also boosts your strength greatly I mean, that's why many organizations sought the Anoushka. But what I'm really concerned about is the side effects like... say... pregnancy? Can you give birth at all without problems? It's not like you're going to be a mercenary forever and fight until you grow old."

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Rogue.Ember.Shadow on Tue May 03, 2011 7:17 pm

She felt a little down that Zied wasn’t responding to her light teases, but was relieved just the same that he smiled just the same. He was exhausted and really needed to rest, but kept talking. For a few minutes, she just listened. Mist Ravens had taken quite a beating and so had Zied, but the name ‘Edge’ and his description did not sit well with her. Nor did the face a bounty was put on her heads. It was stupid, she figured, that from a simple job, it could morph so out of control like this. All because she wanted to test her mettle against those that were not affiliated with her guild.

The amount of their bounties was not important so much as how many people were willing to try and cash in their hides. Or heads, depending on the person’s preference. But Tyth is determined to come out on top. What was she even charged of? Brant and Meister Vistaxene had reassured her that her sinner status had been buried. That she was not to be hunted after redeeming herself from so many deaths that seemed fit to prove her sanity. So who could have authorized this bounty? What could she, or Zied, have possibly done to deserve being hunted down like animals?

They both had blood stained reputations, that was a given. But to be put to such an extent? She was just getting her life back! Still, as much as complaining would help her vent, she would deal with this maturely.

Her stewing thoughts were scattered with she heard her mentor and foster father’s name. Brant was being in a way, hunted too. She wasn’t too worried about the man since he was hitting his prim of 35, and his sword arms were as strong as ever. But if she heard that Granz had succeeded in harming him within an inch of his life, she would hunt Granz down and make sure there was not a molecule left for anyone to remember. Tyth was very unforgiving when it came to Brant or anyone who she cared for during her time with him. He was the closest thing to a family and friend she had, despite her action of killing his wife. Besides, she knew better than to get between that man and his opponent. Her drug fueled abilities would not be enough to save her if she tried.

Still, hunting Granz as a precaution was still tempting to pursue, but that would require she leave Zied’s side and she did not want to do that either. Not when she also wanted to figure out how his new strength would develop. Each time they were in battle, she did not get a chance to fully absorb his new skills. Tyth did not want to make the same mistake with Zephyr, and ignoring his faults and unknown motives. She wanted to know just how dangerous the Black Dragon was, just in case for some unseen reason he turns on and she would have to fight him.

A partnership between two unstable people like them was cataclysmic at best.

"Well, for now I suggest we rest up and be on the move early tomorrow. I'm going to go look for a mouth here in town and get information."

Tyth wanted to get up and object, since he was in worse shape than either woman in the room. Her wounds were already healing, thanks to the leftover enzymes from the drugs that were detoxified. Whatever was left over, aided in healing and it didn’t eat at her strength like her normal skin would when producing new cells. But he was already out the door and she was left with Seiryu…again. Stubborn man. It seems the perwinkle lady was right about him doing things on his own. Damn.

When the woman across from her decided to do an almost mock interrogation, Tyth felt the arms crossed infont of her were more a flimsy barrier than a show of cockiness. But her inquisitiveness was sound. Tyth couldn’t make the same mistake she made with Zied about her past, only to get him attacked and not know why. Not to mention she had worried him enough.

So she summed up the basics of the after effects of the Anousha for Seiryu, the whole time meeting the woman’s eyes head on. How for a brief time she could get very strong, very fast. Her veins would change color, her mouth would ooze purple blood and her aura would multiply. But that wasn’t the extent of her strength.

“I could even sense my other Sinners, if you will should they have enough of the poison ingested. Their auras give off a…scent…isn’t the right word, but I can sense it. As for your questions, to adapt to this poison, your body needs the antitoxins in order to change it into energy or stimulants that trigger that right parts of the body you want. I was one of three hundred who were injected antitoxins. In other words, it isn’t a process just anyone can live through. We were given them all the time, even when we were asleep or not mentally awake to be aware of it. Exposed to adapt, as it were. Some of the other’s couldn’t break down the antitoxin fast enough or their metabolisms would be too slow. For most of them, something wasn’t adding up to make them a good base for the counter toxin. Those who survived, like me, adapted, absorbed the antitoxin after being injected with other vitamins and chemicals that would counter the fatal effects that were foreign in the body. We were just one big walking counter drug on two legs.”

Closing her eyes against the suddenly feel of water pressure everywhere, the needle prickes and gas masks, Tyth glared down at the floor.

“They gave us the name Sinners because we were guilty of being morally wrong by being born. So they experimented on us to make us better, perfect to one day be forgiven. That was a load of bull.”

“As for poison in general, Anoushka wasn’t the only toxin plant they used. It was one of the few that didn’t cause paralysis or shock as quickly as the more potent plants in the world do. There are more deadly toxins out there that even I’m vulnerable to, its just a matter of figuring out which one, but I don’t want to know.”

Hearing the pregnancy comment, Tyth blinked comically with her mouth open a little, “I honestly don’t know. We were made to be disposable soldiers, not exactly breeding material. Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to that kind of thing. I did sleep with my ex husband but a child never resulted, although he made me think there was one so I would agree to marry him. I would have had to give birth first to know, and I haven’t so I can’t really say.”

Looking away out the window, Tyth took in the darkening sky. It was already noon and the day had passed without her noticing. Zied should be back soon, or she would hunt him down and drag his ass to bed.

“If I could have a child, I would. Just not with this body. Your questions brings up so many complications, that I’m not sure I would want a life to struggle to life just because of how my body might reject it or something. It is a nice thought…”

But to think she had pined for Zephyr’s child for a few years, only to find out there never was one. Her hands clenched as she thought of how she killed him. If only she could bring him back just to repeat it, then she would be thoroughly satisfied.

As for questions…

Turning back to the woman, Tyth narrowed her eyes and lowered her aura from her earlier flare of anger, “As for you, I-”

Zied came through the door at that moment, and Tyth had enough of seeing him exhausted. He was pushing himself too far and was irritating her. Before they got swamped with all these enemies, he had been the picture of confidence, rashness and strength. Now he just looked like a beat up sellsword.

Getting up from the bed, she walked straight up to him and gave him a somewhat pleading look. Even in front of Seiryu she did not want to be too expressive. Pointing to the bed he was on earler, she huffed.

“Now that you are back, get to bed. I promise not to disappear when you wake up. But if you decide to get up one more time, I will seriously consider teaming up with Seiryu just to keep you there. And not many men consider it bad to have two woman make a fuss of getting them in bed.”

Ignoring whatever he had to say, she tugged him over to the bed and pushed him onto it. Glaring down at him, Tyth leaned forward and rested her hands lightly on his shuolders so her bangs were brushing against his forehead.

“We are no use to each other exhausted. You did what you could for the day. Now rest so I can rest, and Seiryu too.”

Moving back, she traced a finger across his cheek near the edge of his mouth and then pressed lightly against a faint dimple that she had not noticed until then, “If you don’t listen, I’ll kiss you after I find some more Anoushka so you can sleep without being stubborn.”

She was more defiant of him than when they first met. It was almost a hilarious change, had their situations not been so serious. All of a sudden, she felt really tired herself. Drowsy and fatigued. Her body had not had food since yesterday and her stomach was cramping painfully.

Pulling away from him, Tyth walked over towards the plate of food and began munching. Mostly she drank water but all she could think of was getting energy into her system. She couldn’t heal otherwise. Soon the food was all gone and she was wiping a smear from her chin. She was still hungry.

“Nee Seiryui, want to have dinner with me? I’m still hungry.”

Just when she serious, she turned back into an almost child at how hopeful she looked. All wide eyed and searching. No one would consider her a capable killer by first impressions.

Plus, she still needed to ask Seiryu something.

Schwis walked along the glass plated cells, following several of his head scientists as they marked certain notes on their clip boards while taking the routine assessment.

Word of Gravon’s death reached him, but he didn’t bother mourning his brother. The man had been too
sure of himself. To convinced he had everything under control. It was that mistake which lead to his death, and Schwis was glad to be rid of him. Now he was sole controller of the Azazel Organization.

The success rate of survival in their newest generation of experiments had risen in the past year thanks to their breakthrough test in breathable water. The chemicals dissolved fast and absorbed even faster in the skin through the water when the subjects were submerged.

They had just passed corridor 57 when one of his messengers appeared behind him.

“Sir, the subjects NOE and NOEL have found their target.”

He liked hearing that. Those twins were some of the best they perfected in the recent months. They were also good at getting rid of evidence concerning failed subjects, such as the failure #273b. Otherwise known as Tythlany Nightfox. Such a bright and broody name for a female who came from a stupid little village near the outskirts of the dessert nineteen years ago.

“There is also a bounty on #273b. Orders?”

Smirking to show yellow, discolored teeth, Schwis, waved a hand dismissively, “Kill the target. Collect the reward to finance future projects. If that should fail, at least collect a blood sample.”

He would make a better clone of #273b than his brother. She would be a successful subject, unlike the original who was delusional into thinking she could live normally.

“And if that should fail, sir?”

“Kill all three by Nexus gas. I will not tolerate #273b. Her expiration date has long passed.”

Nodding, the messenger turned right back around and disappeared into the dim darkness of the long hallway.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Ethereal on Thu May 05, 2011 1:18 pm

Who was he to complain? Seiryu was looking at him like she would stick her katar through his throat if he continued to stay up, Tyth was already blocking his path and telling him to get to bed. Sighing in defeat, Zied shrugged his shoulders and nodded. But before he could get to bed on his own, Tyth had already pushed him down and was trying to warn him of being put to sleep if he tried to get up. Not a word of argument, not a breath of defiance, Zied just closed his eyes and granted his body the much needed rest it was craving for.

Seiryu watched the white haired woman devour the rest of the food with wide-eyed astonishment. She was a fighter herself and knew that her diet was much more than that of a regular woman, but Tyth's appetite was near otherworldly. She wanted to laugh at her for eating so much and still be hungry but her figure told her that the woman could handle her food well.

"Never thought you can eat like a pig. Still, if you're hungry I wouldn't mind coming with you to eat outside. You seemed like you wanted to talk about something. Just don't expect me to pay for your meal."

Standing up and grabbing her coat to hide the parts of her body where skin was showing, Seiryu headed for the door and stepped outside. Tyth was sure to follow her down to the inn's lobby where she reserved a table for two with the inn keeper. They didn't have the highest class of food in town but Seiryu figured that it would do. Ignoring the questioning eyes of the local patrons, Seiryu seated herself and waited for the white haired woman to get seated. When Seiryu and the white haired fox were both comfortable, she gave Tyth an inquisitive look.

"So, what did you want to talk about?"

Somewhere near the outskirts of Mist Ravens castle, a bonfire gave meager heat to three figures that were shrouded by the darkness of the night. There was silence among the three as they let time pass; they were waiting for someone. What seemed like hours was shared in silence. Only the crackling of fire and the occasional whisper of the night wind played around the bonfire. It was only with the rustle of stray bushes that the three, all at the same time, shifted their gazes to the origin of the sound. From the darkness of the forest and into the orange light of the bonfire came a man with a broadsword. The blade was heavily stained with blood and the man looked like he was roughed up more than he could handle. But in his eyes flashed victory and his smile only confirmed it.

"Damn... you got messed up by an old man Edge." one of the figures greeted as Edge found himself a spot to begin treatment of himself.

"Sirius XIII wouldn't be classified as an S rank threat if he was going to be easy prey you know." said the other man who had a more calm and intelligent tone than the first.

Edge did not respond to the petty comments from his companions. Instead, he stuck his large sword to the ground and looked at each one of them. He still wore that devil's grin as he pulled a piece of paper from his pocket. It had the markings of an organization they were also after, the Azazel Organization. He found the piece of paper in Sirius' quarters and read details about the Sinners the organization was so proud of.

"Hey now Edge... you know the Azazel Organization is near untouchable. Even the top guilds couldn't do a damn thing about their operations even with solid proof. You know we can't go after them in the open right?"

The third man, who seemed to have remained quiet shifted in his position and simply smiled.

"The Azazel Organization... didn't you know that the White Sinner, a product of the organization is running rampant and got herself a bounty placed on her head?" Edge asked with a laid back tone.

The other three remained silent until the calm and intelligent one spoke his piece.

"So you are suggesting that we tie the White Sinner's actions with the Organization and use her as our ticket to go after them? Brilliant thinking... but have you forgotten? The White Sinner has been with the Forsaken Wolves for sometime and has been absolved of all charges during her lifetime as a Sinner right?"

"Deeds of the past remain deeds of the past, what matters is what's happening in the present. Old wounds that have healed will serve us no purpose, that is why we will wound her new ones." the third man said.

"I like the sound of that. And it appears that the White Sinner is in town with a guy that has been wanted for a long time... the Black Dragon."

Their conversation was interrupted by rustling leaves. They hadn't noticed the presence of another until he had parted the leaves and made himself visible by the bonfire.

"Oh, the traitor is here. How goes it Granz? Found what you were looking for?"

The large man paid no heed to the question and directed his fierce gaze at Edge. His interest was piqued when he mentioned the White Sinner, Brant Olisiuer's pet.

"She's in town? Where?"

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Rogue.Ember.Shadow on Tue May 10, 2011 12:52 am

‘That was easy,’ Tyth thought as they made their way down to the inn‘s lobby.

Getting down to business, the white haired woman crossed her arms across her chest and rested her back against the back of her seat.

“The katars. Will you show me how to use them?”

Tyth knew that finding a reliable and sturdy sword out here in the Raven tainted frontier was meaningless to try an find. Not to mention, in order to even the score with Zied and letting him get his ass handed to him by her was more than worth it. A stupid reason, but she just wanted to say they were even.

Deep down, the real question she wanted to ask was just how close Seiryu is to Zied. There was no mistaking the air of familiarity between the Azure and Black Dragons. It made Tyth a little envious that she could not say she had known Zied for year.

But now was not the time for jealous feelings. Tyth needed to get stronger to compensate for when she wasn’t detoxifying poison in the middle of a battle. Jaavi was the reason Tyth was knocked back to reality and realized that she would be nothing if she depended on Anoushka like the rest of the life like her generation of Sinners was made to believe. Tyth didn’t want to be weak anymore.

If she ever fell into that situation where she was on the edge of killing someone dear to her again, then she deseved to die. Maybe then she would be convinced she was strong enough to stay be his side.

Tyth met the woman’s gaze and lowered her shoulders to ease the energy from her muscles. She wasn’t here to fight, confront or be petty.

“I want to get stronger. Before heading out with Zied on our last job, I figured it would be over in two weeks, I’d show him how capable I was and then we’d part ways. I didn’t think my situation with Anoushka would stir things up. I can’t live on Anoushka forever.”

A woman looked out toward the setting sun as the whole farm and grain fields were painted in golden and orange. Long wavy, light blonde hair swayed gently as the woman turned slightly to look over her shoulder. A young teen with dirty white tangled hair stood behind the woman, arms tightly wound around her, as if to protect her form the air.

“You think it’s hard now, to quit living on these plants you were forced to become addicted to,” the woman murmured and then titled her head with a gentle smile, “but know your struggle is just beginning. One day, even they won‘t be able to help you.”

The wind picked up and the wavy locks spread out behind the woman as she opened her arms to the young girl. Her smile was forgiving and her eyes shone with a gentle love the girl never felt until now. Deep green eyes started to tear a little as the white haired girl sprang forward into her arms, being squeezed so tight her ribs ached.

Petting the girl’s hair, Jaavi Olisiuer pressed her cheek against her adopted daughter’s head and closed her eyes. A tear traveled down her cheek as the digging sounds began up the hill. They were burying Christopher’s and the other bodies. She knew the risks of keeping this certain girl so near, but she wasn’t able to travel to an isolated place in her condition. Jaavi knew she would have to Brant eventually about the baby.

Squeezing the girl tighter, Jaavi smiled as the thin shoulders began to shake in muted sobs.

“Find you own inner strength that can help you reach those unreachable heights, Tythlany. Be the girl you were before they touched you.”

It was then, Jaavi decided she would teach this girl her sword style. It was old and strong, but it could help her mentally. It would help, just a little. Jaavi was satisfied if it meant getting this girl to heal.

After all, she just killed three of her friends.

Tyth clenched her hands into fists, wanting to crush something how unbelievable weak she felt. The white haired woman did not want to keep worrying others, having them protect her. Someone was always doing that. Always.

And worst of all, if Zied kept it up….

Pressing hand against one side of her face, Tyth clenched her eyes shut, “I don’t want Zied to die. Not in front of me. I want to prevent it. Protect him from my weakness.”

Paperwork. He couldn’t stand staying town or one place for very long because it would pile and pile until he was practically buried. Brant honestly thought it was a waste of an active mercenary like him to be dealing with. Which was why he never stayed in big towns or the guild for very long. Because he would always be made to manage a place or sign something.

Having a famous reputation has too much responsibility. Before he became some strong, swordsman who turned out to be hard to beat, Brant was just a normal farmer boy. Put a sword in his hand and bam, he was a celebrity.

To think he got the lucky draw to find a cheery woman of noble birth and got to be married to her for two short but sweet years. Having been chosen to be opposites in their fighting pair style was just a bonus. For two short years, they were unbeatable. They were never given any name since they the newest generation of the oldest pair of swords made.

Glancing at the weapon resting against his thigh behind his desk, Brant felt a pang at not seeing its age old twin not resting near it, along with her slim hand holding onto his. Forever would he be searching for it and forever would he be waiting for a light warmth that will never be felt again.

At this exact moment, the front floor of his office was almost blown off its hinges as his student, Scyth, barged in with narrowed, angry eyes and an aura that threatened to kill anyone who he deemed deserved it.

“What the HELL is this about a bounty being on Ty’s fricken head?!”

Brant closed his eyes as he sighed and caught his writing utensil before it rolled off his desk.

“Zephyros is dead.”

Snorting with a brief flash of pain in his eyes, Scyth kicked the door closed with the heel of his boot’s heel.

“Not surprised. He was trying to make himself into a Sinner. He would have died eventually.”

Flipping a small typed piece of paper with Tyth’s name on it, Brant flicked it over to Scyth who caught it in mid air.

“Tyth was the one who dispatched him.”

The piece of paper shook slightly as Scyth’s eyes were hidden under his blood red bangs.

“This can’t be the sole reason to hunt her.”

“Zephyros was a General ranked mercenary. That is a third degree criminal charge. Apparently I was given a briefing on her charges and someone is digging up her restricted history. They know about my wife, about all the people in Stars Haunt and Azazel. My sitting here is also to keep my hands tied and limiting my movement.”

Scyth crushed the piece of paper, “I don’t give a shit! This isn’t right! Tyth should have several levels of abuse as her defense, including forced drug addiction.”

Sipping his extra strong long mug of coffee, Brant shook his head. “Her murders outweigh everything else. If I try to defend her, my head could be on the block as well.”

Punching his fist onto the desk, Scyth clenched the ball of paper even tighter.

“They think she is a Sinner when she isn’t anymore! She’s a tortured soul!”

He looked on worriedly as his wife crouched down to the white haired youth he had just beaten. Her blood was on his sword, a present reminder of her crazed and freakishly effective strikes of her scyth.

“Vi, leave her. She can’t walk but her wounds will kill her anyway.”

The light blonde haired woman ignored him as she reached for the girl’s face and titled it up to look into the blood and dirt covered face.

Brant was moving forward, reaching for his wife’s wrist to pull her away when the woman began tying the girl’s hands and legs with rope. Listless, crazed black irises stared up through half lidded, sunken eyes.

“What are you-”

Looking up with determined eyes, causing Brant to freeze in place.

“She’s a tortured soul. Let’s take her home.”

Brant’s eyebrows snapped forward and his presence filled the room, making it hard for Scyth to breath. Two seconds later, the young man fell to his knees, basically holding his breath while looking disturbed at his teacher.”

“Aethwyn Mistgard, shut up.”

The General blinked and he was normal again, his eyes no longer looking demonically angry. Scyth was still standing but his shoulders shook once.

Sighing deeply, Brant lowered his head.

“Sorry, Brant. I forgot….”

“It’s alright. I was actually going to call you here.” the man said with a sheepish smile, waving his hand to get his former student to come closer.

Scyth leaned forward and set the crumpled piece of paper back on the desk, seeming at a loss of what else to do but obey. The general leaned even closer until their bangs were brushing each other.

“The message came express from Zartex, the northern region of all places. She took a risk from using the message system, but chances are she will be moving soon. I want you to track her down and protect her. You can use my style and she can use Jaavi’s. Together you are unbeatable for a while.”

Nodding, Scyth stood up and was about to barge back out when Brant reached forward to rest his large hand on the younger man’s shoulder.

“Hold on, I don’t want you to go alone. Take him.”

Looking over in the far corner of the large office where a small form was standing, Scyth frowned and then curled his lip in a distasteful snarl.

“I’m not babysitting. Forget that!”

Shaking his head, Brant sat back into his chair and pulled another couple leaves of paperwork towards him.

“Trust me. You are going to need his help. Leave today and try and get to her before someone else does.”

A thin, lean five foot young boy with golden hair and bright, silver highlights walked into the light from the large window behind Brant’s desk. He was completely covered in a body length cloak with the hood bunched up behind his head.

“Aethwyn, please.”

He was NOT a babysitter. What was going on in Brant’s head that he landed him with a stupid kid?!

The brat didn’t even bother introducing himself, having the General do so for him. What kind of name was Bel, anyway?

Scyth was still not so sure what Brant meant by what he said before they left the guild. Looking over his shoulder at the Forsaken Guild headquarters where Brant’s office was located. It was fine. The man had his sister to watch his back. She used to be a professional wrestler and cow wrangler, after all.

The kid kept pace with him, and even started walking ahead of him. Scyth blinked when he suddenly realized he was walking slower in a daze while the gold haired brat was standing several feet ahead.

Those bright, pink irises stared detached like back at him.

“Hurry up, you ass. I’ll leave without you.”

The brat had attitude and he was sorely tempted to kick the brat’s attitude a place where the sun never shines.

“Whatever you do, do not touch him.”

Still, his orders were absolute. The last hundred times he decided to go against Brant’s word, he ended up nearly dead or in a coma. So whatever this boy had as a bag of tricks must be something, if Brant put a ‘no touch’ rule on him.

It also wasn't everyday that Aeth ever saw Brant that angry. It was his own fault for bringing up one of Jaavi's common sayings concerning Tyth. He should have known better. Skitters of shivers were still zipping up and down his spine and along his skin just remembering that suffocating presence. The man talented enough to center the presence solely inside a closed room. No one on the other side of the door would have noticed. Not to mention it all happened in his mind.

Brant must be really frustrated at not being able to leave when he wants to without causing trouble for him, his sister, Scyth and others who depended on Brant. Scyth trusted the man to make it work someone. He didn't practice disappearing on Jaavi's senses just to surprise her with flowers for nothing!

They hopped on the train and were heading north to Zartex. Soon he would see Tyth. Honestly, Scyth couldn’t wait.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Ethereal on Tue May 10, 2011 6:47 pm

She wants me to teach her the art of my fighting technique? Is she in the right mind?

Seiryu's doubtful eyes glared at Tyth with her statement. Her art was not some ragged fighting style that can be learned in a manner of weeks by even a talented apprentice. Seiryu tried her hardest to hide her feelings; she felt insulted by the mere fact that the white haired woman wanted to learn her style in just a few weeks, and she even had confident eyes to back her statement. Half pissed at Tyth's request, Seiryu was just barely able to contain the urge to smack her head when Tyth continued to speak.

I want to get stronger. Before heading out with Zied on our last job, I figured it would be over in two weeks, I’d show him how capable I was and then we’d part ways. I didn’t think my situation with Anoushka would stir things up. I can’t live on Anoushka forever.

But Tyth's last statement left a mark on Seiryu

“I don’t want Zied to die. Not in front of me. I want to prevent it. Protect him from my weakness.”

Now she understood where the woman was coming from. Standing by Zied's side is never easy, that much Seiryu knew. He is strong, determined and has a kind heart behind that mercenary mask, a powerful ally and a deadly opponent. Seiryu sighed a long one after taking into account Zied's attitude. It's no wonder not many can put up or keep up with him. She looked at the white haired woman with a faint smile playing on her lips. In her eyes, she could see herself in Tyth back when she first met the man. Fighting Zied once made Seiryu's competitive blood boil. At first, she wanted to best him in everything he does but in the end, it turned out that Zied was always the one taking one step ahead of her and bailing her out of trouble on more than several occasions. It was no surprise this woman wanted to get stronger.

"You know, Zied told me about you. He said that you were out of action for quite some time when he asked you to be his partner for a job - which I have already finished for both of you by the way. Hmph! It's no wonder you're finding yourself feeling weak around the man. It takes someone who had kept himself or herself in top shape to match Zied's prowess or even make him feel that you're not dragging him down."

Seiryu stopped talking for a moment when the inn's waiter served them the food for Tyth. The purple haired woman just ordered something to drink and played with the ice using her finger.

"Strength is not something you gain by learning new fighting techniques. It is something you find within yourself. I'm sure you understand what I'm saying Nightfox. You already have the strength, you just don't know how to use it. Trust in yourself and you will see. Don't let your past hinder you from taking a step forward into your future."

Seiryu chuckled lightly and brushed a few loose strands of her hair aside.

"I feel like an old woman talking to you. If you really wish to protect Zied from your weakness, then start trusting yourself and stop living in the past. Believe in yourself and overcome the thought that it is the Anoushka that is making you stronger. After all, the plant only enhances what is already there am I right?"

Looking at the white haired woman with gentle eyes, Seiryu smiled at her for the first time. Deep down, she knew this was not the reason why Tyth asked her to talk. She could see it in Tyth's eyes that she was sometimes jealous of how close she was to Zied. In a way, Seiryu was also relieved to learn a little bit about the white haired fox. Perhaps it was time for her to admit defeat.

"You have nothing to worry about. He only has eyes for you now."

"Well well, isn't this convenient? I just received word from the circle that the clients have increased the reward for those two. But I never would have thought that you, Granz, would be highly interested in the two. Weren't you after Brant Olisiuer? What good would it do you if you go after a failed experiment and a dead legend?"

"Shut up Vaughn! This has nothing to do with you. My interests are not for your knowledge." Granz scowled.

"Hey Granz, I promised the Black Dragon that I would be coming for their heads, don't you even think of taking away my prey." Edge commented while pulling out his broadsword from the ground. "Unless you have a very good reason and a hefty sum to convince me otherwise." Edge finished.

"After doing some research, I learned that the White Sinner is also very dear to Brant Olisiuer. She was the one who killed the man's wife and child, but even with his immense strength, Brant couldn't bring himself to kill that woman. It would seem that she is my golden ticket to get Brant. I don't care about the reward on her head, you can have it when I'm through with her."

Edge stuck his sword back to the ground and rested his back on a tree.

"Sounds like fair game to me. They are in a town south from here. I warned them that I would be coming for them so they should be on the move soon. If you're fast enough, you might just catch them there. I warn you though, the Black Dragon has pretty nice vibes for a mercenary. It won't be easy getting the girl from him."

Granz knew the Black Dragon's strength is the real deal. He had clashed with him before and that nervousness about facing him again in battle never failed to send shivers down his spine. But even so, he wanted Brant and if the Black Dragon would prove to be an obstacle, he will do whatever it takes to get him out of his way. Heeding the words of Edge, Granz began to travel south as fast as his four legged beast could take him.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Rogue.Ember.Shadow on Sat May 14, 2011 6:33 pm

This was frustrating.

Between Jaavi and Seiryu, she wasn’t sure who she wanted to listen to more. She should know what needed to be done, but she didn’t. Tythlany knew she wasn’t strong enough to be by Zied’s side just yet. Or was she just over thinking things?

Being a woman really sucked in her opinion. But she would never choose to be a male for anything. Going back and forth like this was not getting any answers. Definitely the bottom line of that thought.

Sighing heavily, the white haired Tyth pushed her food away and set down half the amount to help pay for it.

“I’m not feeling hungry anymore, but thanks. We better get back before Zied decides to wake up. He might freak out or something.”

She didn’t personally care at that point if the purple haired Dragon followed or not. Tyth just wanted to think. They didn’t have much time to heal up or even get situated. Not with all this happening at once.

But they needed time, how could they stall or generate more time? Technically they could separate, but it would only weaken them. Being outnumbered and beaten down into the ground for a mere amount of cash didn’t sound like how Tyth wanted to die.

What to do, what to do. Pausing at the foot of the stairs where it would lead up to their floor of their room, Tyth frowned. Guess first thing’s first was a weapon. Seiryu would be more formidable with two katars instead of one anyway. Out of the three of them, Zied and Seiryu were their main offense. Tyth could only take maybe three at best before she was overwhelmed off of Anouska. Not to mention the detoxification rate in her system was getting faster. Pretty soon she wouldn’t be able to eat Anoushka at all.

Which means an even stronger plant family. But taking in a more potent, poisonous plant that she wasn’t used to could prove to be dangerous, if not fatal. For now, she had to get her strength from somewhere. Her messed up body needed fuel instead of simply burning calories from food. There was always an underground dealer looking for a buying. Anywhere.

She would have to track them down after she grabbed another weapon. Surely Brant got her message by now and her account for money was frozen. If a bounty was on her head, it was protocol to freeze any finances and belongings if Guild related.

Which means Tyth was friggin’ broke. With nothing to possess but the skin on her back, she wondered how she was going to get a new weapon. Surely she could ask Zied, but he needed to sleep. It didn’t matter if he only needed half an hour, she would make sure he got more than he needed.

Which left Seiryu. Would the woman help her out? She did basically give her blessing to be with Zied, but that wasn’t the issue. Tyth was internally grateful.

Turning back around to find the woman, only to nearly crash into her from thinking so hard, Tyth blinked.

“Ah….could you help me get a pair of swords? I don’t want to use your katars, not when you can use them together.”

The necklace was still cool and mute at her neck, reminding her of the partner who made her sword style whole.

“In other words, got any money on you? I don’t want to start picking up men since it is about all I have to offer to the table at the moment.”

The sun was setting when Scyth opened his eyes from his cat nap. The day had whirled past in shades of grey. Boarding the train, and riding all the way to the Zartex was boring. He didn’t even get a chance to grab a book or something to bide his time until they arrived.

Glancing over at the smaller body slouching across from him, Scyth noted that the kid seemed frozen in time. He had been in the same position since he had let his eyes slip closed for a few minutes. Was the kid even breathing? Did he have to make sure the kid was alive when he came back? It was damn annoying listening to the tadpole’s condescending tone. Did his parents not smack him at least a little to get the manners through his head? Something!

Scyth wasn’t a children kind of person. They annoyed him on a certain level that bordered on insane. Brant knew this, so why land him with a kid? So many ladies getting on and off the train that passed by would gush at him, saying what an adorable “son” he had.

He would never forget that the brat decided to do when a certain pretty one leaned forward to coo at the young boy. Smiling, the kid lunged forward to pull at his jacket with a winning, bright smile but a dark, taunting gleam only he could see.

When the boy called him “dad”, asking him where his mother was and where babies came from all in the same sentence which baffled him, Scyth about threw the kid across the train in fury. He didn’t not give an inch in being played with, not like that. But if he caused a scene, they would be thrown off the train and it would take even longer to get to Tyth. As if knowing this, the boy gave him a mocking smile while facing the woman and change the tilt of his lips to a more innocent, endearing look.

Remembering it was all for Tyth, the red head swordsman pushed the boy forcefully back into his seat once the lady’s back was turned. Sneering a warning to behave himself or walk the rest of the way, Scyth leaned back just in time to catch the lady’s wave as she stepped off the train.

All the brat did was turn to look out the window, a smirk on his face like he had won something.

Cursed brat.

Demon spawn, the lot of them.

After his nap though, it seriously looked like the little jerk had not moved an inch. The only difference was that his smirk was gone and instead a grim frown. Like he was brooding or something. Which was typical for something his age.

He wasn’t going to act like he did not care though. That wasn’t he was paid to do. A voice over the intercom announced that they were nearing Diamotu, the region before reaching Zartex. Reaching up to grasp his necklace, he willed his presence into the little trinket. Praying to feel her heartbeat again, just to make sure he knew she was breathing before he saw her in the flesh.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Ethereal on Sat May 14, 2011 7:58 pm

First she was asked to teach her fighting style, now she was being robbed of money by the white haired woman for weapons. Letting out a sigh in disbelief, she pulled out a small pouch of money and handed it over. Seiryu wouldn't hesitate giving Tyth what she needed if it meant having another sword on standby. After all, they needed all the help they can get if what Zied said to them earlier was true. Watching Tyth make her way out of the inn to look for her own weapons, Seiryu entered their room as soon as the white haired woman was out of her sight.

"Zied? What are you doing up? Shouldn't you still be sleeping?"

The man looked over his shoulder with a faint smile. He had already armed himself with his sword and his own pair of katars firmly sheathed to the side of his legs. Zied stood before the window as if contemplating something deep. Sure, he knew he needed more rest but it was disturbed by unknown presences watching their room from afar. He could not pinpoint the location by mere killing intent but he was sure they were out there... watching.

Not wanting to worry the others, Zied decided it would be best to keep it to himself for now. Looking down the streets below, he saw Tyth make her way out of the inn and blending in with the crowd.

"Where's she going?" he asked.

Seiryu just shrugged her shoulders and started packing their belongings.

"Off to get herself a weapon. I know you're worried about her but we should be more concerned about what you said earlier. If there was a bounty placed on both your heads, then shouldn't we be hightailing it out of this town as soon as possible?"

Zied frowned. He knew that it was the logical thing to do and it was probably for the best if they already got a head start, but there was just no way he was going to allow them to travel in their exhausted state no matter what.

"True. We should have been long gone by now but given our circumstances, we don't have much options for places to go either. Everyone out there is a potential enemy. I'm trying to think of someplace where we can buy ourselves time to heal up. But I'm afraid I'm coming up empty. Gallahad's place is just too far and we're going to put ourselves at great risk should we try to get there."

Seiryu looked away and finished packing their small travel bag. She knew they were running out of places to hide and public places like inns wouldn't be much of protection should their pursuers decide to take action. They were in a pinch but she just wouldn't accept it.

"Then what are we supposed to do huh? Die running? I'm telling you now Zied, I'm through with running. I've had just about enough of playing it safe! If they want us, they can come get us!"

Surprised at what he just heard, Zied closed the curtains and turned around to face Seiryu. The calm and collected woman she once was had been pressured and backed into a corner. From the looks she had in her eyes, hope was not something Zied found in them.

"Come on, this is not like you. Where's that cool of yours? We can pul--"

"There you go again acting like you can do everything Zied! Like it or not, the world is against us with that bounty on your head! Sure we can take care of any small fry bounty hunters easy but how long do you think that will last? You know we can't hide forever! Why don't we just bring the fight to them?!"

"And then what Seiryu? Get ourselves killed in the process? We don't know who's after us or why! I'm sure you know this but if we go your way, we'd be facing death faster than we can wish for it! Is that what you're suggesting? Go down in a blaze of glory? No! I refuse to accept that!"

"D-damn you Zied! How can you say such a thing with a straight face when you know as well as I do that even with the three of us fighting our way out, it will be near impossible to make it out of Zartex alive! I've lost many friends, family, comrades... you... I've lost too much Zied, don't give me any false hopes anymore..."

Zied kept his mouth shut. Seiryu had lost her cool and is not herself. Did something happen that he was not aware of? Zied shrugged the thought away, perhaps she was just tired.

"Idiot. The Seiryu I knew used to call me that if I ever make an error in judgment. I guess I can call you that too for not trusting in me this time. I wouldn't be suggesting running away if we don't have a real chance of escaping. Sure, the world may be after my head but I'm not the type who will just lay down and die. I'll do whatever it takes to come out on top... you can bet on that."

There was silence in the room for a long time. Neither of the two looked at each other or spoken a word. Seiryu wanted to break the ice but could not find the words to say. She let her guard down and allowed her emotions to get the best of her. Escaping was not her real problem, it was giving up the man she loved to that white haired woman. Although she put up a strong front before Tyth, deep down she was broken and crumbling. And the situation they were currently in only made matters worse for her.

Seiryu's attention shifted over to Zied when he suddenly stood up and drew his sword. She watched the man stand defensive before the curtain covered window.

"Zied? What's wrong?"

The question was answered by the sound of glass breaking followed by a huge figure coming through the window. Soon, Seiryu found Zied on a deadlock with a man wielding a large crystal-like axe. It was Granz!

"Seiryu! Go find Tyth! We're getting out of here! I'll buy us time!"

Her senses thrown back at her, Seiryu immediately bolted off the room in search for Tyth. She knew that Zied was more than what Granz could handle combat wise but something about Granz worried her. Putting aside her hesitation, Seiryu picked up Tyth's trail and followed it as fast as she could.

Forcing the large axe away with his sword, Zied back-flipped and ducked right after he landed to avoid a series of crushing blows from Granz's axe. They were fighting in confined space and even though Zied knew that he had the advantage, something about Granz's eyes told him to stay on his toes. Not wanting to risk it, Zied went for the door but was surprised when Granz came up beside him with incredible speed followed by a swift backfist. Zied took the blow and was sent flying through the window where Granz came in.

Landing back first on the ground, Zied stumbled and rolled a few more times before he could manage to regain his footing. With fierce eyes fixated on Granz's person, Zied wiped away the trickle of blood that seeped through his lips with the back of his free hand. After taking one blow from the man, Zied could tell that Granz wasn't the same from when they first fought.

But there was no time for idle thoughts, Granz was already fast approaching and started attacking Zied relentlessly as soon as he got in range. Granz's blows were filled with controlled rage, that much Zied could tell. The large man had surpassed his limits and was on a whole new level.

"What's the matter Black Dragon? Need the help of your white haired friend?" Granz mocked.

Cursing beneath his breath, Zied rolled to the side and leaped back to get some distance between him and Granz's axe. But it was no use, the large man would not give him any break. As soon as Zied landed on his feet, Granz was all over him again showering him with murderous axe swings. As their fight raged on, Granz's speed slowly picked up giving Zied a harder time than he already has. Although he could avoid the full powered swings, Zied could barely react when Granz combined kicks or punches with his axe swinging.


A powerful kick landed on Zied's stomach sending him flying backwards yet again. Turning his body mid-air to regain balance, Zied skidded a few feet after landing then dropped to one knee coughing up blood.

"This is frustrating Black Dragon. Where's that man who nearly killed me the last time we fought? No matter, it will be so much beneficial for me if I killed you here and now. However, I need you to tell me where that woman is first."

This man has become dangerous. Even with Zied fighting seriously, he was not able to counter Granz yet, not even once. To make matters worse, out of the three of them, he was the one closest to fighting condition.

"Like you can actually kill me Granz! Keep dreaming!"

"Oh I can Black Dragon, trust me when I say this. As you are now, I have the advantage."

"We'll see Granz... we'll see."

Taking a deep breath, Zied closed his eyes and stood back up to his feet. He was backed into a corner and he knows it. Turning tail when Tyth and Seiryu gets there is not an option anymore. Granz needed to be taken out. Black eyes stared fiercely at Granz followed by Zied's killing intent mixing with Granz's.

"Now... that's more like it. Come on Black Dragon!"

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Rogue.Ember.Shadow on Sun May 15, 2011 3:10 am

Seiryu seemed to be a nice woman under all that gruff and blunt strength. Nodding her thanks while taking the purse, Tyth jogged out of the inn.

There was a small market place down the street that she noticed from the inn room window. Surely there was a blacksmith vendor or two that was still open. However, it was getting late into the afternoon and most places on the street were sure to start closing. Which mean she didn’t have much time.

Noticing a sword vendor was starting to pull weapons off his table, Tyth opened her mouth to catch his attention when she heard the whistling sounds too late. In the next breath, there were two long, black scythe blades crisscrossed in front of her waist, cinching closed enough to cause the blades to cut into her skin. The cuts bled freely, staining her shit in two long lines along the side of her outfit.
Smacking her hands down the flat sides of the blades, she pulled them apart enough to flip out of the enclosed space between the scythe blades. She froze in place when she recovered from her forward summersault to keep from tearing her throat wide open as the twin scythes crossed in front of neck. Blood began dripping from the angled blades, staining her shirt further with her own blood.

At her back, she felt two large presences that made her clench her hands into fists. She was so close to have a weapon near.

“Sister, we found you.”

That voice. It was vaguely familiar, but it had been a few years since she had been around her generation of Sinners, or if there were any left alive. Then a warm breath flittered against the back of her nape and she cringed at the feel of it. Inching back, her neck hit the crisscrossed handles of the scythes and realized that she was stuck in place.

“We have come to take your life, sis. You have been free long enough.”

It was a male voice, that much she could tell. Vaguely to the edge of her left vision, she could see his bare hands gripping the scythe easily. She could assume it was the same on her left side. A nose nudged at the hair behind her ear and she gritted her teeth, wishing she had room to move and force him away.

“If being free is a true sin, than it is what sets us apart,” she murmured, reaching up to grip the handles behind the scyth blades, ready to pull them away from her throat with sheer strength alone when it happened.

The familiar lack of air pressure that was the only thing that alerted her behind she knocked her head back, breaking the crossed handles and throwing herself to the ground. A large gale of fourty mile hour winds ripped the air apart above her, shoving the two Sinners away from her several feet.

Wincing at the open cuts on her each of her sides being jarred further by her fall, Tyth pushed herself to her feet just as two strong wound around her shoulders, and soft hair ticking a side of her face. A strong heartbeat pounded against her heart, in sync with the necklace at her chest. It was Scyth. But was he here to save her or kill her too? She did kill his old friend in cold blood, wanting her to die from all the causalities she caused the farm.

Fingers tangled in her hair and pulled her head back to receive and rushed but gentle kiss, “I’m not ever leaving you alone again.”

“Scy-” She didn’t get to finish because Tyth felt the other two Sinners closing in, and she twisted around in her friend’s arms just in time to see one of the scythes aiming for their very heads. But what bothered her was why they weren’t moving to dodge!

Tyth pressed hard against her redheaded friend’s chest to push them both down again, when she saw a flash of gold just as another presence registered on her dull senses.

There, standing between two arching scythes was a young boy. His bright golden hair flared around his shoulders as his arms snapped out, catching the sharp edges of the scythes with his bare hands. The air from the pressure caused by the weapons momentum caught his coat and pushed it away from his body for a few seconds. It wasn’t how he caught the blades with ease or his great speed at having suddenly appeared there. It was the streaks of white in his hair.

Once had she only seen that type of hair color.

The water tasted salty and bitter. Bubbles were always streaming in front of her as the mask glued to her face kept her breathing with submerged. She was trying to open her eyes, but every time she tried the water made it hurt so bad she clenched them shut. The stinging sensation lased for a while, but she only caught one thing before the pain touched her eyes for too long.

A youthful, smug face looking at her though murky grey water with cropped white blonde hair and silvery white streaks combed into the strands.

Last she knew, this certain Sinner was suppose to be dead. So why was he standing in front of her, defending them of all things?

Her two attackers were covered in glimmering, faded cloaks that she assumed were suppose to be invisible. Their hoods had fallen away from their heads, revealing that one was male, the other female and both young. Their hair held the typical shade of white with different colors of streaks in them. For the young girl, she had pale purple eyes with gold highlights, and her partner had long, wavy hair with bright green highlights that faded as it got closer to the trimmed edges.

His eyes were a large, gleaming shade of grey that looked at her with a sickening amount of glee she knew so well. The female looked pissed, glaring at the smaller obstacle in their way with a curled and potent snarl of her upper lip.

“Scyth, what’s going on?”

Tightening his grip around her while keep his blade drawn in front of both of them, the red haired man slowly inched them backwards.

“Brant sent us. It’s all I can say right now.”

They both watched as the young boy stepped back, bringing the Sinners and their weapons with him only to push them backwards in their direction across from him, making them crash into stalls and boxes of glass wares. He moved so fluidly, it was like he was slowly practicing a kata and wasn’t in battle of any kind, Tyth wasn’t so sure she was impressed or confused at the show of immense strength being handled with such ease. From a kid half her size!

“You, Nightfox?” the young voice asked, not bothering to turn around as he dusted his hands clean. Like he just cleaned a room or dusted off his pants.

She didn’t answer, quickly untangling from her friend’s embrace but he still kept an arm loosely looped around her waist. Ready to pull her to safety if needed. Tyth needed to use this time to find a weapon and get back to Zied. Who knows if more Sinners were trying to get a piece of him in his weakened state.

“Otherwise known as #238b?”

Having been looking behind them for another vendor that would have weapons of some kind so she could save a few minutes of running back to the inn, Tyth felt the air knocked out of her lungs at the old, sickening number being uttered again. After all these years, she still felt unfathomable anger and queasiness at her old number.

“Shut up, you little maggot.” she hissed angrily, jerking Scyth’s sword from his hands as she pointed it at the boy.

“You ever utter that damn number again, and I kill you. You are supposed to be dead anyway.”

Pale pink eyes blinked back at her as the two sinners shook the debris from their shoulders. Their invisible cloaks were in tatters, falling from them in ragged pieces.

“Whatever. Go keep the stupid Dragons breathing,” he grumbled in a lazy drawl, turning back to his opponents with a devil may care bored look. “You are useless if you can’t manage that.”

She would do that and more. She would make sure Zied got enough sleep if it meant she had to put him to bed herself and force him to stay there for several hours if need be.

Turning away with a growl, Tyth was just about to sprint back for the inn around the corner when she felt a flare against her back.

“Here.” was all the boy said before she looked over her shoulder in time to catch the wide vial of black, thick ooze. She knew what it was. To think he would know what she needed….

Not bothering to thank him, she urged to Scyth to go look for another sword as the girl behind her scream for her sister to come back. That she wanted to make her scream in the most painful way, just like old times!

As she skidded around the corner, Tyth popped the top off and downed the thick, oily paste while keeping one eye on the inn.

Seiryu was already tearing up the earth towards her with a serious and slightly worried look on her face. Ignoring her as she sprinted fast, Tyth threw her head back and swallowed the rest of the Kirabo poison. Throwing the vial down as she kept a fast pace to the inn’s stairs, Tyth fought the urge to gag and throw up as she swallowed hard to get it down her throat. Already her veins were turning black and a haze was starting to edge into her eyes.

Her head felt heavy and strength was bouncing around her very cells, ready to used. Her very heart was beating erratically to keep up with the excitement she felt. She tore up the stairs, letting her aura flare with her intent for blood as she lost more awareness of her rational thought.

By the time she was turning the corner that led where Zied and his attack was, the woman known was Tyth was no longer present. Only the Sinner was there. Black eyes looked dull and almost lifeless as her presence flared to fill the room, her posture hunching forward slightly to look like she was on the hunt.

Locking eyes with Granz, she disappeared only to appear between him and Zied. Lifting a leg to press against Zied’s chest, she used him as leverage to kick off of and locked her blade with Granz’ axe. She forced him back, baring her teeth in a hissing gurgle as she kicked him back.

The White Sinner twirled around halfway so her back was to Granz’ chest, having twisted through his guard to dig her elbow against his ribs, throwing him into a wall across from the inn they had jumped from. As the dust cleared from the cracked stone, the White Sinner raised her sword and pointed it at her opponent.

Narrowed eyes glared down the length of the blade as she swung around once, then threw the compressed amount of air savagely toward Granz.

A wide, crazy tainted smile stretched her lips as she saw her attack connect.


He could feel her presence flare, even as she was digesting the Kirabo serum. It would be fatal if she wasn’t careful, but her well fare wasn’t responsibility.

Her development for his bored amusement was. To think, her guardian of all people, asked him for help.

“How dare you interfere! Get out of the way! I’m going to sis!”

He stared uninterested at the girl who was swinging her scyth back, ready to attack him.


“She won’t scream for you.” he said, glancing over at the crouched boy with green highlights.

“She will! Just like all those times they took us out of the water! I want to hear her beautiful, pain filled screams again!”

“Not a chance, Noe.”

Her eyes widened at having her Sinner name said, but she was already rushing towards him. He watched her, deeming her movements too slow even when she was moving so fast that a trained eye couldn’t even see.

Raising one cut hand that was already clotted with blood, the young man caught her scythe’s hand below the blade before she could dig the weapon into his head. A second late, he caught the other scythe from the other troublesome Sinner.

“You are useless, Noel.”

Clenching his fists tighter, he broke the scythe handles and caught the newly shortened staffs under the blades as his two opponents stumbled forward. He slashed at both of their kidneys at the same time, making them spin away from him back into the debris from before with blood spraying from their bodies.

Twirling his knew scyth blades around a few times, the boy grinned lowered them to his sides while waiting for them to get back up to their feet.

“Instead of screaming, why don’t we play together? I could use the practice.”

Their angry howls was music to his ears, even as the black veins at his wrists bulged slightly. This was going to be an interesting if not predictable fight. Maybe Sinners have improved since his generation had past?

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Ethereal on Sun May 15, 2011 9:54 am

"What the hell?"

Seiryu could only stop in her tracks as she followed Tyth's form run past her with her head. Just before she disappeared from her sight, Seiryu noticed her down a small vial of liquid. Mixed emotions began to stir in her chest as her heart started pounding wildly. Half of it from anger and half of it from frustration at the woman. No, she was not ready. Giving up Zied to this woman would be a mistake as plain as day.

"Damn you Nightfox!"

Seiryu was just about to run back to where Zied was when she heard the sound of fighting not far from her. Curious, Seiryu followed the trail of fighting. She had hidden her intent as best she could while peering over a wall to see a kid fighting two unknowns that resembled Tyth greatly.

"Sinners? Could these be the two Zied talked about earlier?"

But the question to be asked was that if the one fighting them was their ally or not and who could that redhead be? Seiryu wanted to stay and observe a little longer but Zied's killing intent rising meant that he was pressured. She was right on the money, Granz had changed and if Zied was being pressured by the man, there's no way the fight would turn out well for both sides.

Taking a deep breath, Seiryu pulled out both her katars ignoring the pain she felt in her left arm. The townsfolk had been stirred by the fighting and people were running for safety. Perhaps it was not everyday they get to have fighting on a different level in their town. Running back to where Zied was amidst the crowd, Seiryu was surprised to find Zied still standing and Tyth pulling a deathblow to Granz. No... Tyth looked different. Her veins were a prominent shade of black on her fair skin which she could clearly see even from afar. Something was not right! Following her intuition, Seiryu made her way to Zied's side and stood on ready.

"That's not Tyth. It's something else entirely. Be careful Zied, she might just turn on us the moment Granz dies."

There was no reply from Zied. Seiryu looked at the man and saw him clutching his chest. Worried, she took a quick look at Zied's chest only to find a bruise shaped like a foot.

"I know Seiryu. She used me as a foothold earlier and this is the result. It hurts like hell. Her strength is immense and her demeanor that much closer to who she really is. That's the White Sinner we're looking at right now."

"Then... should we make a run for it? We can't have a loose cannon that might go off anytime with us Zied."

Zied ignored Seiryu's words and recalled a few which he said back then. They were in this together and no one is going to be left behind. Deep down he knew it was very dangerous to go up against Tyth in her current form right now but she was his comrade, his partner and... someone dear to him. If there was a risk worth taking, a gamble worth betting, this was it. He was going to snap her out of that toxin and drag her ass back to reality, even if it took a little beating.

"Zied, what are you doing? Leave her be and let's go while we still can!"

Looking over his shoulder, Zied just smiled. "I'm sorry Seiryu. I'm not leaving her behind."

The words pierced her and it made her world fall apart. But what else could she do? What was there for her in the end if she stuck with the man she loved who had his heart set for another? Nothing but a world of hurt of course but Seiryu knew that whatever happens, she could only trust in the man and walk beside him... no matter how painful. She watched the man walk forward and slowly close the distance between him and Tyth. Something in her gut tells her that she should keep her guard up just in case, and that was exactly what she was going to do. If Tyth tries anything funny, she would be there to stop her.

The ground beneath Granz was reduced to rubble after Tyth's deathblow. It was not a pretty sight but Zied could feel that Granz was still alive. Zied knew that even though they kill for a living, this death is not something Tyth would want on her hands. Not when she was trying to forget her past and move forward. Just who the hell turned her back into this slaughter machine?

"Tythlany... let it go. It's over, you won."

There was no response, only that erratic breathing pattern and slight convulsions in her form. The veins that were a prominent black on her skin almost looked like they were going to burst. It was a gamble standing a few feet away from Tyth with a weapon, but Zied knew that he could not afford to let his sword go. Their lives were on the line, like it always has been and this time was no different.

"Tyth? Can you hear me?"

Her head turned slowly, she can hear him alright. Zied's heart pounded in his chest as he watched Tyth slowly turn her gaze down to his sword. From there, everything went downhill. He wanted to let go of the blade but with Granz still alive, he could not risk a backstab. Tyth was bound to take his approach the wrong way, especially with how she was now.

It took him by surprise when Tyth lunged at him like a bullet. It was barely in the nick of time but Zied managed to raise his sword to block Tyth's attack. Zied's black eyes widened in surprise when her weapon clashed with his. The force behind it was more than enough to send him flying through an establishment which looked like the local bar when his body passed through and through the window. Crashing back first on a sturdy wall, Zied felt dizzy for a moment but was forced to raise his guard up when Tyth followed suit with a hammering blow from her sword.

"Tyth! It's me Zied!"

The ground beneath him crumbled from the force of Tyth's blow once more. It was otherworldly watching her dark eyes filled with pure killing intent. She didn't recognize him, she never even tried. She was overcome with power and she was rearing to use it... on him at least. A kick landed squarely on Zied's jaw that sent him to a cruise on hard earth. Even with him channeling the killer in him, Zied knew he was in trouble. It was not the Anoushka that transformed her, if it was then Zied knew he could handle it.

Zied pushed himself off the ground in the middle of his skid and while he was in air, he saw Seiryu zip beneath him and clash with Tyth who almost had her sword thrust to the back of her neck. The bandages on Seiryu's left arm burst open as she held Tyth at bay if only for a second before being flung back with sheer force. Expertly landing beside Zied, Seiryu had her teeth gritted and her left arm limping.

"Damn it... I will kick her sorry drugged ass right about now!"

"Seiryu wait! We have to be care--"

"Back off Zied! You are clouded and you will only get yourself killed! How can you save her when you can't even protect yourself from her?"

She was genuinely pissed at Tyth for taking another dose of toxins after they had their small talk. If she ever gave out genuine advice with pure concern behind it, that would only be to two people, Zied and Tyth. She was not going to tolerate her weakness or that fake strength. Rushing katar first at Tyth, Seiryu ignored the pain she felt in her left arm and kicked up dust with her feet. Considering strength and speed, Tyth overpowered her in every aspect but one thing that was missing from her was heart. That would be her weakness and Seiryu will aim at that. Although she swung her weapons with deadly precision, Tyth simply parried the blows aside like it was nothing.

A killer's smile greeted Seiryu after their first exchange of swings from their weapons. Seiryu's form was sturdy and determined while Tyth had this loose yet powerful stance. Good thing it was just a sword and not the kind of weapon the other two who fought that blond kid had. If that was the case, Seiryu would be the first one to bite the dust. It was a stand still. Neither of them moved to attack. Zied took the opportunity to step in.

"Her body detoxifies any toxin she ingested right? If we could buy enough time, she would be back to her old self." Zied said and took his stance.

"I'm done playing nice Zied. I'll tell you this one last time, back off or I will strike you down myself!"

Taking in a deep breath, Zied knew it was pointless to sway Seiryu from her intention. "Alright fine, let's do this your way. Dragon's Fury Seiryu... just don't kill her."

Dragon's Fury, a combination attack that he and Seiryu used to pull off back when they were still partnered together. It had saved them many times from harsh circumstances and whenever they decide to use it, the ending for the one on the receiving end was never good. Seiryu just had to smile after remembering. Those were the good times with Zied.

"Don't lag behind!" Zied yelled.

First was an aerial assault to divert the attention of the opponent. Zied leaped into the air and was going to attack first from above while Seiryu will come in from the side and attack the opponent's footing. The timing had to be perfect for it will only be a few seconds where Seiryu could come in and attack without risk of being countered. As soon as Zied came in range, his sword was blocked by Tyth and he had to execute a few more slashes while in air to buy time. The ground rumbled from the force behind Zied's swings but the Tyth they were fighting now didn't even flinch.

Just as Seiryu neared striking range, Zied saw a smirk on Tyth's lips which was an immediate sign of danger. She was aware and a counter was already in place.


"I know!"

Instead of attacking low, Seiryu switched roles with Zied and leaped into the air while Zied crouched low and tried to sweep Tyth with a kick to the legs. Of course it was avoided with ease but Seiryu was already coming down spinning. A loud metallic sound echoed followed by a circle of dust blown away as the tips of Seiryu's katars landed on the blunt side of Tyth's sword. Even though Seiryu's attack was blocked, she had successfully held Tyth's weapon at bay which gave Zied enough time to disarm Tyth or deal the final blow.

They had won, almost... all that was left to do was knock Tyth out unconscious and just as Zied pulled back his fist for a crunching blow, an axe flew towards him forcing him to step back and avoid being split in two. Granz was able to recover!

The timing was crucial in combination attacks and a delay by a second could easily spell disaster. That was what just happened. Time slowed down before Seiryu's eyes as she watched the axe fly past and barely graze Zied. Then she felt Tyth regain her weapon by overpowering her in their deadlock. The killer's smile was on Tyth's lips once more but her eyes were fixed at Zied who was momentarily off balance. Just before being flung away, Seiryu let go of her left katar and grabbed on to Tyth's shoulder, maneuvering her body in mid-air just in time to land in front of Zied and take on Tyth's blade.

Time stopped as she felt the cold steel pierce her flesh. Her right hand that still had a katar could have easily lopped off Tyth's head given their position but all she ever did was stay her blade. Her vision began to blur and the sounds slowly became distant. She could hear Zied's voice calling out to her... just barely. She could see that killer's smile on Tyth's lips as the white haired woman pulled out her bloodied sword from her body.

"Seiryu! SEIRYU!!"

Catching her body before hitting the ground, Zied held her in his arms on the verge of tears. He had not expected things to turn for the worst and this just came in as a shock to him. Everything happened so fast and he was powerless to avoid it.

"Die! Die! Die!!!"

He could hear Tyth mumbling a single word repetitively, even though he wasn't looking at her, Zied could tell that Tyth was about to strike him down as well. But he couldn't care less about it. In his arms lay Seiryu who was loosing a lot of blood... dying. It was a vital point, Zied checked Seiryu's wound and found that although she managed to avoid getting her heart pierced, she was bound to end up in bad shape. Her purple eyes looked at him weakly and a faint smile escaped her bloodied lips. It was too painful to see her like this for Zied.

Laying her down gently on the ground, Zied stood up and flicked Tyth's sword coming down at him away by hitting the blunt side of the blade with the back of his fist. He then turned his body around and landed a hard kick to Tyth's stomach. Zied had just sent her flying and crashing inside another one of the town's establishments. Whether she could take that kick or not, whether it was enough to knock Tyth back to her senses, Zied did not care. It was enough to buy him time for Seiryu. That's all that mattered right now.

Zied's mismatched eyes sadly looked at Seiryu as he lifted half of her body from the ground.

"Seiryu... I'm..."

"Shhhh... I-it's not... y-your fault... idiot..."

"I'll get help! Don't speak and save your strength!"

"No... m-my time... has come... I don't... I don't t-think that... I'll m-make it through..."

"Don't say that! Hang in there! Please!!"

"I t-tried... It's up to you... now... b-bring her back... Zied..."

Seiryu reached up with her bloodied hand to caress Zied's cheek but just before she could touch him, her hand fell back to the ground. A cold chill ran down Zied's spine. Seiryu had stopped breathing and the life in her... was no more.

Tyth had just killed Seiryu.

Anger, hatred, sorrow, disbelief, all these emotions ate away at Zied's heart. Tears silently fell from his eyes as he closed Seiryu's eyes. Granz with his crumbling armor walked over limping and stood at what he thought was a safe distance away from Zied.

"A fitting end for a traito--"

The moment Zied heard Granz's voice, he was already before him and had his palm holding the man's face. The next thing he knew was that he smashed his head down to hard earth. His eyes were pulsating from black to blue and the rage that he felt was something he had never felt before.

"You seriously don't want to mess with me right now Granz."

Mustering all the strength he could to his palm that held Granz's face, Zied began crushing what he held. The last thing he heard was Granz's scream in agony. It was not enough. He needed more to get it out of his system... and he knew exactly who was up to it. Turning his head over to the establishment where he sent Tyth to with a kick, Zied slowly got up to his feet, blood still dripping from his hand, eyes pulsating two colors.

He made his way through the hole in the establishment and found Tyth lying above a heap of rubble. Judging from the looks of it, his kick seemed to have caused her to vomit some of whatever it was that she ingested. Her body seemed to have been overworking to try and detoxify herself and the effects are slowly becoming visible. He stood there and watched her murderous eyes feast at him.

He could kill her now and get it over with. Or he could make her suffer and satisfy his rage. Zied had so many thoughts in mind but he couldn't put it into action. He just stood there, hands trembling and fighting the killer inside him from taking over.

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Rogue.Ember.Shadow on Sun May 15, 2011 3:29 pm

Target. It was getting closer. Time to kill. Kill it. Make it die. Eradicate. Life no more.

The woman didn’t last, and she didn’t have any reason to think of her again. So why was there a painful ache in her chest, making her want to vomit and scream?

The white haired one was walking through the whole he sent her through, and she threw up more blood and poison. Her strength was waning. He needed to die before she didn’t have what it took to take his life anymore. She wanted his life, BADLY!

So why? Why, when he looked at her with that potent look of pure pain and tangile wrath that she wanted him to just kill her?

Pushing herself up on shaky, black veined arms, the White Sinner crawled forward a few paces, then reached a hand for him.

He just stood there. Fine. He was strong, but she would live at the end of this fight. He would be the one to die.

Thrusting one foot down, she kicked the rubble away and ran for him. She screamed and screamed so it would be the last thing he heard, she met his conflicted blue and black flickering gaze so she would be the last thing he saw. And her death blow would be the last thing he felt!

A smile was always on her face. Yes! Yes YES!!!!

She was only seven feet away, and he took one slow step towards her, when something sliced through her stomach. Then she was vomiting up blood violently, the sticky substance staining the bottom half of her face. Looking downward, she saw a slim arm protruding from her abdomen. The bony shoulder led up to a young, youthful face with detached, pink eyes.

“You complete and utter idiot. You weren’t suppose to drink that much. A sip would have done it.”

He pulled his arm from her stomach, and blood flowed freely as she fell to her knees with a gurgling grunt. Black started fading from her veins and the deathgrip she had on her sword slacked to the point where she dropped it.

Tyth was back, and her eyes couldn’t stop looking at Seiryu’s prone body. The pain from her new wound was completely nothing to how she felt right now. She had just struck down Seiryu. Unlike Anoushka where she could barely remember what she done in her haze of a Sinner, this new toxin left her memories completely in tact. She felt sicker and more dirty than ever before.

“Save her.”

He looked over at the body as well. Then flicked his gaze over at the conflicted aura of the white haired Dragon. The man had taken two more steps towards them then paused. It seemed he was fighting with himself.

“Save her…..SAVE HER…..SAVE HER DAMMIT! She only has been dead for a few seconds! There is still time!”

The blonde boy shrugged. “If I do, will you come with me? The General wants you to finally learn some self control.”

She was desperate and suddenly Scyth appeared at her back, holding her as she struggled to crawl towards Seiryu. Tyth couldn’t bare to look at Zied right now. He probably hated her. He had to hate her. History was repeating itself in the cruelest way possible right now.

At least this time, Seiryu’s body was intact. Her heart was still intact. There was still a few seconds left to save her, if someone would just do it!

“I’ll go! Just save SEIRYUU!!!!!!” At the end of her frantic scream, she hunched over and coughed up more blood. Her inner stomach was torn to pieces and she was still bleeding out. She knew what that blond kid was doing, letting her bleed out the toxin since her body couldn’t detoxify it fast enough. Not to mention, when she was running, she had drank too much causing her to overdose. Already her bran felt fuzzy and she sensed Zied moving closer, his aura pressing against her like a fog of utter pain.

The woman didn’t deserve to die. She wouldn’t allow it! Zied still needed someone, it just couldn’t be her. The blessing from before was mute now. It died when she turned on both Dragons. The man she cared about and the woman who let her have him for a few short moments.

Scyth left her and ran for the purple haired woman’s body, a second later the boy threw him a small metal device over to him on his way over. The movement seemed to trigger Zied because he appeared near Scyth. Tyth was slumping to the ground but kept them all in her vision. Tears welled in her eyes as the blonde Sinner met the Black Dragon and easily held his hands at bay from reaching Scyth’s bag as he did something with the metal box then thrust it down to Seiryu’s body.

A strong electric cackle was heard and then Scyth was pressing down on the woman’s chest at second intervals until their was a pained cough heard. Tyth rested her head down, tears streaming down her face.

Seiryu was alive. Maybe when they were all in better condition and not in the position to fight, the woman would forgive her. Glancing over at Zied, he was fighting savagely hand to hand with the blond boy. He was trying to get to Seiryu’s side. She didn’t blame him. If she wasn’t the one who stuck her down, she would be fighting just as hard.

The blonde boy was small enough to twist around a lot of the man’s punches and sweeps. It was getting tiresome so he spread his legs to gain his gravity and reached for the Dragon’s throat. He clenched hard and then slowly pushed the man down to his knees. He pressed against the pressure points that caused him to struggle for breath, but also show how serious he was in wanting the man to do as he said. The man clenched his teeth in anger as he stood there on his knees with his throat in a lock that was sure to kill him if he tried to break the hold. He was using strength that was not possible for his young body, yet he was.

“Stop it, Dragon. She’s alive.” His eyes were changing color. Interesting.

Scyth narrowed his eyes as the woman began to breath, although in pained hisses. He looked down at the slice through her chest and knew she wouldn’t last long. Turning the metal device over again, he popped open the compartment that he was shown not long ago. Rolling out a black pill and a red pill, Scyth crushed them in his fist and fed it into the woman’s mouth.

At the man in his hold’s angry and questioning gaze, the boy rolled his eyes. “Stupid Dragon. One is a blood pill to boost her low blood levels and the other is a sort of healing pill to rapidly close wounds.”

Most Sinners had used them when their after effects didn’t include regeneration of any kind.

The red head knew it wasn’t enough to completely heal her, but it was also enough to get her started. Whether she lived or died was up to her. He couldn’t help thinking she had a cute face, but that wasn’t the time for such things. Appearing by Tyth again, he closed the compartment and pulled his friend into his arms so they could leave. She had been with this man long enough, he decided.

“Done, Master Bel!”

Nodding slightly, the now introduced boy Bel shifted his stance and threw the Black Dragon by the throat over in the purple woman’s direction. He rolled along the ground, hitting against another building’s wall but it wasn’t enough force to send the man through it. He was already moving towards the purple haired woman. Predictable.

“You brats make me feel so old. To think Dragons are still around. Stupid,” Bel muttered as he appeared in front of Tyth and Scyth as the young man picked her up.

“Time to go.”

Reaching forward with a shaky, blood covered hand, Tyth clutched onto the boy’s shirt. So this was Beltza, this was….

“Wait,” she pleaded, looking over towards Zied as he pulled Seiryu into his arms. It hurt her to see it, but she was mostly happy that Seiryu was still breathing.

“I’m sorry Zied! What I did was unforgivable!”

Tyth couldn’t think of anything else to say. Her brain was feeling light and painful and her breath was getting shallower. Her body was already starting to shut down from lack of blood.

She would welcome his hatred. Tears streamed down her face as she fell against Scyth’s chest, knowing she could never voice her true feelings now. It couldn’t be possible, ever since they met. In a way she felt like a star crossed lover. That she would have to die before any happiness could be obtained in the next life, not the current one she was born in.

Her arm fell limp from her body as she struggled to breath, clenched her eyes shut at the pain.

Looking down in panic, Scyth shifted her in his arms to check her neck.

“Bel, she’s fading! We have to get her back, now!”

Glancing over at the two Dragons, he noted their faces and smirked. “Yeah yeah.”

Etching a symbol in the ground with the heel of his shoe, Bel whirled around in place, kicking up dirt in a wide cyclone that enveloped all three of them.

The next moment, they were gone. The dust settled, and the symbol had been swept away with the force of the winds.

Noel growled low and guttural as they ran over the rooftops, away from the town. She was missing an arm, half her face was cut up and her other arm was broken.

To think that child could be so strong! And she knew he wasn’t even using all his strength! Not even 2%! Who the hell was that kid, and why did he look like a backwards Sinner?!

At her side, her brother was struggling to keep pace with her since he only had one leg to really run on. His other one had been shattered when the boy decided Noe didn’t need to walk anymore to play. His eyes were angry and hungry for revenge as he clutched at the hole in his chest while shaking the blood streaming from his head out of his eyes. Several buildings had been leveled during their struggle to survive. It had not even been a battle since both were on the defensive the entire time. It was like the boy was untouchable.

“What do we do now, brother?”

“We head back and report to Schwis. He needs to know of this bastard nuisance. He might also have answers.”

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

Post by Ethereal on Sun May 15, 2011 6:25 pm


She called out to him one last time before falling unconscious. He was greatly relieved to have her back. But it was not enough to heal the scar of losing her earlier. It had been too damn close and Zied instantly knew that he could not afford that happening again. That blond boy freak of nature, that redhead... he could not feel the slightest gratitude even though it was them who saved Seiryu. All of them who hurt him and Seiryu, all of them who are after their heads, every last one of them who even plans on getting in his way will die.

The fight in this small town was over, and the people finally had the courage to step out of their hiding places to see what had just happened. A few of the townsfolk had the courage to approach him and ask if he needed any help. Zied did not respond and simply snatched away two cloaks and carried Seiryu out of town. There was a burning rage in his heart and his mind was set on doing one thing... getting back to the Eastern lands. It was time to dig up old wounds and ask for help. Zied knew exactly where to go.

Weeks passed. Zied was still on his journey to reach the coastal towns and ride a boat back to the East. He was nursing Seiryu back to health along the way and killing any bounty hunter they come across with. He was unforgiving and most of the bounty hunters that tried died a swift death, either split in two or decapitated. Word spread out quickly, and soon members of different guilds were also after his head for senseless murder. But he would not allow himself to be stopped. Not by anyone, not for anyone. He had cut off all ties with the guilds. Every last one of them was an enemy in his eyes.

He and Seiryu had not spoken a word since and another week has passed. Whenever Seiryu tried to talk to him, Zied would shut her out, turn around and walk away. She understood why but she failed to grasp why Zied suddenly changed. Seiryu knew he cared for Tythlany Nightfox but whenever he hears that name, Zied would always fall silent and his eyes turning to that of a cold blooded killer. And yet his aura was that of someone in pain, not of someone after vengeance.

They had arrived at a port town which happens to have a boat docked that was heading east. Right after getting themselves tickets to the boat, a familiar man who carried a broad sword waited for them outside... Edge of the Devil's Circle.

"Running away Black Dragon?"

He was not intimidated. He had no time to play games. He was not in a good mood ever since that incident in Zartex. Zied only saw the man as a speck of dust and felt like he could crush him in an instant... and so he did. Seiryu was shocked at Zied who used the man's own weapon against him. He did not even blink and just blindly attacked. As he was now, Zied was a prisoner to the killer inside him. Zied was in control, but he was doing the bidding of his darker half. It pained Seiryu to watch Zied self -destructing in front of her. And it only hurt her even more to know that there was nothing she could do to ease away his pain.

The two boarded the boat in the evening and Seiryu took one last look at the Western Lands. In her mind she thought that maybe this was for the best. Deep in her heart, she prayed that Zied would come back to his senses and just live normally.

Halfway into their journey to the East, Zied has not shown any signs of improvement. He would still eat little, stare far into the distance and maintain that air of silence between them. It was one night when Seiryu found him on the ship's deck, looking out into the blackness of the sea. She was not giving up on him, not now when he needed someone to be there for him the most.

She approached him and watched the black sea by his side. Somehow, Seiryu was able to smile.

"Why are you smiling?" Zied asked.

It was the first time he had conversed with her after a long while. It came as a surprise to Seiryu that she didn't know how to respond. There was really no particular reason for her smile, it was just that being by his side always had that effect on her.

"Nothing... I guess... I'm just happy that I get to be with you longer." Seiryu responded shyly.

"I see... I guess you can say I'm happy too... that I didn't lose you."

There was a momentary silence. Seiryu looked at Zied and caught his sad expression under the moonlit night. It was not something she often sees in Zied for he was not the type who dwells on negative emotions. This was actually the first time he displayed his softer side.

"Do you miss her Zied?"

"I don't know Seiryu... I don't know."

"Will you kill her like the rest of them?"

"I will kill every last Sinner out there."

Seiryu sighed. "I'm not talking about the Sinners, I'm talking about Tyth."

A cool sea breeze blew across the two as Zied shifted his gaze unto Seiryu. His eyes were puzzled now after hearing her talk like that. Tyth killed her for crying out loud! If it wasn't for that redhead, she would have been one of those sleeping six feet under! Why the hell was she treating Tyth like she was some kind of a normal person, and what's worse, Zied couldn't even feel any hatred from Seiryu. What was it that he was missing?!

"Seiryu, you talk as if she's normal. She IS a Sinner."

"I get that Zied, so are you telling me that you will hunt her down like an animal despite you having strong feelings for the woman? Is that how you plan to take action for what she has done? Think Zied! Why do you think did she drank whatever toxin that was in the first place? She wanted to help you! She has eyes for you and didn't want to see you get hurt!"

"Stop Seiryu... just stop right there."

"NO! I know what you're planning to do. You'll seek help, get stronger, then hunt them down. Don't lie to me by saying that you're going to do this for me. Have you ever asked me what I want to do after all that?! No of course not, because if you did, you would know that I still want to bring her back!"

"But... Seiryu sh--"

"FINE! She killed me once! So what?! That was not her, that was the drug at work back there. Do you think I'm so shallow as to hold a grudge after what she has done to me? That woman is a poor soul seeking salvation and mind you, not the one you have in mind! If you think killing Sinners is the only way to save them, then you're so mistaken."

Zied raised a brow at what he just heard. Now he had confirmation that Seiryu had forgiven Tyth. Still, it didn't take away the fact that she died by her hands and that was something Zied could not easily forgive.

"Thank you Seiryu, for letting me know how you feel." He responded and hugged her tight.

She was surprised but pushed him away. Although she wanted him to just hold her like that and melt into his arms, there was just no way she would allow that if Zied's heart belonged to another. It was painful... too painful.

"Honestly Zied... what are you going to do without me?" she paused and stomped on Zied's right foot. "And don't go hugging me all of a sudden when you already rejected me. It's hard enough as it is between us. Stupid!" she finished and quickly made her way to her cabin.

Zied watched her disappear into the ship's lower deck and stared back at the sea. He never thought that talking to Seiryu would greatly lighten the heaviness of his heart. With a determined look, Zied changed his plans a little.

"Fine Seiryu, we'll do this your way again and get her back. But I will still kick her ass..."

A week later in Rikushu, the Eastern Lands. Much has changed since the last time Zied had been here in his hometown. The place he once knew had been transformed into a bustling little town with all these new shops found in every corner. The faces were also new to Zied and it took him quite some time to find someone that he actually knew. Seiryu had missed the Eastern Land food and was busy emptying her cash pouch and stuffing herself with all the different delicacies she comes across with. Zied watched her in amazement and couldn't help but laugh when she accidentally ate that spicy roast lizard on a stick.

He had to drag her away from the store when she pulled out her katars and was just about to tear the place down for serving spicy food. It was a good time and they could really use the laughter. At least in the Eastern Lands, the bounty on Zied's head meant nothing, that way they can enjoy a little time of peace. Guilds and mercenaries were not the problem here, Imperial knights are. Kingdoms rule over the Eastern Lands and mercenaries are hunted down like vermin. It had always been like that and after watching a group of knights chase away an armed man, it was still that way.

"So tell me, who are we looking for Zied? Mt. Rikushu's Dragon Spirit?"

"How did you know?"

"Like I said, I already know what you're planning to do. If we want to get stronger, then we should look for the five spirits and train with all of them."

"You make it sound so easy. Legend says these Dragon Spirits only teach those whom they deem worthy. It's no guarantee we could get all of them to teach us. Besides, I know little about them so if you know something, that would greatly help."

Seiryu was just about to eat another spicy lizard when Zied stole it from her and ate it in one bite. He got smacked in the head for doing so but a good laugh followed when he felt the hot sensation burn his tongue.

"Damn! What is in this stuff?!"

"Heh! And I thought you were tough enough to handle it. Well, as far as my knowledge about these Dragon Spirits go, they are the founder of our arts. Flash Dragon, Diamond Dragon, Crimson, Azure and you... Black Dragon. They passed down their arts to our ancestors and what we know now is the extent of what they taught our ancestors."

"Are you suggesting that there's more to learn from them?" Zied asked and took a bite from a bean bread he stole from Seiryu's pack.

"Quit stealing my food and buy your own!"

"Gallahad has my money... I'm saving what I have now since you're broke from all the food you bought. Maybe you have forgotten, it's not easy earning money here from being a mercenary."

Blushing, Seiryu looked away and continued to speak.

"I-In any case, from what I learned back then, these Dragon Spirits can bestow superhuman abilities to their disciples. But who knows how much of that is true? I've dug up historical records on people who have achieved great feats but there was hardly anybody within five hundred years who has done something no other can accomplish easily."

"So you're telling me that it's a false legend?"

"Not entirely. I deepened my search and went as far back as three thousand years and came up with something interesting. The Five Kai Scrolls."

"Mmm... what are those?"

"Apparently, those are the scrolls that contain all the arts of the Dragon Spirits. If we get our hands on those, then maybe we learn something."

"Seiryu, what we need is a master who will teach us the contents of the scrolls."

"True, but according to folklore, one must find the scroll first before gaining the knowledge about its contents. I'm thinking, we find the scrolls in their respective mountains and maybe we get to meet the Dragon Spirit."

"How reliable is that information? Because I don't want to waste time searching for something that doesn't exist."

Arriving at the foot of Mt. Rikushu, Seiryu looked at Zied.

"It's worth a try. Now let's hurry! We still have to save someone."

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Re: Forsaken Wolves IC (RES n ETHEREAL)

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