Dice Are For Demons: Jack Adams

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Dice Are For Demons: Jack Adams

Dice Are For Demons

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Memoir of Texas, by Jack Adams (March 2010)


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Post on Thu Mar 11, 2010 10:23 am by jackariah


Journal, I'm feeling sour. Has life given me too many lemons?
Oh, Journal, I'm feeling feeble, and I've just started my twentieth year.

It's been a struggle to make it to this place, so far away from the home I abandoned. It wasn't much of a home to begin with, but it helped sealed my paper plane's fate-- I left the Midwest of the United States, so sure of myself that I would never return. This was two years ago, during the summer of 2008. It's been a struggle to find out what I really want, far too slow. I haven't been writing lately. Mostly outlining and preparing, but with no initiative in sight. That is, until now that I've been inspired to keep a journal about chasing my dreams and staying strong through the storms.

I lie on the carpeted floor, all of me aching sore while my stomach burns on emptiness, spending all night on FOG forums and watching the silver aether imbue the room with clarity. It is 9 in the morning. My friend, Tony, the closest one I've ever made in college lately, stirs in his bed. We roomed together before in this apartment in Rochester, New York, but it didn't work out. (Our room had silver walls and a dusty, wooden floor, but not much difference here, save the carpet and white walls. Not complaining either-- it has more space.) Hopping on and off the Greyhound for twelve hours to Silver Springs, Tony and I dragged our luggage to his mother's SUV parked outside. We stayed at her place for two weeks now and paid for utilities and shopped for groceries. We are on our own, college drop-outs, with a plan.

Desjunae, a friend of a friend in California, offered us a room in a two-story townhouse with a pool in the backyard inside a gated community in Houston, Texas. Typically, Tony and I would have said no, but then I thought, fuck it. We don't know a single thing about life anyway. Everyone that we knew in Rochester were stunned and hated the thought of us leaving, immediately concerned with our welfare. They didn't think we would last a day on our own. Annoying.

This is the simple wrap of my story thus far. You can comment; let me know you're taking a bite.

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