Calling all 40K players!

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Calling all 40K players!

Post by Knifey Keith on Wed Dec 05, 2012 4:38 am

So as mentioned in the pic I've posted. I have dwelled on and added to a Sci Fi setting that I made years ago… I want to have a bit of fun with the different races and how they operate in battle. I personally feel that Warhammer 40K is the PERFECT system for this. So first I'll be making and posting up the core troops, basic rules and equipment for each race. Then eventually I'll expand a bit more.

I'm looking for feedback from 40K players… I is pretty sure that theres a couple of you hanging around in the site. Anyway here we go:

So before I go on, a quick explanation of the Jarrok; the Jarrok are an extremely violent, battle loving warrior race. Their primary approach to combat is to get into hand to hand combat and cut their enemies down using knives, swords and glaives. They come from a Cold home world and are exceptionally strong, they also have very fast reflexes. The Jarrok value physical prowess and martial skill above all else. They're loosely inspired by several Central Asian tribes (Namely the Huns.) and to a lesser extent Ancient Assyrians. The rule set provided thus far is VERY similar to that of Kroot Carnivores, I won't deny it; I felt that the Kroot were very similar in their physical capabilities (EG the Strength and quick reflexes.) as well as their style their choice of weaponry (Knives and bladed firearms), however the Jarrok look quite similar to humans. With the exception of the Jarrok's extremely pale skin, jet black eyes and the considerably heavier build of Jarrok Males. The Jarrok are typically the same height as humans, but with less variation (Jarrok men typically being in the low to mid 6's in feet.) and generally RARELY get much taller than 6.7 feet. However Jarrok men pack on a lot of muscle and as mentioned before are quite heavily built. Women generally are lithe, lean and muscular; typically standing fairly shorter than Jarrok men. The Jarrok are inherently violent, prone to emotional instability; the Jarrok are a highly artistic people and have an natural knack for complex motor-skills and muscle memory. Like humans they react positively/ strongly to bright, fluoride colours, however in a far more extreme scale. Darker colours (Black for example.) calms them and helps them to focus, though like humans these darker shades tend to have a depressant effect. The Jarrok are omnivores, however are primarily carnivorous and require meat as the bulk of their diet.

So for anyone interested, more will be added in terms of fluff. I definitely will be adding more on rules, but I'd like to get some feedback on this particular portion first. I feel it's balanced, especially when I post the core troops of a few of the other races… But I can certainly negotiate on the points. Also someone may feel that theres a better, alternative way to go about what I'm trying to get across here in terms of game performance.
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