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Dr. Who

Post by MelodyMinister on Thu Oct 11, 2012 2:43 pm

It amazes me how quick a person can fall in love with the Doctor.
Being a show that has been continuously going since 1963, of course I couldn't have started at the beginning. I started watching Dr. Who in the beginning of number ten, David Tennant. And, like many others, I fell in love.
This show is like nothing else. The witty nature, the loose strings that finally mend without a flaw, the relationships that form and take over your heart, making you feel like you personally know his companions, and the small spark when you decide you're going to wait for a madman with a blue box.

Of course, some aren't as fanatic as others, but I'm the kind who wants the figurines! cheers

So I thought I'd start a chat about the series, and see what anyone else can tell me. Has anyone watched earlier season, perhaps with Tom Baker, or an older doctor. Many who watch now are not old enough to have seen the first doctor, but 8 or 9 isn't out of the question!


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