Fever's victims.

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Fever's victims.

Post by reaching.fever on Sun Oct 23, 2011 2:59 pm

Name: Brendyn Locke.
Age: Seventeen.
Gender: Male
Appearance: With a rather average build and look about him, he only reaches to a few inches below six feet and has brown hair and eyes, both of a dark chocolate color. His skin is slightly tinted, almost tanned, and he tends to wear simple clothes, jeans and t-shirts predominantly. He has a birth mark above his left eyebrow, and one cartilage piercing on his right ear.
Skills/abilities: Brendyn was born with the ability to 'speak' to plants, which seemed useless until he realized he could control them. He can make them grow extremely quickly, and use them as traps or even modes of transportation. He has to be within speaking distance for his power to work, however.

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