Hot Pocket-Flavored Hot Pockets in the Hot Pocket Aisle.

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Hot Pocket-Flavored Hot Pockets in the Hot Pocket Aisle.

Post by Nihilisil on Sun Sep 25, 2011 11:33 pm

Thought I might post some poetry here and see what you crazy cats think of my style. Will post more if enough people dig it.

Hot Pocket-Flavored Hot Pockets in the Hot Pocket Aisle

Feel free to devour me
I was made to be consumed
to be chewed up and swallowed
and to have unfavorable bits spit out
there are a dozen flavors of me
for you to browse and try
and you don't like them all so you shy away
but there's always that one
that exceptional one
that keeps you coming back for me
I was made to fill you
to be warm when you want me
hard at first and then soft as
you heat me up and then eat me down
yes I was made to be pleasurable for you
a saucy and hearty collation to satiate
oozing between your teeth and tongue
fulfilling your deepest animal desires
and I'll be the knot in your stomach when I'm gone
I'll be the summoner of the acids that make you sick
I'll be the longing when you can't find that one flavor anymore
I'll be watching as you remember me
and can't figure out why my price has gone up so markedly

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