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Post on Wed Sep 15, 2010 1:23 am by Copper.eyes

Well here is my mommy blog, every day I will be posting random crap about my day and what it’s really like in the daily life of Copper. You may PM me comments if you want to and I’ll reply to them in a section of the blog everyday just because I can.

The key is something you can refer to because no one will be spoken of with real names.

DK - My son

UM or Mother Unit – My mom

PL or Pink Llama – My “soon” to be new roommate and best friend.

WW or Wet Wipe - My ex-husband

RL- Real Life… duh

.o. More to come as I create this blog .o.

Feel free to ask if I say something you don’t understand.


Okay here is kind of the run down of how this is going to be set up.

~*~ Date-~*~

-+-Quote of the day-+-

-!- RL conversation snippet of the day or some quote that amuses me-!-

*-* Rant or run down of my day *-*

~@~ Comments or Q and A ~@~
( If you would ever like me to answer a question about my kid or about being a mom or need advice go ahead and ask my son is only two mind you so keep that in mind.)

All that being said I’m going to start Day one in my next post…today was oh so much fun but keep in mind the Q and A will be questions I’ve made up my self and the comments will not be there because I don’t have any yet.

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Post on Wed Sep 15, 2010 1:25 am by Copper.eyes

~*~ September 14, 2010 ~*~


“ You would be crabby too if you had a foot long needle rammed in to your thigh while your mom held you down.” -+-

DK- “-incert screaming here-

Librarian- “You need to keep him calm or I’m going to have to ask you to leave.”

Me- I’m so sorry as soon as my mom gets him back to the books he’ll be fine he just got his shots and I touched his leg.”

Librarian - /glare “Still you need to keep him quiet”

Me - / holds out peace offering. “I have come to donate the full series of Percy Jackson and Twilight…”

Librarian – “Oh that’s so nice of you the kids will love it.” / forgets screaming child. -!-

I woke up today all excited because I got to sleep in till nine only to come out of my room with DK, who let me sleep, only to find that Mother Unit is not home. In my excitement I forget that I have a Dr appointment today and still need to call about DK’s shots instead I sit around listening to music and find my new favorite song, which you can find the link to down in the Q and A.

About 11 MU calls and says she’s going to be home around 1 so we can go to my appointment so I of course freak out and start running around like a crazy person trying to get DK in a bath and wash my hair at least before we have to go because it takes a bit to get him ready. After giving him a bath I take him in the bathroom with me and shut the door and give him a few toys to play with then proceed to turn the water of the bathtub on and try and wash my hair in it. DK of course decides I’m more entertaining than the toys so he starts climbing up my back which shoves my stomach in to the edge of the tub which hurts then he proceeds to shove at my head trying to drown me. Him being well him he giggles his butt of as I sputter out water then of course we get in to a water war and I almost run out of time to get my hair clean.

So we finally get all ready and MU calls and tells me she is fifteen minuets away so I turn the T.V. on for DK and look up just as the Backyardigans come on singing I Have a Feeling. I love the song so I proceed to dance to it with my son but as soon as I start singing he yells NO! at me as loud as he can and smacks me hard in the hip so I put him in time out after smacking his butt. Of course it is now 12 and while MU is still not home DK has not had his nap of the day and is starting to get kind of crabby.

So after his time out I say it’s okay and look up the song on Youtube, which again can be found in the comments or Q&A section, and we sit there listening to the song and dance around a bit which he loves as long as I don’t dance to it. MU shows up and we head out to my appointment and of course we end up talking about what is bothering us about the fact that we live with each other, and I talk about this carzy dream I had last night.

We have to stop before we can go on base to get MU a pass because she doesn’t have a military ID and the woman is gushing about how good DK is and he’s showing off because he’s stilling really calm and still in a chair and eating his typical bag of bugles, of course DK is actually a really good kid in comparison to some of the crazy ones I’ve seen who’s parents don’t seems to care that their kids are reeking havoc. Of course though we get in to my appointment and he begins to drive me up the wall whinning crying and just generally being as unpleasant as possible so MU takes him for a walk before I get out.

Then we get to the Dr they can’t figure out why I’m there because my Asthma is now showing up in their data where as they made the appointment because it wasn’t but I got a new inhaler out of it so I’m not complaining.

Of course then we head over to the shots for DK, we had to wait while they put in all of his shots and while that happens he continues to act out and make me want to spank him which is really frowned upon now so of course I can’t so istead we start running around together and dancing and what not and what have you just too keep him occupied before he gets called. We finally get called after she puts all the stuff in and he gets three I cry as I hold his arms over his chest and look over and see the second needle which I swear is as long as my finger and I have really long fingers. I of course am fighting back tears so I don’t like bawl all over the place and upset him even more than he already is. He was so mad at me he didn’t even want a Nemo Sticker and he LOVES Nemo well he loves anything to do with Fish to be honest.

We get out they say wait fifteen minuets before leaving to make sure he is okay, my mom complains about being late for something, we leave blah blah blah then we go to the library which is where the chat snippet came from and where we picked up some new books for DK and me to read … we head to Walmart we grab a few things including icecream to make DK feel better. We bitch at eachother some more blah blah blah blah …yah pretty much uneventful. I did however get a GED book at the library so I can study.

Remember kids Stay in School, you’re the most moronic person in the world if you don’t, and I mean that in the meanest way possible and take all the offence you can form it.


- Videos mentioned in Today’s Blog -

The Backyardigans – I have a Feeling

The Key of Awesome - TWILIGHT SUCKS! Emo Vampire Song

-Q&A –

Q: Is DK really this bad all the time.
A: No like I said he did not get a nap today, oh and he’s been really fussy lately because he’s getting three teeth in at the same time.

Q: I thought you had a roommate and not living with your mother.
A: I kind of lived with my roommate but spend most of my time over at my mothers and if I leave too late because we stay up talking I just stay at her place, or like in this case I need to go to an appointment or something because I don’t have a car.

( feel free to ask questions or just make random comments VIA PM.)

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Post on Sat Sep 18, 2010 10:43 pm by Copper.eyes

~*~ September 15, 2010 ~*~


affraid "Fuck! Fuck my fucking life!" affraid



~*~ September 16, 2010 ~*~


"Fuck my life...."



~*~ September 17, 2010 ~*~


"Fuck my life.....I'm so bored..."



~*~ September 18, 2010 ~*~


"Fuck...the hospital was more comfortable...."



“ If you make me lay in this bed one more day I’m going to start stabbing people.” –Me

“The Dr. will be with you shortly.” – Nurse Smith.

/me fumes and waits.

“So shortly means three hours and fifty minuets?” – Me

“ No it means when ever he can get around to it.” – Nurse Smith.

“So, that means he sees the more hurt patients first?” – Me

“No just the less whinny ones, he likes torturing us,” – Nurse Smith.

/me is stunned in to silence.



You might be reading this and going wtf…why was Copper in the hospital or you might be going wow what a way to get out of typing up your crappy life every day. I am here to tell you that I have spent the last three days in the hospital because some stupid –censer- hit me and my mom the other day. If you are asking that I’m happy to inform you that DK is completely fine his car seat protected him where as me being me of course decided it was awesome to have a hot casserole dish on my lap and managed to break it with my face…yes it was glass and ceramic. So for the past few days I’ve been forced to stay in a stupid hospital bed even though all that is wrong with me is a minor concussion and a bunch of scrapes and bruises. I mean yah my face looks like utter shit but you know it’s cool. It was a very unnecessary stay however I can’t seem to focus for long periods of time yet and was just let out earlier today with strict words against spending much time on the computer so of course here I am at 10:32pm staring at a computer screen tying to let you guys that no I’m not dead even if you don’t care. Oh and they gave me some really awesome drugs which I will be taking in about half an hour even though I’m still feeling the effects of the last dose…if none of this makes any sense just thank god that I have spell check at least.



Nothing today sorry


-Q&A –

Q: “ Who hit you”

A: “ a drunk woman while we were on our way back from church, she is so getting sued for this even if she is going to jail already because this apparently was here third DUI, MU is fine as well…just in case I didn’t say that before.”

Q: “Did you break anything?”

A: “Yes, my front teeth which sucks but now I can sing the song all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth…j/k well not about breaking them about singing the song seeing as a dentist came in and fixed them for me. Got to love Tricare.”

Okay guys I’m going to log in to IRC for a bit but not long, hopefully I can get away with it for a bit before MU comes out and kicks me off and tells me to go back to bed.

I get out of one prison only to want to go back…they had better food.

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