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Log Estates

Post by Guest on Fri Mar 12, 2010 11:33 pm

Alright, I've been working with Sims design and architecture again, and I thought I would get people's opinions on my architectural wonders. I've constructed this lot to share with Sighlent as she is also a huge Sims fan (though I bet I trump her). Anywho, all talk of Sims in general aside, I'm just wanting your opinions on what I've created, not the game itself.

Anywho, allow me to give you a tour of Log Estates; my latest creation from the Sims 3!

Let's start with the front of the property shall we? *turns on Sims 3 theme song*


We start our tour with the front. Not much to see here except for the fact that it stretches more than two stories high (the living stories being the 1st and 2nd floor) and of course, your big, double-glass door set in behind four log pillars holding up the roof. Your freshly laid asphalt driveway is to the right of the front door, with small shrub gardens on each side of the main entrance.


Moving around to the back we find a lush garden surrounding a pond that actually stretches INSIDE the foundation of the main building. A shaft actually runs from the top (in between the roofing) down through the middle of each floor and opens up above the water way in the center.


A deck connecting the guest house and main house branches off out along the edge of the main pond and opens into a small octagon; perfect for Sims that love to fish, or for those that just like to stroll along a dock.

The deck leads off into the back garden positioned just outside the guest house, where you'll find shrubbery, rock formations, and so on.


A side garden separating the guest house from the main house contains the rock formations of the Philosopher, the Warrior, and the Politician. Each has been carefully placed amongst the most beautiful of floral decor to ever be seen on a lot. And at night...



You may think that's the front door, but look again. That's actually the back door leading out of the grand entry way and onto the back deck. The grand entry wraps around the central shaft leading through the house and offers an elegant lighting display at night with French mini-chandeliers


On the other end of the grand entryway we'll find the kitchen; fully equipped with a stove, sink and even refrigerator, all you'll need to install is a dishwasher! (mainly because the designer forgot to put on in... Suspect ) On the far end of the kitchen, a small space remains open for a breakfast table or casual brunch room.


Aside from the modification of the gardens, the guest house was the last major addition to the estate that the Log family put in before moving to Old Town to start anew. The guest house features a lighter tonality, two stories, one bedroom, one bathroom.... and the entrance to the spooky basement.... ooooooh!


The basement isn't anything special... or is it? Perhaps a secret lies within the basement... a secret that the Log family forgot to take with them for their new garden... Whoops! The basement, however, does have a lot of potential other than exploration. With the installation of some out-of-place and seemingly random roman entrance next to he staircase, perhaps it may make a great place for storing valuable, exotic treasure collections.


And it appears to go even deeper... spooky!

The lot came out to be worth 88,971 Simoleons - buy now for 0% APR! cheers


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