Ana's Imagination Come to Life

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Ana's Imagination Come to Life

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Anaris's Character Log

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Anaris ReVamped

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"He called me Icarus one night but I didn't understand. Then the flames got too close and I knew why he called me that. Icarus flew too close to the sun on wax wings and they melted, sending him falling to the earth below... I got too close to his heart and the same thing happened to me."

    Name: Anaris Kingsley
    Nickname: Ana
    Birthday: September 18th
    Age: Twenty-Five
    Gender: Female
    Blood Type: A-

    Hair Colour: Blonde
    Hair Length: Long, middle of back
    Hair Style: Usually straightened with side-swept bangs / can be wavy or curly from time to time
    Eye Colour: Icy silver-blue
    Eye Shape: Hooded
    General Make-Up:
    • smoky eyeshadows
    • light black eyeliner
    • light foundation
    • soft, pink lipgloss

    Skin Tone: Slightly tan
    Body type: Slender, athletic


    Anaris Kingsley was born to two loving parents on a rainy night in September. She was just like any other beautiful baby girl except for her oddly coloured eyes and the two small protrusions coming from her shoulder blades. The doctor told her parents that the bumps may just be a bit of bone that didn't set right and when she was older, she could have surgery to have them removed. Of course, her mother knew better. The raven haired woman knew exactly what those bumps would turn into when her little girl got older; wings. Anaris was taken home a few days later and her parents began the preperations for the removal of her wings. What they weren't expecting was for the appendages to "sprout" in such a short amount of time. She was only four months old when they broke the skin of her back, causing her much pain and leaving scars on her shoulder blades.

    Her parents refused to let her go to public school no matter how much she begged. By the time Ana was five, her wings were big enough to support her and she could fly, but only short distances. The white feathered wings were too big for her parents to bind anymore. So, Anaris was homeschooled until she refused to be. She was thirteen when she ran away from home. She had heard about a place where people like her, meta-humans, were allowed to live as they pleased. Late one August night, Ana packed up a backpack with all her favourite things and a small duffell bag with clothes and she took off for Aeon and the Academy. It took her almost five months to get there. She spent her fourteenth birthday alone, freezing in the woods as it rained, just like it had on the night she was born. In the end, it was worth the lonliness and the pain because the people of Aeon were so kind to her when she arrived. An older woman took her to the Academy where she would live and train until she was eighteen.

    At seventeen, Anaris had learned a lot about herself. Her wings made her shy and awkward around others but after a year of being around everyone, she came out of her shell and made a few good friends. Her grades were good but she hated sitting in a classroom, listening to things she already knew. Ana enjoyed the time everyone got to spar and train in the large gym that took up the entire basement floor. It was during these sparring sessions with her instructor that she learned of a dormant ability. Her father had the ability to conduct electricity through his body, allowing him to manipulate it and use it as a weapon. She too had this ability. Once this was discovered, the Headmaster pulled her out of her normal classes and put her into special training classes for The Guardians. She became an official member of The Guardians at eighteen.

    Everything was going good for Anaris. She was the member of an elite group of meta-humans sworn to protect those around her. Hell, she had even found a guy who was interested in her for more than just her looks or her wings. Ellian was everything to Anaris and the two had never felt such a strong connection to anyone like they did to one another. The two started dating but they kept it a secret from everyone else. What Anaris was not expecting was to start having feelings for someone else as well. Wraith had sent her and Nicolae Ordanus out on a mission together. The two had just gone out on patrol when they heard gunshots and sirens. They arrived on the scene of what could only be described as a full out gang war. Ana quickly went to work, as did Nicolae. It took them almost two hours to subdue and round up everyone involved so the police could take care of them. As they were getting ready to head back to the Guardian's HQ, a rogue gang member got free from his restraints and picked up a gun. He fired it right at Anaris but Nicolae took the bullet instead, protecting the winged beauty. It was that day she realized she had feelings for the fire-bringer and the terra-kinetic waiting for her back home.

    Anaris kept her feelings hidden from everyone for the next two years. At twenty years of age, the angelic blond female had come to a crossroads in her life. Should she keep fighting crime or start a family with Ellian? The two of them had spoken about it while alone one night. Of course, Ana had never wanted to bring children into this world. She was terrified her offspring would be treated the way she had when she was younger, before she had found the Academy. Little did she know that this wasn't how her life was going to turn out. Some unknown force was coming for Nicolae and when it reached him, it would take him over and turn him against his friends and family.

    The memory still haunts her to this day. They were all in the large conference room when Avalon made the announcement that Nicolae had left. Anaris heard Nyx cry out, tears flowing down the strawberry blonde's face. She wanted to cry too but she wouldn't be able to until there was no one around her. Anaris kept her pain hidden from everyone but Ellian. He could see it in her eyes and when he asked, she had been able to lie to him. She told him that Nic had been a close friend and she was going to miss him. She never told Ellian about the night she spent with Nicolae when Eli had been gone on an assignment to Shadow Pines. She never told him how Nic had held her, carressed her, touched her wings and whispered sweet nothings into them. A week later, Nicolae showed up, completely deranged and destroying everything in his path.

    They all went to fight him, every member of the Guardians stood before him on that fateful day. Xavier conjured a storm, his specialty, to use against Nic. The lightning storm gave a boost to Ana's ability but it wouldn't help any. No matter what they threw at Nicolae, he was able to dodge it or simply just stand there and take it. The group was slowly picked off one by one. Wraith, Avalon, Gabriel, Xavier, Shard and Nyx all fell, leaving only Ellian and Anaris to finish Nicolae off. All three were tired, breathing heavily and they were all ready to end this. Tears stung her eyes as she launched herself at Nicolae. She powered up an electrical charge powerful enough to stop his heart if it hit. He just smirked at her, laughed a dark laugh and shot a powerful plume of flames at her. The fire caught on her wings and burned them to the bone. She screamed out in pain and everything went black. The last thing she could recall was the feeling of the ground shaking and the sound of Nicolae screaming in pain.

    Anaris awoke three days later in a hospital. Her wings had been so severly burned that they had to be amputated. Burn and surgical scars covered her shoulder blades. Not only had her wings been burned, she had lost about six inches of her hair, leaving it shorter than it had ever been. Ana called for a nurse and she asked the woman to just go ahead and cut the rest of her hair off. When she left the hospital, she wasn't the same anymore. Something inside her had changed. She found no one waiting for her at HQ and only a letter saying "I'm Sorry..." was left from Ellian. Her heart became hardened and she became cold but she kept on fighting to keep her city safe. It would be six months later, that she would leave Eden at twenty-one.

    Century City, a metropolis on the other side of the country, would become her new home just after her twenty-second birthday. She took up the name Volte and quickly became a commodity to the police force. Here she could forget about everything in her past. No one knew her real name and no one ever would. She was no longer Anaris Kingsley, Valkyrie, the Angelic Guardian of Eden. No, she was just Volte now, a mysterious blonde who showed up in Century City one day to become its savior. Everyone who knew her just called her Ana and none of them asked if it was short for something or not. Things were going great until Darkane showed up. He was her worst nightmare come to life.

    There was something about that man that never sat right with her. The two were forced to work together but it seemed he got more out of their partnership than she did. He teased her relentlessly and loved to show her up. His glowing eyes unnerved her in a way that didn't make sense. Four months into their partnership, Darkane and Volte were sitting on the edge of a large building, staring at the city below them. "You're like Icarus you know." He said with a soft voice. A confused look came over her face but he said nothing more about it. He simply sunk into the shadows to go wherever it was he went after they were done for the night. Anaris asked him what he meant a few nights later but he just shrugged his shoulders and it was never brought up again.

    Volte and Darkane worked together for the next two years until something changed. Darkane became more distant from Volte, even threatning to kill her one time when she refused to drop a subject. She started to hate him and soon they were no longer partners but enemies. They fought nearly every night and neither of them were going to give in. Volte managed to hit Darkane hard one night and pin him against a building without any shadows for him to melt into. She demanded to know why he was being such an asshole and who the hell he really was. "You know who I am Anaris." He whispered, the glow fading from his eyes to reveal soft baby blues that she had gazed into so long ago. She felt her heart shatter into a million pieces and she screamed at Darkane for being a liar. She engulfed him with bright, white lightning and he didn't even flinch.

    Four months later, Anaris found herself needing to escape from the city. She found herself returning to Eden, the place where it had all began. She stood outside the old headquarters of the Guardians one night and she allowed herself to sob uncontrollably for the first time ever. She felt strong arms pick her up but she couldn't see who was carrying her inside. Ana was put on a bed and covered up. "Sleep sweetheart." A voice whispered and she did as it told her to. When she awoke, Ana looked around the room to see Darkane standing against the opposite wall. "What are you doing here?" She saked, her voice hoarse. "I'm here to tell you that I'm sorry for the demon I've become. I'm no longer -him- anymore Anaris and you're no longer the angel you were. Don't come back to Century City or I will kill you." His eyes blazed a brilliant white as he snarled the last thing he said. She simply nodded, understanding completely.

    Anaris turned twenty-five and gave up on being a hero. She moved to a small town just two hours south of Century City and got a job at the newspaper as an editor. Every now and again, she has to go into Century City to shop for clothes but she hasn't once run into Darkane. Lately though, it seems fate or perhaps destiny, is pulling her back into the city. Word of demonic looking creatures stalking the city had reached her ears. She recalled one night when Darkane told her of the Titans, powerful demonic creatures that were controlled by some powerful demon. Back then, she had just thought he was making some story up but the news told her differently. Just a week ago, a news reporter had caught footage of Darkane fighting some red-skinned female he called Shiiva. After seeing the clip, Anaris knew she had to go back. She didn't care if Darkane had threatened to kill her or not. He needed her help rather he wanted to believe that or not. She packed up Nico, her white furred blue eyed feline companion, and a few of her things and went back to Century City.

    She is now trying to help Darkane but he refuses it every time. He has nearly killed her three times but something keeps holding him back. Anaris can't help but hate Darkane despite the feeling that she shouldn't. She holds no romantic feelings for the shadow man and she never has. They've always just been partners or enemies, as they are now. The only reason she keeps trying to help him is because she can't just sit by and watch him die. Something deep inside her keeps bringing her back to him and she won't stop coming back until she finds out why.


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