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OpusExpo - Online Exposure and Profit

Post by Fate Flyer on Fri Jul 10, 2009 12:17 pm

For those of you with short written works (be them fiction, nonfiction, poetry, etc.) that you would like to get some exposure, OpusExpo offers the ability to distribute them as eBooks.


With eBooks, readers worldwide can take advantage of the portability, convenience and low cost of this new technology. Small devices called eBook Readers can allow people to take eBooks with them, regardless of where they are. These eBook Readers imitate the look of paper & ink almost perfectly, leaving no strain on the eyes. They are comparable to paperback books in terms of size, however are much lighter - and can hold hundreds of titles.

This new technology is also economically superior - whereas most eBooks currently available only cost about 20% less than their paper counterparts (which averages between $10 and $20), OpusExpo eBooks are set to be priced between $5 and $10. The OpusExpo pricing strategy accurately reflects the more streamlined and efficient publishing process of eBooks.

Today you have the choice:
In one hand you can hold one paper book.
And in the other...you can have hundreds.

Why eBooks?

By utilizing the developing technology of eBooks and their full range of contemporary advantages, OpusExpo can lead the revolution in the publishing industry. The convenience of eBook technology allows them to simplify the publishing process; instead of authors, agents, publishers, design firms, distributors and bookstores, OpusExpo maintains a direct relationship with its authors and readers, without the added steps. By removing the unnecessary middlemen, the OpusExpo ePublishing process is far more streamlined - not to mention the end-product is more convenient and less expensive to the reader.

Publishing with OpusExpo

As an author at OpusExpo, your work will receive the exposure it deserves worldwide, while still represented by a proudly Canadian company. Not only will you make top royalty rates (25% of your eBook sales) but you'll be making a statement by supporting the up-and-coming, environmentally-friendly industry of ePublishing. Publishing with OpusExpo is a fresh, personable experience found nowhere else.


Visit this page to submit your works: http://authors.OpusExpo.com/how.html

If you are a writer and would like more information about publishing with OpusExpo, please email them at authors@OpusExpo.com. If you have a manuscript you would like to submit, you can do so using the Manuscript Submission form on the site (though please abide by the Submission Guidelines).

The following are the guidelines you are to adhere to:

- Submit only the first three chapters and a synopsis.
- Submissions are to be in .rtf or .doc format, and emailed.
- Text is to be single-spaced and size 12 font.
- Please no page numbers, headers or footers.
(All manuscripts are to be digital - they do NOT accept hard copy submissions)
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