Dio, and Dio related personas.

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Dio, and Dio related personas.

Post by Dio the Awesome on Thu Jul 02, 2009 5:20 am

(Every character engaged in RP on FoG. Aside from my Caligo character, you can just click the link in my sidebar.)

General Info & Appearance
Name: Skyler "Sky" Letting
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Frame Type: Average
Approximate Weight: 145 lbs

Hometown: Hersey, PA
Type of Childhood: Skyler grew up in a very small town. His parents were both loving and supportive, making sure he had a decent education. He spent most of his childhood buried in books, trying desperately to escape to a reality different from the one he was currently living in. At the age of 12, he entered self defense classes, so that he would no longer be bullied in school. He received average grades, and ever since graduation from high school, he has been commuting to Philadelphia to attend University.
Education: Sky completed his high school education with moderately high grades. In university, his grades range from A's to F's quite erratically, because he gets lazy sometimes, and doesn't try hard enough.
Hobbies: When he is not working, or going to school, Sky is usually at home on his computer. He enjoy writing and web surfing, and reads the occasional book when he finds a series that sparks his interest. He rarely parties, but when he does, he gets together with a few friends and wastes the entire weekend.
Brief Bio: Skyler is a poor University student, currently going for a Bachelor in Fine Arts for English. His goal in life is to either write novels, or go into journalism, or go overseas to teach English. he hasn't decided yet. To pay for all this, he works at UPS, lifting boxes all day, which is where he gets his fit body from. He used to take karate lessons, but has since quit because they became too expensive for him. Aside from that, he sits at home, a virtual recluse, playing video games and lurking the internet. He currently works for UPS, which helps him keep in shape from lifting boxes all day.
As said, Skyler grew up in a middle class, plain vanilla household. He has one sister, who is a few years younger than he is, and three older brothers, born to a different mother. They have all since moved to other big cities. He made it through his schooling with relative little effort, and was on friendly terms with most of his peers, although then never knew much about him personally. He was always stuck in his little world. Aside from growing up in one of the Chocolate capitals of the world, nothing major ever happened in his home town. It was quite, with the tourist boom in the summer months, and a very stable life. Sky finds himself visiting Philly more often, to escape the daily grind.

Attitude & Personality
Pessimist or Optimist: Pessimist
Introvert or Extrovert: Introvert
Personality: Skyler is a very non-aggressive person. He just wants everyone to get along, and doesn't understand when differences in opinion lead to arguments and violence. That being said, he is also non-confrontational, more likely to go along with the flow, than to challenge someones opinion if he disagrees.
Sky is usually pretty quite, speaking only when needed. He has a sharp wit, and can crack jokes. However around strangers, he usually bottles up, not wanting to offend people, or get in their way. Once he gets to know people, he starts to open up, and become more extroverted. He will never fight another person, unless it's a last resort. He sees himself as sort of a defender for others, and while he has never been in a real fight, he believes he would help other people if they were in danger.
Most at ease when: No one is pestering him, and he can go about his own business.
Ill at ease when: He thinks he knows how to best handle a situation, but people refuse to listen, or acknowledge his ideas.
Character's soft spot: He wants to help other people as much as he can. If someone is suffering or in danger, he can't just ignore them, he has to try and alleviate the pain they're feeling, or go to help them.
Is this soft spot obvious to others? It's obvious to the person he is helping. Usually, he waits for a few moments, assessing the situation, before he makes his decision. It's clear on his face that he is unhappy at the situation, and wants to help.
Biggest vulnerability: His heart.
How character reacts in a crisis: Have never been in a real crisis before, Skyler doesn't know. But he assumes that he would be quick to react. He is not someone who generally panics, and often imagines himself in unreal situations. But since he has never been tested, he could be equally prone to panic.
How character faces problems: If the problem is not pressing, he usually takes a minute to review all the information he has on the problem, whether it be math, biology or mechanical knowledge he's picked up. He can usually infer what a good course of action may be if he has basic knowledge of the situation. If he is completely in the dark about how to face a situation, he usually lets someone else work it out, and trusts their judgment.
If the problem is immediate, and must be solved immediately, he acts impulsively, choosing the course of action he believes to be correct without consultation.
How character reacts to new problems: Very similar to that above. He will take into account the new problem, and take his time if allowed. If not, he will face the new threat as quickly as he can without thinking too much.
How character reacts to change: He has very good reaction skills, able to get out of the way of incoming danger. As far as other kinds of change, he may perceive it quickly, but he may not be able to do anything about it.
One word used to describe self: Passionate.
One paragraph description of how character would describe self:
I'm a nerd. Yeah, I call myself that willingly. It would not be a big stretch to say that I have no life, besides the part that lives in a fantasy world. I don't open up well to others besides my close group of friends. You'd be better off asking me the formula for calculating the gravitational pull between two objects that to ask about how I'm feeling. I'm smart, but that means I sometimes think I know what's best, end of story, though I'm too timid to tell you that. But if you're in danger, or need my help, I'll do my best to provide, or die trying.

Interrelation with others:
How does character relate to others?Skyler thinks he understands people well. He will always try to see where the other person is coming from, and take into account their point of view. He is slow to befriend people, but once he feels comfortable around you, he's a dependable friend.
Strangers?: He doesn't relate to strangers very well. He'll prefer to go unnoticed, that to try and be liked. He'll stay off to the sidelines, having little to say, unless asked a direct question.
Friends?: He will laugh and joke with friends. Still, he never really grows out of his shy stage, and it's apparent. He'll talk about life, and laugh, but as soon as he's said his piece, it's like he bottles up again.
First impression: A quite bookworm.

Talents: He is mostly skilled with a pen and paper, able to write, or do math equations. However he is quite an agile person, adept at climbing, running, and hiding. He also has been able to pick up small trivia tidbits about a range of subjects, like vehicles, oil machinery, computers and electronics, and survival, and karate. Though most of it is very basic knowledge. An expert would be able to teach him so much more than what he currently knows.
Extremely unskilled at: Firearms. Carrying heavy things over distance. Lifting anything heavy. Communication with other people. Generally anything an outdoors man would be good at. He knows how to survive in theory, but he has never had any experience at it.
Good characteristics: Determined, loyal, diplomatic, passive.
Character flaws: Reclusive, opinionated, pessimistic, procrastinator.
S.P.E.C.I.A.L.: S-5, P-6, E-4, C-4, I-9, A-8, L-6


Leather Jacket
Rubber boots
Fanny pack

Hammer - Worn
Knife - Worn
Cane - Good, unscrew to reveal dull, but pointy blade. Has a heavy, round handle.

Approx. Weight, 15 pounds.

Starting Gear:

Carrying case (Cooler)
Tool Kit -Contains, screw driver, wire cutters, crescent wrench, bolt and screw bits. Missing pliers, and one screw bit.
Sewing Kit - Contains needles, thread, tape measure, cloth, more needles, adhesive strips.
Flashlight - D-Batteries, half charged (Approx.)
Tape, Scotch - Half a roll
Chop sticks
Box cutter

8 Apples
Bag of Ceral
Box of Rice
4 Dr. Peppers - 710 mL

Approx. Weight, 20 pounds.
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Re: Dio, and Dio related personas.

Post by Dio the Awesome on Sat Jul 04, 2009 4:13 pm

Pilot Name and Call Sign: Jake Lombardi (MAZ-P2)

Description: Jake is a large, hardened man, from years of working mechanics jobs lifting parts. He has a strong back, and equally strong arms. He doesn't really give off the look of a pilot, or mechanic, more like a retired wrestler than anything. He stands 6' 6" and weights about 220 pounds. He has dark black hair, and green eyes. He usually wear a brown tank town, and a cargo vest while piloting, with a sturdy pair of jeans. When working with the mechanics, he has on, pretty much the same thing, but sports a tool belt. He usually has a cigar in his mouth, sometimes even while piloting.

Personality: Jake is a gruff man with a deep voice. He is always direct, and straight to the point. That isn't to say he's not friendly. In fact, he is a very personable person, quick to crack a joke, or give you a good (sometimes painful) slap on the shoulder. He is very focused when flying, and never hesitates when making a decision.

History/Backstory: Jake was born and grew up on one of the many space stations currently in universe. His mother was a mechanic working freelance, but mostly for the Rim Hawk Legion. Naturally, Jake idolized the Rim Hawks, and strove to be a part of them. He would always hear stories of his exploits, and signed up for their service as early as he could. Jake worked as a grunt mechanic, making minor repairs to damaged mechs, slowly saving up his money for one of his own. Several years into his career, a man when on a mission with the Legion. he was very unlucky, and a stray projectile pierced his cockpit, killing him, but left the mech relatively undamaged. Seeing his chance, Jake purchased the mech, leaving himself virtually broke, and joined up with the mech core.

Several months after joining, his group got into a large engagement. His mid-sized Shadow Hawk was performing quite well, until an unexpected weapons failure. A Lin Holder came at his recklessly. With his primary auto cannon down, Jake had no choice but to fire his lazer cannon directly at the torso of the enemy mech. The resulting explosion destroyed both crafts, scattering the battlefield with parts. The enemy pilot died, while Jake remained trapped in his mechs broken torso, until pried free.

No longer having a mech, he was expelled from The Rim Hawk Legion right there on the spot. Using the last of his money, Jake was able to tow the remains of his craft, as well as the parts from the Line Holder back to a repair bay. Spending half of his time working on repairs, and making money with other project, Jake finally got the mech running again, though it looked like a complete mess. You could compare it to Frankenstein's monster, but it ran. He was later recruited by the Stellar Wolves. Aching to gte back to piloting, Jake joined them willingly.

Over the years and fights, Jake has been salvaging parts from his ruined enemies, and adding the to his own mech. It looks like no other craft out there.

Mech Name: Mazcabre

Mech Size: Medium (55 tons)

Mech Description: The mech's look has undergone many variations over the years. Currently, by and large, the mechs chasis, is the Shadow Hawk build. The Shadow Hawk Currently has the main torso in tact. There are several patches of armor, however, that have been replaced by armor from other mechs. The mech has also retained the shoulder mounted Martell lazer cannon.

All other parts of the mech have had to be replaced. The legs in particular, are a matter of concern. On the right side, the mech sports a Phoenix Hawk leg, from a similar class of ship. However, in a recent battle, pressed for parts, Jake has had to attach a chicken style leg, from a much newer ship, a Chimera. This gives the mech an uneven gait when walking, and looks very awkward. However, the chicken leg is more stable, so the mech is the most vulnerable to tipping while standing on the other leg.

The arms are both from the same ship, an Axeman class mech. because of the Axeman's heavier size, the arms have begun to weight heavily on the chasis. To counter this, Jake has had to remove some of the armor protecting the arms to make them lighter, as well as the massive shoulder mounted auto cannon.


Shoulder: 1 Martell Medium Lazer
Back: 1 Doombud long range missile 20-Rack.
Right Arm: 1 Sutel Precision Large Pulse Lazer (Axe)
Left Arm: 3 Intek Medium Lazers

Armor: Varies.

Body: Maximilian 43
Right Leg: Durallex Light w/ Case
Left Leg: StarGuard CCM
Arms: Minimal

Special Information: Because the mech is so heavily pieced together, then can be sporadic weapons or systems failure. Jake has had entire limbs freeze up in mid battle before. However, this current build, aside from the fragile arm, and the limping walk, the mech seem pretty stable. (Mechanically, not physically).
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Re: Dio, and Dio related personas.

Post by Dio the Awesome on Wed Jul 08, 2009 7:23 am

Diodri's Character:
Name: August Wind
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Socioeconomic Level: None (Nomad works too...)
Occupation: Hunter
Income: Low

Birth order: First
Parents: August Wind (Father), Grace Wind (Mother)
Siblings (In order of birth): Malce (Brother), Fillna (Sister), Klien (Brother), Yeven (Brother), Phaetor (Brother), Llanna (Sister), Wannu (Brother), Klare (Sister).
Relationship skills: In his family, he was considered the leader and the peacekeeper. His siblings would always argue and fight, and he would step in and defend.

Physical Characteristics:

Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Race: Teela
Eye Color: Brown
• Colour: Brown
• Length: Cut short, no more than 2 inches long. In some spots it varies, because it was cut with a knife.
• Style: None
• Worn: However it falls when he wakes up.
Skin color: Darkly Tanned
Shape of Face: Wide and tapered.

Tribal Markings:
• Dark Red markings: The start just above the solar plexus, and split into twp branches, which wind down on either side of his rib cage. He has two smaller splotches on his temples.

How does he dress?
His normal attire when it is warm enough, is to go topless. He wears only some loose trousers made out of Eben Wolf hide and fur. He wears a necklace made of animal teeth and various rocks and beads. When it is colder, he also dawns thick hides belonging to a variety of beasts, and wool moccasins.

When on diplomatic missions, he tries to dress appropriately for the situation. The clothing sometimes looks out of place on this wild man, and most prejudiced people would refer to him as a 'noble savage', not understanding his hidden wisdom.

When out fighting, his attire changes quite drastically. He wears black and red war paint on his face and chest, to bring attention to his natural marking. In addition, he wields a great battle axe, easily 40 pounds. He also wears on his person a number of bond daggers used mostly for hunting.

August is a collected man, not prone to fits of rage, nor to sadness. He is in complete control of his own emotions. That said, he is a fierce protector of peace and order, and does what it takes to see to that. He is a strong negotiator, but when diplomacy fails, he is not one to shy from a fight.

He does not speak unless necessary, and some may think he is dull witted for that. It doesn't help that he is somewhat oblivious of some of the ways and customs of the more advanced societies.


August was born on a cold night in the dead of winter. His father named him for himself, as was the custom, that the first born of each family share names with the father. He was an only child, but not for very long. Also keeping with tradition, August and Grace ushered out a long line of children, so that the family could benefit and prosper. Nine children later, after giving birth to Klare, Grace took ill. It was decided that there were to be no more children in the Wind line, and for that August was saddened.

But that sadness gave way to frustration, as raising nine children will do. Each one a scamp in their own right. August always getting into fights. Malce always right behind his older brother. Fillna quickly learned was it was to be woman, being the oldest daughter, much to her father's frustration. Klien was much to adventurous for his age, always wandering off into the wilderness, imagining he was hunting Roc's and other such nonsense. Yeven was a recluse, and rarely left the house, much to the annoyance of his mother. Phaetor seemed to want to help himself to things that were not his, even at a very young age he received many spankings. Llanna was the stary-Eyed dreamer, mostly focused on boys, like her older sister. Wannu the gentleman scholar, the least of the headaches in the family. And lastly Klare, idolizer of her eldest brother, hunter, diplomat, and tomboy all in one.

Given the size of the family, it often fell to the eldest children to help keep the peace. When disputes between the siblings erupted, August was usually the one to settle it, either with a few harsh words, or a quick cuff to the back of the head. Each child seemed to fill a unique roll in the family, and that helped with the cohesion as they grew. Eventually, the children grew up, and began to grow apart. Each child choose a certain role in the village, as they did in the family. Again, it fell to August to be the negotiator.

War was no uncommon amongst the more 'uncivilized' tribes. August negotiated many treaties with neighboring clans, and prevented several wars. Of course, things would never go according to plan all the time. The call to arms was eventually raised, and August became one of the first to pick up the sword.He told himself it was no different than hunting. You saw your prey, you closed in, and you killed it.

This way of life continued for many years. Eventually, a tentative, unifying peace spread throughout the local tribes. Then whispers arose of a 'heavenly craft' to take men into the great darkness. It was decided amongst the collective village elders, that if there were other clans of people hidden amongst the stars, then the village people should be represented, and have a voice, and if needed, form an alliance. All the clans agreed that only one man had the skill to do this. August Wind.

Emotional Characteristics:
August is a calm collected person. He is difficult to befriend, but once a bond is made, it will never be forgotten. He is difficult to anger, but he gets in a rage, he can be like a berserker. He does not have much for education, and may seem simple minded, but he has insight like no other. He also does not understand humor and sarcasm very well.

Spiritual Characteristics
August believes in 'Lai'. The village term for 'connectivity'. Lai means that, the universe is connected in every way, shape and form. From the smallest mote of dust to the biggest mountain, they are all made of the same life force. Followers of Lai devote their lives to understanding the bond between people and nature, and strengthening that bond.

There is no set code for Lai, and each follower is to interpret the meanings for themselves. August chooses to pray once every 5 days. He sits in front of candle light, and drinks a mix of herbs and alcohol. This also him to imagine the thousands of possible connects to himself, life, his surroundings, and his future.
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Re: Dio, and Dio related personas.

Post by Dio the Awesome on Sun Aug 30, 2009 7:09 pm

Name: Lamok Ristari

Era: Hyper

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Appearance: Lamok is a wiry tall man, with a bit of a hunched back, suggesting he's been crouched over one too many desks. He is surely not a fighter, as anyone could tell by his frame. If anything, he could stand to gain several pounds. His hair is generally kept immaculate. His dark brown waves extending backwards behind his ears, and ending just at the shoulders in a cropped fashion, with two bundles left in front of his face. His eyes are a pale blue, which is unsettling to most, but it hardly matters because he wears welding goggles most of the time. His lab coats are designed to be efficient, keeping the skin protected against chemicals, fires, and tools, while allowing for freedom of movement. His coats are always white, and they always have an assortment of pockets.

Archtype: Sleuth, I suppose. Lamok is an inventor and a scholar. While he is currently working closely with HesTech Robotics, he constantly works on other projects and inventions. His current device is a mind probe, designed to increase brain capacity and power. It's in the design stages...

Biography: Lamok is the brain child of a brilliant scientist name Randal E. Cunnings. Lamok was a test tube baby, breed from the genes most noted for intelligence and drive. He was also brought up under brilliant scientist from every field imaginable, wanting to study and teach him. Surrounded by a wealth of information, it's no wonder why Lamok became like his 'father', and pursued the scientific arts.

Unfortunately, no experiment is ever perfect. While Lamok may be one of the smartest humans alive, he suffers from a fractured mind. At times it is difficult for him to control his thoughts, as they spiral in many different directions. This hinders him in making quick decisions, and even hard to understand while he talks. Since his fathers passing, he has been inventing in his lab, which he inherited, working for which ever company will have him on. He is currently stationed at HesTech Robotics, developing a new machine, but don't ask him about it, it's hush hush.


Math, geometry, physics, robotics, biology, chemistry, neurology, electronics, and every other -ology and -ics you could think of is Lamok's domain. There is rarely a question he does not have an answer to, or can not figure out. Lamok is the very definition of a prodogy.

However, he is physically weak, not used to hard labor. machines do most of his heavy lifting, so he has little in the way of self defense. Oh, except his death rays.

Lastly, Lamok is dying. He has suspected for some time that his brain is slowly killing itself. A normal human was not meant to contain so much knowledge, and it is beginning to take a toll on Lamok's health and sanity. He only hopes he can find a solution to the problem, before he loses his mind.
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Re: Dio, and Dio related personas.

Post by Dio the Awesome on Sun Aug 30, 2009 7:36 pm

Name: Seleena

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Appearance: The only two things that really distinguishes one Claymore from another, is the face and the hair style, as all other characteristics are virtually the same.

Seleen wears her head several inches below shoulder length, and has that pulled into a pony tail. In the front she allows one clump of hair on either side of her face, to hand until it touches her chin.
Seleen has quite a narrow face, and a small, slightly pionty nose, and unlike most Claymores, she smiles most of the time.

Organization Number: 19

Symbol: Þ

Powers: Does not have one yet.

Weapon: Single claymore.

Background: Like so many claymores, her parents were killed by a band of Yoma. Unlike most Yoma who tend to stay in a single village, these beast were nomadic, choosing to keep moving in a pack, and attack villages at random. Seleens parents were in the market place when the Yoma attacked.

During the attack, a group of three Claymores descended and destroyed the band of Yoma, having finally caught up with them. When the man in black arrived to collect the payment, he decided to collect Seleena as well.

During her training as a Claymore, the organization believed she would be able to reach somewhere in the top five, if her skills continued to grow. However, it soon became apparent the Seleena reached her Yoki Limit too soon, and would Awaken very early if she pushed herself. So was then awarded a modest position of number 19. She was most often assigned to deal with a more powerful brand of Yoma who were very old. (Not to be confused with a Voracious Eater, which is a code name for an Awakened Being).

She has been working on a special technique, but has been unable to devise one that suits her.
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Re: Dio, and Dio related personas.

Post by Dio the Awesome on Tue Nov 30, 2010 6:37 am

Name of Character: Erin Whillicks a.k.a The Ricochet Kid

Age: 22

Sex: Male

Appearance: Of average height and build, Erin is an average looking male in any crowd. He wears traditional wranglers clothes, consisting of: A floppy leather hat that is one size too big for him. A loose shirt, stained with mud, blood, and alcohol. A black leather vest worn over top (to hide the stains). A matching leather jacket when it isn't too hot out. Dusty blue jeans, and high cowboy boots complete with spurs. He is rarely clean shaven, and he lets his blonde hair grow, out so long as it doesn't get in his eyes, which are blue. He also carries a pair of holsters with one .45 Bat Masterson which he lifted from a dead U.S. Marshal and an IOF .32 Revolver. He also carries a .22 derranger in his inside breast pocket, and a saddle bag converted into a backpack which holds his ammo, booze, and food (in that order of importance).

Bio: A ruffian and a scoundrel at every stage of his life, Erin Whillicks often got into trouble with his parents, the townsfolk, and eventually the law. Born to a respectable cattle herder, Erins life style of drinking and womanizing got him kicked out of the house at a young age, and with little education. When he was seventeen, he was laying in his local bar, passed out from the drink, when a bar fight broke out. After a man stumbled into his table waking him up, Erin pulled out his IOF revolver and fired two shots at the closest thing to him. Both shots missed, but one bounced of a metal beam and spiraled into a mans eye. The second shot burried itself into the sherifs leg. The entire bar when silent, except for the sherif who was screaming in pain; the other man was dead. Erin, now suddenly more sober held up his weapon and left the bar. He stole the nearest horse and fled. Since then he'd been robbing carriges and spending the money on booze and women. He claims to have killed over ten men and has earned himself the name Ricochet Kid, in tribute to his first act of murder. His last escapade left two men wounded, and a U.S. Marshal dead who went after him looking for justice. In the night he joined up a with a caravan going to Wanagi Yata until the heat dies down.

Role in the Caravan: The only skills Erin brings to the table is guts and skill with a hand gun. We'll file him under 'protection'.
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Re: Dio, and Dio related personas.

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