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Monthly Features Hall of Fame

Post by Sunwolf007 on Fri Apr 15, 2016 7:26 pm

Monthly Features Hall of Fame

Writing and Journalism

[May  2016]No one yet!

Art and Design

[May  2016]No one yet!


[May  2016]No one yet!

Member of the Month

[May  2016]No one yet!

Winners of the old Monthly feature (pre 2010):

[JUN 2009] DJ AgendaEarth:  Computer
[JUL 2009] Kathryn Lacey8.10.07
[AUG 2009] Diodri SeteraLovers
[SEP 2009] Ryona NoelWedding Video Clips

Art and Design
[JUN 2009] SighlentSighlent Presentations
[JUL 2009] AnarisAnaris's Photoshop Works
[AUG 2009] Twoface_ecafowTSignature Hut
[SEP 2009] IgraineIgraine's Artsy Fartsy Stuff
[OCT 2009] WeissGraphics by Weiss
[NOV 2009] TephTeph's Art
[DEC 2009] SighlentCan't Stop...My deviantART. Smile
[JAN 2010] Ryona NoelHaunted House Fun
[FEB 2010] Kalon Ordona IIKalon’s Portrait Studio
[MAR 2010] SaoriSaori’s Corner
[APR 2010] NineNine's Graphix
[MAY 2010] EternityEternity's Artwork
[JUN 2010] LumeusIlluminated Works
[JUL 2010] TimeOfTheEyeMy Circus & other artwork

Writing and Journalism
[JUN 2009] Kail DeWraithCritical Thinking?
[JUL 2009] TrazielTraz's Poetic Works
[AUG 2009] LokiAnother Long Night
[SEP 2009] YuinaMECA
[OCT 2009] Ominous FlareInto the Moon
[NOV 2009] KædaiThe Poetry of Kædai
[DEC 2009] ImmortalSinA Genuine Mistake
[JAN 2010] DJ AgendaTriarch, A History
[FEB 2010] HawktheThirdOf Man
[MAR 2010] Acid VarrakinTo Destroy a Symbol
[APR 2010] KT_TonguetiedA Song for Klára
[MAY 2010] AttieLyrics From The Lyricist
[JUN 2010] Silvone ElestahrPoem as intro...
[JUL 2010] TamwynGears of War: A.E.

[JUN 2009] We Are One
[JUL 2009] Second Sunrise Over Lost Vegas
[AUG 2009] World War Z
[SEP 2009] Shift
[OCT 2009] Star Wars -- Desperate Days
[NOV 2009] Avatar:  The Last Airbender - A Song of Fire and Ice
[DEC 2009] Dark Days Ahead
[JAN 2010] Sephiris: The Price of Peace
[FEB 2010] Darker City Streets
[MAR 2010] Kill Her If You Can
[APR 2010] Emoria
[MAY 2010] Viemera: The Essence of Deceit
[JUN 2010] Letters from Corvine
[JUL 2010] Final Fantasy X: Resurrection

Sound Byte
[MAR 2010] Saori“Kizna”
[APR 2010] Bird of HermesThe Road Not Taken

Member of the Month
[JUN 2009] Eternity
[JUL 2009] Kathryn Lacey
[AUG 2009] Inerio
[SEP 2009] Heyseuss
[OCT 2009] Silvone Elestahr
[NOV 2009] Sighlent
[DEC 2009] Loki
[JAN 2010] ImmortalSin
[FEB 2010] Ryona Noel
[MAR 2010] Bird of Hermes
[APR 2010] SilvanArrow
[MAY 2010] Hello Danger
[JUN 2010] Miss Dagger
[JUL 2010] xraineyesx


I have determined this is FoG's Theme song!

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