How do you create your characters?

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How do you create your characters?

Post by Sunwolf007 on Tue Apr 12, 2016 7:48 pm

Say you found a great RP or have a great story all planned out. Now all you need are your characters. How do you go about making them? Do you start with a name and work from there? Do you develop personality first or a skill set first? Do you start with a concept of what the character must accomplish in the story and build around that?

Personally I start with a concept on what I want that character to be like. If they are a front line leader type I work on a skill set that they would have. Then I outline their character history to get a feel for what they have done. I take their personality from that history and skill set. Lastly I give them a name and physical description. I find that to be my normal process. How about yours?


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