His Prize Possession (male jump in)

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Magnify His Prize Possession (male jump in)

Post by Dreamer on Mon Jun 23, 2014 3:55 am

Fear Trembles Beneath the Feet
Love Awakens From The Simple Kiss
A child is Born

In the country of Iran, held a large community of people who gather in this beautiful day today after hearing the remarkable news from their King. Today was a celebration for their king who was having ceremony - a wedding for he and his new bride, who came from across the mother earth and come today for the special occasion; it was almost nearly to the half of the people of Iran who came to join in order to watch their new Queen. Iran was within the Alpine-Himalayan mountain system and is composed of a vast central plateau rimmed by mountain ranges and limited lowland regions. Iran is subject to numerous and often severe earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The climate of Iran is continental, with hot summers and cold, rainy winters; the mountain regions of the north and west have a subtropical climate. Temperature and precipitation vary with elevation, as winds bring heavy moisture from the Persian Gulf. But overall, it's a beautiful place to live yet the population was tight.

Already, the valleys and streets were only cover with people - men, women, and children. Everyone was excited to see the big moment, but sadly, not everyone; the princess was upset and a moment of shame. She feared the entire world she had knew before would soon be exchanged after stepping through the door and taking the hands of a new life - her soon-to-be husband. Nefertari was only 19 at the moment and still growing into a mature lady. Her parents had died in a rival King's army, and with the age at only childhood at that time, her brother and her had quickly left home and into somewhere more safely where they can wait patiently until times comes. And by time, it meant army. Nefertari stood drowsily behind the golden door as she waited for one of the signals to be assigned from on of the guards, who of course for the king. Her brother was along her side, smirking as his eyes lingered around the lustful body, making sure she looked presentable. He wanted no humiliation for whatever so ever; he usually have to repeatedly correct her whenever he's no straight. "Fix your posture. You need to look proud and show the King a women like you can afford sizable breast, and not shaggy ones. A king never like weakness" He would usually tell her. She stood at height 5'4 and was a absolute beauty. Having what any man can wish for and probably a uncommon one Nefertari, with skin color known as tan, and her eye color bright light green which was noticeable to see from a -very-short distance. Small lips full with colorful pink and pure, it looked even more beautiful. Breast cup size C to D. Hair to the color as strawberry blonde hair. The figure then looked at her brother, eyes holding back the burning tears. "Ah, sister. Don't cry, one day we would take what's rightful ours." He grinned, wiping the [already] fallen tear. "I want to go home..." Until suddenly, the guards called in. "Princess, you may go." Sniffling she slowly walked but halting afterwards, her brother quickly locked arms together, and together went inside.

The laughters of men and women as they quietly murmured to each other before everything went deadly silently when the princess came. "Please rise everyone" A man said. Eyes uneasily gazed at Nefertari as she figured most it was from the man, whether to her belief it was either her beauty or just a gaze they looked at newly faces. Swallowing hard she focused her attention ahead before her brother suddenly squeezed her arms for no reason. "You see dear sister? That is Xerxes himself, the God-King" Eyes nervously starring at this Xerxes as her eyes wandered down his almost exposed body, just underwear hiding his part, and head that cover in small chains she wondered where was the other half of his clothes. Turning away then he brother finally released the grip afterwards and allowed his sister to climb the short of stairs by herself before facing the all mighty Xerxes; her palms growing sweaty already. With the priest looking at his king then his queen he bowed his head. "Until this day King Xerxes and Princess Nefertari - Yes,  your grace?" With the palm raising from the King which looked like he wanted to speak, the priest bow his head in respect once more and allowed him.

Watching him take her hands, he spoke, "By taking this hands of a women, I shall make her as my queen and watch her until my time. I shall kiss her as my words and promise" Feeling him turned away from the audience and upon Nefertari she soon watched him lean forwards and plant his own lips on hers. The excitement grew from the crowd as they cheer out, and music playing. Nefertari soon regretted this moment. The kiss broke and the princess was now turned to the Queen of Iran.

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