Samuel of Lamek, Jeph of Kassur, Ashoona of Shayah

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Samuel of Lamek, Jeph of Kassur, Ashoona of Shayah

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Samuel of Lamek, Sam was from Lamek. An orphan, Sam had no parents since he was very young. Samuel was taken in by and lived with Jak Katz the Traveller. Jak was a man old, wise and had seen the lands of Hasharah, Akal, Kabfi, Gularistan, Narrud and Kajaristan… Even others. Jak was wise, he was a skilled warrior and a man of not just great strength. But a man of great reason, Jak Katz had a kind heart and solid morality. Jak took Samuel as his own and taught him well. Jak taught Sam to be strong, to fight well and the ways of a traveller. Jak also taught Samuel to be kind of heart, fair in judgement and to forgive those who sinned.

Sam knew Jak to be his father, not born of his blood, but of his kin regardless. Samuel was small, scared and alone, with Jak he grew to be tall, broad, brave and strong. Samuel knew love and good will in his heart, he had at times heard evil's call. But he ignored the beckoning of wickedness and welcomed kindness into his mind and soul. He knew many skills and travelled many places with Jak… Jak the Traveller. Jak and Samuel were both of Katz, a clan who believed not in the bonds of blood but in accepting those who needed it, those who had nowhere else to go. The Katz clan became from two, to two dozen in number. All brothers and sisters who learned the ways of the travel and gave to the Katz clan, they were brothers and sisters despite those they were born to.

Many from the cities of Yassu looked down upon the Katz, though the Katz loved and knew god as they did. Corrupt men of the temples of Yassu's cities resented that the Katz clan paid no taxes nor tribute to them. Jak, Samuel and those others of the Katz clan had made enemies for their freedom. Wicked were the high priests of Shayah and Heddah, they sent thugs and soldiers to commit murder upon those of the Katz clan… However the Katz were wise in battle, the Samuel and the Katz defeated all soldiers and bandits sent to murder them.  But through time and through many battles Jak grew only older. Jak fell to the spear of a soldier from Heddah, Jak had become slow and brittle over time. The spear struck hard and well, Jak fell and Samuel saw Jak, the man who he chose to be his father. Samuel saw Jak struck with the Heddite soldiers' spear, but instead of committing murder upon the man from Heddah… Samuel struck with fierce with fist, then he struck him again with fist. The soldier from Heddah looked about, seeing that his companions had been slain by the other Katz, he looked back at Samuel with terror. Pain and fear struck the man from Heddah like god himself had struck him… And he ran for Heddah.

Sam held Jak in his arms, tears of dread leaked from his eyes and his body shook with despair. Jak Katz the Traveller, Jak Katz the father of Samuel Katz died in his son's arms. Jak Katz died before his clan, all Katz wept with grief and despair, Jak Katz was dead.

Samuel was left to lead Jak's clan, the Katz clan called for a Priest. The Priest has a godly man from Shayah who had a good heart and knew kindness, the Priest from Shayah looked on as Samuel and the Katz clan buried Jak Katz the Traveller, Jak Katz father of Samuel Katz and Rabbi of the Katz clan. The good Priest of Shayah read from holy scripture and made prayer loudly as the Katz clan buried Jak the Traveller, Jak father of Samuel Katz and Rabbi of the Katz clan. The good Priest of Shayah wept for he knew a good man had been laid to rest, the good Priest wept loudly and wept along with the Katz clan. The Priests name was Zaddif, Zaddif the Priest from Shayah joined the Katz clan. Zaddif Katz, the Priest from Shayah.

The Katz clan gave charge to Samuel, to whom they adored as they did Jak. The Katz clan travelled their native land Yassu, much of it desert. Except for the west nearby the Sea, where it was fertile. The Katz clan travelled much of Hasharah, which was mostly desert, except for the far East where the rivers were strong. As a boy Jak had taken Samuel to Shayah, many times. In Shayah Samuel first met Ashoona. Ashoona Talshev, a girl who came from a wealthy family. She was kind and smart, strong and tall for a girl. Ashoona and Samuel had were good friends. Ashoona had eagerly studied with her Rabbi and soon after her Bat Mitzvah, Ashoona has become a Priestess.

Samuel with the Katz clan behind him travelled to Shayah to see Ashoona. Many of the Katz clan came from Shayah and longed for home. Though there were enemies of the Katz clan in Shayah, at this time they were few. Samuel and the Katz clan had no worries, no fear coming to Shayah. Now Sam was a man, kind, brave, strong and was now somewhat wise. Ashoona was a woman, strong, kind, brave and had a charitable spirit. Ashoona jumped with joy at the sight of Samuel, since they were young she had loved Sam. Though Sam loved her as well, he did not love her in the way she did him.

Ashoona had wavy black hair that flowed one quarter down her back, her fringe flowed to her right. She was beautiful and olive skinned. Ashoona upon seeing Sam looked upon him joyfully with brown eyes. Samuel looked back  at her also with joy, his eyes too brown… All Yassu people had brown eyes and most of black hair and olive skin. Some few paler and of brown hair.

The two hugged, Ashoona knew Samuel since they were both children and felt great kindness towards him. Sam lift Ashoona up in embrace, he had not seen his dear friend in at least three years. As Ashoona stepped back upon the ground, she offered Samuel and his clan a place within her home. A home she bought for herself away from her parents, the house was large, but humble. The Katz clan and Samuel stayed in Ashoona's home, and ate dinner at her table. Ashoona was proud to take the Katz clan into her home and tended to their needs with glee. Ashoona was still a fresh Priestess and invited Samuel and the Katz clan to attend temple in the morning. As she herself would read the holy scripts.

Sam and the Katz were faithful, and they eagerly agreed. For the time however, they ate and then slept. As the new day came, they woke. Samuel and the Katz clan bathed in the waters of the shore. As did Ashoona, who left for temple earlier. Sam and his Katz clan attended temple at the same time as all others of Shayah did, after they had finished washing. Inside temple, Ashoona read from the holy texts upon the Bimah, where all could see. Where all could hear.

As many of the Priesthood did, she sang the words. With clarity and beauty, there were many of those among the crowd who wept with joy. Samuel an his Katz clan were moved, their energy renewed by Ashoona's reciting of the Holy Scripture.
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