Greetings from Gotham

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Greetings from Gotham

Post by ThatOneGirlWonder on Mon Sep 09, 2013 9:55 am

Hello there. Thanks for letting me join this neat looking website. I'm ThatOneGirlWonder but you can call me GW or "Hey you over there in that mask!" or something along those lines. If it isn't obvious, I'm sort of a Batgirl fan. Actually I'm a fan of all things Batman ( and Supernatural and Doctor Who ). My current obsession is Stephanie Brown aka Spoiler, Batgirl, and Robin. I have been craving a good roleplay dealing with her lately.

So I've been at this roleplaying game for longer than I can remember. It started out on paper in a notebook that my friend and I passed between classes in high school. I've roleplayed everything from modern slice of life games to high fantasy ones that people spent years building. I do prefer fandom based roleplays and I love playing canon characters. Its always fun to try to get into the head of someone else's creation to see how you can play them.

I'm a crazy cat lady. I have a kitten who is 9 months old. His name is Castiel and he is my baby. He is a serious ham and I love him to pieces.

So yeah. Thats me in a nutshell I suppose. I hope to see you all around and hopefully we will end up in a roleplay together.

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