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How do I begin to explain Ivy?
Her name is Ivy Delacour; that last name of her's sounds fancy don't it. At one point in history maybe the people with that last name had better luck, but not Ivy's family. They've always been dirt poor.

Age: 27
Gender: Female

Ivy is flawless.
When Ivy was a little girl her mother would read her fairytales about a Princess in trouble. A strong Knight or Prince would come to save her and they would live happily ever after. Ivy very much wanted to be a Princess. When she told her mother this her mother paused and after a sigh said “Listen to me Ivy, you’re not a Princess, and you never will be. This world is mean and hard to live in baby. And if you fall no Prince or Knight will come to save you, if you fall, the people around you will kick you until you either give up or get up.” Her mother took her by the shoulders, gentle but firm, “You’ve gotta be strong Ivy, you’ve gotta get up fast every single time you fall. Do you understand Ivy? And not just for yourself, be strong for those who can’t be as strong as you.” Her mother brushed a strand of hair behind her ear, “Be strong but kind, like a Knight.”

Her mother is the toughest person Ivy knows, she inherited her iron spirit and will. Ivy has a quiet but strong presence, one that used to stand tall and dignified but has turned cavalier and apathetic. Words don’t hurt in the least; she’s a believer in actions speaking louder than words. She’s never known to be talkative but it isn’t for lack of confidence, she just doesn’t say something unless it needs to be said. Her words are usually wise, indicative of an insightful and analytical mind. Tough can only get you so far, you don’t do what she does without being smart.

But there is another side of her that comes from her father, that idealistic and hopeful side, the one that loves those fairytale stories and stares at the stars at night. Her father is tough in his own way, she has come to realize, with his unwavering surety that one things will be better, and that people should concentrate on what’s good in their lives more. She used to be a bit more cheery like him, but that laughter long since faded from her eyes. That stubborn hopeful fire has gone out. She admires him for his strength in this, but depression has turned her bitter enough to start believing he might be a fool. Instead of ideas for the future her wits are being geared toward cynical sarcasm and just trying to make it through the day without shooting herself in the head.

Lately she's been willing to do some things that are morally questionable, but one thing that does remain is her compassionate side. She hides it well but it's still there, she's a sucker for people in need and people getting picked on. But hey, in this world just about everyone is getting picked on right? She knows when to pick her battles battles carefully.

I hear her hair's insured for $10,000.
Ivy is beautiful in a way a wild animal might be, her face is all edges and calm sharp eyes. An underfed predator, her body is long and wirey, standing at five feet and eleven inches. She cares little about her appearance these days and looks down right homeless sometimes, but she cleans up nicely. Her hair is short because that's easier to take care of, and she always wears boots because they're easier to kick you in the face with. She doesn't always smell that great due to living conditions. Her eyes might be decorated with dark eyeshadow but that's the extent of her affinity for makeup. Whatever you might think about her though there is one thing that's undeniable, she looks cool.

I hear she does car commercials... in Japan.
occupation: ex police? turned con

Her favorite movie is Varsity Blues.
Likes: Books, Knives, Fairytales, Kids, sweets
dislikes: life in general, everyone around her, the tyrant ruler, authority figures, bullies, seeing a kid get abused

One time she met John Stamos on a plane...
~sob story about how she lost her two younger siblings, they dead as doornails~

And he told her she was pretty.
~sob story about how she lost her two younger siblings, they dead as doornails~

One time she punched me in the face... it was awesome.
Her skill in hand to hand combat are extensive and use a method of using a person's momentum against them instead of using brute strength to beat them down. She can throw a bulky man to the ground with surprising ease because of this style of fighting. That isn't to say she isn't physically strong, but not as strong as some more serious opponents might be. She fights with street rules and uses any advantage she can, it's not uncommon for her to never throw a punch during a match (she'll let the wall she rams someone's head into do the damage). She's also more likely to kick you with her bulky boots than lay a hand on you.

She knows how to uses an assortment of knives, especially since guns are hard to come by now that she's not police. But if she does manage to get a hold of a gun you'll find she's not at all a bad marksman. Carrying a tazer around too helps. Her electric baton is somewhere in her stuff somewhere she's sure.

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