So sleepy.....

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So sleepy.....

Post by Dio the Awesome on Sat Jun 29, 2013 9:34 pm

Ever get that feeling where, it's the weekend, it's late, and you know you should go to bed, because all you're doing is just dicking around on the internet wasting time, but you can't stop clicking on links and checking to see if you're webcomics have updated and the next thing you know the sun is coming up?

I do every night. If you find yourself in this position, drop by and explain what was so (un)important online you couldn't go to bed.

Man, I was up until 6 am last night (morning). Anyone ever watched a guy name Sexual Lobster on youtube? It's about what it sounds like. He's hilarious, but very mature humor, so if you go to check him out, you've been warned. But I watched his videos for at least two hours straight.

Before that I was playing a steam game called Nation Red. Essentially a zombie tower defense. Very addicting.
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