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Eighty Percent


These contents are in order, but if you read through the entire thread, you may find them a little mixed up - if you get lost, just come back to the Contents.

MAIN Characters Sheets:

Kyle Green
Nanteu Amuet
In-Party NPCs

Eighty Percent


Session 1 - 13th October, 2012

Session 2 - 14th October, 2012

Session 3 - 15th October, 2012

Session 4 - 19th and 20th October, 2012

Session 5 - 21st October, 2012

Session 6 - 22nd October, 2012

Session 7 - 26th October, 2012

Session 8 - 27th October, 2012

Session 9 - 28th October, 2012

Session 10 - 29th October, 2012

Session 11 (Kyle's Dream) - 4th November, 2012

Session 12 - 5th November, 2012

Session 13 - 9th November, 2012

Session 14 - 10th November, 2012

Session 15 - 11th November, 2012

Session 16 - 12th November, 2012

Nanteu's Dream ('Training' session) - 14th November, 2012

Session 17 - 16th November, 2012

Session 18 - 17th November, 2012

Session 19 - 18th November, 2012

Session 20 - 19th November, 2012
Session 20A - 23rd November, 2012

Session 21 - 24th November, 2012

Session 22 - 8th December, 2012

Session 23 - 30th December, 2012

Session 24 - 31st December, 2012

Session 25 - 5th January, 2013

Session 26 - 6th January, 2013

Session 27 - 7th January, 2013

Session 28 - 12th January, 2013

Session 29 - 18th January, 2013

Session 30 - 19th January, 2013

Session 31 - 20th January, 2013

Session 32 - 21st January, 2013

Session 33 - 28th January, 2013

Session 34 - 1st February, 2013

Session 35 - 4th February, 2013

Session 36 - 8th February, 2013

Alternative Session 1

Alternative Session 2

Alternative Session 3

Alternative Session 4

Other OTHER Session 1 (1st December, 2012)

Other OTHER Session 2 (2nd December, 2012)

NPC Listings: Link here.
Locations List: Link here.
Map Listings: Link here.
Knowledge and History Summary: Link here.

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Post on Fri Feb 01, 2013 5:36 am by Kate Orchix

Party NPC Inventories:

Angel (Tindomerel Imirie):

Small Pack
Health Potion x2
Strength Potion
Small Book (Diary and Songs)
Charcoal Pencil
Hair Comb
Thin Bedroll
Leather Armor
Purple Dress
Angel's Amulet
Tan Trousers
White Blouse
Black Half-cape
Dark Brown Boots
Belt of Gender Change
Whipweed Whip


Tent for Two
Metal Food Container w/ Lid
50 ft. Hempen Rope
Clothing x2
Small Cooking Pot
Smokes Box
Book (Personal)
Breastplate Armor
Light Mace
Siara's Warhammer

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Post on Sat Feb 02, 2013 11:39 pm by Kate Orchix

Session 34 (1st February 2013)

(Thank you!) DM: Kyle, a little moreso than Nanteu, might be able to tell that Angel's disturbed. Nanteu can probably tell Angel's distracted and wanting space, but Kyle can juuuust see Angel in the study. She's staring blankly at the floor, sitting on the stone floor with all the books. She's fingering her amulet and her eyes seem almost scared.
Kyle: (No I can't do plot touch moments with Angel right now, my boss is about to show up! )
DM: Siara, the orb belongs to no field of magic that you are familiar with, but you do sense there is something evil lurking within it somehow. A presence, almost... but with a use. The orb can change the learning and specialty of one. Essentially 'change classes' and implant knowledge of how to survive and function in that class.
Siara twitches his ears as the magic resonates in his field, turning the sparks completely black. He gasps as the magic field buzzes, then quickly raises his arm to shield his eyes as the field more or less explodes. "Scan complete, I guess... Crystal Ball. Type: Unknown. Classification: Dark. Properties: Cha-" He tilts his head as the reading registers in his mind, looking at the orb curiously. "...change classes? That's what this is?" He looks back at the party. "It's... There's something in it that will exchange knowledge for you, like a lesser all-knowing. If you give it the knowledge you have regarding your class... It will give you the knowledge of another class and how to use it."
Nanteu: (I was going to call myself Shitzu.. Like, the 'u' is similar to the Nan-teu but I.. don't know how the shit got in there.)
Nanteu: (I'm hilarious.)
DM: (Shit just gets everywhere.)
Nanteu: (omg)
DM: (Shit happens.)
Nanteu: (youre killing me)
DM: (You're dying? Shit just got real...)
Siara: (Guess what's about to hit the fan.)
Nanteu: (i cant breathhhhe)
DM: (xD!)
Nanteu: (Okay, I'm good.)
DM: (Hey, might be having a guest over tomorrow. Not sure what time I'll come online, I'll try and give you some heads-up if I think I'll be late.)
Nanteu: (Alrighty)
Kyle: (What's all the shit I'm smelling about?)
DM: (Sorry, just talking and shit.)
Siara: (Stop, you're gonna kill her xD)
DM: (Kyle, get your shit together and post!)
DM: (Sorry, sorry... I stop. xD)
DM: (XD!)
Kyle: (thought we're time skipping?)
Siara: (Not yet)
DM: (You just trying to avoid a conversation with Angel. )
DM: (I'll timeskip once everyone's ready to go.)
Siara: (We still need to decide if anyone wants to class-out yet)
Siara: (I'm content with Druid and Raiden can't gain anything from it, so we're ready.)
DM: (Rooke's staying fighter, Angel can't touch that thing for another week.)
Kyle sighs seeing something is wrong with Angel but fully knows he's terrible with emotional things. Still he couldn't just leave the girl to deal with whatever evil she might just dealt with. "That's interesting and all Siara, but I think we just should get movin.. Angel what's up with ya, you seem sad? Ya tired or something?" he said moving behind her to place a hand on her shoulder
Angel licks her lips, glancing up at him nervously. Her hands clench into fists and she sounds a little scared as she starts to speak. "I can't feel my magic. It's gone. I can't even think of how to cast anything right now, it's just like... a blur." She licks her lips again, glancing back towards the crystal ball before up at Kyle. She rubs her hands across her face and stands up. "I'll be okay. It's probably like... just temporary. Uhm... any... anything we need to do here or can we go?"
Rooke hefts his bag of coin. "I'm ready."
Nanteu noices something might be up with Angel, though it seems to be of nothing serious, so she leaves Kyle to attempt to console her on his own. With a yank, she pulls the coin bag up into her arms, holding the middle of it against her chest as she peers around one side of it, having to move her entire body to spot anything around her. "Um.. I'm good."
Kyle: (Do the TIME WARP!)
DM: (All right! At what point do you want to count your money, guys?)
Kyle: "Maybe we should take the orb then, just incase your cursed or something? How about that?" he said with a cheerful mood
DM: (Right now, back at the ship, on the way back on the boat?)
DM: Angel frowns, and shakes her head. "Don't touch it. It might do something weird to you guys too. Let's just... go."
Nanteu: (On the boat!)
DM: (Ready, ready, and ready?)
Siara stares at Angel in shock when he hears that her magic is gone, then turns back to the orb, his mind quickly rereading the info from the spell. "...it's a kind of transmutation, but not illusory... Oh boy." As it hits him, he sighs. "We should hurry." Reaching down to pet Raiden, he links a spell between them quickly, the air seeming to part around them as it takes effect. "Come on, we'll lead. Stay in the slipstream if you can, otherwise we'll flag down the boats before they leave." In silence, he rears back for a moment, then charges out the door.
Kyle: (Making chicken noodle soup!)
DM: (Am I meant to be writing now? xD)
Siara: (Yuh)
DM: (Oh... gimme a second then!)
DM: (Okay, writing!)
Led out by Siara, the party makes their way rapidly through the complex, back to the piano room where they find the door that the Destroyer spoke of. The door was jammed tight and locked, but after Rooke reveals that he picked up Siara's warhammer from the Old Hall before they left it is soon no trouble and they break out into a long, mossy tunnel with light at the end. Reaching the light, the party finds themselves peering out at a sky lit by stars, standing on the side of the mountain. Before you can all run after Siara, you find a large stone with the words "Pella Esse Korta". In elvish, it translate to 'Temple of Beginnings'.
Racing down the side of the mountain through jungle brush, you can still see that both ships, Judit and Ailosacath, are still there, but it looks like both are prepped and ready to go. Bursting out of the foliage onto the beach, you find yourselves confronted by four Tenvean members of Korte's crew. They recognize you and tell you that they were sent to look for you and wander back to the rowboats with you - they brought their own.
Angel suggests they leave one and she says she'll apologize to Korte personally so the crewmembers don't feel they're responsible for leaving it. They all get into the boats and start to row back to the ships. Along the way, Rooke starts counting out the money he got, leading Nanteu and Siara to do the same. It seems Siara got 36 gold pieces, Rooke got 73 gold pieces, and Nanteu got 93 gold pieces, leading up to an amount of 202 gold pieces.
You board the Judit, greeted briefly by Korte (Angel stays to talk with him) and everyone else ends up going to bed. (Writing more, just a minute...)
Siara: (How many walls are you going to bury us under)
DM: (About three)
Nanteu: (*dies prematurely*)
By the next morning, Dalen wakes you all and tells you that the Ailosacath is sea-worthy enough to reach the port you're all headed to. (Sorry, my descriptions are getting bad... trying my best here!) The former crew of the Ailosacath gathers on Judit's deck before they all shift over to the Ailosacath. Korte shakes each of your hands, wishing you good luck in returning home - Angel seems extra tired today, she must have stayed up later than the rest of the party - and sends you all on your way.
As the Ailosacath sails away from Judit, Dalen leans casually on the railing and watches the ship fade in the distance. She idly tells the party that the Captain wasn't keen on sailing into port while he held the pirates in his cargo hold as prisoners, telling her that he would try to find a way back into more familiar waters by snooping around Elmrock. She falls silent for a short while, then off-handedly says: "You know, they are pirates themselves." With that, she wanders off to keep tabs on the crewmen.
Soon enough, land is sighted and a crewman walks past grinning. "Almost to Sturtmok... we're calling in at the City of Shaw. You guys had better have your shinies ready!"
DM: (Any questions, actions, anything before I make the last post?)
DM: (brb!)
Kyle: (nope)
Nanteu: (Nup.)
Siara: (How can we act if we're passed out, unless sleep and meditation have ended a bit early?)
DM: (Okay, back. Writing the post of DOOM)
Siara: (-screams and runs-)
Nanteu: (*trips*)
Siara: (-facefaults across the deck-)
Nanteu: (*applauds, flees*)
DM https://2img.net/h/i1237.photobucket.com/albums/ff468/Kotorchix/Sturtmok_zpsf4285766.png As land nears, the party's eyes wash over the grassy land that Sturtmok appears to be. Yellow beaches frame the landmass, but Sturtmok appears to be mostly cliffs, grassland, hills, and forest - very little of the forest is evident around the area the docks lead into. The Ailosacath draws level with the docks, ropes being thrown off and anchor being dropped so as to safely snuggle into harbor. Dalen leads the five (six with Raiden) of you off the ship, down the gangplank, and stops on the wharf that the ship is docked to. Slowly, she turns to the others and offers a slight smile. Hindi moves alongside her. "This is where our paths now split. I wish we could have met under better circumstances, but... perhaps I will meet you all again some day." She offers Angel a slight bob of a bow. "Princess." (Right, check out the map and tell me what you want to do!)
Kyle: (ROund)
Nanteu: (That.. is an impressive map)
DM: (*Happy dance!* Thanks!)
Siara looks around. "Quite a change." He claps Dalen on the shoulder playfully, but affectionately. "Hey, everything can't always go according to plan. We're all still alive, that's what counts."
Nanteu bows to Dalen, hands clasped at her front. "Thank you for aiding us in getting here," she looks up, meeting her gaze, and smiles lightly. "Travel safely."
Dalen nods to both Siara and Nanteu, a hand gently touching Siara's shoulder briefly. "And you also, Nanteu. I'll be sure to send a letter back to Her Ladyship of all your help in the battle against the pirates, and in keeping her daughter safe. I'm sure she will appreciate it... Now, I must go. Good luck on getting through customs."
With that, her hand brushes from Siara's shoulder and she walks off, Hindi on her heels. She heads through the docks area and to the main gates of the City of Shaw, reaching into her belt and flashing something at a man staring out of a window of a building. He nods at her and lets her on through the main gates, having another man on the inside open them for her. Hindi trails in along behind her.
DM https://2img.net/h/i1237.photobucket.com/albums/ff468/Kotorchix/CityofShawdocks_zps9aba21b7.png
DM: (Ask descriptions when you like. Split up if you want to, run off, play in the sea... tralalalalaa)
Siara watches her go, an expression akin to sadness flickering across his face. "I'll miss her. She was fun... Hm?" He narrows his eyes as she pulls something from her pocket for someone in a building. "...that could be a problem though."
Nanteu also watches her leave, giving the exchange between her and the man a glance. "Hm.. Maybe she'll put in a good word for us, and they'll let us walk in for nothing," she states, feigning optimism.
Kyle stretches deeply and yawns as he makes his way down the gangplank behind everyone, all he gives Dalen is a wave and nothing more. "Well that was a fun adventure, maybe we can have a little fun now. I'm sure in a place this big there has to be some nice shops, girls, and food places. Oh and maybe I can find that great crossbow here
DM: "This isn't the Dwarven place," Angel murmurs, sleepily rubbing her eyes while holding her backpack in one hand. "This is a human place. Originially was all gnolls... I think humans killed most of them or drove them off."
DM: (Awareness)
Siara rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 12
Siara rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 3
Siara: (Raiden has 8, Siara has 25)
Kyle rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 10
Kyle: (14! BAM)
Nanteu rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 9
Nanteu: (14)
Kyle: .
The weather is sunny and comfortable, gulls crying as they circle above. The water is calm and gently lapping at the sides of the docks and on the beach. On the beach, you can all see a woman with two young children playing in the sand - seem innocent enough civilians. Another obvious feature is the presence of another ship, tall and majestic, tied in the docks. You can see the back of a slim, tall man with long black hair flowing loosely down his back. He wears sharp clothing - robes, it seems, and is watching his small crew handle some boxes from the ship - one crate looks large enough to contain a large animal, not that it's making any sounds. He is on the next wharf.
Siara, while taking all this in with the others, your eyes move and you find a man slowly walking up the wharf you all stand on. He wears a large coat (funny for such nice weather) and has shifty green eyes, his head ducked low. Scruffy stubble is scattered across his face and he has a hat pulled low over his forehead. His hands hold his coat closed as if he doesn't want you to see what he has, even if he is approaching you.
Kyle: (Kate FB)
DM: The buildings you see ( https://i1237.photobucket.com/albums/ff46... ) all appear to be of human make. There are four buildings that don't have a second story, but all the rest up to the two buildings at the gates seem to have a second-storey. All of them seem to be shops, too. The four buildings nearest are a Stable, what appears to be a place for livestock holding, a shipping office, and a storage warehouse.
Nanteu: (My creeper alert is fluctuating)
Kyle: (Stranger danger!)
Nanteu: (Hide yo children, hide yo wife..)
Siara spots the strange man approaching the party and reaches one hand over his shoulder like he's scratching an itch. When the man draws closer, he extends his arm to block the man's path. "My, what a nice day it is. The sun is shining, it's nice and warm... Too warm for such a large jacket, I would think."
DM: The man smiles, showing crooked teeth. He's probably in his late twenties, but his teeth make him look a bit older - two are knocked out as if from a fight. His lip is split at the side and he has a scar over his left eyebrow. He hunches his shoulders more, making himself appear smaller than everyone else. He's not very tall, most likely five foot four. Scrappy hair sticks out from under his hat. "Yaw interusted?" He hisses quietly.
Siara raises an eyebrow suspiciously, but lowers his arm. "In what?"
Kyle nudges Angel trying to wake her up. "So if this isn't the place how much farther do we got? And look at that, Siara already making shady friends.."
Siara: (I would roll a listen check to see if I can shoot an icy glare at Kyle for saying that, but then I remembered those don't work on him.)
Angel murmurs and shrugs slightly. "I think it's two islands over. We'd have to catch another ride somewhere..."
"My wares..." He glances about as if to make sure nobody but his current audience is witness before he pulls both sides of his coat open to reveal an armory of knickknacks stuffed in pockets of his jackets. You see everything from bird feathers, broken sea shells, broken glass bottles, pieces of glass polished smooth by friction, pieces of fabric that have been tied together to make scarves or rope, and a few pieces of jewellery that actually look like the only thing of worth he has. "Good luck charrrrms and shiny trinkuts..."
Nanteu: (If Palla were here she'd probably appraise the goods and ask him if he'd stolen any of them.)
Nanteu: (Maybe commend him if he had stolen any of them xD)
Siara: (Appraise! I forgot about that!)
DM: (xD!)
Siara: (Appraise on ze jewels!)
Siara rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 2
Siara: (lolno)
DM: (Everything's simply amazing. )
Siara: (Shinies are shiny, that is all.)
Kyle: (Siara believes all of them most be priceless, and he is in good luck)
DM: (Exactly)
Siara: (He's only appraising, not looking to buy xD)
Siara leans forward slightly to examine the jewelry, being careful not to reach for anything. After a moment, he stands back up. "The jewelry looks quite nice. Anyone want anything?"
Kyle: (Vex http://st.elohell.net/images/chill/c697b... also none of us can see he's being sneaky and not showing us)
DM: Angel softly shakes her head, having caught up on the man's stench. He smells salty with sea air and sweat, alcohol and a bit of cheap perfume that smells more like it should be on a woman than a man. His thin tan shirt displays patches of sweat beneath his arms and down his front. Rooke glances at Nanteu, then at the guy and shakes his head too.
Kyle pulls out his pockets remember he doesn't got a coin in his name and shakes his head. "Sorry mate, all dry right now but maybe on my way back I'll see what ya got. I could use a new jewel for a girl I know."
Siara: (Yeah, I heard about that... Scary business, but interesting enough to test.)
Nanteu also waves off the offer with a shake of the head. "No, thank you."
DM: Angel sharply glances at Kyle, her eyes showing curiosity and a bit of suspicion.
Kyle: (Also everyone sorry we didn't play much today but I HAD to finish something. I'm going have to get off kinda early too if my boss replaces me which I think he will in 30mins)
DM: (Aw...)
DM: (Are we stopping now?)
Kyle: (no go ahead but I'm going do my round and I should be back in time for a post or two IF he does replace me... wait, I still got to shave fukkk)
Siara tilts his head for a moment, then shakes his head as well. "I think we're all set, but thank you for the offer."
Kyle: (SHOULD BE back if not I'll text Vex. ROUND)
He closes the flaps of his cloak with a loud 'fwump' sound and possessively holds them close about himself again. He shifts his eyes one way and then the other before placing a finger to his lips. Very quietly, he seems to try and sneak off back the way he came... as if he were inconspicuous in broad daylight and wearing such a big coat. Once he reaches the end of the wharf, he turns and moves off down the beach, eyeing the sands.
"He was weird," Rooke murmurs. He claps his hands together. "All right... shops, customs... which do we want to go to first?"
Siara: (If a dog walks into your room carrying this in its mouth... http://d24w6bsrhbeh9d.cloudfront.net/pho... )
DM: (Smile)
Siara: (I think it would really make me jump)
Siara looks back at Rooke. "You picked up my hammer, right? Does anyone want it, or can I sell it?"
Nanteu "I'd like to check out the shops they have here. Now that we have money, it may be worth while seeing what they have in store."
DM: Rooke takes the hammer down from his back and hands it over. "All yours. Where do you want to go, Nanteu?" He starts moving along the wharf, off the docks so that he might glance about at the nearest shops. Past the four previously mentioned, on the left is a tavern with a simple Common sign above the door saying 'Nowhere'. Next to that, a large building that appears to be semi run-down and repeatedly patched up (the windows are boarded over), has a sign hanging beside the door that is 'Hammer and Tongs', with a small misprint between the 'T' and the 'O' of 'Tongs'. The next building one is 'Tillman's Books', newly painted a sickly blue color with white windowsills.
Nanteu bobs excitedly upon spotting the bookstore, then points it out to Rooke. "Bookshop first!," she chirps, then bobs over to the door, opening it with a small rush.
DM: On the right, there is a building with a fancy and delicate sign out front stating 'Selma's Desirables.' It looks like it might be a jewellery store or just somewhere that sells really expensive stuff - there are bars over the glass windows. Beside that, a great scent wafts from a building with a larger sign than all of the previous stores "Joe's Dire Crab Shack." You can see through the large windows people are eating at tables. And last, the smallest building, is a doctor's clinic. Beyond that, near the main gates, are two buildings that seem to be about Customs.
Kyle joined the chat
DM: Rooke grins, following after Nanteu into the bookstore. As Nanteu opens the door, a small bell jingles above the door. The room she enters into is full of bookcases, overflowing with books. Where the bookcases seem to run out, the books have been stacked in piles with some rhyme or reason, though you're not exactly sure of the order. You step in, gazing about, and almost startle as you spy a desk piled with books, books before it, books behind it, and a small figure of a human teenager with her head in a book. She is small, slender, has a button nose, tiny fingers, and flat brown hair. She peers over the top of her book at you and grins in greeting before going back to her book.
Siara takes the hammer and hefts it over his shoulder with ease, the weight floating back to his active memory. "Thanks. I think I'll go sell this and maybe look for someone with magic outside of the main town. Meet you at customs around sunhigh?"
Kyle: (So your not forced to detail three places at once, I want to go to the bookstore also)
DM: (I don't mind. )
Siara: (She threw three walls of text at us. She can handle it.)
Kyle shrugs looking back to Angel as the group starts to split up. "How about we check the bookstore too, I wouldn't mind to see what kind of language this is.. Maybe even pick a language translator book?" he says pulling out the small dark red book from his coats pocket, holding it up for her to see.
Nanteu gazes around, having kept her affinity for literature despite only recently escaping from a tower filled to the brim with books - here, however, she seems more pleased with the selection - if they happened to have a selection of elvish, it would be the more the better. "Hello," she greets the girl, approaching the cluttered desk. "I was wondering, would you happen to have any works in elvish? The common scribe is fine, too, though I'm looking for elvish in particular."
Siara: (How expensive is expensive?)
DM: (I'm not telling!)
Siara: (kfine, to Hammer and Tōngs it is then)
"If that's the one written in that weird language, I doubt we'll be able to find anything useful unless they have really, really old books..." Angel still seems interested, rubbing at her eyes in an attempt to wipe away the remaining sleepy fog. "I wouldn't mind just browsing. Let's go." She follows him into the bookstore - they both are given the same grin of greeting by the girl before she replies to Nanteu.
"Sure do," she says cheerfully before setting down her book carefully and digging a path out of the books surrounding her so that she might show Nanteu to the Elvish books. She looks about eighteen due to her body development, but she could honestly pass off as a thirteen year old. She guides Nanteu through the books, leading her to a particular shelf. "Small selection, but here are the elvish and sylvan works!" She points at five shelves within one bookcase of six. "The top row is Druidic, so... yeah, that's the most frustrating one. I can't read it." She giggles before skipping back to her throne of books to read. "Call me if you need anything else!"
DM: (So that's what I was...)
Siara watches everyone else depart, then heads for the run-down shack, hoping to get rid of the hammer. "Hello? Anyone in here?"
Kyle: (I kinda want to just watch Siara adventure now)
Siara: (Change of plans. Sell the hammer, look for magic in the trinket shop, then bookshop, THEN customs.)
You enter, the door creaking loudly and painfully on its hinges. Your eyes take a moment to adjust to the low light in the room, but when they do, you find a woman leaning over a counter, weapons stacked neatly behind her on the wall. The only light in the room comes from a candle on the desk and the light glow of a forge to the right of the desk. Behind the desk, to the right, is a staircase going up. At first, you believe the woman to be the only one in the room... then you start to see other women, some polishing weapons, some tending to the forge, all in utter silence. Only when you spot them do they start to snicker or smile coyly. The woman at the counter just appears bored, older than the rest of the women, and wiser. Her tanned face is slightly wrinkled, indicating she might be in her fifties. Her brown hair, graying at the roots, is tied back in a braid at the back of her head.
"Hammer and Tongs, ya here for? I don't imagine a pretty boy like you is in here looking for weapons... or are you?" she grunts.
Nanteu "Thank you," she gets in quickly, before the girl completely disappears. Slowly turning to the bookshelf, she starts to flick through the Elvish selection, lightly humming away. Picking two of the books from the middle of the row, she glances at Rooke. "So, do you know any other languages aside from Common?"
DM: Rooke leans against the next shelf, glancing over the titles. "I know a few phrases in elven - not enough to have a fluent conversation - and I now, supposedly, know Dwarven. What about you? Elvish, Common, and...?"
Kyle: (what is a 'customs' shop?)
Siara looks around for a moment, waiting for his eyes to adjust. As everything comes into focus, he steps up to the counter, still checking out the wares. "No, not looking to buy today. I have some friends who might be interested though, I'll send them your way. Actually, I was hoping..." He swings the hammer off his shoulder easily with one hand, hefting it onto the counter. "...to sell this. I no longer need it."
DM: (Not a shop. It's just the two buildings where they deal with customs, as in... who gets into the city.)
DM: Siara is greeted with a few snickers when he says he'll send his friends this way. The older woman boredly glances at the others before nodding at Siara and running her hands over the hammer. "An actual, true customer... rarely we get your kind. Most men are just looking for the 'h' in the name." She moves the candle over to look over the hammer a bit better, then picks it up and gives it a hefty swing. She must be the true blacksmith, the rest of the girls apprentices, perhaps? They don't look like they have enough beef to be picking up heavy objects like the hammer. The blacksmith sets it down on the counter again and grunts. "How much did you buy it for originally?"
DM: (Customs also will go through all your belongings and check you aren't bringing certain items into town.)
Nanteu "Draconic," she answers, "though I've only ever used it once or twice. Probably the strangest I've yet seen.. Though, the language they used in that tower was quite odd as well," she mentions, opening to the middle of one of the books and examining the writing, happy to see something from heritage. It was.. refreshing.
Kyle: (Well my replacement is here, I'm sorry gurls I wasn't on eariler tomorrow I will be ready.. whenever your friend is done hanging out with you Natalie!)
DM: (Gurrrls... all right, catch you!)
Kyle: (Feel free to shop, I can do all my shopping next time)
DM: (Heh heh heh...)
Nanteu: (Bye, bye kitt)
Kyle: (shattup)
Kyle: (Bye! And I will be on for a bit Vex if your still up)
DM: (xD)
Siara looks at the hammer again. "Won it, actually. A couple of gnolls were trying to kill me and the friends I mentioned earlier. You could call it a trophy, and it's served me well." He grins to himself, his tail wagging happily as he recalls the battle.
DM: One of the girls stands, moving away from the forge before touching Siara's tail briefly, playing with it almost. The blacksmith barks at her angrily and the woman quickly retreats back to the forge. The blacksmith shoots a glare after her before looking down at the hammer again. "So, second-hand. This has seen a lot of use through several years... what's your price?"
Siara watches the girl, greatly amused that she's taken interest in his, then looks back to the woman and nods. "Whatever you're willing to offer for it. Like I said, I have no need for it since I... upgraded my staff."
Siara: (in his tail*)
DM: Rooke nods slowly. He is quiet for a while, fingering a book that he pulls from the shelf. He smiles a little, thumbing absent-mindedly through the pages. "My uh... the second woman I was with... She was an elf. I was captivated by her - you know how youth is - and I once spent three hours trying to learn some Elvish words for her, just so I could tell her how I felt... Amin mela lle, I love you. I ended up mucking it up and apparently I said something more similar to 'I goat you'... which got a strange reaction."
Siara: (FFFFF I just realized the opportunity I passed up)
Siara: ("One BILLION gold pieces!" -Dr Evil-)
Nanteu almost snorts as she laughs, not expecting to find it so funny. She grins widely, watching him. "I feel so sorry for you! How did she react?," she asks, still smiling.
The blacksmith chews on her lip for a moment before barking the name of a girl. "Lydia! Come over here." A woman polishing weapons leaves her work and sidles her way past Siara, her fingers also brushing the tail before she leans against the counter. "Hm?" she asks, sending Siara a sickly sweet smile of lipstick-covered lips. Her long orange hair is tied up in a playful bun, the way she moves her body a little provocative. The blacksmith glares at her a moment before smacking her in the back. The woman quickly straightens up, no longer trying to make her body more shapely by sticking her backside out. "Lydia, what would you give this gentleman for this hammer? ... Cut it out with the pouting, he's a true customer."
Lydia sighs heavily and looks over the hammer. "Twenty pieces? If that?"
"About right. What do you say, Elf?" the blacksmith asks Siara.
DM: Rooke chuckles. "She argued with me in Elvish. I don't know what she said... she always pretended she never spoke Common until I finally got that phrase right, a few months later."
Siara flicks his tail towards the girl as she passes, catching her eye as she makes a pass at him. He chuckles, then reaches down to scratch behind Raiden's ear affectionately. "Twenty is fine. I hope it serves you as it has served me, or that you can get a good price out of it."
"Puh," the blacksmith says, glancing at the hammer. "Honestly, it's a hunk of junk, not even pretty. Lydia, you're in charge of selling this piece of crap. Get the gentleman his money... and don't scare him off, dammit." She takes off her blacksmith's apron and drops it on the counter before heading off upstairs.
Lydia watches her go before smirking and moving around the counter, reaching into a drawer beneath to start counting out coin. "Your friends... any men?"
Nanteu "I hope you learned from your mistake, then.. You would not have to learn elvish for my sake, I hope you know. I mean, if you had thought that at all.." she mumbles, closing the first book and slipping it back into the shelf, before picking up the second one.
Siara scratches at the back of his head, freezing when the girl asks if any of his friends are male. Calculating quickly, he looks back up and smiles. "Mmm, yes, there is one... I'll send him over here as soon as I catch up to him. He might take quite a liking to your..." He glances down, then back up with a grin. "...weapons."
Siara: (He's gonna kill me)
Nanteu: (Don't you dare)
DM: Rooke chuckles. "I'd hope not... I only nailed those three words and she made me follow her to her room. You shouldn't be so free, I imagine.... I wouldn't want you to be, at least. Speaking with a woman that won't speak back for three months, the one time you get it right, and she suddenly wants you in bed... something's wrong there, I imagine." He scratches behind his neck. "She wouldn't talk to me after except for in Elvish, so... yeah, it didn't work out. She was my first daughter's mother."
DM: (Mwahahah. Did ya finally figure out what the blacksmith is a cover for?)
Siara: (Yeah. Clever girl, hiding the H)
Nanteu: (omg I get it.)
DM: Lydia smirks, then delicately hands over Siara's money. "Well, I hope he is half as handsome as yourself, good sir elf. Not often we get men in here who aren't grubby sailors looking for the H." She playfully winks, resting her hands on top of the counter. "Have a good day."
DM: (Hee... xD)
Siara: (Clevah gehl)
Nanteu actually blushes just a little, though mostly at the mention of being in bed and 'being free', whatever that means.. She snickers a little, then swaps over to yet another book from the shelf, keeping the second balanced between the bookcase and her belly. "Yes, you need not worry about.. any of that. I like to think I'm reserved," she says, distractedly gazing at a small collection of elven history books.
DM: Rooke smiles, but also seems distracted now. He stares at the books on the opposite shelf before dipping his head. "Do you mind that I... have children?" he asks.
Siara takes it with a bow, sliding the money into his bag. "Mmm, I think he is. And he's far from grubby... I think you'd like him." He turns slowly and begins heading for the door, sill examining the weapon collection. "Heh... Don't tell him I was here. He might try to kill me." He then walks out, closing the door gently behind him, then heading into the jewelry store. "Hoy hoy, is anyone here?"
Nanteu blinks and pulls one of the history books out, though tentatively. "Oh, no, I suppose. Do you ever see them? If you did, and I did, then it may get.. awkward.. but aside from that, I'd actually wouldn't mind meeting them.. But I understand you don't see them, anyway. But if it happened, no, I wouldn't mind."
Nanteu: I actually*)
DM: The building Siara enters into is in stark contrast to the previous. The floors are polished wood, the walls spotless, shelves perfectly aligned with glass cases over them to reveal and protect beautiful jewellery in all shapes and sizes. The center of the room has a display of expensive-looking dishes, urns, and jars, each beautifully made up with glass or crystal, some embedded with jewels or made of dyed, colorful glass. Deep purple curtains frame the windows and a set of the same curtains cover an exit to the back of the establishment. A tall woman wreathed in ungodly-looking wrinkles steps out from behind the curtains. Her neck is made up with far too many necklaces, her wrists jingling with bracelets as she moves. You're pretty sure you could melt down all the silver she wears and make a small dog-sized statue. Most of her silver jewellery is embedded with amethysts and she is garbed in a long black dress. Her silver hair is pinned back in a strict bun, her blue eyes almost bugging from her skull. "Yes, how may I help you?"
DM: Rooke licks his lips and shrugs softly. "I wish I saw them more often, but none of their mothers like me very much. The last time I saw my first little girl was... wow, it must have been over five years ago. I'm not even sure how old she was." He seemed to muse on that thought for a moment, then frowned. "Funny to think I might never get the chance to ever see her again, not just because of family difficulties either. Hey, Nanteu, what do you have at home that you're missing right now?"
DM: (Also, Nanteu... the history books seem to contain different history than what you would normally be used to of elves from your own world. They seem to have pride issues a bit worse here...)
Siara admires the building from the second he walks in. "So many gems... Eh?" He almost takes a step backwards, startled by the woman's appearance as well as the amount of metal the woman is wearing. "Y... Yes, I'm looking for something with magic in it. An accessory or something portable that might have a spell imbued, or that can carry a spell until released. Would you happen to have anything like that?"
DM: "I'm not an enchanter," the woman replies, frowning somewhat. "I just make these in my forge out the back, have shipments sent in with these jewels... But whether or not they were previously enchanted, I have no clue. Feel free to look around." She turns as if to go back behind the curtains before pausing. She puts up a finger. "Doctor Malvin might be able to refer you to a good store inside the City of Shaw that does what you're looking for... He is a Cleric."
DM: (You'll soon note that everyone gets Doctor Marlin muddled with Doctor Malvin. This is not actually the NPC's fault...)
DM: (You'll soon note that everyone gets Doctor Marlin muddled with Doctor Malvin. This is not actually the NPC's fault...)
Nanteu attentively flicks through the new book, focusing on particular phrase as she mouths the words, seemingly a place name, then frowns, flicking through further to a personal account of some historical event. "My home?," she echoes, coming back to earth. "Oh. Well, the odd thing from Vilhon. My parents, of course.. Sister," she says.
Siara lowers his head slightly, disappointed, perking back up immediately. "A cleric? That would be most useful, as far as new spells go... Thank you very much, Miss, I'll keep that information in mind." He bows gratefully, then turns to leave, closing the door lightly and heading for the bookstore at last. His jaw practically drops when he sees how many books are piled up. "By the gods... This is like the library at Varaden." Trying not to stare around like an idiot, he moves in quickly, searching for the party.
DM: "I didn't know you had a sister," Rooke says. He put the book in his hands away before picking out a new one and looking through. "I have several half brothers and half sisters... my father slept around a lot, I suppose. It was like he left no woman with space in her gut... I'm sorry, that was pretty graphic. Uhm... yeah, your sister?"
DM: (Now might be a good time to stop. )
Nanteu: (Uhuh .. )
DM: (Also, there is a sign saying "Doctor Marlin's Clinic", just opposite the bookstore.)
Siara: (Will check that later)
DM: (Okay... someone remind me to post history in FoG tomorrow. xD I'm getting real sleepy. Goodnight guys!)

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Post on Mon Feb 04, 2013 8:59 am by Kate Orchix

Session 35 (4th February, 2013)

Nanteu attentively flicks through the new book, focusing on particular phrase as she mouths the words, seemingly a place name, then frowns, flicking through further to a personal account of some historical event. "My home?," she echoes, coming back to earth. "Oh. Well, the odd thing from Vilhon. My parents, of course.. Sister," she says.
Siara lowers his head slightly, disappointed, perking back up immediately. "A cleric? That would be most useful, as far as new spells go... Thank you very much, Miss, I'll keep that information in mind." He bows gratefully, then turns to leave, closing the door lightly and heading for the bookstore at last. His jaw practically drops when he sees how many books are piled up. "By the gods... This is like the library at Varaden." Trying not to stare around like an idiot, he moves in quickly, searching for the party.
DM: "I didn't know you had a sister," Rooke says. He put the book in his hands away before picking out a new one and looking through. "I have several half brothers and half sisters... my father slept around a lot, I suppose. It was like he left no woman with space in her gut... I'm sorry, that was pretty graphic. Uhm... yeah, your sister?"
Siara: Well, I'm in the book store now, someone can pull me over to the party or I'll just look around
DM: (w as bookstore owner)
DM: The little woman behind the desk peers up as Siara enters, smiling a little even as he gazes about the store, almost missing her in the mess of books. Maybe its his white hair and exotic armor that makes her eye him a bit more than the others, out of curiosity. Her eyes rest on Raiden, on the staff, then back on Siara before she purses her lips and continues watching him from behind her book. (Sense Motive, if you like, Siara.)
Siara rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 17
Siara: (22)
Nanteu: (guh, dinner.)
Nanteu left the chat
DM: Siara, glimpsing the bookstore owner watching you, you get the lingering thought that she seems to have picked you out, almost as if she were waiting for you or expecting you.
Siara: (Oh dear.)
DM: (Keep going. We can pretend Rooke and Nanteu are a few book aisles over)
Siara catches a flash of movement near a pile of books, spotting the girl who made it. His eyes lock with hers for a moment, waiting and wondering, and then approaching. "Hey, am I late?"
Siara: (trololololo)
DM: A brief expression of surprise crosses the girl's face but it quickly disappears beneath a cute grin. She moves a lock of her brown hair behind her ear. "Depends. Didn't expect to see you and your companion so soon, to be honest." She glances down at Raiden with the mention of 'companion', almost as if she knows his story.
Siara: (Ooh, well-played...)
Siara raises an eyebrow in curiosity, then flashes a small smile at her words. "You seem to know a lot about us..." He leans in down towards her, a large Cheshire grin crossing his lips. "Care to tell me how you know?"
DM: The girl slowly closes her book and smiles as she places it down on a nearby book pile. She rests her hands in her lap as she looks up at him, a confident expression on her face. "I was asked to keep an eye out for you, I got a letter from someone you might know. He wasn't sure if you were coming this way, but if you came from Elmrock, you were surely going to end up in the City of Shaw docks. I hear about most people who come through here..."
Siara: (Eh... I always remember years too late that I can make intimidate and gather information checks on stuff like this)
DM: (Well, can always get extra bits using them. )
Siara 's ears rise in surprise. He exchanges a brief glance with Raiden, then stands straight again - the girl knew what she was doing. "Mmm, that's fair. "Someone I might know," though? I don't know many people here..." A strange thought crosses his mind as he tries to think of who it could be, and he tenses. "Who was it, and where is the letter?"
Kyle: (So Siara is speaking with book girl?)
DM: (Yep!)
Sheeb joined the chat 6 seconds ago
Sheeb changed name to Nanteu
Kyle hears his stomach start to wail, placing a hand on it to calm it down. "Let's break Nannytwo's and Rooke's moment.. I need to get my split of the gold, can't do much spending with empty pockets." he says quietly coming up behind Nanteu and tapping her should. "So.. neat place, but I think I'm going to check out the crab place, could ya pass Angel me our share of the gold?"
Kyle: ( https://i1237.photobucket.com/albums/ff46... )
Nanteu flinches a little at Rooke's comment about his father, but she moves on, slipping one of the books, a book of elvish lore, under her arm. She looks thoughtful for a moment, and opens her mouth as if to answer him.. Before being interrupted by Kyle. Turning with a blank look on her face, she takes a moment to collect herself before untying one of the two coin purses at her belt. She holds it out to him. "That's almost half of mine."
DM: The girl reaches behind her to another book behind her and places it on the cluttered desk. It's large and has written on it 'Sonia's Business Stuff'. She opens it to a page somewhere near the back and takes out a folded letter, the seal broken. "Right here," she says. She closes the book again and unfolds the letter before reading it aloud. "'Dear Ms. Tillman, I have recently run across another of our kind. Several others, actually, but there is only one that you need to know about right now. His name is Siara, he is a Lunar Elf with long white flowing hair, handsome features, and a slight flair for the dramatic perhaps expressed in his clothes or choice of weaponry.' Blah, blah, he tells me about your companion... 'He looks similar to Hunma, I apologize for the reference, but the resembelance is remarkable. He might not be going through your area, but if you see him, I have a message I need you to deliver to him. Tell him that, given a bit more time, I may be able to reverse the effects of his companion's curse, but I am currently travelling. Somehow, I will catch up with him, or bump into him, but for now, I have something else I must do. I apologize for the briefness of this letter, but the paper is not large enough. -Deacon."
Siara: (You pulled out all the stops, didn't you)
DM: (What do you mean? xD)
Siara: (A flair for the dramatic expressed through clothes and weapons? Come on, you know that's me to a freakin T.)
DM: Angel shifts her pack on her shoulders, encouraged by the prospect of food. Rooke makes no move to share his coin and watches the three of them.
DM: (Deacon figured it out pretty quickly. )
Siara: (Shoot, my memory suddenly crapped out. Where did we meet Deacon?)
Kyle: (Deacon.. You mean Angel's dad?)
DM: (In Bluetun. He was Nateshk's contact. You liked him a lot.)
DM: (Shhhh...)
Kyle: (What Kyle figured it out on his own!)
Nanteu: (Ohhhh yeaaahhh)
Kyle: (Well this awkward.. I remembered something no one else in the party did)
DM: (xD!)
DM: ( Deacon - Image here, Nateshk's contact, lives in Bluetun, knows of powerful magic-users, is fairly adept with magic himself, appears ageless, has a pretty important deal with Siara (more info needed!) )
Kyle: (Also remember getting Rooke into trouble with Nanteu)
Siara: (First time for everything, I guess)
DM: ( https://i1237.photobucket.com/albums/ff46... )
Kyle: (My mental image of him, is him standing about a large pot stiring it like a witch.. but in a tux)
DM: (Yep, 'bout right... xD)
Nanteu: (Yeah, the whole playboy thing)
Siara: (I thought more of like a hermit sage...)
DM: (Wow... playboy!?)
Kyle flexes his brain muscles
Nanteu: (xD)
Siara: (Still w, sorry)
Kyle snags the coin purse and throws it up, catching it sharply. "Thank ya miss, now I will be off filling my gullet with as much crab as I can stuff. Angel you going to hang out here or you hungry too?"
Kyle: (go ahead and fast traveling to the crab shack)
DM: (w Kyle and Angel)
Siara closes his eyes, listening in silence and unmoving until the name at the end registers. "Wait... Deacon? Traveling? Urgh, I'll never find him now... But if he can turn Raiden back, then we'll have to take him to the White Forest... Why did I tell him I would do that?" He goes over the letter in his mind again. "He certainly knows his way around this world. Let's see... Hunma? Who's that?"
Kyle: (feel free to put me on the back burners, I'm not main plot right now Vex is)
Siara: (Yay, plot device!)
Siara (rolls to Disable Device)
Nanteu: (Overruled!)
Angel nods. "I'm coming with you, I'm starved... I didn't get any breakfast!" She follows Kyle from the bookstore and they cross the road to 'Joe's Dire Crab Shack', a fairly large establishment with two stories. The wood is painted white, the rims about the doors and windowsills being a brilliant red. The doors swing open at Kyle's touch and both he and Angel find themselves in a clean room - the floor scrubbed until it almost sparkles, tables and chairs set about the place, and a counter at the back of the room exiting onto a busy kitchen that you can see through a glassless window. A large fat man stands at the counter, taking the order of a halfling - the counter is made for humans, so the man is leaning right over to look down at the little lady halfling.
Around the place, there is a table of small halflings all struggling to stay upright in their human chairs - children, by the looks of it, maybe all of the lady halfling's brood, in fact. A male adult halfling is minding them, well... not really, he's busy reading a paper menu and yelling changes in order towards the lady halfling who will yell back as if she's hard of hearing. Another table has two men, both chowing into what looks to be oversized crab meat - one is waving about a crab leg as he talks to the other. Near the window, an elderly couple sit with cups of steaming tea, sipping and absent-mindedly gazing out the window.
Through the window into the kitchen, you see a human woman, probably in her thirties, move from the kitchen, through a set of swinging doors, and to the front counter. She ignores the large man and his customer, instead moving to wipe down the counter and wait until she is approached so that she might serve more customers. Her hair is a mousey color and she's pleasantly plump.
DM: (No back burners!)
DM: 'Ms. Tillman' grins and folds the letter back up, slipping it into the book once more. She leans forward on the counter and grins confidently. "Hunma is a Lunar Elf, like you. And Deacon... don't worry about him. He may want something from you in return, but it won't be to go to a place of paradise. He just wants to go home." She sticks out her hand across the books, as if to shake Siara's hand. "Sonia Tillman. My father had the same problem as you... someone ripped time and space and he ended up in Elmrock. Eventually he gave up on returning home and settled here in the City of Shaw. He got married, had me, and died ten years ago. I carry on all his loose ends in his business of... keeping people from other worlds up-to-date on what's going on. Hunma is another recent one, like you lot, but he's been here for fifteen years."
Kyle: (going to take this time to make myself some dinner, after reading about all that dire crab meat I'm now starved)
DM: Rooke waits until Kyle and Angel are gone before he glances to Nanteu again. "So, your sister? Or... is it a sensitive subject? I can leave it alone, I mean..." He straightens, clicking his back and putting a book down. "You're trying to read at the moment, maybe I should wander off for a bit..."
DM: (ok )
Kyle: (I can taste butter in my head also.. and smell lemon juice mmm.. afk)
Siara looks away when she mentions the length of time that Hunma's been there. "I guess it wouldn't be all bad... It's a nice enough world, we could settle here once we break the curse." He takes her hand, firm but friendly. "As you already know now, my name is Siara, the druid of the White Forest. Raiden, as you also know, is my companion." He looks around again, still amazed by the sheer number of books. "This collection of books reminds me of the library we had at home... I think I might pick up something for our travels. What would you recommend, if anything?"
DM: Sonia Tillman grins, gently releasing his hand and resting it instead on the nearest pile of books that is about level to her chest. "He despises this place. I'm sure you could find him within the City of Shaw, at one of his usual haunts..." She then turns to business, reaching under her desk. "Well, there is something I think you might find useful... it isn't a book, but it looks like it would be more precious to a newcomer like yourself." She comes back up, laying out two scrolls on the table. "Maps!"
Siara: (Aww yissssssssssss)
DM https://2img.net/h/i1237.photobucket.com/albums/ff468/Kotorchix/Yerthaeelmrockaleyratseasthsufghorhgr_zpscfed4fad.png and https://2img.net/h/i1237.photobucket.com/albums/ff468/Kotorchix/Elmrocksworldmap-2.png (You, as Siara, see them both as finished, but... yeah, I haven't finished them. xD)
Kyle: Pointing up at the sign as Kyle uses his back to open the door long enough for Angel to pass. "Dire crab.. Can't say I've ever had to deal with something like that before.. I didn't think about sea side town having to deal with giant animals, or crabs for that matter hah. I wonder how they catch'em." Making his way in finally to gaze about the customers, scratching at his chin wondering who to speak to. "Umm.. They seem busy, any idea where we should sit? Maybe next to the litter of halfins, or the peaceful walking undead over there would be nice. Hey miss!" he says waving down the plump women. "I got a demon to sedate here in my stomach, think ya can help?"
Siara: (Kitt, please tell me you get the joke in the name)
Kyle: (Who's name?)
Nanteu lightly grabs Rooke's arm, shaking her head. "No, no. You.. asked, and I'm not really reading.. More.. browsing, than anything," she mutters. She slides the last book into it's original place, turning slowly back to Rooke, eyes to the ground, with her brow furrowed for a moment as she tries to think. She looks almost vulnerable, forgetful, even, as if trying to grasp a memory from long ago - something which shouldn't be all too difficult considering she's an elf. "My sister.." she starts, then leans against the bookshelf as she remembers. She smiles a little, almost fakely. "My sister is younger than I, though much more beautiful," she says lightly, with an odd smirk. "She's a gentle person, probably the kindest I've ever met - on my travels or anywhere else. Most recently, she was following me on some of my travels. But we broke apart after she decided to settle down with her husband and child.. I'm rambling. Uh.. What would you like to know?"
Siara: (Joe's Dire Crab Shack)
Nanteu: (that took sosososo long, sorry :s)
Kyle: ( http://restaurantkansascity.com/seafoodr... )
Siara: (YES YOU DO)
Siara: (I'm so proud of you xD)
Siara lights up as she pulls out maps. "Oh yes, can't live without those... One of my traveling partners is native to this world, but she hasn't been outside of Elmrock, or very far outside anyways." He scans over the maps quickly. "How much for them?"
Kyle: (But it reminded me of a Southern burger place that only here called Fat Joe's)
Kyle: (They make monster size hamburgers for dirt cheap)
Angel seems undecided, but when two of the five halfling children start fighting, she points towards the table nearest the elderly couple. "Nice and quiet over there," she says.
The plump woman glances up and smiles a little bit before pointing towards the table Angel is heading for. "I'll be right with you, there is a menu on the table." She glances at the fat man and frowns before moving in and speaking in stern tones with the argumentative, noisy halfling woman. The two seem to get into a bit of a discussion before the halfling returns to her table with a disgruntled expression. The fat man gives the plump woman a gentle kiss on the forehead before going into the kitchen area.
DM: (... I made Joe fat without realizing.)
Kyle: (all Joe's are fat... ALL OF THEM, even the one I'm working with is HUGE )
Siara: (You'll have to take me there some time, I love hamburgers)
Siara: (Also, not true! I knew a Joe that was really skinny!)
Nanteu: (Take me too!)
Kyle: (Just like the name Corey, they're all dicks)
DM: (I'll come for bacon)
Kyle: ( Bacon shake for the lady and two burgers)
Kyle: (Seriously if you guys ever come out Southern America is where ALL the major home cooking food places are that people travel all to come. BBQ and Ribs also huge here)
DM: Rooke smiles a little, but shakes his head. "You're not rambling... and really, I'm just interested in whatever you have to say. I've told you a bit about myself, now I'm curious as to where you're from and why you don't seem too worried that you're not returning to your family for now." (Sorry, short one, but it's Rooke... he doesn't talk much. xD)
Nanteu: (I'd just eat all the time if I ever went overseas)
Kyle: (I love spotting the places I know and been too on the Food Chanel. Ya know how they travel across America and stuff for food challegens or best ___ we got a couple places here that get on TV shows some times)
Siara: (If you visit here, I'm going to buy you one of Tucson's claims to fame - the Sonoran Dog)
Nanteu: (Oh that's cool)
Nanteu: (Sonoran Dog? Like, hotdog, I'm guessing?)
Kyle: (Gosh sorry but now I'm chatty with you guys, also when I use to work at a food store, we had 'Senior Discount day' and I remember once the store OWNER heard me say something kinda bad about the people and that normally would had him very mad but he just laughed.)
Siara: (Yeah. It won a big food challenge recently. )
Siara: (Anyone can make them, but you can only buy them here.)
Kyle: (He yelled at me, "Karlton get out there and restock ___ and ___, we need ya out there." Me- "Alright alright, gosh I just hate this day. It's Night of the Living Dead out there." xD )
Nanteu: (Hmm.. It all sounds good, anyway)(*drools*)
Nanteu: (xD)
Kyle: (Cause discount day, full of OLD PEOPLE.. nothing else, and they make moans and groans and shamble everywhere and try to grab you to get you show them where things are!)
DM: Sonia Tillman smirks lightly and shuffles the two scrolls a little. "Well... what are you offering for them?" she asks, tilting her head slightly. "I'll just have whatever you don't need for getting through customs with all your magic..."
Siara: ( https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/image... )
Nanteu: (ommmgggg)
Kyle: (round)
Siara looks up, cursing himself for not remembering sooner. "Customs... Blast, I forgot about that. What do we- ...wait, what do you mean 'with all your magic?' "
Nanteu looks saddened, then leaves more heavily against one of the shelves, gripping the edge with a hand. "I miss them a lot. I just.. At the moment, I just think that, we should see whatever we're doing through to the end, you know? Some day I may return, after that. Anyway, I don't know how they'd react to me returning because.. Well, it's been a while, I mean."
DM: Sonia frowns. "I thought you knew?" She waits a moment, then shakes her head and exhales loudly. "Ten gold pieces per sentient individual to get in. It will be either two gold pieces or five gold pieces for Raiden, as they will believe him either to be a pet or a beast of burden... try convincing them he's not a riding dog. Each magic-user has to pay a hefty price to be allowed to use their magic within the city. It is a hundred gold pieces to be allowed to use healing and revival magics within the city, 500 in total if you want to be allowed to use everything except... well, necromancy."
Siara: (.............)
DM: Rooke watches Nanteu and gently nods. "I understand. But if they're your family, well... they'll accept you back. At least they aren't spouses." He chuckles lightly and reaches out to gently squeeze her shoulder. "All right... now what should we do? Catch up with Kyle and Angel, or find Siara?"
DM: (I told you that you should have taken everything.)
Siara: ( http://i1.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/news... )
DM: (I love that xD)
Siara pales slightly. "Wha... Why so much though? I can see putting a limit on offensive magic, but why on healing magic as well?"
Nanteu smiles faintly, then backs up a little bit, to the end of the bookcase, and peers across it at the front desk, moving partially into the open as she gazes back at Rooke. "May as well see Siara, then see what the others are up to. I also need to buy this," she says, grabbing the book from under her arm.
"Magic scares people," Sonia says with a small shrug. "Only government officials and licensed doctors are allowed to use it without the Magic Mark. Healing and revival are... touchy subjects in the history of Sturtmok, but are the most commonly used too."
Rooke nods. "Lead the way."
Siara runs his fingers through his hair slowly. "I suppose... I can refrain from using it while we're here... I should only need fifteen pieces then, if that's the price to get in normally."
Nanteu wanders over to the front desk with her arms wrapped around the book, though once she realises Siara's busy with the shop girl, she comes up beside him hesitantly, also noticing he seems put off by something. "Everything alright?," she asks, then glances to the younger girl.
DM: Sonia nods, then taps the maps. "I'd usually do a gold piece for each of these. I can go lower if-..." She cuts herself off, waiting for Siara to explain to Nanteu.
Nanteu: (She just buts in xD)
DM: (xD)
Siara looks back at Nanteu, then sighs heavily. "Ten gold per person. An additional hundred for white magic, five-hundred for everything except true black." He reaches into his pack and pulls out two gold pieces. "I'll have plenty to get in, but it will be weird trying to disconnect from my magic..."
DM: Sonia takes the two gold pieces and hands over both scrolls, gently slipping one within the other. "Good luck... and..." She hesitates before leaning over the counter again. "If you run into Hunma, you'll know, but... be careful, all right? He is not a... good man. Especially not for a lunar elf."
Siara takes the scrolls graciously, then looks up with a touch of sadness in his eyes. "Darkness lurks in every heart, even ones that seem to radiant with purity. Thanks for the help."
Nanteu pauses, the gives her remaining purse a look, thinking about how lucky they were to find Cleta's stash. It would have been much moe difficult to get into the city without any of the gold, and anything they had in their current possessions that seemed worth anything were the stautes. Which they smashed to pieces. She nods, then waits for him to finish with the book keeper before slipping in to present the book she picked up.
Kyle: (Amazing gif Vex)
DM: (Remind me what the book was on?)
Nanteu: (Elvish lore)
DM: Sonia eyes the book for a long moment, obviously recalling the price from memory before smiling a little. "That one's five gold pieces. I'm open to haggling, however, seeing as its your first time in Sturtmok."
Siara: (500g for magic = I'm out)
DM: (Yeeep... we all are. Though, I did hint at you before, there ARE ways around it... *cough* Illegal ways, yes, but... there, none-the-less...)
Kyle hooks his arm openly prepare to take a nice quiet seat behind the elderly couple. "Shall we? I'm thinking we made the right choice.. So have you ever had crab Tindomerel?" (What does the menu say, or the specials atleast?)
Kyle: (Siara do et)
Kyle: (Sorry but I couldn't think of much to say beside sit down and read menu)
Nanteu twitches her nose, eyeing the book. She looks unsure of what to do. "I don't normally haggle.. 3 gold?," she offers lamely.
Kyle: (thought you may like this Vex http://st.elohell.net/images/chill/0ef9c... )
Vex: (♥A♥)
DM: (Specials: Dire King Crab. Dire Lobster Daddy Feast. Dire Dungeness Crab. Dire Snow Crab. A few other options are given that are not Dire - for those who can't take big servings.)
Kyle: (...round >3> *grumble*)
Nanteu: (That's Genzoman's. Used to follow him on dA)
Vex: (Look at you, identifying art styles)
Vex tucks the scrolls into his bag, giving him the appearance of a cartographer or architect as he steps out of the way for Nanteu to buy a book. He stands in silence, his mind churning wildly, waiting until she's finished.
Vex: (...how did my name change?)
Nanteu: (c
Nanteu: (damn smileys.)
Vex changed name to Siara
Siara tucks the scrolls into his bag, giving him the appearance of a cartographer or architect as he steps out of the way for Nanteu to buy a book. He stands in silence, his mind churning wildly, waiting until she's finished.
DM: Angel picks up the menu and glances over it before offering it to Kyle. "I think so, I'm not sure. But never Dire crab... I've never even seen one before." She watches him for a little while, eyes roaming his face before she licks her lips and glances down at her hands resting on the table. "So, uh... uhm..." She stammers for a moment, then starts playing with her amulet. "I tried using magic again this morning. Didn't work... I think I'd like to find a wizard inside the city who might be able to see if there's anything that can be done to reverse whatever happened back in that place..."
DM: It seemed she abruptly changed from whatever she was going to say first.
Nanteu: (I feel that everyone has died )
Nanteu: (.. smiley)
DM: (Waiting on you! xD)
Siara: (Waiting for you and Sonia to finish)
DM: (oh.. on me!)
Nanteu: (I responded xD)
DM: Sonia smiles, then shrugs and extends her hand for the gold, offering the book back. "That's fine by me... we should have started at a higher number, would have made it more exciting! Both of you have a good day... and good luck with Customs."
DM: (It is so windy!!!)
DM: (We're having a real good storm here... if power goes off, that means internet is gone, but if the power comes back, I'll be straight back on!)
Siara slowly looks up as he hears their business finish, and speaks softly. "...how can we get around the magic fee?" He turns, looking at Sonia directly. "You mentioned a magic mark. Could I replicate it with my own magic?"
Nanteu unties the string around her pouch and retrieves the right amount, swaping the book for the gold. Tucking it under her arm again, she dips her head at the girl, moving back so Siara can say what he needs to before they leave.
DM: Sonia frowns. "That's illegal, but... I've heard of someone doing something like that before. It's not conventional magic, I don't think... not something you can just cast. I think there's actually something in the Mark that other magic-users can... sense? I wouldn't know, I don't know anything about magic. Maybe Doctor Marlin can help you? Then again, I don't know if he'd be up for something like that..."
DM: (Lapsey's running around wearing a dish cloth for a cape)
Nanteu: (xD!)
Siara nods. "People who have magic can sometimes sense the presence of magic in others. But if there's a way to fool the system and be allowed to retain my magic, even if I don't need to use it... I'll do it." He turns and breezes past Nanteu and Rooke, saying "Doctor Marlin" as he passes so they know where he's going.
DM: (The magic affects you too, Nanteu!)
Kyle: (yaaa~ the wands broke, there is no longer ANY working wands)
DM: (Yay)
Nanteu: (Yeah, I keep forgetting that '>> )
DM: (Going to the doctor's surgery, Siara?)
Siara: (Yeah, we'll see what he says. Also, do bard songs count as magic?)
DM: (I'm not sure... probably a little?)
Nanteu makes it out the door just ahead of Siara, shuffling backwards as he and Rooke slip outside. "So, the Doctor's? Do you really think he will help us?"
Kyle: "Dire Lobster Daddy Feast looks like the winner for today.. ug, sorry what did you say? I was too busy oggling the menu." he jokes trying to lighten her up, then folding the menu down and sliding off to side waiting on the plumped women. "Ya, well I'm sure there's someone around here that can do it. I mean magic just doesn't poof out your head... I think, actually I'm not sure. So what about you, a Dire Lobster Daddy Feast for the little devil, or you going with something lighter like rabbit food, hm?"
Kyle: (So happy that damn wand is dead for now, so tired of trading it on and off >,< seems pray really does work)
DM: (xD!)
Kyle: ( http://tentsile.com/gallery.html )
Siara looks away. "...I don't know. I don't know who he is or what kind of magic he specializes in, or how he would do it, but I'll die before I let anyone take my power away again."
Kyle: (all I can think is making love would be scary in that, and no more bears trying to eat as I sleep. )
Nanteu: (I WANT ONE)
Siara: (They're lots of fun. The hard part is getting them set up, but then it's like sleeping in a cradle. As long as wind doesn't keep you awake, it'll put you right to sleep.)
DM: Siara, Nanteu, and Rooke head across the street to what looks a very small building compared to the bookstore or any of the stores nearer the docks. Still, it is two-storey. It is painted a faded white, the front porch holding two benches for people to sit on and the front door has an 'Open' sign on it. Pushing on in through the door, the three adventurers walk into a room with a white wooden floor and white walls with the slightest hint of light blue. Cupboards are on almost every wall, all painted white to give that 'clean' look. There is a curtain blocking off part of the room, leaving only space enough to enter and look at the cupboards on the two nearest walls. The curtain has a silhouette behind it of a man, obviously bent over a table, busy with something as he stands. (I'll try and draw a pic to show where everything is, don't wait though.)
Siara: (...cradle? Hammock*)
Kyle: (look at all of you, progressing story line, while I'm just sitting here eating DIRE crab..)
Siara: (Hammer time? -shot-)
Nanteu: (...)
Nanteu: (brb, i should shower before it gets too late)
Siara pushes open the door, holding it open for Nanteu, Rooke and Raiden, but remaining near the entrance until his eyes have adjusted to the change in light. "Hello? Doctor Marlin?"
DM: Angel seems to muse over the options, retaking the menu before giving a little shrug. "I'll try Dire Snow Crab, I think," she says. "It sounds nice... but I'm starting to think the servings might just be really huge..." She glances over towards the two human men sharing a plate of Dire Crab - they haven't even made it half way through and are starting to slow. Still, Angel shrugs. The woman wanders over, ready to take their order. "I heard that Dire Snow Crab order... what would you like, sir?" she addresses Kyle.
Kyle: (Man I feel like I'm on a awkward date, like one of those first ones where your not really dating but you could be, so it's just odd.)
Siara: (Oysters are an aphrodisiac. -sage nod-)
The silhouette behind the curtain straightens. You see the silhouette move as if the man is looking at his hands before his face, then shakes them for a moment before stepping around the side of the curtain. He is pale, black-haired, steel-eyed, and standing at six feet. His physique is slim and fit, almost on the verge of muscular, but only enough to be toned. He wears a white coat with the sleeves rolled up and white gloves, grey trousers tucked into black boots and a black belt holding up his pants. Beneath the white coat he wears a white shirt, low enough to display his collar bones and a bit of black chest fuzz at the top of his shirt. He must be below the age of thirty. Something about his is charming, but none of you are quite sure what... especially when it becomes evident that his white gloves and pale arms are covered in slick, bright red blood.
He smiles, displaying a perfect smile of teeth. "Can I help you?"
DM: (*him)
DM: (Hahaha! xD)
Kyle muses over to what Tindomerel was looking at seeing the size of the meals. "Ya.. kinda big, maybe I should.." he get's that much out before the women comes over asking him what he like. "I was thinking the Big Daddy meal ya got, with a extra side of butter sauce.. Maybe a nice mallet if I got to crack the little bastard open myself." Quietly he slides back propping up one leg on the table thinking. "Served magical ties.. Could be, but I don't know the first dang thing to magic, heck even learning to write was a bit of a challenge for me as a kid. Hey but on the good side I'm sure you could always pick up the books again and it would come back to ya."
Kyle: (what are we laughing at?)
DM: (Just you!)
Siara: (...the mental image that comes to mind is a mix of Red Arcueid and Nrvnqsr Chaos)
Kyle: (what did I do this time?)
DM: (Just that awkward date thing)
Kyle: (Damn it we need Oysters over here!)
DM: (I don't like oysters...)
Kyle: (Good thing nether do I, but Tindomerel may!)
Kyle: (!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry just had to get that ! out of my system)
DM: (xD!)
Siara watches the figure move, bowing in greeting. "I was pointed in your direction for a way past the Magic Mark system in the city."
Kyle: (Plus your redheaded I doubt you need any extra help, if history is correct about redhairs that is)
DM: (Horny redheads.)
Siara: (She knows! ABANDON THREAD!!)
Kyle: (I think was just history proving a point.. since the dawn of man, red heads have been the most attractive hair color )
Nanteu: (Kilpatrick oysters are the best thing in the world.)
Siara: (Because the color red is known on a scientific basis for increasing your heart rate)
Nanteu: (I love redheads. Natalie knows this.)
Kyle: (I love redheads too)
DM: The woman nods, jotting down notes before walking off again. Tindomerel glances at Kyle's leg on the table, eyeing his boot before reaching over and pulling a leaf off the bottom of his boot and placing it on the table next to his leg before responding. "It took a long time to even get to this stage. I don't want to be in my forties just to get back to what I'm like now... or was like yesterday, I mean." She's quiet for a moment, then looks up at Kyle. "You know something weird? I keep thinking of stuff I never knew before... like, I know how to use a whip and how to fight with two weapons. I have never trained with either and I... well, there was this creep on the Judit who tried stopping me before I got to my room. Funny what adrenaline can do." She seems to muse over what happened for a moment, then gives a weak grin. "I almost killed him with one strike.... that's never happened before, especially against someone that big."
Kyle: ( Xiao Jie that was the girls first name.)
Siara: (Nothing to get your heart moving like hearing someone by your window at 3:40am)
Kyle: ( O,o? Get the rilfe.. )
Siara: (I told you, I only need my hands)
DM: Doctor Marlin glances over the three of them and the dog before softly nodding and moving back behind the curtain. You see his silhouette get back to work on whatever is on the table. He takes a few moments to respond, but when he does, his voice is smooth. "I may be into some unusual activities, but faking Magic Marks is not one of them. If you're willing to get yourself into that sort of trouble, I can only think of one person to talk to outside of the City Gates..."
Siara tilts his head, glancing to Nanteu before shrugging. "Who might that be?"
DM http://puu.sh/1Xjr7
Siara: (Body alteration.)
Kyle: Leaning forward slowly pulling free his dagger from his right boot Kyle points it at her as he talks and starts cleaning his nails with it. "Why didn't ya tell me this earlier, she that something I could helped with. Maybe ya woke up your ancestry spirit or something.. Or it could finally threw away that safety blanket of magic, and revealed your mind real talents." he says flicking off the dirt from his dagger then putting his feet down and sliding the dagger across the table and spinning with one finger. "Or maybe it has something to do with your blood line, being half angel and all."
DM: (I assure you, the stick figure is a beautiful shapely beast)
Kyle then has a sly smirk
DM: (I'm not sure if you're yelling that about Kyle or Marlin... xD)
Kyle: (I want to ask if they'll take payment in the form of bells)
Nanteu watches the doctor with an even gaze, head tilted patiently.
Siara: (Both. Maybe.)
DM: Doctor Marlin reaches over, yanking back the curtain to reveal the body of a young woman. Sticking up out of her belly is a long scimater, it's blade deep within her torso. She is beautiful, displaying plump lips, long-lashed eyes, a gently sloping forehead and perky nose, her face the shape of a heart. Her hair is black, pooling about her, and she is deathly pale. She wears a crimson dress split at the thigh and low in the chest region - the doctor has cut away the fabric surrounding the wound. "This lovely lady here," he says. "Molly." He gets back to work on her - he seems to be probing about the blade with his fingers. Her dress, it seems, wasn't originally crimson, but perhaps white or a soft pink... it's blood soaking her.
DM: Angel watches Kyle for a long moment. You see her swallow before she offers a shy smile and glances down at her lap. "Tiefling, Kyle... I'm not an angel or celestial... they don't have horns or scare people with just a look." She glances back up, towards the dagger as it spins. "I didn't tell you because he grabbed me and tried dragging me off, I just slammed my blade through his chest... and then there wasn't really much more of a problem. I went and found that guy who killed everything in that room and hung stuff on the walls... whatever his name was. He dragged that guy off for healing and to be locked up. I didn't really see why I'd need to wake you up... I was okay."
Siara: (You have quite a penchant for dark scenery. Are you sure you're okay?)
DM: (I'm not even writing gore! I'm fine. xD)
Kyle: (looking at the table full of hobbits!)
Kyle rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 11
Kyle: (12)
Kyle: (or 15)
Kyle: (main thing is how many kids?)
Siara recoils in shock, Raiden's hair standing on end. "What... What are you doing to her...!?"
DM: The halflings appear to be a family. Two parents, five children, all around the same age group. Three are boys, two are girls.
Nanteu gapes at the woman as she is revealed, but holds an arm across Siara, as if to hold him off. "He's only trying to help her.. Doctor, how did this happen?"
Kyle: (round)
DM: Doctor Marlen waves a bloody hand dismissively. "I'm doing my job. See, this is why I don't like prostitution. It makes my job more difficult. Domestic violence generally never escalates so quickly in a normal household, it isn't like a man finishes polishing the blade with his wife and suddenly finds another blade to stab her with, is it? No, filthy sailors... always got to make my job more complicated." He is still probing about the wound. "I just finished healing up the wounds on her back - this one is a little more difficult as the blade is jagged and I'm afraid I might lose her if I pull it out too quickly. Don't worry, won't take a minute... but yes, this is Molly."
Siara listens, still in shock, but settles down when he realizes that he's trying to help her, raising both hands as if he's going to shrug. "My apologies for reacting as I did." His magic circle slides into existence as both hands and the gem in his scythe begin glowing together, a spell triad. "Would you... like some help stabilizing her? If you remove the blade slowly, I can stagger a healing spell to close the wounds as it comes free." (Triple Cure Light)
Siara: (I'll roll the numbers out if he accepts the help)
DM: "No, no," Doctor Marlen says, peering into the edge of the wound. "My patient, not yours." He stays peering for a little while, then glances up sharply. "What does a prostitute look like on the inside?" Leaving that question hanging, he places two fingers on either side of the blade, pressing them into the skin and wound. A soft glow envelopes his hand and soon, seeps into her skin. With his free hand, he slowly pulls the blade out, healing as he does so and tilting the blade slightly so as to avoid cutting her anymore. Pulling it completely free, he lays it aside on the bench the girl is laid out on and he places both bloodied hands over her waist, continuing to flush healing properties into her. Pink rushes to her lips and cheeks and her breathing picks up - still, she sleeps. He looks down at her, satisfied with his work, and glances up at Siara. "Thankfully, the same as every other Tom, Dick, and Harry."
Nanteu watches the wounded girl for a long moment, examining the wound in her chest, and checking the barely visible rise and fall of it. She cups her hands together, waiting, as he gets to work stabilising her. She exhales slowly, seeing the Doctor succeed in removing the blade.
Siara opens the magic circuit bouncing around him, his magic circle fading and the glows vanishing as he watches the doctor work. "...what would someone with her kind of power be doing at a brothel though?"
DM: "Power?" Marlen echoes, then chuckles. "My dear elf, this young lady knows nothing of magic. If she did, don't you think she would be in another occupation? But then again, who says prostitutes can't be intelligent, talented people? Look at Jan, the blacksmith. She's skilled in smithing and business. Molly here, however, is... more of one of the sadder stories." He waves a hand dismissively before gently turning her over on the bench and starting to unbutton the back of her dress. "Not that she'd like me telling you any of it. But I can say now that the best thing that she has to offer you is information. Any of the girls at the brothel are great sources, but Molly tends to get involved with... more interesting individuals. You want dirt on someone, she'll get it for you... close that curtain, would you? I'm going to get her changed into some blood-free garments."
Kyle: (Alright, so I got a butt load of people coming in, seems there's a company breakfast going on)
DM: (It's okay being slow. )
Siara nods and grips the curtain with one hand, turning sharply to send the fabric along the rail in one smooth motion. "You said she can forge a Magic Mark. Wouldn't that mean she has power of some kind, even if it's not the kind that you or I are used to?"
Siara: (Boss walked in, K's down for the night)
Nanteu: (Awk)
"No, I didn't say that. I said, if you want to get into that sort of trouble, she's the one to talk to. She can set you up with someone who won't mind helping you... perhaps for a price or a favor, but if you offer her something, she may help to take down the price. Then again, the less the know, the better this situation would be. Oh damn..." He goes quiet for a moment, then resumes changing the woman. "Sometimes I wish I had hands like this girl. Imagine how much easier it would be to get inside patients' guts with those tiny fingers!"
After a moment, he pulls back the curtain, leaving the girl on the now blood-free bench wearing a loose-fitting shirt that looks like it might belong to Marlen himself. About her waist, he has wrapped a sheet to keep her modesty. He moves to a bowl of water on a nearby counter and starts washing his hands. "What do you intend to do in town that so desperately needs magic?"
DM: (Aww)
DM: (I need to wee. Brb!)
DM: (back)
DM: (... Marlin or Marlen? I can't seem to decide.)
Nanteu: (Marlen's nicer, i think)
DM: (All right, Marlen!)
Siara: (Hey Kate, will you be on when he gets home?)
DM: (Uh, tell him yeah. And that his cat has got to share attention, it's not fair. )
Siara: (Done)
Siara opens his mouth to argue, then closes it again. "...nothing. I don't currently have any real need for magic in the city, except to defend myself if something goes wrong. But I won't let them take my magic away if that's what's needed to enter the city without the mark."
Siara: (K's response - CAT FIGHT)
Marcen finishes washing his hands and wanders over to rest his back against the bench that Molly lays on. "The mark technically works as... it doesn't take away your magic. Your magic is still there, you are just expected to follow the rules and not use the magics that you are not permitted to use. If you break those rules, your mark changes, indicating you have done something wrong - guards will go on your case, and you will most likely be banned from using all magic in the city, and fined a hefty sum. I know that with the fake mark, it will change if you do something wrong, just to keep up appearances, but within fifteen minutes, it will return to whatever mark you first had faked on you."
He glances at Nanteu as if seeing her for the first time, completely ignoring Rooke. He offers her a charming smile. "Well, you must be magical, because with those eyes, I've fallen under your spell..." He steps forward, gently taking her hand and sensually pressing his lips to her knuckles. "You may call me Marlen."
DM: (You betcha! xD)
Siara: (The cheese, it burns)
Siara: ("Excuse me, are you a magical being? I seem to have fallen under your spell..." Watched it happen right in front of me the last time I went to the mall, no joke.)
DM: (xD!!!)
Nanteu fumbles over her words, her mouth working detachedly as she tries to form some kind of response. In the end she just ends up staring dumbly, eyes stuck to his lips as he leans delicately over to place them upon the whites of her knuckles. Somehow, she manages to right herself enough to force a smile. She looks at Rooke, eyes pleading, as if expecting him to tell her what to do.
Nanteu: (That's great xD)
Siara places a hand on his chin, rubbing gently as he thinks, mumbling to himself. "A spell acts as... Yes, but a mark would be... That would work, but it would break if..." He nods, and waits for Marlen to finish with Nanteu. "I think I get the gist of how the mark works, but do you know what kind of magic is used to make it? Mine falls under white and green..."
Still gently holding Nanteu's hand, Marlen glances briefly at Siara. "I'm sorry, I don't know that. Maybe illusion, I couldn't be sure..." His eyes land back on Nanteu. "I'm sorry, you're so beautiful you made me forget my next pick-up line."
Rooke coughs, then slips an arm around Nanteu's waist, standing near to her as he stares down Marlen. The doctor glances at the two of them, trying to ignore Rooke, but the large man leans forward so his face is almost right in the doctor's. One hand moves forward and gives Marlen a shove in the chest, making him take a step back. "Get your hands off my wife."
Marlen gets a lost expression, then obligingly takes another step back, hands up as if to show he's not touching her. He shifts his attention back to Siara to stop his own awkwardness. "White and green?"
Nanteu: (omg)
DM: (xD)
Nanteu: (that couldn't have gone better)
DM: (brb briefly, want some more chocolatey stuff)
Siara nods. "My apologies, I forgot that things work differently here... There were general classifications for magic where I come from... White magic is the art of healing, black magic is arcane. True black is darkness and straight destruction, like necromancy. Green magic specializes in protection and natural elements. Red magic is summoning and illusion spells, yellow magic is psionic arts. Blue magic is the monster art - taming monsters and adapting their special skills for your own use, but it's really hard to use and takes a lot of practice... As a druid, the spells I know fall under white and green magics. Yours seem to fall under white normally, but could extend to yellow or true black if you're a cleric."
Nanteu listens half-distractedly to Siara, her attention still split between him and the doctor. She waits a moment until Siara finishes speaking, then lets her gaze drift back to Marlen. She gives him an apologetic look.
DM: Marlen smiles a little, seemingly haven forgotten all about Nanteu now that she is taken - she and Rooke might as well not exist at all. Rooke keeps his arm about her waist to keep up appearances... though he might be enjoying it, Nanteu would be able to feel his fingers shift a little on her clothes. Marlen goes on to reply to Siara. "I am a cleric... my speciality is in healing, hence why I became a doctor." He gets the slightest smirk, a sinister gleam leaping to his eyes for but a moment, but then it disappears. "But I have never seen it all referred to as... colors."
Nanteu: (and on that note i gotta scoot)
DM: (All right. Catch you next week?)
Siara shrugs. "It keeps things simple to lump spells together as one bundle."
Siara: (Ah, naito then)
Nanteu: (Probably~ Cya's)
Nanteu left the chat 5 seconds ago
DM: (bye!)
DM: (Damn, too slow...)

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Post on Fri Feb 15, 2013 10:51 pm by Kate Orchix

Session 36 (8th February 2013)

Siara nods. "My apologies, I forgot that things work differently here... There were general classifications for magic where I come from... White magic is the art of healing, black magic is arcane. True black is darkness and straight destruction, like necromancy. Green magic specializes in protection and natural elements. Red magic is summoning and illusion spells, yellow magic is psionic arts. Blue magic is the monster art - taming monsters and adapting their special skills for your own use, but it's really hard to use and takes a lot of practice... As a druid, the spells I know fall under white and green magics. Yours seem to fall under white normally, but could extend to yellow or true black if you're a cleric."
Nanteu listens half-distractedly to Siara, her attention still split between him and the doctor. She waits a moment until Siara finishes speaking, then lets her gaze drift back to Marlen. She gives him an apologetic look.
DM: Marlen smiles a little, seemingly haven forgotten all about Nanteu now that she is taken - she and Rooke might as well not exist at all. Rooke keeps his arm about her waist to keep up appearances... though he might be enjoying it, Nanteu would be able to feel his fingers shift a little on her clothes. Marlen goes on to reply to Siara. "I am a cleric... my speciality is in healing, hence why I became a doctor." He gets the slightest smirk, a sinister gleam leaping to his eyes for but a moment, but then it disappears. "But I have never seen it all referred to as... colors."
Siara: I always think of some sparkly shojo transformation bullshit when we all change our names.
Sheeb changed name to Nanteu
Nanteu: Like.. Sailor Moon or Mew?
Karlton changed name to Kyle
Nanteu: (Now I'm going to think that every time we change names..)
Vex: (Well, it's been modified since we last looked at it.)
DM: (Kyle, CTRL+F = CAT FIGHT if you want to find where you last were. It's just a little bit above that.)
Kyle: (I always just see myself slicking my hair back and putting on a crappy shoe-string budget fantasy movie cloak on )
DM: (... I'm unepic. I just see me changing names.)
Vex shrugs. "It keeps things simple. Would you rather try to remember all the different spell types at once, or be able to pull a collective name from your mind?"
Vex: (Whyyyyy does it keep doing that)
Vex changed name to Siara
Siara shrugs. "It keeps things simple. Would you rather try to remember all the different spell types at once, or be able to pull a collective name from your mind?"
Kyle: (THINKING >,< )
Siara: (Aha, I found it in the page history. It -is- the same page you linked, someone just cut it out in June.)
Siara: ( * Shape Shifting(Su): Moon Elves have the ability to shape shift. A Moon Elf may choose to shift into a wolf, bat, or bear and can not change their choice at any time in the game. A bear Moon Elf gains one bite attack(1d6) and two claw attacks(1d4) while in animal form and get a +3 feet bonus to speed. Wolf Moon Elves are still medium in size. A Bat Moon Elf gains one bite attack(1d4), gain 30 feet base fly speed and dark vision. Bat Moon elves are small. A wolf Moon Elf gains one bite attack(1d6), a +2 bonus to hit when flanking, a +5 bonus to perception and are medium. This is a polymorph effect. Moon Elves can only use spells while in animal form if they have the Natural Spell feat. Shape shifting counts a prerequisite for Natural Spell. Moon elves can turn themselves to their animal form and back a number of times per day equal to their wisdom modifier. Moon Elves keep all armor class in animal form. )
DM Marlen moves back around the bench as Molly, the girl on the bench, murmurs slightly. He brushes her hair from her eyes and rests a hand over her forehead as he watches her face. "I'm certain that with your dozens of years in dealing magic, it wouldn't be too far of a stretch to believe an elf would remember things rather flawlessly. Humans, like myself, tend to do fine with our miniscule little lives and memories, so no... remembering types of magic is never a problem. It's just the same as learning a language, if I could be so crass as to say so."
Siara: (w)
Siara sighs. "You would think so, wouldn't you... I never got to finish my proper training, so the only spell classes I really remember are Transmute, Conjure and Evoke. Coincidentally, the spells that I've learned fall under those types."
Siara: (Had to look up the proper terms for them Dx)
Kyle: The next several minutes both Tindomerel and Kyle were giving there large bountiful meals, and ate hearty. With chitter chatter ranging from all sort of smaller stories of Kyle's homelands, and foolish fights, and Tindo's silver upbringing. The plates were huge, with seafood ranging far greater normal sizes of crabs that reflected with there prices they found out shorty after getting the bill. Kyle sliding away from the table loudly with a swelled belly and a large bletch signaling his victory, and cleaning his plate. "And that my friend is how you put down sea monsters.. Now let's pay the plumb lady and get on our way back to the girls. I actually worry about leaving them alone some times, wonder what they're up too." {not amazing but it's there, ROUND soon}
DM: (brb for a moment)
Siara: (If we end up going back to Cleta's castle to turn Angel back into a bard, I might prestige into Shadow Dancer...)
DM: (having trouble eating. will be back when I'm done eating. xD Nanteu! Talk!)
Kyle: (Round still, but I'm going have so much fun with rpgfo post xD )
Nanteu almost pointed out that learning another language, if you were an elf, wasn't normally too difficult - at least compared to some humans. "I didn't know you never completed your training," she says to Siara, then brushes off the topic, looking to Marlen as he tends to Molly again. "Is she going to be alright?"
Siara: (I almost forgot, I got a new song out :3 )
Nanteu: (that was an extremely crap reply of mine, if i do say so myself.)
Siara: ( https://soundcloud.com/kabegami-okami/lu... )
Nanteu: (new song? ooo)
DM: (... moving laptop, can't concentrate here.)
Siara 's eyes cloud for a moment as the memories flood to the surface of his mind before brushing them back down. "...yes. I'll explain while we're heading to meet with Angel and Kyle."
Siara: (Eh, I'm gonna fix the title of that... I like it, but that's the original title.)
Nanteu: (I think you should keep it. Not usually into that sort of music, but that was good)
Siara: (It's a remix of a song that's called Luna Clock ~ Lunar Dial though. I'd rather it be at least partly original if I'm going to make remixes regularly.)
Angel grins, pulling herself out from the booth as well. She lightly burps, putting her hand over her mouth as she does so. "Excuse me... phah, I couldn't finish that if I tried." She had left more than half the dire crab on the table and already looked like she was about to pop at the seams. You notice her try to subtly loosen her belt about her dress. "You've got all the coin..."
They moved up to the counter and the plump woman quickly told them that it was 5 silvers for each dire crab meal, leading to a total of one gold piece. Angel hovers at Kyle's side, ready to follow him wherever.
Nanteu: (Ahh i see)
Marlen gently presses his fingers into Molly's throat. "Don't worry, darling, she'll be just fine. She's been through much worse before." He waits a moment before moving his fingers from her throat and instead carefully wrapping his hands about her wrists. "Stay out of her way when she wakes up. Last time I had to patch her up while she was unconscious, she split my lip and gave me a black eye."
He waits for a few moments, then his fists clench about her wrists as the girl suddenly sits up. She squeaks in fear, one of her bare feet smacking out and hitting Marlen in the thigh. He takes the hit and pressures her back onto the bench. "Settle down, Molly! It's me! Gah-!" Molly had head-butted him, causing his forehead to bleed, but he held on tighter before swearing and just throwing himself up onto the table and straddling her, holding her wrists down. "Molly! Open your damn eyes, girl!"
She peers at him cautiously before relaxing and sniffling softly. "I'm sorry, Doctor Marlen," she says softly. She seems gentle compared to her rude awakening. Marlen carefully climbs from the table, releasing her wrists and gently helping her to sit up. "What... what happened to me?"
"I was hoping you could tell me that," Marlen said, then shook his head before motioning to Siara, Nanteu, and Rooke.
Molly stares at them cautiously. "Who are you?" She tucks her knees close to her chest as if to protect herself.
DM: (i rather liked that music too, actually)
Siara: (Took long enough to make it work. The original file has notes that are really hard to pin down.)
Siara bows gracefully in greeting. "It's good to see you without a blade in your chest. My name is Siara, and I've come to ask for your help."
Kyle: (And I'm back.. catching up)
DM: (Cool )
Nanteu bows also, frowing at her sudden display, though her gaze softens quickly. "I'm Nanteu," she adds after Siara.
Nanteu: at the girl's sudden display*)
Rooke keeps his arm about Nanteu's waist, though he does relax his grip somewhat so it won't make her feel uncomfortable. Molly watches the group for a few moments before glancing at Marlen. "Am I okay to...?"
"I don't think he's asking for that sort of help, and neither is she," Marlen says with a somewhat playful smirk. "They mean information, I believe."
"Oh..." Molly looks at them once more before picking at the front of her oversized shirt with delicate white nails. "What sort of... information? And what can you... offer?" She seems almost shy asking for payment.
Siara looks directly at Molly, his eyes resolute. "What's your price for information regarding fake Magic Marks?"
DM: Molly hesitates, licking her lips to moisten them before she pulls herself out from under the sheets. The oversized shirt that Marlen put on her is just enough to cover her modesty, down to her thighs, and she climbs off the bench. Unlike the other woman encountered by Siara, Lydia, there is nothing overly sexual about her. She just seems sweet and gentle, maybe a bit lost. She stops, resting her hand on the bench while she glances over the group again. "For how many? And... what... what purpose?"
Kyle takes his time slowly stepping out of the building and paying the women the full gold piece; his movements sluggish compared to his normal strut. Placing one hand on his belly and the other to shield his eyes from the sun Kyle searched the harbors plaza hoping to catch a glimpse of the party. "Oh gosh, remind me next time to just take a to-go-sack, and not stuff myself.. Ya got anyideas where they could have gotten off to?" he said, making his way back to teh bookstore just to open the door and peek in. Giving the small girl a wave. "Hey anychance ya know where those other fairy's went?"
DM: Sonia Tillman glances up from her book and grins, pointing through the window. "Doctor Marlen's," she says.
Siara nods. "Two, for me and her." He lifts a hand to indicate Nanteu before turning back to Molly. "It's more of a... call it a fail-safe in case something goes wrong."
Kyle: (We head there! And ROUND)
Siara: (And around we go)
Molly slowly nods, her eyes lifting to catch on something through the window behind the others. Fear settles in her eyes and she swallows nervously, but she doesn't make any move to mention whatever is making her scared. However, her eyes move, following the progress of something... when Kyle walks in the door with Angel. Her eyes remain on him with fear for a few moments, then they snap back to Siara and Nanteu, having realized they act as if they all know each other, being a group. The fear is still present.
"You'll have to go into the city first, pay the entry fee and don't accept magic. You would go to Rodden Rows and fourth of Darren's Drag... there, you would find someone who could help you. Tell them I, Molly, said you were okay. Tell them anything they ask, don't lie to them, give them what they want, and they will do it for you."
Siara: (That just reeks of exposition)
Siara nods. "We'll do that. Thank you for your help, Miss Molly. Here's hoping you don't wind up with another scimitar in your stomach."
DM: (exposition?)
Siara: (A lot of the backstories that we've been hiding from each other will probably come to light)
DM: (Which one? xD)
Nanteu: (Siara's)
DM: Molly keeps her eyes level on Siara and Nanteu, not daring to glance at Kyle again for some reason. "What... can you give me for helping you?" she asks, almost meekly.
Nanteu prods her coin pouch with a finger. "We have gold?"
Siara: (How many coins did Siara get? Was it 37?)
DM: (I think so.)
DM: (So 35 now)
Siara: (Minus two for the maps, and fifteen for entry.)
DM http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs40/f/2009/006/7/4/If_Only_Your_Eyes_Could_Lie_by_pacsaman.jpg (Found a face that looks like Molly's. her hair is longer and her eyes are more pink, her skin slightly more pale.)
Siara slides his hand into his bag, feeling around for the pocket with the coins, counting out twenty and lifting them out. "Twenty gold coins? I'll need the rest to enter the city."
DM: Molly's eyes bug and she just stares at Siara. All apparent fear of Kyle is forgotten and she seems at an utter and complete loss, her lips parting in disbelief before she blinks and glances at Marlen, her eyebrows shooting up high. Marlen chuckles and nods his head. "I'm fairly sure she would accept a sum like that... Molly, stop being rude and say something!" She seems unable, just staring at Siara with that wide-eyed gaze before she suddenly moves forward and catches up the money in her hands and giving Siara a hug. She trembles slightly, unable to deal with the fortune that was just thrust into her grasp.
DM: Rooke glances at Nanteu and smirks a little before whispering into her ear. "I somehow feel that wherever Siara came from, he doesn't know what the common person takes wealth to be. A girl like this would have been grateful for just ten coppers."
Siara: (I'm too generous. I'll leave like a $20 tip for a coke and some fries while I do homework.)
Nanteu "I think she would have been happy with five," she says mutters back, her hand dropping from her belt detachedly. She smiles broadly after a moment, however, watching the now cheerful girl.
Nanteu: she mutters* guh)
Siara: (Also remind me, Kyle has his scar in this world?)
DM: (Nope! He's still pretty)
Kyle knocks quietly entering with a look of pure unbridled happiness. "Seems the mousy girl was right, was wondering what ya'll were getting into. So you all ready to see some of the sights, maybe a few of the richer part of town? I know I must say the crab shack was surprisingly pleasant beside the crying halfings, I swear for something so small they can really scream when they want to.
Siara blinks, tensing as the girl suddenly hugs him. After a moment, he relaxes, patting her back gently and leaning down to whisper to her softly. "Keep some for yourself if you can, and tell Lydia she might have a new customer soon. Keep an eye out for the guy that just came in."
"Yessir," Molly gently says before taking the coin and going to Marlen. She stands near to him before slipping him a certain amount. He glances down into his hands and shakes his head before pressing the coin back into her grasp and gently squeezing her shoulder. She smiles and slips out of the store, heading across the street.
"Well," Marlen says, leaning forward to rest his elbows on the bench. "That was fairly decent of you. Did you know that just five gold pieces and she would have been able to get out of the profession?" He smirks. "I imagine she'll be doing some great things with that coin so long as she can keep her men off it... now, are you here with these..." He stops, looking at Angel as she shifts behind Kyle and a great smile crosses his face. "My, aren't you exotic?"
Angel blinks before self-consciously touching her remaining horn. "Uhm..."
"Part dragon, are you? How does that...?" He stares curiously at her horn before rounding the bench and moving forward so as to run his fingers along the length of the horn. "How remarkable... I apologize. I am not so blinded by your unusual features that I forgot to admire your beauty. I am Doctor Marlen." He took her hand and kissed her knuckles the same way he had with Nanteu. Angel blushes and uncomfortably stares, not sure how to take it.
Siara: (You're worse than Kyle and Roland together.)
Kyle: (I really am hating this weather, each time I go to work it does nothing but rain and cold wind here, and ice.. so freaking tired of it)
DM: (Marlen is, you mean. xD )
DM: (I bet. Swap for a day?)
Nanteu rolls her eyes, hugging Rooke around the waist just as he continued to do so earlier.
Siara: (Send it this way, we need more chill weather.)
Kyle: (Kyle doesn't need no PHD to get the womenz)
DM: (I keep hearing Marlen speaking in an English accent.)
Siara: (I can hear it too... The charmers always seem to have that accent)
Nanteu: (Damn English people.)
Kyle stands there foolishly grinning away at the chatter starting to focus back to him. "Well glad to see everything is going well with ya.. And I see the Doctors here are about as charming as the jester back in Chessmark." he says taking a small bow to the side and puffing his chest out. "So are we ready, I really rather not try to get any more attention then we need to, ya know. With me being a famous monster hunter and all, heh." (I'm so bluffing, in a passive way )
DM: (Wanna roll a Bluff? xD See if he believes you?)
Kyle rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 11
Kyle: (where is the history so I can link to my CS?)
DM rolled a die with 20 sides. The die showed: 2
DM: (Uh, you win that.)
DM http://www.footstepsofghosts.com/t4551-eighty-percent#107223
Kyle: (You don't sound surprised? It's a 15 fyi, and I BLUFF ALL THE NPC)
DM: (xD)
Siara watches her go. "Well, she'll be happier for a while and doesn't have to subject herself to the whims of men for a living, that's good enough for me. Maybe if I find someone who knows earth-based spells... Thanks for the help, Doctor. A skilled healer like yourself would be incredibly helpful on an adventure, I'm sure."
Kyle: (I never fail to bluff npc)
Angel gently takes her hand back, subtly wiping any doctor germs off the back of her hand onto her dress. Doctor Marlen glances briefly at Kyle, seeming to try and decide whether or not he's telling the truth, and decides that he probably just hasn't left his surgery enough to not hear about this Chessmark place... so he believes Kyle when he says he is a famous monster hunter. "Well then, I imagine you've heard of the rewards being offered to kill lions and the dire ones they've recently bred... Mage's College is always up to no good." He glances at Siara. "I imagine that's somewhere you would like to head..."
He pauses, thinking on what Siara said, then smirks. "My days of adventuring were a long time ago. I was his age." He motions to Kyle. "Turned out my goddess had other plans... but for now, she's left me hanging."
Nanteu almost giggles at the Doctor and yet another of his lame analogies. She hangs her head as not to embarass herself, or him, though the grin spreads.
( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzdKil3j5jw&lis... ) (I CANNOT stop listening to this even though it makes me sad)
Siara blinks. "Mage College... It certainly couldn't hurt to take a look, I'm sure." He turns to go, stopping halfway and turning back around. "There's never an end to a story, you know. Only a place where the storyteller stops talking. Your adventure could still have some life to it... If you desire for her to begin reading again, you only need to prod her into action."
DM: "She is not a lady you simply... prod," Marlen says with a smirk. "But I understand what you mean. I suppose I've been so wrapped up in my work here... maybe it is time to take a break." He glances around, then laughs. "If I had someone to take my place, of course I would. However... too many skeletons in my cupboards here..." He trails off, glancing briefly behind him before chuckling once more. "Have a good day, all of you... especially you, gorgeous." He winks at Angel.
(I'm listening to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pLqGhAXMHXc )
DM: (Also, remember that address I gave you. You're gonna have to find your way there, after all.)
DM joined the chat
Siara nods. "Well be back in a few days... We left something on an island by mistake. You are welcome to join us if you'd like." He grins, then heads outside with the party.
Kyle almost dies of laughter, wiping away at some crocodile tears as he walks out. "Haha, they're having trouble with kitty cats.. This town is already hilarious, like who's city guard has trouble with cats?! Buahah.. seriously."
Kyle: (I can't take any of my characters seriously I think)
DM: Angel grins a little at Kyle. "I wouldn't call them monsters, even dire lions, but... hey, maybe these people don't get real monsters often? I don't know that much about Sturtmok... maybe they're wusses."
Kyle: (ahh I lost.. I laughed http://cdn.smosh.com/sites/default/files... )
Kyle: (Alright so I guess lead the way Siara and we will get you your marks)
Siara heads straight for customs.
DM: (ohhh boy... bet she wishes she hadn't quit her day job.)
Siara: (Dunno what else to do.)
Nanteu: (dinner. dont know how long, might be a while, so continue)
Nanteu left the chat
DM: Siara, you approach the two buildings with a simple wooden gate strung between them. Further, behind them, are the larger, more impressive main gates. One building has an open window where an overweight balding, middle-aged man sits. He's eating what looks to be a dire crab leg from Joe's Dire Crab Shack while reading a book. He lazily glances up as the party approaches. "Anyone with magic, go over there." He lazily points with the crab leg towards the opposite small building. "Otherwise it's 10 gold each, 5 gold for the dog... any magical items in your bags?" He looks so lazy, you doubt he'll even check, he just pulls another book over ready to document what he's going to have to do for this group.
DM: Rooke released Nanteu once they left the doctor's surgery, but his mind is obviously still on how Nanteu's waist felt in his hand as he hasn't stopped watching her since they left.
Siara looks back at the party. "Anyone pick up anything magical without realizing it? No?" He fishes the remaining fifteen crowns from his bag, bouncing them lightly in his palm as he holds them out to the window. "Anything else?"
Kyle shrugs looking at Angel. "Whelp, if there's any question to see if you can or can't cast magic maybe their sensors can tell ya. And nope, nothing magical on me but my personality and good looks." he says walking over and dumping the 10 gold in mans hand.
DM: Angel glances to Kyle and grins foolishly. "I don't have any money, you have it all." Rooke pulls out twenty coins for himself and for Nanteu, also offering them to the man. The man takes all three lots of money and impatiently waits for Angel to give some money. Rooke quickly fishes another ten out of his coin purse and puts that in the man's hand also. He grunts, counting out the coins.
Kyle: (Trolling at it's best http://www.sadanduseless.com/2012/11/fb-... )
Kyle: (Round!)
DM: (Can you guys do the maths for how much you guys have lost in money now? Then write down your total in your CS)
Siara: (None)
DM: (Okay. Rooke had 73, Nanteu had 93... who did Kyle take his money from? Nanteu?)
DM: (... to make this easier...)
DM: (We have a total of 122 left.)
DM: (I'm just gonna have Rooke hand over what he has to Nanteu, that way the money is always in the hands of the PC characters.)
DM: (That is awesome trolling... xD)
DM: (brb for a minute)
DM https://2img.net/h/i1237.photobucket.com/albums/ff468/Kotorchix/Sturtmok_zpsf4285766.png The man grunts and yells at the gates. "OPEN 'EM." The large gates creak open and edge back, revealing a long path through the plains, trees lining the path on either side and spread across the plains. At the end of that very long cobbled road are buildings - the first two being stone watchtowers of human design.
Siara sighs. "Quite a hike... We better get started, I suppose."
DM: (Are we doing okay tonight?)
Kyle: (Nah just Shelby eatin, Vex ain't feelin well, and I'm having to take extra time doing raining cold rounds)
Kyle: (red purple blue black, what do the colors mean?)
Siara: (Should we open and distribute the goos after we get into the city proper?)
DM: (Red purple blue black?)
Kyle: (The building colors in yoru map)
DM: (The red and blue are 'Rodden Rows', or the slum district. Red is residential. Blue is commerical or public. The black outside of the slum distrct indicates commercial properties. Purple is residential.)
DM: (What you do with goos is up to you guys. But I can say that not all are beneficial and some may object to being put with other goos.)
Siara: (Will they blow up if they mix?)
DM: (Dunno, you should try it.)
Vex changed name to Siara
Siara: (There would be enough for everyone to have two if we're careful that they don't start tearing up our insides)
DM: (Today, I feel like I'm dreadful at DMing. xD Is that right?)
Kyle: After taking a moment to let everyone catch up, the group takes the time to pile all of there gold up into a single pile, and start talking about what to do with what little money and loot they have. "I think we should all split the gold up evenly."
Kyle: (No we're just kinda stalling, everyone moods seem kinda half in half out. Plus me Vex don't want to push forward without Shelby, I hate playing with only two people)
DM: (Yeah. I kinda feel like I'm just not making this fun for you guys.)
Kyle: (...need to teach dog new trick https://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-a... )
Siara: (Sorry. I'm trying to think of how to word this right.)
Kyle: "So we split the gold up into four sets of 25 gold for Nannytwo, Rooke, Angel, and I. And give Siara the last 22 since he tends to just give his share away at the drop of a whim. Sound fair?"
Siara looks back at Kyle. "It's hard to measure the worth of something in this world. Anyways, to get the marks, we're supposed to go to a zone called Rodden Rows, and then the fourth of Darren's Drag... It doesn't sound like too pleasant of a place, and given that we're both without magic for the time being... I'd appreciate it if you went with us for now. We don't know what we're going to encounter."
Kyle: (round)
DM: (Maybe we should just stop tonight.)

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