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Hear Her Snap

Post by Gigglefiend on Fri Oct 12, 2012 6:23 pm

The last bomb she had in her hand went off, and now it was time. Now that the crowd was confused and frightened, she watched as the horde rushed up to the Microsoft building’s entry. The glass and barricades wouldn't last for very long, with how many there was and how angered they were now. This was going to be difficult. Lydda backed away from the window and sprinted down the hall. She was lucky that this building had its power going. It was about the only one. Well, the one that Lydda knew of. Jogging down the corridor, Lydda stopped at an elevator. With a thoughtful mind, and a quick swipe of her hand she pressed a down button on the wall, parallel to the door. A moment after the signal lit, the elf could hear the elevator shift, and begin to cascade upward. “Just take your time..” She grumbled, narrowing her eyes at the dial at the top of the steel doorway. A minute after and the elevator chirped that it had arrived. The doors opened, and Lydda released a string of curses.

The inside of the elevator was blood-coated. The thick ooze was smeared across the borders of the elevator in the shapes of hands – hands of all sizes. Lydda scrunched up her nose at the stench of blood, but stepped into the dripping contraption anyhow. She has a prickling sense of the open vent above her head, but she ignored it as she pressed an underground button. The elf swapped the duffel onto her other shoulder, and rolled her right. When the doors closed, she turned her back against them; her seafoam eyes were glued to the vent. Some floors, Lydda heard small gurgles, quiet cries of the dying, and it only steeled her determination for finding her sister. The others were quiet, all except for the ground floor. That one was the loudest; Lydda cringed as she heard the glass doors shatter, and the groans of the infected. She shook her head, thoughts of her sister returning whenever her beads bashed against her cheeks. Lydda looked to the ground as tears began to stand in her eyes.

“I’m so sick of waiting,” She started to murmur to herself. Her eyes narrowed, and the worry that had her heart in a vice-grip tightened. “I just wish I could get a sign. Even the slightest that she was okay.” Lydda sucked in and held her breath, willing herself not to burst into tears. She furrowed her brow and released her breath when the elevator doors suddenly swung open to pitch black. Fuck. Was there anything down here? By ‘anything’ she meant any of the infected. They were attracted to light, and that was the only way she was going to get through here. Fucking A.

Lydda braced herself and took a step out of the elevator, cringing again when the doors shut behind her – and the elevator began to move once more. Back up. Who else was going to use it? Lydda shook her head, and waited to see if her eyes would adjust to the darkness some – the darkness that completely engulfed her. Lydda dug into the bag and pulled out the rifle again, sliding the strap back onto her shoulder once more. With her free hand, she opened her palm and let loose a few sparks. The immediate area in front of her was lit up, and she could see that it was mainly a platform with a few doorways leading in different directions. Great. This was going to be a maze. Letting a loud growl rip from her throat, Lydda increased the number of electric arcs that covered her palm. The side of the rifle nuzzled into her side, and her trigger finger easily brushing against the trigger.

“I need it, I need it,” She started again, in a light and sad tone, her pools quick to check every nook and cranny of the room as she stepped forward. “I need it to knoooow. You’re colour-blind in this madness.” As she approached the back wall of the room, she gave a sneer at the three doorways she was currently facing. Closing her eyes and clamping her light for a moment, she set out her spark to identify any other power sources. There was one, in the third doorway, to her far right. The source was feint and seemed to be far away. The other two had nothing. Lydda smirked as her eyes opened, and the light returned to her fingertips. She scuffled off to the third doorway and head off wherever the passage led to. Maybe this was a secret emergency exit. Anyhow, if there was light, there was sure to be one of the infected present. This wouldn't be a problem, since Lydda had to deal with them anyhow.

Three hundred and fifty paces in the same direction, and the power source was still as far away as it was before. Though, Lydda was beginning to hear voices. Quick, quiet, nervous, and wracked with insanity. Vile instincts to survive, the voices seemed to be spurted in whispers.

“Hey, watch yourself. You almost stepped on my foot.”
“Sorry. She was just so..”
“So .. Tight.” There was a pleased sigh after this.

The gunmetal hair on the back of Lydda’s neck rose. The voices were male, and they seemed to be talking about one girl. The stench of blood rose again. She quieted her footfalls, but slowly crept forward, her finger curling around the trigger defensively.

“She was easy to slide into, for me.”
“That’s because I had her first, hah!”

A moment of silence. And another giggle was had.

“I want to have the next one first. She was tasty, I like the soft underside of the forearms. If you fry them just right.” Lydda froze after this, her mouth beginning to fill with bile. She crouched, simply letting the icky fluid dribble out from her throat and lips. The voices were growing louder with every step she took. Not only did she completely forget about survivors, she forgot that some of them might not be so right in the head anymore. After all, in this soon to be quarantined city, actual humans were a scarce breed. Her eyes filled with tears this time, as she saw a small orange light in front of her. About seventy paces. It was a candle. Lydda could tell that they preserved the actual electricity until they needed it. With the light of the candle in her line of view, Lydda extinguished her own light. The elf could also tell that the floor was covered with blood. With her jaw slightly hanging ajar, she realized what the two men were talking about. They had raped, killed, and ate a girl. The girl held back a scream as hot tears were suddenly pouring down her cheeks. The elf continued to press on in the passageway.

Lydda needed to suck a breath in, but she was afraid of being discovered. Such sick, revolting humans. Even in such circumstances, Lydda wouldn't resort to that. Well, maybe eating a human, but none of the other things. Not with her kin. Gently setting down her duffel just a few paces away from the small orange light, she readjusted the rifle’s strap and rolled her neck. Lydda needed to save her energy for her real mission. This was just an obstacle. Hysterical giggles filled the narrow space and reverberated throughout the hallway.

“Hehehehe.” Lydda let her green pools narrow, her jaw clenching, and the girl made an attempt at steeling herself. With a vice-iron grip that held her fist, Lydda stepped into the small room. “Haha- Oh, look, we have another visitor.” They both turned and smiled at her, unaware that she had a rifle to her side. Well, she did have a black turtleneck on. Under that was a Kevlar bullet-proof vest. If anything, she had a chance against the two of them normally. In the candlelight, their silhouettes came out somewhat fuzzy. Both were white, a bit overweight, any hair on their head was just barely hanging on, and the brightest smiles you've ever seen. The smiles sickened the elf, and she let a feral growl rip from her throat. They giggled at her, inching closer to her. The one in the back slowly picked up a ring of rope. No, Lydda thought, and her body froze. The two took another step forward ready to pounce on her.

“This one is going to be an easy catch, brother,” so they were brothers? No wonder they both looked so damn ugly. The other replied with an easy laugh, “She seems to be stuck, let’s tie her up before she comes out of it.”

No. No.. no. Nononononono. The elf girl thought fiercely, her brows coming together. That was when the bigger man’s shadow fell on her. She was in shock and she knew it; her body wasn't ready to move just quite yet. The human extended an arm to grab her shoulders. The second had begun to go around her, to bind her from behind. In an instant, something had caught her eye. It was white. When Lydda looked, with a terrified gasp, realized it was the bones of the girl the two men were talking about. They had been picked clean. Save for the occasional bloodstain. The smallest contact of fingers is what brought Lydda out of her stupor. “C’mere you fucking maggot!” she screeched.

With an animalistic snarl, she bared her whites as she grabbed the rifle, now revealing it to the other two – they paused, unsure of what to make of the situation – before Lydda rushed herself against the human, rifle high above her head and her small fists wrapped around the shaft. With a sickening crunch and crackle, the girl flung the gun down, barrel first, into the man’s eye socket, and didn't stop with the continued pressure until she heard the barrel penetrate the skull – definitely killing the brain with the smallest of contacts. Lydda couldn't hear his screams, or feel the wetness of his blood as it spurted, covering her face and raining over her. The thud of the body, however loud and heavy. She couldn't hear the screams of the other as she tackled the man and gouged out his eyes with her bare fingers, she couldn't feel his finger digging into her thighs as she did so. All she could think about was the girl they had raped, killed, and eaten. Her last emotions, her last thoughts. Were they of home? Were they of someone she loved, of her brothers or sisters? Maybe a boyfriend or child? With another snarl, she ripped a hunting knife from her utilities belt, her seafoam pools ablaze. She silenced him by small trail of the knife across his throat. Lydda then split the soft bellies of the humans, revealing their innards. Through the rips of flesh and the small spurting noises of blood, Lydda heard none of it. She simply smiled. With a hysterical laugh, she decorated the room with their blood and gore. By this time what all skin you could see on her was sugar-coated with human fluids.

With adrenaline still coursing through her veins, Lydda stepped back from the corpses and plastered herself against a clean spot of the concrete walls. Her eyes gazed over the scene one last time before she sprinted over to her duffel, yanking it over and onto her shoulder, before running back into the room. Lydda snatched up the taper, sure to keep the candle lit along the way. Giving a small giggle, Lydda kept along the way she was going, a small, blood-coated hand covered the small embers that licked at the wick.

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