Manikin: Dustland

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Manikin: Dustland

Post by FalseHoods on Thu Mar 22, 2012 4:32 pm

"Looks like a unit heading this way."

Ray spun the machine around facing west towards the coordinates that appeared on board the Manikin's HUD. It showed six targets moving in fast, five of them average Manikin mechs and one of them a large unidentified mech.

"Something isn't right," stated Ray studying the stats on his visor. "A unit of six is..."

"Abnormal? The Akari usually send an army."

"Yea," Ray couldn't help but feel uneasy and at the same time worried that the Akari were up to something.

"Hey Xiphon," Henry called. "Is it me or the larger Manikin lagging behind the other five?"

"I see it too," just as the words left his lips a blue and hazy beam of light blasted right past him blowing Henry's Manikin into bits leaving a smoldering heap of scrap metal strewed across the dirt. Ray couldn't help but look on in helpless surprise as the attack had totally thrown him off.

"Listen up Manikins," came the voice of Sean Veil, the commander of the Redemption Manikin units. "That laser was fired from the large unidentified Manikin that lagged behind the unit. Mark it as your primary objective, take it out before it demolishes the walls of Redemption. The average Class S Manikins accompanying it are secondary, elimination of them are recommended but not required."

"Not required, my ass," replied Xiphon as he raised his left arm and took aim at the approaching units with his sub-machine gun. "If we don't take them out, they'll kill us."

The HUD began to bleep as it picked up on a cloaking field being disbanded behind him. They had an army after all, cloaked and moving in from the rear. A tactical move.

"Shit," yelled Ray. "We need to split up and divide priorities."

"Shut the hell up Ray," came a voice over the system. "We're not listening to you. You're not in command and we're not going to risk our lives for a failure's orders."

Ray felt the urge to fight back, but now really was a bad time for petty arguments. Instead he just hushed and watched the various commands appearing on the HUD screen. They showed Akari appearing from everywhere in the rear and again he could only feel like something bigger was behind this.

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