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Time Turner

Post by FalseHoods on Wed Mar 21, 2012 7:33 pm

For the split second that Michael had his head back in reality to the time it took him to immediately hear every word Rebecca told him, he had felt the stabbing at his heart. He had the power, he was able. Michael could redo the mess he created and shed light on the problem, but if he did he would have to live with the guilt. He would have to live with knowing what he did.

His head hit the desk in Maths class causing Mr. Dunelvy to close his marker and walk up to where Michael lay.

The seventeen-year-old was sick of hiding who he was from the world. He was sick of pretending to be something that he wasn't. His parents always smiled and acted as if there were nothing wrong with their son, as if he were normal.

Michael had short black hair which curled at the bottom. His tan complexian always held a look of grief and his six foot stance wasn't helping him trying to live the normal life his parents so dearly wanted.

"Mr. Samingson," Mr. Dunelvy called out calmly. The boy continued to rest his head on the desk. "Is there a problem? Is the math to hard." Sarcasm seeped out of his voice. Michael just ignored the words flowing out of his teacher's mouth.

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