Who is the Asassin?

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Who is the Asassin?

Post by sstone72 on Thu Feb 23, 2012 2:09 pm

Name: Kara Crump
Age: 29

Kara Crump, younger of two girls adopted by John and Cynthia Crump. As a child, she lived with her parents at the vendible Crump Estate on the outskirts of the city. Her mother, being a social butterfly and well thought of by the social elite, worked with and was on the board of many charitable organizations. So, much so, she had the Crump conservatory built for the people of the city because of the love she had for the beauty of plants and nature.

John Crump made his fortune in import/export of military technology and hardware. His work routinely took him out of the country to many parts of the world. Being a devoted husband and father, he made a point to take along his wife and daughters Kara and her sister Miranda. On their travels her mother and father would visit many different places and developed a hobby of exploring unique and out of the way places and had devloped an obsession for sites that contained legends of strange and unexplained nature that were chosen from strange tales that the locals would relate them. There they would collect old or unusual artifacts.

Kara lived happily on Crump Estate, playing happily with her sister at the lovely and well manicured conservatory until the age of 12 until one night, after a gala charity event at the City Museum of Natural History, her family was attacked by an unknown city gang that killed her parents and left Kara severely injured and near death.

After a long recovery, her parents dead, and sister missing, Kara sank into a deep depression and she became filled with anger and deep seated revenge. The city conducted an investigation and for unknown political reasons, sealed the information about the attack and refused to even acknowledge that it had taken place.

Kara was placed with relatives, who turned out to be more interested in her fortune than in loving and caring for her. She spent most of her time secluded on her mother’s beloved conservatory estate and at age 15, she ran away from her greedy and ruthless relatives. Living on the streets, she learned to take care of herself and developed a network of friends with the prostitutes, gang members, mob bosses and bar owners who gradually became her new family, and took her under their wings to took out for her and to teach her the survival skills she need to stay alive on the “seedy” streets of the city.

Upon reaching the age of 21, she suddenly presented herself at the board meeting of her father’s company where she took her place as the CEO and owner which did not set well with the current board her relatives, but after a short business battle, she assumed her rightful place and quickly became a social and political power in the city. It was then, with unlimited financial ability, social contacts and political status, she developed her alter ego as a skilled bounty hunter. Taking cases that were not "normal" and that others or the political establishment dismissed due to their other worldish in nature as she searched for the answers to her famlies death.

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