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Post by Artorius on Sat Jan 28, 2012 2:43 am

Alexander Drakenguard II, sole heir to the Enolan throne lay with his back flat against the cool, stone floor of a glass domed sun-lit chamber. Before the royal prince stood an imposing, but familiar figure. His features were mostly forgettable, common, but two things stood out- on his right arm was articulated plate mail, and resting on his back was a massive broadsword Alexander knew as the Slaughterer's Star.

"M-Marik, what are you doing?" asked Alex.

Marik's bottom lip quivered as he addressed the boy.

"What I have to."

Marik heaved his massive sword over his head and with striking accuracy impaled Alexander's midsection. It was a violent stab, and blood catapulted past the prince's lips. He struggled to catch his breath as his vision faded. Marik then retrieved his sword and retreated towards an inner chamber. Just then, a group of several warriors burst into the chamber. One among them, dressed from head to toe in lustrous white armor ran over to Alexander. He looked the prince in the face through the visor of his helmet as the light was fading from Alex's eyes.

"It's him!" confirmed the figure."You, you, and you-" pointed out the man, "- you tend to the prince. The rest of you come with me! We must save the regent!"

With three of their group left behind to tend to the dying Alexander, the rest pursued the lethal assassin. They sprinted through the halls of the grand palace. They had no time to observe the extravagant tapestries and portraits lining the palace hallways. The foremost of their troupe whispered to himself as they hurried to the regent's aid.

"I hope we're not too late..."


How did this happen? Where did this all begin?

Tales from Evanotia Episode 2: DOWNFALL


A tall, handsome man, of fair skin and blond hair turned towards the source of the yelling. It was a man several years his junior- one of the newly promoted officers, fresh out of the academy. Though he was a White Knight, Icarus knew he had to answer to authority.

"Yes, sir." Icarus replied unemphatically.

The young man handed Id a scroll stamped with the Regent's seal.

"You are to report to the regent at once. No questions, no detours. NOW."

Several other officers had handed identical scrolls to many within the White Knight division. Among them were Earl Set, Mister Saec, Herter, and others. They were all to report to the regent at immediately.
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Re: Downfall

Post by striDer on Sat Jan 28, 2012 7:45 pm

Heading to Renna’s quarters, Earl made his way across the courtyard with a quick, constant pace, saluting every soldier he came across. There was scroll in his hand with the Regent’s seal already broken. Apparently, Skoll wanted to see him in his chamber asap. However, Captain Renna had made it specifically clear that he should report to her EVERY time he intended to leave his post, as she didn’t have the patience to go looking for him should she need anything.
Knocking on the door, Earl waited for a reply that never came. Instead, one of the soldiers approached him to let him know about captain Renna’s whereabouts.
-Lieutenant, sir.- the young conscript saluted –I’m sorry, sir, the captain’s not in her quarters at this time.-
-Did she say where she was going?-
After the soldier shook his head, Earl let out a subtle sigh.
-Thank you, soldier. Dismissed.-
Looking around the courtyard one last time, Earl turned his gaze towards the sky and saw that it was a clear that morning, not a single cloud in the sky. Suddenly, a familiar voice called out from the side.
-Ah, ze legendary Iron Hand, juzt ze man I vaz looking for!-
The accent in Captain Alester’s voice was as thick as the weird paste they served each morning at the dinning hall. The man was a veteran of the Enolan army, known for his ruthlessness and brilliant schemes. He wore an eye patch over one of his left eye, the most notable characteristic of his appearance.
-Captain.- Earl saluted reluctantly, and though his expression could not be seen, it was obvious that captain Alester’s presence bothered him.
-Come, let’z take a valk.-
Wrapping his arm over Earl’s shoulders, the captain began to direct him towards the Regent’s chamber.
-I heard zat ze Regent haz zummoned you. Any idea vhy?-
Earl remained awkwardly silent before replying with a simple “No”.
-Vell, I take it you ztill remember our arrangement?-
-I won’t kill Skoll, if that’s what concerns you.-
-I zee.- Alester chuckled with feign affability –Good. Zen I have nozin’ to vorry about.-
After a few minutes of treading, the captain and Earl finally arrived before Skoll’s chamber.
-Zhould any harm come to ze regent, you know ze deal’z off.
-I understand.- replied Earl, shaking the captain’s arm off his shoulders –But I’d also like to remind you; should any harm come to her, I swear I’ll kill everyone, all of you.-
Captain Alester broke down in laughter.
-Zure, I’m a man of my word.
Walking away towards Skoll’s chamber, Earl saluted the guards at either side of the door without even looking back at the captain.
-I am as well. You better remember that.-

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Re: Downfall

Post by Ruu on Sat Jan 28, 2012 8:01 pm

"So he summons us again," murmured Saec, grasping the scroll in his right hand as he stared at it with unblinking eyes, "But what has he found this time I wonder? All the other leads...too little, too late. If this wasn't done in such a haphazard manner, perhaps Enola would have won this war long ago."

Shaking his head, Saec began to walk leisurely towards the regent's receiving chamber. He never looked forward to these meetings, and hoped that Skoll's attention would be on the others of more important rank. It was his belief that the more those in charge took notice of you, the more your life was in jeopardy. Nobles and kings had special interest in the private lives of those who served them, and the secrets they could find were dangerous. In addition, when you merited the attention of a noble, that far too often meant they wanted you to do something that would require you to risk your life. Still, if he feared death, he would not have joined the ranks of the White Knights. The White Knights...never in all his years did he believe he would join such a group, but here he was, embroiled in their battles even as he continued his search. But it was a perfect plan. Instead of avoiding Enola's increasingly expansive presence, it was much better just to blend in. And blending in was his arte. Looking up, he nodded at the guards defending the throne room before entering and waiting quietly towards the back of the room.

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Re: Downfall

Post by striDer on Thu Feb 02, 2012 11:25 pm

The strike came as a bolt of lightning. Asunder’s cold steel sliced through the air, its edge barely missing the tip of Rosalind’s nose before striking the harsh surface of the ground. The blow was powerful enough to crack the earth open, sinking it beneath their feet to form a small crater.

What had started as a sparring session was now a full-fledged fight.

-You’re quick, I’ll give you that.- Renna declared with a straight face; her gaze meeting Rosalind’s across the short space between them.

"You have to be when you are my size" Rosalind said with a giggle. "But you are very fast yourself."

The vampire darted around Renna. Red eyes searched for an open spot in Renna's defenses. The vampire's white armor's was very light and flexible. This allowed her much more flexibility and quickness than average plate armor. She lunged for Renna, who dodged the blow. Rosalind landed on her hands and flipped back to face her.

This last one simply stood there, watching and studying the young vampire: every movement, every gesture, measuring her physical capabilities.

-I heard you went on a mission to look for Mercury's Mirror five years ago. Is it true that you were there during Elder Skye's last moments?-
"Yep, got to feed from him just before he kicked it." Rosalind said, her red eyes glistened a bit from the memory. "Essence is always so much better from someone with magic."

Taking advantage of the vampire's brief recollection of memories, Renna dashed forward with a diagonal swing. This time, however, she let go of Asunder's hilt, throwing it in the manner of a flying propeller towards Rosalind. The captain knew that her opponent would evade it easily and thus prepared a pair of throwing daggers, one on each hand, to engage the vampire as soon as she was focused on dodging.

Rosalind dodged to the right to avoid Asunder and looked up to see a pair of throwing daggers flying at her face. She ducked under one and grabbed the other. Unfortunately she grabbed the blade.

"Mother of FUCK" She swore loudly as she dropped the dagger.

It was in that instant that Renna appeared, rushing at full speed, catching Rosalind's face with a lariat before slamming her to the ground.

"Damn, you're fast."

Gaining some distance from the vampire, Renna went for the sword nailed into the wall of the training chamber.

-But we both know you’re faster. Is pretty little Rosalind holding back, I wonder?-
"Hold back? Why would I wanna do that, Renna?" Rosalind asked.

Turning her attention back to the young vampire, Renna offered her a faint playful smile.

-I don't know, maybe because you’re annoyed that the Regent has summoned you to his chamber and you’re looking for a pretext not to go? What better excuse than being pummeled by a captain during a sparring session.-

Rosalind stuck her tongue out at Renna.

"Nah, that's just silly, why would I LET you hurt me. I suppose I just haven't eaten in a bit. I'll need to grab a bite."

Renna could probably see the beads of sweat had begun to form on the vampire's forehead and neck. She looked paler than normal, if that was even possible.

Letting out a sigh, Renna rested the blunt side of her sword on her shoulder and approached Rosalind.

-Look at you, Rosalind. You always look so sick.- she stated, offering a hand to the young vampire to help her stand -Have you ever considered that that nasty addiction of yours might just be the end of you one day?-
"I'm not addicted, besides it's easier to get artificial stuff than the real deal. Vampires ain’t as low key as they used to be" Rosalind said with a shrug. "See you later, Ren, I've gotta go get some essence in me and see the Regent."

Looking at the vampire while she took her leave, Renna crooked her cheek as a sign of disapproval, but said nothing.

Rosalind swiftly walked away. She eventually made her way to her tent where she dug through her chest. Soon enough, she pulled out a corked bottle. The liquid within swirled and shimmered with an ethereal light. It glowed an unnatural cyan as it writhed beautifully in the clear bottle. She popped the cork out of the bottle and held it to her lips. Rosalind jerked her head back and took desperate gulps from the bottle. She drained it and set the bottle down, her eyes closed. Rosalind sat for a moment, limp as if sedated.

Finally she stood and went to see the Regent.

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Re: Downfall

Post by Moon's Jester on Fri Feb 03, 2012 1:32 am

Felix flexed his left arm absentmindedly as he looked for his next finger hold. The 'impregnable' wall of the castle was not so invincible after all, and he had gathered a small crowd of astonished onlookers. It was one of the more difficult climbs he had run this year, especially given that he couldn't drive any pitons into the wall for safety, but the thrill was riding high in his blood. Two fingers snaked into a growing crack in the mortar, and he slowly slid his feet up into a crouch. His right hand went to the powder pouch on the back of his belt, and smeared an orange chalk along the crack. Felix leaned back, surveying the little lines of orange snaking up to his position while wiping sweat off his forehead with his forearm.

Almost there. Only about forty feet to go... What a sucker bet... A smooth move allowed his right hand to clamp down like a vise on small rough out-cropping of stone. It was getting harder to find holds as he was getting towards the top. The plasterwork on the wall was much smoother, and Felix's arms were going from a burn to feeling like molten lava. Nothing to it...

“What do you guys think now?!” A cheer arose from the Scouts mingled in the crowd, while the regular guards groaned audibly.
“You ain't done yet! You can't finish!” One guard began heckling him.
“Sure he can!” The scouts began chanting, “Felix, Felix, Felix!”
“He'll fall, and we get the pot!” The sergeant of the guard was sweating just as much as Felix, about to lose a month's pay.
“Please! A veteran outrider never falls!” Felix move explosively, but still smoothly, gaining another twenty feet in as many seconds while the crowd argued below. Breaths started increasingly rapidly.
“Ao's beard, I'm out of shape.” Felix muttered to himself. He continued climbing carefully and smoothly, ignoring the molten fire running through his forearms. Four feet from the battlements, there were no more holds to go up withing ten feet of either direction. Felix cursed rapidly with the realization he went off his planned route. His arms started shaking, and adrenaline rushed through his body at the thought of falling. Terror and anger mixed and roiled.

“You guys ready for a show?” Felix shouted. He continued in a lower voice, “You can do it, you can do it, you can do it!” He took one deep breath, and dyno'ed up the last four feet. His right hand caught, slid, and then stopped in one panicked spasm of anxiety. A final spurt of effort secured the second hand over the slope and Felix laboriously pulled himself up to the cheers of the scouts. He rolled over the edge, and panted. He rested for half a minute. A loud roar of victory was met with uneasy, officious seeming silence. The messenger from the court glared up at him, no doubt offended by the impropriety.

“Uhh, looking for me?!”
“Scout Felix Kalan?”
“You are commanded to appear before the Regent!” The man turned to leave, and was interrupted by Felix.
“What, you mean, like, Officially?”
“Yes.” The icy glared chilled Felix's blood.
“Full formal wear?!” Hope rapidly drained away by the pause and measured response.
“Yes!” Felix grimaced and the man swept away in a huff.

The guards at the top stopped chuckling when Felix turned a murderous glare on the pair. The captain in charge was leaning over the wall, clucking at the marks. He jotted a few notes on a notebook, and shook his head. “Maintainence will be interesting, we should maintain the walls' integrity. You should hurry and change for your appointment. Try not to rub skin off in less than a day this time.”
“Thanks Brandon, you're all heart. I guess I should tell your boys that you bet on me.”
“You wouldn't dare! Where would you get your rubes the next time?” The lowly guards nodded, and chuckled a bit more. They had been warned ahead of time, and were apparently trusted.

“Fine, you win again. Buy me a beer.” Felix stomped off to go changed into his official plate armor.

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Re: Downfall

Post by quakernuts on Mon Feb 06, 2012 11:26 pm

"We going to see important person! We going to see Regent, yes?!" A small Melesian asked his fellow traveller. A Viala who seemed strangely at peace as the small mole person literally ran circles around him.

"Yes Herter, now if you don't mind, could you stop running circles around me." The Viala responded, only to be ignored by the smaller being once again.

"Can't Breshkin! I'm too worked up! Need to run, to work, to invent! Energy! Energy! Energy!" Herter continued to run around in circles until Breshkin stuck out a foot and watched as Herter went face first into the dirt.

"That is why you don't run circles around people." Bresh stated as Herter spit out some dirt.

"That wasn't very nice! I demand apology!" Herter yelled after Bresh.

"Alright, I'm sorry you're stupid enough to get tripped by a Vialan while running circles around him." Bresh's pace didn't stop, and Herter eventually caught up.

"I have Boom balls! Don't insult person with Boom Balls."

"Don't run circles around someone who's legs are longer than your body." Bresh retaliated. Herter just frowned, then looked up at Breshkin through blue glowing 'eyes'.

"No fun, you be no fun."

"You need to calm yourself before we see the Regent, he won't tolerate your hyper activity." Breshkin stated as they neared the gate. Herter simply stared at the construct.

"That is very large!" Herter stated as they drew nearer. A couple guards were stationed on either side of the gate. As they got closer, the guards approached them.

"Welcome Viala. What is you-" The guard was cut off as Herter ran up and started banging on his plate leggings.

"Very strong metal indeed...hmmm...Stand up to Boom?" Herter took out one of his Boom Balls and Bresh rushed over and took it out of his hands. Herter yelled after him. "You can't stop science! Science!" Bresh just gave a slight smile towards the guards.

"He's a bit eccentric..." The guards looked at him through their face plate.

"It would seem that way. What's the purpose of your visit?"

"We've been summoned to see the Regent. Here are our papers." Breshkin reached into his sack, and pulled out the unsealed letter that had been sent not to him, but Herter. As the guard looked it over, Herter kept jumping up to grab it.

"My letter! Me important! I make Boom Balls!" Bresh grabbed Herter's hood, and yanked him hard behind him. Herter fell backwards and rolled slightly. The guard finished reading it, and nodded, handing the letter back.

"Alright, you can enter. Word to the wise Vialan, keep those weapons of yours holstered." The guard pointed to the spear and shield on Breshkin's back and sword on his hip, and Bresh nodded. He made to go, but when he looked back, Herter was nowhere to be found. Bresh looked forward, and Herter had literally climbed on top of the guard and was pounding on his face plate.

"Interesting design! Very thorough! Can you see? Can I see? Sight must be valid! Protect from Boom Ball? How you breath?" Bresh grabbed the Melesian and tucked him underneath his arm. "SCIENCE!" Herter yelled as Bresh pushed past the guards into the complex. Herter yelled back at the guards. "I will be back! Tests must be done! Science will be accomplished!"

"Herter, take some advice, and don't anger the guards." Bresh stated as he threw Herter onto the ground. The gate closed behind them, and Herter snapped up as if nothing had happened.

"They wore interesting armour! Armour must be examined! Weaknesses must be attained!"

"Yeah, well keep it up and your weakness will be a gauntlet to the face." Bresh retaliated as they came up to the main building.

"Hmmm..." Herter put a hand up to his chin. "Gauntlet to face...defence mechanism?"

"You could say that..." Bresh stated as they finished climbing the steps.

"Oh, very interesting! STAIRS!" Herter looked down and started hopping up the stairs. "Concrete, very sturdy! Weak to Boom Balls! Structurally inadequate versus the genius of explosions!" Bresh took a deep breath, and opened the door to the main building where the Regent was housed.

"Yes, very. Can we go in now?" Herter looked up at Bresh, then the open door.

"Regent must be seen!" Herter yelled as he ran into the open door waving his arms in the air. "I am important person! Obey me! Important!" His voice echoed off the walls as he got further and further inside, and Breshkin rubbed his forehead. It was hard enough to control him under normal circumstances, but when he was excited, it was damn near impossible. He hoped that the little mole wouldn't do anything to embarass them, but he knew that was a forlorn hope at best. He gave one last sigh and entered the door.

"Herter! Get back here before you blow another hole in a wall!" Bresh yelled after him.


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Re: Downfall

Post by Guilty Carrion on Tue Feb 07, 2012 7:28 pm

Sitting cross legged in the center of her small quarters, Ukarahu inhaled the incense lightly, exhaling a light cloud of its smoke from her lips. The scents stilled every thought and blazing desire, leaving her with an appearance of placid thought, as many of her comrades had come to expect of her. Tapping a finger against her knee, the Tallonite turned her head slowly to the hunkered form of Thrall, who shuffled about awkwardly in his ‘corner’. Fitting the titanic creature inside her quarters was a task, but there was little else she could do about it. He got antsy whenever she went away for too long, and if left to his own devices, the palace guard would likely drag him into a fighting ring or something equally foolish.

As if sensing her thoughts, the war beast looked up from its ‘nest’, pupil less eyes watching her curiously. Before she could speak, sharp ears caught the fast approaching footfalls, and the Tallonite rose from the floor swiftly. The footsteps stopped, and she crossed the room to pull the door open before the stranger even knocked. One of the officers, young, likely a fresh graduate, blinked in surprise once or twice, before clearing his throat and fixing the stern look the young ones always seemed to favour. She inclined her head slightly, willing to listen to whatever he wanted to say.

The officer held out a scroll, bearing the regent’s seal, and the corners of her lips down turned ever so slightly. “Uk…Uka…” He paused, squinting at the curious name. She watched him murmur to himself about its exact pronunciation for a minute, before her eyes narrowed in annoyance and she cupped the small man’s chin with her hand and leaned close to his face.

“Ukarahu.” He flustered and stuttered in her grip, and she growled in her throat, tightening her hold on his jaw. “Ukarahu.”

“Ukarahu! Okay!” She released him, mismatched eyes falling back to dull disinterest. The officer gave her a curious look, before continuing. “Ukarahu, you are to report to the Regent immediately. No delays.” There was a silence, and for a moment, the officer wondered if the strange woman had even heard what he’d said. Finally, she nodded, gently pushing the door shut. She stood silent on the other side, listening until the hesitant steps of the officer finally faded into the rush of the barracks around her.


He perked up at his name, rising as high as he could in the tight confines. Even with the roof shunting him to a more manageable size, the war beast dwarfed her, making the way he lingered on her every word almost comedic. Almost. It was difficult to look at either of them and think hilarity. “Yes?” The war beast’s voice was rough and coarse from disuse, a privilege he’d never really had in the past.

“The Regent wishes to see me. It’s likely we’ll need to travel. Ready our things.” He nodded obediently and she pulled on her white plate armour silently. Leaving the war beast to his task, Ukarahu strode from her chambers, weaving through the barracks with all haste. The regent wasn’t one to wait patiently, and the longer she took, the easier it was to earn his ire. That was simply unacceptable.

Shortly before she arrived to his chambers, the knight was nearly bowled over by a rushing Melesian, followed very closely by a Viala, who muttered an apology as he continued after what she could only assume was his charge.

They’ll let anything into the palace these days…

It was only then she realized the two where headed in the same direction as her. Scowling behind her helm’s visor, the Tallonite moved after the two, following in their chaotic wake till eventually they reached the Regent’s chambers.

She entered slowly, noting those present with a quick flick of her eyes, before moving deeper into the room. With luck, the regent would see them quickly.
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Re: Downfall

Post by Artorius on Sat Feb 11, 2012 3:11 am

Rosalind's steps echoed through the storied halls of the Enolan palace. Gold embroidered, deep blue tapestries bearing the royal insignia of the Drakenguard bloodline lined the hallway to the throne room. Also lining the otherwise plain stone walls were full body, life size portraits of all past kings in the Enolan bloodline. They wore lavish robes made of thick bear hide and died blue, with gold trim, like the tapestries. Meanwhile, their hands and necks were adorned with gold jewelry and atop their heads was the same tall golden crown inlaid with rubies, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds, and a singular essence crystal dead center which glowed brilliantly, as if real. However, the real surprise would await in the corridor right before the throne room's great doors, for standing guard at either side of the hallway were the Regent's Black Knights, elite soldiers wearing black steel sets of armor, chosen from birth and raised with a single purpose: to protect Enola's rulers. Standing by the threshold as Rosalind came into the corridor, Earl shifted his attention towards her.

-Mayor.- he greeted, saluting his superior in rank with a military gesture -You here to see the Regent as well?-

As Rosalind and Earl stood chatting before the Regent's Black Knights, the familiar clank of the White Knight's formal armor rang through the hallway, reaching the pair. The man was known as Id, though his real name was Icarus Dodd. He was a handsome man by most accounts, sporting well kempt blonde hair. His sword rested on his hip, and his helmet under his armpit. It was rare to see the man known as Id out of uniform. He wore a curt smile on his face. He had a feeling, an inkling of what this was about. He had been waiting since his last assignment, which ended in failure and demotion a year ago. He approached Rosalind and Earl with his curt smile. He then interrupted the conversation between Rosalind and Earl.

"Well, we musn't dilly dally now. It's best not to keep him waiting."

"Hello there," Rosalind said sweetly. "-and yes, I am."

Rosalind looked around at the Black Knights and nodded respectfully to the group. She was, much to her disdain, wearing her formal White Knight heavy plate armor. Rosalind had always preferred light leather armor to the heavy sort they had her wear. Attached to the hook where her weapon would have been was a velvet bag that clinked slightly as she walked. Rosalind never went far without a small supply of artificial essence. One of her small, spindly hands was placed protectively over the bag. Her other hand held her helmet. Her black hair shone under the light given off by the torches in the room and she was much better groomed than usual. She more closely resembled her human self, a young noble woman as opposed to an essence crazed vampire. Earl then addressed Icarus.

-Captain Dodd, permission to speak my mind freely, sir.- Earl replied. He was by no means a boot licker, but he did stick to military protocol quite rigorously. After all, that's the way Renna liked to keep things in her company.

"Permission granted, Earl."

As eager as Icarus was to enter the throne room, he felt compelled to hear Earl speak. Besides arguments over battle plans and strategy, Earl seldom spoke, so when he did, it was important to listen.

-Just wanted to remind you that when addressing an officer of higher rank, sir, you must do so properly. After all, you're no longer a general...sir.-

Although he tried to keep his tone as impartial as possible, it was obvious that Earl's voice carried a faint trace of spite. For this, Icarus ground his teeth. It wasn't exactly easy to adjust to a demotion, especially such a harsh demotion. He'd been knocked down several ranks from General to Captain.

"Yes... noted, Earl. Mayor, I suggest we proceed."

"Of course," Rosalind said with a smile.

Icarus walked by Rosalind as they approached the Black Knights. The Black Knights stood motionless, their faces hidden behind black helms shaped like the gaping maw of a dragon. In the right hand of either guard was held a halberd forged of black steel, and sharper than most every other weapon, able to cleave clean through the toughest of armors. As Icarus approached the throne room door, their halberds crossed, permitting no entry. This movement, like every movement of the Black Knight's was so uniform, so sharp, precise, and crisp. Even something like that, executed with the reflexes of cat, took years of training.

"Papers," the guard on the right demanded.

Icarus handed him the scroll of summons which bore the Regent's seal, as did Earl, and Rosalind. Then, in just as precise a motion, the guards moved back to their stone-like posts. Not so much as a finger was out of place. Icarus pushed open the double doors to the throne room and entered. It was a mighty chamber, but significantly smaller than the pillared throne room of the Golden Palace of Gornada. It was short, but wide, and four Black Knights stood on either side of a red velvet carpet leading towards the ivory throne on which the Grand Regent Skoll Arkenhand sat.

Skoll was a ghastly figure, and seemed sickly. He was as thin as a twig, and his fair skin seemed to cover nothing but bones. His cheek frame jutted out from his face creating an almost skeletal visage. Raven black hair fell over his eyes, and he wore a robe like the past kings of Enola, and much too big for his bony and frail frame. It was hard to believe this man was once Grand Marshall, and even harder to believe his war-like tendencies. He was young, but his face showed age well beyond his years, and his eyes seemed tired, dead. All the gold in the world, and he was wearing plenty, could not contrast the unnerving darkness of his character.

As Icarus, Rosalind, and Earl joined Herter and a couple others, the Regent commanded them all.

"Bow before your Regent, sole protector and governor of the realm."

Rosalind dropped to one knee along with the others; in her mind she wondered how exactly Skoll had managed to get so scrawny. It was rare that she saw a human who looked as pale as she did. As Rosalind and the others bowed before Skoll, Earl lingered a bit. When everyone else was already on their knees, he still stood. Somewhat insulted, the Grand Regent Skoll Arkenhand leaned forward on his ivory throne. He had a scepter in his right hand. The scepter made a metallic clang as Skoll slammed it against the floor of the throne room five times.

"You will bow before your Regent, White Knight."

After a few seconds of silence, Earl finally knelt.

-Forgive me, great sire.- he said plainly.
The frail looking Regent sat back in his throne again. He sighed, and brushed his raven black hair out of his eyes. Then, he proceeded to wave his hand, allowing the White Knights to rise. Subsequently, Icarus addressed the Regent.

"Sire, why have we been sum-"

"You have been summoned here, because it is time. It is time for a shift in power. I have dutifully fulfilled my post as the Grand Regent of Enola. Long have I searched for the lost prince Alexander to relieve me of my service to this grand kingdom. He has been found."

Rosalind blinked. Skoll smirked.
"Alexander Drakenguard II has been found. Alas, his recovery remains out of reach. I am asking you all to transcend this war. You must do something... that has not been done in centuries. I am asking you to journey across the sea, to an ancient land. There, there is where you'll find Alexander."

Icarus silently stood before the throne of the Regent. Redemption. That was the singular word that echod in his mind. He would redeem himself. He looked to Earl as the knight lifted his head up a bit, then asked for permission to talk. Once it was granted, he spoke.

-Why us...sire?-

Rosalind held back a gulp as Earl addressed Skoll. Her immediate thought was how much essence she would have to bring to keep her alive and sated throughout the journey. Speaking of essence, the need was ensnaring her thoughts. Rosalind could feel the clinking of the bottles against her armor- each quiet tone took more and more of her focus. Finally the vampire spoke.

"Of course sire."

After nodding, Skoll spoke to Earl.
"Why, you? You are all elite warriors in your own right. You all have been specially chosen; whether for loyalty, toughness, swordsmanship. You are the best chance we have. Do you accept your task?"

-Why not send the Black Knights instead, sire?- Earl insisted. It was obvious he was going to give the Regent a run for his money.

Skoll shifted in his chair. It seemed highly unlikely he was going to let a White Knight unsettle him.

"The Black Knights remain here for the sole protection of the crown of Enola. As for you, you all have traits, skills, and personalities expressly suited for this journey. You cannot fail; you must return.”

Earl said no more after that. He knew anything else would just be insolence.

“Very well, you will depart a week from today. The shipwrights have built a vessel, a grand and mighty vessel to carry you across the sea. I have also hired an excellent and willing captain and crew. This will be no easy journey. Use this time to say goodbye to relatives, write wills, what have you, but you will leave in a week. Any attempted escapes will be considered treason. Your regent has spoken, my will shall be done.”

The group was dismissed.
Icarus Dodd lowered himself onto a simple wooden stool. Every muscle in his body relaxed as he hunched over. His helmet rolled off his lap and onto the crude floorboards of his humble home. His right arm began shaking uncontrollably and he gripped his well kempt hair as if in pain. Icarus groaned, and ground his teeth together. He then grabbed the sides of his body and wiped the beads of sweat that had accumulated on his forehead. Id began to rock back and forth on his stool. No one knew. They could never know. Try as he might, he could no longer resist. He shot up from his wooden stool and shuffled over to his bedside. He pulled open a drawer and tossed several papers and others contents onto the house floor. Finally, he pulled a vial of what he needed out of the drawer and stared wild-eyed at its contents- artificial essence.

Id swallowed the vial of artificial essence as though parched. The White Knights were very used to seeing an artificial essence addict, Rosalind, but Icarus had gone to great lengths to conceal his vice. For years, he had been secretly addicted to the deadly toxin. It granted him great strength, speed, and reflexes, but that’s not why he had taken it up. In the wake of his demotion, he was devastated. He needed a way to rise up above his peers, and he needed something to grasp on to while he bided his time until an opportunity for redemption appeared. The time had come, but this terrible habit had betrayed him. He had to talk to Rosalind.
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Re: Downfall

Post by Ruu on Sat Feb 11, 2012 8:32 pm

Saec glanced at the others with his rust colored eyes as they entered the room, taking mental notes as he did so. He believed in knowing your enemies, but knowing your allies even more, because they could one day be your enemies. There was Felix, a Tevren with a penchant for picking pockets. Most likely a former gang member, if his deductions were correct. His attention was swiftly brought to two newcomers as they entered the room with a great commotion. A Melesian and a Vialan...Hadn't he heard stories of the two before? The Vialan's worry about blowing holes in the wall confirmed it. The Melesian must be the one who had invented the rather infamous "Boom" balls. Other than that, however, he knew very little about the two. They would be worth studying if they were to be working together. With that final thought, he turned to Ukaharu and her loyal Thrall. One of the few Tallonites that remained, he doubted she had little love for Enola. Yet she was still here...What secret goal was she hoping to achieve, he wondered? Well, it mattered not to him as long as she didn't interfere with his own mission. The last to arrive were Rosalind, Icarus Dodd, and Earl Set. These he was more familiar with. Rosalind was a vampire who fed on essence, an unstable woman, perhaps insane, yet with great power. She was one that warranted close supervision. Then there was Earl, a rather unwilling recruit, and one who always hid his face. He was guarded and closed, and it bothered Saec just a bit that he couldn't figure him out. Finally there was Icarus, also known as Id, demoted from General to Captain after a rather humiliating failure. Saec kept him in mind most of all.

At the very last, his eyes turned to Skoll, and he had to suppress the contempt and anger he felt at seeing the man; nay, the skeleton, for Skoll seemed little more than that. His shamelessly stolen robe dwarfed him, causing him all the more to look like a child playing at being king. But anger would do no good now, and would only mean Saec's own mission would be forfeit. For now, he would suppress it but never forget...never forget...

"Bow before your Regent, sole protector and governor of the realm."

He bowed, hiding a grimace, but was surprised to see that one brave soul ignored the order. Earl...hmmm...most interesting...It took a few moments and a command from the Regent himself before the White Knight acquiesced. But that moment was forgotten when Saec heard the words he had been dreaming of, yet never hoping would be realized.

"You have been summoned here, because it is time. It is time for a shift in power. I have dutifully fulfilled my post as the Grand Regent of Enola. Long have I searched for the lost prince Alexander to relieve me of my service to this grand kingdom. He has been found."

His mind whirled, a mixture of fear, anxiety, and relief. Alexander was alive! After all these years, he had been so afraid....But now, now was not the time to think of what could have been. He reflected carefully on the next words. A shift in power? The Grand Regent was ready to give up the power he had wielded for so long? What madness was this? There must be hidden meaning behind those words, but it mattered not, for with this order, Saec would be able to fulfill his own purpose. And if anyone got in his way...He nodded when asked if he accepted the mission, quietly retiring to his own quarters when they were dismissed...


Back in his own room, Saec was already readying himself for the journey that was to bring them to the ancient land across the sea. How had Alexander gotten there, he wondered...Again, this was of little import to him. He only cared that Alexander was safe. Now he would find the Prince, and he hoped dearly he could do so before any of his companions. He would observe, watch silently, and note everything...weaknesses...strengths...hopes...dreams...fears...For those that would not stand with him would stand against him and he needed to be ready for such an occurrence. He was still perplexed as to why Skoll had revealed that he wished for there to be a change in power. What did the Regent really want? He had never shown any sign of giving up the throne in times past. Had something happened in the war to change him? Was he going to use Alexander as a puppet King, feeding him foul and poisoned words? Or worse...would he merely have the boy killed? They were questions the Drakonian could not answer at the moment, and it brought him unease. Before the end of this journey, many questions would be answered. But would they be the correct ones?

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Re: Downfall

Post by Torturous Flame on Sun Feb 12, 2012 8:00 pm

Rosalind had begun to shake as she left the palace to prepare. She kept her back stiff and her hands calm. Her dark red eyes showed nothing, they seemed distant even, as if her mind wandered. And it was, in a way.

Need Need Need Want Want Want Clink Clink Clink can hear it! The bottles in the bag thump thump thump the delicious life coursing. All around. Now now now need need Kill them! Fun and delicious soo much fun screaming screaming then stopping. All of them, kill, drink bath in the life! The king..little life...MUCH magick...

No! We can't kill the king! we can't kill all these people. We have some on us! We'll be fine, just wait! We can't kill all these people in time to stay alive.

Life blood all around pumping. Drink NOW even from bottles drink now. Want now need now! Must must must must!

No we can't! Shut up! We cannot show desperation infront of them. Five more minutes we'll be back and we can drink.

Rosalind got back and immediately fell to the floor. The vampiress ripped the bag from her belt and fumbled with the tie. Her spindly fingers felt thick as she struggled with the knots. She continued for a few moments until , out of desperation, snapped the string ties that kept the bag closed. She dumped the contents onto the ground and snatched a bottle up. She desperately grasped for the cork in the bottle and could not seem to get it out. Finally, she yanked the cork from the bottle and immediately put it to her lips. She gulped it down and felt the essence cool her throat. Some overflowed and dripped onto her cheeks as she drank. She finally slowed and lowered the now empty bottle. She wiped her cheeks with her hand then licked the sweet excess off. She sighed with relief.

Suddenly, a knock was heard at Rosalind's door.

Rosie blinked and stood up slowly. She shook her head to clear it.

"Come in"

Icarus Dodd entered Rosalind's home, noticeably unnerved.



Blood life life life drink it drink it blood. want want want need, REAL magick REAL blood REAL life kil kill kill now now now


"I know we've had our misunderstandings, but you once served under me. I need your help, Rosalind."


Icarus' hand shook as he tried to tell Rosalind the nature of his visit.

"I-I have a problem Rosalind."


"I'm like you..."

"You're a vampire?

"No, no, no, of course not. I'm... I'm addicted, Rosalind."


Icarus was taken aback by Rosalind's seeming lack of concern.

"This voyage... I need to know where you get your artificial essence."

Rosalind raised her eyebrow at Id.

"You don't know? Thats how they pay me. With a supply of artificial essence and a bit of safety money."

KILL HIM KILL HIM smell it smell the blood smell the magic smell the life pumping. Want it need it

Icarus frowned. He wasn't keen on letting the military know of his addiction.

"Do you know of other suppliers?"

"Um.....well I could have them give me a little extra than normal...for you. For a price..."

Icarus felt a chill run up his spine. What could she possibly want from him?

"A price?"

"Vampires can not simply survive on artificial essence. We need true essence, the natural kind. Blood. I will not be able to keep enough fresh for the entire journey. I will have to hunt. But if I can not find anyone to feed from..."

Feed feed feed kill him drink from him. Want it need it now now now. Blood? Strong vibrant brimming life. perfect.

"What are you implying?"

"If needed, you allow me to drink from you."

Yes..he is isn't he?
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Re: Downfall

Post by striDer on Mon Feb 13, 2012 7:07 pm

Immediately after leaving Skoll’s chamber, Earl had returned to his quarters so he could start the arrangements for the journey ahead.
Taking off his helmet, he just let it drop on the polished granite floor without a care in the world. Worn out bandages covered the entirety of his face, with the exception of his eyes and mouth. A few strands of black hair sprouted here and there, but otherwise Earl looked like a burn victim of sorts.

->>So they found you.<<- he mused to himself, removing the gauntlet on his left hand to examine the scar on his palm ->>Alexander…are they still with you as well?<<

Walking into the bathroom, Earl opened the faucet and immersed both flesh and metal fingers into the stream. There, he contemplated the water escape his grasp for a few seconds before soaking his face. It felt cool and refreshing as it drenched his bandages.

This will be no easy journey. Use this time to say goodbye to relatives, write wills, what have you, but you will leave in a week.

Leaning on the washbasin, Earl stared at his reflection on the cracked mirror in front of him. The distorted image of his concealed features only showed the fatigue on his eyes clearly.

->>Better get some rest before I head into town.<<-


Later that day, when the sun was already setting behind the western mountains, Earl awaited patiently beneath the shade of a tall oak as the students of Enola Academy began to exit the facility through the main gate. His attention suddenly fell on a young girl, no more than 15, hair like hazel, slightly tanned skin, and almond eyes. She walked out of the entrance accompanied by a few friends, arms wrapped tightly around a few books. Earl didn’t move and kept his distance, simply watching and listening to the girl’s merry laughter.

-Leena…- he whispered, almost finding the courage to take a step forward.
-Leena!- called out a woman; Leena’s mother, who waved at her so she would go to the carriage –Hurry up, Leena! Your father’s waiting for us so we can have dinner!-

Remaining under the crown canopy, Earl merely watched as the girl waved goodbye to her friend before hurrying to the carriage and her mother.

-How was school today?- the mother asked as she went into the vehicle.
-Great! You’ll never believe what Mia did this morning when we were…-

Leena’s words were cut off short as one of the pages closed the door behind her.
Stepping out from the shade, Earl looked from the road as the carriage drove away quickly.


Upon returning to HQ, the lieutenant was received by captain Renna, who was already waiting by the entrance with a not too friendly expression on her face.

-Lt. Set, where have you been?-
-Captain.- Earl replied with a military salute. This seemed to make her even angrier.
-I don’t remember ever dismissing your from your post, lieutenant. Care to explain?-
-No offense, captain, but I no longer have to explain myself to you.-
Furrowing her brow, Renna’s words suddenly carried enough venom to kill a man.
-WHAT did you just say?-
Reaching into his belt pouch, Earl drew out the scroll with the Regent’s seal on it.
-I’ve been chosen by the Regent to go on a mission of dire importance for the kingdom. So, from here on out until the end of the assignment, I’ll respond only to the Regent and all officers of superior rank within the traveling party. If you have any problems with this, please address Mayor Rosalind or Captain Id on the situation. Now, if you’ll excuse me, captain.-

Walking past Renna without waiting for a reply, Earl was soon lost out of sight. Looking in his direction, the captain’s somber appearance intensified as she murmured a few last words.

-Oh, I will.-

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Re: Downfall

Post by Artorius on Tue Feb 21, 2012 12:09 am

It didn't take much time for Renna to reach Rosalind's quarters. Once she did, she knocked a few times on the door before entering. The fact that it was open meant the young vampire was around.

-Dammit, Rosie; I'm so stressed right now, you have no idea. I could really use a good fu-....-

Taking notice of Id's presence in the room, Renna stopped mid-sentence and looked at the vampire before returning her attention to Id.

-Captain.- she saluted with a nod -Am I interrupting?-
Rosalind coughed a bit.

"Um, Id and I were just finishing. Right Id?" She turned to look at him.
Captain Dodd nodded.

"Yes. I'll take my leave."

With that, Icarus walked towards the door.

-Captain.- Renna called out to him -I'd like to request my transfer to your little group of voyagers. Do you think it's possible?-

Icarus stopped dead in his tracks. Renna's voice navigated through his ears.

"Captain... Skoll made it very clear we were specifically chosen. This mission... the outcome isn't exactly hopeful."
-I see.- she replied -Of course, I understand.-

"So we have a deal then, Id?"

Id looked towards Rosalind with dismay painted upon his face.

"Yes, Rosalind, we do." He turned towards Renna once more. "I'm sorry, Captain."
After seeing Id out, Renna looked at Rosalind from her spot beside the entrance.

-What was that all about?-

"Oh...he's hooked on artificial essence. Asked me for a hookup"

Renna's eyes widened up for a split second.

-Are you serious? Rosalind, he's not like you. That stuff could kill him!-


Renna rubbed her face as she paced across the room.

-You know what? I don't want to deal with it right now.-

Taking Asunder off her back, Renna rested the blade against the wall. She then walked up to the bed and began to remove the rest of her gear.

-So, you in the mood?- she said bluntly, sitting on the edge of the matress as she crossed her legs.

"Sure, feeling a bit thirsty as well."

Raising her eyebrows, Renna grinned playfully.

-That so?-

Standing up again with a little jump, the captain approached Rosalind and locked her lips with hers. There was no romance in the action; it was all just feral craving and necessity.

One Week Later...

Jacob Lara Allsace- the legend, the monster hunter, and the captain of the Lorraine. He was by no means imposing, standing at a mere five feet eight inches and weighing one hundred and ninety pounds. However, he was stocky. His attire only accentuated his block-like physique. He wore heavy plate- a mainstay of members of the Monster Hunter Order of the Valiant- but over this plate mail was a heavy brown coat. This coat’s hue matched the sea captain’s muddy hair and eyes, and to an extent his tanned skin. Mister Jacob’s fame stemmed from his boat, more specifically his sea voyages. Jacob was the only living human being to have entered The Fog, and escape alive; additionally, he has led several expeditions to the far northern Ice Lands where he encountered and felled a Praetorian Golem- an ancient construct and siege machine of the Praetorian empire. Since then, he had changed, become more pessimistic and more angry at the world. Legend has it, something he saw in the Ice Lands changed him.

This legendary ship captain was going to pilot the Lorraine and emerge unscathed through the other side of The Fog. At least, that was the plan. He had been hired on by the Grand Regent for quite a hefty sum. If this voyage was successful, Jacob would be one of the richest men on the Grand Continent. The ship captain wore an eternal scowl on his face as he transported a gold coin across the tops of fingers. The salty breeze swirled about him as he pretended not to hear the messenger boy that now approached him.

“Mister Allsace!”

Still, the ship captain did not reply, nor did he intend to. The ship set sail in a few hours, and all that mattered then was whether lady luck smiled upon them or not. As Jacob’s tolerance for the boy’s presence expired he called out to him. His hoarse voice startled the boy- he was not expecting as such, but the captain of the Lorraine was a smoker.

“Here, boy! Hand it over and be gone with you!”

Of course, Jacob was referring to weathered parchment rolled up in the messenger boy’s calloused hand. As the boy handed Jacob the scroll, Jacob eyed the boy with discontent. The boy shrunk away from the rough seaman and ran to deliver the entirety of letters in his satchel; he would not be flogged for sloth this day, not if he had anything to say about it. As the boy ran off with urgency, the captain opened his letter with ennui; he was eager to get going.

Captain Allsace of the Lorraine,

Except for maintenance personnel and related ship crewmen, you are not to admit any additional men or women of any rank aboard your vessel, other than those hereto listed.
Mayor Rosalind

Captain Icarus Dodd

Lieutenant Earl Set

White Knight Saec

Herter Grashken

Breshkin Kilneera

Miss Ukarahu (and one war beast slave)

Mister Felix Kalan

Take care Jacob Allsace, and we wish you a speedy return. Enclosed are essence crystal shards. The Grand Regent has entrusted you with their care. You will know how to use them when the time comes. Godspeed.

-General Marius Fasatune

Jacob beheld the sparkling essence crystal shards. They were so valuable, but little more than trinkets without some way to use them. What was the point? Jacob shoved the shards into one of his coat pockets and thought about them not a second more. He also placed the scroll in one of his jacket pockets. Near the pier he could see new additions to the crew. They walked towards the ship, indifferent to one another. Among their number was Icarus Dodd dressed in shining white armor. Jacob groaned. These White Knights were infamous for their condescending attitudes, but not on his ship. He was king on the Lorraine.
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Re: Downfall

Post by quakernuts on Wed Feb 22, 2012 1:03 am

Herter had been sprinting around the castle much like a kid in a candy store. His attention was constantly shifting, from wanting to test the durability of the walls to seeing how large the castle was to seeing just what would happen if a fire were to start within the building itself and whether or not there was someplace the smoke could escape to if it could be created. Herter stopped for a moment, and looked around. He had managed to come to a crossroads of sorts, and took a moment to decide where he was going to go next. He chose, but before he could do anything a firm hand yanked on his hood choking him backwards.

"Herter!" The voice yelled at him. "Queen's sake, can you be any more irresponsible within the Regent's castle? We're here for a reason, not to be destroying everything within sight!" Breshkin tossed the tiny Melesian over his shoulder, and started carrying him back to the main chambers.

"It for a good cause Breshkin! If it be destroyed, stronger stuff take it place! I'm helping Regent!" Herter argued, but Breshkin simply snorted.

"I doubt he'd take it that way." Breshkin stated simply as he managed to get back on route once more. Herter pouted and crossed his arms while being hauled around like a sack of potatoes.

"Regent no fun! He doesn't believe in progress or science! Maybe if we-" Herter stopped for a second when a patrol of guards wandered by them. "Oh, soldier stop! Armour test yes! TEST! SCIENCE!" The guards continued on without a single afterthought. Herter simply pouted some more. "This place suck science out of life...we leave?"

"We're not leaving until we've spoken to the Regent." Breshkin stated as he came up to the door guarded by two large black knights. Herter looked back and his face lit up again.

"More soldiers, so rigid! Discipline! Training!" Herter wrangled loose and stood at the base of the stairs giving off a loose salute. "I be soldier too! I be called for mission!" Breshkin and the knights ignored him as Breshkin handed over the papers. Soon the knights permitted passage. Breshkin grabbed Herter by the hood once more and dragged him inside. Herter looked at the soldiers. "I command you to stand still!" Herter yelled, and the guards did nothing. "Hah! Breshkin, they follow my orders!" A harsh yank forced Herter to be pulled into the chamber with a gagging sound.

Herter paced around the area impatiently while Breshkin stood quietly with his arms behind his back. "BORED!" Herter suddenly yelled at the top of his lungs. "We do something now?! I demand entertainment!" The Regent looked at him with an unknowing expression on his face. Breshkin said nothing and didn't move as Herter yanked at his leg. "Come, let us go fishing! Let us go trading! Let us do something that has me doing something other than not doing anything!" Herter complained, but Breshkin didn't move. When he got no response, Herter sat on the floor pouting and crossing his arms.

He sat there for a few moments, eventually picking at his teeth with his overly large claws, and was about to move one more when the rest of the group walked in. As they finished walking in, the Regent commanded them to bow before him. Herter looked around and at Breshkin as he bowed. Herter threw up his fist. "I be Rebel! I bow for no-GAHH" Breshkin had grabbed his head and forced Herter down and to the floor in a lying position. "ow" Herter stated as he tried to stand up again only to have Breshkin pin him down. It seemed like Herter wasn't the only one who seemed to enjoy making a target of himself as another knight appeared to not want to bow either. After an awkward moment, he knelt.

Breshkin kept Herter pinned for the entire duration of the Earl's briefing, with the odd slap to the back of Herter's head whenever he tried to talk. Breshkin knew little about politics nor the state of the region's royalty, but he knew when a huge topic was taking place. He had heard little about this Alexander Drakenguard II other than the fact that he's been supposedly missing for a long time. Regardless, Breshkin was here now and he nodded as he understood what the mission was and the risk. He wasn't a soldier by any stretch of the imagination, but he could be a healer and a smooth talker should the situation call for it. Herter...well Herter could make things explode and invent items that Breshkin couldn't even think about. It would no doubt prove useful on their journey. As they were dismissed, Breshkin released his hand on Herter and allowed him to stand up.

"And furthermore I accept this challenge in the name of Science!" Herter swept his arms, pretending to act the part. "We will spare no one! We will succeed! We will be heroes of legends!" Herter stopped and looked around, noticing everyone else had left. He then coughed briefly. "I will be heroes of legend! For only I like to be around for epic speeches...induced with Science!" Herter yelled as Breshkin guided him out of the door.

"Remind me to sedate you next time we come here." Breshkin mumbled towards the Melesian.

"We come here again! Good! I test boom balls!" Herter yelled in excitement. Breshkin simply pinched the bridge of his nose as they walked out of the room to prepare for the upcoming trip.

A week later and the duo of Breshkin and Herter were walking with the rest of the white knights towards their vessel which would take them to their new found adventure. Breshkin had loaded up for the quest, sporting a heavy backpack filled with tools, medicinal ingredients, food, water, and other assorted items that he thought would be beneficial to the mission. Along with this, his sword swayed at his side and his spear clung to his back while his shield was strapped to his pack. He was prepared, and as he looked at Herter, he couldn't believe he had actually packed anything at all.

Herter wasn't carrying a pack, but several pouches adorned his usual ratty attire filled with everything from boom balls to several known combustible components needed to make more. He also carried a small dagger, but Breshkin had yet to see the Melesian use it for anything other than tinkering with inventions. Herter had began talking to himself as the excitement took over him.

"Take a ship! Yes, we take ship! We sail! We cross sea! I don't like water! Ship make water my slave! Oceans serve me on ship!" Herter was stating as they continued their walk. Breshkin saw no reason to interrupt seeing as the others were roughly keeping to themselves and having someone talk, even if it was to himself was dispersing the awkward air between everyone in the group. When the ship came into sight, Breshkin covered his ears and as everyone looked at him, he simply nodded.

"You'll find out in a second." He stated. Finally, the range of Herter's ability caught sight of the ship, and he stopped for a second.

"SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIP!" Herter yelled as loud as he could before running, or more accurately, waddling up to the ship as fast as he could. "We gonna sail! We gonna adventure! Own the seas!" He threw his hands up in the air once more. "ARGH! I'm a pirate!" He yelled as he started running up the ramp to get up the ramp onto the ship. He looked over, and Breshkin finally released his hands from his ears as he started going up the ramp of the ship. Breshkin pointed to something off to the side.

"Barrel!" He stated as he crouched and started rolling around the ship. "Do a barrel roll!" Herter yelled as he continued to roll around the ship. Breshkin wandered up to the captain, a tough looking man who simply looked at Herter with a cold indifference.

"I'm sorry, I'll try to get him under control." Breshkin said to the man, who simply grunted.

"Just get a hold of him before my men decide he ain't worth the effort." The man grumbled before turning his gaze else where. Breshkin looked at the man but said nothing as he looked for Herter only to find him halfway up the main mast.

"Look Breshkin!" Herter let go of one hand waving down at him with his claws ingrained into the wood. "One hand! I'm lookout! I'm pirate! Need eye patch!"

"Herter, get down from there before I toss all of your little toys overboard!" Breshkin yelled after the Melesian.

"Not my babies!" Herter cried out as he quickly descended from the mast. He walked up to Breshkin, who simply put an arm on his shoulder and walked away from the group. Finally Breshkin knelt down to the Melesian and looked at him.

"Look Herter, you need to control yourself if you want to part of this. I can't be constantly going after you and giving the others a bad impression of us. Do you want to be part of this adventure?" Breshkin asked Herter. Herter simply nodded his head vigorously. "Then calm down, and do as I say. I will let you know when it's ok to run around, alright?" Breshkin stated as calmly as he could muster.

"Alright" Herter mumbled as he shuffled after Breshkin towards the rest of the group.

"Sorry about that." Breshkin stated as he regrouped with them.

"He has...attention issues."

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Re: Downfall

Post by Ruu on Tue Feb 28, 2012 12:19 am

Saec walked with the other White Knights, and to a casual observer, it might have appeared that he was paying little heed to his surroundings. Every so often he'd cast a casual glance over a fellow member, and as they neared the ship more than once his eyes would quickly scan the vessel. But there was nothing to suggest that he was scrutinizing every detail closely, and yet that was exactly what he was doing. Not one moment was spent idle as he analyzed his companions and the ship that would be their transportation for quite some time. Knowledge was his greatest asset, and also his greatest weakness. There was little he would not do for the pursuit of knowledge, though compassion and mercy would often stay his hand. But now, with his goal and his dreams beginning to be realized, he had to be ruthless. None could stand in his way of finding his young charge...And if they did...

His musings were cut short at Herter's antics. He had to hide a smile, as the Melesian reminded him of a very young child. And yet he knew there was more to Herter than it appeared. His creations were truly strokes of genius, and they required a knowledge more than a creature of average intelligence possessed. For all of his antics and barrel rolling, the Melesian was a sharp individual. There was worth to that, and there was also much to be admired in his companion, if only for the fact that he put up with Herter's inability to focus on a single thing for even a small amount of time. Breshkin seemed to have just the right attitude and demeanor to serve as a foil to the Melesian's high strung nature and scientific, if not downright destructive, approach to life. After Breshkin's talk with Herter, Saec did allow himself a genuine smile.

"Do not worry yourself, my friend," he replied to the Viala, "His energy is quite refreshing, actually. You don't see much of that around here in this militaristic atmosphere. Sometimes it is good to remember we all possessed such a childlike wonder at one time."

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Re: Downfall

Post by Artorius on Fri Mar 02, 2012 3:16 am

Captain Jacob had little patience and a short fuse. It would be wise of Greshkin to watch over Herter for now. Reaching into his coat pocket, for his coat had many pockets, Jacob retrieved a pipe. There was still tobacco left in the pipe, so the captain simply lit a match and subsequently lit his pipe. He drew in a great deal of smoke before releasing a stream of it towards his boarding passengers. Icarus Dodd received the brunt of the rude gesture and glared angrily at the discourteous captain. Jacob stared right back with indifference, though a glint of suspicion was present in his stare. Nonetheless, the captain looked over each of the ship’s passengers. The manifest was a list of names, with no faces to attach to them. However, Captain Allsace had been inadvertently introduced to Herter and Greshkin, as well as Saec. As for the rest, he’d meet them when the time came.

The gruff ship captain’s boots slapped against the wooden deck with a blunt flop. Every step he took was similar in sound and movement. It was a walk that drew attention; that demanded attention. It was a walk that made one consider the importance of the steps, the urgency and power contained in each heel strike and toe raise. Indeed, Icarus Dodd was somewhat captivated by this walk and turned his messy blond head towards the captain as he ascended the steps and neared the steering wheel- a perfect platform for his speech.

“Good evening… everyone,” already the speech grew stale on Jacob’s tongue. “Now, the manifest was very specific in whom boarded this ship and my slave, Martal, should have confirmed each one of you by name. This ship will embark on a voyage…”

Jacob drew deeply from his pipe once more before exhaling a suffocating smoke.

“I’m going to say this outright- there is a very good chance we will all die in The Fog. No man, besides I, has braved The Fog and lived to tell the tale. No, I do not know what lies in that dense mist. Nor beyond! But I will promise you this; I am the best chance you have at navigating The Fog. So sit back, enjoy the voyage while you can. On the sea, all the power of man is nothing compared to the fury of Fate.”

Once more, the captain inhaled the sweet smoke of his pipe and released the waste towards his passengers and crew.

“Bunks are below deck,” a pause, “Hoist the sails! Draw the anchor! Prepare to sail! Make haste, you dogs, while the wind is still at our back!”

Quietly, to himself, the gruff captain muttered under his breath. “Goodbye…”

Icarus Dodd approached and boarded the ship along with everyone else. Also like everyone else, he was approached by a rather wiry looking man with scraggly black hair, dressed in burlap rags, with patched up boots much too big for his twig like physique. He appeared to be dirty, perhaps malnourished too, but he held the ship manifest in his left hand. Icarus nodded at the scraggly haired, burlap wearing crewman.

“Name, sir.”

Icarus was reluctant to volunteer his name, but did so despite his uneasiness.

“Icarus Dodd…”

The scraggly haired man brought the manifest within an inch of his face before taking a pen and crossing off “Captain Icarus Dodd.” It seemed his vision was impaired. The scraggly haired man communicated thanks before sauntering off and inquiring as to the names of the others who boarded the ship. Meanwhile, Icarus Dodd carried a knapsack over his shoulder which contained the possessions he felt were needed for the journey. At his hip was his trusty blade and on his back was a common longbow and quiver of arrows. He figured if he was to be on a ship, a sword would be little use to him on the high seas.

Just then, the ship’s captain, a certain Jacob Lara Allsace, began a purposeful walk towards “center stage.” Icarus couldn’t help but notice the authority each step held. The White Knight captain proceeded to listen to the Captain of the Lorraine.

“Good evening…”

The Lorraine set sail with the wind. They set a good pace. They would reach The Fog in a couple days' time. That would be the true test, and the moment of truth. For now, the seas were calm...
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Re: Downfall

Post by Torturous Flame on Fri Mar 09, 2012 2:37 am

"Five hundred eleven....five hundred twelve..."

Rosalind sat in her room, carefully organizing her bottles of artificial essence. The liquid glowed eerily as it rippled from cyan to yellow. Her red eyes flicked carefully between each bottle as she gently touched the cork of each bottle. Her black pants settled loosely over her crouched form and her loose black shirt hung on her, showing her thin figure.

All of it drink it all now now now no wait no save now now now

No! we must save it...or we'll run out!

Suddenly, a knock was heard. It was an urgent, heavy knock. The kind that usually accompanied an aggressor, or desperate visitor.

Rosalind's eyes snapped to the door

"What?" snapped Rosalind.

Id appeared in the doorway, he looked sickly. He had removed his formal armor and wore a simple white tunic and brown trousers. His look betrayed his peasant origins.


"Oh hey Id"

Id wiped the sweat from his forehead and clenched his teeth. He hated being so helpless, so weak.

"I need some..."

The implications were he needed more artificial essence. Icarus avoided eye contact with the vampire. He knew he would have to pay sooner or later and the payment wasn't exactly something he felt easy about.

[be] kill kill kill him don't give him it don't. we need it, all of it! [/b]

Rosalind closed her eyes and shook her head to clear it. Her red eyed opened again and glared at Id. The man could tell he had walked in on one of Rosalind's bad days. With a deep breath she picked up a bottle and handed it to him.

"Ration it, Id. You'll be payin each time I see you. Close the door. I'm thirsty.." Rosalind said.

Yes yes yes!!! Life blood thick good food now now now!

Icarus shivered. He almost handed back the bottle of essence. Could he survive without it? His mind and his body told him definitively- no. Icarus ran his fingers through his hair and shook his head.

"What do I need to do?" he asked as he shut the door.

"Sit down"

Her soft voice echoed in his ears. He could probably feel the vampire magick seeping into his consciousness, willing him to sit and relax. It was not a suggestion, it was an order.

Id's muscles seemed to relax as he took a seat on Rosalind's bed. His arms fell limp to his side.

Id's muscles seemed to relax as he took a seat on Rosalind's bed. His arms fell limp to his side.

Rosalind smiled, her sharp white teeth glinted in the dim light of the cabin. The vampire sauntered over and straddled his waist. He could feel the magic making his heart rate pick up, to allow for optimum blood flow. She leaned in and sunk her teeth into his neck. She felt thick viscous liquid hit her tongue. A shiver of pleasure went down her spine.

Yes yes yes good sweet blood essence life more more more

Id shut his eyes forcefully as Rosalind drank deeply of his blood and the essence that flowed through him as life force. Id grabbed Rosalind's waist and sunk his fingertips into her petite frame.

Soon Rosalind pulled back from Id's neck. She licked the remaining from it and handed him a towel to stem the flow.

Icarus was weak, but he needed to convince Rosalind he wasn't a victim, a toy to be trifled with. Id grasped Rosalind's arm with great strength.

"You've had your fill. You and I both know you don't need that much. Next time you try to cheat me-"

Icarus just gave Rosalind a stern look, laced with malicious intent. He walked out of the door with a few final words.

"You should rest, Mayor. I hear there's a long journey ahead of us."

"Don't overstep yourself Id, you need me."

In his heart, Icarus could feel the pathetic truth behind Rosalind's words. He needed to overcome this addiction.

Rosalind smirked as she watched him leave. She licked the remaining drops of blood from her lips.

Good good. This was good idea, good idea.

Yes...yes this was.

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Re: Downfall

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As she laid down on Rosalind's bed, white sheets covering her nudity, Renna stared at the ceiling, in deep thought.
Turning her head towards the young vampire, Renna remained silent for a few moments before reaching for her bare shoulder.

-Rosalind.- she called out in a hushed voice -Rosie, are you awake?-

Rosalind stretched out and licked her lips. She looked over and noted that the small holes in Renna's neck were still seeping.

"Might wanna get a towel Ren, your neck is still bleeding"

After palming the side of her neck and examining her blood-stained hand, Renna saw that Rosalind was right. However, that didn't matter much to her.

-Rosie, I need to ask you something, but I don't want you to think...well, you know...that this might be getting personal.-
"Okay, what is it?"

Straightening herself up with the sheets pressed to her chest, Renna's shifted her gaze to the shadows of the room.

-Soon I'll have to do something...something very dangerous. I want to tell you, but first I need to know that you won't tell anyone.-
"What is it Ren?"

Turning to facing Rosalind again, Renna stared into her beautiful red eyes, which glistened brightly even in that darkness.

-Alright then.-



Renna paced around the courtyard as she supervised the training session of her company. Looking at her new lieutenant, the one who would substitute Earl in his absence, she let out an annoyed huff. However, before early morning session could continue, the clanking of footsteps barged into the court and everyone's gaze fell on the Regent's black knights as they blocked all entrances and exits.

-Captain Vicksburg.- one of them called out. Through the helmet, his voice sounded distorted and metallic -By the Regent's command, we're here to execute you on the charges of treason and conspiracy!-

As they heard the black knights' accusation, the men turned to look at their captain, obvious shock on their expressions. Immediately, murmurs followed, but Renna remained indifferent, keeping her attention on the black knights with a stern look.

-What proof do you have of this?-
-Mayor Rosalind came forward yesterday. She told the Regent about your confession; what you told her a few nights ago about your plans to assassinate him for financing the Lordship system of your homeland, Nock.-

It was at this point that Renna could no longer conceal her own surprise.

-Rosie...she...? No...-

As the Black Knights readied their swords and halberds, everyone in the courtyard parted ways to clear a path for them, so they could apprehend the captain.

-Captain Vicksburg, the Regent's word is law. Therefore, at his majesty's command, you shall be executed where you stand and made an example of to all traitors who dare oppose the Enolan crown!-

Leaving the courtyard hastily, Renna's men left her alone to her fate. Frowning a bit as she offered them a cold stare, Renna took hold of Asunder's hilt.

-You want my head?- drawing the massive sword from her back, she allowed the tip to fall on the ground as a few cracks appeared underneath -Come and claim it.-

Not wasting their time with idle words, the black knights rushed forward. Their coordination and speed were flawless, even superior to the white knights'. Renna was barely able to follow their movements and completely incapable of keeping up with them. She managed to parry a few strikes before the first wound was inflicted on her.

->>I'm going to die if I stay here!<<-

Swinging her massive blade horizontally at them, Renna forced the black knights back away before running for the stairs that would take her up to the parapet. Once there, she pushed her way through few soldiers who were standing guard, but even then she wasn't fast enough. One of the black knights managed to catch up with her, engaging her in combat with overwhelming skill. Truly, the black knights were demons in armor, and eventually, Renna's opponent managed to overcome her defenses, impaling her through the stomach as the sword's tip came out the other end on her back, bloodied and with a few wads of flesh.


Taking hold of the black knight's arm before he could pull it away, Renna used her superhuman strength to tug him along with her before jumping off the wall and into the river below.

-If I go, I'm taking you with me!-

By the time the other knights hurried to their companion's aid, it was already too late. They were only able to see the traitor and their comrade plummet to their doom, unable to do anything about it.


A few minutes later, after organizing a searching party to look for the bodies, the black knights finally came across something that didn't surprise them at all, as their companion emerged from the underbrush, limping while clutching his side to reduce the pain caused by his broken ribs. He held Asunder's in his other hand, dragging it behind him as he was unable to lift it with one arm.

-Everything alright?- one of his companion's asked, at which the wounded black knight responded.
-The bitch is dead; she sunk into the river once she bled to death. Her armor was too heavy, but I managed to save her sword. It would be a shame to see such a fine blade go to waste.-

Ever suspicious and shrewd, the black knight's companion asked him to take off his helmet, just in case the captain had somehow managed to vanquish their comrade before taking his armor and identity.
Removing his helmet, the knight showed his comrades the rough but handsome features of a dark haired man.

-Alright. Let's head back to the castle, you need medical attention.-

Looking in the direction of the river, the dark haired knight smiled faintly as he was helped away.

->>Such a fierce warrior. She really had the eyes of a beast.<<-



Earl remained silent as he tread towards the ship. Ever since he'd heard the news of his former captain's demise, he'd barely said a word over the past few days.
As he approached the scraggly haired man, this last one held the manifest up high.

-Name, sir.-

Staring intently at the man, Earl spoke with a monotonous gruff voice.

-Earl Set.-

Crossing his name off the list, the lieutenant was allowed aboard the ship. His personal belongings had already been taken to his quarters on the Lorraine earlier that day.

“Good evening… everyone,” he heard the captain's voice over the swell which struck the ship gently “Now, the manifest was very specific in whom boarded this ship and my slave, Martal, should have confirmed each one of you by name. This ship will embark on a voyage…”

The rest of the speech completely escaped Earl's attention as he turned his gaze towards Rosalind. It'd been her fault that his captain had met with such an unexpected retirement. He never really cared about Renna as friend, but he respected her nonetheless. Rosalind, however, was merciless. She had no allegiance to anyone but herself. If he was to survive the trip, he would have to watch himself around individuals such as her...

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Re: Downfall

Post by Artorius on Thu Mar 22, 2012 2:51 am

Icarus approached ship railing and looked out onto the sea. The sea, like the fog, was a mystery to Evanotians and the blackness of it showed a depth greater than the White Knight could fathom. His features, like always, were stoic and statuesque. Yet, he couldn’t shake his uneasiness, and this manifested itself in a nervous clench of his fists. Such tells were normally foreign to the career soldier, but the seas were almost too calm. The ship glided through the thick fog; progress was greater than projected. Icarus ran his hands through his thick blonde hair. A hand was placed on his shoulder, and for a split second, Id briefly thought of his father, but like the changing course of the ship, so too did Id’s mind change course.

“What troubles you, knight?”

The voice was gruff and grittier than sand, it belonged to Captain Jacob, the man who’d spoken before the voyage had taken off. Ordinarily, the callous man was wont to empathize with his passengers; however, he sensed this one was legitimately concerned about some matter.

“I don’t believe we’ve met… captain-”

Icarus turned towards the powerful figure, a hunter of beasts and tamer of seas. The smoky remnants of the tobacco lingered within Jacob’s mouth and the captain’s expression was as jovial as a widow at their beloved’s funeral.

“Allsace, but I s’pose you can call me Jacob.”

Friendliness was not the captain’s intention by any nature, but he had a habit for trusting the gut feelings of others as well as his own. It had saved him on more than a single occasion.

“Well… Jacob, don’t you find it strange that despite the reputation of this place, there happens to be a ship, albeit a somewhat damaged ship, floating not more than fifty yards from us?”

Jacob looked out into the considerably dense fog, and spotted the very ship which Id had mentioned, though, not with the same casual inclination. The captain of the Lorraine sped up towards the bow of the ship. He leaned over and proceeded to pull a small, folding telescope from within his coat. He looked towards the ship, and panic engulfed his features.

“What is it, Jacob,” muttered Icarus as a statement more than a question.

Ukarahu sat in a corner of the ship above deck. The swaying of the ship upset her stomach and she was afflicted with a perpetual nausea. Meanwhile, Thrall almost enveloped her, an ever watchful guardian of the huntress. He was ever vigilant, cautiously eyeing each and every person to pass her. Even as he fell into a sleeping state, his ears remained perked up and ready to register the slightest of sounds. The salty wind and wet atmosphere were foreign to the beast, who was far to big to fit below deck. However, his kind were bred to tough out any weather. The beast stood at attention as the ship rushed to life. Captain Allsace’s heart raced, which Thrall could hear with his incomparable audible range. The war beast got to his feet and with each step toward Captain Allsace pounded the deck with a worthy stomp of a step. He approached the flustered captain and spoke in his deep toned voice, he was dumb, but he was good at protecting those he was tasked with protecting. He hovered back and forth between Ukarahu and the captain of the Lorraine as if expecting harm to befall either.

Below deck, Felix Kalan rested in a cot, rocking back and forth, only his thoughts keeping him company. The Tevren normally demanded attention, but at this moment found himself brooding over the outcome of the journey. Suddenly, Felix’s sheath at his hip began to vibrate violently. Myst’s voice shot into Felix’s consciousness as Kharne’s wielder jumped out of the cot.

Felix, I sense a massive essence aura. Prepare yourself.

The young Tevren drew his enchanted blade and prepared himself. Large essence auras especially on the high seas, were highly suspect and unusual. Indeed, the only real sources of essence Myst had discovered belonged to Breshkin, the Viala, which was to be expected, and Captain Allsace; the aura he emitted was negligible. Far more worrying was the signature of the aura, the personality. A disconcerting sinister tone seeped from the cracks of the upper deck, as if the essence aura was a miasma strangling the whole of the ship and stealing its life breath.

It’s here…

Present Day, Talog (a city), Gornada
A heavy rain had started up. With each frantic step the slender silhouette marched further towards her death. What had started as a nervous shuffle had turned into an all out sprint as her stalker had revealed himself. He wore a mask, finely crafted of bone, it was obviously once the face of some beast with serrated fangs and sharp, high placed cheek bones. Finally, the thin woman clothed all in black had reached the end of the road, literally. A brick wall blocked any and all exit from the alley. The only way out was back towards the predator which now approached her. A smile crossed the masked figure's face. The woman hissed and lunged at him.

Behind the vampire a figure cloaked in brown landed in the muck. Water dripped from the dark curls that peeked from beneath the hood. The figure stepped forward, the staff in her hands spun over her head and hit the vampire hard in the temple. Simultaneously, the creature of the night fell limp and unconscious into the mud.

"Great work, Mariel."

The masked figure knelt down and laid the vampire's body across his shoulders.

"Bit of a close call there, MArik"

Marik chuckled and began a slow walk that would eventually lead them out of the Gornadan city and into the mountains which surrounded the struggling nation. It took about a day's journey for them to reach the cave which they had been staying in. By the time they arrived, the vampire had woken up with a slight headache, bound and gagged.

Mariel looked over at Marik. The rough winds that swirled around her had frizzed her brown curls even more than usual. She blocked the setting sun from her eyes with a hand as she looked over.

"Why are we keeping it alive again?"

Marik cast a masked glance at Mariel before replying quite coldly.

"The sword absorbs maximum amounts of essence if it's awake for the process."

Marik's cold reply and his glance seemed to shake her a bit.

"I'll go get the rosemary and the mint from my bags here. I can start the pentagram" She said

Marik drew his abnormally large blade. The black steel shimmered, and the surface of the blade seemed to be pulsing. With this gargantuan weapon, Marik tapped the vampire lightly atop it's head. The helpless beast writhed and lunged, to no avail. Then, with the finesse of a jungle cat, Marik slit the struggling vampire's throat. The blood seeped out slowly from the within the creature. It trickled down like viscous lava creeping down a mountainside.

"Quickly, cast the binding spell."

Mariel began to chant softly, her voice echoing off the rocks of the mountains around her. The pentagram the vampire lay in began to shine white then it shifted to black. THe binding spell completed itself in a flash of light.

That white light was like like lightning and channeled itself into Slaughterer's Star, Marik's sword. The flesh on Marik's hands would have burned had he not wrapped them in simple cloth. This was not the first time the two had performed the ritual. Then, out of the sword, a shock wave manifested itself, knocking Marik onto his bottom. He laughed, then smiled at Mariel.

"Gets me everytime."

She smiled at him

"Are you allright, Marik?"

Mariel walked over to him, her skirt swished around her knees in the wind. She held out a soot covered hand and smiled at him. Marik grasped her delicate appendage and pretended to have needed her help as he rose to his feet. He placed the back of his hand gently on Mariel's face and caressed her rosy cheek.


Her brown eyes lit up as he touched her cheek. She stepped forward into his hand and nuzzled him.

"That's good, last time you were thrown into the cliff face..."

Marik tilted his head back and smiled at the cave celing.

"That was fun."

"That scared me, what are you talking about?"

Marik looked at Mariel with a sparkle in his eye and winked.

"I was joking. Besides, we're almost done... I can feel it."

"Finally, I'm sick of kidnapping vampires. I HATE going in that city."

Marik embraced the shorter witch. He placed a tender kiss on her crown and a pair of gentle hands cupped her face as he then looked into her pool-like eyes and spoke.

"You and me both; let’s get out of here. What do you say?"

Mariel smiled and hugged Marik tightly.

"Lets start packing!"

While Mariel was busy packing their belongings, Marik dragged the vampiress limp and bound body out of the cave. Several feet out of the way of the cave, there was a gaping chasm, which presumably led to one of the noxious caverns below the mountain range. Strangely, for two years, the gas which lent itself to the aptly named Gaseous Mountains had not appeared. With a violent toss, Marik discarded the bloody body of the vampiress into the black chasm. It tumbled downward along the rock walls, making terrible blunt cracks until they became inaudibly distant. The warrior returned to the cave, and removed his mask.

"By Akuersos, I hate wearing that silly thing," remarked Marik.

Mariel laughed.

"I don’t know why you insist on wearing it."

“Don’t you remember… it’s the old magic of the First King. The Prophet explained it to us. I would think you of all people would have listened.”

Mariel seemingly ignored Marik. She tied the final bag closed with a secure knot and set it beside her own backpack stuffed with many trinkets and supplies. The young witch looked up at Marik, paying attention to him once more.

"Done packing our things. Where are we headed?"

Three Years Ago… Prophet's City, Gaseous Mountains

Snow fell gracefully about the pair of Marik and Mariel as they entered the visible dome of transparent red colored essence which housed the Prophet’s City. Marik had traveled far from the eastern deserts. He had been searching, quite indiscriminately, for a way to follow Alexander, Briek, and Clytie. With mutterings of Mercury’s Mirror, Emperor Talberd’s spies quickly learned of Marik and Mariel’s whereabouts. They were offered information, through second and third parties. Eventually, their travels led them to the north. The Prophet of Zarach, a commoner who had risen to prominence after discovering a great essence crystal was purported to have known of methods with which to follow one’s greatest desires. In the Prophet’s City, miracles were aplenty. The lame, blind, deaf, and mute were healed at the Prophet’s touch. He had raised some dead to life, a full life, and erected a city that matched ancient Argon in technological might.

Marik stood in sheer admiration of the wonders and the promises the city’s steel edifices whispered sweetly in his ear. The wind swept through his hair and carried the virgin snow to his face where it sat on his thick beard- a development over the last few months. Mariel placed a hand on his shoulder, reminding him he was still bound by the shackles of the material world. Marik trudged on, though, no cold emanated from the snow. The entirety of the climate under the dome was pleasantly warm accompanied by a refreshing moist breeze. Marik found himself discarding his heavy cloak and over garments in favor of his traditional armor. After some hours of walking about the titanic city, the pair arrived at the Spire, symbol of hope and healing in the zealous Prophet’s City.

If the Spire was a wonder from afar, it was a god-like monument up close. The exact curvature of the winding spire, and its girth, scope, and height combined to form a wonder of engineering. Ascending the staircase of the Spire was no easy task however, as Marik would learn on his pilgrimage to the Prophet’s chamber. He was greeted by several armed guard, though they looked more makeshift than trained. They wore simple white tunics, brown pants, laced sandals, and unsophisticated chain mail. At their hips rested curved swords of make not seen in any part of Evanotia. Marik requested an audience with the Prophet of Zarach, an audience he was granted, along with his companion Mariel. The warrior’s wishes, his hopes, his dreams were within his grasp.

Present Day, The Lorraine (sailing in the Fog)

Jacob shivered in his boots as a distant flame was visible on the ship. Someone had lit a lamp.
When next you sail the Fog, I shall have my payment. You will see my ship, and if there is but one flame lit, you shall not pass, on account of your debt. If there are two flames, I will have pardoned you. But be wary, all who enter my domain owe me homage. Never traverse my seas with a crew again.
Captain Allsace pleaded with Orbais for a second lamp to light. His prayers were left unanswered. The ghastly ship seemed distant. It rocked harmlessly in the dense fog.


Three enormous black chains clamped onto the deck of the Lorraine, tethering it to the distant ghost ship. Then, as quickly as they had latched on, they drew the ship in like a fish on a hook. The Lorraine violently tipped to one side, tossing a couple nameless crewmen overboard and knocking others to the deck. The cold waters soaked the ship as nearly half of it was submerged while being dragged towards the ship with the single lantern. Then, a sound like artillery signaled the end of the turbulent voyage as the Lorraine crashed combatively against the ghost ship. Captain Jacob Allsace’s heart sank as he knew what fate awaited several of his crew. From the lower reaches of the dilapidated sea vessel which had captured the Lorraine, crawled several deformed conglomerations of bone and flesh. Each creature was a sickeningly unique mixture of several piecemeal skeletons and rotting body parts. Some had two arms, others one, still others several. Many wielded no weapons, but black nets. As boarding planks smacked the deck of the Lorraine, these frightening creatures of the ghost ship boarded and began capturing men with their soaking black nets.
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Re: Downfall

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Saec had been quietly meditating at the edge of the deck, staring into the distance with eyes, seeing but unseeing. It was as if he was trying to peer through the mists, the very fabric of space and time. For years he had been searching, and his goal was so close yet so very far away. This journey would bring things expected and unexpected...most likely more events of the unexpected variety. And he hated the unexpected...You couldn't plan for the unexpected, but you could try to follow threads of uncertainty to possible conclusions. And yet to find a solution to each possible problem was also a waste of time and energy. If only there were one simple solution to the complexities ahead...

Saec was drawn from his reverie when he noticed a surge of essence in the distance, deep and dark. Instinctively he drew a veil of heat around his body, preparing to activate the flames the burned deep inside of his body. In the distance his far-seeing eyes spotted a ship, cloaked with menace and roiling with uncertainty. Why would a lone ship be floating in the middle of such dead and empty waters? Why did it appear so dank and dark when essence seemed to surround it like a palpable aura? Suddenly, a burst of flame was lit, a single candle-like glow that shimmered eerily in the darkness. What could such a sign mean? Was it an offering of peace? Of that, Saec was in extreme doubt. Was it a signal to other unforeseen menaces waiting to prey upon unwary travelers? Whatever it was, the silent ghostly flame filled the Drakonian with a sense of fear and dread.

Without warning, fearsome chains plowed into the side of the vessel, causing Saec to lose his balance, nearly throwing him overboard. He just barely grasped a barrel that had been secured to the deck of the ship, and even then nearly wrenched it from its moorings. The chains were not nearly as terrifying as the creatures that spewed forth from the dilapidated ghost ship. Not nearly dead yet certainly not living, they began to ensnare the crew in large black nets, for what purpose Saec had no intention of finding out. The undead...even they should fear the awesome fury of fire. He walked forward resolutely, his body beginning to surge with a flaming aura.

"Stay, foul beasts, or feel the wrath of flames," he cried, his voice augmented by the essence surrounding his body.

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Re: Downfall

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