Beyond the Brain

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Beyond the Brain

Post by Annalysa Jones on Mon Jan 23, 2012 6:49 pm

Her first day actually working at her new job; it was a rather thrilling thought to her. She had been running around the building, learning it from the inside out the best she could for the past week. And it was finally time for her to get a patient.

She walked up to the front counter in her work uniform and checked in. As if the woman at the front was just waiting for her to ask for her files, she quickly handed them to her before she could even request them. She looked at the woman with a friendly smile and nodded, "thank you," she stated simply before trotting off to the workers room to look over her paper work before heading out to her main patient.

She swung open the door, not really paying attention to the others in the room as she sat down in the of the chairs and started skimming. She tried to ignore the smell of coffee that some of the other doctors were making while she continued to skim through his file, seeing as she hated the smell of coffee and coffee in general. Though, she did notice one of the other doctors looking over her shoulder at her file. To which she stopped at looked up at him and raised a brow, "am I not allowed privacy while i'm reading?" She asked him in as calm of a tone as she could possibly give.

The doctor scoffed, "have fun with him," he said before going and sitting down in a chair not too far away from her.

She gave a light sigh and stopped skimming through it before standing up and heading out of the door, adding in a, "I would figure that the other doctors would mind their own business in a place like this."

She headed down the hallway, checking the room number of the patient once again before turning the corner and walking over towards it. She leaned in a took a peek in from the small rectangular window on the door and she opened it, slipping in rather quickly before shutting the door behind her. She put a smile on her face as she turned in his direction and began to speak.

"So, i'm sure they told you you'd be getting a new doctor today; or at least I hope they told you," she shook her head slightly, "well, anyway, I'm your new doctor. You can just call me Miss Brookes if you want."
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Re: Beyond the Brain

Post by Anubis on Wed Jan 25, 2012 12:47 pm

He sat against the wall, leaning against it for support. He was trying to remember something. This was happening a lot lately. He would start to remember something, then the voices or shadows would appear. This time though, he was starting to see something. It looked like a house, there were people there. One of them turned to him to talk, but was interrupted by the door to his "room" opening.

"Good Afternoon, Michael. It's time for your meds."

Michael? Oh, right, that was the man's name. He forgot this sometimes. He looked up at the orderly, who was smiling a little too widely for it to be natural. This had always bothered Michael, but he never had the courage to say anything. He took the pills and swallowed them, not needing the water in the small cup the orderly always held out to him. Michael attempted to smile back, like usual he only felt part of him mouth move up. The orderly nonetheless nodded and left, locking the door behind him.

That was another thing that had always bothered him. They called this a "room", but it was always locked and there were bars on the windows. The closest thing he could think of to match this "room" was a cell. He couldn't remember how he got here, maybe he was a prisoner.

He heard the whispering again, and footsteps this time. That was new, he wasn't used to hearing footsteps. He head something outside his door and then it was opened. A woman walked in dressed like one of the doctors and looked at a clipboard.

"So, i'm sure they told you you'd be getting a new doctor today; or at least I hope they told you," she shook her head slightly, "Well, anyway, I'm your new doctor. You can just call me Miss Brookes if you want."

Michael was trying to figure out if she was real, or another one of the shadows he saw. He figured there was nothing to lose, so he attempted to smile back at her.

"Hi. I'm...crap, I forgot again. No, wait! It's....Michael! I'm Michael! Ha! Sorry, sometimes I forget. It's...noisy sometimes and I forget. Sometimes I can remember a little, but then it gets noisy again and I forget. Sorry."

He tried harder to smile, showing his teeth because his last doctor had said that was how some people smiled.

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