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Post by Fate Flyer on Tue Dec 27, 2011 9:40 pm

If you are a WoW player, no doubt you are familiar with these guys. Very Happy Who doesn't love Murlocs?

I just came across the most adorable (and also slightly sad, given the situation) thing ever the other day.

Okay, here is the sound of a regular adult Murloc, which should sound very familiar (if you've played the game).

And here are the sounds baby/Tadpole Murlocs make!

How cute is that!? ^______^

I came upon them while questing in the Blasted Lands. The evil Naga enslaved the Murlocs, and they were working them to death (even the poor little babies!). I (thankfully) discovered an abandoned cart that a few babies had been left in, and I was able to pull them to the safety of the ocean before they dried out. It was hard saying goodbye, but I was just glad to have found them in time... Smile I might have said "I'll never forget yooouuu!" while waving as they drifted away. Maybe. Probably.

Here are the babies that I found and rescued. <3

Those awful Nagas even pitted Murlocs against each other gladiator-style in an arena!

Anyway, just thought I'd share the adorableness. :]


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