RES presents "Drabblets"

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RES presents "Drabblets"

Post by Rogue.Ember.Shadow on Tue Dec 27, 2011 1:21 am


"I'm so sorry!" Jelena yelled out in panic, her teenage voice cracking in hysteria from the sight in front of her. Her dark red hair tumbled across her shaking shoulders as she squeezed her grey green eyes closed to shut out the world from her tears.

How did it turn out like this?

One second she was simply walking down the street of London, the next she was in a flood of people from out of no where. The crowd of mostly women (a few men were seen here and there) were all screaming and yelling at each other in harsh, excited voices. When the word 'sale' kept being said, Lena realized with horror that there was some sale going on somewhere and she was caught up in the rush. If she wasn't careful, she could trip and be trampled to death in the excitement which she absolutely did NOT want.

The large building in which most of the designer malls were located loomed over her head as they got closer, but Lena wanted out. She tried to push her way in any direction but all she got was an even mightier shove back. The seventeen year old didn't even want new clothes, shoes or some leath covered designer bag. She just wanted to be snug safely in her cheap, run down hotel room across from Chevelle's coffee shop.

Jelena was scared, trying to keep on her feet while amongst the mob. The amount of ladies surrounding her thinned as they all tried to squeeze through the two door entrance at the same time. When she saw a change to break through the wall of bodies, Lena took it and shoved her way desperately through.

Freedom tasted so wonderful as Jelena ran a few steps to the lamp posts lining the street. Now this is her first time in Europe and she knew that lamp posts come in all shapes and sizes. The one she was blinding but running full force to happened to look fat in her tunnel vision. It wasn't until she smacked into the thing making it look fat that made her see reality....and in the next hour hate herself and her life.

The doctor had given him sixteen stitches along his hair line and lower jaw. Since he had no insurance in this country, all his money had gone to the bill. Which was only about thirty dollars in English pounds. Greeeeat.

Despite what the doctor said, he pressed a finger lightly against the bandage covering his left eye. He would not be able to look out his left eye for a good three weeks. In other words, he was screwed for job until his good eye was better. The young man with dark brown hair that looked black in the overhead light turned further to his left until his right eye could see past the bridge of his nose.

The girl who caused him to fall backwards into oncoming traffic was bawling as soon as she stepped into the office. He knew deep down through his anger and muted pain thanks to the powerful drugs that she did not purposely try to throw him in front of a car or two. He would get her full story pieced together later.

For now, she would have to help him in any way she can until he could get some money wired to his card again.

"You are very sorry," he said, ignoring the obvious look the doctor gave him as he leaned away from the cool, boney fingers.

All she did was keep wiping at her red, swollen eyes and nod her head vigorously. If it weren't for the fact he knew she was crying, he would otherwise think she was headbanging to some hard rock music.

"WIll you help me?"

Her head snapped up, letting him look into bloodshot grey eyes, "Please! I-I didn't mean to get you hurt! I I just...waaaaaah!", and before she could utter another word, she started crying all the harder.

Pushing the doctor's hand away from him, the young man gritted his teeth as the left side of his face started throbbed harder than before. Pretty soon he would black out from the trauma but first, this girl and himself needed to be on the same level.

Reaching for her narrow chin, he made her look into his face and demanded her brain through his eyes to simply focus.

"As payment for hurting me....your life is mine."

Once she was escorted out of the room once the man fell unconscious at her feet, all Jelena could say to the door shut in her face was, "WHAT?!"

To be continued....maybe.

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