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The Unknown

Post by fire111127 on Sat Sep 24, 2011 5:28 am

Prologue: The dark calling

The pain, it grows and grows from the darkness we feed it. This mere man , for we are all pawns in the game of life, takes inside himself to look for strength and power finding the nothingness we will call “IT” for right now. IT moves deeper and deeper into this man’s mind. The evil eye takes pleasure in watching him slip, then whispers softly in his ear “Cherish.” The stars start to fall, Dark is the pounding movement overtaking and knocking the man to the ground, another voice speaks crackled and bold “This is the way it must be told. This is the way it must be…cherished.” Nothing is untold for this is the unknown feeling we all feel at some time in our meager lives. This however, is about IT and the elegant dance of darkness that pulls at our minds. This is where it started and this is where it will never end.

Regardless of this fantasy world I created in my mind we all have demons we must face in our lives. Sometimes we are dealt a low influence from them based on how strong our faith is. Our minds are degradable or faulty and we have a habit of forgetting that. When we lose track in our minds we don’t realize what doings we are capable of, we fall from god and loose the calm. I tell this story in significance to the demons that lurked around and exploited my life because I allowed it. My true love was faltering into a dream I could never have and I decided to find and understand the evils of my past that haunted me for years so I begged god to see hell.

God told me there was a calling for me beyond anything I could ever imagine. I felt the dark pounding in my dreams that made me feel like something was being ripped out of my mind. I believe three words: believe, remember, and pray. I had to believe my soul was being coerced out by the influence of evil. I remember that god, the most powerful force in nothingness and eternity, is always there to help even when it feel like he is not around. I pray that I can make a difference, keep the calm, and recognize my true love in this short glimpse of life before I die.

Chapter 1: My own world

Across the universe this place in time is generally the same as Earth. The world is called “Evoleurt ” named by a legend of the world’s people. It is said that a traveler of armor that shined flames merged briefly for eleven days saying he would go through hell to find her. After those words spoken he only kept saying Evoleurt and looking around the planet but because of the intense determination for the girl he wished to find made the people believe he was very pure of heart or a warrior in another land. That is what is said to be how the name came to be. They reflected that event as a major undertaking for it only happened twice in the history of Evoleurt and it was as if an angelic being came from the sky. The people say they passed through him and none of their highest forces could control the energy around the man or prove it to be a poltergeist.

Evoleurt has many creatures that contain powers of strength, ability, and skill. The people linked to them are called forces. These people can be compared to elementals. However, these Forces control the energy around them and beyond the elements of nature they are of no magical placard. There are sorcerers and witches but they stay hidden for they all have weaknesses that scare them to be around mortals. Forces may not have magic but they are much stronger than magic people. I say they can be compared because some of the forces do have spells if you want to call them that. The spells have the power to enhance a creature’s ability’s. The forces are bound to the creature they choose though. Many forces are scared to perform the ritual because if the creature does die it literally haunts them. The force will see the creature everywhere as if it is following them loyal to stay by their side for the rest of the force’s life.
The world is composed of an era of steel, wood and magic. They have knights and villagers. There are many kings. This world is primary in chaos though because of the tremendous power of the forces. There are ones who seek destruction. There are ones with values. Everyone lives simple lives minus the fear and thanks from the forces. The forces have decrees that were made when they first came to be. Even though no one knows when and if they will become a force the decrees were made when the first forces realized they are bound by something other than ordinary human rules if they wish to coincide with humanity. There are many who protect this degree and will their lives like knights to the protection. The main decrees are forces will not take a life unless in self-defense or defense of others, they will not cause needless suffering to their fellow man, they cannot become kings or fall under knights that protect a kingdom for they are already inherently set up to protect the innocent of Evolurt.

Now that you know most of Evolurt we will move on to the story. I will tell the story starting out from the castle of Catalistan Castle. The King is there sleeping in his slumber. In his mind there is a menagerie of haunting dreams about his future. He does not believe in a god but he is a good valued King. The King reaches over to the side of his refined bed taking hold of his sword. His hands shaking very violently as he holds onto the handle he stands up. To awaken from his dream was not the case. The king stood with eyes shut. His dream walk moved him to his window looking out to one of Evolurt’s two moons. It is full and glimmers a blue aura from its steady place in the sky.

The king opens his eyes staring out the window but he is still locked in his sleep. This is a powerful vision the king needs to see for it is the way it must be. A king is a leader. A leader must be willing to sacrifice for the good of something bigger than him. The King took the blade and set it on top of his right hand. He moved his broad head down to look at the blade. His eyes stood blank still locked in the vision. The blade moved across the top of his hand a line of blood immediately following. He then took the sword in his other hand and driven he bore the blade across his other hand. His knees buckled to the wood floor. The blue moon’s glow peered through the window at the peculiar event that took place amplifying the red blood that grew down to the floor. The king collapsed and the lines of blood started to move as his body lay dormant on the blood layered floor. The lines turned into two separate circles of blood about each hand. The king woke to the blood, the sword, and the circles.

Chapter 2: The king’s plea

“In the distance I can see him waiting. I feel calm in knowing what awaits me for the visions grow stronger every day,” The king spoke proudly to his most trusted knight.
“Sir, what do you wish me to seek,” the knight removed his helmet turning his respect to the king. “I will die to serve without dismay or doubt knowing I can protect our people.”

The king was very distracted by the dream he previously had the night prior. This dream was not like the others he knew. He looked down to his hands covered by his black gloves. He knew this dream was not like the others, not mentally or physically. He looked out over the wall, beyond the sky painted in the air, into the cast nothingness as he seen it. He responded very distraught to the knight saying, “Darkness needs not to be sought out.”

“King what do you will of me,” the knight stepped forward to reinforce his words of loyalty.
The king turned his head toward the knight. “You are no longer part of my knight’s legion.”
“Sir, this is my life. I am a knight it is a part of me to protect and serve my duty,” The brave knight sunk back startled by the king’s words.
“You cannot remain a knight my visions show suffering to me and you will die if you stay,” The king became sorrowful.
“I will die serving my cause because…,” The knight was cut off.
“You will serve a cause by finding love, growing old, and living your life as you well deserve because you have spent enough time in hell. Goodbye is the last word I want from you on the matter. This is my final judgment now leave and I know it may startle you but I pray you find the same thing I found. I pray you find your calm.” The king looked away and started walking away toward the main castle. He looked over his shoulder and spoke with an unflinching and confident voice, “Goodbye Blue.”

The knight startled by the fact the king referred to him as his childhood name Blue turned and said, “Farewell old king.” He then moved to gather his things from his quarters and started away from the castle. He knew where he needed to go. It was time for him to make amends with a love he knew so long ago. He walked to a trail in the far woods across from the castle. To him it was time to go to the village where he seen love at first sight. Like the king hinted it was time for him to go back to the place before knighthood. Before the chaos and into the depths of what could have been if he didn’t decide to serve. To him he never realized he was part of a supernatural plan much bigger than he would ever know.

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Re: The Unknown

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Chapter 3: The journey begins

So the knight named Blue set away on his journey and the time seemed to lag by. He settled into old thoughts of his village. He learned the ways of the blade there. His dad taught him everything about quick reactions and strong hits. In a way his dad taught him to always run into a fight with focus and concentration much as with life. His dad served for the king before and was released to protect the village and live out his days. The village was friendly and everyone knew every personality in the village. He remembered the hills and the stream on the outskirts where children played splashing around in the clear essence of youth.

The sun started to fall so Blue slowed down a little bit until the moon shimmered white and bold over the area. Every once in a while he would pull his blade instinctively as a dark noise crept from the shadows. Nobody really liked to go through the woods ,especially at night, because of stories of creatures and things of nature unknown around the dense shrubbery.

“Help, help, please save me,” A weakened voice screamed in terror off the trail.
“Where are you ,keep talking, I will find you,” Blue rushed to the area where he heard the cries for help. “Am I close, please answer me. Where are you?” Blue slashed through the thick vines and solid foliage. He came to a small clearing and yelled again in an attempt to find the one in duress.

“Help, Help, please save me,” as the sound progressed around him vines rose and gated him in the small entrapment. The cries continued from all directions around the circle of interlocked vines. The noises turned more drowned in sound and raspy as the series continued. The vines rose to wall Blue in a entrapment about twenty feet long the strength of the vines meshing seven feet high.

“What sorcery is this, show yourself,” Blue demanded of the presence. In the middle a mixture of blue and red vines mangled together and rose up interlocking into the form of a person. A female with long hair and green skin formed. Her skin wore small bumps and her eyes moved down commanding two vines to rise.

“Help, Help, please save me,” her voice composed sarcastically as the two vines drove straight for Blue. Blue spun his sword in a circular motion in front of himself and rolled into the path of one of the vines slicing it from the rest. The other vine moved down to the ground and slid back to the female. As the final patch of it rolled up it split off at the end into six thorns grew from the very tip. The plant female held it back like a whip slashing across the air. Blue jumped but as the vines carried underneath one of the thorns locked in on his boot throwing him through the air and into the wall of thick vines the circled around the battle royal.

Blue looked up dazed as the female started the whip back again. He could feel more vines shrouding his body and then he blacked out. Blues head dropped and he bound to the darkness of the vines creating his casket.

“Where am I,” Blue tried to make sense through the darkness around him. The entrapment felt warm as if he was next to something living. He did not move for a couple of minutes analyzing his current hindrance. He slowly pulled his arm down trying to grasp his knife that seamed down his leg. He could not extend to the handle so instead he started to pull at the vines. Maybe it was claustrophobia but he felt a anger ,a rage, start to build up in him . It was shifting from his chest and felt as if a red hot poker stood on his skin. With The feeling he started to sweat but the vines seemed to snap under his hands. He started to feel the rich soil as he crawled his way through the small opening in the casket of vines. He felt the dirt encasing him as he moved his head through the opening. He pushed with his head and dug further moving the dirt down towards his feet.

The air started to grow very dense and Blue was sure he was about to die. Blue could feel his eyes shifting shut and his body moving into a state of death. The next thing he noticed was a bright light of white. He assumed it was heaven’s gaze coming to take his soul. Then he opened his eyes and he was above ground level next to the hole he just left. Shocked by the unknown nature of how he escaped Blue immediately stood up and attempted to grab his absent sword. Around him he took notice of many holes where the dirt seemed disheveled compared to the area around. There were maybe fifty circular graves in the area and in the distance Blue could see a small hut derived from vines.

Blues reaction to this dark place was not fear but a release of all the anger held inside him. He dashed across to the hut. Inside were many logs and a bed made out of a mixture of vines and leaves. The floor grew strange red flowers with a yellow tint that bearded down into the stem. The plant female turned around startled at blue.

“This can’t be, you should be decomposing by now,” The shocked female looked into Blue’s eyes with fear.
“You are going to die now forest fiend,” Blue said confidently noticing his sword on top of a chest the built out of the wall. Four vines grew out from behind the female and in front of her right hand. She motioned her hand back and drove it forward violently shooting three foot long green spears at Blue. Blue shifted down and threw one of the logs at the oncoming spears. The log flew back at the female and she knocked back against the wall and fell to the ground. Blue grabbed his sword and hovered slowly over to her.

“I…I know you, this makes no sense” she started to ramble. “Ha, no this all makes sense now.” “You condemned me to hell but you will not kill me Dark Blue,” She reached down grabbing one of the flowers that spread the floor. Blue stood in an offense posture moving forward as she swallowed the flower. Right away her face turned to a red and started to ooze as if she were melting. As her final moments melted on to the forest floor she let out a deep and skin crawling laugh. Then everything stopped and Blue walked out into the rising sun.

Blue pulled out a small stone that smoldered a blue arrow capping off with a luminous green circle moving around in a fiery twist as he moved. He looked down at the object then up toward the path he needed to go down. The thoughts dwelled inside his mind as he walked. What did she mean I know you? Why did she call him Dark Blue?
Blue found a small stream and started walking along it. The mixture of sun and humidity heckled his body for the long walk. The strange night slowly started to fade as he came to the stream where he played as a little boy.

Chapter 4: The Rising Sun

The sun rises from the mother earth through the chrisom night. The cell that held it broke by solar spears. God watches as this battle between the light and dark start again and again, day after day. Before the sun rose into the cold night I felt the shivers of the nights fear. The sun defeated the night then forgot about it. Its pride rose throughout the day and as it soured above the clouds it faded and split away from the world. Slowly the sun started to die then darkness overcame it again in the same cycle each day, just waiting for the day its dark noose could hold on for good.

There is a balance of good and evil. The key teaching is those few good men can forget who they are ad slowly start to die. Someday I pray after the world finishes all of its petty wars with ourselves and everyone around us that our values become whole. For I don’t plan to be in existence when the time comes I wish to be remembered for not what I achieved in life but rather who I was and have that carry to the future.

I can’t say too much about the cycle of good and evil because as life sometimes it breathes a hero or sometimes it unleashes darkness on the world. While Blue was encased in his plant grave he did not realize he was there for much longer than he knew. The warmth he felt was what kept him alive when he was struck underground but he was actually in a trans for a little over eleven nights. During that time a new breed of creatures emerged. Wolves with special talents covered the land like a plague destroying and causing chaos to everything. Even the legendary dragon, which was thought as extinct, started to grow in numbers being of mythical descent to something real, something to be afraid of.

Both of these creatures have the look of being force enhanced but through the populations they seem to have no master and move only as a wild pack. The animals moved with no mercy, their only will was to kill. The dragon’s and wolves have a way of communication through the glowing cloud around them. The bonded well as an attack force directing the best way to take down their objectives. Inside them though could definitely be feelings of anger and rage. With every bite or burst of flame the creature seemed crazed.

The first village that was destroyed was actually my own place I called home. The people who were outside said there was darkness and cold that moved fast with a certain swiftness and that was all they knew before the dark passengers were revealed. As the crept of frost made their skin crawl the sky filled with thunder clouds and the sun disappeared. That was when the world broke into chaotic nature. Out of the ground is where the wolves rose from. They rose like ghost; there silver fur just hovering over the ground. Then struck a few lightning bolts from above and the dragon’s with red eyes covered the sky in spots. They had a thin coat of brown fur with yellow scales covering their body. The wolves tore apart most the people but a few including escaped. The Dragons spat fire as they swept the ground and both of the creatures destroyed everything in sight and burnt the village to the ground leaving only a few people to run away and as for me, they let me live. I was reborn on that day so that I may tell this story.

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