Figures of LD's Imagination

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Figures of LD's Imagination

Post by Lost Dreams on Thu Sep 15, 2011 10:48 pm

Name: Nya Umara

Age: Appears 22 years old

Gender: Female


Character Traits: Nya is a two tone personality. On her good days she is full of smiles that shine like the moon on a clear summer's night. Nya’s crystal blue eyes gleam like stars with excitement for adventure and friendship. Her long red hair flows behind her like a silk blouse flowing in the wind. She has a sweet young face and a voice that is soft and harsh,. Her teeth are white like snow that gleam when she smiles. Her small pointed ears pierced 3 times peek out through her hair like a bunny out of a hat. On her gloomy days, she is not sure who she is. She appears as if she is under a thick fog. Quietly she shifts around the tavern like a ghost. It is obvious something deep is weighing on her mind. She only longs to be alone so that she may shuffle through her thoughts.

A black cross choker dangles from Nya's soft neck. She wears a black corset dress that has a long layered skirt (black, laced with white) that trails behind her as she walks. Her upper arms are covered by sleeves. She wears ankle high boots with chains layered around the top. Nya takes great pride in her fighting abilities and cherishes her father's silver twin pistols and custom chain whip.

Nya is a strong magician however she does not like to rely on her powers. Unless under dire circumstances, Nya only uses protective magic.

History: At the age of 16, Nya's parents died. She now works at her Cousins tavern.
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