Set of bluesy poems

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Set of bluesy poems

Post by Wildsword on Thu Sep 15, 2011 6:40 pm

Set of poems that are heavily influenced by the good ol Blues.... I hope you enjoy.

“Jaded Angel”

Hot night in a crowded bar. air full of smoke and self-destruction
drink it in, another shot of bitter sweet goes down easy.
The heat makes the mood sleazy, warm and dirty how the crowds feeling
Piano cools as it croons it’s sad, sultry jingle.

Then she appears, beauty so bold you're almost knocked sober.
Her eyes drift over the whistling, boozin' crowd.
Two emerald drops of poison and every one's taking a taste
of the jaded angel in front of the crooning piano.

When she sings she slips hot honey in your ears,
you're love drunk and watching, she keeps you thirsty as you dream of her kiss,
the sweetest sin.
Wet, red lips so inviting.
dream of touching her, skin a soft load of lust.
every word, heavy whisper out of that sweet little mouth
lights a fire you didn't know you had.

But that's as close as you ever get,
just dreaming.
You're left love drunk and alone in your worship of
the jaded angel singin' with the sad piano.

“Steady Now Son”

Steady now son, there’s many roads to walk before you’re done.
Steady now son, don’t try to drink your troubles down, empty bottles never kill a frown, just take the sting outta things.

Steady now son; regrets never fade, always walkin’ with your pain on parade. Let it go boy.
Don’t wallow in, coulda beens, walk on.

Follow your gut, level your head,
And you might wear a smile when you’re dead.

Live hard, love sweet.
Keep your head before your feet,
Taste your words before you speak.

Steady now son, there’s many roads to walk before you’re done.
Steady now son, doesn’t take long before your mortal moment’s gone.

“Buried in a Glass”

Bury myself in the confines of a glass. It’s always empty too fast.
Debts keep pillin’ on my tab of mistakes I’ll never pay. Just coax by, honor on the wayside. Ran my ship aground, drank it all down. Broke myself in my youth & lost the pieces on my selfish slide into jaded times.

Try to drink myself into rewind but the bottom of the glass gives no peace of mind. Keep playing the fool under a false pretense of cool.

Try to drink it away,
Try to drink it down
But the glass is always empty too soon.

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