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Delve's Character Profiles

Post by Delve on Thu Sep 01, 2011 4:47 pm

This is the character sheet for an upcoming advance rp with Raspayer and Nihilisil.

Name: Croix A.
Alias: Cecil Seagor
Race: Humanoid, unknown
Actual Age: 28
Apparent Age: 22
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 190lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Type: Dirty blonde mostly brown, Wavy
Skin: Light tan
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Croix is a medium build and often wears a comfortable fitted light grey long sleeve collared shirt with thin white vertical stripes, a red silk tie kept under a dark grey wool waist coat with black buttons, black leather belt, black comfort fitted synthetic pants, and red converse sneakers with white laces. His dirty blonde short hair is wavy and often kept slightly slicked back with a few tendrils curled behind his ear, trimmed side burns just below his ear lobe which tapers with his facial hair along his jaw line and strong chin with a slight indication of a mustache. His only accessories is a magnetic silver coated ring on his pinkie finger and an onyx watch on his left wrist. A single gun holster on his left hip, and an ammunition holster on his right. Within his waist coat are multiple blades varying in size with its own individual sheaths. In the battle field Croix wears a black elbow length synthetic compression shirt under a black armored biker-style jacket; the armored plating is on his back, elbows, and within the front-lining of the jacket which made of thick twill material. Instead of sneakers he wears ankle-length combat boots lined a breathable mesh that allows for flexibility.


A secretive individual with little or nothing to say in any type of situation. Croix portrays multiple personalities to different kinds of people depending on his mood, which is hardly ever truly expressed and always falsified. When meeting new acquaintances he often adapts to a similar personality of the acquaintance or the complete opposite.

Skills, Powers and Abilities

Mental Prowess: Can asses his surroundings in a single glance based on his photographic memory. Despite his multiple personalities he’s quite calculative and can think of thousands possibilities all in one sitting.

Focused Vision: Above average human sight, he can read at long distances and focus on different objects and people all the same.

Physical Strength: Above average human strength and can lift various types of weights with ease and perfect balance. The deep understanding of physics allows him to counter weight certain objects or people.

Street Fighter: An agile free style type of fighting with a combination of punches and kicks. Light on his feet, he can maneuver his body fluidly while applying paralyzing blows to his opponents.

Parkour: Whenever he travels he enjoys the many obstacles in his path, combining his mental prowess and physical strength he leaps, climbs, and rolls his landings over buildings.

Gun slinger: Knows how to use any type of gun, how to disassemble and reassemble. A sharp shooter at great distances.

Knife thrower: Can launch multiple blades in succession and retrieve them. Croix has developed a talent for switching thin blades between his fingers, often three in each hand. He can also catch blades effortlessly with calculative focus.


Flask: An unknown substance is contained within this palm size flask and its often kept within his waist coat or pocket.

Endless Knives: Croix has several knives of different lengths hidden in his attire from his shoulder to his toe. Each one is carefully placed to the point where he can sleep without getting cut or suffer from any discomfort.

Computerized Watch: Multipurpose watch that functions as an organizer, it is touch screen with multiple corresponding buttons around the watch itself.

Unbranded Semi-Automatic Pistol: With a .45 ACP cartridge that reloads after recoil. Modified with dual camber magazine (2x7) and a firing pin lock which magnetizes to the ring on Croix’s finger.


Croix has had a difficult military background since childhood which has left him mentally scarred. As a result he has developed multiple personalities and sometimes puts up an act knowingly. Everyday that passes him by makes him more or less disinterested in the meaning of his life, however he continues to live in the hope of discovering what the future holds in store for him. Anyone he meets either friend or foe often disappears or vise versa.


The horrors of war on Ren Terr Cycle mentally and physically trained Croix of tactical warfare and espionage for years. Most of his duties involved assassinations of covert operations ordered by Badrach Seagor to keep the nation united. Cecil Seagor, nephew to Badach, became the next General of the Ren Terr Unified Army. Under new leadership Croix was never recognized for his service to Badrach Seagor and was dismissed from his covert operations after submitting his scout report on Ruth Village to his nephew. Cecil falsely credited himself on the findings to the public and had it destroyed. After reproaching Cecil on his lies to no avail Croix assassinated the General in cold blood. In his lust for justice Croix covered the murder by assuming the identity of Cecil. The resemblance between them was impeccable and the sudden change of Cecil's mannerisms was completely unnoticed by the eighty year old dictator.

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