Disregard the Ghosts

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Disregard the Ghosts

Post by Jeanine on Mon Aug 08, 2011 2:40 am

You ignore the living, correct?
Acknowledge the blood on their hands,
but still, you just walk on by.
Honestly, I ignore the living too.
Broken promises, broken hearts,
not really worth the work.
Let me guess, you don't believe
in the dead?
In fact, you disregard ghosts more
than you ignore the living.
I can't make you see something
you won't.
Your life, your choice.
I'm just sure that I learn more lessons
from someone that shouldn't exist.
As I was younger, I learned that
imagination is a key to many universes.
Once I began looking with my heart
instead of my eyes, I found more beauties
in the world than I ever had.
Other people who I surrounded myself with
didn't see what I see.
That's when I truly started disregarding the living,
and ignoring the dead.

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