Green Lantern vs X-men

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Green Lantern vs X-men

Post by Squall Reyes on Fri Jun 17, 2011 12:51 pm

It's been a while since I've had a little review on here. But with part of my job now being movie reviews I can only repeat myself so many times. This week however, now that I am done with my show I look at the screen and tell myself, I must let them know. Green Lantern is horrible. It is proof that Warner Bros and DC comics cannot for the life of them make a decent superhero movie that isn't Batman and to say they missed the mark is an gross understatement. They shot for the epic space opera and landed right in the sun. Seriously the new trailers that make it seem like the movie is about the grand and rich history of the GL Corps. Is a lie. A lie to get you in the seats and waste your money. The Corp gets a couple group shots and a small maybe 1 minute battle before they are never seen again.

Now on the other side of the spectrum is X men: First Class. We are talking about one of the best superhero movies of all time here guys. I'm talking about it's in the same league as the Dark Knight, Spider-man 2 and the directors cut of the Watchmen. Thank god Bryan Singer has gone back to his baby, though this time he has given the reigns to Matthew Vaughn. But the two of them made a hell of a movie, a cold war era spy games-James Bond tone trill ride...with MUTANTS. How can you say no to that! It is not afraid of the tone and colors of the 1960's, the time period which the movie is in. And because of that, unlike the Dark Knight with its black and blacker scenes and tone, carries with it brilliant color pallet which finally let a X men movie look like a god damn X men movie.

I can go on FOREVER about these two movies, GL for how god damn horrible it is and First Class for ALMOST making me want to take back all those nasty things I said about Fox Pictures. But I think my warning is clear. Stay clear of GL, let WB know you will not stand for half made, commercialized movies. And go see First Class, and if you saw it already. See it again. Someone went out of the way to make a damn damn good movie. Show them some support damn it!
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