Post quotes and lines from your RPs here!

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Re: Post quotes and lines from your RPs here!

Post by Sunwolf007 on Sun Jun 10, 2012 7:43 pm

Sunwolf007 wrote:
Hades had the traditional Roman toga that was pinned in place. The pin was engraved with a three headed dog, a symbol showing to all who the god was. He was of average height with pitch black hair and a long curly bearded. Everyone in the room could feel his divine presence and it was customary to bow before a god or goddess. It only took a second before everyone in the room was on their knees to show respect to the god.

“Who dares to defy the law of death?” Hades voice boomed through the room. Glaukos flew from Lucas’ shoulder to find Sophia.

“I don’t wish to anger the god of death. I just wish to have my General back,” Lucas said and then added, “by any means necessary.”

“Regardless of your intentions, you have brought this upon yourself. Your shade is now mine.” Hades voice once again boomed through the room. An instant later the world changed from a colorful ranged to only black, white and grey. Lucas didn’t know what to think of the transformation. He looked down to see his body lying on the ground. He had felt no pain during the transition from life to death.

“I do not normally show the dead the way to my realm but your noble sacrifice has impressed me enough to allow you to accompany me.” Hades said.

“Lead the way my new king.” Lucas said.

The only reason I really liked this piece was because of Silvan's response to it. This happened right after Lucas and Sophia started to bond again. It also was at the end of Chapter 1 so she has to wait a bit to see what happens. It only took about 13 minutes after I posted before she sent me a PM She responded:

Very Happy


I have determined this is FoG's Theme song!

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Re: Post quotes and lines from your RPs here!

Post by Silvan Arrow on Sun Jun 10, 2012 7:55 pm

You. Are. MEAN!

That is all...
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Re: Post quotes and lines from your RPs here!

Post by Digital Muse on Tue Jun 12, 2012 1:45 am

From The Ghost Writer's Mass Effect RP:

By Squalleh Reyes:

Susan raised her hand, she was rather caught off guard by all this and now on the defensive. A position she is not used to being in. "No no. I have no doubt you’re as good as he says.’re not the kind of people I'd associate with Menar."

Menar glowered toward the Ops Cheif, "And just what kind of people would you associate with me?"

The Ops Chief may had been off guard at the start of all this but she'd be damned to give any ground to Menar. "Oh you know hard headed, burly, uncreative types who solve disputes with head butts."

"You say that like it's a bad thing." Menar grinned.

and by me:

As the two argued, they each picked up pieces of Noah’s luggage and kit without thinking it about it. Menar retorted, “Bullshit. Everyone wants a piece of you. That’s the law of the Universe.”

They stepped into the elevator, leaving the two forgotten Marines behind in baffled silence. The last thing they heard was Noah innocently correcting Menar’s view of the law of the Universe; “I believe Mathematics are the law of the Universe, Menar.” This was followed by a frustrated growl from the Krogan.

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Re: Post quotes and lines from your RPs here!

Post by Jag on Wed Dec 26, 2012 6:08 pm

"Worst case scenario, she figured, everyone else was dead and she and Maiko were the only ones left and this'd turn into some gay-ass drama thing where two soldiers from opposing forces have to team up to fight back the zombies that would inevitably be borne of the radiation spewing out from the reactor explosion and then as they fought in desperation for their very lives against the oncoming zombie hordes they'd slowly grow to trust one another and see one another as team-mates--nay, friends--nay, comrades--and then if it was especially gay there'd be romance involved (bwahaha, get it, gay, 'cause Maiko was a chick? Jack hadn't even meant to make that one.) and then one of them would confess their reluctant but undeniable love for the other and the other would deny it at first but then there would be a whole dumb fuckin' dialogue and then the other would break down and admit that they couldn't stand to lose the other (the first other, that is) or some stupid shit like that and then right at that moment as they stood there holding one another in their arms and talking about how it had been so long since they'd felt this way about anyone the zombies would at last break in and the two would make a desperate final stand and one of them would get all gallant and be all "there's too many, I'll hold them off, run while you can" and the other would be all "but how can I possibly live without you" and the other would say something unbelievably retarded like "I will always be with you NOW GO" and then sobbing the other one would be all "I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU" and then they'd turn around and run like a pussy and the one who stayed behind would stare down the incoming zombie hordes and say some stupid fuckin' one-liner or go into some full-retard reflection about what the past few days fighting and coming to understand love again has taught them about life or whatever and then they'd kill the shit outta a bunch'a fuckin' zombies before they ran outta ammo and they'd realise that and look at the zombies charging at them and they'd drop the gun and close their eyes like a fuckin' retard and just stand there like they've totally come to terms with their fate or some shit and then the camera would pan away just as the zombies closed in on them because that's how it always was in the movies.

Best case scenario, everyone was just dead."

- Jack Jackson, to... er, herself. Alas, nay, not the Jack Jackson of Deucalion fame.

"I dunno, there's probably a perfectly rational reason for doing that. I'll think of it later when I do it."

"So it's okay to just kill them, right? RIGHT?"

"You know, I almost feel bad for blinding you to the immense badassery your buddies were just witness to."

"I am still, however... one hell of a jackass."

"Truly, she remarked sagely. The glory of planetside warfare cannot be replicated in any arena across the breadth of human civilisation. And then a shell exploded right in front of her and Jack decided 'less profound reflection, more killing shit'."

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Re: Post quotes and lines from your RPs here!

Post by Aesalon on Thu Jan 31, 2013 3:51 pm

I love this thread because it gave me a chance to look through all of the old RPs that I was involved in that almost no one will remember. Smile

#1: A Character Bio from 'Everybody Dies'
Bio: E.B. Grogan is a very unexeptional man, with one exceptional exception - he can remember and catalogue historical events in an almost computer-like manner, so it was that early in his life he chose the path of History teacher. E.B. has never been married and in fact, has never had a second date. Though not unhappy with his extended batchelor life, Grogan is looking: he sees himself as Marc Antony, seeking his perfectly matched Cleopatra ... who apparently is nowhere near CHS, where he has taught Jr./Sr. level Social Science/History/Government classes for the last 20 years.

#2: From We Are One (Super hero RP, my character is a 'Probability Manipulator')
The heavy oaken door closed behind Andrew MacInnes, shutting out the chaotic cacophony of bells and whistles that pervaded the casino floor. While the sounds faded to a dull rhythm, Drew fingered the mysterious letter that he had secreted inside the interior pocket of his suit jacket, and contemplated the dead man whom the letter had belonged to…

“I hear you killed that Shroud character?” Big Tonys’ voice boomed in the small chamber. The mob underboss had been sitting in the overstuffed leather chair all along. The diminutive mobster slowly swiveled the chair around to face Andrew. “Is it true, Andy? Is that pain in the ass dead?”

“Yessir”, Drew replied quickly– guessing that after his meeting with Rakel, the boss was in no mood for small talk. “He fell and shattered his spine, sir.” Again, Drew’s thoughts roamed to the letter, it was in an unassuming envelope, directed simply to ‘The Shroud’ in a somewhat artistic flowing script. After the costumed hero had met his doom, Drew found the unopened letter sitting atop a crate in the shipping container that he had been assigned to load, sitting there as if The Shroud was expected to find it.

‘Big’ Tony Lothario let out a god-awful noise somewhere between a choking cough and a full-out guffaw. “How…how…” now his eyes began to water in anticipation of his upcoming joke, “How unlucky for him.” Tony proceeded to pound his fist into his desk 4 or 5 times before finally composing himself. “You did good kid, that costumed freak was making us look bad, one more lost shipment and the big chief would likely have needed to find a new casino manager…if ya know what I’m sayin’.” Lothario took a drink of water and continued, “Really kid, take a break, go get some rest, play some blackjack…in ANOTHER casino, I’ll see you next week.”

Drew hurried towards the restrooms near the roulette tables and ducked inside one of the stalls to tear open the mysterious letter. The document inside was simply an invitation, an invitation to meet this evening at a place called the Howling Moon Bar. After he had completely stored every bit of the letter in his memory, he struck a match and burned it down to just the corner before dropping the remains into the toilet. Drew waited for a moment to insure that the smoke alarms didn’t trigger and then he walked casually out of the restroom and towards the main casino doors.

Keeping things from the boss was not something that Drew often did, but in the last 2 minutes he had held back 2 very important things. First, the letter – If it was legit then Rakel may have a shot to take down most of these costumed weirdoes in a single strike. Second, the dead man under the cowl was one of Rakel’s men…”why would…” Drew began to mutter under his breath when he noticed that in his wake every slot machine within 10 feet of the aisle was pouring out nickels and quarters to the suddenly enthused slot-zombies. Taking a deep breath to steady his control, Drew set out for his midtown condo…which, as luck would have it, was only two blocks from a little bar named the Howling Moon…

#3: Also We Are One
It wasn't long before a pretty waitress brought him a Sam Adams, for a short time he thought about flirting, but in the end the possibility that she might be able to shoot fireballs from her eyes dampened his enthusiasm.
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Re: Post quotes and lines from your RPs here!

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