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The Mithril Knight
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And thus do I at last begin my blog on FOG.
Its purpose shall be to serve however I see fit, to evolve and adapt as time goes by.

It's purpose for now is to keep track of--and take breaks from--my overly multitudinous writing projects and other creative ventures. If this is entertaining or insightful for any of you, so much the better. Thoughtful comments would be perfectly welcome.

I have recently begun to seriously work on my novel, and yet, all of a sudden, I find myself exceeding the self-imposed limit on the number of projects I undertake. Chaos is the bane of productivity; Order, the cure for insanity. As such, I will now compile a personal list of every single creative project currently underway.

Project List, as of 4/6/2011

. : Book Writing : .

. : Novel : .
The world of Êrah
~ Series 1, Book 1: Elemental Arc [planning/in progress]
~ Series 1, Book 2: Elemental Bond [pending]
~ Series 1, Book 3: Elemental Chord [pending]
~ Series 1, Book 4: Elemental Daring [pending]
~ Series 1, Book 5: Elemental Echelon [pending]
~ The Legend of Zelda: Gerudo Prince [planning/pending]

. : Role-Playing : .

. : Footsteps of Ghosts : .
The world of Túlaman
~ Sephiris: The Price of Peace [in progress]
~ Emfernos: The Trial of Truth [planning]
~ Ruribus: The Force of Freedom [pending]
~ Chrisselys: The Length of Love [pending]
The world of Emoria
~ Chapter 1: The Mountains of Night [in progress]
~ Chapter 1: Sretin [in progress]
~ The Battle of Celebrant [planning/in progress]
~ Aura: Daughter of Light [in progress/hiatus]
~ The Fairy and the Elf [in progress/hiatus]
~ The Secret of Adensborough [in progress]
~ Breaking His Darkness [in progress]
~ STAR WARS: Out of the Darkness, Into the Forge [in progress/hiatus]

. : GaiaOnline : .
Tales of Inari
~ Tales of Inari: Requiem Va'or [in progress/hiatus]
Errands of Mandor
~ Errands of Mandor: Dragons Rising [in progress]

. : Artwork : .

. : Comissions : .
Silvone Elestahr
~ cityscape [in progress]

. : Projects : .
~ character portraits [in progress]
Gaia Avatar Battle Royale
~ page 6 [pending]

. : Other : .
Special Occasions
~ birthday 2/24/11 [in progress]

There. Now I can track progress--and hopefully make progress--with greater efficiency. In addition to this, however, I plan to also use this as a sort of journal--not the daily diary kind, but the kind where you can just write anything in, at any time, for whatever reason. Hopefully we won't have long stretches between updates, but we all know how "hopefully" goes. Wink

Sometimes it's nice to just type, I guess, so this will be a good place for me to do that whilst also providing all my foggy buddies with sporadic glimpses into the creative life of yours truly. I've been inspired by reading some other blogs around here, so maybe mine'll do the same for someone else. Plus, it might just be a source of motivation for me. And we writers know, every bit of motivation helps. Nod

Alrighty then, this is your Mithril Knight, finally going to bed.
Next time, we'll probably see more detail about certain projects as things are updated.

See you all then! Warriror
Happy writing, and naeí chindya dhän lle dhanath.
Kalon Ordona II
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The Mithril Knight :: Comments


Post on Wed Apr 06, 2011 6:30 pm by Kalon Ordona II

Well, progress is slow, but progress has been made. Last week especially I was churning out a lot of creativity. ^_^ I hope to keep doing that my whole life, but life has a way of resisting, for some reason. Or maybe it's one's self, AND life. Or maybe it's all just an excuse.

Love it; Do it.
Something gets in your way, bash it down--or dance with it until you can swing it behind you and continue onward. xD
In theory, anyway. Thank goodness for FOG and support teams in general.
I've always belonged here. I just didn't know it until it found me. ^_^
(Thank you forever, Fate. heart)

So Adensborough is coming along nicely. Our quest to complete a role-play looks more promising with every new post.
Progress is still slow in Sephiris, but it works well fast or slow. And everyone's still here. Yay for Stion's return a while ago! Hm, maybe I'll post about the dragons. They need some love.
I ought to stop now and go add some to Emfernos, too, but I won't yet because that wouldn't be nice for whoever happens to read this. xD
Silvone started a new thing, the Fogathon. That seems to be providing a nice, NaNoWriMo-esque motivation feeling. I plan on taking full advantage of it, role-plays or no role-plays.
Which brings us to Elemental Arc. I have the high-level plot synopsis thingy almost finished. I just have to figure out the Thing to Figure Out, though I think I'm close. I just need to analyze and pick. I'll do that.

Hey, this writing it all down stuff is great! Helps organize your thoughts. I should do this more often! xD They say writing something down cements it. The They... xD... are right.

-Go do some Novel work.
-Make some Emfernos OOC info
-Make a dragon post.
-Progress the commission!
-and maybe think about the Viemera portraits

All that?
Okay, got it.

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