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For Realm Wars: Earthen Warriors:

Native Realm Dweller

Name: Miasarco (Miasa for short).

Sex: Male.

Age: Unknown.

Species: A lynx, one of the fellow sentient natives of the Realm of Land. Typically rare and reclusive feline tree-dwellers, they are historically keepers of secrets and forgotten lore, and occasionally oracles. They rarely socialize with the centaurs, and it is nearly unheard of for one to join a group.

Appearance: A black-spotted brown lynx, white fur on the underbelly and under the chin, with large amber eyes and black tufts on his ears:

He has a short tail, stands at about 28 inches at the shoulders, and his body is nearly 50 inches in length. About his left paw is a small silver band embedded with a single garnet.

Skills: As a lynx, he is not strong or particularly massive, but he is quick and agile - an excellent climber and born acrobatic. His hearing is sharper than any human's, and he is capable of moving with near complete silence.

Weapons: Claws. Not particularly suited to combat.

Personality: Though he speaks with the aloofness expected of any feline, sullen and begrudging, his manner and bearing suggest a history of failure and a great deal of personal pain.

Earthen Warrior

Name: Gabriel Antonio

Sex: Male

Age: 33

Appearance: Gabriel is fair-skinned with dark eyes deep-set in a round face and frizzy raven hair cropped roughly short. He is lanky, casually wearing a simple white shirt with ruffles at the sleeves, navy britches, a plain belt loosely slanted across the hips, and black leather boots with the tops turned down just above the knee.

Time Period: Mid 1600s, Spaniard, First Mate of the privateer frigate San BarĂ³n, a few miles off the coast of Venice.

Skills: Dancing, dueling, swordplay, sailing, swimming, and swindling.

Weapons: Side-sword and buckler, pistol (plus ramrod, 7 bullets, and more than enough gunpowder for those few shots).

Personality: Though he is usually looking for a means to benefit from any given situation, he has an adventurous spirit of daring and is fierce loyalty to anyone he considers a comrade. He is personable, but very free with his thoughts and prone exaggeration. He can be quite disdainful of others - mostly in the case of strangers - which tends to lead to bad first impressions.


For A Monstrous World We Hold:

What's your name?

Darryl Clayton Theodore. Most people call me Darryl. My friends call me Clay.

Mhm, and you're how old?


Damn. What do you look like then?

A 175 lb. nerd with glasses. The big, round kind. Looks ridiculous, especially on a blond kid. You'd think my parents could afford something more stylish. But no, they spend it all on my clothes. Everything they buy me looks like a freakin' uniform, and its all so wide at the shoulders. All the clothes I like they complain are too small for me, but what do I care?

Well isn't that nice. What's your life like?

Sit at home a lot. I have a job, kind of, if you can call working from home a job. I even get paid as a contractor. My dad works at the local power plant and makes quite a bit - hazard pay, and all, the kind of pokemon they work with. I do some computer work for them, kinda learn as I go you know? My dad built their databases and taught me how to maintain them, but then it all fell on me. You know how it is, they brought in a new batch of pokemon. He gripes about this temperamental jolteon ALL the time.

Oh, I have an older brother, and the only reason he stopped teasing me was to chase girls. Anyway, I don't get out much. My mom's got all kinds of money though, her grandparents or something were trainers. She keeps trying to get me out of the house, says I need more friends.

K. Do you have any Pokemon of your own? Which ones?

Dad got us an electrike as a family guard pokemon. Thing wouldn't hurt a fly though. Well, I take that back, flies fry when the fly into its fur. Oh and my mom bought me an abra, she wishes I'd get interested so I'd become a trainer. Bought a pokeball and everything. I never used it. When the abra isn't sleeping or appearing in random places around the house, she (yeah its a female) likes to talk either gibberish or philosophy. Well if you call its telepathy "talking". She's some kind of savant with numbers, too bad I don't use more of them.

Awesome. Anything else we should know?

Uhh... No. Can I get back to my chores? I need to brush Perk. Yeah, that's what I named the electrike. That's the best I could do as a ten-year-old.
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