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About the Author:

It's not everyday that you wake up with a cyborg pirate standing over you, demanding you to join his quest for the Techno-Treasure. He orders you to get ready quickly, as you run about your room deciding what you would need on an interstellar adventure through the Milky Way. It is not often that you find yourself studying the odd looking pistol he hands you, which shoots deadly rainbows. And I was definitely never before hauled aboard a spaceship ship, sailing off to fight dangerous aliens on the moon. In fact, I've never had a day like that. I wake up again, confused. I notice my clock, and the familiar surroundings, and sigh dejectedly. I glance sideways at my bedside clock, and calculate how much longer I could justify staying in bed. Nearly noon... With a grunt I rise slowly out of bed, and stumble awkwardly towards the bathroom, still more than half asleep. I slip out of my house coat, and sit down in the shower.

The cold, slowly turning hot, water does little to waken me. Instead, the sensation of a warm waterfall coating my body makes me even more tired. I close my eyes and fall asleep again. I feel myself slipping down the drain, circling it rapidly, like a ship being drug to the bottom of the sea by a massive whirl pool. In the depths of the drainage system, I found a maze like network of caves. They clearly have never been explored by any mortal man, as creatures of untold horror and wonder peer curiously at me through the dark and water. Carefully I creep up to one of the smaller, more friendly looking creatures, only to wake up moments later, snorting water out of my nose. Fully awake this time, I scrub shampoo deep into my coarse black hair. I wonder how much longer I could justify staying in the shower. Eventually, the hot water heater makes the decision for me, and hits me with a torrent of icicles. I quickly turn the water off, and sit there a moment, panting, the cold water having stolen my breathe. After a while I force myself to go and get dressed after 'drying' off with a damp towel. Clearly someone else had beat me to the shower. I decided not to speculate who...

I mosey downstairs, and hunt for something to eat. After catching the elusive cereal and milk, I drag them both back to my lair, where I set them both into a natural crevice of my stone slab. Using a primitive tool, I shovel the mixture into my gaping mouth, crunching hard. The blood and bone of my breakfast slides easily down my throat. Unfortunately my meal is interrupted by another creature, eager to steal my meal...

"Skyler!" My mother snapped, "How many times do I have to tell you not to run out the hot water. And don't chew so loudly when your eating, it's disgusting."

"Yes mom." I mutter weakly.

"Why don't you go outside, and do something useful with your time."

"Whatever." I choke down the rest of my cereal and humbly obey.

I find myself lying in the backyard under a tree. Who judges the value of time? Who can place value on the vastness of the worlds and universes dreamed by the human imagination. Nuclear fires in the glistening night sky. Torrents of fire meeting a blast of arctic rain. The eyes of Nymphs and Fae darting through the trees. Countless numbers of peoples and creatures. Lives lived and lost. From the highest snow covered peak, past the deepest body of freezing water to the fiery centre of the earth's core. This is where I choose to spend my time. Limitless existences are possible in the mind. I finally decide that, if I were a God, I would place infinite value on such creations, just as I would place infinite value on the things I have created, tangible or not. I watch as a Dryad slowly beckons me to a nearby tree. It appears she wishes to show me something in a brown leather satchel. I'm easily intrigued by her beckoning finger and crooked smile. Another world begs to be imagined, and I step into the gap between reality and imagination.
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Post on Thu Jan 20, 2011 3:36 pm by Dio the Awesome

That is all you need to know about me. I am hopelessly lost in fantasy, and that's how I like to live. Now, for some ground rules.

Rule One: If you see something you like, please comment. I love feed back.

Rule Two: (For Dio only) Actually update. Don't dick around like last time.

Rule Three: ??????

Rule Four: Profit!

I hope to get some good writing done here. Short stories, longer works, ect. As a note for people who actually might follow my blog, I run a second blog called Maximum Review, where basically I review and talk about anything I feel like. I may simply link to that blog, or transcribe my posts to here as well.

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Post on Sun Jan 23, 2011 9:51 pm by Dio the Awesome

Just wanted to take a moment to get a little frustrated and lamenting. This is not to be taken as doom saying on my part, simple a disappointing truth.

I have been roleplaying for many years now on forums, real life, and over IRC. I have yet to complete a single roleplay, due to people leaving, or simple disinterest, or unexplained reasons that baffle me to this day.

This post comes from looking at our own concluded roleplays section, which is also empty. It leaves me to worry that forum roleplays are where good ideas come to die.

The complex and the simple roleplays even seem to share the same fate, and they can only get so far before they become forgotten stories. Maybe I'm being over dramatic, but that's how it is.

I am glad to be posting this in my blog, because hopefully people won't see this depressing post.

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Post on Sun Apr 03, 2011 7:04 am by Dio the Awesome

Like always I manage to suck MASSIVELY at life, and refuse to update my shitty little blog. Well, since I'm up late, and am desperately avoiding going to bed, and having exhausted all of my pointless internet well of 'entertainment', I decided I might as well ramble on about absolutely nothing at 5 am.

I wish I was currently working on a story. Well, I suppose I am, but I haven't have much motivation to work on it. I hate feeling like I actually suck at writing, and so I suppose I'm afraid of actually completing a story, because if I actually finish a story, I'd have no excuse but to send it off to an editor, and the fear of being told my story sucks the big one is holding me back.

Though I am actually working on a story along side Kalon II that might be a big deal. It definitely has the potential, and having Kalon support my lazy ass is always a bonus.

[Side note: What the fuck Firefox spell check? Why is ass not a word? It totally. is. You recognize the word fuck just fine, so you obviously don't mind swearing. Hold on, allow me to teach you the word 'ass'. Stupid technology. Where was I?]

Okay. It's bed time. Though I vow to write 100 words per day from now on. It will happen Wait and see.

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Post on Tue Apr 05, 2011 1:42 pm by Guest

You said comments are welcome, so hopefully I am not butting in unwelcome, but you can always join the Fogathon that I just made. I made it for the exact reasons that you stated in your last blog post: I just can't seem to make myself write at a steady pace. For anything. You can also use the story you are working on with Kalon, or perhaps a different story altogether. It is up to you, obviously, but having a group to work with and keep you motivated might be just what you need.

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Post on Tue Apr 05, 2011 6:40 pm by Dio the Awesome

Excellent. I will check it out. I'm going to be bed ridden thanks to tonsillitis for the next few days. Where is it located?

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Post on Tue Apr 05, 2011 6:59 pm by Guest

Fogathon. Now you can fill your blog with good news, about how much you have written over the course of the next year!

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