Blo Blianco [Possibly More]

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Blo Blianco [Possibly More]

Post by Fall of Man on Thu Dec 23, 2010 1:32 pm

*This is going to be my main character I am going to be using in most roleplays, so I may put a little bit more effort into him than another character I might make*

Full Name: Blo Peddence Blianco

Age: 29 yrs.

Physical Appearance: Dark, short hair with a blackish-brown goatee, muscular appearance, tan skin color, tall, brown/hazel eyes, about 200 lb. in weight.

Occupation: Former soldier in the army, now an advanced tech engineer.

Life Biography:
Quick Overview

Blo Blianco was born in a small town hospital in Ontario, Canada. He was orginally Jake Moremier, however his name was changed when his parent's gave him to an adoption agency in America at only five months old. His adoptive parents were of an unknown past, and many avoided them due to rumors of terrible sounds and screams in their household. In spite of this, his adoptive parents turned out to be very loving and caring of little Blo. When he was only six years of age, he was an incredible artist and spent a lot of his time drawing portraits of his mother and father, as well as him self if he could remember how he had looked the last time he saw himself in a mirror. At age nine, he began writing stories whenever he was bored, and many of these turned out to be professional works, in progess, of course. He went to a state university when he was only fifteen years old, and he got a bacheylors degree, which seemed shocking since he was so smart. He joined the army when he was nineteen, and stayed there for five years, making a lot of friends and memories, as well as experiencing the hellish darkness of war. After this, he became a technichan and quickly gained a promotion to engineer, where he now works on advanced technology such as computers, artificial intelligence, and video games. He has a relatively strong stature in his town and he is well known through out the country as an engineer.

In-depth Look

Jake Moremier. That was perfect, thought the small, undeveloped baby's mother, already having a name three months before she was even in labor. A baby shower was taking place that day, and all the neighbors had brought such wonderful gifts, it was a total celebration.
"I love that name! Jake, Jake Moremier. It's perfect!" exclaimed Paula, the closest neighbor and best-friend to the mother.
"It just popped into my mind, have no idea where it came from," said the mother casually. The party ended around two in the afternoon, and the Canadian city of Ontario was hustling and bustling faster than ever. It was very close to Christmas, after all. The mother seemed to just sit down and wait for her husband Jon to return. But he would never return. You can't bring things back from the dead, even if it was totally unfair and selfish. She thought about her baby.
"Without a husband, this is gonna be really hard, little guy," said the mother with a sigh to the litte thing in her stomach. "But were gonna try and make it through." she said reassuringly.

*Three months later*

"Oh, oh god!" screamed the mom in her hospital bed. He stomach felt as though it was tied into a knot, crumpled into a ball, and then thrown at a door. Blood was flowing incredibly quick through her veins, her bones were tense, and she couldn't think straight.
"It's all right," said the doctor. "he's coming along real fine." The mother screamed, cursed, and raved at the doctors, but they remained perfectly calm. Soon, a huge baby boy, at 9 lb. and 8 ounces was born in the official hospital of Ontario, Canada. "Shit," said the mother tiredly, "thank god that's over."
The mom returned home in a month, with slight sickness due to her tiny body giving birth to the baby's huge body. She was surprised when she got some bills she couldn't pay. She now also had to support a ten pound baby while trying to support her financial problems as well. "I can't go on like this." said the mother with a shake of her head. She looked at the baby. "Sorry, little Jakey. I hope I can meet you again someday." With that, she drove down to the adoption agency and gave away her baby sorrowfully and slowly.

*Six years later*

"Mommy, mommy!" yelled Blo through the house excitedly. "Look what I painted, it's a spider!" A large, dark-blonde woman entered the room and looked at the picture painted on big poster board, showing a large, eight-legged creature covered in coloful red spots.
"It's beautiful, sweetie. How about we give this to daddy as a Christmas present?"
"Yea, yea! Let's do that!" said Blo excitedly. Christmas was his favorite holiday of the year, and that would never change. He loved getting up super early to see what Santa Claus had given him. Christmas came quickly, and Christmas morning Blo ran to his father as fast as he could to show him his portrait.
"Nice job, buddy! I would never be able to draw like this when I was your age!" exclaimed the dad to Blo. He then hugged the little boy and took pictures of him and his mom opening up presents excitedly and happily.

*Three years later*

Blo was focusing hard on his story he was writing. It had taken him all week, and he was sure it was his best work yet. He completed the small book of his with beautiful pictures of places and people all throughout the world. These didn't really match with the story, but he just enjoyed drawing them. "Mom, Dad, check this out!" yelled Blo as he ran to his dad's office, where his mother was sitting silently in a big leather chair, right across from his father who was relaxing in a office chair with wheels.
"What, bud, another one of your stories?" asked the father without hesitation.
"Yep. It's one of my best ones yet, I think. Tell me what you think, dad."
The father read it over, with gleaming eyes. He handed it to the mom, where she got the same look. "It's awesome, honey! Definitely your best yet." said the parents at almost the same time. Blo grinned and marched off to his room.

*Six years later*

"Oh, honey, were gonna miss you very, very much, don't you forget that!" said the mother, with tears running down her cheeks, hugging the father forcefully. Blo waved hesistantly. Both the mom and the dad waved back.
"Bye, mom. Cya, dad." With that, he hopped on the plane to Utah to begin college at only fifteen years old. A large, lazy man sat next to Blo, who slept half the time. Unfortuneately, he snored very loudly so it was pretty hard to be in peace and quiet. He had accidently spilled some Coca-cola on Blo's T-shirt, so now Blo was in a sticky, worn outfit he would have to use when he got off the plane. He requested to see if he could move seats, but that was "Against the policy." acdording to one of the flight attendants. When he got to the University of Utah, most people stared. He was so young! Most people thought he was going to be some geeky nerd, although he didn't look or act like it at all. Blo casually walked into the large building, avoiding all the staring faces. He briefly shook hands with the headmaster, and began one of his classes like it was just another day at school.

*Four years later*

"Ah, it feels so good to have finally finished college!" exclaimed Blo to his friend Dane. Dane got to the university when he was eighteen, but dropped out a year later to pursue an invention he had always thought about. Blo made friends with him, as they were the same age and they left college at the same time.
"I know, man. Can't wait to get a job, an apartment, have sex, maybe even do drugs!" yelled Dane excitedly. He was a pretty bad seed when he was younger, so he didn't have the greatest ideas on what to do when he was older.
"Little extreme there, dude," said Blo with a chuckle. "I wonder what I could do..." Blo thought for a minute when he saw a poster. "You can help protect the U.S.A.! Join the United States Army today and teach the bad guys a lesson they will never forget!" said the poster in black ink. Blo raised his eyebrow.
"I think I have an idea..."

*Six months later*

"If you are listening to this, it means that you have completed boot camp! You should now know how to reload, aim, and shoot a firearm. You should now be able to make good tactical desicions in the heat of battle, and command others to victory! You should now know how to be apart of the U.S. Military!" yelled the drill seargent at a line of recruits; Blo in the middle. The drill seargent had yelled way too much, his voice almost cracked up as if you were to step on a glass vase.
"Now get outta here and show your country what you can do before you go to hell trying!"
"Yes, sir!" and they all jogged over to the large yellow bus awaiting them. Dane did not go to the army with Blo, sadly, but he made more than a few friends. One named Jake was his closest.
"Jake sounds familiar to me," Blo said slowly while he was thinking very hard. "don't remember, sucks."
The bus was taking them to a huge army base in Washington, where they would continue training but also have a chance of coming into a warzone. The drive took eight hours long, and all the recruits were tired and hungry. "Ugh. I'm so starving!" said Blo to Jake.
"I know, man. Feel like some classic, home made ham sandwich with ham, turkey, swiss cheese, lettuce, italian rye, and mayo!"
"Fucking stop, I'm going to die of extreme starvation," said Blo painfully. Just then a captain was approaching the two. "Hey, you two, come over here, now!" yelled the captain more nervously than anything else.
"What?" said Blo and Jake at the same time.
"Your going to war."

*Five years later*

"Shit, war was the worst thing I have ever experienced in my life!" said Blo with relief as he got off the bus that carried him to Washington.
"Me too, bro. We'll keep in touch!" yelled Jake as the bus drove away. Jake had lost his leg in the war, so he had been in a ton of pain. Blo was now at his parents' house. He hadn't seen them in over nine years. "Home." said Blo with a grin. He ran in the front door and saw that his dad was cooking some food for himself. The dad turned around, stared for a a very long minute, and then yelled "Buddy!" as he ran up to hug Blo. "Hey, dad. Were you getting my letters? I tried writing to Mom but she never wrote back."
"Oh," dad coughed, "Uhm, Blo, could I tell you something for a minute?"
"Yea, sure, what?"
"Well, uhm, mom has... how do I put this... passed away..." said the father sadly and sorrowfully.
"What!?" Yelled Blo uncontrollably. "No, but she, she, she couldn't have, no way, no way!" said Blo repeatedly and scaredly.
"I'm sorry, bud. It's the truth." said the father, staring down at the floor.
"Your lying. You have to be." said Blo shaking his head.
"I'm not lying, Blo. But I do have one more thing to tell you. Your adopted." Blo's eyes grew wide.
"This is fucking insane! First you tell me mom is dead, and then you tell me I'm fucking adopted like nobody's business. Complete bullshit!" screamed Blo. Anger was rippling through his veins, running up to his skull and pouring down from his mouth.
"Bud, I did not raise you like this. Calm the hell down. Now." said dad with menacing eyes. Blo hit the the wall in anger.
"Do you know how messed up this is? If you didn't raise me like this, you probably didn't raise me at all!" yelled Blo. His anger was burning, but settling down a little bit.
"Fine, if I didn't raise you at all, then you can leave, now!" yelled the father, pointing to the door.
"Fuck you, dad. Fuck you." said Blo as he left the house.

*One year later*

Blo was sleeping in his large, white, comfy bed. He flipped and flopped for a little bit before he woke up. He got some cereal and ate the entire bowl quickly as the news was on. When it was time for work, he left his apartment building and started up his old Ford car. He drove down to Double E, or Extreme Electronics to begin his first job as a technichan. Blo went into the building for the first time. It was generally pretty full of people, and the store was piled high with computers, radios, televisions, and music players. Blo met and shook hands with the franchise CEO, Ben Flemin.
"Hello, Blo, it's very nice to see you become apart of the Extreme Electronics staff. As a technichan, your stations will be in repair and technical support, and you will need to show customers how the electronics work if they seem interested. If you have any problems with a customer, staff member, et cetera, please contact the EE Administration at 600-766-7600. All staff members will recieve breakfast on days Monday-Friday to prevent from staff becoming late. Anymore questions?" finished Ben quickly.
"I don't think so," said Blo slowly, trying to comprehend what he had said.
"Great. Get to work, now." said Ben quickly again. Blo nodded and went over to customer support as their was a long line waiting.

*Four years later*

"Welcome to the Electronic Expo here in Los Angeles, California! Here we express electronics through fully interactive movies, next generation video games, HD cameras, and even more!" said CEO Ben Flemin into a microphone. The crowd cheered and clapped joyfully.
"And now, ladies and gentlemen, we have a visit, from my very own Double E, an advanced and notorious engineer of the electronics, Blo Blianco!" yelled Ben into the microphone. The crowd cheered again, louder. Blo stepped onto the stage, waving shyly. Ben motioned for him to take the microphone.
Blo tapped the microphone. It made a loud noise that echoed through the streets. "Hello, everyone! I am Blo Blianco, as Ben said, engineer of the electronics! I am here to guide you on your journey through this great and awesome expo! I am not only your guide, but your giver, because the first one-hundred people in are going to be given completely free cameras, small, portable, and in 1080p HD!" said Blo loudly. The crowd screamed louder than ever. Blo gave the entire crowd a tour into a massive building filled with all kinds of cool electronics. Blo is still an advanced engineer, working on advanced technology of tomorrow.

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