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A Place For Fleeting Dreams

A passing thought. A glimpse of insight. An uncontrollable urge. A passionate desire. Merely a multitude of scribbles and words strewn around.

Passerby, ware! Stop, you may, but never stare. For within is chaos. For within is my mind. Come. Welcome. Step into Enigmas Aeternos, and be forever trapped in its twisted paths.

~Comments are allowed, but no spamming please.
~I found out that some of these words of mine closely resembles words of philosophers past or some famous phrase or saying. If so, do notify me but please do not accuse me of plagiarism as these are truly the words written from my thoughts.
~If I offended anyone with these words and thoughts of mine, I sincerely apologize, for I meant no ill will.

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Post on Sat Nov 20, 2010 10:11 am by FyrePrince

Attention is paid where attention is due. And never is more than what it is needed be given.

It is lies that we spin, but truth that we must face.

Knowledge is the source of all power. But it is a double edged sword. The power to protect can also be the power to kill. The power that you use against others, can also be used against you.

Lies and bullshit are but a means of getting you somewhere close to where you want, but never really there. Neither will it keep you there. Honesty and truth are the real ladders which the pioneers of success climbs.

There is such a thing as too much good. There is no such thing as a place where only goodness reign, for it would self-collapse under the pressure of imbalance. For where is light, there must be darkness. This is the sole universal law: The Law of Balance.

Man is insatiable. There is no end to his wants and demands. Every time he is given something, he would ask for something more, something better. Give him nothing but his most basic necessities, for to give him anything more would be asking for disaster.

Humanity are likable to parasitic scum. Everywhere they go, they mark their presence by leeching the richness of the area, tainting it with infectious filth until the place is devoid of life and fertility and impossible to sustain any form of life. Then, they multiply in vast numbers, spreading out like poison in a bloodstream, infecting, tainting, destroying until none is left. This is the legacy of humanity.

There is no greater hell than the hell of living.

Proud, arrogant and hollow in their souls, the men always thought highly of themselves and place too much trust in their incompetent abilities and inferior skills in a senseless emotion they call confidence. Little do they know confidence is only existent in those capable and truly sure of their imminent victory and success.

In this world, nothing belongs to you. You do not own anything. Your "materialistic possessions" are but alterations from the riches of this earth. Even your body isn't yours. It was loaned to you, on a limited amount of time by the fusion of your parents and those before them. Remember, the air you breathe, the food you eat, the very clothes you wear, even the items that entertain you, they are not yours to claim ownership over, for they were here long before you. Just because you bartered them with a few pieces of paper (which again, happens to come from trees, since one does not go around shitting chunk of wood) doesn't mean it is your to claim.

Man wage war over petty arguments, insignificant matters. Tell me, what does war accomplish other than to despoil the hard work of our previous generations and to waste away countless innocent lives? War is waged, not based on rational thoughts, but rather on the ugly desire of mankind to destroy and kill, manifested by hate, misconception, anger and other vile sins.

There is such a thing called perfection. It's just that we have yet to remember it.

There is a big difference in "doing what must be done" and "doing the right thing". "Doing the right thing" doesn't necessarily mean it should be done. It just mean whatever your doing is morally or ethically right. "Doing what must be done" doesn't necessarily mean it is correct. It just means that it is something that you have to do, despite the repercussions.

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Post on Sun Nov 21, 2010 7:45 am by FyrePrince

When we exhale, it is inhaled by others. The light that shines on you, shine on others too. In this way, there is no difference between you and your enemies. Therefore, in order to understand your enemies, you must understand yourself first. In doing so, you are no different from them.

Never, ever voice your suspicions about someone. It's bound to reach their ears. If your suspicions be true, then, you've just lost your last trail as they will dig deeper to hide their secrets from you. If your suspicions proved to be false, well, let's just say it's not going to be pretty. Allay their fears by keeping quiet. There is much wisdom in the man who fakes to be deaf and dumb for it is then the true colours of those around him are revealed to him.

Everything in the world is based on a demand-supply system. You just have to look closely. For instance, friendship. Your so-called "friend" happens to need something from you, and you being able to supply that thing he/she requires, will sooner or later call upon that same "friend" of yours in a similar "supply-demand" situation. Thus, for future convenience to get a faster, more immediate and possibly better treatment from this business buddy of yours, you two label each other under the false pretense of being "friends". So, you see, there's no such thing as friends or buddies or bff's. It's just trading partners: close, distant, well-known or unknown. Hence, if one of your "friends" stab you in the back or sell you out, don't be surprised. It's just business.

Hope is a mere fantasy, a fabrication for those weak and powerless fools who to grasp on for fear of failure. The strong and powerful has no need for hope, for they are sure of victory.

Everyone is born a sinner. No one is innocent. You don't believe me? Look into an infant's eyes, stare deep and long into their eyes and you will be able to see the small spark of evil that lurks within, yet to mature. How well they are educated will determine how deeply that evil is buried or how well it is masked.

As great as men are capable of good deeds, they are equally capable of evil deeds. Know that for every kind deed done, mankind compensates for doing an evil deed.

Hate can be changed to power, same as power can be changed to hate.

Desperation makes the wussiest person turn into the bravest lion. For people to do their best, it is only when they are backed into a corner with no way left to go, that's when they will shine.

For all intents and purposes, I sincerely doubt the humanity of humanity.

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Post on Mon Nov 22, 2010 11:15 am by FyrePrince

Common sense is not uncommon. Rather, it is so common that we never notice it at all.

I hate my insanity so much that I love it.

The truth is more misleading than lies.

Only those who are truly insane will accept the fact that they are insane

More often than not, hate is born from love, not vice versa

True intellect lacks sanity, for sanity hampers one's thoughts

Of all that we feel, pain is the most pure of them all

To improvise from someone's phrase, "Knowledge is knowing that it's impossible to lick your elbow. Wisdom is not doing it after reading my previous statement."

We spend more time fantasizing than we do realizing.

A person reaches the peak of his ability when he realizes he has none

The fact that you're even reading this goes to prove how foolishly you waste your time

Many search all their lives for the purpose of their existence without knowing that they are already fulfilling it.

My mind is home to thousands of spies, each of them working on foiling and avoiding the multitude of conspiracies others plot against me.

One who remains silent doesn’t mean they have nothing to say. It’s because they have too much to say, too many thoughts, that they are overwhelmed into silence.

There is no such thing as clarity of thought. The time when your mind can be fully free of thoughts would be when your cold and rotting body lies 6 feet under ground.

Millions upon millions of strange thoughts and notions assault my mind each day, each striving to burst free from the small, over-cramped confines of my small, immature brain, only to be scribbled down hastily and be judged by the scornful gaze of others.

The day you stopped thinking would be the day you stopped breathing.

One is most truthful when under the influence of insanity or alcohol.

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