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*The style of the first post will be done as self illustrating example of the subject.

You don’t know what a tsundere is? What a dummy? Alright, I’ll tell you, but don’t get any ideas. I’m not doing it because I like you or anything.

Well, The term tsundere originated on Futabi channel in 2002, and meant a character who starts out tsun (aloof, harsh) and, with character development became dere (sweet, lovestruck). And since those nerdy 2chan homebodies were behind it, they of course messed it up. The general use of the term eventually began to mean a girl (damn straight male majority in writing staffs) with borderline bipolar switches between a tsun and dere mode. Apparently, viewers see this as cute.

It’s moe-moe appeal is often abused to point of having tsundere as their only character trait, and it’s often just an excuse to give a teenager or adult pigtails. Idiots. However, like most other archetypes, it can be used in a deep character, and even quite flexible if the writer tries hard enough.

The reasons for tsundere behavior vary. Sometimes it’s just hormones, which is a more realistic justification than most teens will admit. But most of the time, a tsundere is suddenly having an almost childlike difficulty controlling her feelings, always caused by a particular trigger, be it getting thrown into a tricky situation, or just THAT BOY… with his gorgeous lips, eyes you just get lost in, always doing those crazy things I can never wrap my head arou…



Now where was I, numbskull? Oh yeah, there are a also a variety of different types, but they can mainly be separated by what their default is. The dere default is particularly of note. Many find that dere defaults quite difficult to write without the tsun quickly being distinguished quickly by character development, while get the Dere default confused with the yandere (A.K.A Love Knifer, Ishtar, the chick you think has the nickname Knives because she’s so good at cooking). And finally, the kuudere (or cooldere), is a new term for a more mature, subtle subtype of the tsundere the almost invariably fits the original definition of the term. However, others view it something completely separate, especially since is has a much more even gender ratio that the modern tsundere.

The use of the tsundere in boy’s love and girl’s love is also of note. Because a Japanese school is expected to graduated from S-Class relationships (A.K.A romantic two girl friendships) by the time and gone on to boys by the time highschool ends, view of girls who continue such relations into adulthood are seen as very childish, which may lead to such a behaviour if one of the girls wants to break it off because of society and the bonds of love are too strong. Damn you, deceivingly conservative Japan. And when a male actually does fit the modern tsundere role in manga or anime, he’s usually a bi or homosexual coming to grips with that part of himself. Such a character is often compared to a cat in the work, while his love interest will often doggedly pursue him and fawn over him like a puppy, slowly wearing the tsun down. A popular term for this dynamic is wanko-nyanko ("woof-meow"), but it …isn’t exactly one limited to boy’s love.

Anyway, fittingly enough, members of another minority group that often falls into tsundere behavior are also frequently compared to cats, though they are rarely portrayed in anime and manga in ways that don’t rely on stereotypes. As you know, I’m talking about those with a Asperger’s Syndrome. Since common traits among aspies include difficulty with small talk and learning nonverbal cues, problems knowing they are offending/boring/hurting who they are speaking to, extreme sensitivity to sensory inputs, it’s no wonder many aspies get kerfuzzled in such a way.

What!? That wasn’t entertaining enough for you? Not informative enough? GO TO ANOTHER THREAD THEN, YOU IDIOT!!! I could care less!

NO!!! What are you doing?! Please don’t go! Come back!

Maybe we could talk about who your… favorite tsundere is. Or how you… feel about them, or something. Whatever you want!

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