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Post by Lara on Fri Jul 29, 2011 2:39 pm

”After lunch, then?”

The rocking back and forth was a vaguely familiar sight after all these years, drawing a small, sympathetic smile. Lyssa had never been one to openly declare that she was nervous about anything, but Jenny had been observant even as a child, and after seeing the restless movement enough times she had been able to figure out why it was happening.

“After lunch,” she agreed, biting back the suggestion that Lyssa and Daniel join her and Mia for the meal. As much as it may have helped, Jennifer knew she needed a bit of time to herself before heading to the wake. Besides, judging from the sudden look in Lyssa’s eyes, she wasn’t the only one who didn’t think now was the best time for “catching up”.

It was time to head out before the awkward moment of waiting to see who would leave first began to come into play. Judging from Mia’s slight fidgeting, she had the easiest excuse, “Well, I’d best get Mia home, to get ready…” Jennifer looked down at her daughter, pointedly raising an eyebrow at her. "Now, what do we say?"

Mia clasped her hands behind her back and rocked back on her heels. "It was nice talking to you," she recited, looking up with wide eyes, first at Lyssa, then at Daniel, where it lingered with a mischievous glint. Rocking forward, she used the momentum to unexpectedly wrap her arms around his legs, the most of a hug she could give without having convinced him to bend over first. "Ihopeweseeyouagain," she then added in a rush before letting go and scampering back behind her mother.

Jennifer watched the scene with only a trace of surprise, having expected the motion from Mia, but her lips quirked into a smirk. The smirk slowly grew, and, though she attempted to stop herself, she soon dissolved into a fit of giggles.

“A-anyway,” she said after a few moments, finally able to compose herself enough to speak again. “We’ll see both of you in a few hours. Come on, Mia.”

Her daughter immediately slid a hand into hers, peeking back at Lyssa and Daniel as if to confirm that she definitely wasn’t in trouble, then beamed a childish smile at them and waved with her free hand before the two of them left.

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