The Dawn of Allious

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The Dawn of Allious

Post by dusk on Fri Jun 11, 2010 12:07 am

(Posted Ooc thread too.)

Five years ago during a time that would forever be remembered, the fall of a wondrous Kingdom took place. The darkness of evil had rose from the bowels of hell and consumed the land. The destruction of man begun, the eradication of innocent people could not be stopped and no other race stood up to help.

The sun had fallen in sorrow, painting the sky with red streaks, black clouds lingering above the kingdom’s demise. Chaos tore across the land of mortal men, blood soaked into the weeping earth. Cries for help went unanswered, the race of man was ignored by all others. The Kingdom of Allious, a Kingdom that had always treated its fellows with respect fell to doom. The King and his family had been abandoned by those they had once trusted, by those they had called friends and brothers. The King warned them, that this evil will fall upon the heads of those that did not aid them. He warned the other leaders, the other Kingdoms that this evil will come for them as well and there will be no one to save them.

Fire scorched the once vibrant land, burning through the villages, taking the lives of children, women and men. There was no exception to the death that blanketed the Allious Kingdom. The royal family had all but been destroyed. The entire line wiped clean from this world like they never existed. The Allious guard had tried with all their strength to protect the family, to get them out of the molten walls of a burning castle. The men that were adept with sword, spear and dagger had failed their King. The family was burned alive, their screams echoing against the castle walls. The stink of burning flesh filled the air.

The entire population was destroyed, the land scorched and no longer livable. However, there are rumors of survivors. The rumors tell of a small group of Allious guardsmen and a few villagers. Upon their escape the guardsmen had managed to save some of their people, taking them into the dangerous forests of Kugar. It was believed that the people who survived would never make it out of the forests. The Kugar forests are vast, thick and filled with horrid monsters.

To this very day, the rumor still exists, sightings of these survivors are spoken about in the scummy taverns, carried on by the weary travelers to other places. These taverns were once homes to the villagers of Allious, buildings that remained standing after the fire. These crummy establishments rest on the boarder of the Allious Kingdom, along the grounded earth that serves as a wagon road. Over the border line the land changes drastically. The ground still holds the blackened dirt from the fire, dead trees lingering here and there. Ruins of the villages sit eerily in the mist of low fog, the haunting wind never ceasing. Some travelers say that the wind carries the sound of the dead, whispering voices of agony. Others that dare not travel through the broken land say it is haunted by the dead, souls waiting to be rescued by those that had abandoned them.

Five years ago that strange, unexplainable evil destroyed a Kingdom and once that Kingdom had been demolished the evil disappeared. The rest of the world went about their lives, suffered small wars, sicknesses and so on. No one ever went in search of answers, the remaining race of men simply put the destruction of their brothers to the back of their minds. Though the story of such a great horror lived on through each person, the story told in different ways but the endings all the same.

Towers of sliver painted rocks and white stones stretch upward to the blue sky, shadows of unnerving malice cast across the beach of Oelar. The temple of the water deity sits cliffside, dangerously close to the edge, overlooking the white beach with sparkling sand. The temple holds a glimmer of safety over the Oelar Kingdom. The main look out for the Kingdom that sits below the cliffs, along the beautiful hot beach. The Kingdom nicely secluded by the cliffs and protected by the sea. People of Elven decent, perfected beauty, ageless, worship the goddess of the sea. They believe she will always and forever protect them. She is their mother, the source of their life.

The Oelar Kingdom had also been the brother to Allious. Together the Kingdoms had battled in wars, aided each other in the time of need and joined forces as one. The Oelar Kingdom had only been a four days ride from Allious, the closest of allies Allious had. Oelar’s King had been the first to deny Allious aid, instantly turning his back on a very dear friend. The King never explained his reason, never told anyone why he abandoned their ally. He never told anyone why he left his own sister to die. The Queen of Allious had been princess in the Oelar Kingdom, married off when she was of age to the Allious King. He left her to die with her husband, and even allowed her only child to suffer as well.

Though the destruction of their brother Kingdom was saddening, life for this Kingdom went on peacefully and each day the people constantly thanked their goddess.

It seems the time of abandonment has come. Bitter thoughts caressed the darkness of her mind, blue eyes focused on the sky above. The wind screeched past the temple towers, carrying with it the taste of salt. The hairs on her flesh tickled with the forming of goose bumps, the thin silks clung to her sensual curves as the wind rushed past her. Darkness lingered beyond the horizon, a darkness that was not brought on by the setting of the sun, for it is still mid afternoon. Her stomach had flipped, acid toyed with the back of her throat and every fear she held at bay threatened to overtake her. I’ve waited too long. There was sadness within her heart, the longing to break free of the chains that have held her for so long. They will forever be lost. I have failed them. She would take a sharp inhale and turn on her bare heels.

The tense silhouette of her form stood in the massive hall. The walls expanding beyond her head with the creamy marble stones, reflecting the presence of her shadow. “The Goddess no longer hears you.” Her voice hummed sweetly through the temple’s main hall, landing gently on the ears of the priest who sat his chair. Clouded brown eyes gazing over the young woman dressed in the black silks, her body covered from head to toe, save for her eyes. She always wore a cloth over her face, hiding who she was. His wrinkled form sat unconcerned, but his eyes showed the agreement to her words.

“I have already called a meeting with King and Elders my dear.” His voice was warm and calm. “The King of Allious had made his warning true, the goddess has already shown me our demise.” Slowly the man would rise from his seat, black robes shimmering with hints of blue pooled about his feet. “Two nights ago the goddess came to my dreams, she shared her great disappointment of our lack of action those years ago.” The man would approach her, stand before her and tower nearly ten inches above her. His face was wrinkled with age, his skin drooping with deep crevices. Years and years ago, when he was young he had sworn all of his loyalties to the goddess and in doing so gave up his immortality. “I had already known, long ago that she turned her head to us. We could have helped, saved them, but we didn’t and such an act is not forgivable by her. Though she cannot hate us, or punish us, she can ignore us. Let us fall to our own troubles.” The man regarded her with a slight smile. “It is sad, but the King brought it on himself and we can beg all we like for her to forgive us.”

“But she is not the one who can.” There was a knowing in his eyes, he knew who she was, where she came from and how important she really was. “On the night that your world was destroyed, the goddess told me you would come. She told me to hide you, protect you and empower you. She has touched you my darling, so do not hate her for the actions we have done. She had no involvement in that, and she has heard your prayers. The goddess will stand behind you, when you need her. She will help you find the ones that you are looking for. The strength is your own, the power within you is your own, but.. she is your shadow. “ He turned away from her, in the distance horses rode the narrow trails up the cliffside. The King, Elders and his personal guard were approaching.

“It is time for you to show them who you are. They will not believe me when I tell them, the same evil that destroyed your home, is coming to take us as well.”

It seemed as though it was always night within the thick forests of Kugar. The branches that reached for the sky twisted viciously into each other, blocking out the sun, the moon and sky. Creatures of great ferocity lingered here, the stench of rotting corpses prominent. Slap dab in the middle of the forest was a lake of black waters. Polluted with a horrid smelling haze, the water unsafe to drink or even swim in. Very few have ever ventured into the forest and those that have never returned.

There are stories written in the old scrolls, they tell of a hidden horrible place. Underneath the black lake down in the deepest part of its waters, is a door way. The door way leads to the underground caverns. Deep within the earth’s belly, the caverns are inhabited by a race of people that have been possessed by evil. Tortured souls, condemned criminals, the forgotten. In truth no one has ever seen these people, no one knows their true race, where they had come from or how they got there. It is just a story, that is supposedly true.

It is a place that is a void, the place between the dead and the living. Darkness is all that is seen, all that will ever be known and everything else will be forgot.

------ Important characters need.---
• The surviving Allious knights and villagers. (7 knights, 5 villagers.)
• Oelar Personal guard (At least 2.)
• Oelar King
• Dragon tribesmen. (You get wings, the unusual abilities and what not, and the possibility of turning into a dragon. More of this part with be given in private.)

Name your part in the Ooc thread. Thanks!


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