Deep Red Sea

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Deep Red Sea

Post by cindrella on Wed Mar 24, 2010 7:23 pm

Jack sighed softly as she stood from her desk. In front of her sat a young thief which she had just freshly murdered. The room swayed around her as she watched the large shadow spread around her. The demon had been released with the power of that human and lord knew how long it had been implanted into her body. She slowly reached over and gripped the handle of her silver blade tightly, glaring the demon down as it swirled in anger towards her. Oh how she hated fighting them off. The humans could be killed easily, it was the after battle that was hard on her. Her head pounded away busily inside her skull as she brushed her long black hair from her face. With that movement the demon charged her as if she were not paying attention and she sliced it in half. But it was not done just yet. There was a loud thump as the two halves of the creature fell to the floor. Silence followed swiftly after as I stood in a ready position, knowing more was to come if this demon was as powerful as it looked. Then again, she knew better than to judge a book by it's cover... She straightened somewhat, spitting blood on the floor of her 'office'. She really had to stop charging while breathing, it was becoming such a nasty flavor! She closed her eyes and focused, hearing the demon's body rustling and beginning to reconnect as the pieces often did. Holding her blade ready in one hand without it being obvious and her skirt bunched up in her other fist she waited. It was coming, she could feel the restlessness of it moving around her as her heart picked up.

There it was, the hand was coming straight for her. Almost naturally she fell backwards, her free hand catching her and allowing her back to arch as the demon tumbled over top of her and into the wall. She forced herself back to standing as she looked over her shoulder at the creature who was picking itself back up upon it's haunches. How bothersome... Her evading the demon became a usual tactic as it continued to charge without thought for nearly an hour and finally she had had enough of her game of 'Cat and mouse'. She landed on her desk, the demon near the door. She brought a hand over her eyes, as if to shield them, as she muttered something in Latin. There was a loud rip as two large black wings burst from her back, leaving her gnawing on her lip to hold back the scream of agony she wanted to let lose. The wings settled after splattering blood and strips of skin and her sweater around her. The demon stilled finally and she narrowed her eyes holding her blade with both hands now and ready to strike. This brought fear to the creature and it backed away best as it could but it's futile attempts to escape were failed and she charged. With nearly five sounds of a blade hitting skin the demon lie in shreds at her feet as the blade slipped from her fingers and she fell to her knees gripping her shoulders and moaning softly in pain. It hurt. Bad.

She squeezed her eyes closed, requesting the wings to return to her body as they slowly obeyed. The ritual was painful and something she experienced enough times to remember what pain she was giving herself by calling upon the large limbs. She let out a tiny grunt as they disappeared in her back and the skin sealed over. She sat there for a while, panting as if she had run for miles without a break before finally standing back up and heading for her bathroom. The large wooden tub had been filled with water, though it was cold by now, and a fresh outfit lie in wait for her as she sighed happily. A single servant sat in the bathroom awaiting for her and she gestured over her shoulder, speaking in a wind chime voice, "Please clean up the office for me." The blond haired woman nodded and was off as Jack turned to strip down. With the soft and reassuring plop of her clothes onto the floor she removed the last bit of clothing and looked in the mirror. Her skin was pale and her eyes coal black to match her hair. Blood was splattered here and there but nothing she could not remove. Her chest was of usual size, nothing too large and nothing too small and she did not allow her eyes to wander past her waist. She went to reflexively grip at her skirt but there was nothing there and she accepted to just grip at her stomach. Which hurt. After a long moment she turned to her wash basin at last.

Stepping into the icy waters she enjoyed the touch of it, slipping underneath it and letting the blood pull itself off her body itself. She closed her eyes, prepared for a well needed nap in the bath but she knew it would end far too soon and so her eyes re-opened. She felt her head throb again and she flinched at the feel of it, her headaches always got too out of control for her and she really wished she could just turn them off when she wanted but it 'twas not to be. She sighed, slipping her mouth under the water as well and keeping her thin lips closed as she tried to day dream and keep her mind off things. Bothersome and tiresome things.


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