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ALTS Database

Post by Guest on Fri Mar 05, 2010 7:58 pm

Update (3/23/10) : ALL PROJECTS TERMINATED - No further projects will be conducted.
-Agenda Labs

This is more of an announcement than it is a suggestion (actually, its not a suggestion at all...). To put AL's services into practice, I'll be conducting experiments on our test sites. With a running duplicate of FOG's live theme, I should be able to truly see whether or not unresolved suggestions in this forum are capable of being solved.

I'll report on the status of each unresolved suggestion or problem as frequently as possible. Note that this database will only technical related suggestions or problems. They will not concern the following:

-Suggestions for new categories or forums
-Suggestions regarding rules, regulations, or legalities; unless it involves Forumotion ToS
-Suggestions regarding graphic requests (graphic placement and modification will depend on the "technicality" of the suggestions [i.e. CSS graphics, etc.])

Other note: Just because I find the solution for something does not mean that it will be implemented (unless it regards the theme-changer CSS files; only I have access to those for the time being). Ask your administrators nicely if you wish to see a technical problem come to a close.

ALTS (Agenda Labs Technical Support) Database

"See Last X Posts" - Status: Project Terminated
Installation of external .js file via site description field may allow for a code to be put in place. Alternative would be template editing via switching to punBB or BB2 (BB2 not recommended).

Problem [AL Description: Timezone Validation Error] - Status: Project Terminated

Suggestions Thread [AL Description: WYSIWYG editor error] - Status: Project Terminated

Timezones - Status: Project Terminated
Function actually is possible. Site description field may hold links to .js files hosted externally for phpbb3 version board (such as this one). Alternative may be to switch versions from bb3 or PunBB, which will allow administrators to access Template Editing; allowing for a massive expansion of control and flexibility, involving easy installation of custom JavaScript, HTML, DOM, JQuery, etc.

Is it just me... [AL Description: Search utility malfunction] - Status: Project Terminated
While the coding in the search tool can only be modified host-side, AL will attempt an alternative search tool that can be embedded to "crawl" indexing pages of the site. Tool may be implemented through enxternal .js files via the site description field, via PunBB or BB2 (not recommended) template editing, or via custom forum/portal widgets.

Personal Profile Statistics - Status: Project Terminated
It is possible that a web crawler script may installed via template editing.

About the blog - Status: Project Terminated
While the bumping of older blog posts cannot be initiated client-side, administrators can activate a recent posts tool using portal or forum widgets OR use the coding of the recent posts via JQuery and template editing (or the installation of an external .js file via the site description field) and relay recent blog post links and times to a desired location on the site.

Theme Changer [No Link Available] - Status: Project Terminated
Theme-changer to be installed on Sunday afternoon (...hopefully...). Testing available at

If you have any input or comments regarding ALTS or this post, you are free to use this thread. I recommend that you continue to use the Feedback forum, however, for new technical issues that you are experiencing on FOG. I'll update the database accordingly when I become aware of it.

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Re: ALTS Database

Post by Bird of Hermes on Sat Mar 06, 2010 4:16 pm

Thank you, Agenda, for all the work you do for the site.
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