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{Cursed to betray}

Once upon a time, there lived the humans, and the angels that helped them. Angels were more of a story or myth to the humans, for although they aided them on an almost daily basis, no human ever saw one. The angels were a slightly more advanced and civilized race, but they were peaceful and kind. They were especially kind to the humans, thinking that the race had much to offer despite their silly inability to fly.

And so everything was as it was meant to be

For a time at least

Once upon a day, there was a man, a good and hardworking man, with morals. He was walking along a garden path, on his way to town, when he spotted a bush of roses. They were average roses, all of them red, except for one. Towards the bottom he picked a flower that was very odd indeed, this flower was blue. It looked like a rose, but that was impossible, how could it be a rose? Roses weren’t blue, yellow or white maybe, but never blue. The man kept this rose and went into town, going about his business and eventually returning home to his wife.

The next morning he found the rose missing, he franticly searched for it, suddenly feeling the absolute need to hold it. His wife came in the bedroom; the rose was in her hair. She smiled at him and wished him a good morning. The man snarled and ripped the flower from her hair, not caring about the woman who dared take his rose. The man had become entrapped in its power, and the rose was by all means powerful. He wanted no one to be able to take the pretty rose from him. The rose granted him the power he wished to posses, but it had a price. The rose always has a price….

The man now self proclaimed as Lord, had power that humans had never seen the likes of before, he could lift a horse with his finger and cross a room in less time than it takes one to blink. Even his looks and senses changed, he was all but beautiful to everyone’s eye, and he could hear and see farther than anyone. The price he paid was not one he regretted in the least, he needed blood to sustain himself, and he took it without mercy, making others just like him as he took every drop they had. The rose was capable of far more than change, it was also able to destroy, and he used that ability to concur land. The Angel King, Samuel, would not interfere; it was not in the angel’s nature to be violent or to interfere in human affairs.

His inaction cost him greatly. Eventually the human race was gone, and replacing it was a race that called themselves vampires. These vampires eventually stumbled on angel territory, and attacked, wanting the lush land and gardens of the angels. King Samuel gathered his forces to fight, even if Angel’s were not a violent bunch, they still practiced combat for exercise and contest purposes. When rallied, they made quite the force to be reckoned with, but so were the vampires. Both sides lost many, the ground was muddy with blood, blood that the vampires now fed on.

King Samuel devised a plan, he sent his four sons to get the blue rose, seeing as how the rose was the main source of the vampire’s power. Only two sons made it back, the youngest and eldest. Their mission was a success, and the Vampire Lord called for a treaty.

The treaty was to be sealed with the arranged marriage of one of Lord Lucian's sons and one of King Samuel's daughters. The couple is chosen and all of the vampire siblings must now go to the angel sanctuary. With Lord Lucian’s three sons and two daughters, and King Samuel’s three daughters and two sons, all hell may break loose.

The vampire children have orders to spy and steal the blue rose back, easier said than done.

The Angel children have orders to be polite and loving to the guests and fiancé, easier said than done

So here's the deal[/center]
I am looking for a one on one with this plot, I will be playing one of the angel daughters, but not the one that is betrothed to your character. So your character will be the one that is supposed to get married, but it won't quite turn out that way will it? ^_^ you catch my drift. I plan for this rp to be rather long term, so yah. I want someone who is very literate, and can write a minimun of 500 words per post, I may go lower to 400 or even 350, but I prefer someone who can type up 500 words. My character's profile is up, so take a look at her and read her bio, if you have any questions what so ever, just feel free to post them here in this thread and I will answer them C:

casualties of war:

2 of the angel brothers died on the mission to take back the blue rose.
Yarrow and Caritas. Yarrow was the oldest of the two twins, but by no means the leader of the two. He always stuck to Caritas and made sure that he didn't get them both into trouble, seeing as how Caritas seemed absolutely determined to outdo Amora in mischeif. Yarrow was sensible and cool headed, where as Caritas was impulsive and hotheaded. Yarrow preffered reading and intellect, Caritas preffered playing and swordsmanship. No matter the differences between the two, they always stuck together through thick and thin, these two were quite the comedic and deadly duo. Thier powers were interconnected, as twin's powers often are. Yarrow had the ability of speed akin to that of a vampire's speed, and Caritas had the strength akin to that of a vampire's strength. When they were in a proximity of ten feet to eachother, thier powers were combined, so each had both speed and strength, but, since they shared strength, they also shared weakness. If one was hurt in battle, so was the other, it was involuntary, and the main reason that they both died. These two princes will forevermore be remembered in the hearts of their family and people.

2 vampire brothers died in battle to try to stop the angel brothers from taking the blue rose
Solomon: Solomon was the youngest of all of Lucian's children, which probably makes his death the most tragic. The boy died young, trying to protect the castle from being infiltrated alongside his brother, Grogan. He hardly had much of a life, born from his father's affair with a pretty maid. He was looked on as a bastard by most, but none dared to insult him when the king was present. His mother was 'accidentily' killed after her giving birth to him, so the only parent he knew was his nanny, to whom he grew close to. He was sent to battle at the age of 14, far to young, and a little less than a month afterwards he was hospitalized. During which he finally met His eldest brother, along with the rest of his remaining family. Before he could fully recover, the castle was attacked, and four angels had infiltrated past the guard, Solomon sprang into action and was swiftly killed. He was said to be brave and engaging, but not to sensible, always trying to prove himself. There is doubt that his father has even noticed he is gone, to preoccupied with the loss of his Blue Rose.

Grogan. : Here was a man's man, Grogan loved battle, and was born for it. The woman that gave birth to him was a rich aristocratic woman by the name of Hera, she spoiled him silly and made sure he grew up to be strong. He spent his younger days teasing his little sisters and messing around. Not much in the way of intellect, he never achieved much of a rank in officership, preffering to take small fractions of soldiers and causing havoc. His tactics were guerilla style, and his mission simple, kill the enimy. Grogan was loyal and a good comrad, but feared when in battle. He was having a meeting with his father when the battle at the castle broke out, he killed many angels, but was in turn slain by a surprising opponent, Amora. Grogan was very surprised to be fighting such a fragile looking angel, and surprisingly hesitant to slay something so pretty, that hesitation cost him his life. There is doubt that his father has even noticed that Grogan is gone, to preoccupied with the loss of his Blue Rose.

1 vampire daughter, assasinated
Bellamina: Bellamina was a daddy's girl and was always trying to please him in any way, he doted on her like he doted on his other daughters. She never got along with her two other sisters, wanting to be the only daughter in her father's eye. She was often aloof and arrogant, not paying any attention to the oldest's fits or the youngest's jibes, she acted as though her sisters barely existed. When the war started she was not aloud to fight, and so turned her attentions to dancing and flirting instead. Bellamina loved nothing more than to reel a man in, and then crush him under her stilleto heels, it gave her pleasure. Her figure gave her quite a pack of admirers, so she was never short of anyone to torture. Her other interests included poisens, she was quite knowledgable about them, and was always trying them out on her tutors and nannies if they ever made her upset. Bella was killed by a band of elite, now rogue angels, they call themselves 'Demons', she was their target, to send a message to Lucian, he grew furious and ordered them to be hunted down, but never suceeded in catching any of them.

1 vampire brother assasinated
Dmitri. : Dmitri was the eldest of Lucian's sons, and possibly the proudest. Dmitri had an unusually high intelligence, and a knack for the sword, he grew up to be a General in his father's army. His leadership caused many angel deaths, and his arrogance caused his own. Dmitri was assasinated by an elaborate plan set by the angel group known as the 'Demons'. His father really felt the loss of his best General.

1.5 Million angels- deceased

1.3 Million vampires-deceased

Angel Info:

Angels have a few tricks up their sleeves, they are endowed with a gift.
This is how they competed with the vampire race in battle so well, the vampires had supierior speed and strength, but the angels had surprise and their gift. They had one or two, mostly the second one was not as strong as the first.
Ex; The power to manipulate shattering sound waves, and the power to calm someone by singing.
the powers were something the went together and were interconnected.

Vampire info:

These vampires do not sparkle, big no no. Sparkling=shithitsfan for you, got it?
They are strong enough to lift a horse with mild trouble, and fast enough to cross the room in two seconds. Only Lord Lucian can see and hear for a mile around, but the rest don't really need that when they can smell blood from 4 miles away. They need to feed once every two days at the least (2 pints, and yes, they have a hard time resisting blood, they can, but it is slightly unpleasant), and King Samuel has arranged for blood packets for the guests. The angels that are willing give the blood freely do so for the guests, they do this in generally the modern way humans do, well, in a similar way. The vampire to bw wed is expected to drink blood from their significant other after the marriage. Biting the angels does not turn them into vampires, they are imune to the curse the blue rose put on the vampires. Yes, the angel princess is going to be very relunctant to let the vampires feed from her. As for durability, they have flesh that is cuttable by sharp things (Normal)

You will have two other brothers, and two other sisters. The info on your deceased siblings is down below, your living ones are for us to collaborate on. ^_^

Each vampire child has a different mother, Lord Lucian is quite cruel to his wives....

Ok, so the empires do not have guns, phones of any sort, microwaves, cameras, computers, electricity etc. They do have irrigation, bathing, a way to freeze food, kitchens, castles, horses, carriages etc. get the gist?

Character submission:
So here's the deal, you can ask me for the one on one by entering a character sheet in the thread. I like to have it in something nice and orderly, so just post it here and I'll pm you.

I need a picture and height; prefferably anime, I dunno, just run what you have in mind by me
a bio;
Talents; not fighting skills, I mean musical or artistic talents, or something just plain weird ie; is double jointed, can read backwards
Age; they are all practically immortal so just put the age they look
A bit about them; personality

Here's my character <3

name; Amora
Height; 5'4"

Bio; Amora was born a year after her older sister, and as the second eldest daughter. Her gifts started showing within days. She’d giggle as her father made a pained face when she squeezed his finger. Raising her was quite difficult since she could not control her gift, and she found it absolutely hilarious to make her parents chase her around the room, her crawling was at an amazing speed. She’d spend long days attached at the hip of her older brother, her favorite game being hide and seek, her older brother became an expert at finding her, her sister not so much. The castle was her playground and her active imagination was her main toy.

As she became a bit older, she understood that not everyone could do what she could, and started trying to control her unusual strength and speed. It was difficult, she had to be careful and really pay attention to what she was doing, something she was not used to at the technical age of 8. Her abundant energy had to go somewhere though, and since her gifts were so physical, her parents thought of letting her train with a sword. It would teach her control, and perhaps a bit of discipline, even though boys were the only ones taught swordplay. The little tyrant toned it down a bit when her next sibling was born; she developed a small sense of responsibility, and doted on all her siblings after. She of course started doting on her older brother as well, thinking it funny to treat him like he was younger. At first when she started having tutors, as was customary, she was forevermore giving them the slip, she drove them nuts, and her older brother became the only one able to get her to behave. Even then, she’d only listen to him on a whim. Until her younger siblings started to take lessons as well, then she actually started attending and aided her younger siblings when they were having trouble.

Amora became less of a lady and more of a rebel, she was fine with wearing dresses and all that, she just messed them up on a daily basis when outside in a tree or in the stables petting the horses, and of course running around with the failed guard dog she kept as a pet. Amora knew how to behave and knew basic etiquette, but she had no grace in it as her sisters did. She also had no affinity for music, sure she loved it, and she loved to dance to it, but she couldn’t sing or play an instrument to save her life. She engrossed her energies into swordplay instead; her companions in it were her brothers.
Until the war started that is.

When war broke out between the once friendly races, Amora was kept ignorant, the only ones told were her brothers, who stopped joking around with swordplay and became serious. Amora noticed this and started to investigate. She would never have found out if she hadn’t happened to eavesdrop on a war council her father had. Amora stayed quiet about it, but she started becoming serious with managing the sword too. When her brothers left the castle one day Amora confronted her father and demanded to go too.

Amora’s father the King refused such a request, and revoked her sword. He regretted allowing Amora to practice in the first place, his precious daughter could be killed after all. Amora did not fear having to use her sword to protect her brothers and people and soon enough devised another rebellious plan of hers.

About two months after her brothers were gone, so was Amora, it only took her so long because she had to plan a way to get her sword back. Before she left, a peculiar thing happened, her mother was waiting at the back exit she planned to leave through. She told Amora that she wasn’t going to try to stop her, but just to hug and kiss her good bye, and give her some bandages in case she needed them. Amora almost cried as she hugged her mother, “I knew you were going to leave silly, I have foresight remember?” Her mother could indeed see into the future, and she knew what she could and could not prevent.

Out in the battlefield Amora was very foolish at first, upon coming to the first skirmish she could find she dived in headlong, but soon found herself vomiting from the disgust of the smell of blood and rot. She was approached by the captain afterwards and she said she was from another faction that had been killed, and she was trying to find the General, her brother (she didn’t say she was a princess, as she was disguised as a boy), to tell him about another attack the vampires were going to mount. He let her go and she continued on, but not before getting some words of encouragement, the captain could tell that she was new to battle.

Upon getting directions, fighting, and finding her brother. Amora had some explaining to do, her oldest brother was not happy that she was here, and neither were her younger brothers. Amora had to argue tooth and nail to get them to let her stay, they couldn’t deny that she was a good swordsman, a very good one, if it hadn’t been for their powers, she would in hands down against any of them. That, and she had already been in battle, something they could change, besides, it was Amora, and no one stopped Amora from doing what she thought was right. They placed only one condition, that she remain with them, and that she keep her identity as a girl and princess a secret. She was way ahead of them, already wearing boy’s robes and already having cut her long hair.

When the team of brothers was sent to go get the Blue Rose, Amora went as well, and together they succeeded in obtaining it, at the cost of the lives of Yarrow and Caritas, her twin younger brothers. Amora returned home with her youngest and oldest brother, grieving and bitter. The damned rose was not worth it in her mind. But it put an end to the war that killed so many. Her father was relieved and furious when Amora came back, but the grief of Yarrow and Caritas being gone overlapped any punishment Amora might have been given. Now her oldest sister is going to marry what she thinks is a prince charming from another land, Amora thinks her sister is in for a rude awakening.

Dancing- she's second best only to her mother, it's the only artistic thing she bothered to learn
Reading- She's one of the fastest readers in the kingdom, and one of the most well read, she can also read upsidedown
swordplay- she's pretty damned good
animals- they seem to like her
glaring- although rarely seen, its legendary, no seriously. If looks could kill....
pranks- better watch your back around her

Gifts; Amora has the strength and speed akin to that of a vampire.

Age; looks younger than she is, is third born child, second eldest daughter

Personality; Amora is rather hotheaded and bold, she’ll stare you down if you challenge her. Her nature is passionate and she likes to have fun, she also makes a loyal friend. Her sense of right and wrong is very strong, she just doesn’t care most of the time if whatever rule she’s breaking is right or wrong. Her personality is colorful and she isn’t nearly as spoiled as her older sister, Ginette. She thinks of vampires as people and has met more than her fair share of good warriors. She’s very straightforward and likes to joke around and make people laugh. Though her nature is more rough rather than delicate, she likes the feel of battle, but still likes flowers. She’s used to being underestimated because of her fragile looks, she prefers to prove people wrong with action rather than with words. She is also very considerate towards people.


Name--Princess Rose
Fiance--Prince Kariss
Bio- -Rose was the second of Lucian’s children to be born, but it was from an affair with some other aristocratic woman, not the ‘Queen’ of the demon lands. It was his first known affair and most certainly not his last.

His first ‘Queen’ gave him Dmitri, but she was soon forgotten after that, her beauty was a withering thing, she was boring and she disinterested the Lord. Somehow or other, most likely by untruthful means, she soon disappeared, and the woman that gave him Rose was put on the throne as ‘Queen’. She showed a very adept ability at management of the Kingdom’s needs. She took care of things behind the scenes so that Lord Lucian may do as he pleases. He only concentrated on the war, while the ‘Queen’ took care of all the rest. She was useful, and he found her very convenient. So he kept her as acting ‘Queen’, even when he tired of her sexually and had gotten a son out of her. He moved on to other women and had children with them, not caring anymore of formality in the royal family. He was King, therefore he could commit any informal misdeed he wished, no one would be able to so much as scowl at him without losing their head. And so with this back story, starts a small explanation of Princess Rose’s upbringing.

As a young baby, Rose’s mother, Fiona, started teaching Rose. She spared no time to allow Rose to be idle. She would read to Rose constantly, showing her things and pictures. Talking to her and forcing her to walk at an early age. Rose was her only claim to the throne, her only tie to Lord Lucian. So she had to be absolutely perfect.Her time came to claim the title of ‘Queen’, and she did so with triumph. The manipulative woman had used all she could, and succeeded. Leaving the previous Queen to be disposed of in whatever manner she could think of. After that, Fiona took over her role with vigor, and gave the Lucian a son, Vincent. It pleased him, and her ability with management kept her cozy with the King.

Rose was around a year old when Vincent was born, and the two became as thick as thieves. They were both tutored, but Rose took more interest in being the perfect flower that her mother and father wanted. Lord Lucian lost interest in Fiona, but not in Rose. Her name in itself made him interested in her, she was named Rose, and the very thing from which his power originated was a rose. Rose’s mother also made sure that Rose wore a lot of blue, a ploy by her mother’s doing? Probably, but a harmless one, anything to keep her child in his favor of course.

Rose took to reading and playing games such as Chess or a complicated card game. She quietly tread about the castle, listening and learning, but always managing to meet back up with Vincent and play. She soaked up information like a sponge, turning into a preteen who could instantly charm you. She excelled in all of her studies, passed her etiquette tests with flying colors, and already started developing a voice in the Kingdom. People listened to her, if she suggested something at a Ball to certain people with some measure of power, they actually paid attention. Her father had taken notice of her increasing abilities; he took her to meetings with his Generals, although only to watch quietly. Rose obeyed her father and only watched, for a while at least. She began making tentative suggestions, and each time she did, Lord Lucian would smirk. Rose could never tell whether he approved or disapproved, but she was not silenced or chided. Her confusion ended when she gained a permanent seat in his war council in her early teen years.

One day, when Vincent was home and training for battle, she watched and guessed that he would soon be going to an actual battle. Since she was on the war council, Rose knew a thing or two about being in battle; she had heard that it was frightening. Feeling the sudden desire to perfect herself in another particular way, Rose took up physical training.

Being rather frail and delicate, Rose did not do so well early on. She was not tough enough for hand-to-hand combat. She was not strong enough for true mastery of the sword, or the spear. She finally tried one last thing, suggested by none other than Vincent, throwing knives. And lo-behold, they were perfect for her, easily hidden, light, and she had naturally precise aim. She was lethal with her knives, you never even saw a blur when she pulled one out, you just felt the sting of the blade.

Rose continued with her council duties and made quite a reputation amongst the Generals. She was even proposed to by one, Rose had done some growing, and was quite the slender beauty. Many suitors chased her; but Rose never sported with any of them, she was not promiscuous, unlike her sister.

Towards the end of the war, news came to her that Vincent got hurt. Rose took the news well, on the outside. Inside she panicked, so much so that she stole away from the castle that same night, pursuing her Brother’s battalion. She arrived and fought alongside her brother, not listening to his protests to her fighting. She fought for a total of two weeks before she was retrieved by Lord Lucian himself, and a very angry one.

Bellamina, her second youngest sister, had been assassinated, and Lucian would not allow another one of his dolls daughters to be touched. He was furious, but not directly at Rose. Rose managed to calm him down, suggesting that he send hunters after the elite force known as the ‘Winged Demons’, the ones who murdered Bellamina. He nonetheless banned her from the war council, she had displeased him. Rose was upset, but of course said nothing. Soon after that, the Blue Rose was stolen, and the war forced into a truce. The news did not startle Rose, but what came after did.

No, I am not referring to the fact that she was being married off; she half expected as much.

I am referring to the little…deal that Lord Lucian made with Rose and her clever little brother, Faron. The deal was this, he wanted Rose and Faron to find the Blue Rose, and somehow get it back. Lucian had no intention of truly being peaceful; he was just biding his time. Rose at first boldly refused, Faron commented that it was too risky. He first gave Rose an ultimatum, if she did not get him the Blue Rose within a reasonable amount of time, he would kill her mother and fraternal brother. Then he bribed Faron, which Faron took.

Rose played her cards carefully, saying that Vincent was his next in line, that he couldn’t kill him for that reason. Lucian just laughed at her, and plainly told her that he had two more sons with which to be his heir, and her mother mattered little to him. Rose realized just how little they all meant to him. They were simply pawns on a chessboard. Rose accepted, and both Faron and Rose were sworn to secrecy, and given all the information he knew of the Blue Rose.

Personality- -Rose is a flower in the wind when she walks, her complexion is as soft as the sky, and her beauty is incomparable.

It’s a crying shame she’s so untouchable.

Rose seems very much the epitome of perfection. Nothing ever gets under her skin, well almost nothing. Her father has done some things that have gotten to her, but other than that no one has succeeded in successfully insulting her or getting her upset. She could care less about you, so if you do throw an insult at her, no matter how clever, she will simply smile genuinely and answer in a way that you know in the back of your mind is an insult, but doesn’t seem like it. She is perfectly polite, and many are instantly drawn to her charm. She often uses this to her advantage, in whatever it is she might want. She seems to be able to know what you are feeling, or even thinking, this is due to her empathetic side. But it is overruled by apathy, Rose is an empathic apathetic. She also never uselessly prattles, if she gives some advise or warning, you’d do best to listen. Since she wouldn't bother to say it at all unless it was important. Unless she's messing with you, which she tends to do if she gets bored. Rose can be a bit of a sadist if she doesn't like you, but it never turns into hate, she wouldn't care enough about you enough to hate you. The only person she really cares about is her younger brother, Vincent. She'd do anything for him, and vice versa, the two are very close. That isn't to say she won't stick up for the rest of her siblings, she'll defend them with a sharp tongue, or nife. She just doesn't concern herself with them much, they can be so silly... That goes for the rest of people who are 'innocent', she can be kind, in fact, the first impression of her is often seen as very kind and gentle. Acts of kindness are not something she thinks on or anything, it means nothing according to her. She's just being neutral.

Anyway, Rose enjoys the finer things in life, she enjoys only the best clothes and shoes, some of which are custom made for her. As a princess she is utterly spoiled, but has never been known to complain. Contradictory yes, but Rose is full of contradictions. She is also not quite like other demon females, her looks I mean. Whereas her eyes would normally be an intense and rich color, they are a soft and pastel color that you have to look at closely to tell the color of. Her hair is just the same, a soft pastel brown. Her skin is pale, like most demons, but it just doesn't seem as intense, overall her looks are very soft and pleasing to the eye, making her a bit of an exotic item to the demon race. She has been called, 'The evening flower', by a lot of her admirers, before they realized that the flower had thorns of course. She is sweet like a rose, but cuts you if you touch her.

So in other words, to sum all of it up, she is a manipulative, and very deceptive, tactician.

Talents-- She is a master chess player and good reader.
She sings very well
many many more talents

Weapons--'Prince' (her pet fox) fiercely protects Rose if someone so much as raises their voice at her. But if she feels the need to, she has throwing knives hidden in either a fan she carries, or on her person.

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{Cursed to betray} :: Comments


Post on Thu Feb 11, 2010 4:29 am by Ethereal

Oooookay. I've read through most of the good stuff you wrote. Took a while but yeah, it's good but somehow bugs me.

In my opinion:

Vampires Vs. Angels = Vampires get pawned in a heartbeat.
Demons Vs. Angels = A classic battle royal. Very Happy

I'm not a vampire hater but i just personally think that the balance in creature combat is tilted heavily in the favor of angels should they be pitted against the blood sucking beings.

Well, if your vampires have blood magic/black arts/whatever, then maybe it would be a fight worth viewing. xD

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Post on Thu Feb 11, 2010 10:20 am by Skittle_Overlord


I have allowed Marionette to use this idea for a one on one. Stop pming her about stealing plots!!!! You're stressing out my lil sis. Don't do it, I'll hunt you down.

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Post on Thu Feb 11, 2010 10:27 am by Marionette

Well, I think the idea was that the vampires are much more manuverable, since they have super speed and strength. But that's besides the point. I already said we could change this to a Demons Vs. Angels. In fact, you can even write up what the demon's special abilities are, I dun care, I just like the whole classic two races at war thing. I also have no intention of making this too lovey dovey, I want betrayal (cursed to betray-LOL) fighting, attempted assasinations, feelings getting hurt, twists, etc.

Above are two characters I came up with, but depending on what you want to do, I can make another one.

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Post on Thu Feb 11, 2010 10:27 am by Marionette

Oh yah, and thanks for the disclaimer Skittle!

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Post on Thu Feb 11, 2010 2:44 pm by Ethereal

Quite the demands you have there. Still, I'm interested in doing this but since it's your world, I leave the main decisions up to you. Of course, I will throw in some ideas and whatnot for them Demons. When shall we work things out?

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Post on Thu Feb 11, 2010 8:18 pm by Marionette

Actually since I made Santuaire estrange, I think I don't quite want to do thsi one, I mean if you really want to them sure, but it doesn't seem like you do....

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