The Forever Unit

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The Forever Unit

Post by Azuree on Sun Jan 10, 2010 5:20 am

(Info Here. Read that before reading below)

John parks in his usual spot in the cemetery's lot and gets out of his car. The caretaker is already walking out to greet him.

He goes around to the trunk of his car and pulls out a large, plain, metal box with the letters FRU on the side of it.

The caretaker reaches him and says, "I've already dug her up and performed the necessary cuts, I'm ready to move forward whenever you are."

"Alright, I've already charged the device. Let's go."

They both walk into the caretaker's house.

Spread across the wooden kitchen table is John's wife's corpse with a gaping hole in its chest. The caretaker gently removes the FRU from its case and begins the process of implanting it into the body.

The caretaker tries to start up some friendly conversation but John opts to stay silent while he works.

Soon the device is implanted and the wound stitched up, then they activate the device by seating the body on the recharging pad.

Suddenly, and quite unceremoniously, the body, April, awakens and begins to scream...



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