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D-9 Theories

Post by Guest on Wed Sep 09, 2009 12:15 am

So I watched this wonderfully awesome movie again, and I noticed some stuff I didn't before, and theorized on some stuff I let go before. I will describe what I've garnered from this movie and anyone else who has seen it can debate or agree with my ideas. Sound good?

It will be in a spoiler box since I don't want to be blamed for ruining anyone's experience.

First of all: who are they? By the technology being displayed on the screen in the command craft (the menus the prawn cycles through until finding his planet) it is quite apparent that these aliens, the prawns, are from a different galaxy entirely. From the looks of the galaxy he zooms in on, it is a cluster, rather than a disk-shaped galaxy. Clusters have previously been thought to be inhospitable to life, or even planet formation, because of the harsh environment of the relatively close stars. Recent discoveries have kind of changed this, but this is a sci-fi movie anyway. So, aliens from a star cluster, a different galaxy from our own. In order to travel those distances would require extremely advanced technology (perhaps more advanced than what we see in the movie, I don't know).

The weaponry itself: The prawns obviously have the ability to turn other species into their own. Christopher Johnson knows what is happening to Wickus van der Merwe. And there is the fact that only prawn DNA can successfully operate alien technology. So this hints at the control, perhaps complete dominance, that prawns have over other species. They have a technological advancement over other species that no other species can take advantage of (unless, of course, they are infused with prawn DNA). So, are the prawns good, evil, or perhaps something in between?

What happens next?: Because of their obvious technological power and theoretical view concerning other species throughout the universe (that they can control them in some form), the prawns return to planet Earth may or may not bode well for the human species. Perhaps they will return with a vengeance. Perhaps they will return and only forcefully take the rest of the prawns and then leave humanity to its own devices. Or maybe the prawns will do what they have perhaps done with other species throughout the universe, which is, of course, unknown except for the fact that they do have the ability to control them. Will they make us a part of their society, a civilization that spans the stars? Or will they make us slaves? Who knows...

I also think the mech thing they have is awesome, how it drills into the brain somehow and the controler uses neural commands rather than physical controls. And he seems to feel, personally, the damage being done to the mech itself. Pretty neat.

If anyone has any other ideas, please feel free to post them here! I would love to hear them.

Peace... Alien Eyes


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